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Chatham and Sarnia, Ont., 1899; has one
son and three daughters. Club: Twin
City Auto. Recreations: curling, shoot-
ing, fishing. Liberal; Methodist. Ad-
dress: 98 Peter St., Port Arthur, Ont.

HUNT, Georgre Douglas. — Of Bulletin
Publishing Co., Edmonton. Born Toronto
July 17. 1882, son of Henry Myers and
Rose Bowers Hunt. Educated public
and high schools, Toronto. Reporter,
Gait Reformer, 1910; subsequently on
Toronto Star; editor. Gait Reformer.
Came to Edmonton, 1907. Society: A. F.
& A. M. Recreations: outdoor sports.
Liberal; Methodist. Address: Edmonton,

HUNT, Joseph Stanley. — Of Roberts &
Hunt, Real Estate and Financial Brokers,
High River. Born Bracebridge, Ont.,
Nov. 27, 1875, son of Alfred and Mary
Hunt. Educated public schools, Brace-
bridge; Toronto University. Junior clerk,
Molsons Bank, Toronto. 1897-1899; Book
Lovers' Library, Philadelphia and De-
troit. 1899-1900; clerk, Canadian Bank of
Commerce, Alberta. 1900-1906; estab-
lished present business, 1906. Council-

lor, High River, 1912-1913. Married
Grace Elizabeth Brown, Brantford, Ont.,
1910. Club: High River. Society: A. F.
& A. M. Recreations: shooting, fishing,
tennis, curling. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: High River, Alta.

HUNT, Fliineas DeVere. — Real Estate
Broker, Van Horne St.. Cranbrook. Sec-
retary Agricultural Association; secre-
tary, District Conservative Association.
Born County Tipperary, Ireland, July 26,
1862, son of Phineas and Agnes Eliza-
beth Hunt. Educated Portarlington Col-
lege, Kings County, Ireland; Trinity Col-
lege, Dublin. Came to Ontario, 1882.
Employee, operating department, C. P.
R., Ontario and British Columbia, 1882-
1910. Came to British Columbia, 1898.
Mayor of Cranbrook, 1911; Alderman,
Cranbrook, four terms. Married Maggie
Glen Bruce, 1900; has one son and one
daughter. Club: Cranbrook. Societies:
A. F. & A. M.; K. P.; A. O. U. W. Rec-
reation: cricket. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: Burwell Ave., Cranbrook, B. C.

HUNT, Samuel Iiucas — Solicitor,
Flack Block, Vancouver. Born England,
Feb. 29, 1856, son of James P. Hunt.
Educated Haileybury, England. Articled
clerk to Maples, Teesdale & Co., London,
England, 1873; practiced London and
Great Yarmouth until 1895, when came
to British Columbia. Admitted to prac-
tice, British Columbia, 1896. Served as
private, 20th Middlesex Artists Volun-
teers, 1885-1887. Married Margaret Eliz-
abeth Gepp, Chelmsford, England; has
two sons and one daughter. Society:
A. F. & A. M. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: 1541 Ninth Ave., W., Vancou-
ver, B. C.


HUNT, Theodore Alexander, B. A. —

City Solicitor, Winnipeg. Born Dela-
ware "Township, Middlesex County, Ont..
Aug. 20, 1871, son of Micalah and Cur-
lista Emma Hunt. Educated public
school, Talbotville, Elgin County, Ont.;



Toronto University; Osgoode Hall.
Called to Ontario bar and practiced To-
ronto, 1898; legal department, C. P. R.,
Winnipeg, 1900; subsequently member of
firm, Aikins, Robson, Hunt & Sparling;
member firm Howell, Mathers, Howell
& Hunt, 1905; appointed City Solicitor,
1905. Married Edith Clara Harmer, To-
ronto, 1901; has two daughters. Clubs:
Carleton; Adanac; Manitoba Pishing and
Hunting; Assiniboine Bowling. Conser-
vative; Methodist. Address: 117 Cen-
tral Ave., Armstrong's Point, Winnipeg,


HUNT, William George. — Of Hunt &
Hanna, Financial Brokers, 813 First St.,
E., Calgary. Born Cannington, Ont., Nov.
30, 1867, son of Reuben and Susannah
Victoria Hunt. Educated public schools
and Collegiate Institute, Toronto.
Taught school, Hagermans' Corners,
Ont., 1887; with Massey .Manufacturing
Co., Montreal, 1890; assistant manager,
1891; chief accountant and inspector,
Massey Harris Co., 1893-1897; assistant
manager, 1897-1904; in charge Calgary
branch, 1904; resigned, 1910; established
present business, interested building
business blocks in leading cities of Al-
berta; owns stock farm, Midnapore,
Alta. Alderman, Calgary, 1906. Ex-pres-
ident Alberta Temperance and Moral Re-
form League; Lord's Day Alliance Asso-
ciation; president Calgary T. M. C. A.,
1905-1910. Married Lilian Aikman, Dun-
das, Ont., 1896; has one son and one
daughter. Societies: T. M. C. A. (presi-
dent) ; R. T. of T. Liberal; Methodist.
Address: Calgary, Alta.

HTTNTEB, Georgfe Alexander. — Real
Estate and Insurance Broker, 413 Ward
St., Nelson; vice-president Eva Gold
Mine. Born Lanard County, Ont., Dec.


3, 1862, son of Henry and Rebecca Hunt-
er. Educated Collegiate Institute, On-
tario. Taught school, Ontario, 1880-1881;
office* work, Montreal, 1881-1888; con-
tracting business, Albany, N. Y., 1888-
1904; subsequently represented Manu-
facturers Life Assurance Co. in West
Indies. Came to Nelson, 1896. Treas-
urer, Conservative Association, Nelson,
1909-1911. Married Jean G. Empey, Carle-
ton Place, Ont., 1893; has three daugh-
ters. Club: Nelson. Society: A. F. & A.
M. Conservative; Episcopalian. Ad-
dress: Nelson, B. C.


HUNTER, Hon. Gordon. — Chief Jus-
tice of British Columbia. Born Beams-
ville, Ont., May 4, 1863, son of J. How-
ard Hunter, late Inspector of Insurance
Companies for Ontario, and Anne (Gor-



don) Hunter. Educated Brantford Col-
lege; Toronto University, graduated 1885,
winning Lome silver and Lansdowne
gold medals for general proficiency.
Studied law office of McCarthy, Hos-
kins & Creelman; called to Ontario bar,
1888. Removed to British Columbia
1891, and appointed first official law
reporter to Supreme Court. Later be-
came crown solicitor. Appointed Chief
Justice of British Columbia, 1902; chair-
man of Royal Commission to investi-
gate strikes in British Columbia, 1903.
One of organizers of Young Men's Lib-
eral Association of Toronto, 1887, first
organization of kind Canada. Married
Mrs. Ida Nelson, Portland, Ore., 1896.
Clubs: Union, "Vancouver; Vancouver.
Address: Victoria, B. C.

HUNTEB, John Kelso. — Barrister,
Regina. Born Glasgow, Scotland,, Nov.
18, 1856, son of John Kelso and ' Mar-
garet Goldie Hunter. Educated Kirk-
wall grammar school; St. Mungo Col-
lege; Glasgow University. Came to Can-
ada, 1892. Deputy Registrar, Assiniboia
Land Registration District, for some
time. Regina City Clerk for Ave years.
Publication "Regina Muncipal Manual."
Married Elizabeth W. Walker, Sunder-
land, England. Clubs: Assiniboia; Was-
cana Country. Recreation: golf. Ad-
dress: Regina, Sask.


HUNTER, Joseph, C. E. — Chief Engi-
neer of Canadian Collieries Mine (Duns-
muir, Ltd.), Victoria. Born Aberdeen,
Scotland, May 18, 1842, son of James and
Catherine Hunter. Educated Marechal

College, Aberdeen, under James Clark
Maxwell, the cel&brated philosopher.
Apprentice, civil engineering, Aberdeen,
1858. Came to Victoria, 1864; came to
Cariboo District, and 1871 elected to
represent Cariboo District first Parlia-
ment after Confederation, and served
until 1875; representative of Co-
mox district, 1882-1899; re-elected for
Cariboo district, 1900-1904; vice-presi-
dent, general superintendent and chief
engineer of the Esquimau & Nanaimo
Ry., 1883-1905; divisional engineer on
the engineering staff of the C. P. R.,
during which time he was selected to
define the International Boundary Line
on the Stickeen River; his recommenda-
tion has since been adopted by the In-
ternational Commission; explored the
Pine River Pass for C. P. R., 1878, and
was probably first white man to pene-
trate that country. Alderman of Vic-
toria two years. Married Frances Ellen
Robson, daughter of the late Hon. John
Robson, one time Premier of British Co-
lumbia, 1879; has two sons. Club: Union.
Society: A. F. & A. M. Recreations: all
athletic sports. Conservative; Presby-
terian. Address: 514 Government St.,
Victoria, B. C.

HUNTER, William, M. L. A. — Mine
Operator; director Silverton Water and
Light Co.; director Wm. Hunter Co.,
Ltd.; director Silverton Lumber & Pow-
er Co., Ltd. Born Hemmingford, Que.,
Sept. 26, 1858, son of William and Janet
Huntter. Educated Dundas, P. E. I.
Represents Slocan, British Columbia
Legislature. Married Maggie Parsons,
1902; has one son and one daughter.
Conservative; Presbyteriaji. Address:
Silverton, B. C.

HUNTER, "William Thompson. — Presi-
dent, Empress Manufacturing Co., Ltd.,
manufacturers of wood products, 1106
Homer St., Vancouver; president, Kend-
rick Co., Ltd. Born Woodstock, Ont.,
Nov. 27, 1860, son of John B. and De-
borah Hunter. Educated public and high
schools, Woodstock. Farmed and mer-
cantile business, Wheatland, N. D., 1883-
1900. Came to British Columbia and
established present business, 1900. Mar-
ried Eliza Anderson, 1883. Club: Ter-
minal City. Recreation: hunting. Pres-
byterian. Address: Shaughnessy Heights,
Vancouver, -B. C.




HUNTTING, W. Poster. — President
W. P. Huntting Co., Ltd., Vancouver.
Director of several companies. Born
McGregor, Iowa, Sept. 4, 1879, son of
W. P. and Charlotte M. Huntting. Edu-
cated Poughkeepsie, N. T.; Garden City,
L. I. Came to British Columbia, 1902.
Formed Huntting-Lea Lumber Co., 1902;
formed present company, 1904. Married
Marion Day, Duluth, Minn., 1904. Clubs:
Vancouver; Jericho Country. Recrea-
tion: motoring. Address: Shaughnessy
Heights, Vancouver, B. C.

HUR]:iBTTT, Edith A. — Deaconess of
King Edward Settlement House, 791 Sel-
kirk Ave., Winnipeg. Born Hillhurst
Farm, East Bolton, Que., daughter of
E'phraim P. and Mary A. Brown Hurlbut.
Educated Sabrevois College, Montreal;
Church of England Deaconess and Mis-
sionary House, Toronto. Came to Mani-
toba, 1910, and began settlement work
chiefly among foreigners, under auspi-
ces of All Saints Church of England.

HUTCHERSON, Elton B., M. A. — Su-
perintendent of Schools, Regina. Born
Dartford, Northumberland County, Ont.,
Oct. 31, 1872, son of William and Phoebe
A. Hutcherson. Educated Norwood
high school; Victoria University; Toron-
to University. Came to Saskatchewan,
1894; assistant master, science special-
ist and principal of high school, Regina.
1894-1904; inspector of schools. North
Wes: Territory and Saskatchewan Gov-
ernment, 1904-1907; present office since
1907. Married Marian A. McLachlan,
daughter of J. C. McLachlan, Regina,
1901; has one son. Societies: A. P. &
A. M.; Knight Templar; Mystic Shrine;

C. O. P. Recreations: curling, boating.
Presbyterian. Address: 2037 Albert St.,
Regina. Sask.


HVTCHESON, Samuel Allbert, B. C.

L. — Of Hutcheson & Buckles, Barristers
and Solicitors, Bilbrough Blk., Swift
Current; Director, Moote Coal Co., Ltd.;
Vice-President, Board of Governors,
Swift Current General Hospital. Born
Tara, Bruce County, Ont, July 19, 1872,
son of George and Frances A. Hutche-
son. Educated Berlin Collegiate Insti-
tute; Trinity University; Osgoode Hall.
Called to Ontario Bar, 1898; practiced,
Huntsville, Ont, 1899-1910; called to
Saskatchewan Bar, 1910; practiced, Swift
Current, since 1910; present partnership
formed, 1911. Lieutenant, B. Squadron,
27th Light Horse. Revising officer,
Court of Revision, 1911-1912. Married
Letitia Agnes Hutchinson, Simcoe Coun-
ty, Ont, 1898. Societies: A. F. & A. M.
(Royal Arch); L O. O. P.; A. O. U. W.;
F. O. E. Recreations: hunting, fishing.
Liberal; Anglican. Address Railroad St.,
Swift Current, Sask.

HITTCECING-S, Blisha Frederick — Pres-
ident, Great West Saddlery Co., Ltd.,
112 Market St., Winnipeg; President,
Scott Saddlery Co.; President, Royal Oak
Saddlery Co.; President, Capital Loan &
Savings Co.; President, Bird's Hill Sand
& Supply Building Co.; President, Winni-
peg Mineral Springs Sanitarium; Presi- '
dent, Alberta Saddlery Co.; President,
Gaetz Harness Co.; President, Athabasca
Oil & Asphalt Co.; President, Edmon-
ton Saddlery Co.; Vice-President, Im-
perial Canadian Trust Co.; Vice-Presi-
dent, Alsip Sandstone Brick & Supply



Co.; Director, Canada National Insur-
ance Co.; Director, Houghton Land Co.;
Chairman, Board of Winnipeg Sinking
Fund Trustees. Born Newboro, Leeds
County, Ont, March 5, 1855, son of
Elijali and Harriet Hutchings. Came to
Winnipeg, 1876. Educated: Begg's Niglit
school, Winnipeg. Married Sarah E.
Denby, Newboro, 1883; has two sons and
three daughters. Clubs: Carleton; Ada-
nac; Commercial Travellers. Conserva-
tive; Presbyterian. Address: 424 Well-
ington Crescent, Winnipeg, Man.


HUTCHINGS, Georg-e W. (retired). —

Of Hutchings Furniture Co., 322 Eighth
Ave., E., Vancouver. Director North
America Building Loan & Trust Co.; di-
rector Fredericks Arm Mining Co.; di-
rector Vancouver Exhibition Associa-
tion; vice-president Pacific North West
Field Trial Club. Born Somersetshire,
England, Feb. 26, 1862, son of Thomas
W. and Jane Brake Hutchings. Came
to Canada, 1877. Educated public
schools; Buffalo, N. Y. Foreman Hughes
Furniture Co., Winnipeg, 1882-1888.
Came to British Columbia and estab-
lished Hutchings FurnHure Co., 1888.
Married Alice Oakley, St. Paul, Minn.,
1887; has one son. Club: Terminal City.
Societies: A. P. & A. M.; I. O. O. F.;
A. O. U. W. Recreations: hunting, fish-
ing. Liberal; Anglican. Address: 322
Eighth Ave., E., Vancouver, B. C.

HUTCHlirGS, Bobert John. — Great
West Saddlery Co., Ltd., Calgary. Born
Leeds County, Ont., Oct. 14, 1866, son
of Elijah and Harriet Hutchings. Edu-
cated public schools. In leather trades,
Winnipeg, 1884. Came to Alberta, 1888.
School trustee; member University Sen-
ate. Married Annie Hunt, Calgary, 1893;
has five sons and two daughters. Club:
Calgary. Address: Calgary, Alta.

HUTCHINSON, Alexander "Wallace, B.

A. — Of McCraney, Mackenzie & Hutchin-
son, Barristers, Bowerman Block, Saska-
toon. Born Port Rowan, Ont., Jan. 20,
1877, son of John W. and Sarah E. L.
Hutchinson, (U. E. L. Stock). Educated
Port Rowan high school; Collegiate In-
stitute, Aylmer; Queen's University;
Manitoba University. Practiced Prince
Albert, 1902; came to Rosthern, 1905,
and to Saskatoon, 1910, and formed pres-
ent firm. Married Nellie Stewart,
Prince Albert, 1908; has two daughters.
Club: Saskatoon. Society: A. F. & A.
M. Recreations: tennis, golf. Conser-
vative; Anglican. Address: 219 Saskat-
chewan Crescent, Saskatoon, Sask.

HUTCHINSON, Dudley De Courcey. —

Notary Public and Real Estate Broker,
Hutchinson Block, Vancouver. Born
Barbadoes, British West Indies, Oct.
24, 1883, son of James Innis and
Ida Hutchinson. Educated Barbadoes.
Clerk office, Winnipeg, 1900. Came to
British Columbia, 1906. Served as Lieu-
tenant 90th Regiment, Winnipeg. Mar-
ried Ruby Victoria Steele, Vancouver;
has one daughter. Recreations: base-
ball, motoring. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: Laurier and Cartier Sts.,
Shaughnessy Heights, Vancouver, B. C.

HUTCHINSON, H. W. — Managing Di-
rector John Deere Plow Co., Ltd., 110
Princess St., Winnipeg. Vice-president
Manitoba Anchor Pence Co.; Winnipeg
Implement Dealers Association; director
Bank of Hamilton. Born Leskard, Dur-
ham County, Ont., Oct. 20, 1862, son of
Robert and Abigail Hutchinson. Edu-
cated public schools; Albert College,
Belleville. Clerk in father's store, En-
niskillen, Ont., 1880. Came to Winni-
peg, 1883. President Winnipeg Board of
Trade, 1904. Married Charlotte Isabella
McGregor, Hamilton, 1899; has one son.
Clubs: Manitoba; Canadian; St. Charles
Country. Recreation: golf. Liberal;
Methodist. Address: 57 Edmonton St.,
Winnipeg, Man.




HUTTON, Baldwin

Northern Crown Bank,
Huttonville, Ont., June
A. C. and Mary Hutton.
nipeg. Bank clerk,
Came to Alberta, 1907;
pany, 103rd Regiment
Married Agnes M. Baill
has one son. Address:
Calgarj'^, Alta.

P. — Manager
Calgary. Born
30, 1878, son of
Educated Win-
Winnipeg, 1895.
Captain A Com-
Calgary Rifles,
ie, London, Ont.;
2013 8th St., W.,

C. M.


HUVCKi:, Austin Harvey, M. D., C. M.

— Physician and Surgeon. Born Camp-
bellford, Ont., Feb. 12, 1880, son of
James K. and Annie Huycke. Educated
Collegiate Institute, Cobourg, Ont.; Mc-
Gill University. House surgeon, Belle-
vue Hospital, New York, 1907. Came to

British Columbia, 1908. Married Cather-
ine Davison, daughter of Clinton Davi-
son, Moncton, N. B., 1909. Club: Ke-
lowna. Societies: A. F. & A. M.; I. O.
O. F. Recreations: shooting, motoring,
fishing. Liberal; Methodist. Address:
Kelowna, B. C.

H7NDMAN, Harry Harland — Of Hynd-
man & Hyndman, Barristers, McDougall
Court, Edmonton. Born Charlottetown,

P. E. I., Jan. 15, , son of Charles

Augustus and Catherine Hyndman. Edu-
cated: public schools; Prince of Wales
College. Studied law with A. A. Mc-
Lean, K. C, M. P., Charlottetown; called
to Prince Edward Island Bar, 1905;
called to Alberta Bar and present part-
nership farmed, 1905. Clubs: Edmon-
ton; Conservative. Conservative; Pres-
byterian. Address: 526 Fifteenth St.,
Edmonton, Alta.


HVNDHAir, James Duncan. — Of

Hyndman & Hyndman, Barristers,
Edmonton; vice-president. Northwest
Mortgage Corporation, Ltd.; direc-
tor Edmonton Mortgage Corpora-
tion; director Dawson Coal Co.,
Ltd. Born Charlottetown, P. E. I., July
29, 1874, son of Charles Augustus and
Catherine Macdonald Hyndman. Edu-
cated Prince of Wales College, Char-
lottetown. Practiced as Macdonald &
Hyndman, Pontage la Prairie, 1899-1903;
Kennedy & Hyndman, Edmonton, 1903-
1905; present partnership formed 1905.
Unsuccessful candidate for House of
Commons, 1908. Served as Alderman,
Edmonton, 1910-1911; member Edmon-
ton Hospital Board, 1910. Served with
82nd Battalion, Prince Edward Island,
three years. Married Ethel Davies,
daughter of Sir Louis Davies. Ottawa,
1902; has one son and one daughter.
Clubs: Edmonton; Canadian. Society:
A. F. & A. M. Conservative; Presbyter-
ian. Address: Seventh St., Edmonton,



INGHAM, Oswald Grey, M. D.— Phy-
sician, Royal Banit Chambers, Nanaimo.
Born Fall River, Mass., Dec. 17, 1875,
son of James and Annie Ingham. Edu-
cated Boston, Mass.; practiced Pawtuck-
et, R. I., 1903. Came to British Colum-
bia, 1907. Club: Nanaimo. Recreations:
motoring, hunting, shooting and music.
Address: Nanaimo, B. C.

M. D., C. M.

INGIiIS, Maxwell Stevenson, M. I>., C.

M. — Physician, Coroner for Manitoba,
Canada Life Bldg., Winnipeg. Born
Montreal, May 18. 1865, son of Rev. Wil-
liam Henry and Mary Inglis. Educated
Montreal High School; McGill Univer-
sity; Manitoba University. Came to
Winnipeg, 1879; Medical Health Officer.
Winnipeg, 1892. X-Ray specialist, Win-
nipeg General Hospital. Served with
Steele's Scouts, Northwest Rebellion,
1885. Married Margaret Watson, Cal-
gary, 1901; has one son and one daugh-
ter. Clubs: Adanac; Carleton; Manitoba;
Jockey. Recreations: shooting, horse
racing, fishing, hunting. Conservative;
Presbyterian. Address: 335 Assiniboine
Ave^ Winnipeg, Man.

INXSl^EB, Colin. — Sheriff, Winnipeg.
Born Red River Settlement, Man., Aug.
25, 1843, son of John and Mary Inkster.
Educated St. Johns private school.
Farmed and merchant, Winnipeg, 1872.
Was member of Legislative Council,
Manitoba. Married Annie Tait, Winni-
peg, 1871; has three sons and two daugh-
ters. Club: Carleton. Society: A. F.
& A. M. Recreation: shooting. Con-
servative; Anglican. Address: Kildonan,


IBONSISES, James. — Of Ironsides.
Raennie & Campbell, Contractors, 43
Hamilton Block, Vancouver. Born Bry-
anston, July 12, 1863, son of AVilliam
and Katlileen Ironsides. Educated coun-
try school. Came to British Columbia,
erecting snow slieds for C. P. R., Rocky
Mountains, 1SS6. Clubs: Terminal City;
Commercial. Recreations: sports of all
kinds, hunting moose. Liberal; Pres-
byterian. Address: Fairfield Block,
\'ancouver, B. C.

IRVINZ:, Christopher, A.^Of Irvine &
Locke, Barristers and Solicitors, Helger-
son Bldg., Saskatoon; Director, Saska-
toon Gas Oil Co., Ltd. Born Halton
County, Ont., March 24, 1879, son of
John and Emily Sleigh Irvine. Edu-
cated Collegiate Institute, Brampton,
Ont.; Toronto Scliool of Science; Os-
goode Hall. Called to Ontario Bar,
1909; practiced, Brampton, 1909-1910;
began present practice, 1910. Inaugu-
rated good roads movement, Peel Coun-
ty; president, Peel County Reform As-
sociation, 1905-1908; warden, Peel Coun-
ty, 1907-1908; reeve, Brampton, 1904-
1909. Maried Isabel Heggie, daughter
of Dr. David Heggie, 1904 (deceased,
1909); has one son and two daughters.
Societies: A. F. & A. M.; L O. O. F.; L
O. F.; C. O. F. Recreation: football.
Liberal. Address: Saskatoon, Sask.




ING-RAjyi, Georg-e C, B. A. — General
Manager, Director and Secretary Secur-
ity Lumber Co., Walter Scott Bldg.,
Moose Jaw. Born Aberdeen, Scotland,
Oct. 16, 1867, son of James and Eliza-
beth Leith Ingram. Educated public
schools, Tipton, Iowa; Northern Indiana
Normal School, Valparaiso, Ind. Came
to Saskatchewan, 1910. Partner Ingram
Lumber Co., Sank Centre, Minn., 1892-

1910; special rjepresentative, Western
Retail Lumbermen's Association, Saska-
toon, 1910-1911; joined present company
at Winnipeg, 1911; came to Moose Jaw
when company's offices moved here, 1912.
Married Lulu Wilcox, daughter of David
Wilcox, 1896; has two sons and one
daughter. Club: Saskatoon. Society: A.
F. & A. M. (Shriner). Liberal. Address:
57 Clyde Ave., Moose Jaw, Sask.



IRVINZ:, Alton David. — Financial and
Insurance Broker, 706 Centre St., Cal-
gary. Owner of general store, Stavely,
Alta. Born Annapolis Royal, N. S., Nov.
21, 1875, son of Hugh M. and Martha
Irvine. Educated public schools, Nova
Scotia. Hardware clerk, Annapolis, 1890-
1895; manager general store. Port Wil-
liams, N. S., 1900-1903. Came to Cal-
gary and established present business,
1903. Member industrial committee,
Calgary Board of Trade. Married Ade-
line Mary Robertson, Calgary, 1904; has
one daughter. Club: Canadian. Socie-
ties: A. F. & A. M.; I. O. O. F. Recrea-
tion: motoring. Liberal; Methodist. Ad-
dress: 518 Eighteenth Ave., W., Calgary.

IRVINE, James — Real Estate and
Financial Broker, 513 Mclntyre Block,
W^innipeg; Vice-President Portage la
Prairie Development Co., Ltd. Born Glen-
garry County, Ont., Nov. 3, 1868, son of
Duncan and Elizabeth Stewart Irvine.
Educated: public schools. Glengarry. In-
terested in cheese factory, Ontario, 1885-
1902; sales agent Marsh Bros, and Wells,
Winnipeg, 1902-1906; established present
business, 1906. Unmarried. Recreation:
motoring. Liberal; Baptist. Address:
Colony St., Winnipeg, Man.

IBVZNZ:, John A. — Real Estate Broker,
Leeson-Lineham Block, Calgary. Born
Granville Ferry, N. S., Sept. 20, 18 68,
son of H. M. and M. A. Irvine. Edu-
cated Granville Ferry; Halifax. Ac-
countant with Nova Scotia Building
Society, 1886-1906. Came to Alberta,
1906, and founded present business.
President Calgary Real Estate Associa-
tion; secretary Maritime Province Asso-
ciation; director and manager. Western
Building Society; Westchester Fire of
New York; agents Nova Scotia Fire In-


surance Co.; Federal Life Assurance;
Canadian Mortgage Investment Co.; sec-
retary Calgary City Liberal Association;
secretary Calgary District Liberal Asso-
ciation; treasurer Canadian Club. Mar-
ried Mina C. Buckley, Halifax; has two
sons and two daughters. Liberal. Ad-
dress: 512 20th Ave., W., Calgary, Alta.

IRVING, Capt. John. — Real Estate
Agent. Born Portland, Ore., Sept. 1, 1854,
son of William and Eliza Jane Irving.
Came to British Columbia, 1859. Edu-
cated California; Victoria. Married Jes-
sie M. Irving, Victoria, 1883; has one
son and two daughters. Clubs: Union;
Vancouver; Prince Rupert. Address:
256 Menzie St., Victoria, B. C.

IRVING, I^ewis Erskine Wentworth.
D. S. O., Its. D., C. M. — Provincial Medi-
cal Officer of Health for Alberta; chair-
man Provincial Board of Health. Born ■
Hamilton, Aug. 16, 1868, son of Sir
Aemilius Irving, K. C, LL. D., Treas-
urer, Law Society of Upper Canada and
Augusta Louisa Gugy. Educated Tours,

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