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Prance; Stuttgart, Germany; Upper
Canada College, Toronto; McGill Uni-
versity; University of Trinity College.
Came to Alberta, 1906. Chairman Al-
berta Provincial Board of Health; mem-
ber Royal Sanitary Institute, London,
England; member American Public
Health Association; member executive
council Canadian Public Health Associa-
tion; member conference of State and
Provincial Boards of Healtli of North
America; member committee of Central
Council and National Laboratory, Do-
minion Public Health Conference of the
Commission of Conservation, Ottawa,



1910; member Edmonton Exhibition As-
sociation (director, 1909; vice-president,
1910); member Edmonton Board of
Trade; director Alberta Provincial Horse
Breeders' Association. Served as troop-
er. Governor General's Body Guard,
1887-1888; Lieutenant Toronto Field
Battery, 1889-1890; Captain, 1881; Lieu-
tenant "C" Battery, Royal Canadian
Field Artillery, 1899. Served in South
African War, Rhodesian Field Force,
1899-1900, Beira to Mafeking; mentioned
in despatches; D. S. C; brevet of Major,
1901; Queen's medal and four clasps.
Appointed Medical Health Officer, City
of Edmonton, 1907. Married Alice Maude
Maclean, daughter of the late Lieuten-
ant-Colonel Caird Ryerson Maclean, M.
R. C. S., Meaford, Ont., 1902; has one
son. Clubs: Edmonton Country; Cap-
ital City Curling; Edmonton Automobile.
Societies: Zeta Psi Fraternity (Alpha
Psi Chapter) ; A. F. & A. M. (Ionic Lodge,
Toronto). Recreations: motoring, curl-
ing. Liberal; Anglican. Address: 525
Thirteenth St., Edmonton, Alta.

IRVINCr, Hon. Paulas Aemilius, M. A.,
3>. C. Tm, — Judge of Court of Appeal for
British Columbia. Born Hamilton, Ont.,
April 3, 1857, son of Sir Aemilius Ir-
ving. Educated Trinity Collegiate
School, Port Hope; Trinity College, To-
ronto. Called to bar of Ontario, 1880;
called to British Columbia bar, 1882;
deputy Attorney General, British Colum-
bia, 1883-1890; Puisne Judge, British
Columb:a, 1897; as special commissioner
settled mining dispute, Atlin, B. C,
1899, Court of Appeal, his services being
acknowledged in speech from throne.
Married Diana, daughter of Hon. W.
Hamley, 1883; has two sons and two
daughters. Clubs: Union; Vancouver.
Address: Halwyn 29 Richardson St.,
Victoria, B. C.

IRVING, B. Chrystal. — Inspector of
Legal Offices, Parliament Bldg., Winni-
peg. Born Glasgow, Scotland, Feb. 13,
1866. Educated Harrow, England. Press
reporter and accountant, London, Eng-
land, 1886. Came to Canada, 1887. In-
spector legal offices. Past Grand Master,
now Grand Recorder, Loyal Grand Lodge
A. O. U. W. of Manitoba, Saskatchewan
and Alberta. Author work on fraternal
insurance, entitled: "A Self Evident
Proposition," 1905; since 1900 associated
with Civil Service Lawn Bowling Club,
having won the Provincial doubles,
singles and the Gerhard Heintzman Pro-
vincial Grand Challenge, 1907. Married
AUie Thompson, London, England, 1887;

has four sons and one daughter. Club:
Adanac. Recreation: cricket; played for
Canada at Chicago in championship
matches and International, 1900. Ad-
dress: 503 Gertrude Ave., Winnipeg, Man.


IRVING', Richard. — President British
Canadian Investors, Ltd., 407 Pender St.,
Vancouver. Born Dunedin, Otago, New
Zealand, Sept. 3, 1864, son of Richard
and Margaret Irving. Educated public
schools. New Zealand. Engaged horse
and sheep ranching, New Zealand, 1887-
1910. Came to British Columbia, 1911.
Married Elizabeth Anne Reid, Aberdeen,
Scotland, 1888. Club: Commercial. So-
ciety: A. P. & A. M. Recreation: walk-
ing. Liberal; Presbyterian. Address:
Shaughnessy Heights, Vancouver, B. C.

IRVING, Robert Washington, M. D. —

Physician. Born Ingersoll, Ont., July
8, 1876, son of David and Ellen Irving.
Educated Trinity Medical College, To-
ronto. Practiced Gananoque, Ont., 1904.
Came to British Columbia, 1907; presi-
dent British Columbia Medical Society,
1909-1910; former superintendent Sani-
torium, Tranquille, B. C. Married Eva
Parsons Roden, Toronto; has one son
and one daughter. Societies: A. P. &
A. M.; I. O. O. F.; K. P.; I. O. P. Ad-
dress: Kamloops, B. -C.




IBWIN, Armond "W. — Financial, Real
Estate and Insurance Broker, Moose Jaw;
also interested in farming. Born London,
Ont., 1868, son of James and Rebecca
Irwin. Educated: public schools London
and Banner, Ont. Came to Saskatchewan,
1904; general agent for Sun Life Assur-
ance Company, 1904-1905; subsequently
Provincial Manager DominioTi Life Assur-
ance Co.; established present business
1906, but continued connection with Do-
minion Life Assurance Co. Member Pub-
lic and High School Boards, 1908-1912.
President Young Men's Christian- Associa-
tion, Moose Jaw. Married Margaret J.
Armstrong, Wiarton, Ont., 1892; has two
sons and two daughters. Society: A. F. &
A. M. Conservative; Methodist. Address:
29 Stadacona St., West, Moose Jaw. Sask.

HtWZN, Major William Henry. — Clerk
of the District Court. Court House,
Lethbridge. Born Windsor, N. S., Dec.
29, 1846, son of Selina Maria and Wil-
liam James Irwin. M. A. Educated
grammar schools, Kingston and Barrie,
Ont. Law student, Boulton & McCarthy's
office, Barrie, 1865. Came to Manitoba,
1874; North West Territories, 1876; ap-
pointed Clerk of the District Court,
Lethbridge, 1908. Served with Barrie
Rifles, Fort Erie, Fenian Raid, 1866
(medal) ; ex-inspector Royal North West
Mounted Police, active service North-
west Rebellion, 1885 (medal); retired on
pension, 1906. Major 23d Alberta Rang-
ers, 1910. Married Maud Procter, Os-

wald, Man., 1898; has three sons. Rec-
reations: all athletic sports. Independ-
ent Conservative; Anglican. Address:
617 Bartlett St., Lethbridge, Alta.


IBWIN, William Wallace, D. H. S. —

Dentist, Bank of Commerce Bldg., Moose
Jaw. Born Kincardine, Ont., Aug. 12,
1882, son of John William and Elizabeth
Irwin. Educated Collegiate Institute,
Clinton; International Business College,
Montreal; Northwestern University.
Practiced, Moose Jaw. 1905; president
Dental Society of Moose Jaw, 1910;
member Dental Council of Saskatche-
wan, 1908. Alderman, Moose Jaw, 1911-
1912. Married Dora E. McPherson,
Moose Jaw, 1908. Club: Moose Jaw.
Recreations: baseball, curling, golf. Lib-
eral; Methodist. Address: 4514 Stada«
cona St., Moose Jaw, Sask.

ISBISTEK, Claude, B. A. — Of O' Con-
ner, Isbister & Morton, Barristers and So-
licitors, Mclntyre Block, Winnipeg; Direc-
tor Northwest Home & Loan Co.; Director
Vulcan Iron Works, Ltd. Born Petrolia,
Ont., July 21, 1880, son of Malcolm and
Margaret Sharpe Isbister. Educated: pub-
lic schools. Port Arthur and Brandon;
Manitoba bniversity (B. A. 1901). Law
student with Tupper, Phippen & Tupper,
1901-1904; called to Manitoba Bar, 1904;
practiced alone, McGregor, Man., 1904-
1905; practiced Carberry, 1905-1910; joined
present firm, 1910. City Solicitor, Car-
berry, 1906-1910. Married E. McKechnie,
daughter of John McKechnie, "Vulcan Iron
Works, Winnipeg, 19u5; has one son. So-
ciety: A. &. & A. M.; I. O. F. Recreation:
curling. Liberal; Presbyterian. Address:
Kingsway, Winnipeg, Man.



son of Thaddeus and Sarah Tiffany
Ives. Educated Compton Academy.
With H. Shorey & Co., Montreal, 1902-
1903. Came to Alberta, 1903. Bhgineer-
ing department; Alberta Railway & Irri-
gation Co., Lethbridge, 1904; law student
with Conybeare & Ives, 1905-1906; with
C. B. Bowman, real estate broker, 1906-
1907; established present business, 1907.
Married Etta Margaret Henderson, Leth-
bridge, 1911. Club: Chinook. Societies:
A. P. & A. M.; C. O. F. Conservative;
Presbyterian. Address: 413 14th St.,
Lethbridge, Alta.

IVES, William Carlos, B. C. 1..— Of
Ives & Ball, Barristers, Lethbridge. Born
Compton, Que., Oct. 30, 1873, son of
George Canning and Sarah Abbie Ives.
Came to Alberta, 1881. Educated public
schools, Pincher Creek; Academy, Coati-
cooke. Que.; McGill University. Law
student with Poster, Martin & Girouard,
Montreal, 1896-1899; practiced as Hen-
neker & Ives, Montreal, 1900; admitted
to North West Territories bar, 1901;
member of firm, Conybeare & Ives,
Lethbridge, 1901-1906; practiced alone,
1906-1909; present partnership formed,
1910. Married Millicent May Toull,
Woodstock, Ont., 1906; has one daugh-
ter. Club: Chinook. Society: A. P. &
A. M. Conservative; Anglican. Address:
606 Eleventh St., Lethbridge, Alta.

JACK, Peter B. — Of Peter R. Jack
Co., Financial Brokers, Empress Thea-
tre Bldg., Prince Albert; partner, An-
drew M. Jack & Son, private bankers,
Halifax, N. S. Born Halifax, April 23,
1884, son of Andrew M. and Janet Fitch
Jack; grandson of Peter Jack, Peoples
Bank, Halifax, who drafted existing
banking laws of Canada. Educated
Bishop's College, Lennoxville, Que.
Clerk, Bank of Montreal, Que, 1902; ac-
tive partner, Andrew M. Jack & Son,
Halifax, 1904-1910; came to Prince Al-
bert and established present business,
1911. Club: Halifax. Recreation: golf.
Conservative; Anglican. Address: Prince
Albert, Sask.

JACKSON, CoUn Fred. — Of Colin F.
Jackson & Co., Contractors' and Loggers'
Mining Machinery and Supplies, 355 Wa-
ter, St., Vancouver and Liverpool. Born
Sale, Cheshire, England, Jan. 10, 1864,
son of Frederick James and Mary Ann
Jackson. Educated Uppingham School,
England. With Brazilian merchants,
1882; later engaged Manchester three
years, Liverpool twelve years; raised
necessary capital and founded The Van-
couver Engineering Works, Ltd., 1901.
President and Managing Director of
above six years; subsequently founding
present firm. President Vancouver
Electoral Union; Vancouver Kennel

Club; North Vancouver Ratepayers' As-
sociation; chairman of Conservative
Campaign Committee of North Van-
couver; Police Commissioner for North
Vancouver; Vice-President Employers'
Association; Vice-President Children's
Aid Society of Vancouver. Married Ger-
trude Longson, 1892 (deceased 1906);
married Nalla Longson, 1907; has three
sons and one daughter. Clubs: Van-
couver; Conservative (Liverpool). Re-
dreations: Kennels, ranching, shooting.
Conservative. Address Fifteenth St.
North Vancouver, B. C.


JACKSON, John Robert, HI. i;. A

Rancher and Stock Raiser. Born
Drumheart, Cavan Co., Ireland, March
22, 1859, son of William and Letitia
Jackson. Educated Carlespratten public
school; came to Ontario 1871 and to
British Columbia 1885. Married Agnes
Barbour, Tannahill, 1900; has two sons
and three daughters. Elected British
Columbia Legislature for Greenwood
1909. Society: A. P. & A. M. Recre-
ation: Hunting, Conservative. Ad-
dress: Midway, B. C.

JACKSON, Lucy. — Wife of George N.
Jackson, Manager Walter Woods Co.,
Winnipeg. Born Hamilton; daughter of
Joseph and Thirza Bowes. Educated
public schools and college institutions,
Hamilton; holds second class Ontario
teacher's certificate; taught school Ham-
ilton, six years. Came to Manitoba
1897. President Manitoba Branch, W.
M. S. (second term) ; secretary of same
eight years; secretary Deaconess Board
of Management of the Manitoba Con-
ference. Married George Nelson Jack-
son, 1887; has one son. Methodist. Ad-
dress: 331 Langside St., Winnipeg,



ISBISTER, Malcolm. — Postmaster. Of
M. Isbister & Son, 249 Second Ave., S.,
Saskatoon. Born Orkney Islands, Scot-
land, Aug. 21, 1850, son of John and
Mary Isbister. Came to Gait, Ont., with
his parents, 1857. Educated public
schools, Huron County, Ont.; Normal
School, Toronto. Taught school Sea-
forth, Ont., 1870-1873; Wingham, Ont.,
1873-1875; engaged, mercantile business
with his brother in Petrolea, Ont., 1877-
1883; engaged, contracting business with
C. P. R., east of Port Arthur, 1883; in
business Port Arthur, 1884; hotel busi-
ness, Souris, Man., 1892-1894; hotel, Wa-
wanesa, 1897-1903. Came to Saskatoon,
1903, and engaged hardware business
under firm name of M. Isbister & Son,
which he still conducts. Coroner of
Saskatoon since 1904; Mayor, 1906;
president Board of Trade since 1908
(elected by acclamation each term) ;
member of Board of Governors of Sas-
katoon City Hospital, 1906-1910; director
Canada National Fire Insurance Co.
Married Margaret Sharpe, Wingham,
Ont, 1874; has three sons and two
daughters. Club: Saskatoon Curling
(president, 1906-1907). Societies: A. P.
& A. M.; K. of P. Liberal; Presbyterian.
Address: 534 Spadina Crescent, Saska-
toon, Sask.

ITTNEB, Horace Hill — Of Ittner &
Spore, Brick Manufacturers and Con-
tractors, Imperial Bank Bldg., Prince
Albert; owner, H. H. Ittner Brick Co.;
President, Prince Albert Motor Sales Co.,
Ltd.; President, G. A. Meyers Co., Ltd.;
member Prince Albert High School
Board. Born Omaha, Neb., Sept. 13, 1871,
son of Benjamin and Ella Ittner. Edu-


cated public and higli schools, Berlin
Heights, Ohio; Marietta, Ohio, and Hills-
dale, Mich. Brick manufacturer, Omaha,
Neb., 1891-1900. Came to Prince Albert
and engaged in brick manufacturing,
1900; formed present partnership, 1903.
Married Jennie A. Crosby, Detroit, 1894;
has two sons and two daughters. So-
cieties: A. F. & A. M.; I. O. O. F. Rec-
reations: motoring, bowling. Liberal;
Unitarian. Address: 20tli St. and 2nd
Ave., Prince Albert, Sask.


IVES, Albert E. — Real Estate and Fi-
nancial Broker, Stafford Block, Leth-
bridge; director Lethbridge Brick &
Terra Cotta Co., Ltd. secretary and di-
rector Taylor Milling & Elevator Co.,
Ltd. Born Compton, Que., Jan. 31, 1883,



JACKSOIT, M. Brace, B. A. — Barrister,
Mahon Bldg., Victoria. Born Victoria
County, Ont., Aug. 7, 1873; son of
Duncan and Helen McTavish Jackson.
Educated public schools, Collegiate In-
stitute, Manitoba University. Called to
Manitoba bar, 1896; practiced Hamiota,
Man., 1896-1909. Came to Victoria 1909.
Unsuccessful candidate for Manitoba
Legislature, 1907: unsuccessftil candi-
date House of Commons for Miarquette,
Man., 1908. Still largely interested
Manitoba farm lands. Married Lilian
Gertrude Edwards, Croyden, Surrey,
England, 1897; has two sons. Clubs:
Union. Recreations: Golf, motoring,
yachting. Liberal; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: 1648 Rockland Ave., Victoria,
B. C.

JACKSON, Samuel Jacob. — ^Farmer
Born Stradbally, Ireland, Feb. 18, 1848,
son of Samuel and Elizabeth Jackson.
Came to Canada as a boy. Educated
public and grammar schools, Brampton.
Came West and settled Winnipeg. Elect-
ed to Manitoba Legislature 1883, 1886,
1888, 1892, 1896; defeated 1899.
Speaker 1891. Elected for Selkirk to
House of Commons, 1904; defeated, 1908.
Alderman of Winnipeg, 1877. 1878, 1883;
President of Rockwood Agricultural So-
ciety a number of years; inspector of
Indians Agency, 1902-1904. Married
Ida Isabella Clarke, London, Ont., 1878.
has six children. Address: Stonewall,

JACKSON, Thomas Henry. — Produce
Merchant. Born Lanark, Ont., Jan. 23,
1854, son of John and Anne Jackson.
Educated public schools, Lanark. Farm-
ed Minnedosa, Man., 1878-1900. Reeve
of Municipality of Danah, Man., three
years; candidate for Manitoba Legisla-
ture, 1898. Came to British Columbia,
1900, as Manager Harrison River Lum-
ber Mills Co., later moved to Chilli-
wack, where Mayor, 1909; Vice-Presi-
dent, Chilliwack Telephone Co., Director
Hospital Board. Married Letitia Cun-
ningham, Lanark; has two son^ and
four daughters. Societies:
M.; I.O.O.P. Recreation:
B. C.

JAKEWAT, Frank Henry. — Secretary
Northern Elevator Co., Grain Exchange,
Winnipeg. Born York County, Ont.,
Oct. 13, 1856, son of Aaron and Mary
Jakeway. Educated public schools, On-
tario. Came to Winnipeg, entered employ
of Patterson Bros. Implement Co., 1880.
Interested farm lands, city real estate.
Married Jennie Ritchie, Winnipeg, 1900.
Club: Carlston. Society: W. O. W.
Recreations: Horses, skating. Liber-
al, Methodist. Address: 243 River
Ave., Winnipeg, Man.

JAIklBS, Francis J. — Of Nay & James,
Bond Dealers, General Investment and
Insurance Brokers, Bond Exchange

A. P. & A.
Westminster St., Chilliwack,


Bldg., Regina; President, City Investing
Co., Ltd.; Provisional Director, Scottish
Saskatchewan Trust Corporation. Born
London, England, Jan. 18, 1877, son of
Francis William and Helen BuUemore
James. Educated London. Came to Can-
ada, 1898. Mercantile and general in-
surance and financial business, Qu'Ap-
pslle, Sask., 1899-1907. Joined the late
J. W. Nay present business, 1907. Mem-
ber, Executive Council, Regina Board of
Trade. Married Christine Laura Tait,
Montreal, 1904; has three daughters. So-
Montreal, 1904; has three daughters.
Club: Assiniboia; Regina Rowing; Re-
gina Golf Cluj3. Societies: A. F. & A.
M.; R. A. M; K. T.; A. A. O. N. M. S.
Conservative; Presbyterian. Address:
2224 Smith St., Regina, Sask.

JAMBS, Henry. — Stipendary Police
Miagistrate, Brandon. Born England,
January 9, 1837, son of Daniel and
Elizabeth James. Educated Isle of
Wight, England. Usher in school. Isle
of Wight, 1856. Came to Canada, 1869;
farmed Brandon district.. Honorable
Secretary Brandon General Hospital.
Auditor to Western Judicial District
Board. Married Sarah Wellband, Bran-
don, 1895; has two sons and one daugh-
ter. Conservative; Protestant. Ad-
dress: Brandon, Man.

JAMBS, V. C. — General Manager
Western Union Fire Insurance Co., 441
Richards St., Vancouver; Director Gen-
eral Securities Co. Born Toronto, Sept.
17, 1873, son of Henry and Bertha
James. Educated Ottawa and Toronto;
Joined Merchants Bank, Ottawa, 1891;
resigned from that service to engage
business Vancouver, 1909. Married
Caroline M. Sparling, Pembroke, Ont.;
has one son. Club: Terminal City.
Society: A. F. & A. M. Recreation:
Lawn tennis. Address: Manhattan
Apartments, Vancouver, B. C.




JAMXSS, E. A. — Railroader (retired).
President Winnipeg' Canning Co.; Vice-
President Empire Stevedoring Co., Van-
couver; Vice-President British Colum-
bia Sand and Gravel Co., Victoria;
Director Rock Producing Co., Victoria.
Born London, England, April 11, 1865,
son of Edwin and Harriett James. Came
to Canada as a boy with his parents.
Educated public schools, Belleville and
Madoc, Ont. ; telegraph operator, G. T.
R., Madoc, 1879; came to Winnipeg,

1881; associated with C. P. R., 1881-
1902, commencing as operator and fin-
ishing as Superintendent of Transporta-
tion; went to C. N. R. as General Super-
intendent, 1902; appointed General Man-
ager; retired on account of ill health
1907. Married Catharine Muriel Telford,
Winnipeg, 1896; has one son. Club: Man-
itoba. Recreations: Motoring, fishing,
Anglican. Address: 135 Hargrave St.,
Winnipeg, Man.



JAlMtlESON', l^ieuteuant Colonel Fred-
erick Charles — Of Rutherford, Jamieson
& Grant, Barristers, Edmonton. Born
North Grower, Carleton County, Ont.,
May 18, 1875, son of James and Mary
Ann Jamieson. Educated public schools
high school, Kemptville, Ont. Practiced
with Hon. A. C. Rutherford, Strathcona,
since 1899; opened office Edmonton,
1910. Ex-City Solicitor, Strathcona.
Served as trooper, Canadian Mounted Ri-
fles, South Africa, 1900 (medal with four
clasps) ; raised B Squadron, C. M. R.,
1901. Lieutenant Colonel in command
of 19th Alberta Dragoons. Married Ann
Virginia Catherine MacLeod, Edmonton,
1902; has one son. Clubs: Edmonton,
Strathcona, Edmonton Country. Socie-
ties: A. F. & A. M.; L. O. L. Recreation:
Polo, shooting. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: Edmonton, Alta.

JAMIESOIT, Blchard Edwin. — ^Man-
ager Canadian Rubber Co., for British
Columbia, 403 Cordova St., Vancouver.
Born Bond Head, Ont, Dec. 29, 1867,
son of William Reynolds and Margaret
Jamieson. Educated Bond Head, Brad-
ford and Toronto. With L. A. Stev-
ens, Toronto; subsequently engaged with
Higgins & Co., Ames, Holden Co., Ca-
nadian Rubber Co., Toronto. Came to
British Columbia, 1905, Married Jane
Eraser, 1891: has one son and three
daughters Clubs: Terminal; City;
Commercial. Societies: I. O. O. P.,
I. O. F., A. F. & A. M.. Recreations:
Lacrosse, and all outdoor sports. Ad-
dress: 2632 Alberta St., Vancouver,
B. C.



Secretary-Treasurer Globe Elevator Co.,
Grain Exchange, Calgary. Born Lan-
ark County, Ont., April 18, 1872, son of
J. W. and Mary J. Jamieson. Educat-
ed Macalister College, St. Paul, Minn.

Clerk with J. W. Jamieson, grain dealer,
Roscoe, S. D., 1901-1903; with C. G.
Treys, Fessenden, N. D., 1903-1905.
came to Alberta, 1905; Superintendent
Alberta Pacific Elevator Co., 1906-1909;
present position since 1909. Married
Chloe Sharkey, Cumberland, Ont., 1908;
has one daughter. Recreation: Fish-
ing. Presbyterian. Address: 533
Thirteenth Ave., W., Calgary, Alta.


JANSE, Marenus. — Of Janse, McDon-
nell & Co., Railroad Contractors, Cal-
gary. President Janse Bros., Co.,' Ltd.
Born Boston, Mass., Jan. 11, 1862, son
of Hector and Mary Janse. Educated
public and high schools, Fort Madison,
Iowa. Civil Engineer, Colorado, 1880-
1882; engineer Oregon and California
Railway, Southern Oregon, 1882-1884;
railroad contractor, since 1885; came to
Alberta, 1903. Married Adelaide B. Bis-
bee, Akron, Ohio, 1907. Society: B. P.
O. E. Recreations: Hunting, flishing.
Presbyterian. Address, Calgary, Alta.

JABDINE, John, M. X.. A. — Contrac-
tor. Born Lockerbie, Scotland, Sept, 24,
1854, son of John and Janet Jardine.
Educated Drysdale public schools. Came
to British Columbia, established present
business 1884; owns farm lands Lang-
ley, B. C. Unsuccessfully contested
Esquimalt for British Columbia Legis-
lature, 1903 and '1907. Married Jane
King Stoddart, Scotland, 1880. Recrea-
tion: Farming. Liberal; Protestant.
Address: Thoburn, Esquimalt Road,
Victoria, B. C.



JARDXNi:, Robert. — President Daily
News Publishing Co., New Westminster.
Born Cambellton, N. B., Jan. 28, 1864,
son of John and Catherine Jardlne. Edu-
cated public schools. Railroader, New
Brunswick, 1880. Came to British Co-
lumbia, 1889. Owner of steamer "Trans-
fer." Unsuccessful Liberal candidate
for Dominion Parliament, 1907. Mar-
ried Ann CoUas, Vancouver; has one son
and two daughters. Clubs: Westmin-
ster. Societies: Knights Templar, A.
F. & A. M., A. A. O. N. M. S. Recrea-
tion: Lacrosse. Address: 428 Sixth
St. New Westminster, B. C.


JARDINE, Simon Graham Manager

Royal Bank, East End Branch, Van-
couver. Born Jardineville, Kent- Coun-
ty, N. B., Sept. 4, 1879,' son of James
and Mary Jardine. Educated Mt. Al-
lison University; joined Royal Bank,
Moncton, N. B., transferred to New-
castle, N. B., Truro, N. S., Halifax, New
Westminster, Bathhurst and Vancouver.
Came to British Columbia, 1906. Mar-
ried Margaret McKenzie Elliott, 191O6;
has one daughter. Clubs: Terminal
City, Canadian. Society: L O. O. F.
Recreation: hunting. Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: 1724 12th Ave., Vancouver, B. C.

JABDINZ:, William Eddy — Assistant
General Manager Bank of Vancouver,
Vancouver. Born Jardineville, Kent Coun-
ty, N. B., Feb. 4, 1882, son of John and
Margaret Jardine. Educated: Mount Al-
lison University. Clerk Royal Bank,
Antigonish and Truro, N. S., 1898-1901;
clerk Bank of New Brunswick, Summer-
side, St. John, Riverside and Fredericton,


N. B., 1901-1911; Bank of Vancouver, since
January, 1912. Recreations: tennis, base-
ball, outdoor sports. Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: 1724 Twelfth Ave., Vancouver,
B. C.

JABBETT, Stephen Nicholson — City
Building Inspector, Vancouver. Born
Bridlington, Yorkshire, Dec. 27, 1847,
son of Benjamin and Hannah Jarrett.
Educated common school, Ontario. Con-
tractor, Arthur, Ont., 1867-1898. Came
to British Columbia, 1898. President,
Skeena River Lumber Co.; president. Pa-
cific Building Society; vice-president,
Masonic Temple. Married Harriet Alma
Van Akin, 1905. Society: A. F. & A, M.
Address: 2905 Hemlock St., Vancouver,
B. C.

JABVIS, Arthur W. — Manager Mol-
sons Bank, East End Branch, Vancouver.
Born Montreal, March 7, 1879, son of
William C. and Amy Jarvis. Educated
Cate St. Antoine Academy, Montreal.

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