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became popularly known as "Lightning
Calculation" and the author as the
"Lightning Calculator." Spent two
years exploring and manufacturing
lumber north shore of Lake Superior.
Came to Port Garry, Man.. Aug. 5,
1873; commissioned to perform sur-
veys for the Dominion Government.
Married Susan Elizabeth Smith, Walt-
ham, Iowa, 1876. While engaged in
private practice of his profession Mani-
toba, had charge for several years of
large portion of drainage works of
Province. An official of the City of
Winnipeg since 1878. Justice of the
Peace since 1883, also Commissioner

in B. R., and Notary Public. Was
member of Board of Examiners, Mani-
toba Land Surveyors, 20 years. In
1893 introduced an entirely new sys-
tem of Business Tax to take the place
of Personal Property Assessment. This
system proved eminently successful
and has been copied by many cities
and towns of Western Canada. Honor-
ary member Real Estate Exchange.
Corresponding Secretary International
Tax Association. As City Surveyor, has
had supervision and direction of all
the Special Block Surveys covering
the different portions of the city. Has
record of never having lost case in
court involving accuracy of any survey
performed by him, and same is vir-
tually true concerning any of his as-
sessments that have ever become in-
volved in litigation. President for
many years Winnipeg Baseball League.
President Chess and Draughts Club,
and is considered an authority on
rules governing several games. So-
cieties: A. F. & A. M. ; 32d Degree
Scottish Rite; Knight Templar and
Noble of the Mystic Shrine. Is past
master and has held many offices of
trust in different Masonic bodies.
Recreations: riding, driving and all
contests of speed, strength, skill and
endurance; also whist, euchre, crib-
bage, etc. Protestant. Residence, 26
Edmonton St., Winnipeg, Man.


HARRIS, Jabez — • President Harris
Dairy Products, Ltd., Camrose. Born
Yeovil, Somersetshire, England, March
15, 1876, son of John and Martha Harris.



Educated Yeovil Grammar school.
Wholesale and retail meat business,
Cranbrook, B. C, 1900-1906; present
business since 1906. Served with South
African Light Horse, South African
War, 1900. Alderman, Camrose, 1909;
President Camrose Board of Trade, 1911-
1912. Married Hattle Patmore, daugh-
ter of Henry Patmore, 1906; has one
son. Club: Canadian. Recreation: shoot-
ing. Liberal; Methodist. Address: Far-
ley St., Camrose, Alta.

HARRIS, Robert "Wilson, B. A., K.

C. — Of Harris. Bull & Mason, Barris-
ters, Bank of British North America
Bldg., Vancouver. Born Pakenham,
Ont., Aug. 18. 1859, son of James and
Catherine Harris. Educated Victoria
College, Cobourg. Came to British Co-
lumbia, 1889. Married Jessie A. Cros-
by, 1898; has one daughter. Address:
1200 Barclay St., Vancouver, B. C.

HARRIS, S. ElizaTietli. — (Wife of J.
W. Harris, D. L. S., C. E., Assessment
Commissioner and City Surveyor, Win-
nipeg). Born Belle Plaine, Iowa, daugh-
ter of Henry Lounsbury and Jane
Lounsbury Smith. Educated Waltham.
Iowa. Came to Manitoba, 1876. Socie-
ties: Humane Society; Girls' Home of
Welcome; Victorian Order of Nurses;
Margaret Scott Nursing Mission; Wom-
en's Hospital Aid Society. Married J.
W. Harris, 1876. Protestant. Address:
26 Edmonton St., Winnipeg, Man.

HARRISON, Arthur Gregory, B. A. —

Manager Edmonton Exhibition Associa-
tion, 625 Second St., Edmonton. Bom
Predericton, N. B., Sept. 2, 1870, son
of Thomas and Susan Lois Harrison.
Educated University of New Bruns-
wick. Bailway clerk Pennsylvania
Railway, Cincinnati, 1892-1896. Came
to Alberta, 1896; clerk with S. S. &
H. C. Taylor, Edmonton, 1896-1899;
Census Commissioner for Northern Al-
berta, 1900; Homestead Inspector, 1902;
Dominion Lands Agent, 1902-1907; sec-
retary Edmonton Board of Trade, 1907-
1910; present office since 1910. Mar-
ried Florence A. Jackson, Bluevale,
Ont., 1902; has four daughters. Club:
Edmonton. Recreation: camping. Lib-
eral; Anglican. Address: 458 McKay
Ave., Edmonton, Alta.

S., A. L. S.

HARRISON, Bdward, B. A. Sc, B. I^.

S., A. 1. S. — Of Harrison & Ponton, Con-
sulting Engineers, 513 Beveridge Bldg.,
Calgary. Born Southchurch, Durham,
England, Jan. 5, 1886, son of David and
Margaret Elizabeth Harrison. Came to
Canada, 1887. Educated Belleville public
and high schools; Toronto University.
Resident Engineer, Central Ontario Ry.,
Cancroft, 1906-1907; superintendent and
assistant engineer Cobalt Waterworks,
1909; manager DriscoU & Knight, Cam-
rose, 1910; present partnership formed
1911. Married Marguerite Clare Gibson,
Port Hope, 1909; has one son. Liberal;
Methodist. Address: 1110 15th St. W.,
Calgary, Alta.

HARRISON, Eli. — Barrister, Solici-'
tor. Notary Public, Lee Bldg., Victoria.
Born England, son of E. and Eliza-
beth Harrison. Educated Collegiate
School, and R. Williams, M. A. Can-
tab. Came to British Columbia, 1858.
Called to the bar, 1873. Law clerk
Legislature of British Columbia; clerk
of House; Deputy Registrar General
of Titles; Solicitor, Attorney General
Department; Stipendiary Magistrate for
Province; County Court Judge; Local
Judge Supreme Court. Married Eunice
Mary Louisa Seabrook; has four sons
and two daughters. Club: Union. So-
ciety: A. P. & A. M. Address: 1323
Harrison St., Victoria, B. C.




HARRISON, Georg-e, M. E. — President
and General Manager Saskatchewan
Bridge & Iron Co., Ltd., Moose Jaw.
Born Newport, Wale^, June 20, 1872,
son of George and Ellen Humphrey
Harrison. Educated public school, New-
port; Wales University. Chief engineer
White Star S. S. Co., Liverpool, 1887-
1897; chief engineer, Samuel & Bros.,
Liverpool, 1897-1903; manager Moose
Jaw Machine Co., 1904-1911; incorpor-
ated under present name, 1911. Married
Agnes Williams, daughter of Robert
Williams, 1898; has one son. Address:
8 Connaught Ave., Moose Jaw, Sask.

HARRISON, Georg'e Stevenson. —

Manager Merchants' Bank, Hastings
St., Vancouver. Born St. Mary's, Ont.,
June 25, 1875, son of David Howard
and Kate Harrison. Educated Manitoba
College. Joined Merchants' Bank of
Canada, Winnipeg, 1893. Came to Brit-
ish Columbia, 1905; director Vancou-
ver Financial Corporation, Ltd. Mar-
ried Mary Ellen Davis, 1906; has one
daughter. Clubs: Vancouver; Jericho
Country. Recreation: polo. Address:
1125 Cardero St., Vancouver, B. C.

HARRISON, Paul FhUlips. — Barris-
ter. Born Victoria, Dec. 1, 1882, son 'of
Eli and Eunice M. Harrison. Edu-
cated Victoria Collegiate Institute.
Practiced Victoria, 1906; subsequently
at Conrad, Y. T.; and Atlin, B. C. Came
to Cumberland, where is City Solici-
tor. Local solicitor Eraser River Saw
Mills, Ltd. Married Lillian A. Weir.
Cumberland, 1907; has one son and

one daughter. Society: A. P. & A. M.
Recreations: motoring, hunting, shoot-
ing. Address: Derwent Ave., Cumber-
land, B. C.


HARRISON, Victor Birch, P. M.—
Barrister. Born Victoria, son of Eli
Harrison (ex-Judge County Court) and
Eunice M. A. Harrison. Educated Col-
legiate Institute; Victoria College.
Called to British Columbia bar, 1908;
president Citizens' League, Ladysmith;
vice-president Vancouver Island Devel-
opment League. Society: Native Sons
of British Columbia. Recreations: hunt-
ing, shooting. Address: Nanaimo, B. C.

HART, JoHn A. — Of John A, Hart

Co., Wholesale Stationers, 412 Main St.,
Winnipeg. Born Perth, Ont., Dec. 17,
1857, son of John S. and Margaret
Hart. Educated grammar schools,
Perth. In father's book store, Perth,
1874. Came to Winnipeg; established
present business, 1892. Member of Win-
nipeg Board of Trade. Married Wil-
helmina Falconer, Kingston, Ont., 1893;
has one daughter. Address: 120 Clarke
St., Winnipeg, Man.

HARSTONE, John Brunton — Secre-
tary-Treasurer, Lyons-Harstone Invest-
ments, Ltd., 633 1st St., Edmonton. Born
St. MEtry's, Ont., Sept. 15, 1879, son of
Robert Brunton and Jessie Mitchell
Harstone. Came to Winnipeg, 1882.
Educated public and high schools;
Tuckwell's Preparatory School and St.
John's College, Winnipeg. With Hud-
son's Bay Co., McKenzie River District,
1896-1900; with Foley, Welch & Stew-
art, railway contractors, in Wesetrn
Provinces, 1900-1909; traveler, England
Globe Steel Co., Sheffield, for British
Columbia, 1909-1911; present business,
since 1911. Recreation: shooting. Lib-
eral; Anglican. Address: Arlington Apts.,
Edmonton, Alta.


HABT, Bev. Thomas, HI. A., I>. D. —

Born Paisley, Scotland, Sept. 6, 1835,
son of John and Jean Mason Hart.
Came to Canada, 1842. " Educated pub-
lic schools, Perth, Ont. ; Queen's
University; Edinburgh University.
Licentiate of Presbyterian Church,
18 64: Principal Perth High School and
Wardsville Grammar School. Came to
Manitoba, 1872. One of the founders of
Manitoba University, 1877. Professor
Classics, Manitoba University, 1872.
Married Margaret Malloch, daughter of
Judge Malloch, Perth; has four sons and
two daughters. Address: 448 Qu'Appelle
Ave., Winnipeg, Man.

HABT-McHABG, Major "William Fred-
erick Richard — Of Abbott & Hart-Mc-
Harg, Barristers, Winch Bldg., "Vancou-
ver. Born Kilkenny Barracks, Ireland.
Son of Major William Hart-McHarg,
late 44th Essex Regiment, and Jane
Hart-McHarg. Educated Collegiate
School, Brentwood, England; Bruges,
Belgium. Came to Canada, 1885, called
to Manitoba bar, 1895; came to British
Columbia and called to British Columbia
bar, 1897. Practiced Rossland, 1897-
1902; joined present firm, 1902. Former-
ly Captain Rocky Mountain Rangers;
Captain 6th Regiment, Duke of Con-
naught's Own Rifles, 1903; Major, 1910;
distinguished as a crack shot; has been
to Sisley several times; won Governor
General's medal, Dominion Rifle Associa-
tion meeting, Ottawa, 1908. O. C, "B"
Co., Infantry, Canadian coronation con-
tingent, 1911. Served South Africa with
Royal Canadian Regiment (1st Con-
tingent), 1899-1900. Present at Paarde-
berg. Poplar Grove, Dreifontein, etc.
Elected president S. A. Campaigners' As-
sociation, 1906-1907. Provincial vice-
president Canadian S. A. Service Asso-
ciation, 1909. (Queen's medal and four
clasps.) Author of "From Quebec to Pre-
toria," and an historical souvenir of the
6th Regiment. Vice-president Vancouver
Liberal Association. Clubs: Vancouver;
United Service; Jericho Country. Rec-
reations: rifle shooting, golf. Liberal;
Anglican. Address: 661 Granvjlle St.,
Vancouver, B. C.

HABTMAITN, Bev. Joseph, O. M. I. —

Roman Catholic Priest. Born Crastatt,
Alsace, Germany, July 7, 1877, son of
Michael and Catharine Haitniann. Edu-
cated public schools Crastatt; college,
France; Theological Institute of O.
M. I., Liege, Belgium. Ordained, 1904.
Came to British Columbia, 1905. So-
ciety: K. of C. Recreation: literature.
Address: Fifth Ave., Prince Rupert,
B. C.

HABTNUV, Clarence Harvey — Man-
ager Union Bank of Canada, Weyburn.
Born Arnprior, Ont., March 1, 1880, son
of James and Annie Hartney. Educated
public schools, Souris, Man.; Upper Can-
ada College. Joined Union Bank, Souris,
1897. Member Weyburn Town Council,
three years; Deputy Mayor and Chair-
man Financial Committee. President
Wevburn Board of Trade, 1909. So-
ciety: A. F. & A. M. (P. M.). Address:
Weyburn, Sask.


HABTBONFT, Samuel M Of Scott

& Hartronft, Ltd., 202 Grain Ex-
change, Calgary. Born Naperville, 111.,
Sept. 24, 1875, son of Levi P. and
Juliia Hartronft. Educated McPherson
College, McPherson, Kan. Came to
Saskatchewan, 1901. Traveller McCor-
mack Harvester Co., Regina, 1901-1902;
traveller Harvester Companies, Cal-
gary, 1902-1904; traveller Cockshutt
Plow Co., Calgary, 1904-1906; member
of firm Scott & Hartronft, 1906-1910;
incorporated, 1910. Married Myrtle
Coons, daughter of Newton Coons,
1904; has one daughter. Society: A. F.
& A. M. Recreation: hunting. Liberal;
Methodist. Address: 925 Twentieth
Ave., W., Calgary, Alta.

HABVEV, Charles, B. A. Sc, C. E., D.

:Q. S., B. C. Ii. S. — Civil Engineer and
Land Surveyor, Kelowna. Born Cum-
mingsville, Ont., Mav 5, 1874, son of
James and Mary Campbell Harvey. Ed-
ucated Regina High School; Manitoba
University; Toronto University; School
of Anplied Science. Engaged on Domin-
ion (government Surveys, Manitoba and
Saskatchewan, 1903-1904; practiced Ke-
lowna since 1904. Engineer, Okanogan
Falls Land Co.. Ltd.; engineer, Irriga-
tion & Power Co., Ltd. Alderman, Ke-
lowna, 1910. Married Margaret Alexina
Robertson, Hamilton, Ont., 1904; has
one daughter. Liberal; Presbyterian.
Address: Kelowna, B. C.




HARVEir, Hon. Horace, B. A., Iili. B.
Chief Justice of Alberta. — Born Elgin,
County, Ont., Oct. 1, 1863, son of Wil-
liam Harvey, M. P. Educated Uni-
versity College; Toronto University.
Called to Ontario bar, 1889; practiced
Toronto. Came to Calgary and called
to the bar of North West Territory,
1893; appointed Registrar of Land Ti-
tles for South Alberta Land Registry
District, Calgary, 1896; Deputy At-
torney General of North West Ter-
ritory, Regina, 1900; Puisne Judge
of Supreme Court of North West
Territory, 1904; and on organiza-
tion of Provinces of Alberta and Sas-
katchewan, land establishment of Pro-
vincial Courts, appointed Puisne Judge
of Supreme Court of Alberta, 1907;
appointed Chief Justice, 1910. Married
Louise Palmer, Toronto; has one son.
Address: Edmonton, Alta.

HABVB'Z', James Albert, K. C. — Of

Taylor, Harvey. Baird & Grant, Barris-
ters, Vancouver. Born Perth County,
Ont., Feb. 11, 1858, son of Moses Harvey.
Educated public schools, Perth County;
Collegiate Institutes St. Catharines and
Collingwood and Osgoode Hall. Taught
school St. Thomas, Ont., and St. Thomas
Collegiate Institute, 1887-1891. Called
to Ontario bar, 1893. Practiced St.
Thomas, Maxwell & Harvey, 1895.
Came to British Columbia, 1897; prac-
ticed Fort Steele and Cranbrook, 1897-
1908; appointed K. C, 1907. Came to
Vancouver, 1909; formed partnership

with S. S. Taylor, K. C, under firm
name Taylor & Harvey, 1909; present
firm formed later. Promoter and first
director Bank of Vancouver, estab-
lished 1910; organizer and director of
Dominion Stock & Bond Co., Ltd.;
president and director British Columbia
Portland Cement Co., Ltd. Unsuccess-
fully contested Cranbrook, for British
Columbia Legislature, 1907. Member
Vancouver Board of Trade. Married Lil-
ian Teetzel, Toronto, 1894. Clubs: Van-
couver; Union (Victoria). Methodist;
Conservative. Address: 1300 Jervis St.,
Vancouver, B. C.

HAKVEV, James Graham. — City Con-
troller, Winnipeg. Born Lanark County,
Ont., Sept. 13, 1840, son of Charles
Graham and Margaret Harvey. Edu-
cated public schools, Lanark. Lumber
business, Lanark County, 1854. Came
to Winnipeg, 1872. Bx-Alderman, mem-
ber Parks Board, served with Home
Guard, Winnipeg, North West Re-
bellion, 1885. Married Catherine Fer-
guson, Perth, Ont., 1860; has two
sons. Club: Commercial Travellers.
Society: A. P. & A. M. Liberal; Pres-
byterian. Address: 397 William Ave.,
Winnipeg, Man.

HABVBV, James Graham, B. A., 1^3^.
B., K. C. — Of Harvey & Bowman,
Barristers, Dauphin. Born Lanark
County, Ont., June 3, 1869, son of
James G. and Catherine Harvey. Came
to Winnipeg, 1875. Educated public
schools; Manitoba College. Called to
Manitoba bar and began practice Win-
nipeg, 1890. Came to Dauphin, 1896.
Mayor of Dauphin 1907-1909; presi-
dent Dauphin Board of Trade; member
of executive of Manitoba Municipal
Union two years; represented Dauphin
Manitoba Legislature. Married Ida S.
Mills, Portage la Prairie, Man., 1897;
has one son and one daughter. Socie-
ties: A. P. & A. M.; Royal Arch; I. O.
O. F. Conservative; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress, Dauphin, Man.

HARVBy, James Masson — Of Harvey
& Duggan, Real Estate, Insurance and
Financial Brokers, Kelowna. Born Sal-
monville, near Georgetown, Ont., June
19, 1882, Canadian-Scotch descent, son
of James and Mary Campbell Harvey.
Educated public schools, high school,
Indian Head, Sask. Clerk, Indian Head
Postofflce, 1898-1906; clerk, Winnipeg,
Postofflce, 1906-1907; assistant postmas-
ter, Saskatoon, 1907-1908; established
present business, 1909. Married Annie
Burnside Robertson, Waterdown, Ont.,
1909 Recreations: boating, shootmg.
Liberal; Presbyterian. Address: Kelow-
na, B. C.



HABVE'Z', Oliver. — Of Harvey-Bailey,
Ltd., Ashcroft. Born Surrey, England,
July 29, 1857, son of R. and Susan Jane
Harvey. Came to British Columbia,
1861. Educated public schools, British
Columbia. Mercantile business, Yale,
1872; ex-postmaster, Ashcroft. Married
Rhoda Lawes, Enderby, B. C; has one
son and one daughter. Society: Yale
Pioneer. Address: Ashcroft, B. C.

HABVEY, William, B. L. — Manag-
ing Director Standard Trusts Co.; res-
ident director and Western manager
Excelsior Life Insurance Co., Kee-
wayden Bldg., Winnipeg. Born Edin-
burgh, Scotland, Jan. 31, 1864, son of
James and Margaret Harvey. Educated
Edinburgh University. Law student,
Edinburgh, 1878; graduated Bachelor of
Law, 1885. Came to Canada, 1886.
Honorary-treasurer building fund Old
Folks' Home, Winnipeg. Married Anna
Louise Arkland, Winnipeg, 1892. Clubs:
Manitoba; St. Charles Country. So-
ciety: St. Andrews. Recreation: golf.
Independent; Presbyterian. Address:
"Dunedin," Winnipeg, Man.

HABWOOD, Oscar !■. — Real Estate
and Financial Agent, 19 9th St., Bran-
don. Born Woodstock, Ont., Dec. 28,
•1881, son of Richard and Lucy Har-
wood. Educated high school, Stratford.
Came to Manitoba, 1899; engaged in
present business since: Secretary,
Brandon Board of Trade; director. Win-
ter Fair. Club: Brandon. Society: K.
of P. Address: 403 12th St., Brandon,

HASEI^Ik, Bdward Snter, M. B. C. S.,

J. p. — Physician, Resident Medical Offi-
cer, Provincial Royal Jubilee Hospital,
Victoria. Born Calcutta, India, Dec. 9,
1859, son of Rev. Samuel and Kather-
ine Hasell. Educated Harrow, Eng-
land; King's College, London. Came
to British Columbia, 1888. Coroner for
"Victoria; Surgeon-Major Bth Regiment,
Canadian Artillery; Commissioner in
Lunacy to Provincial Government.
Married Beatrice M. Green, Seattle,
Wash. Club: Victoria Golf Club.
Recreations: golf, fishing. Conserva-
tive; Anglican. Address: Victoria, B. C.

HASIiBHITST, Artbur Cacbemaille. —

Of North West Real Estate Co., 238
Eighth Ave., E., Calgary; agents for C.
P. R. irrigated lands and G. T. P.
townsites. Born Essex, England, July


12, 1868, son of William Henry and
Rosina Haslehust. Educated public
schools, England and Germany. In
father's firm, London, England, 1888-
1893; with Carey & Browne, London,
1893-1905; with C. M. and C. Wood-
house, London, 1905-1907; established
present business, 1907. Served with
"Artists" Rifle Volunteers, London,
England, 1896-1903. Club: Calgary Golf
and Country. Recreations: outdoor
sports. Anglican. Address: 230 Twen-
ty-First. Ave., W., Calgary, Alta.

HASZABD, Fred I^., M. D., C. M.—

Physician and Surgeon. Leeson and
Lineham Block, Calgary. Born Char-
lottetown, P. E. I., son of Elizabeth
Des Brisay and Hon. F. L. Haszard,
Master of the Rolls, and late Premier
of Prince Edward Island. Educated
Bishop Ridley School; Prince of Wales
College; McGill University; Johns Hop-
kins University. Surgeon Dominion
Coal Co., Glace Bay, N. S., 1901-1909.
Came to Calgary and established prac-
tice, 1900. In conjunction with Dr.
Kerr, Vancouver, B. C, built and has
charge of Brooks Hospital on C. P. R.
irrigation farms; installed first hypo-
cliloride of lime sterilizing plant in
connection with construction camps.
Captain 15th Light Horse, Calgary.
Married Mabel Mackedie, 1902; has
three sons and two daughters. Clubs:
Golf and Country; Calgary. Liberal;
Anglican. Address: 3621 Sifton Ave.,
Calgary, Alta.



HATCH, Georg-e M. — Of George M.
Hatch Land Co., Lethbridge. Born
Griggsville, Pike County, Illinois, May
8, 1852, son of Reuben B. and Ellen
Bush Hatch. Educated public schools.
State Senator, Montana; held other
state and county offices, 1882-1894.
Came to Alberta, 1901; special agent
United States customs, Lethbridge,
1901; established present business,
1905. President Lethbridge Board of
Trade; has served as Alderman, Leth-
bridge. Married Mary L. Pound, Mis-
soula, Mont., 1884; has three daugh-
ters. Club: Chinook (president). So-
cieties: A. F. & A. M.; K. of P.
Recreations: farming, travel. Inde-
pendent; Anglican. Address: Leth-
bridge, Alta.

HATFIEIiD, Thomas Alexander. —

Real Estate and Financial Broker, 813
First St., B., Calgary. Born London,
England, Nov. 26, 1855, son of Charles
and Mary Hatfield. Educated public
schools, Ontario. Came to Canada,
1866; general merchant, Kingston, 1885;
established present business, 1892.
Served as Alderman three years; chair-
man Fire, Water and Light Board,
Calgary, 1904, 1906-1907. Married Mary
Home, Kingston, Ont. ; has one daugh-
ter. Club: Alberta. Society: A. P. &


A. M. Liberal; Presbyterian. Address:
211 Sixth Ave., E., Calgary, Alta.


HATTON, I^emuel Garfield. — -Financial
and Real Estate Broker, Real Estate Ar-
cade, Saskatoon. Born Griswold, Iowa,
July 6, 1880, son of Lemuel Clark and
Kate Eva Hatton. Educated public
schools, Atlantic, Iowa; high school,
Chicago. Commercial engraving, Barnes-
Crosby Co., Chicago, 1898-1903; asso-
ciated with Illinois Steel Mills, South
Chicago, 1903-1905; traveler, Illinois
Specialty Co., Rock Island, 111., 1905-
1906; studied medicine with Dr. L. C.
Hatton, Chicago, 1906-1908; came to
Saskatoon and established present busi-
ness, 1909. Married Emily Meade Drake,
1902. Societies: I. O. F.; K. P. Recrea-
tions: shooting, bowling. Anglican. Ad-
dress: Saskatoon, Sask.





HAUIiTAIN, Hon. Frederick William
Gordon — Chief Justice of Supreme Court
of Saskatchewan since October, 1512.
Born Woolwich, England, Nov. 25, 1857,
son of Lieutenant Colonel F. W.
R. A., and Lucinde Helen
Came to Canada as a boy.
high school, Montreal; Col-
legiate Institute, Peterboro; Toronto
University. Called to Ontario bar, 1882;
practiced MacLeod, Alta, 1884; Regina,
1887-1912; member of North West Coun-
cil, 1887-1888; member Northwest Leg-
islative Assembly, 1888-1905. Was called
upon by Lieutenant-Governor to form
the first Executive Committee of the
North West Territories, Dec, 1891; re-
mained leader of Executive Committee
until 1897, when by a federal act provi-
sion was made for an Executive Council
and he was called upon by Lieutenant-
Governor to form Executive Council.
Premier, Attorney General and Com-
missioner of Education North West
Territories, 1897, until Province estab-
lished, 1905; member Saskatchewan
Legislature and leader of Provincial
Rights Party, 1905-1912; representerl
North West Territories coronation of
his late Majesty, King Edward VII.,
1902; member Senate, University of
Saskatchewan. Created K. C, Domin-
ion, 1902; Saskatchewan, 1907. Club:
Assiniboia. Recreation: golf. Conserva-
tive; Anglican. Address: Regina, Sask.

HAXri^TAIN, Wilmot Gordon. — Bar-
rister. Registrar of Land Titles, As-
siniboia District, Regina. Born Peter-
boro, Ont., May 20, 1861, son of Lieu-
tenant-Colonel F. W. Haultain, R. A.,
and Lucinde Helen Haultain. Educated

public schools and Collegiate Institute,
Peterboro. Farmed near Morden, Man.,
1880; with Dominion Government, Geo-
graphical Survey, 1883; with C. P. R.
engineering department, 1884-1885;
came to Regina, 1893, and studied law
with firm of Scott, Hamilton & Rob-
son; called to Saskatchewan bar, 1900;
Yukon bar, 1902. Entered Dominion
Government service Land Titles Of-
fice, 1901; transferred to Yukon as
Deputy Registrar; appointed to pres-
ent position, 1907. Married Mary Isa-
bel Reynolds, Regina, 1909. Clubs:
Assiniboia; Canadian. Society: A. P. &
A. M. Recreations: cricket, football,
lacrosse, curling. Anglican. Address:
2152 Hamilton St., Regina. Sask.


HAUSER, Franz Ignatius — District
Game Warden, Humboldt; Secretary and
Treasurer, Local Improvement, District

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