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3 70; President, Humboldt Agricultural
Society. Born Detttighofen, Baden, Ger-
many, April 3, 1862, son of Franz Ig-
natius and Margaret Hauser. Educated
public and high schools, Dettighofen;
Agricultural College. Came to Prince
Albert, 1892; homesteader. Prince Al-
bert District, 1892-1904; sub-agency.
Dominion lands, Humboldt, 1904-1907;
present appointment, 1907. Councilor,
Humboldt, 1912; ex-chairman, Humboldt
School Board. Married Ida Kling, 1891
(deceased); married Lena Metzer,
daughter of Franz Metzer, 1908; has two
sons and one daughter. Recreation:
hunting. Liberal; Roman Catholic. Ad-
dress: Livingston St., Humboldt, Sask.




HAWKINS, Edward Georg-e — Of Haw-
kins & Co., Real Estate, Financial and
Insurance Brokers, 43 Jasper Ave., W.,
Edmonton. Born Ottawa, Ont., June 8,
1889, son of Edward and Jane Hawkins.
Educated public schools, Ottawa. Junior,
Imperial Bank, Ottawa, 1905-1910; came
to Edmonton and established present
business, 1910. Lieutenant, 101st Fus-
iliers, Edmonton, since inauguration.
Anglican. Address: Edmonton, Alta,


HAWKINS, Thomas- -Of Hawkins &
Co., Real Estate, Financial and Insur-
ance Brokers, 43' Jasper Ave., W., Ed-
monton. Born Ottawa, Ont., June 6, 1877,
son of Edward and Jane Hawkins. Ed-
ucated public schools, Ottawa. Came to
Winnipeg, 1901; traveler, Greenshields,
Winnipeg, 1901-1905; traveler, Robin-
son, Little & Co., Winnipeg, 1906-1911;
came to Edmonton and established pres-
ent business, 1910. Anglican. Address:
Edmonton, Alta,


HAWKSHAW, John Edward. — Man-
ager Northern Crown Bank, New West-
minster. Born London, Ont., Oct. 9,
1880, son of William Steam Hawk-
shaw and Elsie Shore Hawkshaw, and
grandson of Capt. W. H. Hawkshaw,
R. N. Educated Huron College, Lon-
don. Joined Canadian Bank of Com-
merce, Dunnville, Ont., 1899. Came to
British Columbia, 1901, serving vari-
ous branches of Canadian Bank of
Commerce British Columbia and Yukon,
until 1906, when resigned to Join
Northern Crown Bank. Married Mabel
Honor McClean, 1909. Club: West-
minster; Commercial. Recreations:
boating, tennis. Anglican. Address, 309
Pine St., New Westminster, B. C.

HAWKSHAW, William S. — Farmer.
Born Kildare, Ireland, Sept. 4, 1848,
son of Commander Hugh Hawkshaw,
R. N., Mercantile Marine, and Cather-
ine Hawkshaw. Educated Queen's
County, Ireland. Joined H. M. S. Con-
way, lent to the Liverpool Mercantile
Association when a boy, and after
making number of voyages to East
Indies, retired form the seas. Crossed
Atlantic 27 times; was engaged in im-
porting from England pure-bred sheep
into Canada for many years. Came to
British Columbia, 1904. Vice-president
of Chilliwack Creamery; member Board
of Trade. Married Eliza Shore, 1873;
has four sons and four daughters. So-
ciety: I. O. O. F. Address: Chilliwack,
B. C.

HAWI^ET, Albert Townsend, M. A. —
Professor of Greek; Librarian Wesley
College. Born Napanee, Ont., Jan. 14,
1877 son of Albert V. and Laura Haw-
ley. ' Came to Winnipeg, 1900. Married
Zoe Pentland, Winnipeg, 1910. Clubs:
St. Charles Country; Adanac; Lake of
the Woods Yacht (Kenora). Recrea-
tions: yachting, skating. Address: 185
Spence St., Winnipeg, Man.




Hurst, M. Ii. A. — Real Estate Agent.
Born Ireland, Dec. 4, 1874. Educated
Eng-land. Appointed U. S. Consular
Agent, Nanaimo, 1888. Was also in the em-
ploy of tlie Vancouver Coal Co. Elected
by acclamation British Columbia Legis-
lature for Nanaimo, 1901; re-elected,
1903, 1907; resigned 1908 to contest seat
for House of Commons against Ralph
Smith, M. P. Upon being defeated, ac-
cepted nomination and again elected,
1909. Married Lizzie Bate, Nanaimo,
1890. Socialist. Address: Newcastle,
B. C.

HAV, Arthur Georg'e, M. A. — Barris-
ter. Born Paisley, Ont., Dec. 16, 1862,
son of Robert and Janet Fleming Hay.
Educated Collegiate Institute, St. Cath-
arines; Queen's College, Kingston.
Came to Manitoba, 1889; law clerk,
Aikins, Culver & Co., Winnipeg, 1890.
Practiced Killarney, 1893. Served as
Councillor, Killarney, 1905-1906. Mar-
ried Eliza Vankleek Robertson, Kin-
cardine, Ont., 1894; has two sons and
one daughter. Recreations: tennis,
motoring, curling, reading. Liberal;
Presbyterian. Address: Killarney, Man.


HAY, John Gilmonr. — Barrister, City
Solicitor, Vancouver. Born Chatham,
Ont., May 17, 1873, son of John Gil-
mour and Margaret B. Hay. Educated
public and high schools; Osgoode Hall.
Called to Ontario bar 1894; member
of firm Clute, Macdonald, Macintosh
& Hay, Toronto, 1894-1902; practiced
Dawson, Y. T., 1902-1907; member of
firm Martin, Craig, Bourne & Hay,

Vancouver, 1907-1910; appointed City
Solicitor Vancouver, 1910. Married
Helen J. Bailey, Toronto. Clubs: Ter-
minal City; B. C. Golf; Curling; Minaru.
Recreations: outdoor sports. Liberal;
Baptist. Address: Felix Apartments,
Vancouver, B. C.

HAVES, Mrs. Kate Simpson (Mary
Markwell). — Author. Born Dalhousie.
N. B. For many years actively con-
nected with press of Canada; was on
editorial staff, Manitoba Free Press;
first president Canadian Women's
Press Club; at one time librarian of
Legislative Library, Regina. Publica-
tions: "Prairie Pourri," "Shanty Songs
and Stories," "The Legend of the
West," other works of fiction, drama
and poetry. Married C. Bowman Simp-
son, 1882, from whom obtained legal
separation, 1889. Roman Catholic. Ad-
dress: Victoria, B. C.

HAVNIIS, Arthur Edward — Manager
British American Trust Co., Ltd., 725
Fort St., Victoria; President Western
Lands, Ltd.; Secretary and Director
Kootenay Shingle Co., Ltd.; Director,
Davies-Sayward Mill and Land Co., Ltd.;
member Victoria Board of Trade. Born
Victoria, March 31, 1870, son of Wil-
liam and Fanny Haynes. Educated High
School, Victoria. Financial agent with
Edgar Crow-Baker since 1887; manager
British American Trust Co., Ltd., since
1906. Served as Councillor Oak Bay
Municipality, 1907. Married Matilda
Amie Heal, 1899; has two sons and
three daughters. Society: Native Sons.
Recreations: motoring, canoeing, cricket.
Conservative; Anglican. Address: Beach
Drive, Oak Bay, Victoria, B. C.

HAYWARD, Charles, J. P. — Contrac-
tor, 1016 Government St., Victoria.
Born Stratford, Essex, England, May
12, 1839, son of Charles and Harriet
Hayward. Educated Salem College,
Bow, Middlesex, England. Came to
Victoria, 1862. President of British
Columbia Protestant Orphan's Home,
and Children's Aid Society. Served as
Alderman Victoria several years; Mayor
three years. Ex-presideht Provincial
Royal Jubilee Hospital; chairman of
the school board ten years. Married
Sarah McChesney, London, England;
has two sons and one daughter. Club:
Pacific. Societies: A. F. & A. M.; I.
O. O. F.; I. O. F.; Pioneer. Address:
1003 Vancouver St., Victoria, B. C.




HAYWABD, Robert Praucis — Gen-
eral Manager of Western Canada
Power Co., Ltd., Carter Cotton Bldg.,
Vancouver; director White "Valley Irri-
gation & Power Co.; director Prince Ru-
pert Hydro-Electric Co., Ltd. Born Har-
row, England, Nov. 7, 1865, son of Robert
Baldwin and Marianne Hayward. Edu-
cated Harrow, England; University Col-
lege; Engineering School, London.
Pupil, Crompton & Co., Chelmsford,
England, 1885; works manager, Cromp-
ton & Co., 1889-1894; general manager
Salt Lake & Ogden Gas & Electric
Light Co., Salt Lake City, Utah, 1894-
1897; chief engineer Utah Light &
Railway Co., Salt Lake City, 1897-1905;
engaged development of long distance

transmission of power in Utah, in-
cluding construction and operation of
several hydro-electric plants and about
200 miles of transmission line, 1896-
1905; general manager Mexican Light
& Power Co., Mexico City, 1905-1909;
engaged in construction and opera-
tion of 40,000-hp. hydro-electric power
plant, including 175-mile transmission
line of same company, 1905-1909. Came
to British Columbia and became gen-
eral manager of present company, 1909,
since when has designed and con-
structed Stave Falls plant of Western
Canada Power Co. Married Freda
Mary Toulmin, daughter of Frederic
B. Toulmin, Hatfield Pevenel, Essex,
England, 1892; has three sons. Club:



Vancouver. Societies: American So-
ciety of Civil Engineers; American
Institute of Electrical Engineers. Con-
servative; Anglican. Address: 1865
Barclay St. "Vancouver, B. C.

HATWABD, WUUam Henry, VL.Jm.A.

— Director of the Island Lumber Co.
Born Dover, England, Oct. 23, 1867.
Educated Dover College, Salton Val-
ence Grammar School, College of
Engineering; Crystal Palace. Repre-
sented Esquimalt British Columbia Leg-
islature, 1900-1904; represents Cowichan
since 1907. Deputy Speaker of the
House. Conservative; Anglican. Ad-
dress: Erleigh, Duncan, B. C.

HEARN, John Harvey, B. A., £]L. B.

— Barrister. Born Sydney, N. S., Oct.
15, 1882, son of James Henry and
Elizabeth Miller Hearn. Educated Syd-
ney Academy; St. Francois Xavier Col-
lege, Antigonish; Dalhousie University,
N. S. Came to Saskatchewan, 1908;
began practice, Wadena, 1908. Solicitor
for Canadian Bank of Commerce, Wa-
dena; solicitor for Wadena and Munici-
pality of Lakeview; secretary-Treasurer
Wadena since 1908. Nominated Con-
servative candidate for Wadena Dis-
trict, 1910; Mayor of Wadena, 1913.
Served as lieutenant with 17th, F. B.
C. A., three years. Married Olive May
Henretty, daughter of James Henretty,
1910. Societies: K. of C; M. W. O. A.
Recreations: tennis, hockey, baseball,
football, field sports. Conservative; Ro-
man Catholic. Address: Wadena, Sask.

HEATHCOTE, Xtev. Francis, C. C.,
Ii. Th. — Rector, All Saints Church,
Winnipeg. Born Stamford, England,
April 20, 1868, son of Rev. Gilbert V.
and Helen M. Heathcote. Educated
Lancing College; Trinity College, To-
ronto. Ordained priest, Toronto, 1892.
Curate Woodbridge, Ont., and St. Sim-
on's, Toronto, St. Clement's, Toronto,
1899-1905. Came to Winnipeg, 1905.
Married Evelyn M. Smith, Toronto, 1901.
Societies: A. F. & A. M.; S. O. B.; A.
O. F. Recreations: golf, tennis, chess.
Conservative; Anglican. Address: All
Saints Rectory, 495 Broadway, Winni-
peg, Man.

HBBNBV, Thomas — Assistant Mana-
ger and Chief Accountant, Natural Re-
sources Department, Canadian Pacific
Railway, and Treasurer of the Canadian
Pacific Irrigation Colonization Com-
pany. Born, Danford Lake, Quebec, Feb.
21, 1869, son of Luke and Eliza Heeney.
Educated private and high schools; To-
ronto University. From 1895 to 1900,
engaged on railway engineering, con-
struction and operation, Ottawa & Ga-
tineau Railway; Pontiac Pacific Junc-


tion Railway; Interprovincial Bridge
Company, later on consolidated into Ot-
tawa, Northern & Western Railway,
which latter company was taken over by
the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1900.
From 1900 to 1908, construction depart-
ment Canadian Pacific Railway, lines
in Western Ontario. Came to Calgary,
Alta., June, 1908, since when have been
with the irrigation, lands and the Brit-
ish Columbia tie and timber department,
as chief accountant, and also treasurer
of the Canadian Pacific Irrigation Col-
onization Company. Widower; two sons.
Society: A. F. & A. M. Recreations:
hunting and shooting. Conservative;
Anglican. Address: 617 14th Ave., W.,
Calgary, Alta.

HBBinST, Bev. William Bertall, B. A.

— Rector of St. Luke's Church, Winni-
peg. Born Danford Lake, Que., Feb. 18,
1873, son of Henry and Eleanor Jane
Walsh Heeney. Educated McGill Uni-
versity; Montreal Diocesan College,
ordained deacon 1900, priest 1901, rector
Christ Church, Zelleville, 1901-1905; St.
George's, Newport, R. I., 1905-1908; Bar-
rie, Ont, 1909. Came to Manitoba, 1909.
Chaplain 100th Winnipeg Grenadiers;
chaplain Assiniboine Lodge, A. F. & A.
M. ; delegate to Provincial Synod of Ru-
pert's Land and General Synod of Can-
ada; member Executive Committee of
Rupert's Land; director Children's Aid
Society. Author of "Pickanack, a Tale
of Settlement Days in Older Canada."
Married Eva Marjorie Holland, Montreal,
1901; has one son and one daughter.
Address: Winnipeg, Man.


BTBISTERlVCAir, Bernard Sigfismund. —

Of Heisterman, Forman & Co., Financial,
Insurance and Real Estate Agents, 1212
Broad St., Victoria. Born Victoria, Nov.
27, 1873, son of Charles Henry Fred-
erick and Laura Adams Haynes Heister-
man. Educated Victoria. Mercantile
business, Victoria, 1889. Married Mar-
garet Farabee Arbuckle, Victoria; has
one son. Club: Union. Society: A. F. &
A. M. Address: 834 Pemberton Road,
Victoria, B. C.

HIIITER, Artlmr Komaiu. — Manager
Traders Bank of Canada, 346 Hastings
St., Vancouver. Born Oakville, Ont.,
Aug. 14, 1877, son of James G. and
Emma Remain Heiter. Educated pri-
vate and public schools and Collegiate
Institute, Aylmer. Junior, Traders Bank,
Aylmer, 1892; subsequently stationed,
Ingersoll, Elmira, Windsor and Sarnia;
manager, Schomberg, Ont., 1900; Beeton,
Ont., 1901; Tottenham, Ont., 1901; Kin-
cardine, Ont., 1903; Regina, 1906; Cal-
gary, 1906; Vancouver, since 1909. Club:
Vancouver. Anglican. Address: 1275
Barclay St., Vancouver, B. C.


HXHiIiIWEIiI^, John Frederic. — Of

Helliwell, Moore & Maclachlan, Char-
tered Accountants, Vancouver and To-
ronto. Born Milwaukee, Wis.. Oct. 6,
1871, son of Charles J. and Isabella Hel-
liwell, of British parentage, removed to
England, 1875. Educated Liverpool In-
stitute. Accountant, Toronto, 1890. Came
to British Columbia, 1897, and founded
firm of Clarkson, Cross & Helliwell,
which was succeeded by present firm,
1911. Fellow of the Dominion Associa-

tion of Chartered Accountants. Married
Rowena Elizabeth Helliwell, Toronto,
1900; has one son and two daughters.
Independent; Anglican. Address: Van-
couver, B. C.


HEI^I^IWEI.]^, Walter Percy. — Of Mac-

Mahon & Helliwell, Real Estate and Fi-
nancial Brokers, 218 Eighth Ave., W.,
Calgary. Born St. Catherines, Ont.,
June 26, 1871. Educated Collegiate In-
stitute, St. Catherines. Came to Alberta,
1897. Accountant, Imperial Bank, Cal-
gary, 1901-1906; manager Red Deer
branch, 1906-1909. Established present
business, 1909. Married Janet Suther-
land, daughter of Hugh Sutherland,
Winnipeg, 1901. Recreation: tennis.
Conservative; Anglican. Address: 311
Seventh St., W., Calgary, Alta.

SHImTiIWEImIm, William Jones. — Farm-
er. Born Hamilton, Nov. 8, 1850, son of
Charles Lord and Eliza Helliwell. Edu-
cated high school, Welland. Came to
Manitoba, 1878, by way of Chicago and
St. Paul and down the Red River by
boat to Emerson, Man.; homesteaded
near Crystal City, Man., 1879; farmed,
Ralphton, Man., 1882; farmed, south of
Oak Lake, Man., Sifton Municipality,
1893. First Reeve of Woodsworth, and
re-elected four years; first Warden
County of Dennis on Western Judicial
District Board; afterwards chairman of
board until same was abolished. Reeve
of Sifton Municipalities and secretary-
treasurer ten years; organized and first
president of Lansdowne Agricultural So-
ciety; was Police Magistrate for Oak
Lake district; unsuccessful candidate in



Conservative interest for Lansdowne to
Manitoba Legislature. Served Fenian
Raid, 1866. Married Ella Ann Scholfield,
Moulton, Ont., 1877; has two sons and
one daughter. Society: A. F. & A. M.
Conservative; Anglican. Address: Gris-
virold, Man.

HEIiMCKEN, H. Dallas, K. C. — Bar-
rister, 542 Bastion St., Victoria. Born
Victoria, Dec. 23, 1860. Educated Vic-
toria; Edinburgh University. Practiced,
1883. Bencher of the Law Society of
British Columbia. Appointed K. C, 1884.
Director Royal Jubilee Hospital. Mem-
ber of British Columbia Legislature for
nine years. Club: Union, Victoria; pres-
ident James Bay Athletic Association
for 21 years. Address: Empress Hotel.
Victoria, or Rosebank, Esquimau, B. C.

HEIiMCKSN', Hon. John Setoastion, M.
B. C. S., Eng-land; L. S. A. — Physician
(retired). Born London, England, June
5, 1825, son of Claus and Catherine
Helmcken. Educated St. George's School.
London; Guy's Hospital. Came to Brit-
ish Columbia, 1850, having accepted an
appointment from the Hudson's Bay Co.
Elected to first Legislative Assembly,
Vancouver Island, 1855; appointed
Speaker of Assembly until the admission
of the colony into the Dominion, 1871.
Member of Council, 1864-1871. One of
delegates sent to Ottawa, 1871, to con-
vey and support the terms of Union with
Canada proposed by the Legislature of
British Columbia, and brought result
back for consideration of that Legisla-
ture; declines senatorship, 1871. Mar-
ried Cecilia Douglas, daughter of Sir
James Douglas, K. C. B., first Governor
of British Columbia. Address: Victoria,
B. C.

HEMIiOW, Harry — (Retired). Born
Nova Scotia, 18 June, 1861, son of James
and Mary Craig Hemlow. Educated
Mount Allison University, Sackville, N. S.
Agent and manager for interurban road
of British Columbia Electrica Railway
for eighteen years. Elected as Alder-
man, first council in Vancouver; was
Chairman of first fire committee, and
purchased first fire engine used in Van-
couver. Is a large property owner;
gives special attention to breeding fine
stock, particularly Jersey cows. Mar-
ried Olive May Caples, daughter of W.
M. Caples, M. D., Portland, Ore., 1886.
Society: A. P. & A. M. Recreations:


motoring, hunting, fishing. Conserva-
tive; Presbyterian. Address: 1256 Horn-
by St., Vancouver, B. C.

HZNBEBSON, IMLajor Alexander, B.
A., K. C. — Of Henderson, Tulk & Bragg,
Barristers, Canada Life Bldg., Vancou-
ver. Formerly Major 6th Regiment,
Duke of Connaught's Own Rifles, now
on the Reserve of Officers. Born Osh-
awa, Ont., March 13, 1861, son of Alex-
ander and Grace Henderson. Educated
Toronto University; Osgoode Hall.
Called to Ontario bar, 1889; called
to bar of British Columbia, 1891;
member for New Westminster, of Brit-
ish Columbia Legislature, 1898; Attor-
ney General, British Columbia, 1899;
judge of County Court, Vancouver, 1901;
resigned January, 1907. Appointed
Commissioner of Yukon, June 18,
1907; resigned, 1911. Practiced Van-
couver since. Adjutant Canadian Rifie
team, Bisley, 1901. Married Susan
Crawford, daughter of William Mc-
Craney, 1895; has one daughter. Rec-
reation: rifle shooting. Club: Vancou-
ver. Liberal: Presbyterian. Address:
1424 Burnaby St., Vacouver, B. C.

HISlTBERSOll', Arthur James, C. E. —

Born Essex County, 1860, son of M. A.
and John Henderson (in Hudson's Bay
Co. and Royal Navy, until retired). Edu-
cated Wilds Grammar School, Lowestoft.
Held important public appointments and
expended large sums of money on public
and private works. Was Assistant Sur-
veyor to the Metropolitan Borough Is-
lington, London. Engineer to thirteen



townships, and consulting engineer to
three municipalities, Surrey, England.
Architect to large public buildings. Spe-
cialized in the main drainage of cities
and municipalities, the construction and
maintenance of streets and highways,
and re-enforced concrete as applied to
bridges and buildings. At present super-
vising new re-enforced concrete dock
and wharf at North Vancouver. Engi-
neer for the new water works Edmonds
District. Married M. G. Scott, Brighton,
England; has two sons and one daugh-
ter. Societies: Associate member Insti-
tution of Civil Engineers; member of
the Incorporated Association of Munic-
ipal and County Engineers; associate
member Royal Sanitary Institute of
Great Britain. Address: St. Patrick Ave.,
North Vancouver, B. C.


SEJSrDJlB,SOJX, G. A. — Manager Bank
of Montreal, Vernon. Born Quebec, Oct.
12, 1858, son of W. C. Henderson. Edu-
cated Quebec. Came to British Colum-
bia, 1891. District manager Okanagan
Valley Banks; president Vernon Jubilee
Hospital; president Board of Trade, 1907.
Married Violet Vidler, Vernon, 1897; has
three sons and one daughter. Recrea-
tion: riding. Address: Vernon, B. C.

HENDERSON, Henry Ernest, K. C. —

Of Henderson & Matheson, Barristers
and Solicitors, Canadian Bank of Com-
merce Bldg., Brandon. Born Belleville,
Ont, Feb. 14, 1852, son of Julia and
George E. Henderson, Q. C. Educated
Belleville grammar school; Albert Col-
lege. Called to Ontario Bar, 1876. Prac-
ticed with his father, G. E. Henderson,
Q. C, Belleville, 1876-1881. Came to
Manitoba and called to Bar, 1882; prac-
ticed, Winnipeg, 1882-1883; Brandon
since 1883. City Solicitor, Brandon,
twenty years. Club: Brandon. Recrea-

tions: golf, tennis. Liberal; Anglican.
Address: 442 11th St., Brandon, Man.

A. A. A.
HENDEBSOiN, James, F. K. I. B. A.,

A. A. A. — Architect, 42 Jasper Ave., W.,
Edmonton. Born Sunderland, Durham,
England, June 19, 1861, son of James
and Hannah Ray Henderson. Educated
Grange School, Sunderland; Bedford
County School; South Kensington Art
Schools. Came to Alberta, 1906; with
Provincial Government, 1907-1908; pri-
vate practice since 1908; member Tariff
Reform League, London, England. Mar-
ried Margaret Milne, Sunderland, 1902.
Societies: A. F. & A. M.; St. George's;
Architects' Association of Alberta; Fel-
low Royal Institute of British Archi-
tects. Club: Edmonton. Anglican. Ad-
dress: Edmonton, Alta.




HEKSEKSOK, James Belfry. — Man-
aging Director First National Realty
Co., Ltd., Bank of Nova Scotia Bldg.,
Winnipeg; vice-president Selkirk and
Northern Land Co., Ltd.; director West-
ern Canada Realty Co., Ltd.; director
Canada West Securities Corporation,
Ltd • director Dominion American Land
Co.," Ltd. Born HoUen, Ont., Jan. 22,
1859, son of Walter and Johan Hender-
son. Came to Manitoba, 1881. Mercan-
tile business as Strome & Henderson,
Portage la Prairie and Carberry, Man.,
1881-1886; real estate business, Portage
la Prairie, 1886-1902; established pres-
ent business, 1902. Mayor of Car-
berry, Man., 1880. Owner of "Carberry
News," first newspaper published in
Carberry. Married Martha A. Piesberry,
Harrison, Ont., 1884; has five daugh-
ters. Societies: I. O. O. F.; A. O. U. W.
Recreation: motoring. Liberal; Presby-
terian. Address: 277 River Ave., Winni-
peg, Man.

HSNSERSOir, Jolin cotter, M. B., C.

M. — Physician and Surgeon, Westminster
St., Chilliwack. Born County Donegal,
Ireland, Dec. 10, 1853, son of Samuel
Cotter and Martha Henderson. Educated
Londonderry Private Academy; Glasgow
University. Practiced, England, 1882-
1887. Came to British Columbia and
practiced, Chilliwack, since 1887. Mar-
ried Frances Jane McCutcheon, 1889;
has three sons and two daughters. Rec-
reations: shooting, fishing. Liberal;
Presbyterian. Address: Chilliwack, B. C.

HENBBBSOZT, Robert. — Assistant
Government Mining Engineer for Yukon.
Born Nova Scotia. Came to Yukon,
1893. Found gold on Quartz Creek, and


Gold Bottom Creek, 1894, and has been
mining Yukon since. Claims to be first
discoverer of gold on Klondike, but this
is disputed. Address: Dawson, Y. T.

HSXTDBBSan*, Samuel W. — Vice-pres-
ident Alberta and British Columbia
Grain Supply Co.; president and general
manager Royal Grain Co., Grain Ex-
change, Winnipeg. Born Bruce County.
Ont., Oct. 7, 1875, son of Thos. Hender-
son. Came to Manitoba as a boy. Edu-
cated public schools. Telegraph operator,
Northern Pacific. White Horse Plains,
1893. Came to Winnipeg, 1895. Mem-
ber of Winnipeg Stock Exchange, Min-
neapolis Chamber of Commerce; Winni-
peg Grain Exchange; director Calgary
Grain Exchange. Served as Colonel Ser-
geant 90th Regiment, Winnipeg. Mar-
ried Flora Munro, Winnipeg, 1907; has
one daughter. Clubs: Manitoba; St.
Charles Country. Recreations: golf,
curling. Conservative: Anglican. Ad-
dress: 647 McMillan Ave., Winnipeg,

HBNBBBSOir, William — Resident Ar-
chitect Public Works Department, Vic-
toria. Born Dundee, Scotland, Feb. 26,
1837, son of George and Christina Hen-
derson. Educated Lonmay Parish School,
Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Came to Can-
ada, 1857. Employee of Dominion Gov-
ernment Public Works Department, Ot-
tawa, 1872. Transferred to North West
Territories, 1879; to British Columbia,

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