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Lieutenant 90th Regiment, Winnipeg,
1907; Adjutant, 1910 (taken three
courses in Port Osborne Barracks;
holds Field Officer's certificate) ; ap-
pointed Captain, 1911. Married Clara-
tina Taylor, daughter of T. W. Taylor,
M. P. P., Winnipeg, 1906. Societies:
Military Institute; I. O. O. P.; A. F. &
A. M. (Shriner); K. P. Recreations:
snow shoeing, canoeing. Anglican. Ad-
dress: 234 Wellington Crescent, Winni-
peg, Man.



A. E. HOSKIN, K. C, B. C. L. ■

HOSKIN, Alfred Erskiue, K. C, B.
C. L — Of Campbell, Pitblado, Hoskin &
Co., Barristers and Solicitors, Farmer
Bldg., Winnipeg. Born Toronto, March
17, 1876, son of Alfred Hoskin, K. C.
and Eliza Jessie Hoskin. Educated Up-
per Canada College; Trinity University.
Practiced Toronto, 1894. Came to Win-
nipeg, 1903. Appointed K. C. Manitoba,
1909. Married Dorotliy Emma Elizabeth
James, Winnipeg, 1908; has one daugh-
ter. Clubs: Manitoba; Carleton; Adanac;
St. Charles Country; Albany (Toronto).
Recreations: riding, golf. Conservative;
Anglican. Address: 91 Harvard Ave.,
Winnipeg, Man.

HOSMUR, Colonel Edward Arthur
Christopher. — Commanding Fourth Cav-
alry Brigade, Virden. Born Maderia
Islands, Aug. 5, 1853, son of Rev. A.
H. Hosmer, son of Admiral H. Hosmer,
and Ellen, daughter of General Pagan,
K. C. B. Educated Blackheath, Eng-
land. Joined Royal West Kent Regi-
ment, 1874; served South Africa
through Galeka and 'Gaika wars, 1877-
1878. Action Centani, wounded (medal
with clasp) ; Moirosi campaign, 1879
(clasp). Basuto Rebellion, 1881 (medal
with clasp). Came to "Virden, 1886; or-
ganized 12th Manitoba Dragoons; Sec-
ond Command, Fifth Canadian Mounted
Rifles, South African War. Long ser-
vice decoration. Farms near Virden.
School trustee; member Manitoba Ag-

ricultural College board; president Vir-
den Agricultural Society; ex-Councillor
Wallace, Man. Married Louise Juta,
Cape Town, South Africa, 1883. Recrea-
tions: curling, shooting. Conservative;
Anglican. Address: The Maples, Virden,

HOTCHKISS, Charles Sidneiy.— chief

Publicity Commissioner Department of
Agriculture for Alberta; also inter-
ested in horse ranching, foothills, near
Claresholm. Born Caledonia, Ont., April
23, 1857, son of Miles and Jane Wier
Hotchkiss. Educated public schools,
Caledonia; Wesley University. Tele-
graph operator and ticket clerk G. T.
R., Caledonia and Stratford, 1873; train
despatcher G. T. R., Hamilton, 1876;
chief despatcher C. & G. T. R., Battle
Creek, Mich., 1879; chief clerk to su-
perintendent and general manager, C.
& G. T. R., Battle Creek, 1883; train
master Battle Creek and Chicago, 1890;
editor of C. & G. T. R. magazine, De-
troit, Mich., 1899; editor Claresholm
Review, Claresholm, 1904; appointed to
present office, 1910. Secretary-treas-
urer Claresholm, 1904-1905. Married
Jennie Permalia Willoughby, Brantford,
Ont., 1876; has three sons and one
daughter. Liberal; Methodist. Address:
255 Ninth St., Edmonton, Alta,

HOUGH, John Stanley, K. C. — Of

Hough, Campbell & Ferguson, Barris-
ters, Northern Crown Bldg., Winni-
peg. Director Royal Trust Co.; director
Royal Exchange Association Corpora-
tion; director Northwest Fire Insurance
Co.; director Lethbridge Collieries,
Ltd.; director Canada West Coal Co.;
director Union Lumber Co. Born Prince
Edward County, Ont., Sept. 29, 1856.
Educated Toronto University; Osgoode
Hall. Called to Ontario bar. Came to
Winnipeg, 1881. Practiced Winnipeg
since 1882; appointed K. C, 1895. Trus-
tee Winnipeg General Hospital. Mar-
ried Julia Frances Chaffey, Los An-
geles, Cal., 1896; has two sons and
one daughter. Clubs: Manitoba; St.
Charles Country; Winnipeg Golf; Bath
(London). Liberal; Anglican. Address:
Roslyn Road, Winnipeg, Man.




HOUGHTON, Andrew Charlton. —

Manager The Houghton Land Corpora-
tion, Ltd., Mclntyre Block, Winnipeg.
Director British & Canadian Land Co., of
London, England. Director London and
Winnipeg Land Co. of London, England.
Director Maywood Gifford Land Co., Ltd.,
of Winnipeg. Born "Sandyway," Claugh-
ton, Birkenhead, England, Dec. 13, 1869,
son of Andrew Raymond and Elizabeth
Mary Houghton. Educated Birkenhead
College, England. Came to Southern
Manitoba, on railway construction, 1886;
farmed, 1886-1893; implement business,
1893-1900; private banker and finan-
cial agent, Belmont, Man., 1900-1905.
Notary public. Married Emma Agnes
Ployart, granddaughter of the late Si-
mon Eraser, discoverer of Eraser River,
British Columbia; has six daughters.
Clubs: Manitoba; Winnipeg; Grosvenor
(London, England). Societies: A. P.
& A. M.; I. O. O. F. Recreations: ten-
nis, cricket. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: 115 Maryland St., Winnipeg,

HOUIiCrATi:, Robert Kerr. — Manager
Yorkshire Guarantee & Securities Cor-
poration, Ltd., 440 Seymour St., Van-
couver. Born Whitehaven, England,
Sept. 30, 1868, son of William and Jes-
sie M. Houlgate. Educated Ghyll Bank
College, Whitehaven. Came to British
Columbia, 1898. Married Mabel G. Wil-


lox. Heme Bay, England. Clubs: Van-
couver; Royal Vancouver Yacht; Union
(Victoria). Address: Rydal Mount,
Lakeview, Vancouver, B. C.


HOUSTOir, Herbert Clinton. — Man-
ager Imperial Bank of Canada, Port
Arthur and Fort William. Born Water-
down, Ont., Jan. 15, 1877, son of Fan-
nie and Stewart Houston, M. A., D.
C. L., Dean of Diocese of Niagara. Ed-
ucated High School, Stamford, Ont.;
Collegiate Institute, Niagara Falls. Ju-
nior, Imperial Bank of Canada, Portage
la Prairie, 1897-1900; assistant ac-
countant Winnipeg, 1904-1905; account-



ant Winnipeg, 1906-1907; appointed
manager of Port Arthur and Fort Wil-
liam branches, 1907. Clubs: Kaministik-
wia; Thunder Bay Rowing. Recrea-
tions: hunting, tennis, snowshoeing.
Conservative; Anglican. Address: Fort
William, Ont.


EOUSTON, William. — Manager Mu-
tual Life Insurance Co., of Canada,
Moose Jaw. Born Lambton County,
-Ont., Feb. 4, 1867, son of James and
Jemina Houston. Educated public
schools, Lambton County; Forest City
Business College, London. Engaged
farming and stock raising, Lambton
County, 1906; later came to Moose Jaw
and entered real estate business; ap-
pointed present office, 1908. Married
Millie Miner, Lambton County, 1899.
Societies: A. F. & A. M.; Maccabees.
Recreations: baseball, curling. Liberal;
Presbyterian. Address: 12 Clifton Ave.,
Moose Jaw, Sask.

HOUSTON, WilUam Kyle.— Of W. K.
Houston & Co., Manufacturer Pickles
and Sauces, 853 Fisguard St., Victoria.
Secretary-treasurer West Coast Fishing
Co., Ltd. Bom County Derry, Ireland,
Jan. 21, 1852, son of Robert and Mar-
garet Houston. Educated Ireland. Came
to British Columbia, 1898. Mar-
ried Emily Rowan, Belfast, Ireland,
1882; has one son. Club: Pacific. So-
ciety: A. F. & A. M. (grand master for
British Columbia, 1908-1909). Liberal;
Presbyterian. Address: Balmoral Hotel,
Victoria, B. C.

HOWARD, George Robert. — Barrister,
District Registrar, Carman, Man. Born
Stroud, England, Feb. 7, 1847, son of
George and Elizabeth Howard. Came to
Toronto, 1859. Educated privately. Law
student, London, Ont.; member of firm,
McMurrich, Howard & Drayton, Toronto.

Came to Manitoba, 1882; member of firm,
Howard, Johnson & Loftus, Winnipeg.
Member Winnipeg School Board some
years. Was appointed by the Manitoba
Government as District Registrar at
Carman, Man. Was president Carman
branch of Bible Society. Chairman Car-
man branch Layman's Missionary Move-
ment. Married Jane Frances Sewell,
Woodstock, Ont., 1876; has one son and
three daughters. Conservative; Angli-
can. Address: Carman, Man.

HOWARD, Percy S. — Of Howard &
Perrin, Auditors and Accountants, 509
Richards St., Vancouver. Born Winnipeg,
April 20, 1885, son of George Robert and
Jane Sewell Howard. Educated: St. John's
College, Winnipeg. Official Auditor for
the Province of Saskatchewan, Saska-
toon, 1907-1910; came to Vancouver, 1910.
Served with R. N. W. M. P., 1905-1907.
Married Margaret B. Collier, 1907; has two
sons. Anglican. Address: Vancouver,
B. C.

HOWDEir, Hon. James H. — Attorney
General for Province of Manitoba. Born
Milton, Ont., Oct. 11, 1860, son of Rob-
ert and Jane Howden. Educated St.
Catherines, Ont. Practiced, Winnipeg,
1882. Elected to Manitoba Legislature
for Beautiful Plains, 1903, 1907 and
1910. Appointed Railway Commissioner,
March 16, 1907. Resigned, 1911. Mayor
of Neepawa, 1900-1903. Captain 90th
Regiment; served North West Rebellion,
1885. Married Barbara J. Mcintosh,
Neepawa, 1894; has four sons and two
daughters. Clubs: Manitoba; Carleton;
Adanae. Recreations: shooting, hunt-
ing; Conservative; Methodist. Address:
Winnipeg, Man.

HOWEIiI^, Edmund lally. — Of Hud-
son, Howell, Ormond & Marlatt. Bar-
risters, Merchants Bank Bldg., Winni-
peg. Born Uxbridge Ont., April 25, 1876,
son of Hon. Hector Mansfield Howell
(Chief Justice of Manitoba) and Har-
riette S. Howell. Came to Winnipeg,
1879. Educated St. John's College, Win-
nipeg. Practiced Winnipeg since 1899.
Special Examiner. Director Codville &
Co.; director Winnipeg Ceiling & Roof-
ing Co.; director Western Trunk Lands;
director Winnipeg Land & Mortgage
Co.; director Federal Investment Co.
Served four years in 90th; now Cap-
tain 100th Regiment. Married Ethel
Cronyn Richardson, London, Ont., 1903.
Clubs: Manitoba; Carleton; St. Charles
Country; Military Institute. Liberal;
Anglican. Address: 113 Stradbrooke
Place, Winnipeg, Man.




HOWi:i;ii, Hon. Hector M. — Chief Jus-
tice Court of Appeals, Manitoba. Born
Thurlow township, Hastings County, Ont.,
Sept. 17, 1S42, son of Charles Howell.
Educated public and high schools; Al-
bert College, Belleville, Ont. Taught
school for some years. Called to Ontario
bar, 1871; practiced Uxbrldge, Ont., 1871-
1879; called to Manitoba bar, 1879; prac-
ticed Winnipeg, 1879-1906. Appointed K.
C, 1884. President Manitoba Law So-
ciety, 1904. Appointed Chief Justice,
1906. Was Governor St. John's Ladies'
College; director. Northern Crown Bank;
unsuccessful candidate to Manitoba Leg-
islature. Came to Winnipeg, 1879. Mar-
ried Harriette S. Lally, Barrie, Ont.,
1875; has one son and three daughters.
Club: Manitoba. Anglican. Address: 66
Carlton St., Winnipeg, Man.

SOVrHItl; J, Marshall — Commissioner
of Board of Trade and Fair Manager,
North Battleford. Born Welford-on-
Avon, England, Aug. 10, 1872, son of
John and Mary Howell. Educated Emer-
son, Man.; Woodstock College, Ont.
Came to Manitoba, 1894. Hired man,
1894; graduated from Woodstock Col-
lege, 1900; organizer of mission fields
till 1908. Present business established
1909. Member of high school and pub-
lice school boards. Married Jennie
Hunter, Swan River, 1902; has two sons
and two daughters. Societies: Orange
Lodge; K. of P. Recreations: hunting,
curling. Independent; Baptist. Address:
North Battleford, Sask.

HOWEY, John. — Managing Editor The
Bulletin, Edmonton. Born Springfield,
Ont., May 21, 1877, son of E. J. and
Charlotte Percival Howey. Educated
public schools, Springfield; Collegiate
Institute, Aylmer. Came to Alberta,
1897; reporter, Bulletin, 1899. Married
Mabel Tuttle, Pugwash, N. S., 1905; has
one son. Liberal; Methodist. Address:
529 Heiminck St., Edmonton, Alta.

HOWSON, Bohert — Of Howson & Co.,
Ltd., furniture dealers, Revelstoke. Born
Huron County, Ont., Oct. 14, 1864, son of
Joseph and Janet Brown Howson. Edu-
cated: public schools, Huron County.
Farming and contracting, Manitoba and
Saskatchewan, 1883-1896; established
present business, 1892. Alderman, Revel-
stoke, 1907-1908, 1912. Married Fanny A.
Campbell, 1887; has three sons and two
daughters. Club: Revelstoke; Societies:
A. F. & A. M.; L O. O. F.; L. O. L.
Recreations: baseball, shooting. Liberal;
Baptist. Address: Revelstoke, B. C.

HUBBABB, Frederick Charles. — Of

•Hubbard, Hannesson & Ross, Bank of
Hamilton, Barristers, Winnipeg. Born
Ipswich, England, July 9, 1872, son of
George William and Margaret Hubbard.
Educated private school, England. Came
to Winnipeg, 1890; articled A. J. An-
drew's law office, 1890-1893. Married
Edith Annie Ivison, Winnipeg, 1896;
has one son. Club. Carleton. Society:
A. F. & A. M. Recreation: riding. Con-
servative. Address: 183 River Ave.,
Winnipeg, Man.

HUDSON', Albert Blellock, Iili. B. —

Of Hudson, Ormond & Marlatt, Bar-
risters, Merchants Bank Bldg., Win-
nipeg. Born Pembroke, Ont., Aug. 21,
1875, son of Albert and Elizabeth Hud-
son. Educated Portage la Prairie; Man-
itoba University. Practiced Winnipeg
since 1899. Married Mary B. Russell,
Pembroke, Ont., 1908. Clubs: Manitoba;
Winnipeg Golf; St. Charles Country;
Assiniboine Curling. Liberal; Presbyte-
rian. Address: 208 Doomers St., Winni-
peg, Man.




HTTESTIS, Ralph Maynard — Silperin-
tendent of Agencies, National Life Assur-
ance Company, Mclntyre Block, Winni-
peg-. Born Yarmouth, N. S., Jan, 15, 1878,
son of Nathan and Barbara B. Phillips
Huestis. Educated: public schools, Yar-
mouth and St. John, N. B. With Liver-
pool & London & Globe Insurance Co., St.
John, 1892-1899; with several insurance
companies in Maritime Provinces, 1899-
1905; with National Life Assurance Co.,
since 1905; in charge of Agency Depart-
ment, Head Office, Toronto, 1905-1909;
came to Winnipeg, 1909. Married Maude
Alexander Meehan. Truro, N. S. 1907: has
one son. Club: Adanac. Society: K. P.
Recreations: shooting, curling. Conserva-
tive; Baptist. Address: Winnipeg, Man.

H1TG-G, J. B., B. A. — Of Hugg & Hugg,
Barristers, Bank of Toronto Bldg., Win-
nipeg; Director Inland Mortgage Cor-
poration. Ltd.; Director Winnipeg In-
dustrial Bureau. Born Orillia, Ont., June
7, 1872, son of Frank B. and Susan Waite
Hugg. Educated Orillia high school and
Manitoba University (medalist mathe-
matics). Taught school Orillia, 1889; prin-
cipal high school, Regina, 1896-1902;
called to Manitoba bar, 1904. Member
Dominion Fisheries Commission to in-
vestigate Manitoba fisheries. Married
Mabel Winnifred Eddy, Regina, 1898;
has two sons. Clubs: Carleton; Mani-
toba Hunting and Fishing; The Sci-
entific Club of Winnipeg. Societies: A.
P. & A. M.; C. O. F. Recreations: curl-
ing, motor-boating. Liberal. Address:
116 Royal St., Winnipeg, Man.


HXr&GABD, John Thompson, M. A.,
Lit. B. — Of Huggard & Haggard, Bar-
risters, 617 Mclntyre Block, Winnipeg.
Born Listowel, Ont., June 13, 1867, son
of Richard Thompson and Esther Mul-
vey Huggard. Came to Manitoba 1872.
Educated Manitoba College. Director
and chairman of executive board, Pru-
dential Life Insurance . Company; ex-
secretary Manitoba Historical Society;
Joint editor for five years with Mr.
Justice Martin, Western Law News,
Victoria, B. C; formerly in legal part-
nership with Mr. Justice Prendergast.
Address: 391 Wardlaw Ave., Fort
Rouge, Winnipeg, Man.


HUGCrBTT, Alfred. — Managing Direc-
tor of The Alfred Huggett Co., Ltd.,
Architectural Craftsmen and Decorators,
dealers in antiques, Vancouver. Born
Brighton, England, April 4, 1863, son of
Richard and Mary Huggett, o f
Brighton, descendants from the Nor-
mans; family line indicated to period
of 1066. In the County of Sussex, Eng-



land, the family was engaged in the
iron trade, and there is inscribed upon
a tablet in the village of Buxted, the
following: "Master Huggett and his
man John; they did cast the first can-
non." The iron masters of Sussex, the
Huggetts, constructed the iron work
which surrounds St. Paul's Cathedral.
Author of "The Triple Alliance." 1909,
being a treatment of the "Boy Prob-
lem," from an ethical, educational and
religious standpoint. A small volume
called "Drops of Ink to Make You
Think," now in course of publication.
School trustee Victoria, 1899-1907, being
returned at head of poll in two elec-
tions; chairman one year. Specially in-
terested in education; have written
largely on the subject, and purpose giv-
ing services again in the interest of
■ practical education." E.xecutive offi-
cer of Provincial Sunday School As-
sociation for many years; president
Vancouver Sunday School Association,
two years; president Baptist Conven-
tion of British Columbia; member for
years of Victoria Local Preachers As-
sociation. Came to Toronto, 1889; Vic-
toria, 1890; early training with Han-
ningtons, of Brighton, England; taught
school in England, four years; manager
of departments for Weller Bros., Vic-
toria, 1890-1905. Served with First Sus-
sex Artillery Volunteers, 1878-1882.
Married Flora Emma Barling, of
Brighton, England, 1886; has four sons
and one daughter. Societies: I. O. F. ;
W. O. W. Baptist. Address: 317
Eighth Ave., W., Vancouver, B. C.

HTTGHES, Katherine. — Provincial
Archivist for Province of Alberta, Ed-
monton. Born Melbourne, P. E. I.,
daughter of John Wellington and Anne
O'Brien Hughes. Educated Notre Dame
Convent; Prince of Wales College,
Charlottetown, P. E. I. Actively en-
gaged for some years work for uplift
of native Indian races; joined editorial
staff of Montreal Star, 1903; staff of
Edmonton Bulletin, 1906; representative
of the Bulletin, Press Gallery of Al-
berta Legislature; appointed Provincial
Archivist for Alberta, 1908; to secure
material for the Alberta Archives;
made tour alone of Peace River and
Athabasca districts by frontier stage,
canoe, river-boats and scows, 1909.
Vice-president of Canadian Women's
Press Club, 1909. Publications: "Arch-
Bishop O'Brien: Man and Churchman,"
short stories and articles Canadian
and American magazines, Christmas
magazine numbers, Edmonton Bulletin,
1906-1907-1908; contributed Forest and
Timber section to Canadian Encyclo-
pedia; "Father Lacombe: The Blackrobe
Voyageur." Recreations: walking, canoe-
ing. Address: 456 Eleventh St., Edmon-
ton, Alta.

HUOHES, Samuel, M. Jm. A. — Farmer.
Born Durham County, Ont., June 13,
1872, son of Samuel and Mary Hughes.
Educated public schools, Durham
County; business college, Hamilton.
Came to Manitoba, 1890. Breeder of
pure-bred Clydesdales and Yorkshires.
Member Manitoba Legislature for Gil-
bert Plains. Served as councillor and
reeve. Municipality of Grandview. Mar-
ried Annie Adkins, Lindsay, Ont., 1901;
lias three sons and one daughter. Con-
servative; Methodist. Address: Grand-
view, Man.

HUIiBEBT, Henry. — Hop Grower. Born
Walton-on-Thames, June 5, 1858, son of
John Henville and Anna M. Hulbert.
Educated Repton school, Derbyshire,
England. Tea planter, Ceylon, 1883.
Spent three years Germany. Came to
British Columbia, 1893, hop grower since
1894. Owner of the best yielding hop
garden in America or Canada; and whose
hops command the highest prices paid
in the Canadian or London markets.
Married Alice M. V. Askew, Vancouver;
has one son and three daughters. Club:
Vancouver. Recreations: fishing, shoot-
ing, tennis. Address: Chilliwack, B. C.


HUJj^, John Roper. — Live Stock Brok-
er. Born Somerset, England, July 14,
1S55, son of Arthur W. and Honor Hull.
Educated privately, Bridport, England.
Came to British Columbia, 1873; em-
ployed by the Hudson Bay Co., 1873-
1875; studied stock raising until 1878,
when with his brother started same
business on their own account. Conser-
vative; Anglican. Address: Kamloops,
B. C.



HVIi£, William Frederick, B. A. — Of

Hull, Sparling & Sparling, Barristers,
325 Main St., Winnipeg. Born Seneca
Township, Haldimand County, Ont., Oct.
30, 1866, son of William H. and Emily
Jane Hull. Educated Toronto Univer-
sity. Practiced Winnipeg since 1892.
Married Annie LoA^ell, Toronto, 1893;
has one son and three daughters. Clubs:
Manitoba; Adanac; Canadian. Conserva-
tive; Presbyterian. Address: 20 Balmor-
al Place, Winnipeg, Man.

HTJImIm, William Boper. — Capitalist and
Stock Raiser, Grain Exchange Bldg., Cal-
gary. Born Manor House, Somersetshire,
England, Dec. 20, 1856, son of Arthur
and Honor Hull. Educated Bridport,
Dorset, England. Came to Kamloops,
B. C, 1873. For many years sole
owner of W. R. Hull & Co. ranches, abat-
toirs and meat agencies, Alberta and
British Columbia. Sold out dressed meat
business to P. Burns & Co., 1902. Large
owner of Calgary real estate. Built and
owns the Calgary Grain Exchange Build-
ing, the Alberta Block, the Victoria
Block, and the Albion Block. Ex-presi-
dent Calgary Board of Trade. Married
Emmeline Mary Banister, Davisburg,
Alta. Clubs: Ranchmen's; Calgary. So-
cieties: A. F. & A. M.; S. O. E. Recrea-
tions: horticulture, travelling. Address:
Calgary, Alta.

HUIilVIz:, HerTiert D. — Of Taylor,
Hulme & Innes, Barristers, 539 Pender
St., W., Vancouver. Born Belleville, Ont.,
July 14, 1868, son of Lieutenant-Colonel
R. Croft and Annie M. Hulme. Practiced
Toronto; Dawson, T. T., 1899-1904; pres-
ent firm formed, 1904. Major 6th Regi-
ment D. C. O. R. Married Carrie Jones,
1900; has one son and two daughters.
Clubs: Vancouver; Royal Vancouver
Yacht. Address: 1834 Haro St., Vancou-
ver, B. C.

HTTMi:, Clarence Burpee — Manager C.
B. Hume & Co., Ltd., Departmental
Stores, Revelstoke; President Lawrence
Hardware Co., Ltd.; President Revelstoke
Board of Trade. Born Carlton County,
N. B., Oct. 18, 1867, son of R. W. and
Mary Burpee Hume. Educated: public
schools; St. Johns Business College. Clerk
W. H. Thorne & Co., hardware, St. Johns
1886-1889; came to British Columbia, 1889;
manager, Fred Hume, Revelstoke, 1889-
1892; established present business, 1892.
Alderman, Revelstoke, 1901-1902. Mar-
ried Emily Jones, 1904; has two sons.
Recreation: curling. Conservative; Metho-
dist. Address: Revelstoke, B. C.

HUME, John Pred. — (Retired.) Born
Jacksonville. N. B., Aug. 8, 1860, son
of George and Mary Jane Hume. Edu-
cated public and high schools. Came to
British Columbia, 1883; general mer-

chant. Nelson, 1883-1904; built and ran
Hume Hotel, Nelson, six years. Repre-
sented Kootenay, British Columbia Leg-
islature, 1894-1898; Minister of Mines,
Semlin Governmentt 1898. Alderman.
Nelson, 1909-1911. Married Lydia Ir-
vine, daughter of David Irvine, ex-M. P.,
1891; has one son and two daughters.
Recreation: hunting. Liberal; Metho-
dist. Address: "Klllarney on the Lake,"
Nelson, B. C.


HXJMFHBBV, Jolin McGivem. — Of J.

M. Humphrey & Co., Ltd., Real Estate
and Financial Brokers, Alberta Block,
Calgary. Secretary-treasurer, Calgary
Building Society, Ltd.; secretary- treas-
urer, Malakwa Farms, Ltd.; secretary-
treasurer. Duck Lake Fruit Ranch. Born
Hampton, N. B., April 30, 1880, son of
James M. and Elvira Humphrey. Edu-
cated public schools. New Brunswick.
Employee, Ossekeag Stamping Works,
N. B., 1899-1900; came to Greenwood, B.
C, 1900; removed to Calgary, 1903;
bookkeeper, P. Burns & Co., Greenwood
and Calgary, 1900-1906; established
present business, 1907. Club: Calgary
Young Men's (Treasurer). Society: A.
P. & A. M. Independent; Methodist. Ad-
dress: 529 Fourteenth Ave., W., Calgary,

HVMFHBVS, Noel. — Of Humphrys &
Tupper, Civil 'Engineers and Surveyors,
615 Pender St., Vancouver. Born Eng-
land, Dec. 26, 1879, son of James and
Jane Emma Humphrys. Farmed Sas-
katchewan, 1890. Came to British Co-
lumbia, 1900. President and director Al-
berta Pacific Grain Growing Co., Ltd.
Married Kathleen Higgins, Vancouver;
has two sons and one daughter. Clubs:
Vancouver; Terminal City; Vancouver
Motor. Recreation: motoring. Address:
1347 Broughton St., Vancouver, B. C.




HUNT, Edward Sanford — Financial
and Real Estate Broker, 22 Cumberland
St., Port Arthur; Member Port Arthur
Board of Trade. Born Ingersoll, Ont.,
Oct. 18, 1871, son of Mary Ellen and
Francis Hunt, Police Magistrate for El-
gin County. Educated: St. Thomas Col-
legiate Institute. Train dispatcher C. P.
R., Moose Jaw and Winnipeg, 1894-1902;
chief train dispatcher C. N. R., Port Ar-
thur. 1902-1907; engaged in present busi-
ness, 1907. President Young Liberal
Assn., 1911. Married Gertrude Josephine
McCutcheon, daughter of Capt. W. H
McCutcheon, late U. S. Consul at London,

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