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land; also held similar position Tech-
nical Institute, Johannesburg, South Af-
rica. Practiced Johannesburg, 1902-06.
Came to British Columbia, 1906; appointed
to present position, 1910. Commissioner
for Building By-Laws, Vancouver. Club:
Terminal City. Societies: A. F. & A. M.;
Maccabees; Eagles. Recreation: Read-
ing, walking, motoring. Conservative;
Protestant. Address: 1003 Richards St.,
Vancouver, B. C.

TmEHHT, John W. — ^Ex-Governor of
Kansas. Born Richland County, Ohio,
March 8, 1849. Clerk, Pierceton, Ind.,
1865-1868; farming, Ohio, 1868-1880; re-
moved to Kansas and farmed near Le-
roy, Coffey County. Originally Republi-
can; became Democrat, 1872, until or-
ganization of Populist party, in which
he became a leader; member Kansas
Senate, 1892-1896. Governor of Kansas,
1896-1899; moved to Alaska, 1901; thence
to Alberta. Address: White Court, Alta.

IiEEMINGr, John Herklots, M. D. — Bac-
teriologist to City of Winnipeg. Born
Rajahmundret, Madras, India, Feb. 7,
1871, son of Rev. William and Mary
Cecilia Leeming. Educated England.
Edinburgh University. Came to Winni-
peg, 1895; practiced Winnipeg since
1900; Dominion milk analyst. Appointed
to present position, 1905. Married Ev-
elyn Susannah Hooper, Winnipeg, 1906.
Recreations: athletic sports. Independ-
ent; Anglican. Address: Rideau Hall, 85
Kennedy St., Winnipeg, Man.


IiEES, His Honour William Andrew
Dickson — Judge of the District Court of
the District of Wetaskiwin, Red Deer.
Born Ottawa, Aug. 27, 1859, son of Jessie
Dickson and Robert Lees, Q. C. Edu-
cated Collegiate Institute, Ottawa; To-
ronto University. Law student with Lees
& Gemmell, Ottawa, 1880. Practiced Ot-
tawa with late Robert Lees and with
Louis J. Kehoe and J. M. Hall until
coming to Alberta, 1904. Acting County
Crown Attorney, Carleton County, 1893-
1895. Practiced Fort Saskatchewan,
Alta., alone and with W. M. Corbett un-
til appointed Judge, 1909. Crown Prose-
cutor, Victoria District, 1905-1908. Served
as Captain 43d Regiment, 1881-1885.
Married Elizabeth Turnbull, Russell,
Ont., 1893; has one daughter. Club: Red
Deer. Recreations: Curling, shooting,
bicycling, carpentry, etc. Presbyterian.
Address: Red Deer, Alta.



JmUGATm, Bt. Bev. Bishop Bmile J.,

O. M. I. — Bishop of St. Albert. Born St.
Jean de Boisseau, Nantes, France, Oct.
9, 1849. Educated Nantes, classical and
theological courses. Ordained priest,
1874; taught sciences colleges and sem-
inary France for four years; became
member of congregation known as Mis-

sionaries Oblates of Mary Immaculate;
and sent as missionary to Blackfeet In-
dians, Western Canada, 1895. Conse-
crated Bishop of Pogla and coadjutor of
Bishop of St. Albert, 1897; became titu-
lar bishop of St. Albert on death of his
predecessor, 1902. Address: St. Albert,



IiEFEVBE, Mrs. lily Alice ("Fleu-

range") Writer of Lyrics. Born Kings-
ton, Ont., daughter of R. P. Cook, C. B.,
and Anna Cook. Frequent contributor to
Montreal and Vancouver press; winner
of Montreal Witness prize of $100 for
best poem with reference to first winter
carnival. Publications: "The Lion's
Gate and Other Verses," 1895; several
lyrics set to music. Married Dr. John
M. Lefevre. Address: Vancouver, B. C.

IiEFOBT, Alexander. — Manager Bank
D'Hochelaga, Edmonton. Born St. Remi,
Que., July 23, 1878, son of Hormisdas
and Rose de Lima Lefort. Educated St.
Remi. Founded bank St. Remi, 1894.
Came to Alberta, 1909. Married Blanche
Riendeau, St. Isidore, Que.; has one son
and one daughter. Club: Edmonton. Ad-
dress: 665 Thirteenth st., Edmonton,

IiEFURGEV, Alfred Alexander, B. A.,
IiL. B. — Financial Agent, 822 Metropoli-
tan Bldg., Vancouver. Born Summer-
side, P. B. I., April 22, 1872, son of the
late Hon. John Lefurgey and Dorothea
Read. Educated St. Dunstan's College,
Charlottetown, P. B. I.; B. A., Mount
Allison University; LL, B., Harvard
University. Elected to Prince Edward
Island Legislature, 1897; elected to
House of Commons, 1900; re-elected,
1904; defeated, 1908; Conservative Whip
for Maritime Provinces, 1901-1908. Mar-
ried Eva B. Wearte, daughter of J. W.
Wearte, Sept. 6, 1911. Came to British
Columbia, 1909. Clubs: Rideau (Ottawa),
Golf (Ottawa), University (Montreal),
Albany and Hunt (Toronto), University
(Vancouver). Address: Vancouver, B. C.

IiBBJOANN, Julius B., IVL B., X^. B. C.

P., M. B. C. S — Surgeon, Carlton and
Portage Ave., Winnipeg. Born Morrison,
Ont., June 14, 1868, son of Adelbert and
K. Lehmann. Educated Toronto Univer-
sity; Berlin; London. Practiced Elmvale,
Ont, 1893; assistant surgeon German
Hospital, London, England, 1901; re-
turned to Canada and settled Winnipeg.
Surgeon St. Boniface Hospital; Chil-
dren's Hospital, Winnipeg. Surgeon to
General Hospital, Winnipeg. Lieutenant
Army Medical Corps. Married Elsa Hil-
lerns, 1908; has one daughter. Society:
Medical. Anglican. Address: 26 Osborne
Place, Winnipeg, Man.

l^EiaH-SFBNCBB, Miss B. Is. — Real
Estate Agent, 551 Granville St., Van-
couver. Born Hertfordshire, England,
daughter of Leigh and Rosa Leigh-
Spencer. Came to Canada, 1886; Toronto,
1886-1891; came to ilrltlsli Columbia, i89i

Active business, Nanaimo, representing
Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York;
organized local branches of Canadian
Birbeck Loan Co., for Vancouver Island.
Becoming interested Rossland mining
camp, was instrumental forming first
company for purchase of present Nickle
Plate mine, adjoining LeRoi. Left
Nanaimo and made several trips East
and to England, successfully placing
mining propositions and becoming and
is still a large shareholder in Brittania
mines, Howe Sound. Clubs: Vancouver
Horse Show Association; Hunt; Kennel;
Croquet. Address: 2325 1st Ave., W.,
Vancouver, B. C.

I^BIG-HTOir, Arthur, X^I^. B. — Bar-
rister. Born Wakefield, Yorkshire, Eng-
land, January 5, 1880, son of Mary Eliza-
beth and Robert L. Leighton, Mt A. Edu-
cated Bristol Grammar School, Bristol,
England; Manitoba University. Came to
Manitoba, 1900; taught school, 1900-1905;
studied law, 1905; practiced, Minnedosa,
since 1909. Served as private. Second
C. M. R., South African War, 1901-1902
(Queen's medal, three bars). Married
Alice S. Wright, Brampton, Ont., 1908.
Recreations: Curling, cricket, tennis.
Liberal; Anglican. Address: Minnedosa,

KEIG-HTON', Francis L. — General Man-
ager, Vancouver Engineering Works,
Ltd., 519 6th Ave., W., Vancouver. Born
Birkenhead, England, Aug. 28, 1873, son
of Edward and Margaret A. Leighton.
Educated Owen's School, London; Bel-
gium; Germany. Foreign correspondent,
Halifax, England, 1890-1897; private sec-
retary, Liverpool, 1897-1898; manager,
C. F. Jackson & Co., Liverpool, 1898-
1903; partner, C. F. Jackson & Co., Liv-
erpool, 1903-1906. Came to British Co-
lumbia, 1906; present position since 1907.
Married Edith Hoyle, daughter of
Thomas Hoyle, Halifax, England, 1899;
has one son and two daughters. Club:
Terminal City. Society: A. F. & A. M.
Recreations: swimming, motoring. Ad-
dress: 1326 Harwood St., Vancouver,
B. C.

IiBISEB, Max. — ^Of Pither & Leiser,
Victoria. Born Kerpen, Germany, Sept.
9, 1862, son of Moses and Letta Leiser.
Educated Kerpen. Wholesale cloth mer-
chant, Bonn and Cologne, Germany, 1875.
Came to British Columbia, 1890. Club:
Pacific. Societies: A. F. & A. M.; K. of
P.; Shriner; A. O. U. W. Address: Vic-
toria, B. C.



XiEXSEB, Simon. — Of Simon Leiser &
Co., Wholesale Grocers, 532 Yates St..
Victoria; branches, Ladysmith, Welling-
ton and Cumberland. Born Germany,
April 9, 1850, son of Moses and Tilla
Leiser. Educated Germany. Wholesale
grocer and liquor merchant, United
States. Came to British Columbia, 1872.
President "Victoria Board of Trade, 1909-
1910. Married Carrie Lenz, Victoria;
has one son and four daughters. Club:
Pacific. Address: Victoria, B. C.


I^EISTIKOW, WUliam C. — President
Imperial Elevator & Lumber Co., Grain
Exchange, Winnipeg. Born Germany,
Dec. 11, 1852. Educated Stettin, Ger-

many. Engaged milling and banking,
Minnesota, 1870. Came to Manitoba,
1874; Winnipeg, 1907. Director North-
ern Crown Bank; Vice-President Capital
Loan Co.; State Chairman of Democratic
Convention of North Dakota; Democratic
National Committeeman of North Da-
kota eight years. Interested in lands,
timber and United States banks. Mar-
ried Rosalie Bettingen, St. Paul, Minn.,
1882; has one son. Recreations: Horses,
motoring. Liberal; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: 277 Wellington Crescent, Winni-
peg, Man.


IiEMBKi:, William Henry. — Financial
Broker, 439 Richards St., Vancouver;
Member Vancouver Mining Exchange;
Member Vancouver Tourist Association.
Born Grey County, Ont., March 22, 1869,
son of William and Margaret Schmidt
Lembke. Educated public schools. Grey
County. Engaged building trade On-
tario previous to coming to British Co-
lumbia, 1897. Present business estab-
lished 1905. Married Mary Ellen Senior,
Manchester, England, 1906. Society: I.
O. O. F. Recreations: Hunting, fishing.
Conservative; Lutheran. Address: Ker-
risdale, B. C.




IiENNIE, Rotoert Scott — Of Lennie &
Clark, Barristers, Vancouver Block, Van-
couver. Born Smith's Falls, Ont., Aug.
16, 1875, son of Catharine Harcus and
Rev. Robert Lennie, B. D. Educated On-
tario, British Columbia and California.
Came to British Columbia, 1886. Called
to British Columbia bar, 1898, practiced
as Elliott & Lennie and subsequently as
Lennie & Wragge, Nelson, 1898-1911;
came to Vancouver, 1910. President
Nelson Conservative Club, 1904-1910;
President Kootenay District Conserva-
tion Association, comprising nine Rid-
ings since 1908. Was tendered and re-
fused nomination for Mayor of Nelson
and for Provinrial and Dominion House.
Charman, British Columbia Fire Insur-
ance Commission, appointed by order in
Council, findings of which reported, 1910.
Married Edith Louise Douglas, 1898;
has two sons and one daughter. Clubs:
Nelson; Union; (Victoria). Conservative;
Presbyterian. Address: Shaughnessy
Heights, Vancouver, B. C.

I^ISNNOX, Ig-natius Thomas. — ^Farmer
and General Merchant; President Melita
Farmers' Elevator Co.; Director Mani-
toba Mutual Hall Insurance Co.; Secre-
tary Grain Growers' Association since its
organization; Director Arthur Agricul-
tural Society. Born Innisfail Township
Simcoe County, Ont., Dec. 13, 1850 son of
John and Margaret Sproule Lennox.
Educated public schools. Ivy, Ont.;
grammar school, Barrie, Ont. Came to
Manitoba, 1886. President Melita Con-

servative Association. Served aa Sec-
ond Lieutenant York and Simcoe Volun-
teers, Northwest Rebellion, 1885. Mar-
ried Elizabeth Jane Davis, Ivy, 1876;
has one son and one daughter. Society:
A. O. U. W.; L. O. L. Independent;
Anglican. Address: Melita, Man.

X^ENT, Williston, P. W Of Lent &

Jones, Barristers, McDougall Block, Cal-
gary. Born Kent County, Ont, June 29,
1868, son of L. M. and Matilda Lent.
Educated high school, Ridgetown, Ont.;
Osgoode Hall. Came to Alberta, 1905.
Married Carrie B. Davidson, Penetan-
guishene, Ont.; has one daughter. So-
ciety: A. F. & A. M. Address: 333 15th.
Ave. W., Calgary, Alta.

l^EONARD, Harry M. — Of Leonard &
Reid, Financial Brokers and Barristers,
Prince Rupert. Born St. John, N. B.,
Aug. 18, 1881, son of Edward P. and
Frances Leonard. Educated St. John
public schools; Windsor University Law
School. Reporter on St. John's Sun and
Star. Came to British Columbia, 1907.
Secretary Prince Rupert Real Estate
Exchange. Society: K. of P. Recrea-
tion: Literature. Address: Seventh Ave.,
Prince Rupert, B. C.

I^EONABD, William Valentine, P. M. —

Clerk of the Council, Salmon Arm. Born
Middlesex, England, Nov. 11, 1853, son
of John and Jane Fanny Leonard. Edu-
cated St. Mark College, Chelsea, Eng-
land. Barrister, London, England, 1871.
Came to British Columbia, 1899. Ex-
Justice of the Peace. Served as Captain
in Reserve, London, England. Married
Susan Wishby, England; has five sons
and two daughters. Recreations: Cricket,
swimming, shooting. Address: Salmon
Arm, B. C.

I^ESl^Ii:, John. — ^Furniture Merchant,
324 Main St., Winnipeg. Born Scotland,
Aug. 16, 1852, son of Thomas and Mary
Leslie. Educated- public schools, Scot-
land and Canada. Carriage maker, Mil-
ton, Ont., 1870. Came to Winnipeg, 1880,
established present business, 1885. Di-
rector Canada West Fire Insurance Co.
Captain and quartermaster 100th Regi-
ment. Member Of Board of Management
Manitoba College. Married Phoebe An-
drews, Milton, Ont., 1882. Past Grand
Master of Grand Lodge of Manitoba, A.
F. & A. M. Honorary Past Grand Mas-
ter Saskatchewan. Past Grand Z. of
Grand Chapter, Royal Arch Masons of
Canada. Clubs: Manitoba; Carlton.
Presbyterian. Address: The Elms, Well-
ington Crescent, Winnipeg, Man.




IiESSARD, Joliu Iieonce — Merchant;
Manager, Northern Distributing Co. Ltd.;
Manager, Athabasca Developing Co. Ltd.
Born Cranbourne, Que., June 24, 1883,
son of J. P. and Annie Campbell David-
son Lessard. Educated: Levis College,
Quebeci Came to Alberta, 1900; clerk,
Gariepy & Brasseau, Edmonton, 1900-
1903: hotel business, Morinville, Alta.,
1903-1904; trading post, Lac La Biche,
1904-1905; present business established,
1905; farming, Athabasca, since 1905.
Alderman, Athabasca, 1911-1912; school
trustee, 1909-1911: Justice of the Peace,
since 1905. First Vice-President, Lib-
eral Association. Club: Athabasca.
Recreations: shooting, fishing. Liberal;
Roman Catholic. Address: Athabasca
Landing, Alta.

IiESSARD, Hon. Prosper Edmond, M.
J,, A. — President Imperial Agencies, Im-
perial Bank Bldg., Edmonton; Managing
Director Le Courier de L'Ouest (weekly).
Born Cranbourne, Que., Feb. 3, 1872, son
of J. P. and Annie Campbell Davidson
Lessard. Educateed Mount St. Louis
College, Montreal. Came to Alberta,
1898. Director Edmonton Board of
Trade; Trustee Separate school board.
Captain Alberta Mounted Rifles since
1906. Twice President Edmonton Lib-
eral Association and Young Men's Lib-
eral Club, Edmonton, being one of
founders of same, 1898. Elected by ac-
clamation member Pakin District, Al-
berta Legislature, 1909; member Ex-
ecutive Council without portfolio, 1909;
retired with cabinet, 1910. Married
Helene Gariepy, Edmonton, 1901; has


one son and three daughters. Club: Ed-
monton. Liberal; Roman Catholic. Ad-
dress: 482 Fifth St., Edmonton, Alta.

IiETT, Cbarles Arthur, C. E., D. T,. S. —

Real Estate Agent, 316 Richards St.,
Vancouver. Born Toronto, Ont., Nov.
14, 1851, son of Rev. Stephen and Har-
riette Lett. Educated Collingwood, Ont.
Explored country north of Lake Superior
and Nipegon district, mining amethysts
for American market; subsequently en-
gaged by Dominion Government, survey-
ing townships north of Fort Bllice, Swift
Current and Duck Lake districts. Took
first C. R. R. engineering party through
Kicking Horse Pass, 1881. Came to
Vancouver permanently, 1893. Married
Mary S. McHaffie, 1882; has one son and
one daughter. Society: A. F. & A. M.
Address: 1520 Haro St., Vancouver, B. C.

IiEVINSON, Elias K., B. A. — Barrister,
650 Main St., Winnipeg. Born Australia,
June 1, 1879, son of Hyman Levlnson.
Educated Melbourne University. Prac-
ticed, Melbourne, 1900. Came to Can-
ada, 1904. Clubs: Adanac; Assiniboine;
Clef. Societies: Maccabees; A. O. U. W. ;
A. F. & A. M.; Conservative; Jewish.
Address: 166 Vaughan St., Winnipeg,

£Z:W, Beatrice. — President and Man-
aging Director Beatrice A. Levy, Ltd.,
570 Granville St., Vancouver. Born Mon-
treal, daughter of Lewis and Bella R.
Levy. Educated Montreal; Ottawa. Came
to British Columbia, 1900. Published
poetry and prose at age of thirteen; is-
sued Collectors' Companion at age of 14;
commenced publication of Levy maga-
zine when sixteen. Club: Canadian
Women's Press. Recreations: Literature,
music, canoeing, driving. Address: 956
Bidwell St., Vancouver, B. C.


l^EWIS, Alfred Heur^, M. A Pub-
lisher, Times and Building News, 282
Hastings St., Vancouver. Born Shorn-
cliffe, Kent., England, Oct. 29, 1869, son
of John Levi and Anne Lewis. Educated
Cardiff University, Wales. Publisher of
Record, Cardiff. Came to Winnipeg and
published Western Municipal News.
Came Vancouver, 1907, and established
present business. Chairman of Mon-
mouth Conservative Association, Wales.
Married Mary Ann Lewis, 1889; has two
sons and four daughters. Recreation:
Reading. Conservative. Address: Grand-
view, Vancouver, B. C.


l^EWIS, Rev. Father, O. M. I., D. Ph.,
££. Th. — Born St. Constant, Que., June
9, 1865, son of Samuel John and Her-
mine (Grenier) Lewis. Educated Sul-
picians Seminary, Montreal; Ottawa and
Rome. Missionary, Montreal, 1892-1909.
Came to Alberta, 1909; appointed Supe-
rior of Oblate Fathers, Calgary, 1909.
Address: Calgary, Alta.

KEWIS, Frank Bernard. — Manager,
Provincial Guarantee & Trust Co., 449
Pender St., W., Vancouver; Director,
Revelstoke Land Co., Ltd.; Director,
Trout Lake Water Supply Co., Ltd.; Di-
rector, Arrowhead Water & Supply Co.,
Ltd. Born Shropshire, England, Oct. 5,
1876, son of Thomas and Mary Lewis.
Educated private schools, Shropshire.
Came to British Columbia, 1901; finan-
cial broker, Revelstoke, 1901-1909; came
to Vancouver, 1909. Alderman, Revel-
stoke, three terms; President, Revelstoke
Board of Trade, one year. M3arried

Bertha Powell, Liverpool, England, 1900;
has three sons. Clubs: Terminal City,
Vancouver, Revelstoke. Society: A. P. &
A. M. Recreations: Hunting, fishing Lib-
eral; Anglican. Address: 2893 Point
Grey Road, Vancouver, B. C.


I.IDDI.I:, A. T. — Of Liddle Bros., Real
Estate Agents, 43 Merchants Bank Bldg.,
Winnipeg. Born Stratford, Ont., Jan. 27,
1876, son of Thomas and Mary Fernley
Liddle. Educated Stratford, Ont. Came
to Winnipeg, 1898; Notary Public; Presi-
dent British-American Mortgage Corpo-
ration, Ltd; Managing Director Union
Realty Co., Ltd.; Secretary Suburban
Realty Co. Married Pearl H. Coulton,
Stratford, 1908; has two sons. Clubs:
Canadian; Assiniboine. Societies: A. F.
& A. M., L O. O. F. Recreations; bowl-
ing, tennis, motoring. Independent; Con-
servative; Congregationalist. Address:
629 McMillan Ave., Winnipeg, Man.

l^IGHTFOOT, Charles 1. — Manager,
Gurney Foundry Co., Ltd., 566 Beatty
St., Vancouver. Born Middlesex County,
Ont. May 4, 1866, son of George and
Jane Lightfoot. Educated Strathroy,
Ont. Retail hardware merchant, Wheat-
ley, Ont, 1889. Came to British Colum-
bia, 1900. Married Laura May Stafford,
Shedden, Ont. Society: A. F. & A. M.
Address: 1431 Haro St., Vancouver, B. C.

KZKEMAN, Rev. Harry James. — Angli-
can Clergyman, Rector St. George's
Church, Prince Albert. Born England,
1883. Came to Canada, 1906. Educated
Emmanuel Theological College, Saska-
toon. Incumbent, North Battleford, Sask,,
1906; locum tenens, St. John's Church,
Saskatoon 1907; St. James, Saskatoon,
1907-1909; present charge since 1909.
Anglican. Address: Prince Albert, Sask.



ImIXmIi'Y, Robert — President, Dauphin
^Mercantile Co. Ltd., General merchants;
President, Dauphin Board of Trade;
member Dauphin Scliool Board. Born
Beeton, Ont., Nov. 12, 1872. son of Alex-
ander and Mary Lilly. Educated: Beeton
public schools. Came to Manitoba, 1898;
partner, Lilly & Carter, Dauphin, 1898-
1901; carried business on alone, 1901-
1912; incorporated under present style,
1912. Served as Councillor, Dauphin,
1904. Married Gertrude Wallwin, daugh-
ter of Edwin Wallwin, Beeton, Ont.,
1900; has one son and two daughters.
Societies: A. F. & A. M.: I. O. O. P.;
K. P. Recreations: fishing, hunting.
Conservative; Methodist. Address: 4th
Ave. and Third St., S. W., Dauphin, Man.

IiINCOIiK, William A., M. D., C. M. —

Physician and Surgeon; Superintendent,
Calgarv General Hospital. Born Stan-
stead, Que., 1879, son of Albert E. and
Susie A. Lincoln. Educated: Stanstead
Wesleyan College; McGill University.
Came to Alberta, 1906. Served with 5th
Dragoons; 6th Hussars; 13th Dragoons.
Married Adelaide McConnell, daughter of
J. B. McConnell, M. D., Montreal, 1908;
has one son. Address: Calgary, Alta.


JmUXHIHA.'KK, Charles Frederick. —

President, C. B. Hume Co., Ltd. Pro-
prietor, Mail Herald, Revelstoke. Born
Guttenburg, Sweden, Dec. 26, 1861, son
of John and Sophia Lindmark. Educated
public and high schools; Agricultural
College and College of Forestry; College
of Manual Training (with degree Naas
Sweden), Guttenburg. Came to British
Columbia, 1887. Car inspector, C. P. R.,
Revelstoke, 1887-1890; President and
Manager, Revelstoke Sawmill Co., Ltd.,

1901-1911; business sold, 1911. Mayor of
Revelstoke, 1908-1909; Chairman, Revel-
stoke School Board, 1895-1907. Married
Amanda Anderson, 1894; has two daugh-
ters. Society: I. O. O. P. Recreations:
Hunting, curling and athletic sports.
Conservative; Methodist. Address: Rev-
elstoke, B. C.

IiINDSAV, James Hawkins, F. M. —

Barrister, of Lindsay & Mudie, Prince
Albert. Born Glasgow, Scotland, Dec.
3, 1877, son of James and Catherine
Lindsay. Educated Pollockshields School;
Glasgow University. Law agent, Johns-
ton, Scotland; came to Winnipeg, 1906,
clerk with law firm of Tupper, Phippen
& Co.; came to Prince Albert, 1906, and
entered into partnership with Hon. J. H.
Lament and W. P. A. Turgeon under firm
name of Lindsay, Turgeon & Lament; dis-
solved when Mr. Lamont became judge
of Supreme Court; formed partnership
with John S. Mudie, 1909. Appointed
Police Magistrate, 1908; Crown Prose-
cuting Attorney, 1907. Served as Lieu-
tenant 95th Saskatchewan Rifles. Married
Margaret S. Robertson, Glasgow, 1905.
Society: A. P. & A. M". Recreation: Golf.
Liberal; Presbyterian. Address: 1942
First Ave., East, Prince Albert, Sask.

IIINDSAV, NeviUe James, M. D., C. M.

— Physician and Surgeon. 503 Centre
St., Calgarv. Born Glanworth. Ont..
Feb. 17, 1845, son of George H. and
Sophia Lindsay. Educated Trinity Uni-
versity; McGill University. Taught
school, Middlesex County, Ont., 1864-1870.
Practiced Watford. Ont., 1874. Came to
Alberta, 1883, and practiced Calgary
since. Alderman, first council of Cal-
gary, 1884-1885. Married Florence May
Hungerford, 1880; has three sons and
one daughter. Club: Golf. Societies:
A. F. & A. M. (First Master Blue Lodge,
Calgary); I. O. O. P.; I. O. P.; S. O. B.
Conservative; Anglican. Address: 503
Centre St., Calgary, Alta.

XtlSrsSAT, Iiieut.-Col. William Henry

— Governor of Gaol, Eastern Judicial
District, Winnipeg. Born Toronto, Ont.,
Aug. 16, 1847, son of James and Cath-
erine Lindsay. Educated: public and
Grammar Schools, St. Thomas, Ont.
Salesman, St. Thomas, 1866. Came to
Winnipeg, 1S99: was at one time editor
and proprietor of Winnipeg Town Top-
ics. Joined St. Thomas Rifle Company,
1865; served through Fenian Raids, 1868,
(medal and clasp); Captain, 25th Regi-
ment, Elgin Infantry, 1879; special men-
tion Militia Report, 1880, for efficiency:
commanded guard of honor to Marquis of
Lome, Governor General of Canada, for
which also received special mention.
1880; promoted to rank of major, 1883:
succeeded to command of regiment with
rank of Lieutenant-Colonel, 1889; trans-
ferred to command of 7th Regi-


ment Fusiliers, London, Ont., 1894, being
first officer transferred from command
of one regiment to another in Militia of
Canada; at conolusion of the Ave years
tenure of command of 7th Fusiliers, was
transferred to Reserve of Officers of
Canadian Militia with rank of Lieut.-
Colonel, 1899; served on staff as Brigade
Major, Inspector of Musketry, Orderly
Officer and in other positions; also com-
manded a Division in the field and held
Brigade command. Received Decoration
granted by her late Majesty Queen Vic-
toria for long service as an officer in
the Canadian Militia. Married Frances
Leslie, Toronto, 1872; has three sons
and one daughter. Club: Clef; Western
Canada Military Institute (Hon. Vice-
President) ; Canadian Military Institute,
Toronto, (ex-Vice-President and Charter

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