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came to Vancouver, 1909; present part-
nership formed, 1911. Elected to Mani-
toba Legislature for Brandon, 1893; and
became leader of the opposition. Com-
missioner from Provincial Government
to inquire into land titles question,
North Vancouver district, 1911; counsel
for Vancouver Board of Trade on in-
vestigation of freight rates before Do-
minion Railway Commission, 1912; coun-
sel for British Columbia Government in
general investigation of passenger and
freight rates west of Lake Superior be-
fore Federal Railway Board, 1912. Clubs:
Vancouver, Jericho Count}'; Vancouver
Curling (President). Society: A. F. &
A. M. Conservative; Anglican. Address:
Vancouver, B. C.


MACDONi:]:.!^, Alexander J. — Pro-
prietor of Hotel Revelstroke; Vice-
President Gibbon Lumber Co., Ltd.; Di-
rector Canadian Pacific Oil Co. of Van-
couver, operating in California. Born
Glengarry County, Feb. 27, 1863, son of
Daniel A. and Elizabeth Macdonell. Edu-
cated public and high schools, Corn-
wall, Ont. Came to British Columbia
1883. Engaged on C. P. R. construction
work 1883-1887; ranching and cattle
raising, Macleod. Alta., 1887-1894. Mar-
ried Caroline Estella Kipp, of Chillwack,
B. C, 1902; has one daughter. Club:
Revelstroke. Conservative; Roman Cath-
olic. Address: Revelstroke, B. C.

TSItA.CItONJiI.lM, Donald G., Ex-M. P. —

Of Macdonell, Killam & Farris, Barris-
ters, Pacific Bldg., Vancouver. Born
Morrisburg, Ont., July 18, 1849, son of
Alexander G. and Helen Macdonell. Edu-
cated Upper Canada College, Toronto.
Called to Ontario bar, 1873. Came to
British Columbia and called to bar, 1896
Member of House of Commons for Lan-
ark County, 1879-1882. Married Edith
Rose, Morrisburg, Ont.; has one son and
two daughters. Club: Vancouver. Soci-
ety: A. F. & A. M. Recreations: Golf,
field trials. Liberal. Address: 1906
Nelson St., Vancouver, B. C.

MACDONXIIiIi, James Alexander. —

Railway Contractor, of Macdonell, Gzow-
ski & Co., Bank of Britisli North Ameri-
ca Bldg., Vancouver. Born St. Mary's,
Ont., May 8, 1861, son of Ronaldson
John and Janet Macdonell. Educated
St. Thomas, Ont. Construction work.
Lake Superior Country, C. P. R., 1876.
Came to British Columbia, 1888. Inter-
ested ranching, mining and general en-
gineering and contract work. Was con-
nected with construction of Field Spiral
Tunnels and railways all over western
part of continent. Married Maude Cam-
eron, Ottawa, 1904; has one son. Clubs:
Vancouver, Jericho Country, Royal Van-




couver Yacht, Commercial. Recreation:
Athletic sports. Independent; Roman
Catholic. Address: Vancouver, B. C.

niACSONNi:!.!., Major Archibald Cam-
eron, D. S. O — Strathcona's Horse (Roy-
al Canadians), Fort Osborne Barracks,
Winnipeg. Born Windsor, Ont., Oct. 6,
1864, son of S. S. Macdonnell, Q. C, D.
C. L., U. E. L., for many years Lieuten-
ant-Colonel of the Canadian Militia, and
Ellen Guillot Macdonnell (nee Brodhead)-
Educated Trinity College School, Port
Hope; Royal Military College, Kingston.
Gazetted Lieutenant Canadian Mounted
Infantry, Permanent Corps, 1888; ap-
pointed Adjutant and Quartermaster,
1888, exchanging into Northwest Mount-
ed Police 1889; volunteered into Second
Battalion C. M. R. for service South
Africa, as Captain, 1900; Major, 1900;
commanded four troops, C. M. R., with
two guns D Battery Royal Canadian Ar-
tillery with advanced column Sir Charles
Pearson's Field Force, operations Ken-
hardt District; took part general ad-
vance from Bloemfontein; command D
Squadron C. M. R., present at actions;
command of Canadian Squadron that
went through Boer lines night of Vet
River fight, blowing up culvert and cut-
ting telegraph at Smaldeel; Vet River,
Zand River (two days); operations
ai'ound Kroonstadt, Johannesburg and
Pretoria, including two days' action Klip
River; present battle of Diamond Hill,
June 11-12, 1900 (dangerously wounded;
dispatches. Queen's medal, four clasps);
D. S. O. ; Lieutenant-Colonel on reserve
in recognition of services in South Africa
1901; Adjutant, Rural Northwest Mount-
ed Police, 1901; Lieutenant-Colonel com-
manding 5th Regiment C. M. R., raised
for service South Africa, 1902; Super-
intendent Rural Northwest Mounted Po-
lice, cominanding depot, Regina (1903-
1905), subsequently Battleford District
and C Division; Major R. C. M. R., 1907;
Major S. H. (R. C), 1909. Married Mary

Maud Flora Campbell, daughter of late
Colonel J. T. Campbell, of 72nd High-
landers and Royal Fusiliers, Winnipeg,
1890; has one son and one daughter.
Clubs: Manitoba. Canadian, R. M. C,
e.\-Cadet Club, Canadian Military Insti-
tute, Toronto, Western Canada Military
Institute, Winnipeg. Recreations: Rid-
ing, cricket, hockey, etc. Anglican. Ad-
dress: Fort Osborne Barracks, Winnipeg,

MACDONNEI^Ii, Capt. Richard Boyne.

— Commissioner, Trust & Loan Co. of
Canada, 216 Portage Ave., Winnipeg.
Retired Captain English Army on half
pay. Born County Meath, Ireland, Oct.
24, 1S.56. son of Charlotte Doyne and
Very Rev. J. C. MacDonnell, late Dean
of Cashol, Ireland. Educated St. Colum-
bus College, Ireland; Sandhurst, Eng-
land; German v and France. In the Eng-
lish Army, Madras Sfnff Corps, 1877-
1889. Came to Winnipeg 1893. Married
Gertrude Amelia Lockhart, Toronto,
1894; has one daughter. Clubs: Mani-
toba, St. Charles Country. Recreations:
Shooting, golf, horseback, riding. An-
glican. Address: 29 Roslyn Road, Win-
nipeg, Man.

MACDOUGAI.I., Andrew — Of Mac-
Dougall, Bidwell & Co., Ltd., 269 2d Ave..
S., Saskatoon; President, Saskatoon Mu-
tual Land Co., Ltd.; Member, Saskatoon
Board of Trade. Born Glasgow, Scot-
i land, March 14, 1882, son of Hugh and
Ellen Inglis MacDougall. Apprentice to
his father, leather goods business, Glas-
gow. Came to Canada, 1902; partner,
Guppy & Macdougall Harness Co., Sas-
katoon, 1906-1909; sole owner of busi-
ness, 1909-1910; sold out, 1910; estab-
lished present business, 1912. Council-
man, Saskatoon, 1912. Married Frances
Worthington, Saskatoon; has two daugh-
ters. Club: Saskatoon. Recreation: foot-
ball. Independent; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: Saskatoon, Sask.

MACGIIiIi, Helen Emma (Greg-ory),
Mils. Bac, M. A — Wife of James'H. Mac-
Gill. Born Hamilton, Ont., daughter of
Silas E. and Emma Gregory. Educated
Trinity College, Toronto; first woman
graduate music and arts. Engaged jour-
nalism, San Francisco. Cal., and St. Paul,
Minn. Married Dr. Flesher, Minnedosa,
Man., 1890 (deceased, 1901): has two
sons; married James H. MacGill, M. A.,
Barrister, Vancouver, 1902; has two
daughters. Address: 1492 Harwood St.,
Vancouver, B. C.

MACGIIiIi, James Henry, M. A. — • Bar-
rister of MacGill & Grant, Bank of Ham-
ilton Bldg., Vancouver. Born Erindale.
Peel County. Ont., May 10. 1869, son of
Henry and Elizabeth A. MacGill. Edu-
cated Trinity College and Osgoode Hall.
A journalist, later wholesale grocery
business, now practicing law. Came to


British Columbia, 1890. Served as Cap-
tain 6th D. C. O. R., Vancouver, 1908.
Married Helen Emma Gregory, 1902; has
two daughters. Club: Terminal City.
Liberal. Address: 1492 Harwood St.,
Vancouver, B. C.


MACCrOWAN', Alexander Henry Eos-
'wall, ]VI. I^. A. — Commission Agent. Born
Queen's County, Prince Edward Island,
April 14, 1850, son of William S. and
Ann Burston Boswall MacGowan. Edu-
cated public schools Boswall; President
and Secretary Vancouver School Board
eight years. First elected to British Col-
umbia Legislature for Vancouver City,
1903; re-elected 1907 and 1909. Married
Frances M. Hayden, 1874; has four sons.
Society: A. F. & A. M. Conservative.
Address: Vancouver, B. C.


MACGBSaOK, Donald Marshall. —

Stock and Share Broker. 216 Carter-Cot-
ton Bldg., Vancouver; member Vancouver
and Seattle Stock Exchanges. Born Ha-

wick, Roxburgh, Scotland, Feb. 20, 1879,
son of Mary Marshall Kirk and Donald
MacGregor, C. E. Educated Edinburgh.
Law student with J. Douglas Gardiner &
Mill, Edinburgh, 1894; went to sea for
ten years, traveled all over globe; passed
as master, steam and sail, 1896-1906;
business with Temple Godman under
Arm name Godman & MacGregor, Lon-
don, England, 1909. Came to British
Columbia, 1910, and has since devoted
his time to stocks and investment securi-
ties, investing English capital British
Columbia enterprises. Recreations: Golf,
boxing, Rugby. Anglican. Address: 2130
Parker St., Vancouver, B. C.

MAC GRSGrOR, Jolin — Managing Di-
rector The John MacGregor Co. Ltd.,
Real Estate and Financial Brokers, 308
Nan ton Bldg'., Winnipeg; Managing Di-
rector, Northern Land & Loan Co. Ltd.;
Managing Director, Western Land &
Loan Co. Ltd.; Managing Director, Can-
ada Land & Loan Co. Ltd.: Managing
Director, Caledonian Investment Co.;
Director, Manitoba Land & Loan Co.
Ltd.; President, Crescentwood Annex
Land Co., Ltd. Born Greenock, Scotland,
Nov. 6, 1874, son of Malcolm and Jessie
MacDougall MacGregor. Educated: pub-
lic schools. Came to Manitoba, 1895.
Traveling auditor, Manitoba & North-
western Railway Co., 1896-1899; chief
accountant, Munson, Allan & Co., Winni-
peg, 1899-1911; established present busi-
ness, 1911. Married Lina M. Andrews,
daughter of W. T. Andrews, contractor,
Winnipeg, 1902. Club: Assiniboine, Ca-
nadian, Assiniboine Lawn Bowling (char-
ter member) ; Assiniboine Curling (Vice-
President). Society: St. Andrews. Rec-
reations: motoring, bowli-ng, curlmg.
Liberal; Presbyterian. Address: 593
Wellington Crescent, Winnipeg. Man.


MACHAFFIi:, William Andrew. — Man-
ager Home Bank of Canada, Winnipeg.
Born Blyth, Ont., Feb. 22, 1865, son of
William and Anne Machaffle. Educated



College Institute, Brantford, Out. Clerk
Merchants Bank of Canada, Winnipeg,
1882; served with Q. O. R., Northwest
Rebellion, 1885; afterwards Captain 90th
Battalion, now on retired list as Cap-
tain. Married Charlotte Sydney-Smith,
daughter of late Colonel John Sydnev-
Smith, Stratford, Ont., 1888; has two
sons and one daughter. Clubs: Mani-
toba, St. Charles Country. Recreations:
Riding, golf. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: 140 Roslyn Road, Winnipeg.


fciiii'i IBj|iM|

ifi' M

^^^R"-.*/; jj ^^^1



MACHIN, Harold Arthur Clement. —

Barrister at Law. Born Rochester. N.
r.. May 9, 1875, son of Rev. Canon C. J.
Machin and E. M. L. Machin. Educat-
ed School House, Beaconsfield, Bucks,
England. Private First Canadian con-
tingent South African War; Lieutenant
and Captain South Africa Constabulary.
Called to the bar, Osgoode Hall, 1902.
Member Ontario Legislature for Kenora
since 1908. Married Ida F. Knight,
Horner Grange, West Hill, Sydenham,
England, 1902; has one daughter. Soci-
ety: Fellow of Royal Geographical Soci-
ety, England. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: Kenora, Ont.

MACINTVRi:, Alec D. — Of Macintyre
& Scott, Barrister.s, Kamloops. Born On-
tario, Feb. 21, 1856, son of Rev. Alex-
ander and Margaret Macintyre. Edu-
cated Manila high and private schools.
Practiced Simcoe, Ont., 1884; came to
British Columbia, 1898; Official Admin-
istrator of Intestate estates. Recrea-
tions: Boating, cricket, golf. Address:
Kamloops, B. C.

MACKAY, AngTis, J. P. — Superintend-
ent, Dominion E.xperimental Farm, In-
dian Head. Born Pickering Township,
Ontario County, Ont., Jan. 10, 1841, son
of Donald and Margaret Broadfoot Mac-
kay. Educated Whitby Grammar School.
Came to Saskatchewan, 1882; farmed,
Indian Head, 1882-1887; started experi-
mental farm for Dominion Government,
1887, since when has continued in
charge. Vice-president, American Homo-
logical Society, 1903-1904. Lieutenant,
34th Regiment, Fort Erie, during Fenian
Raid, 1866 (medal)'. Chairman, Board of
Reference, Dominion Territorial Exhibi-
tion, 1895; received medal from Lieuten-
ant Governor Mcintosh for services.
Married Elizabeth Arthur Gunn, daugh-
ter of Dr. R. J. Gunn, Winnipeg, 1872;
has two sons and one daughter. Club:
Canadian (President). Society: A. O. U.
W. Conservative; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: Indian Head, Sask.

L. R. C. P., L. R. C. S., F. R. C. S.

MACKAY, Daniel Sayre, M. B., C. M-,
Ii. R. C. F., Eng'-; Ii. R. C. S., Ung.; I.. F'.
F. & S., Glas.; F. R. C. S., Edin. — Sur-
geon, 258 V^ Portage Ave., Winnipeg.
Born Reserve Mines, N. S., Jan. 20, 1878,
son of Dr. William and Catherine Camp-
bell MacKay. Educated Pictou Academy,
McGill University, Edinburgh and Glas-
gow. Two years post graduate course
Great Britain; house surgeon and senior
resident medical officer. Liverpool Roy-
al Infirmary; came to Winnipeg 1905.
Visiting Surgeon, Winnipeg Children's
Hospital. Served two years 17th Field
Battery, C. F. A.; command 16th Field
Ambulance, succeeding Major Webster;
transferred to 79th Cameron Highland-
ers; on organization, and at present
commands D Company; Medical Officer
Northwest Tercentenary Contingent,
Quebec, 1908. Societies: A. F. & A. M. ;
all medical societies; Western Canada
Military Institute. Conservative; Pres-
byterian. Address: 150 Sherbrooke St.,
Winnipeg, Man.



J. A. MACHRAY, M. A., LL. B.

SIACHRAY, John Alexander, M. A.,
LL. B., K, C. — Of Machray, Sharpe &
Dennistoun, Barristers, Bank of Ottawa
Chambers, Winnipeg. Born Haddington,
Scotland, Feb. 17, 1865, son of William
F. and Bessie Machray. Educated St.
John's College, Winnipeg; Manitoba Uni-
versity (M. A. with first-class classical
honours- and University silver medal,
1884); Sidney Sussex; Cambridge Uni-

versity. Came to Winnipeg, 1874; called
to Manitoba bar 18 90. Appointed K. C,
1912. Served as Lieutenant 91st Regi-
ment, 1889. Chancellor Diocese of Ru-
pert's Land. Married Emily F. Drewry,
Winnipeg, 1904; has three daughters.
Clubs: Manitoba; St. Charles Country.
Recreations: golf, squash, racquets. Con-
servative; Anglican. Address: Harrow
and Kingsway, Winnipeg, Man.


MACKAV, Hugh, M. D., C. M. — Phy-
sician and Surgeon, Mclntyre Block,
Winnipeg. Born Oxford County, Ont.,
son of Thomas and Janet MacKay. Edu-
cated Manitoba University. House Sur-
geon, General Hospital, Winnipeg, 1895;
Lecturer on Anatomy, Manitoba Medical
College. Married Mary Martin, Chicago,
111., 1901; has one son. Societies: Med-
ical. Recreation: Camping. Liberal;
Presbyterian. Address: 264 Spence St.,
Winnipeg, Man.

MACKAV, Mrs. Isabel Ecclestone. —

Author, Vancouver. Born Woodstock,
Ont., Nov. 25, 1875, daughter of Donald
MacLeod and Priscilla Ecclestone Mac-
Pherson. Educated Woodstock Collegiate
Institute. A writer of prose and poetry.
Publications: "Between the Lights,"
1904; winner of "Globe Prize," best Can-
adian Historical Poem, 1907 and again,
1910; a frequent contributor of poetry
and short stories to American, Canadian
and British magazines. Came to Van-
couver, 1909. Was the first President
of tlie Vancouver Branch of the Cana-
dian Women's Pi-ess Club; Vice-Presi-
dent (representing British Columbia) of
the Canadian Women's Press Club. Mar-
ried P. J. Mackay; has two daughters.
Society: Canadian Society of Autliors.
Address: 1034 Denman St., Vancouver,
B. C.


MACKAV, Bev. John, B. D., B. A. —

Principal Westminster Hall, 1600 Bar-
clay St., Vancouver. Born Kintore, Ont.,
.lune 1, 1870, son of Hector and Christina
MacKay. Educated: Toronto Univer-
sity; Governor-General's gold medalist,
1899; elected first Vice-President of the
Literary Society, thus being the only
man in the entire history of tlie Univer-
sity to win the highest scholastic honors
and at tlie same time receive the highest
elective honors. Graduate in theology.

Glasgow United Free Church College
winning highest fellowship. D. D. hon-
oris causa from Presbyterian College,
Montreal, 1908. With Stanley, Smith &
Co., Detroit, 1892-1895. Pastor Crescent
Presbyterian Church, Montreal, 1902-
1908. In Montreal declined chair Apolo-
getics and Church History, Montreal
Presbyterian College, 1906; a life gov-
ernor, Montreal General Hospital; elec-
tive governor, Mackay Institute for Deaf
and Dumb; charter member and member
executive, Canadian Club, and chaplain,
Montreal Curling Club. Came to Van-
couver, 1908, and since then has been
Principal, Westminster Hall, Presbyte-
rian College; First Vice-President Cana-
dian Club, 1911-1912; President Canadian
Club, 1912-1913; organizer and first Pres-
ident International Theological Confer-
ence; organizer and President Western
Residential Schools, Ltd. (capital $500,-
000) ; Vice-President Canadian Industrial
Peace Association; Chaplain, 72nd Sea-
forth Highlanders. Author "Time Re-
lations of Poetic Metres (American Jour-
nal of Psychology, 1899); "Summer
Days in the Holy Land," 1903; "Religion
as Friendship," 1906. Married Leila
Julie, youngest daughter of the late W.
A. Sampson. Has one son. Recreations:
golf, riding. Member University Club
and Shaughnessy Heights Golf Club. Ad-
dress: 1195 Bute St., Vancouver, B. C.

MACKAV, Bev. John Alexander, S. H,

— -Archdeacon of Saskatchewan, Battle-
ford. Born Quebec, July 14, 1833, son
of William and Mary Bunn Mackay. Edu-
cated St. John's College, Winnipeg. Mis-
sionary of Church Missionary Society,
Saskatchewan, 1863; appointed Archdea-
con of Saskatchewan, 1882. Author of
a hymn book in the Cree Indian lan-
guage; Translations: Oxenden's Pathway
of Safety; Manual of Family Prayer by
Archbishop of Rupert's Island; Manual
of Christian Instruction by Archbishop
Nuttall of West Indies; Revision of
Bible in Cree, published by British and
Foreign Bible Society. Married Margaret
Drever, Winnipeg, 1864; has one son and
five daughters. Anglican. Address: Bat-
tleford, Sask.

MACKAV, Neil Franklin, B. A., M. I^.
A. — Of Mackay & McDiarmid, Barristers,
Central Bldg., Victoria. Born West River,
Pictou County, N. S., Sept. 22, 1864, son of
A. and Margaret MacKay. Educated Pictou
Academy and Dalhousie University.
Called to N. W. T. bar, 1894; to British
Columbia bar, 1897. Deputy Commis-
sioner Lands and Works for British Col-
umbia, 1905-1906, Elected British Col-
umbia Legislature for Kaslo, 1907, 1909,
1912. Conservative; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: Victoria, B. C.



MACKA'S', Samuel Hertoert. — Barris-
ter, Royal Bank Bldg., Brandon. Born
Township York, York County, Ont.,
March 13, 1S72, son of Donald and Eliza
Mackay. Educated public and high
schools, Walkerton; Osgoode Hall. Law
student with Judge Klein, Walkerton,
1889; practiced Walkerton,, 1894-1905;
came to Manitoba 1905; member of
Adolph & Mackay, Brandon, 1905-1910;
practiced alone since. Unsuccessful can-
didate to Manitoba Legislature for Bran-
don City against Plon. G. R. Coldwell,
1910. Served as Alderman, Walkerton,
1898-1900; Mayor, 1901. Married Amelia
Aikins Lamont. Chesley, Ont.; has two
daughters. Club: Commercial. Societies:
A. F. & A. M.; I. O. O. F. ; S. O. S. ; I. O.
P.; K. P. Recreations: Tennis, cricket.
Liberal; Presbyterian. Address: 541
Sixteenth St., Brandon, Man.

MACKESIi:, Randolpli Bruce. — Dry

Goods Merchant, Water St., Vancouver.
Born Montreal March 23, 1877, son of
John and Charlotte Mackedie. Educat-
ed Montreal, Bishop Ridley College, St.
Catharines, and McGill University. With
Greenshields Son & Co., Montreal, 1895-
1898. Came to British Columbia 1898,
employed with same firm until 1908.
Served Volunteer Victoria Rifles 1896-
1898. Married Gertrude Mary Charle-
son, Vancouver. Clubs: Royal Yacht,
Jericho Country. Recreations: Boating,
tennis, golf. Address: 2014 Haro St..
Vancouver, B. C.


MACKEI^VIE, J. A. — Editor Vernon
News. Born St. John, N. B., Sept. 14,
1865, son of Thomas and Sarah MacKel-
vie. Educated St. John grammar school.
Came to British Columbia 1888. Editor
Vernon News since 1893; served North-
west Rebellion Alberta Mounted Rifles.
President Vernon Conservative Associa-
tion; Secretary Yale-Cariboo Conserva-
tive Association. Married Jessie Stew-

art Mclntyre, Rossland, B. C. Society:
A. F\ & A. M. Recreations: Hunting,
fishing. Conservative; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: Vernon, B. C.

MACKEN, •William Lyle. — ^Of Macken
Lumber Co., Chilliwack. Born Forest,
Ont., June 20, 1883, son of Joseph and
Jenny Macken. Educated Forest public
and high schools. Came to British Col-
umbia, 1900. Present business estab-
lished 1907; Secretary Chilliwack Cream-
ery Association, Ltd.; Secretary Chilli-
wack Telephone Co., Ltd. ; President
Chilliwack Land & Development Co., Ltd.
Member Chilliwack Board of Trade. Mar-
ried Caroline Frances Elms, Hamilton,
Recreations: Fishing and driving. Ad-
dress: Chilliwack, B. C.

MACKIINZIi:, Bonald Crladstone. — Of

McDonald & Mackenzie, Barrister, Writ-
er to the Signet (Edin.), Macleod. Born
Edinburgh, Scotland, July 22, 1881, son
of Alexander Donald and Euphemia Cos-
sor Mackenzie. Educated Daniel Stew-
art's College; Edinburgh University.
Admitted a writer to His Majesty's Sig-
net, Macleod, 1905; came to Alberta and
joined present firm 1910. Clubs: Scot-
tish Conservative, Mortonhall, Edin-
burgh. Society: Scottish Universities'
Golfing. Recreations: Golf, tennis, bil-
liards. Conservative; Congregationalist.
Address: Macleod, Alta., and 14 Green-
hill Park, Edinburgh, Scotland.

MACKENZIi:, Duncan Stewart. — Dep-
uty Minister of Education for Alberta,
Edmonton; member of the Senate of the
University of Alberta; and of the Senate
of Robertson College. Born Holyrood,
Bruce County, Ont., Feb. 21, 1868, son
of Donald Mackenzie and Margaret
(MacDiarmid) Mackenzie. Educated pub-
lic and high schools and Collegiate In-
stitute, in Ontario. Taught school near
Guelph, 1886, and near Lucknow, 1892:
came to Alberta, 1895; Principal of
Strathcona High School until 1903,
when resigned to become Chief
Clerk Department of Education, Regina.
Deputy Commissioner of Education 1905;
appointed to present ofHce 1905. Mar-
ried Mary Currie, daughter of late Rev.
Hugh Currie: has two sons. Societies:
F. R. C. I.; A. F. & A. M. (Scottish Rite),
Presbyterian Address: 636 Fourth St.,
Edmonton, Alta.

MACKENZIE, Ewen C — Of Mackenzie
& Menzie, Barristers and Solicitors,
Southard Block, Lethbridge. Born Prince
Edward Island, July 24, 1881, son of
Findlay and Jessie Mackenzie. Educat-
ed Dalhousie University; Prince of Wales
College. Called to Nova Scotia Bar 1909;
Alberta Bar, 1909; practiced Halifax
1909-1910; present partnership formed
1910. Club: Chinook. Conservative;
Presbyterian. Address: 532 -Sth St.,
Lethbridge, Alta.



MACKENZIX:, Frank J., M. I^. A. —

Druggist. Born Kincardine, Ont., April
14, 1875, son of Duncan and Isabella
Mackenzie. Educated Victoria High
School; President British Columbia Phar-
maceutical Association; Trustee Delta
Schools. Unsuccessful candidate for
British Columbia Legislature, 1907.
Elected for Delta 1909. Married Esther
Edge; has one son and one daugliter.
Conservative; Anglican. Address: New
Westminster, B. C.

MacKENZIi:, Kenneth. — Of K. Mac-
Kenzie & Co., Wholesale Grocers, Can-
ada Life Bldg., Winnipeg. Born Ros-
shire, Scotland, July 7, 1839, son of Don-
ald and Catherine MacKenzie. Educated
Watertown and Woodstock, Ont. Clerk
wholesale grocery, then commercial trav-
eler, tlien entered business on his own
account, Montreal, 1873. Came to Man-
itoba 1882 and established present busi-
ness. Director Canada Life Assurance
Co.; Director Western Trust Co.; Direc-
tor Standard Trust Co.; Director Nation-
al Trust Co. Joined Canadian Volunteer
forces shortly before the "Trent Affair"
and saw service during Fenian Raid,
1866. Married Ida Fuirgriede, Hamilton,
1886. Clubs: Manitoba, St. Charles Coun-
try, Hamilton (Hamilton), National (To-
ronto). Society: St. Andrews. Recrea-
tion: Rifle shooting. Liberal; Presbyter-
ian. Address: Royal Alexandra Hotel,
Winnipeg, Man.


MACKENZIZ:, Kenneth W. — Dominion
Lnn<ls; Agonl, Crown Timber Agent and
Mining Kecordcr, Edmonton. Director
Dominion I'^ire Insurance Co. Born
Hiuct^ County, Ont., Feb. 3, 1862, son of
l)onald and Margaret McDairmid Mac-
Kenzie. Educated public scliools Bruce

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