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Co., Ltd., of Liverpool, England. Vice-
President and Managing Director, Last
West Investmnet Co., Ltd.; Chairman,
Transportation Committee, Saskatoon
Board of Trade; Director, Saskatoon Y.
M. C. A. Born Searforth, Ont., April 5,
1884, son of Clara Rapelje and Rev. Jef-
frey Hill, M. A. Educated public schools:
Collegiate Institute, Owen Sound, Ont.
Held various positions with G. T. R. and

C. N. R., 1900-1912; District Freight
Agent, C. N. R., Saskatoon, 1910-1912;
present business established, 1912. Lieu-
tenant, 90th Regiment, Winnipeg, 1903-
1906; Captain, 105th Regiment, Saska-
toon, 1912. Married Amy Crisp, ward of
Dr. J. H. R. Bond, Winnipeg, 1909; has
one daughter. Club: Saskatoon. Recrea-
tions: motoring, yachting, rugby. Inde-
pendent; Anglican. Address: "The Cres-
cent," Saskatoon, Sask.

HII^I^, Prederick Borden, B. A. — Bar-
rister and Solicitor, 515 Hastings St., W.
Vancouver. Born St. Stephen, N. B.,
Jan. 3'0, 1879, son of Henry E. and Lavinia
J. Borden Hill. Educated: New Bruns-
wick University; Harvard University.
Practiced St. Stephen, N. B. ; came
to Vancouver and established present
practice, 1909. Societies: A. F. & A. M.;
K. P.; Royal Arcanum. Address: 1079
Melville St., Vancouver, B. C.

HIIJIi, I^eslie — Consulting Mining En-
gineer. Born London, England, Aug. 17,
1847. Educated University College, Lon-
don. Came to British Columbia, 1891.
Engineer to Prospecting Syndicate of
British Columbia, 1895. Manager Has-
tings British Columbia Exploration Syn-
dicate, Ltd., 1902. and The Head Syn-
dicate, Ltd., 1908. Societies: A. M. I.
C. E. ; M. I. M. M. Address: 110 Cannon
St., London, E. C, and Nelson, B. C.

HII^I^, Bolana Heywood. — Journalist.
News editor, Vancouver World. Director
Western Associated Press; president
Vancouver Press Club. Born Providence,
R. I., Sept. 23, 1879, son of James Hilton
and Mary Heywood Hill. Educated
Southport Grammar School; Kingston
Grammar School, England. Reporter,
St. James Gazette, London, England,
1900; Ottawa Journal and Winnipeg
Free Press, 1903-1904; telegraph editor,
Province, Vancouver, 1904; joined Van-
couver World Staff, 1904. Married Inez
A. Green, 1909 (deceased). Club: Press.
Recreation: fishing. Liberal; Anglican.
Address: 1070 Haro St., Vancouver, B.

HIlil^IS, Harry M. — Of The Hillis
Timber & Trading Co.. Lumber Ex-
change, Victoria. Born Nebraska, Sept.
18, 1884, son of W. A. and Ida Hillis.
Educated Ohio. Commenced business
career, Ohio, 1896. Came to British Co-
lumbia, 1905. Married Fanny Harger,
Seattle. Club: Pacific. Address: Vic-
toria, B. C.



HXIi^IS, James Theodore. — Mining and
Timber Broker, 614 Hastings St., Van-
Gouver. Bom Greencastle, Ind., Aug. 3,
1868, son of Henry H. and Sarah E.
Hillis. Educated Greencastle. Brick,
stone and lime manufacturing, Green-
castle, 1886. Came to British Columbia,
1891. Married Stella May Mitchell, Van-
couver; has two daughters. Clubs: Royal
Vancouver Yacht; Terminal City; Vic-
toria Country; Vancouver Gun. Recrea-
tions: shooting, fishing, motor boating,
lacrosse. Address: 843 Burrard St., Van-
couver, B. C.

HIirCH, Herbert Henry. — President
Manitoba and Western Colonization Co.,
McArthur Bldg., Winnipeg. Bom Tam-
worth, Ont., Aug. 2, 1872, son of Ogden
and Jean Hinch. Educated Napanee
Collegiate Institute, Stratford; business
college. Mercantile business, Napanee,
1890. Came to Winnipeg, 1898. Mar-
ried Marion MacEachern, Napanee, 1894;
has one son and one daughter. Recrea-
tion: all outdoor sports. Independent
Conservative. Address: Brock and Cres-
cent Road, Winnipeg, Man.

HIM-CHI.XFFE, Bev. Joshua, B. A. —

Rector St. Thomas Church, Chilliwack.
Born Bradford, Yorkshire, England, May
24, 1868, son of Thomas and Mary Anna
Hinchliffe. Educated Bradford, Eng-
land; Manitoba University. Came to
Canada, 1890. Ordained deacon, 1893;
priest, 1894; missionary to Peigan In-
dians, 1893-1899; chaplain to Bishop of
Calgary, rural dean and honorary canon,
Calgary, 1899; rector Red Deer, Alta.,
1899-1907; present charge since 1907.
Married Mary Mason, Macleod, Alta.;
has one son and one daughter. Society:
A. F. & A. M. (P. G. R., P. G. C, P. D.
G. M.). Anglican. Address: St. Thomas
Rectory, Chilliwack, B. C.

HIND, Ella Cora. — Commercial Editor
Manitoba Free Press, Winnipeg. Bom
Toronto, daughter of Edwin and Jane
Carroll Hind. Educated public schools,
Grey County, Ont.; Collegiate Institute,
Orillia. Came to Manitoba, 1882. Sec-
retary Manitoba Dairy Association six

years, being first woman to hold that
office. Is the only woman in Canada
holding position of commercial editor
of a daily newspaper. Author "Red
River Jottings." Clubs: Canadian Wom-
en's Press; Women's Canadian. Presby-
terian. Address: 36 Preston Court, Win-
nipeg, Man.


HINT02T, George Clifford. — Of The

Hinton Electric Co., Ltd., 606 Granville
St., Vancouver. Director Burton Saw
Works, Ltd; director Western Gypsum
Co., Ltd.; director Campbell River Power
Co., Ltd. Born Ottawa, Ont., July 27,
1868, son of Robert and Lila Hinton.
Educated public schools and Collegiate
Institute. Apprentice, boiler and ma-
chine department. Fleck's Machine
Works, Ottawa, 1882-1886; with Edison
Electric Co., Ottawa, 1886-1889. Came
to British Columbia, 1889; with Edison
Electric Co., Victoria, 1889-1891; estab-
lished present business, Vancouver, 1891.
Married Gertrude Elizabeth Carlyon,
1894; has one son and two daughters.
Club: Terminal City. Society: A. F. &
A. M. Recreation: fishing. Anglican.
Address: Collingwood, B. C.




HISTTON, John Alexander. — President
and Managing Director The Hinton Elec-
tric Co., Ltd., Government St., Victoria.
Born Ottawa, Feb. 18, 1873, son of Rob-
ert Joseph and Lila Hyde Hinton. Edu-
cated public school and Collegiate Insti-
tute, Ottawa. Clerk, audit accounts,
Canada Atlantic Railway, Ottawa, 1888;
passenger accountant, 1892. Came to
British Columbia and joined present
company, 1896. Married Clare Hilson
Holland, Ottawa, 1898; has one son.
Clubs: Pacific, Ottawa Amateur Ath-
letic (Ottawa); Royal Victoria Yacht;
Victoria Automobile (Hon. Sec.-Treas.).
Recreations: motoring, motor-boating,
hunting, fishing. Address: Victoria, B.

HINTON, William Fittman. — General
Passenger Agent, Grand Trunk Pacific
Railway, and G. T. P. Pacific Coast
S. S. Co., Ltd., Winnipeg. Born Hinton-
burg, Ont. (now part of Ottawa), Aug.
30, 1871, son of Robert Joseph and Lila
Hyde Hinton. Educated public schools
and Collegiate Institute, Ottawa. Audit
Department Canada Atlantic Ry., Otta-
wa, 1887; traffic manager, Canada At-
lantic, Ottawa, 1904; entered G. T. R.
service, Montreal, 1907; appointed to
present position, 1909. Married Olive
Delano Parr, Ottawa, 189 4; has two sons
and one daughter. Clubs: Manitoba;
Edmonton. Recreations: all outdoor
sports. Unitarian. Address: 138 Strad-
brooke Place, Winnipeg, Man.

HIRSCHFIE!.!), Alfred C. — Financial
Manager Colonization Company of A. M.
Asancheyev, Ltd., Vancouver, B. C. Born
London, England, June 8, 1866, son of
Gustav and Elizabeth Hirschfeld. Ed-
ucated London; Brussels; Paris. Whole-
sale silk business, London; subsequently
Paris; afterwards engaged mining, Kim-
berly and Prince Albert, South Africa;
wholesale cigar .business, San Fran-
cisco. Came to British Columbia, 1897,
and engaged mining, Atlin and Dawson,
Y. T. ; editor and owner Atlin Claim,
two years; returned to Vancouver as
manager advertising department Van-
couver World, 1904-1910; manager min-
ing stock and financial department Do-
minion Stock & Bond Corporation, Ltd.,
Winch Bldg., Vancouver. Served as Ser-
geant First Middlesex Rifles, London.
England; Kimberly Rifles, South Africa.
Married Margaret Ethel Miller, Van-
couver, 1902. Clubs: Commercial; Press.
Address: 2495 Point Grey Road, Vancou-
ver, B. C.

HOADXiEV, George, M. I.. A. — Ranch-
er. Born Wetheral Abbey, Cumberland,
England, May 16, 18 66, son of George
and Ann Hoadley. Educated Carlisle
Grammar School and St. Bees. Mercan-
tile business, Liverpool, England, 188J-
1884; London, 1884-1890. Came to Oko-
toks, 1890. President Alberta Horse
Breeders' Association; chairman Local
Improvement District, 10-2-4; trustee
Okotoks school district. Unsuccessfully
contested High River, 1901, for North
West Territories Legislature. Member
Alberta Legislature for Okotoks. Mar-
ried Lily Rowles, Okotoks, 1900; has two
sons and one daughter. Conservative;
Anglican. Address: Okotoks, Alta.

HODSON, i;ieut.-Col. G-eorg-e Cathbert

— Manager Northern Crown Bank, Lloyd-
minster. Born Shorham, Sussex, Eiigland,
July 21, 1878, son, of William and Edith
Staplehurst Hlodson. Educated: Grammar
School, Brighton; High School, Annapolis,
N. S. Came to Canada, 1887. With Union
Bank of Halifax and Molsons Bank, 1895-
1899; resided, Halifax, 1903-1906; entered
Northern Crown Bank, Winnipeg, 1906;
present branch opened, 1906. S'erved as
private D Battery, R. C. F. A., South
African War, 1899-1900; active service at
Belfast and Lydenberg, 1900; enlisted with
C. M. R., 1901; operations at Orange River,
Cape Colony and Transvaal; took dis-
charge, 1902, remaining in Pretoria until
1903. Instrumental in organizing 22nd
Saskatchewan Light Horse; Captain,
Regimental staff A Squadron, 22nd Sas-
katchewan Light Horse. Married Elsie
W. Wier, 1903; has two sons. Society:
A. P. & A. M. Recreations: rifle and
game shooting. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: Lloydminster, Sask.



HODGSON, Bichard Charles. — Presi-
dent and Manager The Hodgson Plumb-
ing & Heating Co., Ltd., 1136 Homer St.,
Vancouver; President South "Vancouver
Board of Trade; President South Van-
couver Conservation Association; Presi-
dent Richmond Central Conservation As-
sociation; Director British Columbia Ag-
ricultural and Industrial Society; Direc-
tor Vancouver Progress Club. Born
Chilliwack, B. C, Feb. 22, 1875, son of
Richard W. and Sarah EJlizabeth Hodg-
son. Educated public and high schools,

Vancouver. Established present business
under firm name Knowdell & Hodgson,
1896-1904; Hodgson & Stearman, 1904-
1910; incorporated under present name,
1910. Chairman South Vancouver School
Board, 1906, 1907 and 1908. Married
Minnie Gale, 1899; has four sons. Clubs:
Commercial; Vancouver Automobile;
Canadian; Canadian Highway Associa-
tion. Societies: A. F. & A. M. ; Mystic
Shriner. Recreations: hunting, fishing.
Conservative; Methodist. Address: 1654
15th Ave., South Vancouver, B. C.




HOSSON, Ronald, W., B. S. A. — Of

F. W. Hodson & Co., Financial Brokers,
Toronto, Ont., and North Battleford;
Vice-President, North Battleford Board
of Trade. Born Brookline, Ont., Feto.
26, 1886, son of F. W. and Elizabeth
Ann Hodson. Educated Collegiate In-
stitute, Ottawa; Toronto University.
Clerk, Agricultural Department, Ontario
Government, 1900-1901; Agricultural De-
partment, Dominion Government, 1901-
1906; Agricultural Department, Live
Stock Commissioner, Superintendent In-
stitutes and Fairs, etc., for British Co-
lumbia Government, 1908-1910; assist-
ant business manager. Farming World,
Toronto, 1906-1908. Entered as partner
in .the Arm of F. W. Hodson & Co., 1910.
Served with Royal Canadian Engineers,
1903-1906. Married Mary "V. Hunt,
Guelph, Ont., 1908; has orte son. Rec-
reations: shooting, horses. Conservative;
Baptist. Address: Arthur St., North
Battleford, Sask.

HOFF2IEZSTER, Frederick, E. £. —

Manager Hoffmeister Bros., Ltd., Auto-
mobiles, 1155 Pender St., Vancouver.
Born Wellington County, Ont., July 14,
1864, son of Henry and Katherina Hoff-
meister. Educated public schools, Clif-
ford, Ont. Came to British Columbia,
1888. Master mechanic. Mills Timber &
Trading Co., Vancouver, 1888-1890. Re-
ceiver for San Francisco and San Mateo
Ry. Co., San Francisco, Cal., 189 0; sup-
erintendent power department of that
road, 1892-1895; electrical engineer, Co-

lumbia & Western Ry. Co. and British
Columbia Smelting & Refining Co.,
Kootenay District, 1895-1896; electrical
engineer, Canadian General Electric Co.,
Toronto, 1896-1909; installed plant of
Electrical Development Co., Niagara
Falls, Ont., 1903-1906; engineer, charge
of work for Canadian General Electric
Co., Soloimges Canal, St. Lawrence
River, built by Dominion Government,
1898-1903. Married Ethel Wood, Ridge-
town, Ont.; has one daughter. Societies:
American Institute of Electrical Engi-
neers; Canadian Electrical Association.
Recreations: shooting, motoring, travel.
Conservative; Presbyterian. Address:
1121 Georgia St., Vancouver, B. C.


EOFFMEZSTEB, Henry, Jr. — Presi-
dent Hoffmeister Bros., Ltd., Automobile
and Commercial Trucks, 1155 Pender St.,
W., Vancouver. Director Dominion Hos-
Ipital Co., Ltd.; president Pythian Castle
Hall Co., Ltd.; vice-president British
Columbia Auto & Motor Trades Associa-
tion. Born Wellington County, Ont.,
Aug. 3, 1863, son of Henry and Katherina
Hoffmeister. Educated public schools,
Wellington County, Ont. Came to Brit-
ish Columbia, 1888; engaged lumbering
and contracting business. New West-
minster and Vancouver, 1888-1910, when
present firm organized, 1910. Society:
K. of P. Recreation: motoring. Con-
servative; Presbyterian. Address: 549
Howe St., Vancouver, B. C.




HOPFMEISTEB, Beinhart. — Electrical
Engineer, 1271 Granville St., A''ancouver.
President Dominion Hospital Co., Ltd.
Born Wellington County, Ont., Jan. 10,
1866, son of Henry and Katherina Hoff-
meister. Contracting woodworker, Van-
couver, 1888-1892. Established present
business, 1S92. Constructed first elec-
tric motor on Pacific Coast. Married
Margaret Cameron, daughter of Donald
Cameron, New Glasgow, N. S., 1904; has
one son. Society: I. O. O. F. Recrea-
tion: motoring. Conservative; Presby-
terian. Address: 761 Thurlow St., Van-
couver, B. C.

HOGABTH, Donald McDonald, M. Jm.

A. — Real Estate Broker, Prince Arthur
Hotel Bldg., Port Arthur; Director H. A.
Ledoux Co., Ltd. Born Osceola, Ont.,
June 15, 1879, son of William and Jane
McDonald Hogarth. Educated: public and
high schools, Mattawa, Ont. With pur-
chasing department. Lake Superior Cor-
poration, Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., 1900-
1905; partner with J. J. Carrick in pres-
ent business since 1905. Elected to On-
tario Legislature for Port Arthur, 1911.
Clubs: Port Arthur; Kaministiquia; Fort
William; Albany (Toronto). Society: A. F.
& A. M. Recreations: outdoor sports.
Conservative; Presbyterian. Address: Port
Arthur, Ont.

E060, Andrew Brydon, B. A. — Bar-
rister. Born Flesherton, Ont., Jan. 24,
1883, son of William and Sarah Henry
Hogg. Educated public schools; Jarvis
Collegiate Institute; Toronto Univer-
sity. Law student, A. Meighen, M. P.,
Portage la Prairie, 1905; member firm
Meighen & Hogg, Portage la Prairie,
1908. Came to Alberta, 1910. Club':
Portage. Conservative; Presbyterian.
Address: Carmangay, Alta.


HOGG, William Hall. — Manager Bank
of Montreal, Calgary. Born Peterboro,
Ont, Aug. 12, 186'2, son of James and
Barbara Hogg. Educated Stratford.
Bank clerk, Stratford, 1877. Came to
Alberta, 1886. Married Geraldine Hod-
der Stewart, Ottawa; has two sons and
two daughters. Club: Ranchmen's. Ad-
dress: Calgary, Alta.

HOI.DBN, Donald B., M. D.— Pliysi-
cian, 851 Fort St., Victoria. Born Belle-
ville, Ont., Oct. 13, 1867, son of J. Clem-
ent and Emily Clark Ilolden. Educated
McGill University. Graduated, 1891;
post graduate course, London and Edin-
burgh, 1891-1893. Came to British Co-
lumbia and practiced, Victoria, since
1893. Presbyterian. Address: Victoria,
B. C.

HOIiDEN, James Bismark, M. !•. A. —

Farmer. Born Singhampton, Ont., Oct.
4, 1876, son of James and Sarah Holden.
Educated public schools, Singhampton.
First elected Alberta Legislature, for
Vegreville, 1908; re-elected, 1909. Mar-
ried Gertrude Worth, 1900; has one son
and one daughter. Liberal; Presbyte-
rian. Address: Vegreville, Alta.




HOI^DEIT, William. — Broker, Holden
Bldg., Vancouver. Born Stirling, Ont.,
Feb. 7, 1872, son of Sylvester and Mag-
dalena Holden. Clubs: Canadian; Com-
mercial. Recreation: motoring. Ad-
dress: Vancouver Hotel, Vancouver, B. C.


HOI^G-ATE, B. A. — -Of Magrath, Hol-
gate, Ltd., 44 Jasper Ave., E., Edmon-
ton; Director, City Park Land Co., Ltd.;
Vice-President, Bellevue Land Co., Ltd.;
Director, Realty Investment Co., Ltd.
Born Foxboro, Ont, June 30, 1878, son
of John A. and Fidelia Holgate. Edu-

cated Albert College, Belleville; Queen's
University. Civil service, Postofflce De-
partment, Toronto, eight years. Came
to Alberta, 1904. Married Mabel Hous-
ton, Tweed, Ont, 1903; has two sons.
Society: I. O. O. F. Liberal; Methodist
Address: Edmonton, Alta.

HOI^IiAITD, Cuyler A. — Of British
Columbia Land & Investment Agency,
922 Government St., Victoria. Born
Port Elizabeth, South Africa, Oct. 6,
1863, son of John A. and Mary E'. Hol-
land. Educated Haileybury College and
Cambridge, England. Came to British
Columbia, 1886. Director Royal Jubilee
Hospital, seven years. Married Beatrice
Maud Galpin, England; has four sons.
Club: Union. Recreation: golf. Ad-
dress: Victoria, B. C.

HOX^I^AND, William Henry, J. P. —

Parmer. Born Eppleworth Grange,
York, England, July 21, 1844, son of
Henry and Sarah Rebecca Holland. Ed-
ucated public schools, Bedford, England.
Brewer, Baskerville and Holland, Glou-
cester, England, 1867-1880. Came to
Manitoba, 1882. Vice-president Glou-
cester Philosophical Society; secretary-
treasurer Lome Agricultural Society.
Served with Gloucester 2d Rifle Volun-
teers. Made highest score of any Eng-
lishman, at short range. International
Rifle Match, Brussels, 1868. Married
Louisa Jane Cooper, Gloucester, 1869;
has two sons and one daughter. Inde-
pendent; Protestant. Recreation: natural
science. Address: Swan Lake, Man.

HOIiIiAND, W. S. — Insurance Agent,
27 Imperial Block, Vancouver. Born
Port Hope, Ont., Nov. 2, 1863, son of
R. H. and Victoria Holland. Educated
Trinity Collegiate School. With W. H.
Sowden Colonization Co., Winnipeg,
1880; spent some years railway surveys
and railway mail service; insurance
business with his brother, F. J. Holland,
Winnipeg and Vancouver. Came to
British Columbia, 1897; dissolved part-
nership, 1901, taking over British Co-
lumbia agencies, headquarters Vancou-
ver. One of original promoters of Van-
couver Horse Show Association; di-
rector Vancouver Exhibition Associa-
tion; on executive committee Vancouver
Amateur Driving Association. Married
Frances McDougall, 1892; has three sons
and one daughter. Clubs: Terminal City;
Royal Vancouver Yacht. Recreations:
driving, riding, yachting. Address: 2070
Comox St, Vancouver, B. C.




HOIiIiEY', Thomas William. — Of Hol-
ley & Baird Realty Co., 534 Somerset
Bldg., Winnipeg. Born Granby, Que.,
Feb. 17, 1860, son of Henry and Roxana
Holley. Educated public schools, Massa-
chusetts. Paper manufacturer, Holyoke,
Mass., 1880. Came to Winnipeg, 1903;
established present business, 1905. Mar-
ried Dora G. Fales, Holyoke, 1891; has
four sons and six daughters. Club:
Canadian. Recreation: farming. Inde-
pendent; Presbyterian. Address: 132
Furby St., Winnipeg, Man.


HOIiMAN, Hag-h Gordon. — Architect,
313 Fort St., Winnipeg. Born Strat-
ford, Ont., Jan. 8, 1878, son of Fred-
erick Joseph and Catherine Holman. Ed-
ucated public schools and Collegiate In-
stitute, Stratford. Articled student with
H. J. Powell, architect, Stratford, 1895.
Came to Manitoba, 1900, and engaged as
architectural draftsman with J. H. G.
Russell, 1901-1903; S. Hooper, 1903-1905;

Manitoba Provincial Government, 1905-
1906; practiced under own name since
1906. Society: A. O. P. Recreations:
general sports. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: 447 Cumberland Ave., Winni-
peg, Man.


HO]jMi:s, Andrew. — Contractor. Born
Heiton, Scotland, Aug. 31, 1860, son of
Alexander and Janet Holmes. Educated
Heiton Grammar School. Carpenter,
Roxburgh, Scotland, 1876; came to Win-
nipeg, and engaged carpenter work,
1883. Came to Prince Albert and en-
gaged in same business; formed part-
nership with H. B. Garven, under firm
name of Garven & Holmes, contractors
and builders, 1885; firm dissolved, 1889,
since when continued business on his
own account. Member of Prince Albert
School Board, 1890-1894; Councillor of
town of Prince Albert, 1896; Alderman
of City of Prince Albert, 1905-1909;
Mayor, 1909-1910; re-elected by accla-
mation, 1911; vice-president Prince Al-
bert Agricultural Society, 1904. Mar-
ried Sarah Catherine Neil, Prince Al-
bert, 1889; has one son and two daugh-
ters. Societies: A. F. & A. M.; St. An-
drew's (president 1908-1910); Prince Al-
bert Amateur Dramatic Society (presi-
dent). Recreations: football, baseball,
curling. Liberal; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: 302 Eighth St., E., Prince Albert,




HOI^MES, Aurdy Julian, 3>. D. S. — Of

Drs. Holmes, Hacking & MacSween, Den-
tal Surgeons, 32 6th St., New Westmin-
ster. Vice-president Westminster Trust
& Safe Deposit Co., Ltd.; Okanagan Tel-
ephone Co., Ltd.; member of executive,
New Westminster Board of Trade. Born
Hillsboro, Ohio, Sept. 14, 1866, son of
Dr. B. P. and Nettie Holmes. Educated
Cincinnati University. Came to British
Columbia, 1889. President British Co-
lumbia Dental Association, 1897-1903;
member British Columbia Dental Board,
1895-1903; Alderman, New Westminster,
1896-1897; 1904. Married Ida M. Weaver,
Circleville, 1891; has one son. Club:
New Westminster. Societies: A. F. &
A. M. ; I. O. O. F. Recreation: motoring
(first president New Westminster Auto-
mobile Association). Conservative;
Methodist. Address: 43 Columbia St.,
New Westminster, B. C.

HOI^MES, George Ernest, Ti. T>. S.,
D. S. S. — Dentist. Born Exeter, Ont.,
Feb. 25, 1877, son of Rev. Joseph Wil-
liam and Amanda L. Holmes. Educated
Toronto University (first class honors,
D. D. S.); Royal College Dental Sur-
geons (L. D. S.). Practiced, Blenheim,
Kent County, Ont, 1899; Clinton, Ont.,
1900-1906; Saskatoon since 1906. Alder-
man, Saskatoon, 1909-1910; 1911; mem-
ber Board Governors Saskatoon City
Hospital, 1909-1910; director Saskatoon
Realty Co. Married Lena Maud Doherty,
Clinton, Ont., 1901; has one son and one
daughter. Club: Saskatoon. Societies:

D. D. S.

A. F. & A. M.; I. O. O. F.; W. O. W.;
C. B. P. O. E. ; Canadian Indians. Rec-
reations: lacrosse, trap-shooting, big
game hunting. Liberal; Methodist. Ad-
dress: Bedford Road, Saskatoon, Sask.

HOXiST, Benjamin Christian — Electri-
cal Engineer, District Manager, Northern
Electric and Manufacturing Co., 313 Water
St., Vancouver. Born Stenjeare, Norway,
Aug. 26, 1879, son of Diderick B. and Ber-
gitte C. Strand Hoist. Educated: Chicago.
With Western Electric Co., Chicago,
1889; San Francisco, 1906; Nevada, 1907;
with present company since 1909. Society:
A. F. & A. M. Recreations: riding; out-
door sports. Address: Vancouver, B. C.

HONH'SIVSCAN, John B. C. — Librarian,
Public Library, Regina. Born Glasgow,
Scotland, March 13, 1864, son of John
Honeyman, LL. D., R. S. A., and Rothe-
sia A. C. Hutcheson. Educated Col-
legiate School, Greenock; Glasgow Uni-
versity; College of Science and Arts,
Glasgow. Architectural student, Glas-
gow, 1881. Came to Canada, 1885;
farmed Pense and Buffalo Lake, Sask.,
1885-1887. Served with North West
Mounted Police, 1887-1892. Engaged
newspaper work on editorial staff, Re-
gina Leader, 1893; clerk Indian Office
until abolished, 1897; editor Moosomin
Spectator, 1897-1898; Deputy Minister
of Agriculture of North West Terri-
tories and Province of Saskatchewan,
1903-1906; present appointment since
1908. Served with 1st Lanark Rifles,
Scotland. Married Frederica Minnie
Hales, Regina, 1894; has one son and
two daughters. Society: Regina Society
of Art, Literature and Science. Recrea-
tions: home mechanics; photography.

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