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partrer Osmund Skrime & Co., Vancou-
\er. 895; bought out that business and
conaucted on own account. 1896; incor-
porated under present style. 1898. Mar-
ried Marian Dougal, Windsor, Ont., 1901;
has two sons and two daughters. Clubs:
Terminal City; Jericho Country. Recrea-
tions: Riding, driving, motoring. Meth-
odist. Address: 1406 Davie St., Vancou-
ver, B. C.

WM. MANAHAN, B. A., Ph. D.

M ANA HAN, William, B. A., Ph. D. —

Of JManalian & Higgins, Barrister, Mer-
chants Bank Bldg.. Winnipeg. Born
Lanark, Ont., Feb. 21, 1870, son of James
and Christina Manalian. Educated Win-
nipeg and Cornell University. Came to
Winnipeg, 1888; appointed professor
Manitoba College, 1898. Served as lieu-
tenant 13th Field Battery, Winnipeg.
Married Clara McGregor, Winnipeg,
1907. Club: Carleton. Society: St.
Andrews Society; Military Institute,
Winnipeg. Recreations: Curling, base-
ball, skating, billiards. Liberal; Pro-
testant. Address: 760 Jessie Ave.,
Winnipeg, Man.

MANCHESTER, John William, M. D.,
C. M., 1/1. R. C. S., I.. R. C. P. — Physician
and Surgeon, Enderton Block, Winnipeg.
Born Wakefield, Yorksliire, England,
Aug. 8, 1868, son of John and E. Man-
chester. Educated McGill University;
London, England. Practiced Winnipeg
since 1904. Served as lieutenant-sur-
geon witli 90tli Regiment. Societies:
A. F. & A. M.; (vice-president) Yorkshire
Society. Liberal; Conservative; Angli-
can. Address: 271 Furby St., Winnipeg,

MANES, John Harold — Real E'state
and PMnancial Broker, 404 MacLean
Bldg., Calgary. Born Gait, Ont., Aug.
24, 1890, son of John Thomas and Maud
Manes. Educated: public schools and
Collegiate Institute, Gait. Came to Al-
berta, 1908: drug clerk, Calgary, 1908-
1910; salesman. Western Locators, Cal-
gary, 1910-1912; established present
business, 1912. Recreations: fishing,
liunting, motoring. Conservative; Pres-
liyterian. Address: 1702 7th St. W.,
Calgary, Alta.

MANLEY, Robert W.— Of Loggie &
Manley, Barrister, Wetaskiwin. Born
London, England. Jan. 29, 1883, son of
Robert and Marian Manley. Educated
Academy, Buckingham, Que.; McGlll
University. Came to Alberta, 1903. Law
student -in Wetaskiwin and Edmonton,
1904. Recreations: Boating and tennis.
Address: Wetaskiwin, Alta.

IMLANIiY, Iiloyd Allen. — ^President, Pa-
cific Trust Co., Grand Forks and Port
Mann. Born Grand Rapids, Mich.,
May 7, 1865, son of John A. and Eliza
M. LaBance Manly. Educated privaielv.
Engineer, Union Pacific Railway, Colo-
rado, 1871; representative of American
Advertising Co., Chicago, 1876. Came
to British Columbia, 1879. Ranching,
Grand Forks, 1884; mercantile business,
Grand Forks, 1900; with British Amer-
ica Trust Co., Grand Forks, 1904;
Mayor, Grand Forks, 1902-1904. Mar-
ried Jennet L. Petrie, Dundee, Scotland,
1892; has two daughters. Club: Pa-
cific. Address: Grand Forks, B. C.

MANNING, R. A. O., B. A. — Barris-
ter, 917 Union Bank IBldg., Winnipeg.
Born Winnipeg, Nov. 14, 1878, son of
Robert Furby Manning. Educated
W^innipeg public schools, St. John's
College. Called to Manitoba Bar 1901,
and practiced Winnipeg since. Chair-
man Provincial Board Abbatoir Com-
missioners; Alderman, 1907-1908; unsuc-
cessful candidate for Mayor, 1908; as
Alderman persistent and insistent fighter
for equaiile taxation; Reeve of Rural
Municipality of Fort Garry, 1912. Ex-
Piesident Manitoba Hockey League; or-
ganizer and first Secretary Intercollegi-
ate Hockey Association, 1898. Manager
Winnipeg Rowing Club year Canadians
won five out of six events at Worcester,
Mass. Captain St. John's hockey team,
18 98, and organizer and captain rowing
club, football and hockey teams. Clubs:
Canadian, Carleton, Adanac, Winnipeg
Rowing, Granite Curling, St. Charles
Country, Winnipeg Golf. Society: K. of
P. Recreations: golf and curling. Con-
servative; Anglican. Address: 246 Har-
vard St., Winnipeg, Man.




MANN, Andrew Robert — President,
Northern Construction Co., of Winnipeg,
Vancouver Block, Van<;ouver. Born Ac-
ton, Ont., July 21, 1861, son of Hngh
and Ellen Macdonell Mann. Educated
public scliools, Acton. Farming and
railroading, Winnipeg, 1879-1SS8; lumber
business. Fort Frances, Ont.; with C. P.
R., construction Manitoba and North-
western Ry., 1SS8-18S9; construction
Long Lake branch, C. P. R., 1890; C. &
E. Ry., 1891-1892: Soo line, Saskatche-
wan, 1892-1893; Cusp and Slocan Ry.,
British Columbia, 1893-1894; handled
ore, Slocan District, 1895-1897; construc-

tion, Columbia & Western Ry., 1898;
Rainy River branch, C. N. R., 1899-1901;
Neepawa to McCreary, C. N. R., 1903-
1904; Greenway branch, C. N. R., 1903-
1904; James Bav Road, Toronto-Sud-
bury, 1904-1906; Goose Lake Line, C. N.
R., 1906-1907; has at present 1700 miles,
C. N. R., under construction; operated
under own name, 1898-1904; present
company formed, 1904. Married Jennie
Malcolm, Owen Sound, Ont., 1907; has
one daughter. Clubs: Carleton, Winni-
peg; Albany, Toronto. Presbyterian.
Address: Shaughnessy Heights, Van-
couver, B. C.


MANSON, Rev. Alexander 1. — Presby-
terian Clergyman. Born West Zorra,
Oxford County, Ont., Oct. 1, 1S55, son
of Donald and Christina McLachlan,
Manson. Educated public schools West
Zorra; High School, Ingersoll; College
Institute, Brantford; Toronto Univer-
sity; Knox College, Toronto; Union
Seminary, New York. Ordained and in-
ducted to the pastoral charge of East
Tilbury, Ont., 1S88; inducted to pastoral
charge of Rosedale. Man., 1899; Arden,
1906. Moderator of the Synod of Man-
itoba, 1910-1911. Student missionary Re-
gina District during stirring times of In-
dian Rebellion, 1885. Married Margaret
M. Stewart, Morden, Man., 1891; has two
sons and four daughters. Society: A. O.
IT. W. (Ontario). Presbyterian. Address:
Arden, Man.

MANSON, Alexander Malcolm. — Of

Williams & Manson, Sixth and Third
Aves., Prince Rupert. Born St. Louis,
Mo., Oct. 7, 1883 (Scotch-Canadian de-
scent), son of Malcolm and Katherine
Manson. Educated Niagara Falls Col-
legiate Institute, University of Toronto
(first class honors); Osgoode Hall; came
to British Columbia 1908. Liberall can-
didate. Provincial election 1912, for
Skeena Riding. Married Stella Beckwith,
Vancouver, 1909. Societies: A. F. & A.
M. Recreation: tennis. Liberal. Ad-
dress: P'ifth Ave., Prince Rupert, B. C.

MANSON, Michael, J. V., M. Ii. A. —

Farmer. Born Pickigarth, Shetland
Islands, Scotland, April 29, 1857, son of
John and Margaret Manson. Came to
British Columbia 1874. Director Call
Creek Oyster Co., Vancouver. Elected
to British Columbia Legislature for
Comox, 1909. Married Jane Renwick.
Nanaimo, B. C, 1S97; has one son and
seven daughters. Conservative; Metho-
dist. Address: Cortez Island, B. C.

MANSON, William, M. !■. A. — Account-
ant and Notary Public, Third Ave.,
Prince Rupert. Born Shetland Islands,
July 4, 1867, son of William and Janet
Manson. Educated common schools Shet-
land Islands. Came to British Columbia
clerk in general store, Comox, 1887.
School Trustee for Nanaimo, 1896-1907;
Alderman 1898-1900; Mayor 1901-1904;
member of Alberni district British Col-
umbia Legislature 1905-1906; Provincial
Secretary McBride Government, 1907;
Government Agent for Skeena District
Prince Rupert, 1907-1909; member for
Skeena District, British Columbia, 1910.
Married Sarah Louise Bennett, Nanaimo,
1893; has two sons and one daughter.
Society: A. F. & A. M. Conservative;
Methodist. Address: Prince Rupert,
B. C.


MANSUB, Charles Henry, B. A., B. C.

Ii. — Barrister, Solicitor Transcontinental
Townsite Co., Winnipeg. Born Stan-
stead, Que., Oct. 13, 1871, son of
David A. and Maria A. Mansur. Edu-
cated Stanstead College School; McGill
University. Law student with Robert-
son, Fleet & Falconer, Montreal, 1894-
1897. Called to Quebec Bar, 1897; prac-
ticed Rock Island, Que., 1897-1907. Called
to Manitoba Bar, 1907; Assistant Solic-
itor C. P. R. under J. A. M. Aikin, K. C,
Winnipeg, 1907-1909; Assistant Solici-
tor G. T. P., 1909-1911. Married
Mary Pomeroy Ball, Winnipeg, 1902
has one son and one daughter. Clubs
Manitoba, St. Charles Country. Society
A. F. & A. M. Recreation: golf. Con
servative; Anglican. Address: 256 Well
ington Crescent, Winnipeg, Man.

MANTHOBNB, Bev. J. Xzaak, B. A.,
M. A., B. D. — Pastor of Presbyterian
Church, Areola. Born Mill Village,
N. S., April 4, 1870, son of William Jo-
seph and Sarah Elizabeth Reeves Man-
thorne. Educated public school Mill Vil-
lage; Woodstock College; Normal School,
Regina; McMaster University; Illinois
Central University. Engaged surveying
lumber. Nova Scotia, 1885-1887; hi.?h
scliool teacher for several years; ordained
Presbyterian minister 1901. Elected to
Ontario Legislature for North Middle-
sex, 1902 (by acclamation), but declined,
going into ministry. Came to Saskatche-
wan, 1905. Married Maggie Alexia Mul-
heron, Mitchell, Ont., 1901; has two sons
and one daughter. Societies: C. O. F.;
L. O. L. ; R. T. of T. ; S. of T. Recrea-
tions: Golf, shooting, curling, lawn bowl-
ing, rowing, canoeing. Conservative;
Presbyterian. Address: Arcole, Sask.




HLA.NTJ,1S, Alfred Fraulc. — Deputy
Minister of Agriculture, Regina. Born
London, England, Feb. 5, 1882, son of
George Freeston and Sophia I. Mantle.
Educated Watford Orphanage, England.
Clerk contractor's office, London, Eng-
land, 1896. Came to Winnipeg and en-
gaged farming 1898; correspondent of
various papers on agricultural topics;
agricultural editor of Manitoba Free
Press, Winnipeg, 1908-1909; Chief of
Bureau of Information and Statistics of
Department of Agriculture, Saskatche-
wan, 1909; appointed Deputy Minister,
1910. Married Ethel R. Speer, Belmont,
Man., 1904; has one son and one daugh-
ter. Society: R. T. or T. Recreations:
Football, tennis, swimming. Liberal;
Congregationalist. Address: 2150 Retal-
lack St., Regina, Sask.

VtANTlMTi, Mary SopMa. — Editor Wom-
en's Department North-Western Farmer.
Born London, England, daughter of
George Freeston and Sophia Isabella
Mantle. Educated London, England, and
Dundee, Scotland. Came to Manitoba
1898. Secretary-Treasurer Canadian

Women's Press Club, Winnipeg branch,
1910-1911. Address: 392 Banning St.,
Winnipeg, Man.

MANVIi;i;i:, Alfred John — Secretary-
Treasurer, Manville & Co., Ltd., General
Store, 1030 1st Ave., W., Prince Albert;
Director, St. Regis Hotel Co.; Director,
Victoria Hospital. Born London, Bng.,.
June 22, 1873, son of Benjamin M. and
Adeline Halford Manville. Educated
public and higli scliools, London. En-
gaged in shipping business, London,
prior to coming to Canada, and while
in that business traveled in Russia,

Manchuria, Germany and Turkey. Came
to Prince Albert and established pres-
ent business, 1909. Recreation: Ashing.
Conservative; Anglican. Address: Prince
Albert, Sask.

MANVIIiIii:, Oswald Benjamin. — Of

Manville Hardware Co., 1030 First Ave.
W., Prince Albert. Born London, Eng-
land, Oct. 1, 1866, son of Benjamin and
Adeline Manville. Educated Northwiclv
College, London. Clerk in broker's office,
London, 1881. Came to Manitoba and
located on homestead near Pipestone,
1884; came to Carberry, Man., and en-
gaged book and stationery business,
1893; engaged in hardware business,
Prince Albert, 1903; Alderman, 1909-
1911; President Saskatoon Hardware
Co.; President Prince Albert Land and
Investment Co.; Vice-President Shell
River Lumber Co.; Vice-President Prince
Albert Board of Trade, 1908. Married
Rachel Jane Rae, Winnipeg, Man., 1896;
has two sons. Society: I. O. O. F, Rec-
reations: Baseball, tennis, skating, curl-
ing. Conservative; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: 205 Twelfth St. E., Prince Albert,


MAFES, S. Herbert — President Mapes
Company, Ltd., 1005 First St., W., Cal-
gary. Born Hillburn, N. Y., April 28,
1882, son of S. S. and H. C. Mapes. Edu-
cated Herbart Preparatory Academy.
Came to Calgary 1910. Married Julia
Pierson, 1906; has one son. Anglican.
Address: 1019 Nineteenth Ave., W., Cal-
gary, Alta.


MAFSON, Frederick William. — Finan-
cial, Real Estate and Insurance Broker,
Imperial Bank Bldg., Calgary; Treasurer
Diocese of Calgary. Born Bath, England,
July 18, 1869, son of John and Emma
Mapson. Educated St. James' grammar
scliool, Plymouth College, England. Gen-
eral merchant, Australia, 1896. Came to
Alberta, 1903; established present busi-
ness, 1903. Captain 103rd Calgary Rifles.
Married Elizabeth M. Creswell, 1896; has
one son and two daughters. Club: Al-
berta. Societies: A. F. & A. M. ; S. O. E.
Recreations: fishing and shooting. An-
glican. Address: 13 5 Sixth Ave., E., Cal-
gary, Alta.


MARA, John Andrew, ex-M. F. — (Re-
tired). Born ']''oronto, July 21, 1840, son
of Jolin and Anne Mara. Educated To-
ronto. Member of Legislative Assembly,
1871-1886. Speaker 1883-1886. Sat for
Yale-Kootenay House of Commons, 1887-
1896; President Victoria Board of Trade,
1906; director several industrial, mining
and land companies; Director Royal Jub-
ilee Hospital; anti-Tuberculosis Society.
Married Alice Telfer Barnard, 1882 (de-
ceased); has one son and one daughter.
Club: Union. Address: Endiang, Pember-
ton Road, Victoria, B. C.

MAREI.Z:, "William O. — Western Man-
ager, Purdy & Henderson, Ltd., En-
gineers and Contractors, Bower Bldg.,
Vancouver. Born Hampstead, N. H.,
March 9, 1876, son of Leonard A. and
Melissa McNeil Marble. Educated pub-
lic and high schools. Draughtsman, City
Engineer's office, Haverhill, Mass., 1896;
designer, Purdy & Henderson, New York,
1901; came to British Columbia to take
present position 1909. Married Bessie

E. Moore, Haverhill, 1903; has one son
and one daughter. Recreations: Fishing,
baseball. (Tongregationalist. Address:
1013 Nelson St., Vancouver, B. C.

MARGETSON, Sydney Richmond. —

Of Waghorn, Gwynn & Co., Real Estate
and Financial Brokers, Bank of Hamil-
ton Bldg., Vancouver. Born London,
England, Oct. 12, 1877, son of William
and Mary Ann Margetson. Educated
Godolphin School, England; farmed Man-
itoba, 189.5; subsequently engaged grain
and milling business. Came to British
Columbia 1906. Served South African
Constabulary, 1901-1904. Married Jean

F. O. MacDonald, daughter of the late
Col. Allan MacDonald, Winnipeg. 1909;
lias one son. Club: Canadian. Recrea-
tions: Walking, riding, swimming. Ad-
dress: 805 Nicola St., Vancouver, B. C.


MARION, Joseph Alderic— Of Couture
& Marion, Brick Manufacturers, St. Bon-
iface; interested Canadian Distilleries,
Ltd.; Western Canada Guarantee Acci-
dent Co.; Continental Fire Insurance Co.
Born St. Damien, of Brandon, Berthier
County, Que., Dec. 13, 1864, son of Zoel
and Philomene Desilets Marion. Edu-
cated public schools and Business Col-
lege; came to Manitoba 1882; bookkeep-
er for M. Lamontagne, St. Boniface,
1888; Manager of business 1895; estab-
lished present business 1906. Alderman
1906; Chairman Board of Works; mem-
ber School Board; President Board of
Trade; member Winnipeg and St. Boni-
face Harbour Commission. Married
Marie Couture, St. Boniface, 1895; has
three sons and five daughters. Club: Car-
tier. Societies: C. M. B. A.; Catholic
Forester; K. of C. Recreation: reading.
Conservative; Roman Catholic. Address:
St. Boniface, Man.




MARK, Septimus P. — Financial and
Real Estate Agent, 741 Columbia St.,
New Westminster. Born Yalding, Kent,
England, June 27, 1877, son of Charles
F. and Henrietta Mark. Educated public
schools. Came to Canada 1895; British
Columbia, 1898. Clerk George Adams,
New Westminster, 1900; grocer and
baker. New Westminster, 1901-1905;
partner McLeod, Mark & Co., Insurance
and Financial Agents, New Westminster,
1905-1911; established present business,
1911. Married Alice M. M. Burr, 1900;
has two sons and one daughter. Socie-
ties: A. O. U. W.; W. O. W. Recrea-
tions: Lacrosse, motoring. Conservative;
Anglican. Address: 707 Agnes St., New
Westminster, B. C.

MARKIiE, Merwyn Clemens, B. A. —

Barrister, Shoal Lake. Born Fisher's
Mill, Ont., Aug. 1, 1876, son of Rebecca
and John A. Markle, inspector of Indian
Agencies for Alberta. Came to Manitoba
1883. Educated public schools, Birtle,
Man.; high school, Berlin, Ont.; busi-
ness college, Chatham, Ont.; Wesley Col-
lege, Manitoba University. Practiced
Shoal Lake since 1902. Mayor Village of
Shoal Lake 1911; Secretary-Treasurer
Liberal Association Birtle and Marquette
constituencies. Married Lydia Isabella
Bates, Shoal Lake, 1904; has three sons
and one daughter. Societies: A. F. &
A. M.; I. O. O. P. Recreations: Foot-
ball, baseball, curling. Independent Lib-
eral; Methodist. Address: Shoal Lake,


MARKIti:, G-eorg-e Wilson — Of Porte

& Markle, Ltd., Jewelers, Portage Ave.,
Winnipeg. Born Dundas, Ont, July 4,
1880, son of J. K. and Caroline Markle.
Educated public and high schools, Dun-
das. Came to Manitoba, 1900. Began
jewelry business with T. J. Porte, Win-
nipeg, 1900; present company incorpo-
rated, 1905. Married Meta Clarke, To-
ronto, 1905; has two sons. Society: A.
F. & A. M. Recreations: outdoor sports.
Methodist. Address: 744 McMillan Ave..
Winnipeg, Man.

MARKS, Alfred Iiouis, LIi. B. — Of

Downes & Marks, Barristers, Strathcona.
and Leduc. Born Fort Niobrara, Neb.,
May 17, 1881, son of Frank Xavier and
Mary Josephine Marks. Educated pub-
lic schools, Norfolk, Neb.; Muskoka,
Wis.; high school, Strathcona; Normal
School, Regina; Detroit, Mich.; College
of Law. Came to Alberta 1898; taught
school near Wetaskiwin, 1903; practiced
Leduc, 1908; formed present partnership
1910. Secretary Liberal Association Le-
duc Constituency; Trustee Leduc Public
School Board; Chairman Temperance
and Moral Reform League; Director
Leduc Agricultural Society one year:
Superintendent Baptist Sunday School:
second Vice-President Young Men's Club,
Strathcona. Unsuccessful candidate for
Wetaskiwin House of Commons, 1909.
Recreations: Curling, football, tennis,
fishing, hunting. Liberal; Baptist. Ad-
dress: Strathcona, Alta.




MARFOI.Z:, C. M. — Of Macdonnell,
Marpole Co.. Ltd., Coal and Commission
Merchants, 427 Seymour St., Vancouver;
interested oil fields, Midway District,
California; owner of Puget Sound tug
boat system; member Vancouver Board
of Trade; Vancouver General Hospital.
Born Barrle, Ont., March 4, 1878, son of
Richard Marpole. Came to British Col-
umbia 1886. Educated public schools
Kamloops. Employed Engineering De-
partment C. P. R., 1894; transferred to
passenger department 1899; established
present business 1899. Married Mary
Gifford, 1901; has one son. Clubs: Van-
couver, Terminal City, Western, Royal
Vancouver Yacht, Vancouver Rowing,
Union (Victoria). Society: A. F. & A. M.
Anglican. Address: 1050 Guilford St.,
Vancouver, B. C.

MAZtFOIiZ:, Richard. — General Execu-
tive Assistant for British Columbia C.
P. R., Vancouver. Born in Wales, June
8. 1850 Educated Wales and Glasgow.
With English railways, subsequently
with the Northern Ry. of Canada; with
C. P. R. 1881 as contractor and has been
since 1882 on official staff of that com-
pany. Was Assistant Manager of Con-
struction Algoma branch and Nipissing
Division of inain line; then Superintend-
ent of Construction and operation of
Lake Superior Division, and transferred
to Pacific Division in same capacity,
1886; General Superintendent 1897; Gen-
eral Executive Assistant 1907; Vice-
President Esquimau and Nanaimo Rail-
way Co.; President Vancouver Cricftet
Club; President anti-Tuberculosis So-
ciety. Lectured In England on the re-
sources and future of British Columbia.
Presented to Their Majesties the late


King and Queen, Windsor Castle, June,
1908. Married Anna Isabel Holmes, 1905.
Clubs: Vancouver, Union (Victoria).
Presbyterian. Address: Shaughnessy
Heights, Vancouver, B. C.

MARRION, Roljert. — Chief Sanitary
Inspector of City of Vancouver. Born
Bromley, London, England, Oct. 13, 1849,
son of Thomas James and Sarali Fenson
Marrion. Educated National School,
Croydon. Apprenticed to George Crap-
per, Chelsea, England, 1865, subsequent-
ly foreman or same firm; spent some
time at St. Joseph. Mo., then returned
to London and resumed position with
Crappers. Came to British Columbia,
1889; foreman British Columbia Gas
Co.; appointed to present position 1894;
Health Inspector, Plumbing and Sani-
tary Inspector during first five years of
office. Served as Corporal Royal West
Surrey Regiment ten years. Married
Mary Waite, London, England, 1871; has
two sons and three daughters. Society:
A. F. & A. M. Recreation: Gardening.
Independent; Baptist. Address: 1096
Thirteenth Ave., Vancouver, B. C.

MARRIOTT, Guy Wilford. — Manager
Canadian Bank of Commerce, Strath-
cona. Born Toronto, Dec. 15. 1877, son
of Samuel Butler and Georglna Marriott.
Educated public schools Toronto. Cus-
tims Clerk M. & L. Samuel Benjamin &
Co., Toronto, 1894; entered service of
Canadian Bank of Commerce, 1898; sta-
tioned Toronto, Sarnia, Simcoe, Dundas,
Winnipeg and Strathcona; came to Al-
berta 1906. Member executive Children's
Aid Society; Executive Young Men's As-
sociation, Strathcona; President Strath-
cona Board of Trade, 1908-1909. Served




with 2nd Q. O. R. eight years; Major in
Command B Squadron, Alberta Dragoons.
Married Gladys Rant, daughter of Cap-
tain Rant (late 12th Lancers), 1908;
has one son and one daughter. Clubs:
Strathcona, Edmonton, Junior Army and
Navy (London, Eng. ), Strathcona Curl-
ing. Societies: A. P. & A. M.; K. of P.
Recreations: Riding, driving, curling,
skating. Independent; Anglican. Ad-
dress: 125 Saskatchewan Ave., Strath-
cona, Alta.


MAKS, James — Of Mars Brothers,
General Merchants, Coquitlam. Born
Howick, Roxburghshire, Scotland, May
8, 1870, son of Thomas and Mary Wil-

son Mars. Educated; public schools.
Came to Canada, 1888; homesteader, Man-
itoba, 1888; farm hand. Lord Strathcona's
farm. Silver Heights, 1890-1892; la-
borer, lumber woods, Tacoma, 1892-1894;
came to British Columbia, 1896; in va-
rious lines until 1910, when established
present business. Reeve, Coquitlam,
1911 and 1912 (by acclamation). Presi-
dent, Agricultural Society, four years;
Secretary, Dewdney Conservative So-
ciety. Society: I. O. F. (Chief). Rec-
reations: floriculture; football. Conser-
vative. Address: Coquitlam, B. C.


MABSH, D. W. — (Retired.) Born New
Hampshire, July 4, 1838, son of Enoch
and Martha Marsh. Educated Nashua,
N. H. Hotel clerk Madison, Wis., 1864;
came to Fort Walsh, Cypress Hills,
Northwest Territories (Northwest Mount-
ed Patrol Post), 1876; Manager T. C.
Power & Bro.'s store, 1876-1882; busi-
ness removed to Maple Creek, Sask.,
1882; Manager Maple Creek, 1882-1884;
came to Calgary and estbalished branch
of business 1884; purchased Calgary
branch, 1890; carried on business und^r
own name until 1900, when retired. May-
or Calgary, 1899. Married Mrs. Julia
Shurtleffj at Milwaukee, Wis., 1887. Ad-
dress 203 3d Ave. W., Calgary, Alta.




MABSHAIiIi, Hon. Duncan Mcliean. — -

Minister of Agriculture for the Province
of Alberta, Edmonton. Born Elderslie
Township, Bruce County, Ont., Sept. 24,
187 2, son of Jolin and Margaret Mc-
Murchy Marshall. Educated higli school,
Walkerton; College Institute, Owen
Sound. Spent twenty years on father's
farm; taught school 1890-1894; newspa-
per work on Toronto World and Toronto
News. Bouglit Union Standard, Tliorn-
bury, Ont.; Clarksburg Reflector, Clarks-
burg, Ont., 1900; bought Bracebridge
Gazette, 1903; sold out 1905; moved to
Alberta, 1905; ad editor and manager
Daily Bulletin, Edmonton. Unsuccessful
candidate for Muskoka to House of Com-,
mons, 1904. Elected to Alberta Legis-
lature for Olds, 1909; appointed Minister
of Agriculture and Provincial Secretary,
Rutherford administration, 1909; re-ap-
pointed Minister of Agriculture in Sif-
ton administration, 1910; President Ed-
monton School of Music. Married Chris-
tina Maclsaac, Charlottetown, P. E. I.,

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