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Member). Reoreatlon: lawn bowling.
Conservative: Anglican. Address: 161
Vaughan St., Winnipeg, Man.


I^INTOlf, James Camptoell, J. P. — Of

Linton Bros., Bookseller and Stationer,
Eighth Ave. E., Calgary. Born Cobourg,
Ont, May 29, 1859, son of Richard and
Ann Little Linton. Educated public
schools, Chatham and Cobourg, Ont.
Clerk, John Morrish, Chatham, 1874;
Warwick & Sons, Toronto, 1890; Danold-
son Bros., Winnipeg, 1881-1883; Linton
Bros., Kenora, Ont., 1883-1884; came to
Alberta and established present busi-
ness, 1884. Councillor, Calgary, 1888
(retired). Served with Home Guards,
Calgary, Northwest Rebellion, 1885. Mar-
ried Edith Maud Van Wart, Calgary,
1889; has two sons and two daughters.
Societies: A. F. & A. Ml; L O. O. F.
Recreations: Fishing, driving, garden-
ing. Liberal; Presbyterian. Address:
121 Fourth Ave., B., Calgary, Alta.


Journalist and lecturer. Born July 29,
1887, daughter of Robert and Annie Mac-
donald Lipsett. Educated: public schools
of Toronto and Manitoba; New York
grammar school, graduating 1900; Nor-
mal College, New York, 1900-1903. Came
to Winnipeg, 1904; taught school in
Blva, Man., and Winnipeg. Married Rob-
ert (iurtis Skinner, advertising manager
Hudson's Bay Co., June, 1911. Secre-
tary Winnipeg Branch Canadian Wo-
men's Press Club, 1909-1910. Vice-Pres-
ident, 1912-1913, Canadian Organizer In-
ternational Sunshine Society, 1911-1913;
Woman's Editor Winnipeg Telegram,
1906-1911. Appointed by the Minister
of the Interior to lecture in England
on the "Opportunities for Women in
Canada," Feb., 1912. Contributor to To-
ronto Saturday Night, Canadian Cour-
ier, etc. Societies: Strathoona Ladies'
Curling, Women's Press. Recreations:
Canoeing, tennis, curling, skating. Meth-
odist. Address: Sharpe Apartments,
Winnipeg, Man.

IiISI^Z:, Henry Claud, M. 1. A. — Bar-
rister. Born Audlem, Cheshire, England,
Dec. 12, 1848, son of Claud L- and Ann
Lisle. Educated Nantwich Grammar
School. Came to Alberta, 1892. Blcted
to Saskatchewan Legislature for Lloyd-
minster, 1908. Married Elizabeeth Cor-
field, Andlem, 1871; has two sons and
two daughters. Society: A. F. & A. M.
Liberal; Protestant. Address: Lloyd-
minster, Sask.

IiITTIiZ:, Joseph Alexander. — Of Kil-

gour & Little, Insurance and Financial
Agents, 119 Jasper Ave., W., Edmonton.
Born Georgetown, Ont., Nov. 30, 1878,
son of David and Isabella Little. Edu-
cated public and high schools, George-
town. Clerk, Dominion Bank, Toronto,
1898-1903; Secretary, Standard Trusts
Co., Winnipeg, 1903-1907; present busi-
ness since 1907. Society: A. P. & A. M.
Recreations: Rugby, rowing. Liberal;
Presbyterian. Address: 435 Fourteenth
St., Edmonton, Alta.

z;iTTi;i:, William McKay — Manager,
Weyburn Security Bank; Member Execu-
tive, Weyburn Board of Trade. Born
Princeton, Ont., Feb. 15, 1880, son of
Rev. James and Elizabeth Cowan Little.
Educated Collegiate Institute, London.
Came to Manitoba, 1898. Clerk, Wey-
burn Security Co., Weyburn, 1902; man-
ager of same, 1904-1911; manager, Wey-
burn Security Bank, incorporated, since
1911. Married Margaret Tate, daughter
of John Tate, Fort Qu'Appelle, Sask.,
1906; has two daughters. Club: Wey-
burn. Society: A. F. & A. M. (Royal
Arch). Recreations: curling, motoring.
Liberal; Presbyterian. Address: Bison
Ave., Weyburn, Sask.


IiITT^EB, Henry James. — Manager,
Terminal City Iron Works, 135 Powell
St., Vancouver. Born Dundas, Ont.,
Sept. 8, 1873. Educated public school.
Came to British Columbia, 1897;
mined for gold in Alaska; subsequently
returned to Vancouver and established
present firm. Patentee of the "Littler-
Anderson Thrust Bearing"; "Terminal
City Loggers' Block." Married Gertrude
Coldwell Hopkins, Vancouver; has three
sons. Recreations: Baseball, lacrosse,
football. Address: 815 Cardova St., Van-
couver, B. C.

IiIVESA'S', riorence Hamilton ("Kil-
meny"). — Wife of J. Fred B. Livesay,
manager Western Associated Press,
Winnipeg. Born Compton, Que., daugh-
ter of Mary Louisa and Stephen Ran-
dal. Educated Compton Ladies' College
(now King's Hall). Taught one year in
Sequin private school, New York; sub-
sequently entered newspaper work on
staff of Evening Journal, Ottawa, for
seven years acting as society editor and
Women's Page editor. In 1902 was ap-
pointed one of forty Canadian teachers
sent at request of Hon. Joseph Cham-
berlain to teach Boer Concentration
Camps, South Africa. Came to Winni-
peg, Man., a year later, and on staff,
Winnipeg Telegram, three years; sub-
sequently with Manitoba Free Press;
editor Children's Department since 1910.
Has contributed short stories, verse and
articles to Canadian and American news-
papers and magazines. Married J. Fred
B. Livesay, Winnipeg, 1908; has one
daughter. Club: Canadian Women's
^•ress. Anglican. Address: 116i^ Lans-
downe Ave., Winnipeg, Man.

X^IVINaSTON, William Wellington, B.
A., iMlt. B. — Barrister. Born Listowel,
Ont, Nov. 13, 1880, son of John and
Annie Livingston. Educated Listowel
high school; Toronto University. Stu-
dent-at-law with McCarthy Osier, Hos-
kin & Harcourt, Toronto, 1903. Called to
bar and practiced, Battleford, 1907. Sec-
retary-Treasurer, Battleford Bar Asso-
ciation; Member of the Committee of
Saskatchewan Bar Association; Council-
lor, Battleford, 1910. Married Irene May
Lackie, 1906. Societies: Delta Chi; Chi
Delta Rsi; A. F. & A. M. Recreations:
Hockey, lacrosse, cricket, motor, boating.
Liberal; Presbyterian. Address: Battle-
ford, Sask. ,


IiIVINGST ONE, Alexander — Depart-
mental Store, Namayo Ave., Edmonton.
Born Bathgate, Scotland, Aug. 23, 1884,
son of William Livingstone. Educated:
Bathgate Academy. Came to Canada,
1905; warehouseman, Whitton & Co.,
Winnipeg, 1905; came to Alberta and
established present business, 1906. Al-
derman, Edmonton, 1912. Married Jane
Sturrock, uaughter of Abraham Stur-
rock, Blairgowrie, Scotland. Society:
A. F. & A. M. Recreation: motoring.
Presbyterian. Address: 25th St., Ed-
monton, Alta.

IiIVXNGSTONB, David Koland, M. D.,

C. M. — -Physician and Surgeon, Melville;
Vice-President, Melville Board of Trade.
Born Listowel, Ont., June 7, 1878, son
of John and Agnes Thompson Living-
stone. Educated: Collegiate Institute,
Listowel; Trinity University. Practised,
Winnipegosis, Man., 1902-1908; practised
Melville, since 1908. President, Melville
Liberal Assn.; member school board,
1910-1912. Married Grace Isabel Mc-
Arthur, Winnipeg, 1906. Societies: I. O.
O. F.; K. P.; A. O. U. W.; I. O. F. Rec-
reations: curling, shooting. Liberal;
Presbyterian. Address: Third Ave., Mel-
ville, Sask.



IiIVINGSTONi:, Stuart, 11. B. — Of

Livingstone, Garrett & King, Barristers,
536 Has'ting-s St., Vancouver. Born In-
gersoll, Ont., March 24, 1866, son of
Thomas C. and Belvidera Livingstone.
Educated public and hlgli schools; To-
ronto University. Law student with
Osier, Teetzel, Harrison & Osier, Hamil-
ton, 1884-1889. Called to Ontario bar,
1889; member of firm, Livingstone &
Garrett, Hamilton, 1889-1899. Came to
British Columbia and called to bar, 1899;
member of firm, Livingstone & Garrett,
Vancouver, 1899-1901; present partner-
ship formed, 1901. Third Vice-President,
Canadian Club, Hamilton. Author of
poem, "The Canadian Volunteers," used
in textbooks throughout England. Mar-
ried Maud Chrysler, 1900; has one son
and one daughter. Clubs: Vancouver;
Terminal City; Jerico Country. Society:
A. F. & A. M. Recreation: Fishing.
Conservative. Address: 1550 Beach Ave.,
Vancouver, B. C.


IiImOYT}, Venerable Georg-e Exton —

Born St. Bartholomew's Rectory, Lon-
don, England, Jan. 6, 1861, son of Wil-
liam J. and Elizabeth A. Brown Lloyd.
Educated: Wycliffe College; New Bruns-
wick University. Appointed Chaplain to
the Boys' Reformatory, Penetanguishene
Ont., 1885; Rector, Rothesay, N. B., 1890
founded Rothesay College for Boys, 1891
recalled to England to act as special
deputation secretary for Colonial Church
Society; returned to Canada as Chap-
lain of the British colony in Saskatche-
wan, 190.3: subsequently elected head of
the colony, the centre of which, Lloyd-
minster, wa.s named after him; Arch-
deacon, 1905-1909; Principal Emanuel Di-
vinity College, Saskatoon, since 1909.
Served as Chaplain of Queen's Own Reg-
iment during Northwest Rebellion, 1885;

fought in ranks at Cut Knife Creek
against Poundmaker; was severely
wounded In attempt made with Atcheson
to save three men: mentioned in des-
patches and presented by his regiment
with very flattering testimonial after his
recovery. Married Marion Tipper, Brigli-
ton, England, 1885. Anglican. Address:
Saskatoon, Sask.

Colonel Francis William. — Born Dover,
England, June 6, 1849, son of the
Hon. Georgina Christina Barrington
and James Hamilton Lloyd-Anstru-
ther. Educated Rugby School. Served
as commissioned offlcer with 3rd
Battalion Suffolk Regiment, retir-
ing as honorable Lieutenant Colonel
Came to Manitoba as wheat buyer. Por-
tage la Prairie, 1883. Member Hospital
Board, Portage la Prairie; ex-Councillor,
Municipal Council of Portage la Prairie.
Clubs: Portage la Prairie; Wellington,
Grosvenor Place, London, England. Rec-
reations: Shooting, cricket, tennis. In-
dependent; "Anglican. Address 66 First
St. S. W., Portage la Prairie, Man.

IiIiOYS-JONES, David — President and
Managing Director, Kelowna Sawmill Co.
Ltd., Kelowna. Born Brantford, Ont.,
June 19, 1862, son of John and Eliza-
beth Lloyd- Jones. Educated: public
schools, Simcoe and Waterford, Ont.
Came to British Columbia, 1880. Stock
raising and contracting, Okanagan, 1880-
1894; partner, Irvine & Lloyd-Jones, lum-
ber, Kelowna, 1894-1900; proprietor of
sawmill, Kelowna, 1900-1903; started
present company, 1903. Alderman, Kel-
owna, 1912: member of first council.
Married Edith Ella Gartsell, 1893; has
one son and three daughters. Societies:
A. F. & A. M.; W. O. W. : K. P.; I. O. F.
Conservative; Anglican. Address: Kelow-
na, B. C.

IIOYB-JTONES, William. — Secretary-
Treasurer, Kelowna Sawmill Co., Ltd.,
Kelowna. Born Brantford, Ont., Nov.
23, 1879, son of Robert and Eliza Lloyd-
Jones. Educated public and high schools,
Brantford; Business College, Hamilton.
Came to British Columbia, 1899. En-
gaged lumber business with LeQuine
Lumber Co., Grand Forks, B. C, 1899-
1901j established present business, 1901.
Married NaOmi Brisbin, Red Deer, Alta.,
1909; has one son. Societies: I. O. O.
F. ; W. O. W. Recreations: Fishing,
hunting. Conservative; Anglican. Ad-
dress: Kelowna, B. C.

lOBSINCrEB, louis Georg-e. — Pub-
lisher The Merritt Herald (pioneer news-
paper of Nicola Valley). Born Demer-
ton, Ont., Miay 10, 1883, son of George
and Mary Lobsinger. Educated Demer-
ton. Began printing business Walker-
ton, Ont., 1899. Came to British Colum-
bia, 1908. Married Aimee Dagenais,
1907; has one daughter. Independent.
Recreation: Hunting deer. Address:
Merritt, B. C.



IiOCKE, Corbet, K. C. — Judge of
County Courts of S. J. D. of Manitoba,
Morden. Born Barrie, Ont., Feb. 9, 1854,
son of Joseph and Mary Locke. Edu-
cated Barrie grammar scliool. Called to
Ontario bar, 1877; Manitoba, 1882; cre-
ated Q. C, 1893; appointed to County
Court Bench, Manitoba, 1894. Prior to
going on bench took active part in Mani-
toba politics; was President Morden Lib-
eral-Conservative Association 13 years.
Chairman Royal Commission to report
on compensation to workmen for injury
by accident resulting in Workman's
Compensation Act, 1910. Chairman
Royal Commission, 1911, to report on
validity of surrender of St. Peters In-
dian Reserve. Chairman, 1912, to re-
port on operation and management of
Manitoba Government telephones. Mar-
ried Esther Alice, youngest daughter of
the late Richard Holland, Barrister at
Law, Oshawa, Ont., 1882 (deceased);
married Ruby Louise, eldest daughter of
A. Percy Brown, Peterboro, Ont., 1909;
has three sons and two daughters. Rec-
reation: cricket, tennis, curling, fishing.
Address: Morden, Man.

IiOCKETT, George Vernon, M. B.
(Edin.), r. B. C. S. (Eng.) — Sur-
geon. Born Georgetown St. "Vincent, B.
W. I., Sept. 9, 1866, son of Rev. George
and Emily Lockett. Educated York
Castle high school; University College,.
London; King's College, London; Royal
Westminster Opthalmic Hospital, Lon-
don; Royal College of Surgeons, Edin-
burgh; Edinburgh University. Entered
Colonial Medical Service,. Jamaica, 1891,
and held following appointments: Senior
resident medical officer, Kingston; act-
ing surgeon, Maternity Hospital, also
General Penitentiary, Kingston; resigned

G. V. LOCKETT, M. B. (Edin.),
F. R. C. S. (Bng.).

from Government service, 1903 and en-
tered private practice, Kingston. Ap-
pointed by Government,, honorary con-
sulting surgeon, General Hospital,
Kingston, 1906. Left Jamaica after
earthquake, 1907. Came to British Co-
lumbia,. 1908. Married Frances Jordan
Dill,. Pennsylvania, U. S.,. 1909. Club:
Vancouver. Societies: Vancouver,. Brit-
ish Columbia and Canadian medical so-
cieties; Royal Colonial Institution. Rec-
reations: Cricket,, carpentering. Ad-
dress: 532 Granville St., Vancouver,
B. C.

IiOCKHABT, Natham Joseph, B. A.,
M. A., Iili. B. — Barrister-at-Law. Born
Aylesford, N. S., Feb. 17, 1875, son of
Nathan Joseph and Nancy Jane Whit-
man Lockhart. Educated Horton Col-
legiate Academy, Wolfville, N. S. ; Aca-
dia College; Dalhousie University.
Taught school, Hantsport, N. S., 1895-
1898; law student, Halifax and Sydney,
N. S., 1899-1902; practiced, Sydney, 1902-
1906; came to Estevan, Sask., 1906, and
practiced there since. Director, Estevan
Printing & Publishing Co., Ltd. Solicitor
for Town of Estevan. Married Mabel C.
Saunders, daughter of Walter S. Saun-
ders, Bridgetown, N. S., 1906; has two
sons. Societies: A. F. & A. M. ; K. of P.
Recreation: Motoring, gardening. Lib-
eral; Baptist. Address: Estevan, Sask.




IiOCKWOOB, William T. — Vice-Presi-
dent Stoner, Lockwood & Wheeler, Ltd.,
owners of Red Cliff Townsite and of
Red Cliff Gas and Water System; Sec-
retary Red Cliff Brick & Coal Co., Ltd.;
Treasurer Red Cliff Realty Co., Ltd.;
Secretary Pioneer Realty Co.; Director
Red Cliff Clay Products Co., Ltd.; Di-
rector Red Cliff Motors Co., Ltd.; Direc-;
tor Phoenix Investment Co., Ltd. Born

Cincinnati, O., March 22, 1868, son of
Henry James and Elizabeth Lockwood.
Educated public schools, Cincinnati.
Associated with Chesapeake & Ohio Rail-
way, Cincinnati; came to Alberta and
present business established, liiOfi. Club:
Commercial (Red Cliff). Recreations:
Motoring, athletic sports. Christian
Church. Address: Red Cliff, Alta.




IiOFTHOUSi:, Rigrht Bev. Joseph, D.

I>. — Bishop of Keewatin, Kenora. Born
Wadsley, Yorkshire, England, December
18, 1855, son of Francis and Mary Loft-
house. Educated Wadsley School;
Church Missionary College, London, Eng-
land. Came to Moose Factory, .James
Bay, 1882; ordained Deacon and Priest,
St. Thomas, Moose Factory, 1883; Mis-
sionary, York Factory, Hudson Bay,
1884; Missionary, Fort Churchill, Hud-

son Bay, 1886; Archdeacon of York, 1896:
spent ten months traveling across the
barren lands with Dominion Government
expedition, 1900; appointed Bishop of
Keewatin, 1902; traveled thousands of
miles, Hudson Bay, living with Indians
and Eskimos. Married Betsie Fallding,
1885; has one daughter. Club: Lake of
the Woods. Recreations: Boating, trav-
eling. Conservative; Anglican. Address:
Kenora, Ont.



I^OCKWOOD, Hertiert — Broker and
Accountant. Born Manchester, England,
Feb. 28, 1856, son of William P. Lock-
wood. Educated Pontefract, Yorkshire,
and Quebec. Came to Canada as a boy.
S. Greenshields & Co., Montreal; subse-
quently engaged gold mining Beauce Co.,
Que.; with Molsons Bank, 1882-1907, being
successively manager, Sorel, Que. and
St. Thomas,. Out.,, assistant inspector at
Montreal and manager and superintend-
ent of British Columbia branches, 1898-
1907; established present business, 1907.
Secretary Jericho Country Club; secre-
tary-treasurer Vancouver Lawn Tennis
Club; vice-president Vancouver Cricket
Club. Married Minnie Greenshields, 1885
(deceased) ; has one son and one daughter
Clubs: 'Vancouver,. Jericho Country. Rec-
reations: Cricket,, tennis. Address: 1631
Burnaby St., Vancouver, B. C.

^OCKVEB, Henry Thomas. — Manager,
Hudson's Bay Company's Branches, Van-
couver. Born Greenhithe, Kent, Eng-
land, Dec. 8, 1868, son of Richard and
Mary Lockyer. Educated: Stone public
schools. With Lovibond & Co., brew-
ers, London, England. Came to British
Columbia as accountant wij:h British
Columbia Sugar Refining Co., 1891. Di-.
•rector Vancouver Exhibition Association;
Director (for Vancouver) Royal Agricul-
tural Association, New Westminster;
President British Columbia Wholesale
Grocers' Exchange, 1902; President Van-
couver Board of Trade, 1903. Married
Florence Town, 1892; has three sons.
Clubs: Terminal City; Jericho Country.
Societies: S. O. E.; A. F. & A. M. Rec-
reations: Fishing, tennis. Address: 1436
Burnaby St., Vancouver, B. C.

IiOIiWEN, Chas. J., B. A., M. A. — Of

Loewen & Harvey, Ltd., Real Estate
Agents, 420 Gamble St., Vancouver. Born
Victoria, B. C, May 4, 1867, son of
Joseph L. and Eva Loewen. Educated
Trinity College school. Port Hope, Ont.;
Trinity University. Studied law, 1887-
1890. Served as private Queen's Own
Rifles, Toronto, 1885-1887. Married Edilh
Warren, Vancouver; has one son and one
daughter. Clubs: Union (Victoria), Van-
couver; Jericho Country; Royal Van-
couver Yacht; Vancouver Hunt; Royal
Automobile (London, England). Society:
Native Sons of British Columbia. Rec-,
reations: Billiards, shooting, fishing. Ad-
dress: 1743 Pendril St., Vancouver, B. C.

IiOEWENBEBa, Carl. — Imperial Ger-
man Consul, of Loewenberg & Co., Vic-
toria. Born Cammin, Pomerania, Ger-
many, Jan. 3, 1862, son of Dr. L. and
Louise Loewenberg. Educated Realgym-
nasium, Harburg-on-Elbe. Came to Brit-
ish Columbia 1879. Established present
business 1888. Club: Union. Society:
Deutscher Verein (Hon. Pres.). Recrea-
tion: Music. Address: Victoria, B. C.

LOPTUS, Edwin, B. A. (1895), M. A.
(1898), LL. B. (1900)— Of Aikins, Loftus
& Aikins, Barristers, Aikins Bldg., Win-
nipeg. Director Security National In-
surance Co. of Canada. Born Port Perry,
Ont., March 12, 1868, son of Thomas and
Permilla Loftus. Educated Port Perry
high school. Taught public school, 1885-
1890; Collegiate Institute, Chatham, Ont,
1891-1892; principal of schools. Portage
la Prairie, Man., 1893-1898. Came to Win-
nipeg, 1898, and called to Manitoba bar,
1900; member of Council of University
of Manitoba; Board of Wesley College;
Board of Trustees of Winnipeg General
Hospital; first President Manitoba Foot-
ball Association, 1900-1905; first presi-
dent Manitoba Amateur Athletic Associa-
tion. Married Ida Bell, Portage la
Prairie, 1901, has one son. Clubs: Carle-
ton; Commercial Travelers. Society: A.
F. & A. M. Liberal; Methodist. Ad-
dress: 264 Wellington Crescent, Winni-
peg, Man.

IiOCrAN, Frederick Miles, B. S. A. —

Editor, Commercial Review, Publioity
Press, Ltd., 543 Hastings St., Vancouver;
interested in fruit ranching, Okanagan
Valley. Born Amherst, N. S., Aug. 22,
1871, son of Isaac and Margaret Logan.
Educated; public schools; Truro College;
Toronto University. Manager, Acadia
Dairy Co., Wolfville, N. S., 1894-1900;
Dairy Insoector, Nova Scotia Govern-
ment, Halifax, 1900-1904; Dairy Com-
missioner for British Columbia, Vic-
toria, 1906-1909; editor. Commercial Re-
view, since 1911. Married Ida E. Pat-
terson, Guelph, 1909-; has one daughter.
Societies: A. F. & A. M. ; I. O. P. In-
dependent; Presbyterian. Address: 1340
Alberni St., Vancouver, B. C.

I^OGAIT, Capt. James J. — Manager and
Director, Vancouver Ice & Cold Storage
Co., 14 Gore Ave., Vancouver. Born
Maitland, N. S., March 24, 1858, son of
Robert and Nancy Logan. Educated
public schools, Halifax; on sailing ships,
1873; sea captain, 1883-1893, and during
that time in England his steamer re-
ceived a bonus twice from insurance
companies for running two years with-
out an accident. Came to British Co-
lumbia, 1893; established present busi-
ness, 1895; which he has buillt up until
it is now the largest cold storage and
ice concern in Canada. President, Van-
couver Creamery; License Commissioner,
1899. Endowed chair of New Testament
Exegesis in Westminster Hall, to be
called J. J. Logan chair. Married Sarah
F. Atkins, of Westchester, N. S. Club:
Terminal City. Society: A. F. & A. M.
Recreation: fishing. Conservative; Pres-
byterian. Address: 1898 Robson St., Van-
couver, B. C.



IiONEV, Richard — President Richard
Loney and Company, Limited, Real Es-
tate and Financial Brokers, Walter Scott
Bldg., Moose Jaw; President Saskatche-
wan Bond Corporation, Ltd.; First Vice-
Persident Canadian Standard Automobile
and Tractor Co., Ltd.; Director Bank of
Saskatcliewan; Director Saskatchewan
ISridge & Iron Co., Ltd.; Director Crich-
ton's, Ltd. Born Metcalf, Ont., July 17,
1877, son of Simon and Eliza Loney.
Educated public schools, Winchester and
Kemptville, Ont. Taught school, East-
man's Springs, Ont., 1900. Trooper with
First Imperial Light Horse, South Afri-
can War, 1901-1902. With G. T. R.,
Whitney, Ont.. 1902; subsequently with
C. P. R. ; came to Moose Jaw, 1904; real

estate business since 1906, as Manley,
Loney & Co., 1908-1912; present firm
name since 1912. President Moose Jaw
Real Estate Board; President Moose Jaw
Board of Trade, 1910-1912. Chairman
Railway Committee, Moose Jaw Board
of Trade; First Vice-President Western
Canadian Associated Boards of Trade;
President Southern Safekatcliewan Asso-
ciated Boards of Trade; Captain 95th
Sasl^atchewan Rifles; President Moose
Jaw Gun Club; President Saskatcliewan
Motor League. Married Mary Alexan-
der, Listowel, Ont., 1907; has one son.
Recreations: Tennis, hunting, shooting,
motoring. Conservative; Anglican. Ad-
dress: 5 Stadacona St., W., Moose Jaw,



I1OGA.N, M. Sergius. — (Retired.) Born
Morrisburg, Ont., Sept. 21, 1S66, son of
Matthew and Elizabeth Logan. Edu-
cated College Institute, Morrisburg.
Mercantile business, Morrisburg, 1891.
Came to British Columbia, 1S99. Mar-
ried Emily Morris, Hamilton. Club:
Terminal City. Recreations: Driving,
fishing, bowling. Address: 2530 Point
Grey Road, Vancouver, B. C.


IiOGGIE, -William James, LL. B. — Of

Loggie & Manley, Barristers and So^
licitors. Imperial Bank Bldg., Wetaski-
win. Born Alnwick, N. B., May 28, 1867,
son of Robert and Grace Loggie. Edu-
cated Grammar School, Chatham, N. B. ;
Dalhousie Law School, Halifax. Called
to New Brunswick Bar, 1896; practiced,
Chatham, N. B., 1896-1904. Came to Al-
berta, 1901; called to N. W. T. Bar, 1904;
practiced, Wetaskiwin, since 1904; pres-
ent partnership formed, 1909. City So-
licitor, Wetaskiwin, 1908-1911. Recrea-
tion: travel. Conservative; Presbyterian.
Address: 236 Stanley St., Wetaskiwin,

LONG, Minnie Louise Thomas. — Wife
of William George Long. Born St.
Catharines, Ont., daughter of George
William Anna (Haynes) Thomas. Bdu-
cateed Westminster Ladies' College; To-
ronto University; Business College, St.
Catharines (honor graduate). Corre-
sponding Secretary, W. C. T. U., St.
Catharines; Recording Secretary, Peo-
plee's Forum (advocating Woman's Suf-
frage), Toronto, 1909; Vice-President,
Women's Suffrage Association, Winnipeg,
1911. Came to Manitoba, 1909; Record-
ing Secretary, Women's Missionary Soci-

ety, Wesley Church, Winnipeg, 1910-1911.
A writer of prose and poetry and con-
tributor to various magazines, including
Modern Culture Magazine, New York;
Truth, Toronto Varsity and University
Monthly; Toronto Saturday Night, To-
ronto Globe, Mail and Empire, Utica
Globe, Utica, N. Y. ; regular contributor
to Holroyde's Magazine, Winnipeg; at
present preparing to publish poems in

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