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England. Came to Canada, 1875. Served
with Royal North West Mounted Po-
lice, 1876-1882; taken prisoner by rebels,
1885; received medal, 1885; Deputy
Sheriff of Saskatchewan, 1887-1898; en-

gaged in present business, 1882; first
City Assessor and Collector of Taxes,
Prince Albert; Alderman, 1910-1911; one
of incorporators of town of Prince Al-
bert. Secretary, Conservative Associa-
tion, Prince Albert. Married Harriet S.
Northgraves, Prince Albert, 1900. So-
ciety: A. O. U. W. Recreations: shoot-
ing, curling, golf. Conservative; Angli-
can. Address: Prince Albert, Sask.




HAIIOIOND, Georg-e J. — President

and Managing Director Natural Re-
sources Security Co., Ltd., Vancouver;
member Vancouver Board of Trade;
Vancouver Tourist Association. Bom
Port Dover, Ont., Jan. 15, 1866, son
of Edward and Priscilla Long Ham-
mond. Educated Port Dover. Drug
clerk, Port Dover and Hagersville,
Ont.; station agent, Canada Southern
Railway; train despatcher, Chicago,
Milwaukee & St. Paul Ry., Milwaukee,
1882-1884; Western Union Telegraph

and Postal Telegraph-Cable Co., 1884-
1890; Chicago Board of Trade and Mer-
chants Exchange, 1890-1900; brokerage
business, Minneapolis and St. Paul,
1900-1906. Came to British Columbia,
1906; vice-president Kootenay Orchard
Association, Nelson, 1907-1909; present
company formed, 1909; originator of
the City of Fort George, B. C. Married
Margaret Cameron, 1906; has one son.
Recreations: riding, hunting, fishing.
Conservative; Presbyterian. Address:
Blenheim Court, Vancouver, B. C.



HAMIIiTON, Sobert. — Of Robert

Hamilton & Co., Millwrights and Con-
tractors, 615 Hastings St., "Vancouver.
Born Peterboro County, Ont., March
8, 1860, son of David and Agnes Jane
Hamilton. Educated public school,
Lakefield, Ont. Apprentice wheelwright
with Peter Hamilton, Peterboro, 1874-
1878; with William Hamilton & Co.,
Peterboro, 1878-1888; with ' Stearns
Mfg. Co., San Francisco, 1888-1889;
sawmill building own account, Seattle,
1889-1891. Came to British Columbia,
1891; represented William Hamilton
Mfg. Co., 1891-1904; established pres-
ent bMSiness, 1904. Married Katherine
Jane Hefferon, 1892. Clubs: Vancou-
ver; Westminster; Travellers, Winni-
peg. Society: A. P. & A. M. Recrea-
tions: hunting, fishing. Conservative;
Presbyterian. Address: 106 Granville
Mansions, Vancouver, B. C.

HAMIIiTON, Robert, M. ». C. V. S —

Veterinary Surgeon. Born Lanark. Scot-
land, Nov. 10, 1866, son of William
and Margaret Haipilton. Educated
Lanark public schools; Glasgow Veter-
inary College. Veterinary surgeon.
Scotland, 1888. Came to British Co-
lumbia, 1890. Veterinary surgeon to
His Majesty's Forces at Esquimalt;
ex-president British Columbia Veterin-
ary Association. Served Lanarkshire
Yeomanry, 1882-1885. Married Janet
Clark, Lanarkshire; has two sons.
Address: Broughton St., Vitcoria, B. C.

HAlMCrLTOZr, Thomas Glendenning^,

M. D. — Phvsician and Surgeon. Born
Soarboro, Ont., Nov. 27, 1873, son of
James and Isabella Glendenning. Came
to Winnipeg, 1891. Educated Manitoba
University. Practiced Winnipeg since
1903. Winnipeg school trustee. Mar-
ried Lillian May Forrester, Winnipeg.
1906; has one daughter. Societies:
Manitoba Medical; British Association
for Advancement of Science; Archaeo-
logical Institute of America. Presby-
terian. Address: 185 Kelvin Road,
Winnipeg, Man.

HAMIIiTON, William Cleland, I^Ii. B.

— Of Fisher, Wilson, Battram & Ham-
ilton, Barristers and Solicitors, Trust
& Loan Bldg., Winnipeg. Born Colling-
wood, Ont., May 22, 1881, son of Robert
and Sarah Ann Bolster Hamilton. Came
to Manitoba, 1882. Educated Wesley
College; Manitoba University (LL. B.,
1907). Called to Manitoba Bar and
joined present firm 1907. Club: Winni-
peg Golf. Recreation: golf. Liberal.
Address: 199 Balmoral St., Winnipeg,

HANBURV, John. — Of John Hanbury
& Co., Fourth and Granville Sts., Van-
couver. President and General Manager

North Star Lumber Co.; president Han-
bury Manufacturing Co., Brandon;
president Calgary Manufacturing Co.;
president Hanbury Hardware Co.;
president Manitoba Hardware & Lum-
ber Co. Born Markdale, Ont., June 12,
1855, son of William and Jane Whity
Hanbury. Educated public schools,
Markdale and Dundalk, Ont. Farming,
1865-1870; contracting business On-
tario; contracting and builaing Bran-
don 1882; built Postoffice Block, Mer-
chants Block, General Hospital, Bran-
don. Member of Brandon Board of
Trade; member General Hospital
Board, Brandon. Alderman, Brandon.
Came to Vancouver and established
present business, 1910. Married Martha
Miles, Ospera, Ont., 1880 (deceased,
1898)'; has four sons and four daugh-
ters. Club: Vancouver. Society: A. F.
& A. M. Conservative; Anglican. Ad-
dress: 1949 Barclay St., Vancouver,
B. C.

HAND, J. Albert, B. S. A. — Editor
Farmer's Advocate and Home Journal,
Langside and Notre Dame Sts., Winni-
peg. Born Mansfield, Ont., April 10,
1878, son of William and Margaret Hand.
Educated high school, Orangeville,
Ont; Ontario Agricultural College.
Associate editor Canadian Horticultur-
ist, Toronto, 1905. Came to Winnipeg,
1906; started agricultural page, Winni-
peg Telegram, also editor Weekly Tele-
gram; lecturer on Field HusTjandry,
Manitoba Agricultural College, 1907-
1908. Married Sadie A. Hamilton, Grand
Valley, Ont., 1909. Independent: Meth-
odist. Address: 10 Cooper St., Winnipeg,

HANDS, J. Cr., M. D — -Librarian.
Born Campden, Gloucestershire. Eng-
land, 1843, son of Jonathan and Sarah
Hands. Educated Normal College, Bat-
tersea, London, England. Taught
school England, 1864; came to Canada
and taught Collingwood Collegiate In-
stitute; editor Collingwood Bulletin;
taught school British Columbia, 1870;
graduated M. D., Detroit, 1889: Librar-
ian, Victoria public library. Club: Pa-
cific. Recreation: reading. Address:
Victoria, B. C.

HANZNGTON, Henry C. — Inspector of
Legal Offices, Victoria. Born Dorchester,
N. B., Oct. 2, 1865, son of Emily M.
Wetmore and Hon. Daniel L. Haning-
ton. Judge of the Supreme Court of New
Brunswick. Educated New Brunswick
University. Called to New Brunswick
bar, 1889. Practiced Grand Forks, 1899-
1908. Married Jane Charlotte Peters, St.
John, N. B., 1893; has two sons and
one daughter. Club: Pacific. Recrea-
tions: fishing, tennis. Anglican. Adr
dress: Victoria, B. C.


HANNAH, Alexander — Of Hannah,
Stirton & Fisher, Barristers and Solic-
itors, Caineron Block, Calgary; Special-
ist in Corporation Law. Born County of
Wigtown, Scotland, April 13, 1877, son
of Henry R. and Hannah Gibson Han-
nah. Educated privately and at Edin-
burgh University. Articled to J. C.
Maclullich, S. S. C. Inverary, Scotland,
1892-1897; associated with J. A. Camp-
bell and Lamond, C. S., Edinburgh,
1897-1900; called to Bar as solicitor in
Supreme and Inferior Courts, Scotland,
1900; practiced with Mitchell & Camp-
bell, Perth, Scotland, 1900-1905; prac-
ticed in own name, Glasgow, 1905-1911;
came to Alberta, 1911; with Lougheed
& Bennett, Calgary, 1911-1912; present
partnership formed 1912. Served with
Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders and
Queen's Own Rifle Brigade, Edinburgh;
also with Scottish Horse, 1900; Presi-
dent Western District Boy Scouts of
Glasgow, Scotland; Honorable Secretary
Liberal Unionist Association of Central
Division of Glasgow. Society: A. P. &
A. M. Recreations: golf, fishing, shoot-
ing. Conservative; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: 221 6th Ave., Calgary, Alta.

HANNINGTON, Sobert Wetmore, B.

A. — Barrister and Solicitor. Born Dor-
chester, N. B., May 22, 1868, son of
Emily M. Wetmore and Hon. Daniel
L. Hannington, late Premier of New
Brunswick, and Senior Judge of Su-
preme Court of New Brunswick. Edu-
cated University of New Brunswick;
Dalhousie University. Called to New
Brunswick bar, 1892. Practiced St.
John, N. B., 1892-1897. Came to Brit-
ish Columbia, 1897; practiced with S.
S. Taylor and Judge Gallagher, Nel-
son, 1897-1908; member of firm Rus-
sell, Russell & Hannington, Vancouver,
1908-1911; returned to Nelson, 1911.
Married Lou:sa M. Skinner, daughter
of Robert C. Skinner, Judge of Pro-
bate Court, St. John, N. B., 1900.
Clubs: Vancouver; Nelson. Society:
1. O. O. F. Recreations: fishing, win-
ter sports. Anglican. Address: Nel-
son, B. C.


KANNON, His Honor James Willson.

— Judge of District Court of Regina.
Born Hamilton, Oct. 11, 1870, son of
Rev. James Hannon, D. D., and Sarah
Margaret Hannon. Educated public
and high schools, Ontario. Taught
school some years and studied law; ex-
Crown Prosecutor for District of
Saskatchewan; was Dominion Lands
and Crown Timber Agent, Prince Al-
bert; Registrar of Land Titles, Battle-
ford. Married Emma Orilla Woods. Ad-
dress: 2276 Lome St., Regina. Sask.

HANSFORD, Jeffrey Ellery, I^I^. B. —

Barrister and Solicitor, 35 4 Main St.,
Winnipeg; director on boards of sev-
eral realty companies. Born Quebec,
Nov. 17, 1865, son of Marianne Reynar
and Rev. W. Hansford, D. D. Edu-
cated Stanstead College, Quebec; pub-
lic schools and collegiate institutes,
Ontario; Toronto Ujiiversity and Os-
goode Hall. Member of firm Hansford
& Lennox, Toronto, 1890-1892; Hans-
ford & Irving, Toronto, 1892-1894;
Neville & Hansford, Toronto, 1894-1897;
Hansford, Martin & White, Toronto,
1897-1904. Came to Manitoba, 1907.
Captain 90th Regiment, Winnipeg
Rifles. Married Frances Henderson,
Toronto; has three daughters. Clubs:
Adanac; Conservative; Military Insti-
tute. Societies: A. P. & A. M. (past
master); I. O. O. F.; S. O. E.; I. O. P.
Conservative; Anglican. Address: 586
Broadway, Winnipeg, Man.



EANKI:v-AI.z:rS Oerald c, J. p. —

Financial and General Agent, Vernon;
Managing Director, G. A. Hankey & Co.,
Ltd.; Director, Okanogan Telephone Co.,
Ltd.; Director, Imperial Underwriters
Corporation; Director, White Valley Ir-
rigation & Power Co., Ltd.; Member
Board, Vernon Jubilee Hospital. Born
Bickley, Kent, England, Nov. 13, 1869,
son of Jameson and Minna Alers-Han-
key. Educated Stubbington House,
Hampshire. Ranching and shipping,
Argentine Republic, 1887-1891. Came to
British Columbia, 1891; associated with

Wulffsohn & Bewicke, Ltd., private
banking house, Vancouver, 1891-1892;
opened branch at Vernon, 1892; took
business over, 1897, operating it under
present name, eliminating banking de-
partment when other banks came into
district. Served as Mayor, Vernon, one
term; Alderman, one term. Married
Mary Manley Spinks, daughter of John
B. Spinks, Vancouver, 1901; has three
sons. Clubs: Ranchers'; Country. Rec-
reations: tennis, motoring. Conservative;
Anglican. Address: Vernon, B. C.




HANSARD, Hug'h Hazen, B. A.— So-
licitor, Grand Trunk Pacific Railway,
Winnipeg. Born Ceylon, India, Oct. 6,
1869, son of Capt. and Margaret Hazen
Hansard. Educated: Malvern College,
Worcestershire; Oxford University, (hon-
or degree in law) ; law course at St. John
Law School. Called to New Brunswick
bar, 1894; practised St. John, 1894-1901;
Assistant Law Clerk, Dominion Railway
and Canals Department, Ottawa, 1901-
1904; Law Clerk Dominion Railway and
Canals Department, 1904-1910; Assistant
Solicitor, G. T. P., Winnipeg, 1911-1912;
appointed Solicitor, 1912. Married Annie

Maud Burpee, daughter of Hon. Isaac
Burpee, Member for St. John's and Min-
ister of Customs in McKenzie Govern-
ment, 1901; has one son. Clubs: Rideau
and Ottowa Golf. Recreations: Golf,
cricket; (Captain of cricket and foot-
ball at Oriel College, Oxford; member of
famous Corinthian Football Club, play-
ing for Corinthians, 1890 and 1891; well
known in Maritime Provinces for cricket
and Rugby football; played for Canada
against United States on International
Cricket team, 1893; holds several golf
championships, etc.). Anglican. Ad-
dress: Winnipeg, Man.



HANSEN, John P. — General Manager
North Saskatchewan Land Co., Ltd.,
Farmer Bldg., Winnipeg; General Man-
ager Terminal Cities of Canada, Ltd.;
pioneer in development of farming dis-
tricts Central and Northern Saskatche-
wan and Alberta. Born Schleswig, June
28, 1875, son of Rev. George and Sophie
Hansen. Educated high school, Schles-
wig. Married Nancie, youngest daugh-
ter of late Alderman A. Johnson, J. P.,
Birmingham, England, 1901; has one son
and one daughter. Interested financial
enterprises, London, 1898-1907; inter-
ested Canadian finances for past eight

years. Came to Winnipeg, 1907; sue-'
ceeded in getting large amount of Eng-
lish capital interested in colonization en-
terprises Western Canada; incorporated
present company, 1911, with capital of
$5,000,000, and now owning 150,000 acres
farm lands; organized Terminal Cities
of Canada, Ltd., to acquire at cost of
$4,000,000 large interests in principal
cities along main line of C. N. R., in-
cluding Montreal and Port Mann. Now
doing extensive colonization work West-
ern Canada with United States. Address:
869 Grosvenor Ave., Winnipeg, Man.




HANSOir, Albert Herman — A. H. Han-
son & Co., Ltd., Investments, Bonds,
Mortgages, Hanson Block, Saskatoon;
President Saskatoon Real Estate Board;
Director Masonic Temple Co.; owns large
wlieat farm near Saskatoon. Born Black
River Falls, Wis., Aug. 25, 1869, son of
Niri and Mary Hanson. Educated public
scliools, Black River Falls. ' Deputy
County Treasurer, Black River Falls,
Wis., 1888; inspector and field manager
for Ballou Banking Co., Sioux City,
Iowa, 1889; manager freight and claims
department North Dakota Milling Asso-
ciation, Grand Forks, N. D., 1892; man-
ager R. S. Taylor Banking & Loan Co.,
Fargo, N. D., 1894-1900; cashier Bank
of Paynesville, Paynesville, Minn., 1900-
1902. Came to Winnipeg, 1902, to estab-
lish headquarters for the Saskatchewan
Valley Land Co., of St. Paul, Minn.,
which then owned 3,000,000 acres around
Saskatoon; was largely instrumental in
colonizing that district. Entered into
partnership with W. C. Sutherland and
Fred Engen, under firm name of
Sutherland, Engen & Hanson, real
estate and financial business, 1905; or-
ganized A. H. Hanson & Co., and became
president and general manager, 1907;
member executive committee Saskatoon
Agricultural Society; member executive
committee Saskatoon Board of Trade.
Married Margaret Irvin Spence, of Edin-
burgh, Scotland, at Lacrosse, Wis., 1893;
has one son and one daughter. Clubs:
Saskatoon; Saskatchewan Golf. So-
cieties: A. P. & A. M.; Mystic Shrine;
K. of P. Recreations: motoring, hunt-
ing, golfing, curling. Liberal; Anglican.
Address: 742 Spadina Crescent, Saska-
toon, Sask.

HANSON, William E. — Real Estate
and Financial Broker, Cobold Blk., Sas-
katoon. Born Lincolnshire, England,
Sept. 1, 1884, son of William Herbert
and Alice Mary Hanson. Educated
Queen Elizabeth Grammar School;
King's College, England. Came to Man-


itoba, 1905; clerk. Northern Crown
Bank, Winnipeg, 1905; paying teller,
Dundurn, 1905; established present busi-
ness, 1911. Member of Saskatoon Real
Estate Board. Married Elizabeth Swan-
Presbyterian. Address: 902 10th St.,
Saskatoon, Sask.

HARCOVRT, Georg-e, B. S. A. —

Deputy Minister of Agriculture for Al-
berta; member of Senate, University of
Alberta. Born near Auburn, Huron
County, Ont., Nov. 3, 1863, son of
John Thompkins and Helen Ratcliffe
Harcourt. Educated public schools,
Toronto and Preston, Ont.; Ontario
Agricultural College, Guelph. Assist-
ant to Professor James W. Robertson,
then Professor of Dairying, Ontario
Agricultural College; assistant to Pro-
fessor C. C. James, Professor of Chem-
istry, Ontario Agricultural College,
1891; Professor of Agriculture, Prince
of Wales College, Charlottetown, P.
E. I., 1891; resigned, 1894, and re-
turned to father's farm, Lincoln Coun-
ty, Ont., of which manager until 1896,
when became editor of Farming, To-
ronto; Northwest Farmer, Winnipeg,
18 98-1903; Superintendent of Fairs and
Institutes under Northwest Territory
Government, 1903-1905; appointed to
present office, 1905. Married Etta
Jean Stirton, Morden, Man., 1893 (de-
ceased) ; married Ethel Jean Cross, To-
ronto, 1901; has two sons and two
daughters. Societies: A. O. U. W.; I.
O. P. Liberal; Presbyterian. Address:
538 McKay Ave., Edmonton, Alta.



HARDING, The Rig-ht Rev. Halcolm
Taylor McAdam, B. D. — Bishop of Qu-
'Appelle. Born Barkway, Hertfordshire,
England, Oct. 18, 1865, son of John Rich-
ard and Jane Kilby McAdam Harding.
Educated: City of London College;
King's College, London; St. John's Col-
lege, Winnipeg. Ordained deacon, 1887;
priest, 1888; curate, Mattawa, Ont., 1888;
Brockville, Ont., 1889; St. George's Cath-
edral, Kingston, 1890; rector and rural

dean, Brandon, Man., 1893-1903; arch-
deacon of Assiniboia and examining
chaplain to Bishop of Qu 'Appelle, 1903;
declined call to St. Luke's Toronto,
1906; elected coadjutor Bishop of Qu-
'Appelle, 1909: Bishop of Qu 'Appelle,
1911. Delegate, Halifax Anglican Church
Congress, 1910. Married twice; second
wife relict of S. H. Caswell, Qu' Ap-
pelle, 1907. Address: Bishop's Court,
Regina, Sask.




HARCOUBT, William Xiyon — General
Agent for Manitoba and Saskatchewan,
Hamilton Provident & Loan Society.
Born York, Haldimand County, Ont.,
Sept. 26, 1846, son of Ellen Weir and
Michael Harcourt, M. P., for Haldimand.
Educated University of Michigan; Rush
Medical College. Practiced, Chicago,
1871-1886; Hamilton, 1886-1895. Came
to Brandon, 1895. Vice-president, Board
of Governors, Brandon General Hos-
pital; president. Liberal Association,
Brandon, since 1906; ex-Alderman, Bran-
don; ex-member, Brandon School Board.
Served with York Rifles during Fenian
Raid (medal). Married Fanny Crosby,
Waterbury, Vermont, U. S., 1876; has
one daughter. Club: Brandon. Society:
A. F. & A. M. Liberal; Anglican. Ad-
dress: Brandon, Man.

HARDING, Eustace, J. F Secretary-
treasurer Town of Vonda. Born Frome,
Somerset, England, Aug. 30, 1868, son
of Richard and Elizabeth Harding.
Educated grammar school, Devizes,
England. Apprentice G. T. Webb, Tet-
bury, England. 1883-1887; clerk Hitch-
cock Williams & Co., London, Eng-
land, 1887-1888; various occupations,
Queensland, Australia, 1889-1892; clerk
and traveller, London, 1892-1899; man-
ager of department, Robt. Owtram &
Co., London, 1899-1902; partner S. H.
Smith & Co., London, 1902-1905. Came
to Saskatchewan, 1905; present office
since 1909. Served as gunner and bom-
bardier "A" Battery, Queensland Artil-
lery, Brisbane, Queensland, 1888-1889;
corporal 13th Middlesex R. Volunteers,
London, 1899-1902. Married Margaret
Marion Buck, Weymouth, England.
1895; has one son. Society: I. O. O. F.
Independent; Anglican. Address: Von-
da, Sask.

HABDISTV, Capt. Bicbard QeoTge.

— Of Hardisty Cartage Co., Ltd., Con-
tractors, Tenth St., Edmonton. Born
Victoria, May 10, 1871, son of Eliza-
beth Victoria McDougall and Hon,
Richard Charles Hardisty. Senator.
Educated Toronto and Merchiston
Castle, Edinburg, Scotland. Clerk Hud-
son's Bay Co., Calgary, 1888; ranching
near Edmonton, 1890; assistant com-
missioner B. S. A. Co., N. W. Rhodesia,
S. A., 1901-1904; established present
business, 1905. Unsuccessful candidate
for Athabasca, Alberta Legislature,
1905. Served under Gen. Strang's com-
mand, North West Rebellion, 1885;
active service Central Africa, 1902;
now captain Canadian Militia. Mar-
ried Margaret Taylor, 1892 (deceased);
has one son and two daughters; mar-
ried Esther Kelly, 1908. Club: Edmon-
ton. Conservative; Anglican. Address:
340 Fifth St., Edmonton, Alta.

HABE, John Franklin — Of Knowles,
Hare & Benson, Barristers at Law, Impe-
rial Bank Bldg., Moose Jaw. Born Mel-
bourne, Middlesex County, Ont., Dec.
24, 1864. Educated Collegiate Insti-
tutes, Windsor and St. Thomas. Taught
school Ontario three years; law stu-
dent with A. H. Clarke, K. C. Essex,
Ont., 1886; called to Ontario bar, 1892;
practiced Windsor until 1906; appoint-
ed a local Master and Deputy Registrar
High Court of Justice for Essex, and
Deputy Registrar Admiralty Court,
1897-1906; came to Winnipeg, 1906;
came to Saskatchewan and called to
Saskatchewan bar, 1909. Married Flor-
ence Maude Gibson, daughter of Hugh
Gibson, Windsor, 1897; has one son
and one daughter. Recreations: bowl-
ing, curling, baseball. Liberal; Metho-
dist. Address: 27 Elm Ave., Moose
Jaw, Sask.

HABGBAFT, Alexander Boss. — Of

Hargraft & Gooderham, Grain Dealers,
Grain Exchange, Winnipeg. Born Co-
bourg, Ont., Nov. 28, 1860, son of Wil-
liam and Mary Hargraft. Educated
Cobourg. Clerk Hargraft & Co., Co-
bourg. Came to Winnipeg, 1901, and
established present business. President
Grain Exchange, 1904; member of Coun-
cil for number of years. Married Flor-
ence Fairbanks, Cobourg, 1882; has two
sons and one daughter. Clubs: Manitoba;
St. Charles Country. Society: A. F. &
A. M. Recreation: Golf. Liberal;
Anglican. Address: 277 Furby St.,
Winnipeg, Man.



HABMS, Kev. Henry W. — Pastor St.
John's First German Lutheran Church,
Edmonton. Born Hohne, Germany,
Sept. 21, 1883, son of Henry C. and
Dorothy Busse-Harms. Educated pub-
lic schools; Kropp College; Kropp
Theological Seminary. Pastor's assist-
ant Alsace Lorraine, Germany, 1906;
vice-president Y. M. C. A.. Hanover,
1907. Came to Canada, 1907. Address:
1304 Ottawa Ave., Edmonton, Alta.


HABNWEIii;, Georg-e Wesley Wool-

ner — Secretary Crown Lumber Co., Ltd.,
305 Grain Exchange Bldg., Calgary.
Born Kincardine, Ont., Oct. 11, 1879,
son of James and Martha Harnwell. Ed-
ucated public and high schools, Kin-
cardine; Toronto University. Taught
school, Clinton and Kirkton, Ont., 1898-
1901; accountant, Lalce Superior Cor-
poration, 1901-1905; office manager to
assistant general manager. Liberty Lum-
ber Co., Minneapolis, 1905-1909; super-
intendent St. Hiliare Retail Lumber Co.,
Minneapolis, 1909-1911; became connect-
ed with present business, 1911. Mar-
ried Edith Kate Wismer, Sault Ste Marie,
Ont., 1906; has two sons and one daugh-
ter. Society: L O. O. F. Recreations:
Boating, motoring. Conservative; Meth-
odist. Address: 332 24th Ave., W., Cal-
gary, Alta.

HABFEB, A. Xidg'ar — Real Estate
Broker, Fort William. Born Cobourg,
Ont, Aug. 26, 1877, son of Richard and
Lucinda Harper. Educated: Cobourg
high school. Came to Fort William 1900.
With Anchor Elevator Co., Winnipeg,
1907; established present business, 1907.


Married Lodie Constance McPhee, 1905;
has two daughters. Societies: L O. O.
F.; A. F. <f& A. M.: A. O. F.; Owls: L.
O. L. Conservative; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: Fort William, Ont.


HABFISB, Andrew Miller, B. A. — Of

McCrossan & Harper, Barristers and So-
licitors, 539 Pender St., Vancouver. Born
Madoc, Ont., July 1, 1877, son of John
and Ellen Harper. Educated high school,
Madoc; Queen's University. Came to
British Columbia, 1902. Law student
with Joseph Martin, Vancouver, 1903-



1906; called to British Columbia Bar,
1906; present partnership formed, 1906.
Associate author with G. E. McCros-
san of Digest of Canadian Criminal Case
Law. Married Ellen Coles, Vancouver,
1909; has one daughter. Club: Univer-
sity. Recreations: baseball, fishing.
Conservative; Presbyterian. Address:
1065 10th Ave., W., Vancouver, B. C.

C. E.

HARRIS, John Walter, S. I^. S., C.

E. — Assessment Commissioner and City
Surveyor, Winnipeg. Member of the
.Canadian Society of Civil Engineers.
Born near Kemptville, Ont., Feb. 26,
1845, son of John and Jane (Jones)
Harris. Educated Kemptville and To-
ronto, taking special course in higher
branches of mathematics. Surveyor
and civil engineer, Ontario, 1866. Cora-
piled a work on contracted and ab-
breviated methods arithmetic and ex-^
emplified sarne before schools and
teachers' institutes and conventions,
Illinois and Iowa, 1869-71; this system

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