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1899; has two sons. Clubs: Edmonton,
Ontario (Toronto). Societies: A. F. &
A. M.; S. O. S.; I. O. F. ; C. O. F. Liberal;
Presbyterian Address: 473 Seventh St.,
Edmonton, Alta.

MARSHAIiIi, Edg-ar Kenny, M. A. —

Principal of Public Schools. Born Honey
Wood, Dufferin County, Ont., Aug. 6,
1876, son of James Edgar and Sarah
Marshall. Educated Shelburne; College
Institute Owen Sound and Chicago. Came
to Manitoba, 1896; Portage la Prairie,
1905; Secretary Canadian Club; Secre-
tary Teachers' Association; Clerk of Ses-
sion, Portage la Prairie; member of
Board of "Trade. Served with Volun-
teers Shelburne under Major Douglas;
cadet instructor, Portage la Prairie; con-
tributed to teachers' journals, Montreal
Witness, Munsey, Canadian Crown and
other magazines. Married Agnes Craw-

ford Culbert, Rosendale, Man., 1904; has
two sons. Club: Canadian. Societies:
A. F. & A. M. ; I. O. O. F.; L O. F. Rec-
reations: bicycling, walking. Conserva-
tive; Presbyterian. Address: 46 Toronto
St., Portage la Prairie, Man.

MARSHAIiIi, Henry Bennet St. George.

— Of Costigan & Marshall, Barristers,
Rivers. Born Newport, Isle of Wight,
England, March 15, 1875, son of George
Archibald James Alfred and Isabel
Marshall. Educated Southea, Hants.
Law student Portage la Prairie, Man.,
1901. Came to Rivers 1908. Societies:
K. of P.; C. O. O. F.; I. O. F.; S. O. E.
Conservative; Anglican. Address: 17
Second Ave., Rivers, Man.

MARTIIT, Alexis, M. A. — Barrister,
305-6 Pemberton Bldg.. Victoria. Born
Hamilton, Nov. 19, 1871, son of Edward
Martin, K. C, D. C. L., and Mariana
Mary Martin. Educated Trinity College
School, Port Hope; Trinity University;
Osgoode Hall; practiced Toronto 1896.
Came to British Columbia 1898 and prac-
ticed Victoria since. Director of Uni-
versity School, Ltd. Served as Captain
Royal Grenadiers, Toronto; later Cap-
tain 5th Regiment C. A.; on coronation
contingent, 1902 (medal); since retired.
Married Emilie Alice Innocent Mason,
1907; has one son and one daughter.
Clubs: Pacific, Vancouver. Recreations
Cricket. Liberal; Anglican. Address:
925 Foul Bay Road, Victoria, B. C.

MARTIN, Hon. Archer. — A Justice for
Appeal for British Columbia and the
Judge of the Admiralty Court for Brit-
ish Columbia. Born Hamilton, May 6,
1865, son of Mariana Mary Counsell and
Edward Martin, Q. C, D. C. L., and
great grandson of Richard ("Humanity")
Martin of Ballinahinch Castle, County
Galway, M. P. for that shire, author of
Martin's Act for Prevention of Cruelty
to Animals, and principal founder of the
R. S. P. C. A. Educated Trinity College
School, Port Hope; Ghent, Belgium.
Called to Bar of Manitoba, 1887; to
British Columbia Bar, 1895. Appointed
counsel for Dominion Government and
representative of minister of justice in
Vancouver Island, 1896; special commis-
sioner to report upon affairs of British
Columbia Crown Timber Lands Agency,
1897. Puisne Judge Supreme Court of
British Columbia, 1898; Deputy Judge in
Admiralty for British Columbia, 1899;
special coinmissioner to settle mining
disputes Porcupine District, arising out
of the Canadian-Alaskan Boundary, 1900;
Judge in Admiralty for British Colum-
bia 1902; Justice of Appeal for British
Columbia 1909. Publications: "A Gen-



ealogy of Martin of Ballinahinch Castle,"
"The Hudson's Bay Company's Land
Tenures" "Chart of the Judges of Van-
couver Island and British Columbia,"
"Martin's Mining and Water Cases" (2
vols.). Married, 1S89, Emily Mary Read,
second daughter of John Breakenridge
Read, barrister, Toronto; has two sons.
Recreations: golf, gardening. Anglican.
Address: Ballinahinch, Victoria, B. C.

MARTIN, Chester, M. A. — Professor of
History, Manitoba University, Winnipeg.
Born St. John, N. B., June 22, 1882. Edu-
cated University of New^ Brunswick (first
Rhodes scholar from N. B.); Balliol Col-
lege, Oxford (Brassey scholarship and
Beit prize). On completion of course
Oxford appointed Assistant Editor Ar-
chives branch of Dominion Government;
present position since 1909. Published
a volume on Selkirk settlement, frequent
contributor to the press. Recreations:
Tennis, boating. Address: Winnipeg,


MARTIN, E. D. — Of Martin, Bole &
Wynne Co., Wholesale Drugs, 293 Mar-
ket St., Winnipeg. Born Milton, Ont,
Sept. 30, 1856, son of Edward and Mary
Ann Martin. Educated public school,
Milton; Ontario College of Pharmacy, To-
ronto. Druggist, Ottawa, 1887-1890. Came
to Winnipeg 1890 and founded firm E.
D. Martin & Co., which later amalgamat-
ed with Bole, Wynne & Co. President
Western Manufacturing Co.; Director
Great West Permanent Loan Co.; ex-
President Y. M. C. A. (six years) ; Presi-
dent Board of Trade, 1909, and represent-
ed Board at Congress of Chambers of
Commerce of Empire at Sydney, Aus-
tralia; member Winnipeg City Council,
1898-1899; unsuccessful candidate for
Mayor, 1911; unsuccessful candidate to

House of Commons for Winnipeg, 1899;
President Winnipeg Lodging and Coffee
House Association. Married Agnes J.
Perry, Ottawa, 1879; has two sons and
six daughters. Liberal; Anglican. Ad-
dress: 223 Colony St., Winnipeg, Man.

MARTIN, Edward Newcombe, C. E.,

B. Sc. — The Fyshe Martin Company, Ltd.,
Contracting and Consulting Engineers,
304 Dominion Bank Bldg., Calgary; Pres-
ident, Northwest Drilling Co. Ltd. Born
York, Haldiman County, Ont., June 6,
1881, son of Frederick Oliver and Cath-
erine Martin. Educated: Upper Canada
College; McGill University; graduated,
1905. Demonstrator, McGill University,
1905-1906; with Keystone Coal Co., Penn-
sylvania, six months, 1905; with M. J.
Haney, Toronto, three months, 1906;
civil engineer, G. T. R., three months,
1906: with E. A. Wallberg, Moncton,
N. B., r906-1907: with Walker, Fyshe
Co., West Indies, 1907-1909; with Walk-
er, Fyshe Co., Calgary, 1909-1911; pres-
ent company established, 1911. Clubs:
Ranchmen's; Calgary Gold and Coun-
try. Societies: A. F. & A. M.; Canadian
Society Civil Engineers. Recreations:
athletic sports. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: 112 4th Ave., W., Calgary,


MARTIN, George. — Of Martin & Shan-
non, Real Estate and Financial Brokers,
163 Hastings St., Vancouver. Born
Weardale, England, son of William and
Annie Maria Martin. Educated Wear-
dale public schools. Came to British
Columbia 1883. Director of British Col-
umbia Permanent Loan and Savings Co.;
Director Pacific Coast Fire Insurance Co.
Director National Finance Co. Notary



Public; member of municipality of South
Vancouver six years. Married Isabella
Marion Rutherford, Vancouver, 1S92; has
two sons and three daughters. Society:
I. O. O. F. Recreations: All outdoor
sports. Address: 1123 Burnaby St., Van-
couver, B. C.

MARTIN", Georg-e A. — Of Martin, Har-
greaves. Ltd., Investment and Financial
Brokers, 107 2nd Ave., Saskatoon. Born
Sterling, Ont., July S, 1886, son of W.
S. and Ella E. Foster Martin. Edu-
cated public and high schools. Sterling.
Clerk, Canadian Fairbanks Co., Winni-
peg, 1905-1909; Vi^ith Saskatchewan In-
vestment & Trust Co., 1909-1911: pres-
ent business established, 1911; incorpo-
rated. 1912. Married Ruth McDermid.
daughter of late Prof. E. W. McDermid,
Winnipeg, 1912. Clubs: Saskatoon;
Royal Colonial Institute. Recreation:
yrolt. Conservative; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: Saskatoon, Sask.


MARTIN, Creorg-e Edgar — Of Mc-

Quarrie, Martin & Cassady, Barris-
ters and Solicitors, New Westminster.
Born Woodstock, Ont., Dec. 18, 1862,
son of Harry Fargo and Elizabeth Mar-
tin. Educated Woodstock College; Os-
goode Hall. Called to Ontario Bar 1886.
Practiced Hon. J. M. Gibson, under firm
name Gibson, Martin & Osborne, Hamil-
ton, 1886-1897. Came to British Colum-
bia, 1897. Practiced at Kaslo, 1897-1905,
when removed to New Westminster,
where has since practiced. Married Cath-
erine Peirce, Hamilton, 1892 (deceased);
has one daughter. Married Katlierine
COry, daugliter George H. Mills, Hamil-

ton, 1911. Clubs: Westminster, Presi-
dent Terminal City and Jericho Coun-
try, Vancouver. Society: A. F. & A. M.
Conservative; Anglican. Address: 132
First St., New Westminster, B. C.


MARTIN, Henri Milton. — Real Estate
and Financial Broker; Notary; Director
The Scott Motor, Ltd.; Director Edmon-
ton Portland Cement Co., Ltd.; President
St. Leonard's, Ltd.; President Dunve-
gan Development Co., Ltd. Born Clin-
tonville, N. Y., June 6, 1872, son of Fran-
cois Xaxier and Azilda Lafontaine Martin.
Educated Plateau Academy, Montreal
and College de Joliette. Clerk, book-
keeper and accountant, Vancouver, 1887-
1890; assistant paymaster with Hugh
Keeper, contractor. Nelson, 1890. With
Lowenberg-Harris & Co. as accountant
and manager. New Westminster. 1891-
1893; mining in Kootenay, 1893-1897. En-
tered Government Service Yukon 1898.
Mining Recorder 1899. Assistant Crown
Timber and Land Agent, Fort Selkirk, Y.
T., 1900 Justice of the Peace for Vu-
kon, 1900; Crown Timber and Land
Agent for Yukon Territory, 1902-1906;
established present business 1906. Vice-
President Edmonton Board of Trade,
1911. President Greater Edmonton
Board of Trade, 1912; Trustee Separate
Schools. Married Beatrice Beck, daugh-
ter of the Hon. Mr. Justice N. D. Beck,
1908; has one son and two daughters.
Clubs: Edmonton, Edmonton Country,
Columbian, Capital City Curling. So-
ciety: K. of C. Recreations: motoring,
golf. Liberal; Roman Catholic. Ad-
dress: Edmonton Club, Edmonton, Alta.




MARTIN, Isaac Walter. — President
and General Manager Tilden, Gurney &
Co., Ltd., 277 Rupert St., Winnipeg. Born
Paris, Ont., April 26, 1863, son of Abra-
hana and Sarah Burkholder Martin (U.
E. L. stock). Educated public and high
schools, Hamilton. With E. & C. Gur-
ney & Co., Hamilton, 1881; one of the
three to purchase the entire interests
from coast to coast of Tilden, Gurney
& Co., Hamilton. Came to Winnipeg
1883, with Tilden, Gurney Co.; elected
President and General Manager for
Western branches, 1901. Married Carrie
Burridge, 1888; has two sons. Societies:
A. F. & A. M.; I. O. O. P.; Vice-President
Y. M. C. A. Methodist. Address: 270
Furby St., Winnipeg, Man.

MARTIM', John Cameron, B. A. — Bar-
rister and Solicitor, Bank of Toronto
Bldg., Winnipeg. Born Regina, Sask.,
May 22, 1885, son of Robert and Helen
McNeish Martin. Educated: high school,
Regina; Manitoba University. Called to
Saskatchewan Bar, 1909; practiced alone,
Weyburn, 1909-1911; member of firm,
Martin. Allan & Graham, Weyburn, 1911-
1912; practised Winnipeg, since 1912.
Married Laura Snyder, daughter of A.
G. Snyder, Winnipeg, 1909: has one
daughter. Society: I. O. O. F. Liberal;
Presbyterian. Address: Winnipeg, Man.

MARTIN, John G. — Of John D. Ivey
Co., Ltd., AVholesale Millinery, 313 Fort
St., Winnipeg. Born Toronto, son of P.
B. and Mary E. Martin. Educated To-
ronto. Came to Winnipeg 1900. Married
Helen Beatrice Nash, Toronto; has one
son. Liberal; Presbyterian. Address:
599 McMillan Ave., Winnipeg, Man.


MARTIN, Walter R. — Manager Can-
adian Western Natural Gas & Heat,
Light & Power Co., Ltd., Calgary; Pro-
prietor Alamo Hotel, Suffield; Managing
Director International Supply Co., Med-
icine Hat, extensive real estate holdings
throughout Alberta. Born Butler Coun-
ty, Pa., Sept. 6, 1873, son of James and
Harriet Martin. Educated public and
high schools, Ohio. Interested oil well
drilling. United States, Mexico and Cen-
tral and South America, since 1890.
Came to Alberta and established pres-
ent business, 1906. Married Maud Jamie-
son, Findlay, Ohio, 1894. Club: Cypress.
Independent; Presbyterian. Address:
Medicine Hat, Alta.

MARTIN, William Melville, B. A., M.

P. — Of Balfour, Martin, Casey & Blair,
Barristers, Regina. Born Norwich, Ont.,
Aug. 23, 1876, son of Christina and Rev.
William Martin. Educated Collegiate In-
stitute, Clinton, Toronto University,
graduating 1898 with an honor degree
Classics; Ontario Normal College, Ham-
ilton, Classical Master High School, Har-
riston, 1899-1901. Studied law, Osgoode
Hall 1901; scholarship man, 1902 and
1903. Offered nomination as Dominion
candidate for Liberal party 1906, for the
constituency of Western Assiniboia, to
succeed Hon. Walter Scott, who resigned
to become Premier of Saskatchewan, but
declined; elected to House of Commons,
for Regina, 1908-1911, representing con-
stituency of Regina. Married Violette



M. P.

Florence Thompson, daughter of Walter
Thompson, Mitchell, Ont., 1906; has one
son. Club: Assinlboia. Society: A. F.
& A. M. Liberal; Presbyterian. Address:
2042 Cornwall St., Regina, Sask.

MARVIN, E. B. — Ship Chandler
Commission Agent, 1202 Wharf St.,
toria. Born Halifax, Dec. 16, 1830
of William H. and Jane Marvin,
cantile business, San Francisco,
1852-1857; mining, Australia, 1857-
established present business 1859.
derman Victoria 1876-1877-1878.
servative; Anglican. Address: 1234
St., Victoria, B. C.

, son


MASON, Major Edward G., M. B., C.
M, (McGill). — Physician and Surgeon,
520 First St. E., Calgary. Born Hamil-

ton, Oct. 26, 1874, son of George Edward
Brant and Sarah E. Gorman Mason. Edu-
cated College Institute, Hamilton; Mc-
Gill University. Came to Calgary and
practiced 1902. Member executive board
Liberal Association since 1902 (Presi-
dent 1906); Senior Major, 103rd Calgary
Rifles; served with 13th Regiment Ham-
ilton, six years; Victoria Rifles, Mont-
real, three years. Married Katherine E.
Ritchie, Calgary, 1903; has two daugh-
ters. Club: Junior Army and Navy, Lon-
don; Calgary Rugby (President 1904 to
1911). Society: Calgary Dramatic (Vice
President). Recreations: Athletics; all
outdoor sports. Liberal; Anglican. Ad-
dress: 520 First St. E., Calgary, Alta.

MASON, William Ethelbert. — Manager
Canada Permanent Mortgage Corpora-
tion, Canada Permanent BIdg., Regina.
Born Toronto, July 15, 1866, son of
Mary and William T. Mason, ofllcial as-
signee. Educated College Institute To-
ronto. Junior clerk with Canada Per-
manent, Toronto, 1883; opened branch
for firm St. John, N. B., 1899, and made
Manager; came to Regina opened branch
1905; member Board of Governors of
Regina Municipal Hospital. Married
Helen A. Cockburn, Gravenhurst, Ont.,
1891; has three sons and one daughter.
Clubs: Canadian, Assiniboia, Regina. So-
ciety: A. F. & A. M. Methodist. Ad-
dress: 2118 Scarth St., Regina, Sask.

MATHER, Allan Cameron. — ^Of West-
ern Supply Co., Building Supplies, Crown
Bldg., Calgary. Born Keewatin, Ont.,
April 3, 1886, son of Robert and Maud
Mather. Educated Keewatin. Lumber
business 1901; came to Alberta 1909. Ad-
dress: 612 14th Ave. W., Calgary, Alta.

MATHER, John Doug-las. — Broker.
Bank of Ottawa Bldg., Vancouver. Born
Ottawa, April 18, 1882, son of Robert A.
and Maud Mather. Educated Kenora;
came to British Columbia 1907. Married
Beatrice Champion, 1908; has one daugh-
ter. Club: Vancouver. Address: 1424
Comox St., Vancouver, B. C.

MATHER, David IiOW. — Lumber mer-
chant. Born Montrose, Scotland, March
17, 1855, son of John and Jane Mather.
Educated College Institute, Ottawa.
Clerk and scaler, lumber business, Ot-
tawa district, 1870; lumber business Ken-
ora and Lake of the Woods district,
1S79-1900. Came to Winnipeg 1907. Mar-
ried Catherine Allan, Oshawa, Ont., 1882;




has one son and one daughter. Clubs:
Manitoba, Carleton, St. Charles Country.
Recreations: Fishing, hunting. Presby-
terian. Address: Evergreen Place, Win-
nipeg, Man.


MATHER, Robert Addison. — President
Mather & Noble, Ltd., Lumber Mer-
chants, Bank of Ottawa Bldg., Vancou-
ver; Director Keewatin Lumber Co.
Born Montrose, Scotland, Nov. 19, 1851,
son of John and Jean Mather. Educated
Grammar School, Ottawa. With Gil-

mour & Co., Ottawa, 1868-1884; Man-
ager Keewatin Lumber Co., Keewatin,
1884-1897. Came to British Columbia,
1907. Reeve of Keewatin, three terms;
Councillor three terms. Married Maud
Cameron, daughter of Alexander Cam-
eron, 1878; has four sons and two daugh-
ters. Clubs: Vancouver, Manitoba (Win-
nipeg). Society: A. P. & A. M. Recrea-
tions: Fishing, hunting. Liberal; Pres-
byterian. Address: 969 Jervis St., Van-
couver, B. C.

MATHERS, James Bolivar — Financial
Broker, 318 Homer St., Vancouver; Pres-
ident Trustee Company of Vancouver,
Ltd.; Director Pacific Coast Fire Insur-
ance Co.; Director Coast Quarries Co.,
Ltd.; Director Knight Inlet Canning Co.,
Ltd.; Director West Vancouver Land
Co., Ltd.; ex-President and General
Manager Dominion Trust Co., Ltd. Born
Bruce County, Ont., Oct. 26, 1865, son
of Christopher and Rachel Mathers.
Educated: public schools. Bruce Coun-
ty. Lumber merchant, Glenboro, Man.,
1891-1901; came to British Columbia
1901. Married Johanna Morrow, Bruce
County, 1895; has two sons and one
daughter. Clubs: Terminal City;. Van-
couver Golf; Vancouver Motor. Society:
A. F. & A. M. Recreation: shooting,
golf. Conservative; Methodist. Address:
901 Jervis St., Vancouver, B. C.

MATHERS, Jessie Waug-li. — Wife of
Thomas Graham Mathers, Chief Justice
of the King's Bench for Manitoba, Win-
nipeg. Born Melrose, Scotland, daugh-
ter of Richard and Janet Deans Waugh.
Came to Manitoba 1883. Educated pri-
vate schools Scotland and Winnipeg;
Manitoba College, Winnipeg. Secretary
Victorian' Order of Nurses, Winnipeg,
1905-1908. Married Thomas Graham
Mathers, 1892; has one son and one
daughter. Clubs: Women's Canadian;
Women's Musical, St. Charles Country.
Societies: Alma Mater Society; Manitoba
College, Women's Art Association. Rec-
reation: Golf. Anglican. Address: 16
Edmonton St., Winnipeg, Man.

MATHERS, Hon. T. G. — Chief Justice'
of Court of King's Bench, Province of
Manitoba. Born Lucknow, Ont., April
16, 1859, son of Christopher and Rachel
Mathers. Educated Lucknow and Kin-
cardine. Came to Manitoba. Editor of
Manitoba Liberal, Portage la Prairie,
1883; studied law, 1884; called to Man-
itoba Bar, 1890; in partnership with Hon.
Joseph Martin, 1895-1898; appointed
Puisne Judge of Court of King's Bench
for Manitoba, 1905; promoted to Chief
Justice, Feb. 7, 1910; Alderman of Win-
nipeg, 1898-1899; Chairman Winnipeg Li-
cense Commissioners, 1898-1900; Presi-
dent Winnipeg Liberal Association, 1901.




Married Jessie W. Waugh, Winnipeg,
1892; has one son and one daughter.
Clubs: Manitoba, St. Charles Country.
Recreations: golf, shooting. Anglican.
Address: 16 Edmonton St., Winnipeg,

MATHERS, William J. — Local Man-
ager of Brackman-Ker Milling Co., 541
Front St., New Westminster. Born St.
Helens, Huron County, Ont., June 17,
1862, son of Henry and Mary Mathers.
Educated public schools. Came to Brit-
ish Columbia, 187 6; member of firm
Mathers & Milligan, Commission Mer-
chants, New Westminster, 1888-1892:
President New Westminster Board of
Trade, 1905. Married Mary E. Whelen,
New Westminster; has one son and two
daughters. Club: Westminster. Recrea-
tions: hunting and fishing. Conservative;
Anglican. Address: 31 Columbia St.,
New Westminster, B. C.

MATHESON', Rev. Alexander. — Clergy-
man (retired). Born Manitoba, March
18, 1823, son of John and Ann Mathe-
son. Educated Toronto University,
Knox College, Toronto. Ordained Lunen-
burg, Ont., and was actively engaged
Presbyterian ministry until retired, 1892;
taught school five years; school inspec-
tor Ontario five years, Manitoba four
years. Married Victoria Johnstone, Rex-
borough Township, Ont., 1862; has four
sons and one daughter. Liberal; Pres-
byterian. Address: Kildonan, Man.

MATHESON, Alexander Edward — Of

Matheson & McLellan, Real Estate and
Financial Agents, Central Ave., Prince
Albert; Secretary-Treasurer, Golden
Lion Brewing Co., Ltd. Born Bradal-
bane, P. E. I., March 8, 1877, son of
Malcolm S. and Flora Matheson. Edu-
cated public schools. Prince Edward Is-
land. Manager, M. J. McLeod Co.,
Moose Jaw, 1896-1902; men's furnishings
business. Prince Albert, 1902-1911; be-
gan present business, 1912; built Star-
land Block with Charles O'Connor, 1910.
Alderman, Prince Albert, 1910, 1911,
1912; chairman. Finance Committee,
1911-1912; member of Council, Prince
Albert Board of Trade. Married Henri-
ette Kathryn McLellan, daughter of D.
C. McLellan, Prince Albert, 1904; has
one son and one daughter. Societies: A.
F. & A. M. ; K. P. Recreation: curling.
Liberal; Presbyterian. Address: 19th
St., E., Prince Albert, Sask.

MATHESON, Arthur John, C. E. — Of

Cartwright, Matheson & Co., Consulting
Civil Engineers, Rogers Bldg., Van-
couvei-. Born Ottawa, March 17, 1870,
son of William Marshall and Annie
Frances Matheson. Educated: Ottawa
Collegiate Institute; Royal Military
College, Kingston. With Department
Railways and Canals, Dominion Gov-
ernment, 1892-1904; with Department of
Public Works, Dominion Government,
1904-1910; present partnership formed
1910. Member Canadian Society of Civil
Engineers. Married Madeline L. Cart-
wright, daughter of Rev. Conway Ed-
ward Cartwright, 1899; has one son and
one daughter. Club: University. So-
ciety: A. F. & A. M. Anglican. Ad-
dress: 2526 Cornwall St., Vancouver, B.C.

MATHESOir, Donald John Postmas-
ter and Insurance Agent, Phoenix. Born
Halifax, May 17, 1872, son of Donald and
Margaret Matheson. Educated public
and high schools. Taught school Alberta
1892-1897. Came to British Columbia,
1897; taught school British Columbia,
1897-1899; began insurance business
1899; appointed Postmaster 1900. Mayor
of Phoenix 1907-1908-1910-1911. Married
Sai-ah Noble, Victoria, 189 2; has two sons.
Society: K. P. Recreation: Motorcycling.
Presbyterian. Address: Phoenix, B. C.




MATHESON, Most Rev. Samnel Frit-
chard, D. D., D. C. li. — Archbishop of
Rupert's Land and Primate of All Can-
ada. Born Kildonan, Man., Sept. 20, 1852,
son of John and Catherine Pritchard
Matheson. Educated St. John's College
School; St. John's College, Winnipeg.
Ordained Deacon, 1875; Priest, 1876;
Master of St. John's College School; Pro-
fessor Exegetical Theology, St. John's
College; Canon St. John's Cathedral,
1882; Deputy Warden, St. John's Col-
lege; Warden and Chancellor, St. John's
College; Deputy Head Master, St. John's

School; Secretary of Provincial Synod of
Rupert's Land, 1883-1902; Prolocutor of
same, 1902-1903; Prolocutor of General
^ynod of Canada, 1902; Primate of All
Canada, 1909; Chancellor of University
of Manitoba. Married Seraphine Marie
Fortin, 1879 (deceased, 1893); has two
sons and three daughters; married Alice
E. Talbot, 1906; has two daughters.
Society: A. F. & A. M. (G. M. of G. L.
of Manitoba). Recreations: shooting,
riding. Address: Bishop's Court, Winni-
peg, Man.



MATHIEU, James Arthur, M. I.. A.

— Lumberman. Vice-President and Di-
rector, Shevlin-Clarke Company, Limited,
Fort Frances, Ontario; Managing Direc-
tor, Rainy River Lumber Company, Lim-
ited, Rainy River, Ontario; Vice-Presi-
dent and Director, Slievlin-Matliieu Lum-
ber Company, Spooner, Minnesota; Man-
ager and Director, International Boom
Company, Spooner, Minnesota; Manager
and Director, Namakan Lumber Com-
pany, Spooner, Minnesota; Managing Di-
rector, Beaver Land & Timber Company,
Spooner, Minnesota; Vice-President and
Director, The Martin River Improve-

ment Company, Limited, Rainy River,
Ontario; Vice-President and Director,
Tlie Quetico Improvement Company,
Limited, Fort Frances, Ontario; Vice-
President and Director, Tlie Security
State Bank, Spooner, Minnesota; one-
half owner in the Rainy River Gazette,
Rainy River, Ontario. Born. Buffalo
County, Wisconsin, August 21st, 1869,
son of Peter and Hannali Vogel Matliieu.
Educated: Public and Normal Schools,
Buffalo County and River Falls, Wiscon-
sin. Has been engaged in lumber busi-
ness all his life; associated with Chip-:
pewa Logging Company, Cippewa Falls,



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