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ried Alice B. Todd, Walkerton, Ont.,
1904. Clubs: Calgary; Canadian.

Society: I. O. O. P. Recreations:
Rifle shooting, mountain climbing. Lib-
eral; Unitarian. Address: 531 Eighth
Ave. E., Calgary, Alta.




JONES, Bobert Wesley, C. £., M. Can.
Soc. C. E. — Of Fail-child, Jones & Taylor,
Consulting, Civil, Mining and Electrical
Engineers, Tegler Bldg., Edmonton; Di-
rector, Mountain Park Coal Co. Born
Burlington, Iowa, May 11, 1871, son of
David R. and Sarah Jones. Educated:
Public schools; Washington University,
Seattle. Rodman, Oregon & Washing-
ton Ry., 1890; assistant engineer. Great
Northern Ry., 1891-1900; assistant en-
gineer, C. P. R., Winnipeg, 1900-1903;
district engineer, G. T. P., Edmonton,
1903-1906; division engineer, G. T. P.,
Edmonton, 1906-1909; Alberta Govern-
ment Engineer, 1909-1912; present part-
nership formed 1912. On location and

construction, Great Northern, Havre to
Seattle, 1891-1893; in charge Cascade
Tunnel, Great Northern, 1897-1900; dou-
ble track work, C. P. R., between Winni-
peg and Fort William, 1900-1903; ex-
ploration work in Rocky Mountains from
Athabasca to Peace River, G. T. P., 1903-
1906; in charge of construction G. T. P.,
Saskatoon to Wolf Creek, 1906-1909; in-
spected Provincial guaranteed railroad
lines for Alberta Government, 1909-1912;
consulting engineer for Railway Depart-
ment, Province of Alberta; in charge
building Mountain Park Coal Ry., Al-
berta coal branch to Mountain Park
mines, 1912. Referred to as "Smith the
Silent" by Cy Warman in his short



stories in connection with location of
G. T. P. and other stories of Northwest;
referred to in Talbot's "Making of a
Great Canadian Railway." Married Jean
Tyner, Prescott, Ont., 1907; has one son
and one daughter. Clubs: Edmonton; Ed-
monton Engineering. Society: A. P. &
A. M. Recreation: Baseball. Liberal;
Anglican. Address: 355 Seventh St., Ed-
monton, Alta.


JONES, Stephen. — -Proprietor Domin-
ion Hotel, Victoria. Born Clinton, Ont.,
July 7, 1869, son of Stephen and Eliza-
beth Jones. Educated high school, Vic-
toria. Came to British Columbia 1872;
member of Council of Board of Trade
two years. Married Eliza Margaret
Thompson, Cornwall, Ont., 1910; has
one son. Club: Pacific (life member).
A. F. & A. M. Recreations:
motoring. Liberal; Anglican.
249 Douglas St., Victoria,

B. C.

JOBDAN, Henry Clay. — Managing Di-
rector Jordan Manufacturing Co., 958
Powell St., Vancouver. Born Indian-
apolis, Ind., July 28, 1845, son of James
G. and Mary A. Jordan. Educated In-
dianapolis. Served United States Army
with 5th Indiana Cavalry 1862-1865.
Financial Manager Indianapolis Whole-
sale Grocers' Association seven years;
later with J. B. Allfree Manufacturing
Co., mill machinery; produced several
patent inventions bearing his name, in-
cluding automatic car fenders and pat-
ent crude oil burners; was member Leg-
islative Council of Indiana; member of
Board of Warner's Railway Patents
Company, Consolidated, Tacoma, Wash.;

Vice-President and General Manager
Jordan Improved Automatic Pender Co.
Seattle, Wash. Married Adelaide Alli-
son, Indianapolis; has five sons and four
daughters. Society: G. A. R. Re-
creations: Hunting, fishing. Ad-
dress: 1310 Robson St., Vancouver,
B. G.

JOBDAN, Henry lawson, B. A. — Of

Maclean, Jordan, Hollinrake & Moxon,
Blarristers, National Trust Building,
Saskatoon. Born Toronto, Feb. 22, 1875,
son of Henry and Mary Eliza Grant Jor-
dan. Educated Toronto University; Os-
goode Hall. Practised Toronto, 1900;
came to Saskatcliewan and practised
Estevan, 1903; Saskatoon, 1906. Served
Captain, 95th Regiment, Saskatoon.
Club: Saskatoon (President). Society:
A. F. & A. M. Recreations: golf, curling.
Conservative; Anglican. Address: Saska-
toon, Sask.

JUKBS, Bev. Mark. — Anglican
clergyman, Vancouver. Born Ontario,
Dec. 7, 1842, son of Rev. Mark Richard
and Harriet Jukes. Educated England,
ordained deacon by Bishop Helmuth,
London, Ont., 1875, priest by the late
Archbishop McRae, of Ruperts Land
and Metropolitan of Canada, Winnipeg,
1876. After fourteen years of mission-
ary work Manitoba Emerson, High
Bluff and Minnedosa, went to Minne-
sota, Alexandira and Anoka three and a
half years; Virginia City, Nevada, two
years; Bellingham, Wash, five years;
Wellington, B. C, as locum tenens, one
and a half years; Chilliwack, seven
years; now has charge of St. Luke's
Church, South Vancouver. Married
Emma L. Parnell, 1876; has five sons
and two daughters. Address: Van-
couver, B. C.

JXTH'IFEB, Annie Bessie — Supervisor
of Household Science, Victoria, B. C.
Born Norwich, England, daughter of
Robert Kerrison and Elizabeth Joyce
Juniper. Educated Norwich high school;
Norfolk Norwich Household Science
Training School; Battersea Training Col-
lege, London, England. Two years
charge of Cookery Centre at Higher
Grade and Nelson Street Schools at Nor-
wich. On the staff of Welsh Interme-
diate Schools. Llandovery and Hawar-
den. Established Household Science un-
der Macdonald fund at Middleton, N. S.;
Prince of Wales College, Prince Edward
Island; held office of Dean of Household
Science, Macdonald Agricultural CoUeg.e,
Ste. Anne de Bellevue, Que.; Professor
of Household Science at the Manitoba
Agricultural Colleg, Winnipeg; member
of Commission for Technical Education
for Province of Manitoba. Address:
School Board Offices, Victoria, B. C.


JUST, Carl P. — Manager Canadian
German Realty Co., 313 Mclntyre Block,
Winnipeg. Born Rapidan, Minn., June
26, 1885, son of William T. and Dorothy
Just. Educated public schools, Min-
nesota. Came to Winnipeg and as-
sumed present position, 1906. Recrea-
tion: Motoring. Independent; Ger-
man Lutheran. Address: 784 El-
gin Ave., Winnipeg, Man.


XABTTRAai, Goro, M. A. B. Sc. —

Proprietor The Canadian News, 363 Pow-
ell St., Vancouver. Born Chiba-Ken,
Japan, Dec. 27, 1864, son of Taimon and
Yasu Kaburagi. Educated Government
College, Tokyo, Japan; Northwest Uni-
versity; University of Illinois. Came
to British Columbia as preacher ana
teaclier; Ex-Superintendent Japanese
missions, British Columbia; Ex-Secre-
tary Japanese Benevolent Association,
Steveston, British Columbia; President
Japanese Tea Gardens; President Chiba
Association. Married Kaoru Ishiwara,
Vancouver. Club: Nippon. Address:
354 Alexander St., Vancouver, B.C.

KAISER, Prank — Managing Director
Grand Union Hotel Co., Ltd., Athabasca
Landing. Born Buffalo, N. Y., Sept. 5,
1870, son of Frank and Elizabeth Johnson
Kaiser. Educated: St. Michael's School,
Buffalo. With General Electric Co., manu-
facturing department, Buffalo, 1888-1893;
with Am-erican Express Co., Buffalo, 1895-
1900; hotel business, Lackawana, N. Y.,
1902-1911; present business since 1911.
Recreations: shooting, fishing. Roman
Catholic. Address: Athabasca Landing,

KAFPPI^E, Arthur James. — Of Kap-
pele & Dockerill, Barristers, Pacific
Block, Vancouver. Born Preston, Ont.,
July 25, 1876, son of Rev. Stephen Kap-
pele. Educated Toronto; Trinity Uni-
versity. Came to British Columbia,
1899 and has practiced Vancouver since;
joint author of Practical Statutes of
Ontario; author of Utopian Snap Shots.
Marrie<l Mabel Wealthy Haynes, Vic-
toria. Club: Terminal City. Ad-
dress: 1064 Denman St., Vancouver,
B. C.


KASTNPB, Milton Alfred.— Real Es-
tate, Insurance Broker; Director Premier
Coal Co., Ltd. Born Sebringville, Ont.,
Feb. 19, 1878, son of John L. and Lena
Kastner. Educated public and high
schools, Ontario. Came to British Co-
lumbia, 1898. Employe Crows Nest
Pass Trading Co., Fernie, 1898-1901;
Assistant Postmaster, Fernie, 1901-
1904; established present business, 1904.
Deputy Sheriff, Fernie. Married Mae
Elizabeth Brown, Fernie, 1909. Club:
Fernie. Society: K. of P. Conserva-
tive; Methodist. Address: Fernie,
B. C.

KAV, G-ilbert. — Proprietor and Editor
Phoenix Pioneer. Born Lerwick, Shet-
land Islands, Dec. 4, 1876, son of David
and Barbara Kay. Educated public
schools, Lerwick. Lathmaker, New
Mexico Lumber Co., Edith Colorado,
1893-1895. Came to British Columbia,
1895; carpenter, Granby Mine, Phoenix,
1895-1908; printing business, 1908; ac-
quired Phoenix Pioneer, 1911. Society:
K. of P. Recreation: Hunting. Con-
servative; Presbyterian. Address:
Phoenix, B. C.

KAV, John T>. — Provincial Inspector
of boilers and machinery. Parliament
Buildings, Victoria. Born Rothesay,
Scotland, March 17, 1875, son of Robert
and Helen Kay. Educated Rothesay
Academy; engineer, Glasgow, 1891-1898.
Came to British Columbia, 1898. So-
ciety: A. F. & A. M. Address: 268
Ontario St., Victoria, B. C.




KEAIiV, Arnold Evan. — Police Mag-
istiate, Broker, 506 Pacific Building,
Vancouver; President Canadian Crude
Oil Co.; Director Fossil Oil Co.; Secre-
tary and Director East Vancouver Land
Co. Bom Chelsea, London, England,
Jan. 10. 1870, son of James William and
Clara Marion Kealy. Educated War-
minster Grammar School, Wiltshire,
England. Came to British Columbia,
1891. Served as Reeve, North Van-
couver, 1905, 1906. 1907; made first
Mayor of North Vancouver. 1907-1908;
Police Magistrate since 1907. Married
Louise Smith McLeod, daughter of Rev.
J. M. McLeod, 1898; has two sons and
one daughter. Clubs: Commercial;
Terminal City; North Vancouver. So-
ciety: K. of P. Recreations: Hockey,
cricket, tennis. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: St. Andrews Ave., North Van-
couver, B'. C.

KISAI^Y, nxajor Oswald William. — -

Barrister, Police Magistrate, Medicine
Hat. Born London, England, April 26,
1868, son of James William and Clara
Marion Butcher Kealy. Educated Ep-
som College. Law student Dollman &
Pritchard, London, England, 1884-1889;
came to Canada, 1890; Constable Royal
Northwest Mounted Police, Battleford,
1890-1900; practiced as Da.vin & Kealy,
Regina, 1901; came to Medicine Hat,
1902; City Solicitor until appointment
to present position; member board
Medicine Hat General Hospital; Major
Alberta Hussars (21st), Medicine Hat.
Married Doralice Wedge, Perryside,
Wales, 1908; has two sons. Clubs:
Cypress, Junior Army and Navy (Lon-
don, England). Societies: A. P. & A.
M. (P. G. M. for Alberta) L O. P.
Recreations: Curling, tennis. Con-
servative; Anglican. Address: Medi-
cine Hat, Alta.

KEABV, William Holland — Insurance
Agent, 520 Columbia St., New Westmin-
ster. Born Portsmouth, England, April
27, 1860, son of Mary Holland and James
Keary, late of Royal Engineers. Educated:
St. Louis College, Westminster. Came to
British Columbia, 1860. Printer, Colum-
bian, New Westminster, 1873-1880; re-
porter and school teacher, Oregon, 1880-
1881; proprietor of book store. New West-
minster, 1881-188ti; accountant, storekeeper
and schoolmaster. Penitentiary, New West-
minster, 1885-1895. Served with Garrison
Artillery, New Westminster Rifles, 1876-
1883. Mayor New Westminster, 1902-1909;
alderman, twelve years; Honorary Secre-
tary Royal Columbian Hospital, New West-
minster,- 1878-1911; some time chief New
Westminster Fire Department; Chairman
Municipal Commission appointed by Pro-
vincial Government; manager and secre-
tary Provincial Exhibition, 1900-1911; first
secretary and for three years president
British Columbia Union of Municipalities.
Married Mary Caroline Bickhoff, 1881; has
three sons and three daughters. Clubs:
Westminster, Terminal Citv (Vancouver).
Societies: A. O. U. W.; K. P.; L O. O. P.;
Printers' Union. Recreation: boating. Con-
servative; Roman Catholic. Address: 72
First St., New Westminster, B. C.

KEEFEB, Georg-e Alexander, M. Inst,
C. E., M. Am. Soc. C. E. and M., Can.
Soc. C. E. — Resident Engineer, Dominion
Department of Public Works, New West-
minster. Born Cornwall, Ont, Sept.
10, 1836, son of George and Margaret
Keefer. Educated St. Catherine's
Academy. On survey and location.
Grand Trunk Railway, Montreal \ to
Cornwall, and Vaudreul and Ottawa
Railway, 1853-1857; architect's office
and Victoria Bridge, Pt. St. Charles,
Montreal, 1857-1865; hydrographical sur-
vey of Illinois River from Lake Michi-
gan to Mississippi River, construction
of lock at Keokuk, Iowa, under United
States Engineers. Construction of lock
and dam at Henry, 111., under State of
Illinois, 1865-1872; Chief Engineer,
Belleville & Grand Junction and Belle-
ville and North Hastings Railway, 1872-
1875; Dominion Government surveys,
Canadian Pacific Railway, Rocky Moun-
tains, Tellowhead Pass westward. Final
location and construction, C. P. R.
through Eraser River canyons. Con-
struction, Boston Bar to Lytton, B. C,
1876-1885; Dominion Government In-
spector, British Columbia, 1886-1887;
in private practice, during which de-
signed and installed Vancouver Water-
works, 1887-1889; resident engineer in
charge of Dominion Public Works Brit-
ish Columbia, 1900-1911. Married Char-
lotte Maude MacMartin, Perth, Ont,
1870 has three sons and one daughter.



Clubs: Union (Victoria), Westminster.
Societies: English Institute of Civil
Engineers, American and Canadian So-
cieties of Civil Engineers, National Geo-
graphical Society of Washington, D. C.
Recreations: Yachting, shooting, fish-
ing and all outdoor sports. Address:
New Westminster, B. C.

KEEN, William Henry, M. D., C. M. —

Physician and Surgeon. Born St.
Mary's Ont., June 2, 1877, son of John
A. C. and Mary Keen. Educated West-
ern University. Came to Alberta and
practiced, 1905. Councillor, Nanton,
1911-1913; President Conservative As-
sociation, Nanton. Club: Nanton.
Societies: A. F. & A. M., I. O. O. F.
Conservative; Anglican. Address: Nan-
ton, Alta.

KEEXn^E-SrSIDE, Ellis William.—

Provincial Manager North American Life
Assurance Co., 445 Granville St., Vancou-
ver. Born London, Ont., Dec. 25, 1861, son
of Anthony and Anna Maria Keenleyside.
Educated public high schools London.
Wholesale dry goods, London; subse-
quently engaged life insurance, Toron-
to. Came to British Columbia, 1899.
Director Dominion Trust Co., Ltd.; Di-
rector and Secretary W. J. McMaster &
Sons, Ltd.; Director British Canadian
Securities, Ltd.; Director Title Holding
Co., Ltd.; Vice-President Confederation
Investment Co., Ltd.; Director London
& British Columbia Insurance Co.; Pres-
ident Y. M. C. A., 1908, 1909, 1910, 1911,
1912. Married Margaret Louise Irvine,
1889; has two sons and two daughters.
Liberal; Methodist. Address: 3410 1st
Ave., Vancouver, B. C.

KEFFER, Frederick, E. M. — Acting
General Manager British Columbia Cop-
per Co., Ltd., and New Dominion Copper
Co., Ltd. Greenwood. Born Philadelphia,
Pa., Sept. 21, 1861, son of John C. and
Harriet J. Keffer. Educated Ohio State
University, Columbus, Ohio. Engaged
field work for Geological Survey, Ohio
State Government, 1882; engaged railway
construction work, Pennsylvania, 1883-
1884; electrical construction work, Co-
lumbus, Ohio, 1885-1886; Assistant Pro-
fessor chemistry, Ohio State University,
1886-1892; mining, Syndicate Improve-
ment Co., Wyoming, 1892-1893; engaged
electro-chemical work. New York City,
1894-1895; manager gold mining property.
Old Mexico, 1895-1896. Came to British
Columbia, 1896; manager British Co-
lumbia Copper Co., Ltd., 1896-1905;
consulting engineer and geologist same
company, 1905-1912; present position
since July, 1912. Married Emily Caro-
line Lehner, 1887; has one son. Club:
Greenwood. Societies: Canadian Mining
Institute (Past president), American
Mining Institute, American Electro-


Chemical Society, American Association
for Advancement of Science. Recrea-
tions: Photography, fruit raising. Pres-
byterian. Address: Greenwood, B. C.

XEITH, Bouald, B. A., Iil,. B. — Bar-
rister. Born Halifax, Aug. 26, 1882, son
of Donald and Mary Clarke Keith. Edu-
cated public schools, Dalhousie Uni-
versity. Law student Drysdale & Mc-
Innes, Halifax, 1904; Aikins & Co., Win-
nipeg, 1905; came to North Battleford,
1906; practiced as Chisholm «& Keith,
1906; Earle & Keith, 1907; practicing
alone since 1910. Clubs: Winnipeg
Canoe, Northwest Rowing, Wanderers
Athletic (Halifax). Recreations: Ca-
noeing, riding, swimming, sailing. Con-
servative; Presbyterian. Address:
North Battleford, Sask.

XEITH, Neil Donald, B. A., M. A., B.

D. — President Alberta Ladies' College,
Red Deer. Born Lakeport, Ont., son
of Peter Duncan and Flora McKinnon
Keith. Educated McGill University,
Presbyterian College. With McCreery
& Young, Glencoe, Ont., 1886; ordained
and inducted into the pastorate of
Knox Church, Leamington, Ont., by
Presbytery of Chatham, 1899; called to
Watford, 1901 (declined) ; resigned
Leamington, 1905; called to Wick, Ont.;
called to Prescott, Ont., 1908; called by
Synod of Alberta to assume presidency
of Alberta Ladies' College, Red Deer,
1910. Married Annie Younge, daughter
of R. M. Younge, Red Deer, 1899; has
one son and tliree daughters. Inde-
pendent Liberal; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: Red Deer, Alta.




KEI^IiETT, Georg-e. — (Retired). Boin
Belleville, Ont., June 15, 1870, son of
Richard and Mary Jane Campbell Kel-
lett. Educated public schools. Came
to Manitoba, 1879; crossed Red River
in scow, there being no railways in Win-
nipeg; one of pioneers on Carberry
Plains; station agent, C. P. R., Deloraine
and Sewell, Man., and Carlyle, Sask.,
1889-1906; engaged in lumber business
Carlyle, 1906-1911; installed waterworks
system in town. Councillor. 1906-1908;
Mayor, 1910; School Trustee, 1910-1911.
Came to Vancouver, 1911. Alarried
Gertrude Broatch, Moose Jaw, 1909.
Recreations: Curling, etc. Conserva-
tive; Protestant. Address: 446 13th
Ave. W., Vancouver, B. C.

Km^I^ET, r. E. — President and Gen-
eral Manager, General Agencies, Lim-
ited, Real Estate and Insurance Brok-
ers, Wetaskiwin. Born Cleveland, Minn.,
Dec. 13, 1867, son of John W. and Eliza-
beth Kelley. Educated public schools.
Came to Alberta, 1892; farmed, 1892-
1900; established present business, 1900;
incorporated under present style, 1912.
Member, Wetaskiwin School Board,
1909-1912; member Council, Wetaskiwin,
1907-1908. Married Elizabeth Tomlin,
1893; has one son and two daughters.
Societies: I. O. O. F. ; K. P. Recreations:
curling, shooting. Conservative; Meth-
odist. Address: Wetaskiwin, Alta.

KEI^I^IHEB, Bartholomew Brosman,

C. E. — Chief Engineer Grand Trunk Pa-
cific Railway Co., Winnipeg. Born
County Kerry, Ireland, Dec. 26, 1862,
son of Johanna and John D. Kelliher,
C. E. Educated Dublin University.
Came to America 1886. Civil engineer
on the principal western railway sys-
tems United States, 1886-1904; joined
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, 1904; ap-
pointed Chief Engineer, 1905; removed
office from Montreal to Winnipeg, 1909.

^^^^^^^HHb^^II, wit,^^


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Married Anna Isabelle Souter, 1904 (de-
ceased, 1908). Clubs: St. James
(Montreal), Manitoba. Roman Coth-
olic. Address: Royal Alexandra Ho-
tel, Winnipeg, Man.


KEI^I^INGTON', Allbert E. — Of Kelling-
ington & Hendry, Real Estate and In-
surance Brokers, Bank of Vancouver
Building, New Westminister; Vice-
President Daily News Publishing Co.,
Ltd. Born Listowel, Ont., May 24, 1874,
son of William and Maria Andrew Kell-
ington. Educated high school, Listowel,
Normal Schools, Stratford and Otta-
wa. Taught school Ontario; 1893; Nee-
pawa, Man., 1895-1900; general agent
Sun Life Insurance Co., Manitoba, 1900-
1904; real estate business, Neepawa,
Man., 1904-1907. Came to British Co-



lumbia, 1907; employe Dominion Trust
Co., New Westminster, 1907-1909; estab-
lished present business, 1909. Presi-
dent Liberal Association, New Westmin-
ster, 1909-1910. Married Lilian Hamil-
ton, Neepawa, 1899; has two sons and
one daughter. Club: Westminster.
Societies: A. F. & A. M., I. O. O. F.,
K. of P. Recreation: Football. Lib-
eral; Methodist. Address: 44 Leopold
Place, New Westminster, B. C.

KEZiIi'ST, Andrew. — President Western
Canada Flour Mills Co., Ltd., Grain Ex-
change, Winnipeg. Born Middlesex
County, Ont., July 10, 1852, son of John
and Sarah Kelly. Educated high
schools. Ontario. With G. Carter, Son
& Co., St. Mary's Ont., 1878-1881; mill-
ing business as A. Fisher & Co., Bran-
don, Man., 1881, firm name changed to
A. Kelly Milling Co., 1890; amalgamated
with Lake Huron & Manitoba Milling
Co., Goderich, Ont., under present firm
name 1905; company controls mills To-
ronto, Goderich, Winnipeg, and Brandon;
90 elevators western provinces and
warehouses Toronto, Goderich and
Montreal. Alderman, Brandon three
terms; Mayor, 1898-1891; President Can-
ada Fish and Cold Storage Co., Prince
Rupert; President Winnipeg Develop-
ment Co.; Vice-President Cardiff-Colliers
Co.; Director Security Warehouse &
Storage Co.; President Winnipeg Grain
Exchange, 1912; Director Great West
Life Assurance Co. Married Mary Louise
Bremner, Toronto, 1882; has two sons
and one daughter. Clubs: Manitoba, St.
Charles Country, Brandon. Recreations:
horses, athletic sports, curling (holder
of 28 medals and cups). Conservative;
Presbyterian. Address: 118 Stradbrooke
Place, Winnipeg, Man.

KEIiI^V, Marg'aret Mary Corbett. —

Wife of Thomas Kelly. Has six sons
and oni; daughter. Born North York,
Ont, daughter of Thomas and Mary
Theresa O'Donohoe Corbett. Educated
North Yorke. Member St. Mary's R. C.
Ohurch, Winnipeg; patroness and life
member and Treasurer (1911) of St.
Joseph's Boys' Orphanage Auxiliary; as-
sociate member Anti-Tuberculosis Aux-
iliary; member General Hospital Board;
Children's Hospital Board; St. Mary's
Ladles' Aid. Clubs: Woman's Musi-
cal, Canadian, Western Art Association.
Recreations: Boating, motoring,

music, driving. Address: Carlton St.
and Assinlboine Ave., Winnipeg, Man.

ZXI^^Y, Bobert. — President and Man-
aging Director Kelly, Douglas & Co.,
Ltd., Wholesale Grocers and Tea Import-
ers, W^ater Street, Vancouver; President
Canadian Cedar Lumber Co; Vice-Presi-
dent Wm. Hickey & Co., Ltd.; Director

Dominion Fire Insurance Co.; Director
Securities Corporation of British Colum-
bia. Born Russell, Ont., Aug. 15, 1862,
son of James and Sarah Mills Kelly.
Educated public schools Russell. Gen-
eral store, Russell, 18 80; manager of
store, telegraph office. Finch, Ont., 1884-
1888; moved to California and in gen-
eral store business there; afterwards
came to Vancouver and opened general
store; then traveler for Oppenheimer
Bros., 1889-1896; established present
business, 1896; Honorary President Van-
couver Liberal Association; Vice-Presi-
dent Dominion Wholesale Grocers' Guild.
Recommended by the Liberals for Sena-
tor, 1906. Married Lillian Craig, Russell,
Ont., 1892; has two children. Clubs:
Vancouver, Western, Terminal City. Lib-
etal; Anglican. Address: 1106 Nicola St.,
Vancouver, B. C.


KEI^IiY', Thomas. — Of Thomas Kelh - &
Sons, Contractors, 200 Nanton Building,
Winnipeg. Born March 23, 1855. Emi-
grated to United States, 1864. Educat-
ed Oneida County, New York. Com-
menced business Winnipeg as head of
the firm of Kelly Bros., Contractors,
which firm became Kelly Bros. &
Company; this firm was merged into
The Manitoba Construction Company, of
which company Thomas Kelly was
President and manager, 1903-1905;
President and Manager Kelly Bros &
Mitchell, Ltd., 1905-1808; present firm
established 1908. The following are
some of the more notable buildings that
have been erected by him or by the
firms of which he has been the head:
The Dominion Government Post Office,
and the Canadian Bank of Commerce
Buildings, Vancouver; the Dominion
Government Post Office Building, Grain
Exchange Building, Free Press Build-
ing, the Imperial Bank, the Bank of
Toronto and the Bank of Nova Scotia,
the Canadian Pacific Railway Shops, the
Canadian Northern Railway Shops, Win-



nipeg. He has also constructed the sub-
structures of several bridges across the
Red and Assiniboine Rivers, Winnipeg.
Married to Margaret Mary Corbett, 1882.
He has six sons and one daughter. Ad-

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