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John B. and Sophia Ashley. Educated
public and high schools, Wiarton, Ont.
Came to Manitoba, 1902; associated with
Henry Ritz, Banker, Gretna, Man., 1902-
1903; with Union Bank, Winnipeg, and
Saskatoon, 1903-1907; established pres-
ent business, 1907. Married Dora Clink-
skill, daughter of James Clinkskill, Sas-
katoon, 1909; has two daughters. Club:
Saskatoon. Society: A. F. & A. M. Rec-
reations: outdoor sports. Liberal; Pres-
byterian. Address: 306 Saskatchewan
Crescent, Saskatoon, Sask.


ASIiHTG, William Pranklin. — Real Es-
tate and Financial Agent, Mackie Block,
Calgary. Born Midland, Ont., Oct. 5,
1879, son of Charles W. and Mary Isabel
A sling. Educated Collegiate Institute,
Toronto. Civil Engineer, Algoma Cen-


tral and C. P. R., 1899-1909; associated
with W. A. Lowery & Co., Calgary, 1909;
established present business, 1910. Mem-
ber of Calgary Board of Trade. Con-
servative; Anglican. Address: Calgary,


ASTIiEY, John William, C E. — En-
gineer of Construction for City of Win-
nipeg, Ross and Tecumseh Sts., Winni-
peg. Born Barrie, Ont., June 26, 1845;
son of Frank D. Astley, of Cheshire.
England, and Anne Gardner Astley,
Scotland; descendant of a de Astley of
France who came to England, the name
being mentioned in English Histories.
His father came to Ontario, 1845, set-
tling near Barrie, Ont. Educated Barrie
Grammar School. Came to Manitoba,
1879. Articled Engineering Student,
Northern Railway of Canada, 1865-1869;
assistant Engineer, Muskoka Branch,
Northern Railway of Canada, 1869-1872;
chief engineer Muskoka Branch, 1872-
1875; chief engineer exploration survey
to James Bay, Ontario Government,
1875-1876; engaged on Government sur-
veys north of Lake Superior, on the C.
P. R. Syndicate and Northern Pacific
Railway, 1890-1900; chief engineer,
Klondyke Mines Railway, Yukon, 1900-
1905; manager Klondyke Mines Railway,
1905-1907. Has constructed numerous
railway works and has e.xplored many

railway routes, notably, through Musko-
ka to James Bay; from Parry Sound to
Arnprior; Duluth to Winnipeg; Port Ar-
thur and Fort William to Winnipeg, C.
N. R. now occupy route; Winnipeg to
Hudson Bay (2 routes); Prince Albert
to Churchill; Edmonton through the
Peace River Country to the Baird River;
through the Rocky Mountains by Yellow
Head Pass; the North Thompson and the
Eraser River; and return to the Prairie
country by the Kicking Horse and Co-
lumbia River; from Glenora on the
Stychine River, B. C, to Dawson; from
Dawson to White Horse; from Dawson
to the Stewart River Falls; from Daw-
son by the Pelly River to join with the
Laird River. Engaged by a contracting
company, 1907, to walk over Trans-Con-
tinental Railway from Lake Seul to a
point 400 miles east, as contracts were
likely to be called for, March, 1908:
made the trip alone aged 63, carrying
100 packs of provisions, as game was
scarce and could only be replenished
three times in the 400 miles at Go\-
ernment Caches. Assistant City Engi-
neer, Winnipeg, under Col. H. N. Ruttan,
1890-1898; consulting engineer, Dawson
Water Works, 1900-1905; engineer of
construction for the City of Winnipeg
since 1908. Served with North West
Mounted Police, as special constable
North West Rebellion, 1885. Prisoner
at Batoche seven weeks. Married Ade-
line Bestwick, England, 1905, (deceased);
has three daughters. Societies: Society
of- Civil Engineers; A. F. & A. M.; T. R.
of T. Recreation: work under construc-
tion. Independent; Anglican. Address:
608 Broadway, Winnipeg. Man.

ATKINSOIT, Georg'e Maitland, B. A.,
M. Ii. A. — Farmer. Born Delaware, Ont..
Nov. 14, 1860, son of late Rev. Thomas
and Rachel A. Atkinson. Educated Man-
itoba College; Victoria University (B.
A., 1885.) Taught school seven years.
North West Territory. Member Sas-
katchewan Legislature. Married Edith
A. Cook, 1887; has two daughters. Lib-
eral; Presbyterian. Address: Wymot,



AUSTIN, Clarence Elliot — General
Manager and Treasurer Moose Jaw Flour
Mills, Ltd., Moose Jaw; Vice-President
Saskatchewan Bond Co.; Treasurer and
General Manager, Robin Hood Mills,
Ltd. Born Barton, Vt., June 24, 1879.
son of Amariah Chandler and Sarah
Austin. Educated public schools; Bar-
ton Academy; University of Minnesota
Taught school, Brownington, Vt., 1896-

1903; Superintendent of Schools, New
Prague, Minn., 1903-1906; Superintend-
ent of Schools, Princeton, Minn., 1906-
1907; employe. New Prague Flour Mill-
ing Co., 1907-1908; present position
since 1908. Married Flora L. Whitney,
Minneapolis, 1903; has one son and one
daughter. Club: Commercial. Recrea-
tion: baseball. Presbyterian. Address:
6 Redland Ave., Moose Jaw, Sask.




ATKINSON, William. — Real Estate
Broker, Farm Lands, Loans and Mort-
gages, Mclntyre Block, Winnipeg. Born
Inniskillen, Ireland, Apr. 14, 1862, son of
John and Rebecca Atkinson. Educated
public schools, Ireland- Came to Win-
nipeg, 1881; engaged contracting, bridge
building and farming, 1882-1909. Mar-
ried Christina A. McKee, Carman, Man.;
has three sons and five daughters.
Clubs: Canadian; Mount Royal Gun. So-
ciety: W. O. W. Recreation: shooting.
Conservative; Anglican. Address: Mount
Royal, Man.

ATT]LI>, Percy — Financial and Real Es-
tate Broker, Bank of Ottawa Bldg., Van-
couver. Born Victoria, B. C, May 26,
1890, son of James and Lydia Morris
Auld. Educated: public schools, Victoria.
Played for Vancouver Association Foot-
ball. Recreations: motorboating, motor-
ing. Conservative; Protestant. Address:
123'4 12th Ave., E., Vancouver, B. C.

AUSTIN, John Henry. — Barrister, 1118
Langley St., Victoria. Born Victoria,
Jan. 5, 1873, son of John Joel and Sarah
Ann Stout Austin. Educated high
schools, Victoria. Chief clerk, Provin-
cial Registrar's office, 1893-1899; Depu-
ty Registrar, County Court, Victoria,
1899-1907. Called to British Columbia
Bar, 1907. Served Canadian Volunteers,
Victoria, five years. Club: Pacific. Con-
servative; Anglican. Address: Victoria,
B. C.

AVI.1VCEB J.OBJy (The Bi^lit Hon. Sir
Matthew), 8th Baron de Balreath peer-
agfe of Ireland. — Born Richmond, Que.,
March 28, 1842, son of Adolphus, Lord
Aylmer, and Mary, Lady Aylmer. Edu-
cated Montreal high school; McGill Uni-
versity; Dublin University. Served six
years as Lieutenant 7th Royal Fusileers,
35 years on Staff Canadian forces; re-

tired from Inspector Generalship, 1907,
with rank of Major-General. Served Fen-
ian Raids, 1866-1870. Honorary Colonel
11th Hussars, Richmond, Que. Succeed-
ed to the title 1901. Married Amy Ger-
trude Young, 1875; has three sons and
two daughters. Address: Queen's Bay,
Kootenay Lake, B. C.

AVIiWIN, Horace A. — Superintendent
Western Branches, Bank of Hamilton,
Winnipeg. Born Port Hope, Ont-, May
27, 1868, son of Horace and Fanny T.
Aylwin. Joined Bank of Hamilton, 1884.
Came to Manitoba, 1897. Married Fran-
ces C. Boyce, Carman, Man., 1902; has
one son and two daughters. Clubs: Man-
itoba; Carleton. Recreation: motoring.
Anglican. Address: 522 River Ave., Win-
nipeg, Man.


BAII.BV, W. B. V. — Of Harvey, Bailey,
Ltd. Born California, April 11, 1859,
son of Benjamin and Sarah Bailey. Came
to British Columbia, 1860. Educated,
Victoria. Mercantile business, Yale,
1874. Ex-postmaster. Married Mary
Matilda Hautier, Lytton; has three sons
and three daughters Society: I. O. O. F.
Address: Ashcroft, B. C.

BAIIiI^IE, Edward — President, Cana-
dian City and Town Properties, Ltd., 284
Portage Ave., Winnipeg; Director, Koot-
enay Orchard Assn., Ltd.; Director, Fost-
hall Lands, Ltd. Born Edinburgh, Scot-
land, Oct. 12, 1863, son of Thomas' and
Helen Brown Baillie. Educated: Watpo Vs
College; Roval High School, Edinburgh.
Came to Canada, 1894; established pres-
ent business, 1910. Married Maude Mary
Kepkey, Lansing, Mich., 1897: has one
daughter. Recreations: walking, read-
ing, music. Conservative; Presbyterian.
Address: 25 Roslyn Apts., Winnipeg,

BAIN, Ninian Hugh. — Managing Di-
rector, Strathcona Packing Co., Ltd.,
Salmon Packers, Imperial Block, Van-
couver. Born Chatham, N. B., Jan. 14.
1854, son of Hugh and Ann Bain. Edu-
cated Presbyterian Academy, Chatham.
Came to British Columbia, 1879. Em-
ployee, Ewens Co., cannery; subsequently
with Laidlaw & Co.; managing director.
Pacific Coast Packing Co.; district man-
ager, British Columbia Packers Associa-
tion. Married Ida Ladner, 1888, (de-
ceased, 1892); married Mary Johnstone
Main, 1897; has two daughters. Club:
Terminal Citv. Recreations: travel,
shooting. Address 1305 Barclay St., Van-
couver, B. C.


BAIBD, Kev. Andrew Browningf, M. A.,
B. J>,, D. J>. — Professor Manitoba Col-
lege, Winnipeg. Born Motherwell, Ont.,
Oct. 6, 1855, son of Charles and Agnes
Browning Baird. Educated Upper Can-
ada College, Toronto; Toronto University
(B. A. 1877, M. A. 1880); Knox College,
Toronto (D. D. hon. 1903); Edinburgh
University (Ph. D.) ; University of Leip-
zig. Ordained Presbyterian minister,
1881; Pastor first Presbyterian Church,
Edmonton, 1881-1887; lecturer, Manitoba
College and first pastor Augustine
Church, Winnipeg, 1887-1892. Professor
logic and political economy and classics,
as well as professor apolog, church his-
tory and Hebrew language, Manitoba
College, 1892. A Senator and treasurer
Manitoba University, 1908. President
Historical and Scientific Society, Mani-
toba, 1893. Married Penelope Campbell
Cook, Gait, Ont., 1887; has one son and
three daughters. Formerly a member
Board of Education, N. W. T. Has writ-
ten on the Indian question. ' Fellow of
the Royal Numismatic Society (Eng-
land); member of American Numismatic
Society (New York). Recreation: col-
lection and study of old coins. Presby-
terian. Address: 247 Colony St., Winni-
peg, Man.

BAIKD, Hug-h m. — Of Baird & Botter-
ell; Stock, Bond and Grain Broker,
Grain Exchange, Winnipeg. Born Mont-
real, July 23, 1887, son of John Baird.
Educated Montreal public schools. Came
to Winnipeg and engaged grain export
business, 1902. President Winnipeg
Grain Exchange, 1909-1910. Married
Lillian Edith Binder, Montreal, 1904;
has one son and one daughter. Clubs:
Manitoba, St. Charles Country. Rec-
reation: golf. Liberal; Anglican. Ad-
dress: 91 Edmonton St., Winnipeg, Man.

BAIBD, James Brjrson, M. Jm. A. — ^Mer-
chant and Cattle Dealer. Born Appleton,
Ont. Came to Manitoba, 1880. Elected
first Mayor, Pilot Mound, by acclamation
and for three succeeding terms without
opposition; postmaster. Elected Mani-
toba Legislature for Mountain, 1907-
1910. President Board of Trade; Chair-
man school board eight years. Liberal.
Address: Pilot Mound, Man.

BAIBD, John. — Government Agent, As-
sistant Commissioner of Lands and
Works; District Registrar of Births,
Marriages and Deaths; Registrar under
the Marriage Act; Collector of Revenue
Tax; Deputy Assessor and Collector;
Registrar of Votes for Comox district;
Registrar of County Court of Nanaimo;
Recording Officer, Government Bldg.,
Cumberland. Born Glasgow, Scotland,
Feb. 14, 1865, son of Alexander Smith
and Isabella Baird. Educated Glasgow
Academy. Clerk mercantile business.

Glasgow, 1881. Came to British Colum-
bia, 1887. Married Flora MacDonald,
Comox, 1901; has four daughters. So-
ciety: A. F. & A. M. Address: Maryport
Ave., Cumberland, B. C.

BAIBD, William Joseph, M. A., XmIm. B.

— Of Taylor, Harvey, Baird, Grant &
Stockton, Barristers and Solicitors, 413
Granville St., Vancouver. Born Black-
water, Ont., Oct. 2, 1872. Educated high
school, Port Perry, Ont.; Toronto Uni-
versity; came .to British Columbia 1906;
Club, University. Society: A. F. & A. M.
Conservative; Presbyterian. Address: 901
10th Ave., W., Vancouver, B. C.


BAKBB, Albert Brnest. — Surveyor and
Civil Engineer, Bower Bldg., Vancouver,
Born London, England, Dec. 12, 1885,
son of Francis Etherington and Ellen
Elizabeth Baker. Clerk, Crump & Son,
London, England, 1900. Came to Canada,
1904. Rodman and Transitman, C. P. R.,
Moo^e Jaw, Revelstoke, 1905-1907. Came
to British Columbia, 1906; articled as-
sistant to A. P. Augustine, Surveyor and
Civil Engineer, since 1909. Married Ag-
nes Thompson, daughter of Capt. J.
Thompson, Vancouver, 1911. Conserva-
tive. Address: 1437 Tenth Ave., E.,
Vancouver, B. C.

BAKBB, Albert B. — Dentist, 407 Hast-
ings St., Vancouver. Vice-President Can-
adian Brewing & Malting Co.; Director
Metropolitan Building Co. Born Victor-
ia, July 17, 1864, son of Michael and
Johanna Baker. Educated Philadelphia
Practised Philadelphia, 1887-1891; Vic-
toria, 1891-1895; Oregon, 1895-1903; Van-
couver, since 1903. Clubs: Royal Van-
couver Yacht; Terminal City; Commer-
cial. Society: Elks. Recreations:
yachting, motoring. Address: 742 Bough-
ton Ave., Vancouver, B. C.



BAKEB, Georg-e Williani. — Of Baker
& Young, Barristers, Union Banli Bldg.,
Winnipeg. Born Ottawa, Aug. 4, 1854,
son of Godfrey Phipps Baker and Eliza-
beth Julia, daughter of Colonel F. W.
Clements. Educated Ottawa; Picton;
Toronto. Called to the Ontario Bar in
1881 and Manitoba Bar 1882. Practiced
Winnipeg since 1881; Alderman, Winni-
peg, 1888, 1897, 1898; police magistrate,
Winnipeg, 1901-1904; director Havergal
Ladies' College; director Y. M. C. A. Au-
thor of the introduction of the Judica-
ture Act into Manitoba. Married Jeannie
Eastman, Quebec, 1884 (deceased, 1895);
married Annie Grime, Harrogate, Eng-
'.and, 1906 (deceased, 1908); has six sons
and two daughters. Married Ursilla
Katherine.H. Bell daughter of the late
Sheriff Bell of Falkirk, Scotland, and
grand-daughter of William Bruce of
Symvester-Shetland, 1912. Clubs: Mani-
toba; Adanac; St. Charles Country; Lakp
of Woods Yacht. Society: A. F. & A. M.
(Grand Master. 1910-1911). Recreations:
hunting, fishing, yachting. Conserva-
tive; Anglican. Address: 375 River Ave..
Winnipeg, Man.

BAKEIB, Velentine Hyde. — Real Estate
Insurance and Lumber Mills. President,
Baker Lumber Co-, Ltd.; Secretary,
Standard Lumber Co., Ltd.; Manager,
Cranbrook Estate; agent for Cranbrook
Townsite. Born Cork, Ireland, April 20,
1865, son of Colonel James and Louisa
Baker. Educated Clifton College. Eng-
land; Ontario Agricultural College,
Guelph. Came to British Columbia, 1885.
Ranching, Cranbrook District, 1885-1895;
established present business, 1895. Al-
derman, Cranbrook, four terms; Police
Commissioner, two terms. Married Ida
Constance Marshall, daughter of Rev.
Robert Marshall, Norwich, England,
1899; has two sons and one daughter.
Club: junior Carlton, London, England;
Fernie; Nelson; Cranbrook. Recreations:
shooting, fishing. Conservative; Angli-
can. Address: Cranbrook, B. C.

BAIiBlVINSOK, Baldwin Ziarus, IX. 3^.

A. — Editor and Manager, Heinskringla
News, 729 Sherbrooks St., Winnipeg.
Born Akureyri, Iceland, Oct. 26, 1856,
son of Baldwin Jonson and Helga Egils-
dottir. Educated public schools. Came
to Canada, 1873; Manitoba, 1882. Do-
minion Government Icelandic Immigra-
tion Agent, 1886-1903, during which time
brought 7,000 people to Manitoba; left
(Service, 1896; established present busi-
ness, 1898; elected to Manitoba Legis-
lature for Gimli, 1899, 1903 and 1910.
Served as Bandsman, Q. O. R., Toronto,
three years. Married Helga Sigurdar-
dottir, 1886; has one son and three
daughters. Conservative; Lutheran. Ad-
dress: 727 Sherbrooks St., Winnipeg, Man.

BAIiDWIir, C. B. — Of Baldwin Bros.,
Real Estate and Financial Agents, 236
Jasper Ave., W., Edmonton. Born
Whitewood, Sask., Feb. 16, 1888, son of
C. E. and E. Francis Baldwin. Educated
high school, Whitewood. Clerk, Depart-
ment of Public Works, Regina, 1904-
1905; Clerk, Department of Public
Works, Edmonton, 1906-1911. Established
present business, 1911. Liberal; Presby-
terian. Address: Edmonton, Alta.

BAJ^DWIN, H. W. — Of Baldwin Bros.,
Real Estate and Financial Agents, 236
Jasper Ave., W., Edmonton. Born Moos-
omin, Sask., Oct. 6, 1886, son of C. E.
and E. Francis Baldwin. Educated high
school, Whitewood. Station agent, C. P.
R., 1905-1911; established present busi-
ness, 1911. Liberal; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: Edmonton, Alta.

BAI^BWIN, Oeorg'e Frederick. — City
Comptroller, Vancouver. Born New
Brunswick, Jan. 10, 1850, son of Thom-
as and Jane Baldwin. Educated Wood-
stock College. Reporter on The Times,
Victoria, 1884. One of the organizers
of the city executive departments. Tax
Collector and Treasurer, 1885-1905. City
Comptroller, since 1905. Married Minnie
L. Higgins, 1885; has two sons. Club:
Terminal City. Address: 1158 Haro St.,
Vancouver, B. C.

BAIiB, David Herbert. — Contractor.
Born Bristol, England, May 6, 1866. son
of David and Lavinia Bigwood Bale.
Came to Canada, 1884. Educated Wood-
stock, Ont. Came to British Columbia,
1890. Married Emily Frances Haslam,
Victoria; has three sons and one daugh-
ter. Society: A. F. & A. M. Address:
1402 Stadacona Ave., Victoria, B. C.

BAI^FOXTB, James. — Of Balfour, Mar-
tin, Casey & Blair, Barristers, Darke
Block, Regina. Born Mount Forest, Ont.,
Jan. 4, 1867, son of W^illiam and Agnes
Balfour. Educated Mount Forest High
School; took first-class professional cer-
tificate. North West Territory. Came to
Regina, 1883. Taught school near Re-
gina, 1887; later studied law and called
to Bar of North West Territory. Mem-
er Regina Hospital Board, 1902-1905;
President Y. M. C. A., 1907-1912; Presi-
dent Caledonian Curling Association of
Saskatchewan. Member Collegiate In-
stitute Board, 1908-1910; chairman, 1911-
1912. Alderman, Regina, 1905-1907:



chairman finance committee, 1906. Mar-
ried Agnes Hayes, Battleford, 1902; has
four sons and one daughter. Societies:
C. O. F.; S. O. S.; A. O. U. W. Recrea-
tions: curling, golf, lacrosse, baseball,
football athletic sports. Liberal; Pres-
byterian. Address: 2315 Victoria Ave.,
Regina, Sask.


BAI.FOUB, John— Of Balfour &
Broadfoot, Real Kstate and Financial
Agents, Commercial Block, Regina; Di-
rector, Dominion Life Assurance Co.,
Ltd. Born Mount Forest, Ont., April

7, 1865, son of William and Agnes Bal-
four. Educated public and high schools,
Ontario. Came to Saskatchewan, 1883.
Farming, Saskatchewan, 1883-1897;

member of firm, Balfour Bros., general
merchants, Lumsden, Sask.; established
present business, 1903. Vice-President,
Amateur Athletic Association, Regina.
Married Jennie Mellls, Kippen, Ont.,
1896; has two sons. Liberal; Presby-
terian. Address: 1942 Retallack St.,

BAIiIi, Francis James, M. B., M. D., C
M., M. B. C. S., I.. R. C. P. — Pliysician
and Surgeon, South Railway and Scarth
Sts., Regina; member College Physiciajis
and Surgeons Ontario, 1893. Born Rugby,
Ont., Oct. 1, 1865, son of James and Sara
Edwards Ball. Educated: Higli School.
Orillia and Barrie; Toronto Normal
School; Toronto University; Trinity Uni-
versity. Principal of Public School,
Markham, Ont., 1883-1885; Zephyr, Ont.,
1885-1888; practised, Singhampton, Ont.,
1893-1905, Regina, since 1905. Address:
Regina, Sask.

BAI^3^, "Williani Hee. — Manager East-
ern Townships Bank, Winnipeg. Born
Sherbrooke, Que., Feb. 7, 1851, son of
Albert P. and Mary L. Ball. Educated
Boston, Mass. Joined staff Eastern Town-
ships Bank, Sherbrooke, Que., 1871. Came
to Winnipeg, 1903. Married Nellie Ran-
some, Belleville, Ont., 1890; has three
sons and one daughter. Clubs: Manito-
ba; St. Charles Country. Recreation:
golf. Conservative. Address: 155 Wel-
lington Crescent, Winnipeg, Man.


BAIiI^ACHBV, Alec Addington. — Bar-
rister and Solicitor. Born Brantford,
Ont., Nov. 28, 1880, son of George and


Caroline Margaret Ballachey. Edu-
cated Collegiate Institute, Brantford;
Osgoode Hall. Law student with A. L.
Baird, Brantford, 1899-1900; with Mac-
donnel & Boland, Toronto, 1901-1903;
called to Ontario Bar, 1904; called to
Alberta Bar, 1904. President, Conserva-
tive Association. Married Florence Gen-
evieve MacDonnell, Bay City, Mich.,
1908; has one son and one daughter.
Clubs: High River; Canadian (Calgary).
Societies: A. F. & A. M.; I. O. O. F.
Recreations: hunting, fishing. Conser-
vative; Anglican. Address: High River,

BAITPIEI^D, John J. — Financial Agent,
607 Hastings St., "Vancouver. Born Que-
bec, 'July 20, 1856, son of William and
Rebecca Banfield. Educated Thorn's
Commercial Academy. Dry Goods busi-
ness, Quebec; subsequently accountant,
St. Catharines, Ont. Came to British
Columbia, 1890. Deeply interested phil-
anthropic institutions. Married Harriet
Oile, 1883; has one son and two daugh-
ters. Recreation: yachting. Address:
644 Bute St., Vancouver, B. C.

BAimXTG-, Charles Robert. — Farmer.
Born Cookstown, Ont., Nov. 7, 1852, son
of Benjamin and Sarah Banting. Edu-
cated public schools, Tecumseh, Ont.
Took up homestead near village of Meth-
van. Came to Brandon, Man., 1902.
Member of Grain Growers Association.
Married Mary Ann Hill, Cookstown,
1876; has four sons and three daughters.
Conservative; Methodist. Address: Ma-
nor, Sask.


BANG-, X^ini. — Manager Bank of Van-
couver, Government St., Victoria; presi-

ident Vancouver Furniture Mfg. Co.,
Ltd.; North Saamish Brick & Tile Co.,
Ltd.; vice-president Chinese Chamber
of Commerce, Victoria. Born Victoria,
May 22, 1884, son of Lim Dat and Lim
Tong Shee. Educated Victoria. Manager
Gim Fook Yuen, Victoria, 1903; ap-
pointed to present position, 1910. Mar-
ried Lim Ng Shee, Canton, China, 1903;
has two sons and two daughters. Soci-
ety: Chinese Benevolent. Recreations:
hunting, motoring. Confucius. Address:
I'jOb Blanchard St., Victoria, B. 0.

BAPTY, Walter, M. ,D. — Physician,
831 Fort St., Victoria. Bacteriologist,
British Columbia Board of Health.
Born London, Ont., Aug. 23, 1884, son
of Harry and Eliza Lawrie Bapty. Ed-
ucated Western University. Came to
British Columbia, 1907. Served as Lieu-
tenant, Army Medical Corps, D. Battery,
R. C. F. A., South African War. Mar-
ried Ella Bell Lind, Calgary; has three
sons. Address: Victoria, B. C.

BARBBR, Harry J. — Druggist. Born
Alton, Ont., March 29, 1875, son of
James and Margaret Barber. Educated
high school, Orangeville, Ont.; Toronto
College of Pharmacy. Clerk drug store,
Orangeville, Ont., and later West Sel-
kirk, Man. Came to Chilliwack as man-
ager Nelson Drug Co., Vancouver, 1898;
took business over, 1904. President
Board of Trade, 1910-1911; chairman
school board, 1907-1911; president Con-
servative Association, 1910. Married An-
netta Anning, Chilliwack; has one son.
Societies: _L. O. L.; I. O. O. F. Recrea-
tions: motoring, riding. Conservative;
Methodist. Address: Westminster St.,
Chilliwack, B. C.

BARBBB, Jolin Guy. — Jeweler. Born
New Haven, Conn., Nov. 25, 1866, son of
E. L. and Barbara Barber. Educated
Collegiate Institute, St. Paul, Minn.; St.
John's College, Winnipeg. Clerk, O. F.
Forest, jeweler, Winnipeg, 1884-1889.
Came to British Columbia, and estab-
lished present business, 1889; Alderman.
Revelstoke, 1911. Club: Revelstoke. So-
ciety: A. P. & A. M. Recreations: shoot-
ing, fishing. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: Revelstoks, B. C.

BARBOUR, Roliert S. — Of Northwest
Real Estate Co., 8th Ave., E., Calgary.
Director Alberta Electric Ry. Co. Born
Paisley, Ont., 1875, son of James and
Hannah Barbour. Came west as a boy.
Educated public schools and Business
College, Manitoba. Farming, Manitoba.
Came to Alberta, 1892; contracting busi-
ness, Calgary, 1907; established present
business, 1904. Recreations: curling,
football, baseball, shooting. Independ-
ent; Baptist. Address: Calgary, Alta.


BABC^AT, William George. — Presi-
dent and manager, Crows Nest Trading
Co., Ltd., Fernie. President, Fernie
Board of Trade; president Alberta Koot-
enay Investment Co., Ltd. Born Liver-
pool, England, Aug. 11, 1875, son of
Alexander and Helen Barclay. Educated
Liverpool College. Came to Canada,
1895; Manitoba, 1895-1902; Fernie, since
1904. President Fernie Liberal Associa-
tion. Married Ada Werner, daughter of
George Werner, 1907; has two daugh-
ters. Recreation: motoring. Liberal;
Presbyterian. Address: Fernie, B. C.

BABKIJB, His Honour, Charles How-

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