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Imperialist; Anglican. Address: 1514
Albert St., Regina, Sask.




HONEVMAN, John J. — Of Honeyman
& Curtis, Architects, 821 Pender St., W.,
Vancouver. First vice-president British
Columbia Architectural Association.
Born Glasgow, Scotland, April 9, 1864,
son of Patrick S. and Helen Davis Orr
Honeyman. Educated Glasgow and Ei-
senach. Articled to H. & D. Barclay,
architects, Glasgow, 1883. Came to
British Columbia, 1889; ranched Van-
couver Island 1889-1892; practiced, Na-
nalmo, 1892-1897; Rossland, 1897-1901:
present partnership formed, 1902. Served
as volunteer, 1st L. R. V., Glasgow,
four years; 10th L. R. V., two years.
Married Mabel Dempster, daughter of
Captain H. L. Dempster, R. A., India,
1894; has one son and four daughters.
Recreations: farming, rugby football.
Conservative; Presbyterian. Address:
1039 Nicola St., Vancouver, B. C.

HOOD, Alfred Snyder. — Real Estate
and Insurance Broker. Manager Phoenix
Light & Water Co.; Police Magistrate;
notary public. Born Weymouth, N. S.,
Nov. 2, 1846, son of John and Jenephir
Hood. Educated public schools, Wey-
mouth and Yarmouth, N. S. Photogra-
pher and fancy goods merchant, Yar-
mouth, 1868-1878; representative of Can-
ada Life Assurance Co. and Imperial
Life Assurance Co, Maritime Provinces,
1885-1905. Came to British Columbia


and established present business, 1905.
Married Louisa Seeley, Yarmouth, 186S;
has two sons. Club: Greenwood. Soci-
eties: A. P. & A. M.; R. A. M. Recrea-
tion: reading. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: Phoenix, B. C.

HOOFEB, Archibald W. — Inspector of
Schools, Brandon. Born Lifford, Dur-
ham County, Ont., Oct. 7, 1868, son of
Richard and Mary Hooper. Educated
high school, Bowmanville; Model School,
Port Hope; Normal School, Manitoba.
Came to Manitoba, 1890; appointed In-
spector, Dauphin, Man., 1901; trans-
ferred to Brandon Division, 1905. In-
spectors' representative on Advisory
Board of Department of Education,
Manitoba. Elected. 1908; re-elected, 1910.
Married Ida Campbell, Burlington, Ont.;
has two sons and one daughter. So-
ciety: A. F. & A. M. Anglican. Address:
237 16th St., Brandon, Man.

HOOPER, Henry Charles ^ewis. — ^Vi-
car All Saints Church, Vancouver. BOrn
Glasgow, Scotland, July 7, 1861, son of
Captain Henry Filkes Hooper (late 76th
Regiment Imperial service), and Anna
Hooper. Educated Dedham Grammar
School, Essex, England; Upper Canada
College, Toronto. Served British Mer-
cantile Marine eight years; with Royal
North West Mounted Police, 1883-1905
(Sergeant-Major and staff surgeon
eighteen years). On active service, Rlel
Rebellion: South African Campaign as
Sergeant-Major Strathcona Horse; Lieu-
tenant 5th C. M. R. Ordained priest,



1906, by Bishop of Qu'Appelle. Came to
British Columbia, 1908. Married, 1892;
has one daughter. Address: Vancouver,
B. C.

HOOFEK, James. — Deputy Provincial
Secretary and King's Printer, Winnipeg.
Born Hatherleigh, Devonshire, England,
March 23, 1855, son of John and Susan-
nah Hooper. Educated Hatherleigh.
Printer on Plymouth Mercury, 1867.
Came to Canada, 1868. Employed for
some years on editorial staffs Winnipeg
papers. Held office as Municipal Clerk,
Treasurer and School Trustee. Married
Emma Johnston, London, Ont,, 1878; has
one son and four daughters. Club:
Adanac. Society: A. P. & A. M. Con-
servative; Congregational. Address: 195
Nassau St., Winnipeg, Man.


HOOPEB, Thomas. — Architect, 527
Winch Bldg., Vancouver, and Royal
Bank Bldg., Victoria. President Plat
Head Valley Oil Co.; director British
Columbia Wood Pulp & Paper Co. Born
Hatherleigh, Devonshire, England, Sept.
1, 1857, son of John and Susanna Hoop-
er. Educated Hatherleigh and London,
Ont. Architect and builder, London,
1877; engaged contracting and building,
Manitoba, 1881-1886. Came to British
Columbia, 1886. Supervisory architect
for Provincial Government, 1887-1888.
Married Rebecca Johnston, London.
Clubs: Pacific (Victoria); Terminal City
(Vancouver). Address: 527 Winch Bldg.,
Vancouver, B, C.

HOOFIDi:, Wesley. — President Cana-
dian Development Co., Grain Exchange,
Calgary. Born Prescott, Ont., Dec. 12,
1854, son of David and Margaret Hoople.
Educated public schools, Wasca County,
Minn. Implement business, Grafton, N.
D., 1884-1890; commercial traveler,
McCormack Harvesting Co., Spokane,

and J. I. Case Threshing Machine Co.,
Fargo, N. D., 1890-1900; general mer-
cantile business as Sayre & Hoople,
Pargo, N. D., 1901-1903; established
Canadian Land & Investment Co., Har-
vey, N. D., 1902. Came to Alberta, 1904;
established Calgary Colonization Co.,
Calgary, 1904-1907; present company
organized, 1907. Married Emily Thomp-
son, 1884 (deceased, 1890); has one son
and two daughters. Married Tiny
Bricker, Berlin, Ont., 1903; has one son
and four daughters. Society: M. W. A.
Recreation: shooting. Conservative;
Methodist. Address: 315 Fifteenth Ave.,
W., Calgary, Alta.

HOFE, Archibald Campbell, M. B. C.
S. A. and C. C. Cal. — Architect and Con-
crete Engineer, 609 Hastings St. W.,
Vancouver; Director, East Morley Sav-
ings Bank. Born Bradford, Yorkshire,
England, Nov. 28, 1870, son of Thomas
Campbell and Mary Hope. Educated
Bradford grammar school; Bradford
Technical College. Pupil with Thomas
Campbell Hope, Bradford, 1888; ad-
mitted to partnership, 1901-1906; in San
Prancisco, Cal., 1906; came to British
Columbia, 1908. Married Mary Helena
Jane Robson, Newcastle-on-Tyne, 1902;
has one daughter. Clubs: Vancouver;
Commercial. Society: A. P. & A. M. Ad-
dress: 358 1st St., N., Vancouver, B. C.

HOPE, Francis, H. W., A. C. A. — ^As-
sistant Manager British Columbia Elec-
tric Ry., Vancouver. Born London, Eng-
land, Jan. 13, 1871, son of William and
Elizabeth Hope. Educated London. With
Royal Observatory, Greenwich, England.
Practiced, chartered accountant, Lon-
don, England. Came to British Colum-
bia, 1905. Director Vancouver Power
Co., Ltd.; director Vancouver Gas Co.;
director Victoria Gas Co. Married
Mabel E. Goulstone, 1899; has two sons
and one daughter. Clubs: Vancouver;
Terminal City. Address: 2171 Pirst Ave.,
Vancouver, B. C.



HOPKINS, Arthur George, I>. V. M.,
M. D. v., B. S. A., B. Agr. — Parmer.
Breeder of Shires and Shorthorn.
Doctor of "Veterinary Medicine. Born
London, England, March 9, 1869, son of
Sarah Fanny and George Hopkins. Su-
perintendent Foreign Branch, General
Post Office, London, England. Educated
St. Mark's College, England; Ontario
Agricultural College, Guelph; State Col-
lege, Iowa, U. S. ; University of
Wisconsin. Came to Canada, 1885;
farm pupil with John Gardhouse &
Sons, H'ghfield, Ont. Came to Mani-
toba, 1891; business, Hartney and Nee-
pawa, Man., previous to locating on
present farm. Was chief veterinary
quarantine officer for Canada in Great
Britain, 1902; chief veterinary inspector
for D.ominion Government, British Co-
lumbia, 1903, and Saskatchewan, 1908-
1910; assistant editor Free Press, 1901;
editor Farmers' Advocate, Winnipeg,
1904-1907; late lecturer in Animal Hus-
bandry and Veterinary Science, Wiscon-
sin University, Madison. Publication:
"Veterinary Elements." Served with 45th
Battalion under Colonel Sam Hughes.
Married Ellen M. Dewar (deceased) ;
married Jean S. Habkirk (deceased);
married Edith Sealy Jones; has two sons
and four daughters. Club: Canadian.
Societies: A. F. & A. M.; I. O. O. F.
Recreations: tennis and tree planting.
Liberal; Anglican. Address: Stockwell
Heights, Beatton, Sask.

A. A. A.

HOPKINS, Bdward C, F. B. A. I. C,

A. A. A. — Architect, 132 Jasper Ave., W^.,
Edmonton. Born Montreal, Jan. 21, 1857,
son of Margaret Tilly and John W. Hop-
kins, architect. Educated public schools
and private tuition, Montreal. In his
father's office, Hopkins & Wiley, Mon-
treal, 1874-1894; practiced, Boston,
Mass., 1894-1896; with George Tanguay,

Quebec, 1896-1904. Came to Calgary,
1903. Came to Edmonton, 1905; archi-
tect. Alberta Provincial Government,
1905-1906; designed City Hall, Regina;
Normal school, Calgary; St. Patrick's
Church, Lethbridge; Royal George Hotel,
Edmonton; Ross Bros., Ltd., wholesale
hardware building, Edmonton; Great
West Saddlery Co., Ltd., warehouse and
office, Edmonton. Hon. president Al-
berta Association of Architects. Mar-
ried Emma Jane Blow, Whitby, Ont.,
1881; has one son and one daughter.
Societies A. P. & A. M.; C. O. C. F. Rec-
reations: horses, hunting. Liberal;
Presbyterian. Address: 736 Ninth St.,
Edmonton, Alta.

HOPKINS, Edward Nicholas. — Farmer
and Manufacturer (retired). Born
Brownsville, Ont., Oct. 3, 1854, son of
Benjamin and Margaret Hopkins. Edu-
cated Brownsville. Cheesemaker, Bay-
ham factory, 1866-1868; manager Clev-
erton cheese factory, Strathroy, 1868-
1869; manager, Talbot Streets cheese
factory, Malihide Township, 1869-1871;
manager, Big Factory, East Zorra, 1871-
1874; manager, Tilsonburg cheese fac-
tory, Tilsonburg, 1874-1882. Came to
Moose Jaw district, 1882, and engaged
farming until 1906, when retired. Took
active part, organization of Local Im-
provement District. Trustee Boham
School Board, 1885-1906; president
Moose Jaw Agricultural Society in early
days; organized Moose Jaw General Hos-
pital (president) ; president Saskatche-
wan Grain Growers Association, 1907-
1909; on retiring elected Honorary Pres-
ident. Married Minnie Latham, Moose
Jaw, 1890; has two sons and one daugh-
ter. Society: A. O. P. Address: 14
Stadacona St., W., Moose Jaw, Sask.

HOPKINS, James Edwin. — Farmer and
Manufacturer (retired). Born Browns-
ville, Oxford County, Ont., March 10,
1851, son of Benjamin and Margaret
Hopkins. Educated public schools,
Brownsville; Business College, London,
Ont. Dairyman and cheesemaker, Lyons,
Elgin County, Ont., 1872; Mount Elgin,
Ont., 1875; East Zorra, Ont., 1878;
Brownsville, 1880; instructor and In-
spector of cheese factories. Western On-
tario for Dominion Government on Prof.
J. W. Robertson's staff, 1882; bought
Hatley Bros, business, Brantford, Ont.,
1885; boot and shoe business, 1888; on
Prof. Robertson's staff in Nova Scotia,
1889, conducting dairy schools and or-
ganizing cream and cheese factories, un-
til 1901, when came to Moose Jaw, and
engaged farming. Alderman, 1903-1905;
Mayor, 1909; president Moose Jaw Ag-
ricultural Society, 1905-1906. Strong



advocate of temperace and closely iden-
tified with development of Moose Jaw.
Married Margaret FuUerton, Lyons,
Ont., 1877; has one son and one daugh-
ter. Society: I. O. O. F. Recreation:
curling. Conservative; Methodist. Ad-
dress: 10 Stadacona St., W., Moose Jaw,


HOPKINS, William. — Farmer, Hard-
ware Merchant, Saskatoon and Tessier.
Born Bentick Township, Grey County,
Ont, March 1, 18&4, son of Jane and
James Hopkins, ex-reeve of Bentick
Township, 1853-1874. Educated public
school Bentick and Hanover, Ont. Ap-
prentice woolen firm of Adams & Mes-
senger, Hanover, Ont., 1879-1882; came
to Portage la Prairie, and employed in
grocery store, 1882; employed in general
store, Minnedosa, Man., 1883; Golden
Lion Clothing Store, Brandon, 1884;
general store, Souris, Man., 1885. Took
up homestead near Hartney, Man.; did
store work during winter months; home-
stead duties in summer months. Sold
homestead and opened up general store,
Hartney, Man., 1889-1896. Sold Hartney
business and took charge of Hamelin
Bros. & Co.'s store, Napinka and Lauder,
Man., 1896-1898. While operating Hame-
lin Bros. & Co.'s store, Napinka, pur-
chased section of land, Medora, also Lau-
der stock, 1901. Carried on implement
business at Lauder until 1903; came to
Saskatoon, 1904. Purchased Goose Lake
Lands, 1904; opened up hardware business
in Saskatoon, 1905; opened branch hard-

ware store, Tessier, 1908. Owns and
farms 1,500 acres of land, Goose Lake
district near Tessier. Alderman of Sas-
katoon, 1905-1908; Mayor of Saskatoon,
1909-1910. President of the Union of
Saskatchewan Municipalities, 1909.
Strong advocate of Single Tax and Mu-
nicipal Government by Commission.
Married Alice Jane Carson, Durham, Ont.,
1895; has one son and one daughter.
Societies: (Deputy Grand Master) A. F.
& A. M., Province of Saskatchewan; I.
O. O. F.; Royal Colonial Institute, Lon-
don, England. Recreations: lacrosse,
baseball, cricket, tennis, curling. Con-
servative; Methodist. Address: 20th St.
and Ave. A, Saskatoon, Sask.

HOFFEB, Samuel Thomas. — Manager
Union Bank of Canada, Medicine Hat.
Born Paisley, Ont., April 1, 1867, son of
John and Mary Jane Hopper. Educated
Middlechurch, Man.; Academy, Rapid
City, Man. Clerk, general store. Rapid
City, 1884; subsequently general store
business under firm name, Kennedy &
Hopper, Rapid City; manager, private
bank, D. A. Hopper, Rapid City, 1897-
1902, until same taken over by Union
Bank of Canada; appointed manager.
Union Bank, Rapid City; subsequently
manager at Carman, Man.; manager at
present branch, since 1907; director
Medicine Hat General Hospital; member
Medicine Hat Board of Trade; member
school board. Served as Councillor and
member of school board. Rapid City,
two years. Married Clara Reid, Bal-
gonie, Sask., 1900; has two sons and two
daughters. Society: I. O. O. F. Recre-
ations: shooting, curling. Conservative;
Presbyterian. Address: Medicine Hat,

HOBNE, Adam Henry. — Postmaster,
Nanaimo. Born Nanaimo, May 2, 1859,
son of Adam Grant Home (who served
as an officer in the Hudson's Bay Co.
service four years at Fort Simpson, and
eleven years at Comox; later as A. G.
Horne & Son, Nanaimo; first white man
to cross Vancouver Island. Lake Horne
is named in his honor.) Educated pri-
vate tutor and Nanaimo schools. As-
sistant to his father in Hudson's Bay
Co., Comox, 1875. Manager Dominion
Government Savings Bank, 1883-1890;
inspector of Weights and Measures,
1887-1889. Appointed postmaster, 1890.
Married Emily Cooper; has two sons
and four daughters. Society: A. F. & A.
M. Address: Albert St.. Nanaimo, B. C.



HORK, Elisha S. — General Manager
International Securities Co., Ltd.; Ex-
clusive Sales Agent for G. T. P. Town-
sites of Melville, Watrous, Wainwright,
Biggar, Tofleld and Scott; also selling
properties in eigliteen otlier towns and
cities, Somerset Bldg., Winnipeg. Presi-
dent Horn-Baker-Smith Advertising Co.,
Ltd.; Director Great Northwest Invest-
ments, Ltd.; Director Grand Pacific Land
Co., Ltd.; Director Horn-Baker Adver-
tising Co., Kansas City; Member Execu-
tive Committee and Chairman Advertis-
ing Committee, Winnipeg Industrial

Bureau; Chairman Publicity Committee,
Million-for-Manitoba League; Member
Executive Committee, Winnipeg Adver-
tising Club. Born: Knox County, Mo.,
January 2, 1876; son of John R. and
Mattie J. Hicks Horn. Educated: Nor-
mal Scliool, Edina, Mo. Printer with
liis brotlier, Frank Horn, Kansas City,
1895-1910; came to Winnipeg, and en-
gaged in present business 1910. Mar-
ried Clara M. Schroeder, daughter of
Charles Schroeder, Des Moines, la., 1897;
has two sons and two daughters. Meth-
odist. Address: 97 Balmoral Place, Win-
nipeg, Man.




aOBNE, James Welton. — Gentleman,
investing his private capital, 505 Hast-
ings St., W., Vancouver. Born Toronto,
Nov. 3, 1853, eldest son of Christopher
and Elizabeth Harriet Home, of English
ancestry. Educated public schools, To-
ronto and Whitby; Belleville College,
Belleville. Assistant secretary Strath-
cona Fire Insurance Co., 1878; financial
and real estate broker, Winnipeg, 1879;
came to British Columbia, 1884; settled
Old Granville (now Vancouver) 1885,
and made several personal investments
in town and country property; was the
original moving spirit organizing com-
pany for building street railway, of
which company was president and man-
aging director for several years; pres-
ident and managing director electric
light companies for several years. Vice-

president National Finance Co.; or-
ganizer and director of the Pacific
Coast Fire Insurance Co.; director
North Pacific Coal Co. ; one of largest
shareholders Prudential Investment Co.
and also of Dominion Trust Co.; a
large owner of Vancouver real estate,
and is also largely interested in North
Vancouver, South Vancouver and Bur-
naby. Elected member Vancouver City
Council, 1888, 1889 and 1890, on each
occasion receiving largest vote cast in
city; chairman Stanley Parks Board,
1888-1894. Represented Vancouver City.
British Columbia Legislature, 1890-
1894; twice offered portfolio in Davie
Government, that of Minister of Fi-
nance and Minister of Lands and
Works, which declined on account of
many and varied business interests in



Vancouver. During his four years in
House of Assembly was most careful
and hard working representative and
never lost opportunity for furthering
material interest and substantial up-
building of Vancouver City. His course
in office fully justified the trust re-
posed in him. Because of his private
business interests and poor health de-
clined to again stand for Assembly, al-
though was elected by convention. The
Zoo in Stanley Park, which attracts
thousands of visitors annually, was
personally started by him, and at his
own expense and donated to the city.
Society: A. F. & A. M. (Past Master of
Cascade Lodge; member Grand Lodge
of British Columbia, in which has held
several offices), and a 3 2d degree An-
cient Scottish Rite Mason. Conserva-
tive; Presbyterian. Address: 505 Hast-
ings St., W., Vancouver, B. C.

HORNBY, James Abel — Insurance Ad-
juster, 308 Maclean Bldg., Calgary. Born
Springfield, Ont., Feb. 28, 1864, son of
Mark and Jemima Biggar Hornby. Edu-
cated: public schools, Kent County. Car-
penter and contractor, Kent County, 1885-
1892; superintendent for Thomas Under-
wood, contractor, Calgary, 1892-1897; con-
tracting, own name, 1898-1907; established
present business, 1907. Alderman, Cal-
gary, seven terms, including 1912. Married
Annie Isobel MacRae, 1896; has one son
and six daughters. Recreations: walking,
reading. Conservative; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: Crescent Heights, Calgary, Alta.

HOBIfEB, Dr. Balpb Joseph. — Doctor
of Music, Durham (England), Univer-
sity; conductor, composer, teacher of
singing, piano, harmony, etc. Member
of Council, Canadian Guild of Organ-
ists; director Imperial Academy of
Music and Arts, Winnipeg; conductor
Winnipeg Oratorio Society; conductor Dr.
Ralph Horner's Operatic Society; musical
editor Winnipeg Town Topics. Born
Newport, Monmouthshire, England, April
28, 1848, son of James and Sarah Hor-
ner. Educated Leipsic Conservatorium
of Music. Teacher of piano, singing and

harmony, Camberwell, London, 1868;
conductor of Peckham Choral Society;
choirmaster St. Mary's Church, Peck-
ham; conductor of English Opera Co.,
27 years; conductor Sullivan's operas,
10 years; conductor of operas at Al-
exandra Palace, London; went to live
Nottingham, 1888; conductor Notting-
ham Amateur Orchestral Society; Not-
tingham Operatic Co.; Nottingham Phil-
harmonic Choir; lecturer music, Not-
tingham University, 10 years; choir-
master Nottingham Central Mission;
took degree of Bachelor of Music,
Durham University, 1893; Doctor of
Music, 1898. Went to New York, 1906;
traveled through states as conductor of
operas, after which lived New York and
taught in various conservatories. Came
to Winnipeg, 1909, when offered director-
ship of Imperial Academy of Music
and Arts. Composer of following op-
eras: "Confucius," 1888; "Amy Rob-
sart," "Belles of Barcelona," Suite in
D for orchestra, 28d Psalm for solo,
double chorus and orchestra; Sonata In
P for piano and violin; Symphony in G
major; "A Fairy Overture;" "Inter-
mezzo" for orchestra in B major; six
operettas; more than 100 songs; sev-
eral anthems and part songs; quartet
in E flat for strings; oratorio "St. Peter"
and "David's First Victory;" serenade for
piano and flute; 30th Psalm and 100th
Psalm; sacred cantatas; "A Song of
Prayer and Praise;" many piano pieces.
Married Marianne Amelia Rowe, New-
port, England, 1869; has three sons and
one daughter. Address: Ashford Block,
Balmoral St., Winnipeg, Man.

HOKITIBBOOK, Thomas Alexander. —

Of Hornibrook & Whittemore, Finan-
cial and Insurance Brokers, 235 Eighth
Ave., W., Calgary. Born Toronto, Ont.,
Feb. 6, 1878, son of John Thomas and
Elizabeth Hornibrook. Educated Har-
bord Collegiate Institute, Toronto.
Bookkeeper Brown Bros., Ltd., Toronto,
1896-1901; came to Calgary, 1901; ac-
countant W. R. Hull & Co., 1901-1902;
chief clerk auditing staff P. Burns &




Co., 1902-1907; established present bus-
iness, 1907. Member Calgary Board of
Trade; member executive, Liberal As-
sociation, 1906. Married Hazel Mc-
Keown, Lethbridge, Alta, 1909; has one
daughter. Clubs: Calgary; Calgary Golf
and Country; Calgary Athletic (secre-
tary); Canadian (treasurer). Recrea-
tions: golf, tennis. Liberal: Methodist.
Address: Mount Royal, Calgary, Alta.

HORTOir, Andrew I^eslie. — I]ditor
and proprietor Vegreville Observer.
Born Frome, Ont., March 25, 1875, son
of Andrew H. and Eliza Horton. Edu-
cated Collegiate Institute, St. Thomas.
Came to Manitoba, 1896. Taught school
Carberry, Man.; subsequently engaged
farming and publisher Carberry News.
Came to Alberta, 1906, and established
present business. Secretary "Vegreville
Liberal Association, 1906-1907. Public
school trustee, 1910. Married Mabel B.
Mitchell, 1907; has one son. Society:
K. of P. Recreations: baseball, curling.
Address: Vegreville, Alta.

HOBTOXr, Begfinald B Of Mackin-

non, Horton & Co., Brokers. 413 Gran-
ville St., Vancouver. Born Maidstone,
England, Jan. 8 1881, son of Alfred
and Jeanie Miller Horton. Educated
Maidstone, England. Came to New
Brunswick, 1902; Vancouver, 1907;


bookkeeper with paper mills, Maidstone,
1896-1899; assistant manager paper
mills, Merton, Surrey, 1899-1902; man-
ager Sulphite Pulp Mill, Chatham, N.
B., 1902-1907; secretary Canadian Pa-
cific Sulphite Pulp Co., Swanson Bay,
B. C, 1907-1911; present business since
1911. Married Winifred Ethel Smith,
1907; has two sons. Baptist. Address:
1968 Fourth Ave., W., Vancouver, B. C.

HOSBASON, Cecil Courcy Sinclair. —

Of Hoseason & Co., Financial, Real Es-
tate and Insurance Agents, 322 Pender
St., Vancouver. Born India, Aug 2,
1868, son of General Henry and Adeline
MacKenzie Hoseason. Educated Full-
neck, Yorkshire; Dover College; Edin-
burgh. Came to British Columbia, 1901.
Represented North American Life In-
surance Co. and Mutual Life Assur-
ance Co., Vancouver, 1901-1907; estab-
lished present business, 1907. Served
with Buchanan's Border Police, South
African War, 1900-1902. Life member
Vancouver Exhibition Association;
member Tourist Association. Married
Beatrice Amy Taylor, 1909; has one
son. Societies: L. O. L. ; S. O. S.;
Caledonian. Independent; Protestant.
Address: 1178 Comox St., Vancouver,
B. C.




HOBVrOOD, Victor William. — Provin-
cial Architect, Manitoba Government.
Born FVome, Somersetsiiire, England,
Oct. 2, 1878, son of Harry and Ellen
Mary Horwood. Educated public
schools; Collegiate Institute, Prescott,
Ont. Art student, New York, Chicago,
Ottawa, Toronto. Came to Canada, 1884;
came to Manitoba, and practiced since
1904; appointed Provincial Architect,
1911. Registered architect, Manitoba.
Lecturer for Y. M. C. A. on architec-
ture; first vice-president Manitoba As-
sociation of Architects; past vice-pres-
ident Manitoba Art Association; Judge
of Black and White, Exhibition Board;
writes and illustrates Western Home
Monthly. Designed and built many no-
table buildings, among which are the
following: Law Courts, Winnipeg; new

Agricultural College; prepared competi-
tive program for new Parliament build-
ings, Manitoba; St. Paul's Presbyterian
Church; St. Albans English Church;
City Hall, St. Boniface; Moxam Court;
McMillan Court; The Ivan; The Wal-
dron; Collegiate Institute, Virden,
Man.; public schools at Fort William,
Ont., and Innisfail, Alta. Served as

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