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1892; Alderman, 1906-1907; 1910-1911;
member of Council, Prince Albert Ag-
ricultural Society, 1910-1911; trustee
Catholic Hospital, 1911. Married Rose
Louise Decoteau, Sarnia, 1880; has nine
sons and three daughters. Societies: K.
of C, C. M. B. A. Recreations: baseball,
curling, rowing. Conservative; Roman
Catholic. Address: 321 Twelfth St.,
Prince Albert, Sask.

Ph. D., D. D.

IiACOSTi:, Bev. Henry, O. M, I., Ph.
D., D.D. — Vicar General of the Diocese
of Prince Albert. Born Ycel, France,
Aug. 17, 1864. Educated: Gregorian Uni-
versity, Rome; Little Seminary of Au-
benas, France. Came to Ottawa and ap-
pointed Professor of Theology, Ottawa
University, 1889; appointed Rector of
Cathedral, Prince Albert, 1896; Vicar
General, 1908. Society: K. of C. Recrea-
tion: reading. Address: Bishop's Pal-
ace, Prince Albert, Sask.

]&ADNI:B, Thomas Ellis (Retired) —
Born Trenant Park, Cornwall, England,
Sept. 8, 1836, son of Edward and Sarah
Ladner. Educated Nash grammar school,
Falmouth. Came to British Columbia,
1858; engaged salmon canning, mining
and agriculture. Director, British Co-
lumbia Life Insurance Co. Served as
Lieutenant Home Guards, New Westmin-
ster, Fenian Raid, 1866. Married Edna
Booth, Victoria, 1865 (deceased, 1883);
married Minnie Elizabeth Parr, Los
Gatos, Cal., 1884; has three sons and
three daughters. Recreations: riding,
driving, fishing. Conservative. Address:
1018 Bidwell St., Vancouver, B. C.

£ADNZ:b, William Henry Doug-las —

Barrister, 640 Hastings St., W., Van-
couver. Born St. Johns, Nfld., April 24,
1879, son of Rev. Charles and Maria
Ladner. Came to British Columbia, 1888.
Educated Columbian Methodist College,
New Westminster; law student, Vancou-
ver, 1901. Served with 3rd Royal Can-
adian Regiment, Victoria Garrison. Mar-
ried Frances Pearl Davies, Kamloops;
has two daughters. Address: 1951 Napier
St., Vancouver, B. C.




IiAIDIiAW, Iiome Nelson — Of Laidlaw
& Blanchard, Barristers and Solicitors,
Medicine Hat. Born Berlin, Ont., Feb.
6, 1882, son of Gideon B. and Jennie
A. Laidlaw. Educated Brandon College.
Called to Manitoba Bar, 1908; practiced,

Brandon, 1908-1910; present partnership
formed, 1911. Married May Hall, Bran-
don. Club: Cypress. Society: K. P.
Liberal; Presbyterian. Address: Medi-
cine Hat, Alta.



I^AIBIiAW, Bev. Bobert Simpson, B.

A. — St. Paul's Presbyterian Church,
Brandon. Born Westminster, Ont., Feb.
15, 1877, son of William and Margaret
Laidlaw. Educated: Toronto University,
United Free Church College, Glasgow,
Scotland; Knox College. Entered minis-
try as assistant, Knox Church, Wood-
stock, 1903-1904; pastor of St. Andrew's
Church, Belleville, 1904-1909; called to
present charge, 1909. Married Mary
Veronica Dunlop, Woodstock, Ont., 1905;
has one son. Liberal; Prebyterian. Ad-
dress: Brandon, Man.

IiAIDIiAW, Stewart Bawlston, B. A. —

Of Laidlaw, St. John & Earl, Barristers,
Union Bank BIdg., Winnipeg. Born
Havelock, Ont., March 2, 1876, son of
George E. and Sarah Laidlaw. Edu-
cated Manitoba University. Taught
school, Manitoba, 1894-1900. Came to
Winnipeg to study law, 1900. Vice-pres-
ident Young Liberal Association. Mar-
ried Wilhelmina Bell, Winnipeg, 1906;
has three sons. Club: Assiniboine. So-
ciety: A. F. & A. M. Recreation: curl-
ing. Liberal: Methodist. Address: 533
Sherbrooke St., Winnipeg, Man.

G. S. LAING, C. A.

I^AING, Georg-e Stanley, C. A. — Of

Montague, Aldous & Laing, Chartered
Accountants, Nanton Bldg., Winnipeg.
Born London, Ont., Sept. 24, 1877, son of
George and Caroline Laing. Educated
Collegiate Institute, London. Bank
clerk, London, 1890. Came to Winnipeg,
1896. Holds Captain's certificate, Can-
adian Militia. Married Florence Mabel
Bradshaw, Winnipeg, 1906; has two sons
and one daughter. Clubs: Military In-
stitute, Manitoba and St. Cliarles Coun-
try Club. Recreations: football, rowing,
golf. Anglican. Address: 104 Scott St.,
Winnipeg, Man.

IiAKE, Bichard Stnart, M. F. —

Farmer. Born Preston, England, July
10, 1860, son of Margaret and Lieuten-
ant-Colonel Percy G. B. Lake. Edu-
cated Haversham Grammar school,
Westmoreland. Member Northwest Ter-
ritory Legislature, for Grenfell, 1898-
1904; unsuccessful candidate to House
of Commons for East Assiniboia, 1900;
elected for Qu'Appelle, 1904; re-elected,
1908. Married Dorothy Fletcher, Otta-
wa, 1190. Conservative; Anglican. Ad-
dress: Grenfell, Sask.


XAMONT, The Hon. John Henderson,
B. A., ImIm. B. — Judge of the Supreme
Court of Saskatchewan. Born Mulmur
Township, Dufferin County, Ont., Nov.
12, 1865, son of Duncan Carmichael
and Margaret Robson Lament. Edu-
cated high school, Brampton, and
Orangeville; Toronto University; Os-
goode Hall. Called to Ontario bar, 1895;
practiced, Toronto, 1895-1899; came to
Saskatchewan, 1899; elected to House of
Commons, for Saskatchewan, 1904; re-
signed to become Attorney-General first
Government of Province of Saskatche-
wan, 1905; appointed present office, 1907.
Married Margaret Murray Johnston,
1899; has one daughter. Address: 2060
Lome St., Regina, Sask.



I^AMFMAIT, His Honour Peter Secord

— Judge of the County Court, Victoria.
Born Stamford, Ont, June 23, 1867, son
of Thomas and Catherine Middaugh
Lampman. Educated: high school, Tho-
rold; Trinity University; Osgoode Hall.
Law student Miller," Cox & Tale, St.
Catharines, 1888-1889; Bruce, Burton &
Bruce, Hamilton, 1889-1890; Hall & Kil-
mer, Toronto, 1891-1892. Called to On-
tario bar, 1892. Came to British Co-
lumbia and called to bar, 1893; ap-
pointed Judge, 1905. Served as pay-
master, 5th Victoria Regiment, 1900-
1901. Club: Union. Recreations: ten-
nis, golf. Anglican. Address: 1700
York Place, Oak Bay, Victoria, B. C.

I^ANDBY, Hector I^., m. A., I^I^. B. —

Of Landry & Landry, Barristers, Edmon-
ton. Born Dorchester, N. B., July 14,
1881, son of Annie and Hon. Perre A.
Landry. Judge of Supreme Court of
New Brunswick. Educated: high school,
Dorchester; University of St. Joseph's;
King's College; Harvard University.
Practiced, Moncton, N. B., 1903; as El-
wood & Landry, Moosomin, Sask., 1904;
has been practicing continually at Ed-
monton since Sept. 1905; present part-
nership formed, 1911. Member bar of


New Brunswick, Saskatchewan and Al-
berta. Married Madeline M. Graves, Ed-
monton, 1909; has two daughters. Clubs:
Edmonton, Harvard Canadian, Harvard
Union. Conservative; Roman Catholic.
Address: Edmonton. Alta.


JmA-NE, Charles Edwin — Real Estate
and Financial Broker, 233 Eighth Ave.,
Calgary. Born Cornwall, England, Dec.
24, 1870, son of William and Mary
Lane. Educated private schools, Eng-
land. Came to Alberta and engaged with
R. G. Dun & Co., Calgary, 1906; estab-
lished present business, 1906. Married
Helen Chepnell, Sioux City, Iowa, 1895;
has two sons and one daughter. Society:
A. F. & A. M. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: 308 Centre St., Calgary, Alta.




IiANE, Georg'e — Rancher and Stock-
breeder, director, Permanent Loan & In-
vestment Co., Calgary. Born near Des
Moines, Iowa, March 9, 1856, son of J.
W. and Julia Lane. Educated public
schools, Cherokee County, Kansas. Fore-
man on ranch of Patrick Large, Madi-
son County, Montana, 1876-1881; herded
cattle for Concord Bros., Deer Lodge,
Mont., 1881-1883; came to Alberta, 1884;
foreman. North West Cattle Co. (Bar
U Ranch), High River, 1884-1890; put
beef cattle on Blodd Reserve for Pat
Burns, 1891-1892; in partnership with
Gordon, Ironsides & Fares, bought the
(Bar U) ranch from the North West
Cattle Co., 1902. Married Elizabeth
Sexsmith, Ottawa, 1885; has four sons
and four daughters. Clubs: Ranchmen's,
High River (president), Chinook (Leth-
bridge), Macleod. Societies: A. F. &
A. M., I. O. O. F. Recreation: shoot-
ing. Liberal; Methodist. Address: 399
Fourth Ave., W., Calgary, Alta.

IiANE, William S., LL. B. — Of Ross,
Macdonald & Lane, Barristers and Solic-
itors, Liphardt Block, Fernie; solicitor
for Crows Nest Pass Coal Co. Born
Huron County, Ont, June 6, 1882, son of
William and Harriet Stewart Lane. Edu-
cated: Collegiate Institute, Goderich,
Ont.; Toronto University; Osgoode Hall.
Called to Ontario bar, 1904. Practiced,
St. Cahherines, Ont., 1904-1909. Came to
British Columbia, 1909; practiced at
Fernie since. Served as Captain 19th
Regiment, St. Catharines, 1904-1909.
Club: P'ernie. Society: I. O. O. F. Lib-
eral; Presbyterian. Address: Fernie, B.

G. M. LANG, C. E.

I^ANG, Georg-e Macdonald, C. E. — Of

Lang & Major, Civil Engineers and
Architects, Board of Trade Bldg., Cal-
gary. President Alberta Association of
Architects. Born Ottawa, Aug. 16, 1860,
son of Rev. James and Mary Macdon-
ald Lang. Educated: Ottawa public
schools and Ottawa College. Student
with Horsey & Sheard, Ottawa, 1874.
Came to Manitoba, 1879; Alberta, 1894;
several years Engineering Department
C. P. R., Western Division; private prac-
tice, Calgary, since 1904. Served as
Captain, 90th Regiment, Winnipeg, 1889.
Married Stella Bothwell, 1910. Society:
A. F. & A. M. (A. & A. S.), Mystic
Shrine. Conservative; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: Young Bldg., Calgary, Alta.

ImATUG, Sidney Edward, B. A. (Mani-
toba), M. A. (Cornell) — Inspector of Sec-
ondary Schools, Manitoba. Born Ot-
tawa, Feb. 17, 1864, son of Rev. James
and Mary Macdonald Lang. Educated
Collegiate Institute, Ottawa; Mani-
toba University; Cornell University.
Came to Manitoba, 1880; Inspector of
Schools for Provincial Government,
1890; member of Normal School Staff,
1905-1911. Author of several school
texts: A Primer of General Method; An
Introductory English Grammar; An
Intermediate English Grammar and
others. Married Emily Georgena Mil-
ler, 1891. Society: A. F. & A. M. Pres-
byterian. Address: 967 Grosvenor Ave.,
Winnipeg, Man.




IiAN&EVIN, The Most Rev. I^ouis
Philippe Adelard, H. J>., O. TIL. I. — Arch-
bishop of St. Boniface. Born St. Isidore
Laprairie, Que., Aug. 23, 1855, son of
Francois Theophile Langevin and Ra-
mela Racicot. Father was a near rela-
tion of Sir Hector Langevin, and mother
was sister of the Right Rev. Zotique
Racicot, Bishop of Pogla. Educated Mon-
treal College; studied theology St. Sul-
pician Grand Seminary, Montreal; com-
pleted the course of his theology (moral)
at St. Mary's College (Jesuit), Montreal;
entered Order of Oblates of Mary Im-
maculate, 1881; ordained priest, 1882;
preacher for diocesan missions, 1882-'
1885; professor of Moral Theology, Cath-
olic University, Ottawa; vice-dean of
Theological Faculty, 1885; D. D., 1892.

Came to Manitoba, 1893, as Superior of
the Oblates, Archdiocese of St. Boni-
face and Rector of St. Mary's Church,
Winnipeg; elected as Second Arch-
bishop of St. Boniface, Jan., 1895;
has battled on the Manitoba school ques-
tion; visited England, France, Belgium,
Germany, 1890; visited Rome and the
Holy Father, 1896, 1898, 1904, 1906, 1908,
1910; visited Holy Land, 1904. Member
International Truth Society; attended
Plenary Council, Quebec, 1909, and th3
Eucharistic Congress, Montreal, 1910.
Started a new religious teaching order
of Nuns, "The Missionary Oblate Nuns
of the Sacred Heart and Mary Immacu-
late," 1904; visited Austria in the inter-
ests of Galicians, Poles and Ruthenians



coming to Canada; has founded twenty-
eight parishes; twenty-four educational
convents; three hospitals; two orphan-
ages; six Indian boarding schools; has
doubled the number of priests and mis-
sionary stations among the Indians;
completed the construction of a new
cathedral, Oct. 1908. Address: Arch-
bishop's Palace, St. Boniface, Man.


IiANG-AN', John Frederick, Jm. B., I*. B.

G. S.— President Vancouver Colonization
Co., Ltd., 717 Rogers Bldg., Vancouver;
Vice-President Royal Financial Corpora-
tion, Ltd.; President Hansel-Langan,
Knappen Co., Winnipeg and Chicago;
Director Coquitlam Terminal Co., Ltd.,
Vancouver; Vice-President Coquitlam
Land & Development Co., Ltd., Vancou-
ver. Born St. Thomas, Ont., Jan., 1869,
son of Edward and Elizabeth Langan.
Educated St. Thomas; Chicago; law de-
partment Lake Forest University, Lake
Forest, lU. Interested Western Canada
colonization work, coming to British
Columbia 1907. Liberal. Address: Van-
couver, B. C.

IiANGDON, Kenneth Murray, B. A. —

Barrister. Born Brighton Township,
Ont., April 8, 1867, son of Hannibal and
Caroline Elizabeth Langdon. Educated:
Brighton high school; Model School,
Cobourg; Toronto normal school; Toron-
to University; Manitoba University.
Taught school, Brighton Township
1887; came to Alberta as Principal

Macleod public school, 1900; subsequent-
ly taught school Victoria, B. C. ; prac-
ticed Macleod since 1910. Secretary
Macleod Farmers' Association. Married
Joan Catherine Henderson Williamson,
Toronto, 1893; has four sons. Recrea-
tion: farming. Liberal; Presbyterian.
Address: Macleod, Alta.

I^ANGZ^BT, Albert Godwin, B. Sc. — Of

A. G. Langley & Co., Ltd., Mining En-
gineers, 319 Pender St., Vancouver; di-
rector, Anglo-American Lumber Co., Ltd.
Born Victoria, Oct. 27, 1877, son of Al-
fred John Langley. Educated: Hailey-
burg College, England; McGill Univer-
sity. Mining Arizona and Mexico, 1903-
1905; engaged engineering and agency
business, Vancouver, since 1907. Mar-
ried Mabel Sophie, daughter of Hon.
Mr. Justice Walkem, 1904; has two
daughters. Clubs: Vancouver, Royal
Vancouver Yacht, Victoria Golf. Recre-
ations: golf, yachting. Conservative;
Anglican. Address: 1542 Nelson St.,
Vancouver, B. C.

IiANGIiBY, Hon. Georg^e, M. I^. A. —

Minister of Municipal Affairs for Al-
berta, Edmonton; Farmer; Vice-President
Saskatchewan Co-operative Elevator Co.,
Ltd. Born Saffron Walden, Essex, Eng-
land, Nov. 10, 1852. Educated Walden,
England. Came to Canada, 1893. Member
Saskatchewan Legislature for Redberry.
Married Helen Hales, 1876; has four
sons and one daughter. Liberal. Ad-
dress: Maymount, Sask.

I^ANGIiEV, William H. — Barrister,
1112 Langley St., Victoria. Born Vic-
toria, Feb. 13, 1868, son of A. J. and
Mary Langley. Educated: Trinity Col-
lege school. Port Hope; Inns of Court,
London, England. Called to the Brit-
ish Columbia bar, 1890. Practiced Vic-
toria, 1891. Alderman, 1910-1911. Served
with 5th Regiment Canadian Garrison
Artillery, 1887-1890; commissioned rank,
1899-1905; now Captain Corps Reserve.
Married Gladys Baiss, Victoria, 1906;
has one son and two daughters. Club:
Union. Recreations: yachting, golf.
Liberal; Anglican. Address: Oak Knoll,
Foul Bay Road, Victoria, B. C.




^ANGFOBD, Thomas Josepli — Finan-
cial and Real Estate Broker, 517 Union
Bank Bldg., Winnipeg. Born near
Guelph, Wellington County, Ont., March
31, 1870, son of Jeremiah and Mary
Liangford. Educated: public schools.
Came to Manitoba 1899. Salesman Win-
nipeg, 1899-1900; established present
business 1900. Member Winnipeg Real

Estate Exchange. Married Frances
Irene Tomlin, daughter of Benjamin
Tomlin, Toronto, 1900; has two daugh-
ters. Clubs: Catholic; Winnipeg Auto-
mobile; Stonewall Automobile. Societies:
K. C. ; C. O. F. Recreation: Motoring.
Catholic. Address: 260 Wellington
Crescent, Winnipeg, Man.




IiANGIiOIS, Thomas Talton — Finan-
cier; President British Columbia Perma-
nent Loan Company, 330 Pender St.,
Vancouver. Born Gaspe, Que., Nov. 28,
1867, son of Nicholas and Jane Langlois.
Educated Port Hope and Beaverton, Ont.
Of firm of Langlois & Eastman, Toron-
to, 1886. Came to British Columbia,
1898. Organized British Columbia Per-
manent Loan Co.; president, National
Finance Co., Ltd.; president. Prudential
Investment Co., Ltd.; president, Pacific
Coast Fire Insurance Co.; trustee, Chris-
tian Institute. Married Diana Hall, 1892;
has one son and one daughter. Societies:
C. O. F., I. O. F. Recreations; driving
and boating. Methodist. Address: 300
Pender St., Vancouver, B. C.

Z;A1TNING, Walter Jolm — Of Lanning,
Fawcett & Wilson, Delta St., Ladner.
Born Wiltshire, England, Oct. 22, 1865,
son of Walter and Mary Lanning. Edu-
cated Taunton, Somerset, England. Came
to British Columbia, 1895; to Ladner,
1898. President Ladner Board of Trade,
1910. Married Gertrude Weare, Victoria,
1987; has three sons and two daughters.
Recreations: fishing and gardening. Ad-
dress: Ladner, B. C.

IiANTZ, Praser Harry. — President F.
H. Lantz Co., Ltd., Canada Life Bldg.,
Vancouver. Born Chester Basin, N. S.,
Oct. 25, 1869. Educated Chester, N. S.
Came to British Columbia, 1890. Di-
rector Nicola Valley Coal Co.; Director
Dominion Fruit Co. Married Mabel
Crlpps. Club: Terminal City. Rec-
reation: Fishing. Address: 1307
Harwood St., Vancouver, B. C.

l^ABDON, Francis, O. DC I., Ph. D.,

D. D., M. A. — -Late pastor Sacred Heart
Church, Vancouver. Born Lyons,
France, Nov. 13, 1877, son of John and
Alice Lardon. Educated St. Basil's Col-
lege and Gregorian University. Or-
dained, Rome, 1900. Came to British
Columbia, 1902. Society: C. O. F.
Address: 887 Keefer St., Vancouver,
B. 0,

IiABlvIEBi:, Hon. Alphonse Alfred

Clement, Senator — Born Montreal, July
24, 1842, son of late Abraham C. and
Adelaide Marcil Longueuil Lariviere.
Educated Jacques Cartier Normal
School; St. Mary's College, Montreal.
President, Board of Arts and Manufac-
turers and Institute des Artisans, Prov-
ince of Quebec, prior to coming to Win-
nipeg, 1871; was superintendent of
Catholic schools, and secretary. Board of
Education, Manitoba; was also editor,
Le Manitoba newspaper. Unsuccessful
candidate for St. Anne's, 1874; elected
to Manitoba Legislature for St. Boni-
face, 1878-1889, during which term held
portfolios of Provincial Secretary, Min-
ister of Agriculture and Provincial
Treasurer. Elected to House of Com-
mons for Provencher, 1889; re-elected,
1891, 1896 and 1900; chairman of debates
committee, House of Commons, seventh
Parliament. Summoned to Senate, 1911.
Married Marie Melvina Bourdeau, 1867
(deceased, 1885). Conservative; Roman
Catholic. Address: St. Boniface, Man.


IiABSON, Andrew G. — Mining Engi-
neer, 809 Bower Bldg., Vancouver; Con-
sulting Engineer for Le Roi Mining Co.;
Manager Ikeda Mines, Ltd. Born



Stockholm, Sweden, May 18, 1870, son
of C. I. and M. Ulrika Larson. Came
to United States, 1880. Educated Color-
ado. Engaged mining, Leadville Color-
ado, 1887; Superintendent Bix Six and
Nettie Morgan Mines, Leadville, 1897-
1898; charge Sacramento Mines, Cripple
Creek, 1898; foreman Tiger Poorman,
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, 1898-1899; came to
British Columbia, 1900; General Super-
intendent Rossland Kootenay Mining
Co., Rossland, 19001-1905; General Su-
perintendent Le Roi Mining Co., Ross-
land, 1905-1910. Married Helen J.
Murphy, Maryland, 1904. Club: Ter-
minal City, Rossland. Societies: A.
F. & A. M. 32d degree; B. P. O. E.; A.
L M. E. Presbyterian Address: 601
Bute St, Vancouver, B. C.


I^ATHAM, Chester E. — Of Davidson &
McRae, General Agents Land Depart-
ment, C. N. R., Winnipeg. Born Bloom-
ington. 111., Sept. 16, 1863, son of Eph-
raim and Lydia M. Latham. Educated
grammar and high schools, Bloomington,
Illinois Wesleyan University, clerk Chi-
cago & Alton Ry., Bloomington, 1882;
clerk. National State Bank, Blooming-
ton, 1883; cashier Insurance Company,
Bloomington, 1884; manager of depart-
ment Ogden, Sheldon & Co., Chicago,
1896; public accountant, 1902; with Mar-
wick, Mitchell & Co., accountants, Min-
neapolis, 1905. Came to Manitoba, 1906.
Secretary Saskatchewan Valley Land Co.,
Ltd.; Secretary Quill Plains Land Co.,
Ltd.; Secretary Coast Lumber Yards, L..d.
Married Frances J. Hagan, 1886; has
one daughter. Society: A. F. & A.
M. Baptist. Address: 824 Preston
Ave., Winnipeg, Man.

J^ATHWEi;^, William Thomas Daniel,

B. A. — Barrister, 117A 8th Ave. W., Cal-
gary. Born Orangeville Ont., April
22, 1876, son of William Thomas and
Annie Lathwell. Educated Collegiate
Institute, Woodstock, Manitoba Univers-
ity; principal public schools. Crystal
City and Glenboro, Man.; studied law
with Rothwell & Johnson, Winnipeg,
1901-1904; came to Alberta, 1905; with
Short & Stuart, Barristers, Calgary,
1905-1907; practiced Calgary since 1907.
Alderman Calgary, 1911. Married Flor-
ence Minerva Tweed, Winnipeg, 1907;
has three sons. Clubs: Fortnightly,
Canadian. Societies. A. F. &. A. M.
Liberal: Unitarian. Address: 1430
Eighth Ave. N. W., Calgary, Alta.


IiATIMER, James A. — ^Manager Al-
berta branch Cockshutt Plow Co., Ltd.,
209 Ninth Ave. W., Calgary. Born at
Craighurst, Ont., Nov. 1, 1863, son of
James Francis and Catherine Latimer.
Educated public schools; with John El-
liott & Sons, Winnipeg, 1883-1889; Mc-
Cormack Harvesting Co., 1889-1902; sur-
veyor British Columbia, 1892-1903; came
to Alberta, 1900; opened present branch
1906. Married Inez Clark, 1886; has
three daughters. Society: U. C. T.
Conservative. Methodist. Address:

329 Fourteenth Ave. W., Calgary, Alta.

ImATINLES,, Prank Herbert — Engineer;
Dominion and B. C. Land Surveyor, Pen-
ticton, B. C: Consulting Engineer for
Penticton; Consulting Engineer for Mu-
nicipality of Summerland, B. C. Born
Kincardine, Ont., May 23, 1860, son of
James F. and Kate Latimer. Educated:
London Collegiate Institute; Royal Mili-
tary College, Kingston, silver medal. As-
sistant Engineer on dock work, Michigan
Central Ry . Windsor, Ont.. 1882-1883;
Dominion work for McPhillips Bros.,
Manitoba, 1883-1885; station grounds and



right of way, Michigan Central Ry.,
Detroit, 1886-1888; resident engineer, in
charge of bridge construction, Detroit,
Lansing & Northern, 1888-1889. Resi-
dent Engineer of construction. Traverse
City Branch, Cliicago and West Mich-
igan Ry., Grand Rapids, Mich., 1889-
1890; practiced, Vancouver, 1890; prac-
ticed, Vernon, B. C, 1891-1905, during
which time had charge of irrigation
work at Coldstream Ranch; also mu-
nicipal engineer for Vernon and irri-
gation engineer for Peachland and Sum-
merland irrigation systems; came to
Penticton, 1905; associated with South-
ern Okanagan Land Co., as irrigation
engineer until 1911; private practice and
engineer for water and electric light
systems of Penticton Municipality during
construction, 1911-1912; engineer on ir-
rigation system at Naramata and Kele-
den, B. C. School Trustee, Vernon, two
years and Penticton, four years. Mar-
ried Ella Wintemute, 1889; has two sons
and two daughters. Societies: A. F. &

A. M.; A. O. U. W.: Canadian Mining
Institute. Recreation: shooting. Lib-
eral; Methodist. Address: Penticton,

B. C.

l^ATIMER, Lawrence B. — Latimer,
Ney & McTavish, Ltd., Real Estate
Brokers, 419 Pender St., Vancouver. Born
Ottawa, June 18, 1867, son of James and
Mary Latimer. Educated Ottawa and
Winnipeg. Real estate broker, Winni-
peg, 1888-1906. Came to British Colum-
bia, 1906. Ex-Police Magistrate and
County Court Clerk. Married Helena
Simpson, Lethbridge, Alta.; has two
daughters. Recreations: all outdoor
sports. Address: 1165 Nelson St., Van-
couver, B. C.

IiAUBACH, ludwigr Pranklin. — Teach-
er of Music, Choirmaster of St. Paul's
Church (Anglican), Regina. Born
Edinburgh, Scotland, April 7, 1857, son
of Conrad and Anne Bourne Laubach.
Educated George Watson's College,
Edinburgh. Came to Regina, 1904.
Served with Edinburgh City Royal Gar-
rison Artillery as Bandmaster Edin-
burgh, 1893-1904, and retired with il-
luminated discharge; bandmaster The
King's Bodyguard for Scotland, 1889-
1904; gave beginning to choral and
operatic music in Saskatchewan by
founding the Regina Philharmonic So-
ciety, 1904; founded the Saskatchewan
Provincial Association and the Regina
Orchestral Society, 1908; assisted In the
founding of the Regina Society of Art,
Science and Literature, 1910; member of
Council Incorporation Society Musicians,

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