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Edinburgh; President Edinburgh Society
1899-1900. Author of Arrangements of
Scottish Music for various instruments,
1886 (Augener & Co.); Treatise on

Musical Instruments, 1893 (Messrs.
Jack, Edinburgh) ; composer of "Gaber-
lunsie," Scottish overture, and many
songs, cliurch music, military marches
and dance music for orchestras, etc,;
lecturer on musical subjects in Scot-
land and Canada. Married Isabella
Allan, Bassendean, Scotland, 1883; has
five sons and one daughter. Club: As-
siniboia. Society: A. F. & A. M.,
Scottish Rite. Recreation: Photog-
raphy. Anglican! Address: 2133
Rae St., Regina, Sask.


IiAUBIE, ILieutenant Colonel Charles
N., M, D. — Physician, Cumberland St.,
Port Arthur, Coroner District of Thunder
Bay; Medical health officer, City of Port
Arthur. Born Barrie, Ont., Feb. 22, 1865,
son of Frances D. Drury and Alexander
Laurie, Haddington, Scotland. Educated
public schools and Collegiate Institute,
Barrie; Trinity University and Trinity
Medical College; practiced since 1890.
Coroner Thunder Bay District since
1903; Health Officer Port Arthur since
1903. President Port Arthur Conserva-
tive Association, 1910-1911. Served as
Captain with No. 6 Bearer Com-
pany, London, 1901-1902; Lieutenant-
Colonel 96th Lake Superior Regi-
ment, since 1906. Married Henri-
etta Ovas, Collingwood, Ont., 1895; has
one daughter. Clubs: Port Arthur;
Port Arthur Country. Societies: A.
F. & A. M. (P. M.), Thunder Bay
Medical Association, Canadian Medical
Association, American Public Health
Association. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: 363 Waverly St., Port Ar-
thur, Ont.


I^AnzON, -J. B., IVI. Jm. a. — ^Wholesale

and Retail Butcher. Born Pointe Claire,
Montreal March 15, 1858, son of Severe
and MrtT^f-lus Lauzon. Educated Pointe
Claire College. Member Retail Mer-
chants Association; President St. Jean
Baptiste Society; member Cercle du Sacre-
Coeur; councillor St. Boniface for thir-
teen years. Elected to Manitoba Legis-
lature for St. Boniface, 1896; for La
Verandrye, 1907. Married Adeline Henry,
1879; has two sons and three daughters.
Conservative; Roman Catholic. Address:
95 Athole St., Winnipeg, Man.

ImA'V'ETmJm, John Reeve, B. A., ex-M. F.

— 'Of Lavell & Ross, Barristers, Bank of
Commerce Chambers, Whyte Ave., Ed-
monton. Born Peterboro, Ont., Dec. 11,
1857, son of Betsy and Michael Lavell, M.
D., LL. B. Educated grammar school,
Kingston and Queen's University. Called
to Ontario bar, 1888. Practiced, Brock-
ville, 1880-1889; partner in Arm of Lavell
& Farrell, Smith's Falls, 1889; subse-
quently Lavell, Farrell & Lavell, Smith's
Falls; came to Alberta, and practiced
Strathcona, now Edmonton, since 1906.
Represented North Leeds and Grenville,
House of Commons, 1900-1903; School
Trustee, ex-Councillor and Reeve;
Smith's Falls; ex-County Councillor,
Lanark. Commodore Smith's Falls Ca-
noe Club, 1903-1904. President Lay As-
sociation Methodist Church, 1895. Mar-
ried Ursilla Pollock, Kingston, Ont.,
1883; has three sons and two daughters.
Club: Strathcona. Societies: A. F. &

A. M.; L O. O. F. Conservative; Metho-
dist. Address: 257 Saskatchewan Ave.,
Edmonton (south), Alta.

LAW, Prederick "William. — General
Manager British Columbia Life Assur-
ance Co., Bower Bldg., Vancouver; Di-
rector, Prudential Life Assurance Co.,
of Winnipeg; Director Empire Mortgage
Investment Association; President, Law
Financial Corporation. Ltd. Born Sim-
coe Count, Ont., April 6, 1876, son of
William Clinton and Amanla Lordney
Law. Educated: Public and high schools,
Bradford, Ont.; drug business, Beaton,
Ont., 1890-1891; afterwards studied
medicine, McGill University; manager,
Consolidated Stationery Co. Winnipeg,
1897-1902; Manager, London Life Assur-
ance Co., Winnipeg, 1902-1907; Manag-
ing Editor, Prudential Life Assurance
Co., Winnipeg, 1907-1910; came to Van-
couver, 1910. Married Jean Black Hend-
erson, Winnipeg, i900; has one daugh-
ter. Club: Carleton, Winnipeg. Rec-
reations: Yachting, motoring. Conser-
vative; Anglican. Address: Vancouver,

B. C.

I^AWB, Prancis Cartwrig-ht. — Of Lawe

& Fisher, Barrister, Fernie; Secretary
and Director, Premier Coal & Coke Co.,
Ltd.; Director, Alberta Kootenay Invest-
ent Co., Ltd. Born Dunnville, Ont,
March 29, 1875, son of Henry and Eliza-
beth Lawe. Educated: High school,
Dunnville; Manitoba University. Came
to British Columbia, 1896. Called to
British Columbia bar, 1904; practiced
Fernie since. City Solicitor, Fernie,
1905-1907; member of Executive, Fernie
Board of Trade. Served with 90th Win-
nipeg Rifles, four years; Rocky Moun-
tain Rangers, Rossland, three years.
Married Lillian Bel Robinson, Helena,
Mont., 190. Club: Fernie. Society: L O.
O. F. Liberal; Anglican. Address: Fer-
nie, B. C.

I^AVTBBNCi:, Hon. Georg-e — Minister
of Agriculture and Immigration, Oct. 11,
1911. Farmer. Born Ontario, May 23,
1863. Educated Ontario. Elected to
Manitoba Legislature for Killarney,
1899; re-elected 1903, 1907, 1910. Con-
servative; Presbyterian. Address: Kil-
larney, Man.

IiAWBENCB, James. — Of F. C. Lowes
& Co., Real Estate. Born Cape
Town, South Africa, Jan. 28, 1864,
son of Rev. James and Margaret
Lawrence. Educated Normal School,
Glasgow, Scotland; Manitoba College.
Salesman J. H. Ashdown Co., Winni-
peg; manager western branches twenty-
two years. Came to Alberta and served
Riel Rebellion (paymaster sergeant
with Lieutenant (Colonel Forest), 1885.
Joined present Arm, 1910. Married
Ada M. Tottle, Stonewall, Man.; has
two daughters. Societies: A. F. & A.
M.; K. T.; L O. 0. F.; A. O. U. W.
Recreations: Baseball, athletics, horses.
Address: Calgary, Alta.

30A'WBB11'CB, Bolbert Parrow, C. S. —

Supervising Architect to British Colum-
bia Government. Born Newport, Eng-
land, May 21, 1871, son of Benjamin
and Elizabeth Lawrence. Educated New-
port grammar school. Practiced, Newport,
1895. Came to British Columbia, 1907.
City Engineer, Nelson, B. C. Married
Winifred Cullum, Newport. Recreations:
Fishing, boating. Address: Esquimault,
B. C.

l^AVTRBNCE, "William B. — Manager
Winnipeg Theater. Born Gainsville, N.
Y., Feb. 23, 1870, son of George D. and
Sarah E. Lawrence. Programme boy,
Whitney Opera House, Detroit, 1878.
Came to Winnipeg and established Do-
minion Theater, 1906. Married Nellie A.
Kelly, Detroit, 1889. Club: Detroit. So-
ciety; A. F. & A. M. Methodist. Ad-
dress: Boylston Apts., Winnipeg, Man.




IiAVTRENCE, William MacBae. — Man-
aging Director Lawrence Hardware Co.,
Ltd., Revelstoke; Director, Hull-Sibbald
Syndicate; ex-President, Revelstoke
Board of Trade; Director, Revelstoke
Y. M. C. A.; Vice-President, Retail Mer-
cliants Association. Born Cape Town,
South Africa., Aug. 22, 1861, son of
Rev. James and Margaret Lawrence.
Educated public and high schools, Edin-
burgh and Glasgow. Came to Canada,
1873. Employe, James H. Ashdown,
hardware merchant, Winnipeg, 1894-
1895; began business on own account,
Winnipeg, 1895-1897. Came to British
Columbia and established present busi-
ness 1897. Married Carrie, daughter of
William Grant, Emerson, Mian.; has two
sons and one daughter. Clubs: Revel-
stoke; Revelstoke Gun. Societies: A.
F. & A. M., Caledonia (Pres.). Recrea-
tions: Shooting, tennis. Liberal; Pres-
byterian. Address: Revelstoke, B. C.

IiAWSON, Bruce A. — City Clerk, Rev-
elstoke. Interested agriculture, stock
raising and fruit growing; contributed
to intensified farming movement by
demonstration and experimental work
on his ranch near Revelstoke; member
of Revelstoke Board of Trade. Born
Halifax, Oct. 20, 1854, son of William
and Frances Briendley Lawson. Edu-
cated public schools, Halifax; Dalliousie
University. Came to Manitoba, 1874.
Associated with A. Macdonald & Co.,
Winnipeg, and as manager of their Bat-
tleford, Sask., branch, 1883-1900; with
Hume & Co., Revelstoke, 1900-1908;


present position since 1908. Married
Minnie Kate McConnell, 1891; has one
daughter. Societies: A. F. & A. M. ;
K. of P. Conservative; Presbyterian.
Address: Revelstoke, B. C.

IiAWSON*, James Hill. — Vice-Presi-
dent, R. P. Rithet & Co., Ltd., mer-
chants, Victoria; Director, Simon Leiser
& Co. Ltd.; Director, Protestant Or-
phans' Home. Born Dundee, Scotland,
Dec. 15, 1840, son of William and
Euphemla Hill Lawson. Educated Dun-
dee. Came to British Columbia, 1862.
Entered service of Hudson Bay Co.,
1865; Commissioned Officer, 1873 1891;
joined present firm 1891. Married Anne
Jennet Macdonald, 1870; has five sons
and two daughters. Conservative;
Presbyterian. Address: Victoria, B. C.

I^AWSOir, James Hill, Jr. — Of Bod-
well & Lawson, Barristers and Solici-
tors, Winch Bldg., Vancouver. Born
Victoria, Sept. 24, 1875, son of James
Hill and Anna Janet Macdonald Law-
son. Educated: public schools, Mani-
toba and British Columbia; Manitoba
University. Called to British Columbia
bar, 1897; with Bodwell & Duff, Victoria,
1897-1902; member of firm, Bodwell &
Lawson, Victoria, 1902-1910; Bodwell
& Lawson, Vancouver, since 1910. Serv-
ed as private, 5th Canadian Artillery,
Victoria, 1900-1905. Clubs: Vancouver;
Union and Pacific (Victoria). Reorea-
tions: canoeing, bridge. Conservative;
Presbyterian. Address: Washington

Court, Vancouver, B. C.




ImATTSON, Frank Ferley, J. P. — Real
Estate and Financial Broker. Born
Great Village, N. S., Feb. 27, 1877, son
of Rev. Thomas B. and Cecelia Layton.
Educated Great Village high school;
Horton Academy, Wolfville; Snell's Busi-
ness College, Truro. Came to Alberta,
1901; with Rosenroll Lumber Co., Wet-
askiwin, 1902; Managing Director, Stony
Creek Lumber Co., Camrose, 1904; Man-
ager, Wavely Lake Lumber Co., Days-
land, 1906; established present business,
1907; Managing Director, Camrose Brick
Co., Ltd.; Valuator, Canada Permanent

Mortgage Co.; Official Auditor; Town
Auditor, Wetaskiwin, 1903-1904; First
Overseer, Camrose, 1905; First Overseer,
Daysland, 1906; Councillor, Town of Cam-
rose, 1909-1910; Mayor, Camrose, 1911-
1912; president Union Alberta Municipal-
ities. Married Myrtle Jane Whyte, Hes-
peler, Ont., 1906; has two sons and two
daughters. Clubs: Canadian; Camrose
Yacht; Camrose Gun. Societies: A. F.
& A. M. ; I. O. O. F. Recreations: motor-
ing, fishing, shooting, curling. Conserv-
ative; Protestant. Address: Camrose,



IiAWSON, Maria. — Editorial Writer.
Born New London, P. E. I., daugliter of
Henry and Flora Lawson. Educated
public schools; Normal School, Char-
lottetown. Taught school Prince Ed-
ward Island for some years. Father was
editor Charlottetown Patriot; assistant
editor Toronto Globe and Montreal Her-
ald, and editor of Victoria Colonist.
Came to British Columbia, 1900. Prin-
cipal, girls' school Nanaimo; teacher,
girls' school, Victoria. Conducts Wom-
an's Realm Colonist, and edits children's
page. Publications: "A School History
of Canada;" "A Sketch of British Co-
lumbia." Club: Canadian Women's Press.
Address: 1809 Fern wood Road, Victoria,
B. C.

I^AWSOir, Beg-lnald. — Of Reginald
Lawson & Co., Real Estate and Insur-
ance Broker, Farmers Bldg., Winnipeg.
Born Windsor, N. S., June 29, 1875, son
of Walter and Alice Lawson. Educated
Windsor. Joined Bank of Nova Scotia,
Windsor, 1889. Transferred to Winnipeg
branch, 1899. Resigned from bank and
established present business, 1902. Mar-
ried Anna Duncan Currie, Halifax, Aug.
10, 1910. Club: Manitoba. Recreation:
golf. Conservative; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: 2 Roslyn Place, Winnipes, Man.


IiAWSON, Thomas. — President and
General Manager, Thomas Lawson, Ltd.,
Kelowna. Chairman, Kelowna School
Board; Director, Kelowna Hospital. Born

I Hamilton, Nov. 7, 1869, son of John and
Elizabeth Lawson. Educated public and
high schools. Mercantile business. Shoal
Lake, Man., 1890-1899. Married Minnie
Rowcliffe, Thedford, Ont., 1895; has two
daughters. Club: Kelowna. Societies:
A. F. & A. M. ; C. O. F. Recreations:
Horses, fishing. Liberal; Presbyterian.
Address: Kelowna, B. C

IiAWTON, Michael William — Of Put-
nam & Lawton, Financial and Real Es-
tate Brokers, Clinkskill Bldg., Saska-
toon. Born Midleton, County Cork, Ire-
land, Feb. 22, 1878, son of David and
EJlen Lawton. Educated Midleton Na-
tional School; private school, London.
Professional nurse, Male Nurses' Tem-
perance Assn., London, 1898-1906. Came
to Saskatchewan, 1906; homesteaded,
Kindersley, 1906-1909; established pres-
ent business, 1909. Club: Saskatoon
Rifle Assn.; Conservative Assn. (secre-
tary). Recreations: riding, rifle prac-
tice. Conservative; Roman Catholic.
Address: 5th Ave., Saskatoon, Sask.

B. Sc, C. E.

Ji^A, William Schurman, B. Sc, C. E.

— Assistant City Engineer, Vancouver.
Born Prince Edward Island. Educated
Prince of Wales College; McGill Univer-
sity. Came to British Columbia, 1908.
Associate Member Canadian Society of
Civil Engineers. Address: 1215 Bute St.,
Vancouver, B. C.




I^AZIER, Col. Thomas Cameron. — Man-
■ aging Director, Alberta-Saskatchewan
Life Insurance Co., Tegler Block, Ed-
monton. Born Belleville, Ont., Aug. 29,
1863, son of Stephen Allan and Mlary
Leatch Lazier. Educated Dr. Tassie's
School, Gait, Ont. Managing partner, S.
A. Lazier & Sons, Belleville, 1889-1896;
general manager, Lawrence Carpet Mfg.
Co., Norwich, Conn., 1896-1898; financial
broker, New York, 1898-1904; promoted
Monarch Life Insurance Co., Winnipeg,
1904-1906; financial broker, Vancouver,
1906-1910; promoted present company,

1910. Served as Captain No. 1 Company,
Midland Regiment, Northwest Rebellion,
Battle of Batoche, 1885 (medal and
clasp) ; appointed major 15th Regiment,
Argyle Light Infantry; Belleville, 1896;
retired with rank of major, 1896; ap-
pointed colonel, 1912. Married Tillie
Starling, daughter of C. J. Starling,
Belleville, 1887 (deceased) ; has two sons
and two daughters; married Gloria
Dlacht, 1910. Societies: A. F. & A. M.;
I. 0> O. P. Recreation: shooting. Con-
servative; Anglican. Address: Edmon-
ton, Alta.




IiEACH, Percy Iiapum — Broker, of
Ludtke & Leach, Real Estate and In-
vestments, Bow Island, Alta. President
of the Bow Island Board of Trade. Born
Brighton, Ont, June 13, 1888. Eldest
son of late Rev. John Joshua Leach and
of his wife, Mary Emma Lapum. Edu-
cated: Manitoba institutions. With B.
W. Bolton, real estate agent, Neepawa.
Man., 1905-1906. Private secretary to
Hon. J. H. Howden, K. C, present Attor-
ney-General of Manitoba, Winnipeg,
1907-1910; Broker, Tabor, 1910-1911;
Commissioner, Associate Board of Trade
of Southern Alberta, Lethbridge, 1912;
Director, Canadian Association of Com-
mercial Executives. Married Rhoda,
youngest daughter, J. G. McArthur,
Winnipeg, April 24, 1912, Clubs: Chi-
nook, Lethbridge. Society: A. F. & A.
M. Address: Bow Island, Alta.

IiEASON, Edward E. — Provincial As-
sessor British Columbia. Born Kent, Eng.,
Aug. 9, 1859, son of William Henry Lea-
son. Educated Toronto. Came to Brit-
ish Columbia 1890. Marred Dora Dun-
away, Seattle, Wash.; has four sons.
Societies: A. F. & A. M.; K. of P.; I. O.
O. F. Recreation: Motoring. Address:
1074 Chamberlain St., Victoria, B. C.

l^ECKIE, Beatrice Maud. — Wife of
William H. Leckie. Born Parry Sound,
Ont., daughter of George and Selina Eliz-
abeth Slade. Educated public and high
schools, Toronto. Came to British Col-
umbia, 1897. First Vice-President Van-
couver Women's Musical Club. Married
William H. Leckie 1894; has Ave sons.
Clubs: Women's Musical, Athenaeum.
Recreations: Golf, tennis, singing. Pres-
byterian. Address: 1176 Burnaby St.,
Vancouver, B. C.


IiECKIE, lieutenant- Colonel Soliert
Gilmour Edwards, B. Sc. — Mining En-
gineer, 543 Granville St., Vancouver.
Born Halifax, June 4, 1869, son of Major
Robert Gilmour and Sarah Edwards
Leckie. Educated Montreal high school;
Bishop's College School, Lennoxvllle,
Que.; Royal Military College, Kingston
(graduated "with honors;" "sword of
honor;" Governor General's medal, 1890);
King's College, Windsor, N. S., (B. Sc),
1895. Surveyed and superintended the
construction of the Torbrook Branch
Ry., and was appointed managing direc-
tor of tiie Torbrook Iron Co., 1891; was
also locating and constructing engineer
for tlie Middleton Water Supply Co.; de-
signed and located the waterworks sys-
tem for the Granville Ferry, 1893; one
of the chief promoters of the Valley
Telephone Co., and was a director on its
first board; elected a councillor for An-
napolis County, 1892; conducted coal and
other mining operations in New Bruns-
wick, 1894-1896; came to British Colum-
bia as consulting engineer for several
mines in British Columbia and State ot
Washington, 1898; undertook an expedi-
tion into British Somaliland, East Coast
of Africa, during Mad Mullah War, ex-
ploring and big game shooting, 1903-
1904. Lived London, England, 1904-
1906. Practiced Canada since 1906. Ga-
zetted Lieutenant 75th Regiment, 1890;
Adjutant 75th Regiment, 1891; trans-
ferred to Eighth Princess Louise's N. B.
Hussars as Lieutenant (retaining rank
of Major), 1895, later on resigned office.
Commanded "A" Squadron of Second
Canadian Mounted Rifles, South African
War, 1901-1902 (Queen's medal with two
clasps). Organized and raised 72nd
Highlanders of Canada, 1910-1911; ga-
zetted First Commanding Officer with
rank of Lieutenant-Colonel, Nov. 24,
1910. Publications: Contributions to
publications of various technical socie-



ties; articles on travel. Clubs: United
Empire (London, England) ; Vancouver,
Jericho Country, Colonial (London). So-
cieties: Canadian Society Civil Engi-
neers, 1893; Canadian Mining Institute;
Canadian Military Institute (Toronto) ;
Am. Inst. M. E. Recreations: Big game
hunting, shooting, fishing, golf. Con-
servative; Anglican. Address: Vancou-
ver, B. C.

I^ECKIE, William Henry. — Manager
J. Leckie & Co., Vancouver. Born To-
ronto, Ont., March 3, 1874, son of John
and Jane Leckie. Educated public schools
Upper Canada College, Toronto. Came to
British Columbia 1896. Director Bur-
rard Land and Improvement Co.; Direc-
tor Capital Hill Land Co.; Director Chil-
dren's Hospital. Married Beatrice M.
Slade, 1895; has five sons. Club: Term-
inal City. Recreations: Tennis, boating.
Address: 1176 Burnaby St., Vancouver,
B. C.


IiEDINGHAM, Georg-e W. — General
Contractor. Office 212 Colton Bldg.; res-
idence, 348 8th Ave., E., Vancouver. Born
Dornoch. Ont., Jan. 7, 1875. Son of Wil-
liam and Elsbeth Anna Ledingham. Edu-
cated at public school, 3rd Con. Ben-
tinck, Ont. Came to Manitoba in 1896
and British Columbia, 1899. Served with
Lord Strathcona's Horse, South Afri-
can War, in 1900-1901, under Col. Steele.
Later joined 5th C. M. R., getting dis-
charge after termination of war as
Senior Sergeant of "D" Troop. Returned
to British Columbia, 1902. Completed
many important contracts for City of
Vancouver in the line of cement walks
and street pavement. Married Helen
Maud Reavely, Chesley, Ont, 1903; has

two sons and one daughter. Societies:
Mt. Pleasant P. A. C. (president); di-
rector. Grand Trunk B. C. Coal Co.;
treasurer, I. O. F.; Imperial L. A. Rec-
reations: fishing, hunting, driving. Lib-
eral; Presbyterian,


ImEHVC, Eippolyte A., O. M. I. — Vicar
General of St. Albert. Born Evron, De-
partment de la Mayenne, Diocese de
Laval, France, April 30, 1842, son of
Joseph Leduc and Elizabeth Fleury.
Educated Ecclesiastical Seminaries and
Scholasticate of the Oblates of Mary Im-
maculate, Marseilles and Autun, France.
Came to Ontario, 1864; Manitoba, 1865,
Alberta, 1867. Author of "Hostility Un-
masked" 1896, on school question in
Western Canada. Address: Saint Al-
bert, Alta.

ImEU, John Andrew. — President Lee's,
Ltd., Columbia St., New Westminster.
Born Mount Forest, Ont., Feb. 11, 1868,
son of Samuel and Margery Lee. Edu-
cated Toronto. Came to British Colum-
bia, 1890; with exception of few years
in Nevada and California has lived in
New Westminster and Vancouver since.
Established furniture business 1903; now
developed into a department store. May-
or, 1910-1911; ex-President New West-
minster Board of Trade; Director Mod-
ern Office Supply Co., Vancouver. Mar-
ried Mildred J. Major, New Westmin-
ster, 1897; has one son and one daugh-
ter. Club: Western. Societies: A. F. «&
A. M.; I. O. O. F, Address: 615 Third
Ave., New Westminster, B. C.




JiJill, Robert. — Of Crafts, Lee &
Gallinger, Real Estate and Financial
Brokers, 236 Jasper Ave. E., Edmonton.
President Tofield Coal Co.; largely in-
terested British Columbia timber lands
and other private financial interests.
Born Lanark County, Ont., March 10,
1862, son of John and Margaret Lee.
Educated public schools Ontario Busi-
ness College, Kingston. ■ General store
business Lanark County, 1886-1898;
came to Alberta, 1898; engaged loan, in-
surance and grain business, Edmonton,
1898-1902; established present business
1902. Member Lanark County Council,
1893-1898; Alderman Edmonton, 1900-
1901, 1908; Mayor, 1909-1910. Married
Annette E. Wilson, Lanark County, 1898;
has two sons and one daughter. Socie-
ty: Maccabees. Liberal; Presbyterian.
Address: 505 Third St., Edmonton, Alta.

IiEECH, Ernest T., B. A. — Of Leech,
Leech & Sutton. Barristers and Solicit-
ors, Mclntyre Block, Winnipeg. Born
Huron County, Ont., May 16, 1876, son
of John and Sarah Leech. Educated Col-
lege Institution, Brandon; Manitoba Uni-
versity. Came to Winnipeg, 1900; prac-
ticed Winnipeg, 1904. Ex-President Con-
servative Club; Advisor to a number of
corporations. Married Ida F. Philp,
Winnipeg, 1906; has one son. Director
Winnipeg Canoe Club. Societies: A. F.
& A. M. Recreation: canoeing. Conserv-
ative; Methodist. Address: 757 West-
minster Ave., Winnipeg, Man.

G. W. LEECH, M. D., C. M.

X^EECH, Georg'e Wesley, M. D., C. M. —

Physician and Surgeon; President Asso-
ciated Boards of Trade of Southern Al-
berta. Born Leeds County, Ont, Sept.
17, 1870, son of John and Sarah W.
Leech. Educated Manitoba University.
Practised, Neepawa, Man., 1900-1903;
Brandon, Man., 1905-1906; Taber since
1907. Councillor Taber, 1910-1911. Mar-
ried Myrtle Vivian Davidson, daughter
of Hon. John A. Davidson, Neepawa,
1901, (deceased); has one son and one
daughter. Club: Chinook. Society: A. F.
& A. M. (Master). Recreations: Shoot-
ing, lacrosse, curling. Conservative;
Methodist. Address: Taber, Alta.

I.EECH, J. Hillyard, M. A., I.Ii. B.,

K. C. — Of Leech, Leech, Sutton & Ham-
ilton, Barristers, Mclntyre Block. Win-
nipeg. Born Lansdowne, April 14, 1866,
son of John Leech, well-known Eastern
exporter, and Sarah Webster Moles
Leech. Pioneered and traveled exten-
sively over West as boy. Educated pub-
lic schools; Manitoba University and
Eastern Colleges; first medallist and first
scholarship man in Arts and post-gradu-
ate University degrees. Served North-
west Rebellion as news correspondent.
Admitted to bar, 1892; commenced prac-
tice of law with C. Henri Royal as
Leech & Royal; partnership dissolved
after two years; then founded present
firm of Leech, Leech, Sutton & Hamil-



L.L. B., K. C.

ton; later appointed K. C. Director of
numerous manufacturing and mercantile
corporations. Married; has two sons.
Conservative. Address: 609 Corydon Ave.,

XiEECH, Nonuau Austin. — Consulting
Architect to Board of School Trustees,
Vancouver. Born Winburg, Orange Free
State Colony, South Africa, April 18,
1880, son of John Richard and Julia
Emma Leech. Educated St. Leo's Col-
lege, Clocolan, O. R. C, S. A.; King's Col-
lege, University of London. Awarded
gold medal for architecture final year
King's College., University of London;
also two silver and three bronze medals
for other subjects. Formerly lecturer
on architecture and building construc-
tion. Technical Institute, Norwich, Eng-

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