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lias two sons and two daugliters. So-
cieties: I. O. O. F. ; Turf Association.
Recreation: driving. Liberal; Methodist.
Address: 728 First St., Edmonton, Alta.

I.TONS, Bohert Pern, M. L. A. — Farm-
er. Bnrn New Boyne, Ont., July 1, 1856,
son of Michael and Ann Lyons. Edu-
cated common and high schools Athens,
Ont. First elected to Legislature for
Norfolk 1892; re-elected 1899, 1903 and
1907. IMarried Jennett Hume, Hamilton,
1888 (deceased 1901); has four sons and
one daughter. Society: A. F. & A. M.
Methodist; Conservative. Address: Car-
berry, INJan.


IiYONS, Bobert Newton. — Accountant,
Secretary-Treasurer Prairie City Loan
Co., Ltd., 317 Portage Ave., Winnipeg.


Born Grey County, Ont., Sept. 7, 1873,
son of John and Louise Lyons. Educat-
ed public schools; Central Business Col-
lege, Owen Sound, Ont. Bookkeeper and
foreman, later general merchant, Gris-
wold, Man., 1S96. Secretary Dominion
Alliance when Dr. H. E. Hicks defeated
present opposition leader, T. C. Morris.
Bandmaster "Metropolitan Band," Win-
nipeg, 1907, 1910; President Winnipeg
Local, American Federation of Musicians
1910; Musicians' Delegate to Dominion
Trades and Labor Congress, 1910. Mar-
ried Hattie Lois Walker, Clinton, Ont.,
1899; has two sons and two daughters:
Societies: L. O. L. ; Musicians. Recrea-
tions: Music, literature. Independent;
Methodist. Address: 394 Lipton St.,
Winnipeg, Man.


MACABA, William Elliot. — Registrar
General Province of Manitoba under the
Torrens System, Land Titles Bldg., Win-
nipeg. Born London, Ont., Feb. 16, 1859,
son of John Macara. Educated College
Institute, Goderich. Called to Ontario Bar
1881; came to Winnipeg and called to
Manitoba Bar 1882; practiced Winnipeg
under firm name of Cumberland & Ma-
cara; later Miller, Cumberland & Ma-
cara, until 1886, when appointed to pres-
ent office. Served as Lieutenant 90th
Regiment, when first organized. Mar-
ried Mary Alicia MacDermott, Goderich,
Ont, 1887. Clubs: Manitoba, St. Charles
Country, Western Canada Military In-
stitute. Conservative; Anglican. Ad-
dress: 28 Spence St., Winnipeg, Man.

MACABTHUB, Johu Alexander, M.S.,
C. M. — Physician and Surgeon. Born
Middlesex County, Ont., son of Archi-
bald and Christina MacArthur. Educat-
ed McGill University, Manitoba Univer-
sity. Practised Iowa 1876. Came to Win-
nipeg 1884. President Winnipeg Medi'co-
Chirurgical Association 1903-1904; mem-
ber of the Canadian Medical Association:
Vice-President Canadian Medical Asso-
ciation for Manitoba, 1902-1903; member
British Association for Advancement of
Science; member American Public Health
Association; Professor of Medical .luris-
prudence, Manitoba Medical College;
physician and surgeon, St. Bonifact
Hospital; Professor Diseases of Chil-
dren, Manitoba Medical College; Con-
sulting Physician, General Hospital.
Past President Winnipeg Liberal Asso-

ciation: unsuccessful candidate for Cen-
ter, Winnipeg, Manitoba Legislature.
1904-1907. Married Lucille C. Casey,
Montreal, 1872 (deceased). Clubs: Cana-
dian, Manitoba, Carleton, President Play-
goers'. Society: A. F. & A. M. Recrea-
tions: Music and art, lacrosse, cricket.
Liberal: Baptist. Address: 11 Canada
Life Bldg., Winnipeg, Man.


MACAXTXiAV, The Honouralble Charles
Bauiel — Judge of Territorial Court, Yu-
kon Territory, Dawson. Born Township
of Sidney, Hastings County, Ont., Oct. 20.
1863, son of Daniel Macaulay and Eliza-
beth McDonnell. Educated public schools,
Frankford; Albert University, Belleville;
Osgoode Hall. Called to Ontario Bar,
1889; practiced profession at Belleville
until 1901, when appointed Stipendiary
Magistrate for Dawson, Yukon Territory.
Appointed Judge Territorial Court, Yu-
kon Territory, June, 1902. Married Mary
C. P., daughter of late R. P. Davy,
Belleville, Oct. 31, 1894; has one son,
Robert Davy Macaulay. Club: Zero.
Roman Catholic. Address: Dawson, Y. T.

IMCACAUIiEV, Charles Hamilton. — Of

Macauley & Nicolls, Brokers, 414 Sey-
mour St., Vancouver. Interested Bur-
rard Lumber Co.; President of Tourist
Association. Born Pugwash', N. S., 1867,
son of Donald and Maria Macauley. Edu-
cated Nova Scotia. Taught school 1885.
Came to British Columbia 1887. Estab-
lished present business 1898. Married
Ethel Jean Maclaren, Vancouver; has
three sons and one daughter. Clubs: Ath-
letic; Brocton Point Athletic; Burrard
Inlet Rowing. Societies: A. F. & A. M.;
St. Andrews; Caledonian. Address: 1130
Bute St., Vancouver, B. C.



K[ACAXri.EV, Henry C. — Financial
Agent, 585 Granville St., Vancouver. Born
Lindsay, Ont., May 17, 1876, son of Alex-
ander and Adelaide Macauley. Came to
British Columbia 1887. First Mayor of
Dawson City, Y. T., 1902; member of
Yukon Council, 1903. Club: Vancouver.
Address: 1332 Nicola St., Vancouver,
B. C.

MACBETH, Hugh. — Of H. Macbeth
Agency, Financial and Real Estate Bro-
kers, Sherlock Block, Lethbridge; Sec-
retary Bow River Collieries; Secretary
British Canadian Trust & Guarantee Co.;
Secretary Lethbridge Brick & Terra Cot-
ta Co. Born St. Andrews, Man., April 8.
1859, son of Alexander and Margaret
Macbeth. Educated public schol Kildon-
an, Man. Fur trader Hudson's Bay Co.,
Swan River District, Man., 1874-1882;
came to Alberta 1SS3; clerk and account-
ant. Gait Coal Co., Medicine Hat, 1883-
1904; established present business 1904.
Alderman, Lethbridge. 1907-1908. Mar-
ried Janette Bassett, Toronto, 1885; lias
four sons and three daughters. Club:
Chinook. Society: A. F. & A. M. Rec-
reation: Shooting. Conservative; Pres-
byterian. Address: 814 Ford St., Leth-
bridge, Alta.

MACDERMOT, John Heury, M. B —

Phvsician. Born Kingston, Jamaica, B.
W.^ I., Nov. 23, 1883, son of Rev. H. M.
F. and Mary MacDermot. Educated Ja-
maica High School. Came to British
Columbia 1906. Former health officer
Van Anda, Texada. Married feva El-
vina Swift, Vancouver; has one daugh-
ter. Recreations: Sailing, tennis. Ad-
dress: 714 Harris St., Vancouver, B. C.

MACDONAIiD, Alexander — ^President,
The A. Macdonald Co. Ltd., Wholesale
Grocers, 116 Market St., E., Winnipeg;
President, Great West Life Insurance
Co., 1894; President, Tribune Publishing
Co., 1903; one of founders of Manitoba
Free Press, 1886; President, Canada Free
Trade League, 1910. Club: Manitoba.
Address: 194 Vaughan St., Winnipeg,

MACDONAIID, Alexander B. — Of Har-
vey, McCarter, MacDonald & Xisbet, Bar-
risters and Solicitors, Imperial Bank
Bldg., Cranbrook; President Aurora Min-
ing & Milling Co., Ltd.; Director Yahk
Lumber Co., Ltd.; Director Lund Land &
Development Co., Ltd. Born Ashfield
Township, Huron County, Ont., July 11,
1873, son of John and Christine Macdon-
ald. Educated Collegiate Institute, Gode-
rich, Ont., Osgoode Hall, Toronto. Called
to Ontario bar 1903; practiced Brussels,
Ont., 1903-1908. Came to British Colum-
bia, 1908. Called to British Columbia
bar, 1908, since then has' practiced Cran-

brook. Married Kathleen Leonora
Holmes of Brussels, Ont., 1909. Clul):
Cranbrook. Recreations: golf, curling.
Liberal; Presbyterian. Address: Garden
Ave., Cranbrook, B. C.

D. D., LL. D.

MACDONAIiD, Big-ht Rev. Alexander,
D. D., Iili. D. — Bishop of Victoria. Born
Mabou, Inverness County, Cape Breton,
Feb. 18, 1858, son of Finlay and Cath-
erine MacDonald. Educated St. Francis
Xavier, Antigonish, N. S. ; Propaganda.
Rome. Ordained Priest 1884. Vicar
General Antigonish 1900-1908; appointed
Bishop of Victoria 1908. Publications:
"The Symbol in Sermons"; "The Sacri-
fice of the Mass"; "The Symbol of the
Apostles"; "Religious Questions of the
Day" (3 vols.); "The Mercies of the
Sacred Heart"; "The Sacraments." Ad-
dress: 740 View St., Victoria, B. C.

MACDONAIiD, Allan Ban. — Dominion
Government Superintendent Rocky Moun-
tains Park, Banff. Born Glengarry
County. Ont., Feb. 9, 1843, son of Alex-
ander Ban and Catherine Macdonald. Ed-
ucated public schools Glengary County
and Cornwall. Clerk Hon. D. A. Mac-
donald, Alexandria, Ont., 1866-1871; part-
ner A. B. Macdonald & Co., Alexandria,
1871-1875; bought D. A. Macdonald out
1875, and continued under firm name of
Macdonald & Chisholm until 1881; gen-
eral store business under firm name
Macdonald & McDougald, Emerson, Man.,
1881-1882; charge store and supply de-
partment C. P. R. under Langdon &



Shepard, 1882-1883; charge of stores for
R. R. McLennan, north shore of Lake
Superior, 1884-1885; with James Ross,
Superintendent of Construction C. P. R.,
Reeds Lake, B. C, 1885; organized Glen-
garry Rancli Co., 1886 and managing di-
rector of same 1886-1910; appointed Su-
perintendent Rocky Mountains Park,
1910; President Western Stock Growers'
Association 1907-1908. Unsuccessful
Liberal candidate for Macleod to House
of Commons, 1908. Won medal for all
round athlete in Caledonia games for
three counties, Cornwall, Ont., 1864.
Married Elizabeth Ann Harrison, Alex-
andria; has four sons and four daugh-
ters. Club: Macleod, Banff Curling. Rec-
reations: All outdoor sports. Liberal;
Roman Catholic. Address: Banff, Alta.

MACSONAI^D, Bernard Bouald, ImTm. B.

— Barrister and Solicitor, Drinkle Bldg.,
Saskatoon. Born St. Andrew's Parish,
P. B. I., June 20, 1876, son of Penlope
Macdonald and Alex. G. Macdonald, de-
scendant of John Macdonald of Glenala-
dale, who established first Scotch settle-
ment British North America, also family
connection of A. A. Macdonald, one of
the fathers of Confederation; late Judge
Hugh Macdonald, of Supreme Court of
Nova Scotia; Sir Wm. C. Macdonald.
Montreal, Que.; Bishop Macdonald, Char-
lottetown, P. B. I.; Dr. J. C. Macdonald,
Montreal, Que. educated public schools,
St. .Dunstan's College, Montreal; Dal-
housie University. Law student with
Drysdale & Mclnnes, Halifax, 1904;
practicing since 1907. Married Marion
Gertrude Egan of Mt. Stewart, P. B. I.,
1910. Society: K. of C. (Grand Knight).
Conservative; Roman Catholic. Address:
Ave. M and Twentieth St., Saskatoon,

MACDONAIiI}, Hon. Daniel Alexander.

— Judge of the Court of the King's
Bench for Manitoba. Born Prince Ed-
ward Island, Aug. 17, 1858, son of Alex-


ander and Mary Macdonald. Educated
Prince of Wales (^olle.a:e, Charlottetown.
Called to Prince Edward Island Bar 1883:
came to Manitoba 1883; called to Man-
itoba Bar 1885. Crown Prosecutor Cen-
tral Judicial District of Manitoba seven
years. Married Helen St. Luke Rogers;
has one son and three daughters. Clubs:
Manitoba: St. Charles Country. Recrea-
tions: Golf, curling, billiards. Anglican.
Address 107 Stradbrooke Place, Winni-
peg, Man.

MACSONAI^I), Donald Robert. — Train-
master Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir
Ltd.), Cumberland. Born Westville, Pic-
tou County, N. S., May 28, 1873, son of
Daniel P. and Jessie MacDonald. Edu-
cated public schools Westville. With
Intercoloniol Coal Mining Co., Westville,
1886. Came to Cumberland with Duns-
muir Railway Co., 1893. Alderman 1897-
1899; Mayor 1909-1910. Married Janet
Saunders, Cumberland, 1901. Society:
I. O. O. F. Recreations: Cricket, riding,
driving. Address: Mayport Ave., Cum-
berland, B. C.

MACDONAIiD, Georgfe, M. D., C. M,.^ —

Physician and Surgeon. Born Aberdeen-
shire, Scotland, Sept. 22, 1863. Came to
Canada same year. Educated public
schools Montreal; public and high school
Renfrew. Clerk, operator, agent and
locomotive engineer Western extension,
Canada Central, 1879-1884, when returned
to Renfrew high school and took second
class teacher's certificate; graduated Mc-
Gill University 1889. Practiced Ren-
frew 1890, came to Calgary 1891. Cor-
oner Northwest Territories 1893; Medical
Health Officer, Calgary, since 1900.



Member American Public Health Asso-
ciation; British Canadian and Alberta
Medical Associations; Registrar College
Physicians and Surgeons, Alberta, 1910;
life member Dominion Rifle and Alberta
Province Rifle Associations; member
Grand Secretary's Guild of tlie World.
Married Mary Macleod, Charlottetown, P.

E. I.; has two daughters. Societies: A.

F. & A. M.; 1st G. M. Grand Lodge, Al-
berta, 1905-1906; Grand Secretary 1907-
1908-1909-1910; A. R. M. (Grand Su-
perintendent Alberta Dist., 1903); K. T.
K. M. Provincial Grand Prior 1900;
Scottish Rite (32d degree Alberta Con-
sistory); Mystic Shrine (charter mem-
ber, Al Azhar Temple, Calgary) ; I. O. O.
F. (Past D. D. G. M.); K. of P. (Past
D. G. v.); A. O. U. W. (Past M. W.);
I. O. F.; S. O. S.; Quatuor Coronati
(Eng. ) Local Secretary. Recreations:
Rifle shooting, tennis. Address: 120 6th
Ave. E., Calgary, Alta.

MACBONAIiB, Georgfe Ernest. — Of

Macdonald, Marpole & Co., Ltd., 427 Sey-
mour St., Vancouver. Born Cumberland,
N. S., Jan. 9, 1866, son of P. and Mar-
garet Macdonald Studied law Truro,
1882-1884; clerk superintendent's office
I. C. R., Truro, 1884-1886; Chief Clerk
Stores Department C. P. R.. Vancouver,
1886-1892; Fuel Agent C. P. R., 1892-
1894; Car Service Agent C. P. R., 1894-
1899. In conjunction with C. Marpole
formed firm of Macdonald, Marpole Co.,
Coal and Commission Merchants and
Agents on mainland of British Colum-
bia, R. Dunsmuir Sons Wellington Col-
liery Co., 1899. Interested steamboats,
mining and milling and timber. License
Commissioner two terms; unsuccessful
candidate for Vancouver, British Colum-
bia Legislature, 1909. In the early 90's
represented Vancouver Lacrosse Club on
Brockton Point Board together witli
Brockton Point Board in connection with
C. Marpole, W. D. Haywood, W. H. Arm-
strong and one or two others, built pres-
ent Recreation Park, and had owned
Vancouver Baseball Team, Northwestern
League. Director and one of the found-
ers of Minoru Race Track. Married
Annette M. Creighton, San Francisco,
Cal., 1901. Clubs: Vancouver, Terminal
City, Jericho Country, Union (Victoria).
Liberal; Presbyterian. Address: 1409
Beacli Ave., Vancouver, B. C.

MACDONAIiD, Hugli — Barrister and
Solicitor, Golden; Director, Windermere
Orcliards, Ltd.: Director, Elko Lands,
Ltd.; Director, Firlands Irrigation &
Power Co. Ltd, Born Glensandfield, Ont.,
July 1, 1867, son of Donald and Eliza-
beth Macdonald. Educated: Colling-
wood and Brantford Collegiate: Osgoode
Hall. Called to Ontario Bar, 1891; prac-
tised, Toronto, 1891-1896; called to Brit-
ish C^olumbia Bar, 1898; practised, Wil-
mer, B. C, 1899-1907; established present
practice, 1907. Liberal; Roman Catholic.
Address: Golden, B. C.

MACDONAI.D, Hon. UvLgh John, K. C.

— Police INIagistrate, ex-Premier of Mani-
toba, of Macdonald, Haggart, Sullivan &
Tarr, Barristers, Winnipeg. Born Kings-
ton, Ont., March 13, 1850, son of Rt. Hon.
Sir John A. Macdonald, G. C. B., and
Lady Macdonald. Educated Queen's Col-
lege, Kingston; Toronto University. Stu-
dent father's ofiice until 1872, when
called to Ontario Bar. Came to Winni-
peg 1882, formed partnership with J.
Stewart Tupper. Member House of Com-
mons for Winnipeg, 1891-1893. Called to
Privy Council, 1896, as Minister of In-
terior and elected for Winnipeg 1896;
resigned July, 1896. Accepted Provin-
cial Conservative Leadership, Manitoba,
1897; Premier of Manitoba, 1899-1900;
resigned to unsuccessfully contest Bran-
don for House of Commons; resumed
practice of his profession; appointed Po-
lice Magistrate Winnipeg, 1911. Served
as private on duty Cornwall during
Fenian invasion; Ensign, Company 6,
First Ontario Rifles, Red River Expedi-
tion; Captain 90th Battalion Riel Re-
bellion, 1885. President Manitoba Rifle
Association for many years. Married
Jean King Murray, 1876 (deceased,
1880); married Agnes Gertrude Van
Koughnet, 1883: has one son and one
daughter. Club: Manitoba. Societies:
A. F. & A. M.; K. of P.; I. O. F. ;
Winnipeg Rowing Club. Recreation:
Cricket. Conservative; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: 61 r'aillon St.. Winnipeg, Man.


MACDONAIiD, Hon. James Alexander,
Iili. B., K. C. — Chief Justice of Court of
Appeal for British Columbia. Born Hu-
ron County, Ont., May 29, 1858. Edu-
cated public schools, College Institute,
Stratford, Ont.; Toronto University; Os-



goode Hall. Practiced Toronto under
Arm name Fullerton, Cook, Wallace &
Macdonald, 1S90; removed to Rossland,
B. C, 1896. First President Rossland
branch Provincial Ministers' Association
of British Columbia. Elected to British
Columbia Legislature, 1903; re-elected
1907. Leader Liberal Opposition in Leg-
islature but resigned previous to ap-
pointment as Chief Justice, 1909. Ad-
dress: Victoria, B. C.

MACDONAIiD, James Allen, A. A. A.

— Architect, 8 Dominion Block, Calgary.
Born Exeter, Ont., June 1, 1859, son of
Isabella Ross and William B. Macdon-
ald, first collector of taxes City of Win-
nipeg. Educated public schools Win-
nipeg, University of Minnesota. Con-
tractor, Winnipeg, 1880-1882; Superin-
tendent Construction Work United States
Army, North Dakota, 1882-1884; Super-
intendent for heating, plumbing and ven-
tilating public school board, Minneapolis,
Minn., 1885-1886; Dominion Government
Architect, Nelson, B. C, 1900-1903; pri-
cate practice Winnipeg, Regina and Nel-
son 1903-1910; established present prac-
tice 1910. Served with 13th Battalion,
Winnipeg, 1877-1879; Winnipeg Cavalry,
1880-1882. Married Margaret McNeil,
Emerson, Man., 1881; has one son and
one daughter. Society: Architects' As-
sociation of Alberta. Recreations: Fish-
ing, hunting. Independent; Presbyterian.
Address: 1909 Eighteenth Ave. W., Cal-
gary, Alta.

MACBONAIiD, John Ang-us, M. B., I..
B. C. P. — Surgeon and Physician, 543
Granville St., Vancouver. Born St. Cath-
arines, Ont., June 11, 1862, son of Fred-
erick W. and Eliza Clara Macdonald.
Educated Toronto, Edinburg University,
practiced Brandon, Man., where was city
and provincial health officer and surgeon
to C. P. R. Came to Vancouver 1909.
Married R. Bell Bryson, 1885; has one
son and two daughters Club: Vancou-
• ver. Conservative. Address: 1670 Har-
wood, Vancouver, B. C.

MACBOlTAIiD, John Kenneth^ — Barris-
ter, 124 McDougall St., Edmonton. Born
Drayton, Ont., July 24, 1876, son of Don-
ald and Minnie Macdonald. Educated
College Institute Cobourg. Studied law
Cobourg and Edmonton; came to Edinon-
ton, 1893; called to Northwest Territories
Bar 1904; acting Deputy Attorney Gen-
eral Northwest Territories Government

1904, and in Alberta on creation of new
Province until 1906. Clubs: Edmonton;
Country. Liberal; Anglican. Address:
468 Fifth St., Edmonton, Alta.

J. P. MACDONALD, M. D., C. M., L. R.
C. P. & S., L. F. M. & S.

MACDONAI.S, John Fhilan, M. D., C.
M., I.. R. C. P. 85 S., I.. F. M. 8b S. — Phy-
sician and Surgeon, 15 Jasper Ave. W.,
Edmonton. Born Perth, Ont., May 25,
1867, son of John and Mary MacDonald.
Educated College Institute Perth; Mc-
Gill University; post graduate work,
Edinburgh and Glasgow; taught school
and Court Stenographer Montreal, 1885-
1905; engaged practice of medicine Mont-
real, 1905; came to Edmonton 1909;
President Central Alberta Medical As-
sociation; Visiting Physician Royal Al-
exandra and General Hospitals, Edmon-
ton. Married Gertrude Kenney, Mont-
real, 1897; has three sons. Societies: A.
O. F.; S. O. S.; B. A. Y. N. Liberal;
Roman Catholic. Address: 428 Eighth
St., Edmonton, Alta.

MACDONAIiD, John William. — Man-
ager Cockshutt Plow Co., Saskatchewan
Ave., Portage la Prairie. Born Australia,
Aug. 15, 1855, son of Archibald and Sar-
ah MacDonald. Educated Collegiate In-
stitute, Brantford. Druggist with Adolph
Bennett, Brantford, 1876; came to Man-
itoba and engaged business with his
father, Emerson, 1883. Mayor Emerson,
1903-1904; Alderman Portage la Prairie,
1911. Married Hannah Maria Jackson,
Brantford, 1876; has Ave sons and five
daughters. Societies: A. F. & A. M. (P.
M.); A. O. U. W. Recreations: Riding,
Curling, lawn bowling. Conservative;
Presbyterian. Address: 54 Broadway,
Portage la Prairie, Man.



1VIACDONAI.D, John W. — Postmaster
New Westminster. Born Gabarouse,
Cape Breton, N. S., Sept. 9, 1865, son
of John S. and Catherine MacDonald.
Educated Port Morien, Louisburg. Came
to British -Columbia 1886 with Dominion
Express Co., Victoria. Appointed post-
master New Westminster 1910; Vice-
President Y. M. C. A.; Chairman Trustee
Board I. O. O. F. Hall. Married Hanna
J. Dean, 1888; has four sons and two
daughters. Societies: I. O. O. F.; S. O.
S. ; C. O. C. F. Recreations: All outdoor
sports. Methodist; Liberal. Address:
508 Ash St., New Westminster, B. C.

SIACSONAI.I}, Robert J. — Architect,
619 Hastings St. W., Vancouver. Born
Roodfield, Rosshire, Scotland. July 4,
1875, son of William and Isabella Mac-
Donald; nephew of late General Sir Hec-
tor A. MacDonald. Educated public and
art schools. Articled five years with
firm of architects, Inverness, Scotland,
1897; later as chief draughtsman with
firms at Edinburgh, London; Calgary and
Edmonton. Came to British Columbia
and founded present practice, 1907. So-
cieties: St. Andrews, Caledonian. Rec-
reations: Yachting. Address: 667 Horn-
by St., Vancouver, B. C.

MACDONAI.I>, Capt. Ronald C. — Of

C. H. Enderton & Co., Real Estate
Agents, 228 Portage Ave., Winnipeg.
Born Bruce County, Ont., Jan. 3, 1857,
son of John and Mary MacDonald. Edu-
cated Grammar School Kincardine. Came
to Winnipeg Government Service 1897.
In present business since 1899; Alder-
man 1st Ward, Winnipeg, 1909-1912; Po-
lice Commissioner; Chairman Hospital


Committee; served in Northwest Rebel-
lion 1885, retiring with rank of Captain.
Married May Alicia Morrison, Ottawa,
1886; has two sons and one daughter.
Club: Carleton. Recreations: All out-
door sports except golf. Liberal; Pres-
byterian. Address: 26 Amherst St.,
Crescentwood, Winnipeg, Man.

MACBONAIiS, Thomas Donald — Gen-
eial Manager, British Columbia Per-
manent Loan Co., 330 Pender St., Van-
couver; meinber Vancouver Board of
Trade. Born Glasgow, Scotland, Aug. 4,
1876, son of Alfred and Mary Macdonald.
Educated: public schools; Skerry's Col-
lege, Glasgow; Glasgow University.
Came to Manitoba, 1903; Missionary,
Presbyterian Church, Dauphin, Man.,
1903-1905; city missionary, Glasgow,
1900-1903; started as clerk with present
company. 1903; general manager since
Feb., 1912. Married Varney E. Brans-
come, Brantford, Ont., 1909. Recreations:
fishing, photography. Conservative;

Presbyterian. Address: Cypress and
19th Ave., Shaughnessy Heights, Van-
couver, B. C.

MACDONAIiD, Hon. Senator 'William
John. • — Born Invernesshire, Scotland,
Nov. 29, 183 2, son of Major Macdonald,
of Vallay. Educated Invernesshire-.
Came to Victoria 1851, and was for eight
years service of Hudson's Bay Co. Twice
Mayor of Victoria; member Legislative
Assembly of Vancouver Island 1806;
called to Legislative Council on union
of British Columbia and Vancouver
Island. Summoned to Senate on British
Columbia entering federation of North
American Provinces (1872). Recruited
first company of Militia, mounted and
foot, to protect early settlers from
Northern Indians. During the gold ex-
citement. 1851-1858, when the commun-
ity of Victoria suddenly rose from 300
to 35,000, acted as Gold Commissioner,



collector of customs, pastmaster. Helped
to organize and inaugurate the non-sec-
tarian public school system. Had honor
of being presented lo King Edward VII
by present King Windsor Castle, 1907.
Married Catherine Balfour Reid. Lon-
don, England; has three sons and three
daughters. Conservative. Address: An-
nandale, Victoria, B. C.

MACDONAIiD, William Alexander, K

C. — Of Macdonald, Parkes & Anderson,
604 Bank of Ottawa Bldg., Hastings St.,
Vancouver; director, Western Union Fire
Insurance Co.; director, Norton Griffiths
Co. Ltd. Born St. Catharines, Ont., June
7, 1860, son of Frederick William and
Eliza Clara Macdonald. Educated: St.
Catharines Collegiate Institute; Osgoode
Hall. Called to Ontario Bar, 1882; called
to Manitoba Bar, 1882; practised, Bran-
don, Man., 1882-1897; appointed K. C,
1892; called to British Columbia Bar,
1897; practised. Nelson, B. C, 1897-1909;

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