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Winnipeg, Man.

MACNAB, Daniel Stewart, M. D. — Of

Drs. Coleman & Macnab, Physicians and
Surgeons, Alexander Corner, Calgary.
Born Malagash, N. S., Oct. 28, 1879, son
of Alexander and Mary Jane MacCollum
Macnab. Educated Colchester Academy,
N. S.; University of New York; post
graduate course Bellevue Hospital, New
York, 1907-1909. Physician, Surgeon and
Instructor New York University 1909-
1910. Married Carolyn de Lazelle Fraser,
1910. Presbyterian. Address: 1503
Twelfth Ave. W., Calgary, Alta.


MACNAB, John Christy. — Of Macnab
& Roberts, Ltd., Soda Water Fountain,
Bakers' and Confectioners' Supplies, 120
Lombard St., Winnipeg. Born O'Brien's
Bridge, Limerick, Ireland, Oct. 8, 1856,
son of James and Jane Macnab. Edu-
cated public schools Limerick. Came to
Manitoba 1881 and engaged as teamster
on construction of Manitoba and South-
western Ry., 1881; bookkeeper. Stand-
ard Oil Co., Winnipeg, 1884; commercial
traveler 1885-1900; manufacturers' agent
1900; established present business 1907.
Married Bessie Crotty, Ingersoll, Ont.,
1889; has two sons and one daugh-
ter. Conservative; Anglican. Address:
Vaughan St., Winnipeg, Man.



MACNAV6HTON, Archibald ZSdward-

— Broker. Born Montreal, July 26, 1864,
son of Archibald and Catherine Mac-
naughton. Educated Montreal. Came to
Briti.sh Columbia and business Victoria
1892; came to Vancouver and established
present business 1896. Served with Mont-
real Garrison Artillery Riel Rebellion.
Was all-round snowshoe champion of
Canada, 1886-1890; played lacrosse on
Montreal team when world's champions,
188.5, 1886, 1889; and on hockey team
when world's champions, 1885-1892; held
eight middleweight amateur boxing
championships of Canada. Married Jean
Esther Marie Bishop, Covington, Ky.,
1892. Club: Montreal Amateur Athletic.
Recreations: Lacrosee, hockey, snow-
shoeing. Address: 1245 Nicola St., Van-
couver, B. C.

IMLACNAUGHTON, Creorg-e Kerr, B. A.,
M. D-, C M. — Physician and Surgeon.
Born Black River, Northumberland
County, N. B., July 4, 1877, son of Capt.
William and Jean Kerr MacNaughton.
Educated country school. Black River;
high school, Chatham ;University of New
Brunswick; McGill University. Principal
of Public Schools, Harvey, N. B., 1898-
1899; teacher Sussex Grammar School
and Principal Bathurst Grammar School
1899-1900; Principal Harkins Academy,
Newcastle, N. B., 1900-1902. Studied
medicine McGill University, 1902; grad-
uated 1906. House Surgeon, Montreal
General Ho.spital and Woman's Hospital,
Montreal. Came to British Columbia
1906; practiced Cumberland since. As-
sistant Surgeon Wellington Colliery Co.,
Cumberland; Medical Health Officer
Cumberland. Married Mary Darling
Loughead, Montreal, 1907. Societies: A.
F. & A. M.; R. A. M.; K. T.; Mystic
Shrine. Recreations: Tennis, driving.
Presbyterian. Address: Cumberland, B.C.

MACNEIIi, James Walter, M. D., C.
M-, M. L. A. — Born West River, P. E. I.,
March 24, 1873, son of John and Cath-
arine MacNeil. Educated Prince of
Wales College, Charlottetown, McGill
University (M. D., C. M., 1901). Elect-
ed to Saskatchewan Legislature for Han-
ley, 1908. Married Annie Campbell,
N. B., 1904. Liberal. Address: Hanley,

MACNEIIi, William Norman. — Man-
ager Western Division Dunlop Tire and
Rubber Goods Co., Ltd., Canada Bldg.,
Winnipeg. Born River Bourgeois, N. S.,
Dec. 3, 1877, son of M. J. T. and M. M.
Macneil. Educated St. Francois Xavier
College. Taught school in Cape Breton,
N. S., 1897. Came to Winnipeg 1905,
entering motor business; engaged with
Dunlop Co., 1906; went to Calgary, 1909,
to establish branch there; came to Win-
nipeg 1911, to take present position. Ad-
dress: Winnipeg, Man.

MACNEIZ.!., Albert Howard, K. C-, i;i>.

B. — Of MacNeill, Bird, Macdonald &
Bayfield, Barristers, Metropolitan Bldg.,
Vancouver; Director G. N. R. Born Bel-
fast, P. E. I., Oct. 15, 1865, son of Don-
ald and Mary MacNeill. Educated Dal-
housie University; Prince of Wales Col-
lege. Student with Edward Hodgson,
Barrister, Charlottetown, 1885; called to
Prince Edward Island Bar 1890; came
to British Columbia 1891; called to Brit-
ish Columbia Bar 1892; member of firm
Harris & MacNeill, 1892-1896; MacNeill
& Deacon, Rossland, B. C, 1896-1908;
MacNeill & Bird, Vancouver, 1908; ap-
pointed K. C, 1896. Married Rachel
Shaw, Edinburgh, 1895. Clubs: Vancou-
ver; Union (Victoria). Society: A. F. &

A. M. Conservative; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: 2545 First Ave. W., Vancouver,

B. C.

MACNITTT, Hon. Thomas, M. P. —

Farmer. Born Campbellton, N. B., Aug.
3, 1850, son of Charles Stewart Mac-
Nutt and Emily Allison Sims. Educated
grammar school and Collegiate Insti-
tute, Ottawa. Came to Manitoba, 1874;
moved to the Territories now Saskat-
chewan, 1887; farmer; president, Salt-
coats Agricultural Society; president,
Saltcoats Telephone Company; director
of several local companies. Served with
Ottawa Rifles. Cornwall, 1866 (medal);
served with Minnedosa Home Guards,
1885. Elected to North West Territor-
ies and Saskatchewan Legislatures, rep-
resenting Saltcoats, 1902, 1905 and 1908;
speaker, 1905-1908, resigned, and elected
to House of Commons for Saltcoats,
1908; re-elected, 1911; appointed chair-
man of Liberal caucus, 1911. Married
Margaret McFayden; has three sons and
one daughter. Liberal; Presbyterian.
Address: Saltcoats, Sask.

MACPHAII., William Matheson, B. A.
Sc. — Vice-President and General Mana-
ger, Bitulithic & Contracting, Ltd., Engi-
neering and General Contracting, Em-
press Building, Winnipeg; Vice-President
and Director Bitulithic Paving Co., Ltd.,
Montreal. Born Orwell, P. E. I., March
18, 1872, son of William and Catherine
Moore Smith Macphail. Educated Uigg
School; Prince of Wales College, Char-
lottetown, P. E. I.; McGill University,
Montreal principal of schools, 1890-1893;
McGill University, 1894-1898; railroad
location and construction, 1898-1901; wa-
ter power development, 1902-1904; As-
sist City Engineer, Toronto, 1905-1907;
Vice-President and General Manager




Bitulithic & Contracting, Ltd., since
1907. Married Ethel, daughter of James
Penrose, Winnipeg, 1910. Clubs: Ed-
monton; Travelers. Society: A. F, &
A. M. Conservative; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: 47 Kennedy St., Wiilnipeg, Man.


MACFHEi:, John A. — Insurance and
Financial Agent, Grain Exchange Bldg.,
565 Calgary. Born Prince Edward Is-
land, Nov. 18, 1876, son of late Neil and
Mary MacPhee. Educated public

schools; Prince of Wales College, Char-
lottetown. Came to Alberta, 1899; em-
ployee. Hudson Bay Co., Lethbridge,
1900-1901; with A. MacDonald & Co.,
1902; Great West Life Insurance Co.,
Calgary, 1903-1907; established present
business, 1907. Club: Alberta, Calgary.

Society: K. of C. Liberal; Roman
Catholic. Address: 729 Fourteenth
Ave., W., Calgary, Alta.

MACFHUXiSON', Robert Of Macpher-

son & Sinclair, Builders and Contractors,
889 Union St., Vancouver. Born Bog-
side, Inverkip, Renfrewshire, Scotland,
Dec. 11, 1853, son of Ritchie and Mary
Marquis Macpherson. Educated public
schools. Came to Winnipeg, 1882; Brit-
ish Columbia, 1888. Alderman, Vancou-
ver, four terms; Chairman, Board of
Works. Elected to British Columbia
Legislature, representing Vancouver,
1894-1898; 1898-1901; unsuccessful, 1901.
Served with No. 3 Company, Royal Ren-
frewshire Rifles, Scotland, 1872-1880.
Married Jane Elizabeth Sinclair, 1894;
has one son and three daughters. So-
ciety: I. O. O. F. Recreation: Garden-
ing. Presbyterian. Address: 889 Union
St., Vancouver, B. C.


MACFHEBSON, Bolbert Creorg'e, Ex-
M. P. — Postmaster, Vancouver. Born
Wellington Co., Ont., Jan.. 28, 1866, son
of Archibald H. and Janet Hall MacPher-
son. Educated public schools, Arthur;
Gait Collegiate Institute. Druggist, New
Westminster, B. C, 1888; moved to Van-
couver, 1895; was President Britisli Co-
lumbia Pharmaceutical Association; was
Honorary President Vancouver Liberal
Club; Honorary President Vancouver La-
crosse Club; one of the founders Van-
couver Canadian- Club; a frequent con-
tributor to Canadian magazines. Mem-
ber House of Commons for Vancouver,
1903-1908. Appointed postmaster of Van-
couver, Sept. 9, 1908. Married Susie M.
Vanaken, Coldwater, Mich., 1889; has one
son and two daughters. Clubs: Vancou-
ver, Terminal City, Vancouver Kennel.
Society: A. F. & A. M. Recreations: read-
ing, walking, fishing, shooting. Pres-
byterian; Liberal. Adress: Vancouver,
B. C.



REV. A. O. MACRAE, B. A., Ph. D.

MACRAE, Archibald Oswald, B. A., Fh.

D. — Principal of Western Canada College,
Calgary. Born St. Johns, Nfld., June 6,
1S69, son of Catherine H. McLea and
Rev. Donald MacRae, M. A., D. D. Edu-
cated St. Johns Grammar School; Pictou
Academy; Dalhousie University; Edin-
burgh University; Leipsic University;
Jena University; University of Paris.
Came to Alberta, 1903; Chaplain 15th
Liglit Horse, Calgary; Honorary Repre-
sentative for Calgary of the Associated
Board of the Royal Academj' and the
Royal College of Music, London, Eng.
Club: Ranchmen's. Societies: A. F. &
A. M. ; I. O. O. F. Recreations: tennis,
cricket, curling, football. Conservative;
Presbyterian. Address: Western Canada
College, Calgary, Alta.

MACRAE, Christopher. — General Man-
ager Alberta Lumber Co.. Willow St.,
Vancouver. Born Port Elgin, Ont., Sept.
15, 1875, son of Cliristopher and Eliza-
beth MacRae. Educated Toronto. Lum-
berman, Edmonton, 189.3. Came to Brit-
ish Columbia. 1897. Organized present
company, 1902. Married Margaret Bar-
ron, Toronto; has one son. Clubs: Ter-
minal City, Vancouver: Society: A. F.
& A. M. Address: 875 Eighth Ave.,
W., Vancouver, B. C.

MACRAE, Colin Camphell Manager

Royal Bank of Canada, Vernon. Born
St. John, N. B,, Oct. 8, 1872. Educated
public and normal schools, St. John, and
Quebec. With Bank of British North
America, Quebec, 1889. Came to British
Columbia, 1908. Manager, North Battle-
ford, 1905-1907; joined Royal Bank of


Canada, Toronto, 1907; Manager, Wet-
land, Ont.. 1908; Vernon, 1909-1911; Nan-
aimo since 1911; President Vernon Board
of Trade, 1911. Society: A. F. & A. M.
Recreations: shooting, fishing, curling.
Address: Nanaimo, B. C.


MASSOCK, Vincent C. — Real Estate
Agent, 333 Main St., Winnipeg. Born
Guelph, Ont., 1878, son of Edwin H. and
Mary Maddock. Educated: public
schools, Guelph. Commenced career as
newsboy, Guelph. Came to Winnipeg,
1898. Married J. M. McRoberts, Winni-
peg, 1904; has one daughter. Club:
Winnipeg Motor Boat. Recreation:
yachting. Conservative; Congregation-
alist. Address: Armstrong's Point,
Winnipeg, Man.




MAGBATH, William John — President
Magrath, Holgate Co., Ltd., Real Estate
and Financial Brokers, 44 Jasper Ave.,
Edmonton; Vice-President Western Can-
ada Foundry Co., Ltd.; Vice-President
Edmonton Casket & Box Co., Ltd.; Presi-
dent Magrath, Hart & Co., Ltd. Born
Blairton, Ont., June 1, 1870, son of John
and Elizabeth Magrath. Educated public
schools, Ontario; business college, Belle-

ville. Bookkeeper, Montreal, 1891; man-
ager, 1894; cheese exporter, Belleville,
1904-1906; came to Alberta and estab-
blished pj-esent business 1906. Alder-
man, Belleville, 1900-1904. Married Ada
Lake, Deseronto, Ont., 1894; has one son.
Club: Canadian. Societies: A. F. & A.
M. ; I. O. O. F.; I. O. F. ; B. P. O. E. Lib-
eral; Methodist. Address "The High-
lands," W. Edmonton, Alta.



IVIASIIiIi, Rev. James Cross. — Born
Wellington Co., Ont., Aug. 26, 1853. Edu-
cated public schools; high school, Or-
angevlUe; Knox College, Toronto. Cate-
chist, Saugeen Presbytery, 1884; minis-
terial work, Markdale, Ont.; following
year established Presbyterian churches
at Corbetton, River View and rebuilt
church Candier; transferred to Orange-
ville Presbytery, 1886; transferred to
Toronto Presbytery, Dufferin St. mission,
1890; built church Fairbank; his congre-
gation in Toronto becoming Congrega-
tionalists, extended him call, which he
accepted; examined, ordained and in-
ducted, 1890; received call to Garafraxa
and Belwood, 1892; Sarnia, Ont., 1894;
Hope church, Toronto, 1896. Came west,
1898; was received by General Assem-
bly at its meeting, Vancouver, 1902.
For some y^ars stationed at Balmoral,
Sask., and active in mission and ex-
tension work in the Northwest Terri-
tory, taking active part against auton-
omy bill of 1895. Moved to Vancouver,
1908, and received call to Cedar Cottage
Presbyterian Church, 1909. Attended
Pan Presbyterian Council, Liverpool.
Takes an active interest in temperance
work in British Columbia. Societies:
A. F. & A. M.; L. O. L.; I. O. G. T.
Address: Flett Road, Cedar Cottage,
Vancouver, B. C.

MAGRATH, Charles Alexander, D. T.
S., M. P. — Dominion Topographical Sur-
veyor. Born North Augusta, Ont., April
22, 1860, son of Belton Magrath. Came
to the Northwest, 1880. Member of
Northwest Territory Legislative Assem-
bly, two terms. Elected House of Com-
mons for Medicine Hat, 1908. Married
Margaret Mair (deceased); has one son;
Married Mabel L. Gait; has two daugh-
ters. Address: Lethbridge, Alta.

mACrlTIRE, Eileen Elizabeth Anna. —

Contralto Soloist. Born Cork, Ireland,
daughter of John Forbes and Anna Ma-
guire. Educated London, England;
Paris; Switzerland; took degree of As-
sociate of Trinity College of Music,
London, with honors. Made professional
tour of England, Ireland and Scotland,
1904; came to British Columbia, 1906;
took concert company all through prin-
cipal cities of Canada, 1909. Club: Van-
couver Women's Musical. Recreations:
Cycling, polo, riding, hockey, mountain
climbing. Protestant. Address: Flor-
ence Court, Bute St., Vancouver, B. C.

MAHAF7V, Albert, B. A., B. D. — Of St.

Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Calgary.
Born Bowmanvllle, Ont., June 4, 1867,
son of James and Sarah McGill Ma-
liaffy. Educated College Institute, Gode-
rich; McGill University; Presbyterian
College, Montreal; Queen's College (gold
medalist). Pastoral charges, Milton and
Port Elgin, Ont., before coming to Al-
berta, 1907. Married Jean Robertson,
daughter of Rev. William Robertson, M.
A., Cliesterfleld, Ont., 1900; has one son
and two daughters. Liberal; Presbyte-
rian. Address: Calgary, Alta.

MAHAFFY, James Jeffers. — Barrister,
Born Brampton, Ont., July 7, 1869, son of
William and Charlotte Stokes Mahaffy.
Educated Osgoode Hall; called to On-
tario Bar, 1895. Practiced Brampton
and Streetsville, prior to coming to Al-
berta, 1907. City Solicitor, Medicine Hat,
since 1908. Married Adeline Browning,
Exeter, Ont., 1897; has one son and two
daughters. Club: Cypress. Societies:
A. F. & A. M. ; L. O. L. Recreations:
raising Jersey cattle. Conservative;
New Thought. Address: Medicine Hat,

MAHOIT, Edward, B. A. — Of Mahon,
McFarland & Proctor, Ltd., 543 Pender
St., Vancouver. Born Rawmarsh, York-
shire, June 11, 1862, son of Rev. Sir
William R. and Jane Mahon. Educated
Marlborough College; Exeter College;
Oxford. Clubs: Vancouver; Union (Vic-
toria); University (Dublin). Address:
323 Burrard St., Vancouver, B. C.

MAHON, Peter William — Of O'Connor
& Mahon, Real Estate and Financial
Brokers, Mitchell Bldg., Prince Albert;
Director, Colombo Investment Co.; Mem-
ber Executive Committee, Prince Albert
Board of Trade. Born Wellington Coun-
ty, Ont., June 31, 1879, son of Peter and
Mary Mahon. Educated public and high
schools, Guelph. Stock farming, Wel-
lington, until 1906; general merchandise
business. Prince Albert, 1906-1908; pres-
ent partnership formed, 1908. Society:
K. C. Recreations: outdoor sports. Lib-
eral; Roman Catholic. Address: 14th
St., W., Prince Albert, Sask.




MAHARGr, Jolin Archibald — President
Saskatchewan Co-Operative Elevator Co.,
Ltd., Leader Bldg., Regina; larg-ely in-
terested in farm lands in Moose Jaw
District: breeder Holstein cattle, Lester
sheep, Berkshire hogs; Director Grain
Growers' Grain Co., Ltd.; President Sas-
katchewan Grain Growers' Association.
Born Orangeville, Ont., Feb. 12, 1S72, son
of Archibald and Grace Ann Freeland
Maharg. Educated public and high

schools, Orangeville. Came to Moose
Jaw District, 1890, and took up home-
stead. Elected President Saskatchewan
Co-Operative Elevator Co., Ltd., 1910.
Married Mary Isabel Maynard, daughter
of George Maynard, Listowel, Ont., 1895;
has one son and one daughter. Clubs;
Canadian; Moose Jaw. Society: C. O. P.
Recreations: Shooting, curling. Presby-
terian. Address: 2fi O.xford St., West
Moose Jaw, Sask.


MAIR, Charles. — Canadian Govern-
ment Immigration Agent. Born Lanark,
Ont., Sept. 21. 1838, son of James Mair,
from Scotland, a limit owner and pioneer
in the early '30s of the square timber trade
in the Ottawa Valley. Educated gram-
mar school, Perth; Queen's University.
Became interested. In youth, in North-
west and Hudson's Bay questions; was
called to Ottawa in Spring of 1868, by
Hon. Wm. McDougall, one of the Com-
missioners to England, to treat for the
surrender of the Territories, to prepare
in the Parliamentary Library a Precis
of extant evidence on the Hudson's Bay
Company's title. Sent to Fort Garry
same Fall as paymaster to party en-
gaged in opening up an immigration
route to Lake of the Woods, and then
to Lake Superior; work stopped by Kiel.
Wrote extensive descriptive letter to To-
ronto Globe and other Eastern papers
which induced the first immigration
from Ontario to Red River. A prisoner
in the hands of the insurrectionists in
the following rebellion, sharing the same
cell with the martyr. Scott. Sentenced
to death by Riel; escaped from prison,
and, reaching Portage La Prairie, as-
sisted, in Feb., 1870, in organizing an
expedition to capture Fort Garry by
surprise, release the prisoners still held
there, and restore the Queen's authority.
Scheme defeated by a furious blizzard,
resulting in the capture of the expedi-
tion on its return, excepting self and
four others, who escaped to the Portage
on snowshoes. Thence he took guides
and a dog train and snowshoed across
the plains to Fort Abercrombie. Dakota.
Thence by stage and rail to St. Paul, and
so to Ontario. Assisted by lectures und
speeches there in the great public meet-
ings held in Toronto and elsewhere, which
led to the Wolseley expedition. Lived
at Portage La Prairie until 1876, and
then removed to Prince Albert, Sask.,
where, foreseeing the second Riel insur-
rection, he broke up his business and
removed his family to Windsor, Ont. In
that insurrection he acted as Quarter-
master of the Governor General's Body
Guard, Toronto Cavalry Corps, com-
manded by Lieutenant Colonel George
T. Denison, and is now probably the
only man alive who took an active part
in both rebellions. One of the founders
in Ottawa in 1868 of "The Canada First
Party." Ex-fellow of the Royal Society
of Canada. Contributed in youth many
poems and articles to Canadian maga-
zines and papers, and subsequently to
Toronto Week. Publications: "Dream-
land and Other Poems," 1868; "Tecum-
seh, a Drama," 1886; "The American
Bison," a contribution to the Royal So-
ciety of Canada; Collected Poems, 1901;
"Through the MacKenzie Basin," a nar-
rative of the Treaty Expedition of 1909.
Married in 1869 Elizabeth L. MacKenney,
niece of the late Sir John Schultz; has

one son and three daughters. Address:
Coutts, Alta., and Okanagan Mission,
B. C.

MAJOB, Charles George. — Real Estate
and Insurance Agent. Born Ontario,
Oct. 18, 1839, son of Richard and May
Major. Educated public schools, Sarnia
and Lambton County. Came to Brit-
ish Columbia, 1859. Ex-alderman; de-
clined nomination to both Provincial
Legislature and Dominion Parliament,
engaged mining Cariboo for some years;
in continuous business New Westmin-
ster for quarter of century. President
Canadian Pacific Lumber Co.; Official
Administrator for District. Married
Barbara Stott. New Westminster; has
two sons and two daughters. Recrea-
tions: Horses, shooting. Address: 509
Queen's Ave., New Westminster, B. C.


IVIAJOK, William Paul, A. B. I. B. A.

— Of Lang & Ma.ior, Architects, Civil
and Sanitary Engineers. Board of Trade
Bldg., Calgary. Born Bridgewater, Som-
erset, England, Feb. 14, 1881, son of
Henrv James and Julia Mary Holmes
Major. Educated: Dr. Morgan's school,
Bridgewater; Hart-House School, Burn-
ham, Somerset. Articled to Samson &
Cottam, Bridgewater, 1898-1903; with
Frank W. Wells, F. R. I. B. A., Bristol,
1903-1910; came to Alberta, 1910; mem-
ber of firm Lang & Dowler, Calgary,
1910-1911; present partnership formed,
1911. Married Marion Jessie Walton,
York, England, 1910; has one daughter.
Clubs: tennis, and golf. Societies: Al-
berta Assn. of Architects; Royal Insti-
tute of British Architects. Conserva-
tive; Anglican. Address: 215 Young
Block, Calgary, Alta.



MAIiCOIilVI, Creorgfe John Hantley,
M. Jm. a. — Farmer. Born Kussowlie,
India, Aug. 20, 1S65, son of Colonel Geo.
and Emily F. Malcolm. Educated King
Edward VI School, Sherbourne, England.
Member Manitoba Grain Growers Ex-
change; school trustee; former secre-
tary-treasurer Birtie Agricultural So-
ciety. Came to Canada, 1882; located
Manitoba, 1885. First elected to Mani-
toba Assembly for Birtie, 1909. Married
Janet T. Winter, 1891 (deceased); mar-
ried Adelaide G. Barnes, 1902; has two
sons and two daughters. Society: I. O.
P. Anglican; Liberal. Address: Birtie,


nXAI^COIilVI, John — Of Malcolm &
Carscallen, Real Estate and Financial
Agents, Winch Bldg., Vancouver, and
Red Deer, Alta; President, Federal In-
vestors Corporation, Ltd.; Director, Al-
berta Ladiess' College; Director, Red
Deer Memorial Hospital. Born Seaforth,
Ont., March 9, 1868, son of Andrew and
Sarah Malcolm. Came to Manitoba,
1877. Educated public schools, Winni-
peg and Minnedosa, Man. Clerk, hard-
ware store, Minnedosa, 1889-1894; hard-
ware business on own account, Rose-
bank, Man., 1894-1899; traveler. Inter-
national Harvester Co., Winnipeg, 1899-
1911; established present business, 1911.
Councilman, Red Deer, 1911-1912; vice-
president Red Deer Board of Trade,
1911. Married Christian McLean, Port
Elgin, Ont., 1894; has three sons and
two daughters. Club: Red Deer. Socie-
ties: A. F. & A. M.; L O. O. F. ; I. O. F.
Recreation: curling Liberal; Presbyte-
rian. Address: Red Deer, Alta.

MAIiINS, Arthur. — Managing Director
of Malins, Coulthard & Co., Ltd., 749
Columbia St., New Westminster. Born
Birmingham, England, Aug. 27, 1870,
son of Prof. Edward Malins, M. D., F. R.
C. P., and Mary Malins. Educated
Masson Science College, Birmingham.
Came to British Columbia, 1889; with
Bank of Montreal, 1890; established pres-
ent business, 1891. Married Harriette
English, daughter of Hon. Warren B
English, member U. of S. Congress 1896
has one son and two daughters. Clubs
Vancouver; Jericho Country; Westmin-
ster. Society: A. F. & A. M. Recreation
cricket. Address: 119 First St., New
Westminster, B. C.

MAIiKIN, John Philip Davy. — Of the

W. H. Malkin Co., Ltd., Wholesale Gro-
cers, 57 Water St., Vancouver. Born
Burslem, Staffordshire, England, March
19, 1878, son of James and Ann E. Edge
Malkin. Educated high school, Newcas-
tle, England. Came to Canada, 1895.
Married Georgina Maud Malkin, 1907;
has one daughter. Club: Terminal City.
Recreation: Yachting. Address: 761
Cardero St., Vancouver, B. C.


MALKIIT, William Harold. — Of the AV.

H. Malkin Co., Ltd., Wholesale Grocer and
Importer, 57 Water St., Vancouver; Direc-
tor British Columbia Permanent Loan
Co.; Director Pacific Coast Fire Insurance
Co.; ex-President Vancouver Board of
Trade. Born Burslem, Staffordshire,
England, July 30, 1868, son of Ann Eliz-
abeth Edge and James Malkin, manufac-



turer of earthenware and encaustic tiles.
Educated high scliool, Newcastle, Eng-
land. Came to Canada, 1S84. Employee,
Sherlock & Freeman, Grenfell, 1895;
manager, Osmund Skrime & Co., Grenfell,
1891. Came to British Columbia, 1895;

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