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bia Legislature, 1898; Minister of Mines,
Provincial Government, 1900. Resigned,
1901. Leader of opposition, 1902. Prime
Minister since June 1, 1903. Elected for
Victoria City, general election, 1907, and
for Victoria City and Yale, general elec-
tion, 1909 and 1912. Conservative; An-
glican. Address: 219 Gorge Road, Vic-
toria, B. C.




McBAZN, William — President, Provin-
cial Securities Co., Ltd., 1743 Scarth St.,
Regina; President, Pacific Properties,
Ltd., Vancouver; President, Toronto and
Montreal Properties, Ltd.; President,
Toronto Holdings Co., Ltd.; President,
Oliver Reid Co., Ltd., Toronto. Born
Quebec, Feb. 3, 1877, son of Arthur and
Margaret Laughren McBain. Educated
Quebec. Came to Winnipeg, 1896; In-
dian Head, 1901; Regina, 1906. Closely
identified with Mackenzie Mann inter-
ests. Clubs: Saskatoon; Adanac and
Carleton (Winnipeg) ; Ontario and
Queen City (Toronto) ; Terminal City
(Vancouver). Society: I. O. O. P. Con-
servative; Presbyterian. Address: Re-
gina, Sask., and C. N. R. Bldg., Toronto,

McBBIDE, James Augustine — Manag-
ing Director, Golden West Grain Co.,
Ltd., Weyburn; Director Weyburn Se-
curity Bank; member Weyburn Board
of Trade. Born Iowa City, Iowa, Aug.
26, 1861, son of John and Mary Furlong
McBride. Educated: public schools.
Mower County, Minn. With Northwest-
ern Elevator Co., grain buyers, Lac
Quiparle County, Minn., and also en-
gaged in implement business, 1893-1902;
came to Weyburn, 1902; naturalized,
1905. Served as Alderman, Weyburn,
1906-1908. Married Ellen Skahan, 1891;
has four sons and two daughters. So-
ciety; K. of C. Recreations: shooting, curl-


ing. Liberal; Roman Catholic. Ad-
dress: Fourth St. and Bison Ave., Wey-
burn, Sask.

McBBXDZ:, William, B. A., M. A.—

Manager, North American Life Assur-
ance Co., Mclntyre Block, Winnipeg.
Born Arnott, Grey County, Ont., June 21,
1850, son of John and Bessie McBride.
Educated Toronto University; London
University. Taught school, Sullivan,
Ont., 1867; subsequently principal Col-
lege Institute, Stratford, Ont. Came to
Winnipeg, 1889. President, Dominion
Life Underwriters' Association. Served
with Q. O. R., Toronto; traveled exten-
sively, visiting almost every country in
the world. Married Lilly Cumming,
Newcastle, Ont., 1881; has one son and
two daughters. Societies: A. F. & A.
M. (P. M.). Recreations: Fishing, trav-
eling. Liberal; Baptist. Address: 653
McMillan Ave., Winnipeg, Man.

McCAIilUM, Edg-ar Donald — Of McCal-
lum. Hill & Co., Real Estate and Finan-
cial Agents, 1770 Scarth St., Regina, anci
268 Portage Ave. Winnipeg; President
Land Co. of Canada, Ltd.; President In-
vestment Corporation of Regina, Ltd.;
Director, Saskatchewan Guarantee & Fi-
delity Co.; Member Regina Library
Board. Born Cumberland, Ont., 1880,
son of Donald and Jane McCallum. Edu-
cated public schools; Strathcona Colle-
giate Institute. Member of McCallum
Bros., 1901; present company formed,
1902. Served as Lieutenant, 16th Light
Horse, Regina, 1908-1910. Served as Al-
derman, Regina, 1912. Married Alice



Ethel Lanigan daughter of W. B. Lani-
gan, Assistant General Freight Traffic
Manager, C. P. R., 1910. Clubs: Assinl-
boia (Regina); Manitoba (Winnipeg);
Wascana Country (Regina). Recreation:
Motoring. Liberal; Anglican. Address.
Regina, Sask.

McCAI^IiVM, Ernest Absalom. — Of

McCallum, Hill & Co., Financial and Real
Estate Brokei-, 1770 Scarth St., Regina.
Born Cumberland, Ont., Sept. 16, 1870,
son of Donald and Jane McCallum. Edu-
cated Cumberland public schools; Col-
lege Institute, Vankleek Hill, Ont. Clerk,
mercantile store, 1890-1903; taught
school, Stittsville, Ont., 1894-1896. Came
to Regina, 1898, articled to law firm of
T. C. Johnstone until 1902; engaged real
estate and financial business, formed
present firm, became its general man-
ager, 1903. President, Saskatchewan
Guarantee & Fidelity Co., member ex-
ecutive, Regina Board of Trade, and of
Greater Regina Club. Married Laura
Potter, Regina, 1903 (deceased); has one
son and one daughter. Recreations: Rid-
ing, boating, hunting. Clubs: Assiniboia;
Canadian. Society: K. of P. Liberal;
Presbyterian. Address: 2150 Lome St.,
Regina, Sask.

McCAIiMAN, D. H., B. A., M. D., C. M.

— Physician and Surgeon, 430 1/^ Main
St., Winnipeg. Born East Oro, Ont., Nov.
7, 1861, son of Peter and Charlotte Mc-
Calman. Educated University of To-
ronto; University of Manitoba. Came to
Manitoba, 1881. Taught school and ap-
pointed inspector of schools, 1888; prac-
ticed medicine, 1899. Professor of 01>-
stetrics, Manitoba Medical College;
Senior Obstetrician, Winnipeg General
Hospital. Societies: Winnipeg Medical
Chirurgical Society; Provincial Medical
Society. Liberal; Anglican. Address:
193 Kennedy St., Winnipeg, Man.

McCANDI^ESS, Alexander Gilmctre. —

Manager, Standard Furniture Co., 507
Hastings St., Vancouver; President, Van-
couver Board of Trade, 1911. Born Ire-
land, Jan. 1, 1861, son of George and
Ann McCandless. Educated public
schools, Ireland. Came to British Co-
lumbia, 1881. Clothing business, as Gil-
more & McCandless, Victoria, 1888-1895;
McCandless Bros., 1895-1902; Manager of
present business since 1905. Member of
5th Regiment, Victoria, 1882-1886. School
Trustee, Victoria, 1898-1899; Alderman,
1891-1897 and 1902; Mayor, 1903. Mar-
ried Ella Gilmore, 1888; has two sons
and two daughters. Club: Terminal
City. Societies: A. F. & A. M. ; I. O. O.
P. Independent; Presbyterian. Address:
1615 Burnaby St., Vancouver, B. C.


McCABTER, Georg-e S. — Of Harvey,
McCarter & Pinkham, Barristers and So-
licitors, Revelstoke; Director, Revelstoke
Navigation Co., Ltd.; Director, Revel-
stoke Land Co., Ltd.; Director, British
Columbia Timber & Land Co., Ltd.; Life
Member and Director, Revelstoke Hospi-
tal Board. Born Oneida Township, Hal-
dimand County, Ont., March 4, 1867, son
of George and Annie McCarter. Edu-
cated high school, St. - Thomas. Called
to Ontario bar, 1891. Member of firm
Crothers & MeCai:ter, St. Thomas, 1891.
Called to Northwest Territory bar, 1892;
member of firm Lougheed & McCarter,
Calgary, 1892-1897. Came to British Co-
lumbia and present partnership formed,
1897. Married Katie C. Douglas, 1894;
has two sons and one daughter. Clubs:
Revelstoke; Pacific (Victoria). Society:
A. F. & A. M. Recreations: Motoring,
shooting. Conservative; Anglican. Ad-
dress: Revelstoke, B. C.

McCarthy, Capt. James H. — Libra-
rian, Carnegie Library, Winnipeg. Born
Haldimand County, Ont., Feb. 25, 1863,
son of Charles and Margaret McCarthy.
Educated public high schools, Caledonia,
Ont.; high school and Normal School,
Toronto. Taught school, York Village,
Ont., 1881. Came to Manitoba, 1888. Ex-
Alderman, City of Winnipeg. Served
seven "years with 90th Regiment, Win-
nipeg, resigning with rank of Captain,
1902. Married Eleanor Beattie, Hagers-
ville, Ont., 1889; has two sons. Club:
Carlton. Societies: I. O. O. F.; C. O. F.
Methodist. Address: 378 Qu'Appelle
Ave., Winnipeg, Man.



M. s. McCarthy, ex-M. p.

MciCARTEY, Maitland Stewart, B. A.,
eK-M. P. — Of Clarke, McCarthy, Carson
& MacLeod, Barristers, Dominion Bank
Bldg., Calgary. Born Orangeville, Ont.,
Feb. 15, 1872, son of Hon. Justice Mc-
Carthy and Jennie Frances McCarthy.
Educated Trinity College School, Port
Hope, Ont.; Trinity University. Called to
Ontario bar, 1897; came to Calgary, 1903.
Elected to House of Commons, for Cal-
gary, 1904; re-elected, 1908; was oifered
conservative leadership, Alberta, 1909,
but declined. Member of Corporation of
Trinity College School. Was before
West Lambton Convention, for Ontario
Legislature, 1901, but withdrew. Mar-
ried Eva Florence Watson, Hamilton,
1900; has two sons and one daughter.
Clubs: Ranchmen's (Calgary); Rideau
(Ottawa). Recreations: All outdoor
sports. Conservative; Anglican. Ad-
dress: Calgary, Alta.

McCATTIi, Charles CoursoUes, B. A., K.

C. — Barrister, Windsor Block, Edmonton.
Born Toronto, Feb. 17, 1858, son of Em-
ily Augusta, daughter of Hon. Jonas
Jones, Judge of Queen's Bench, Upper
Canada, and Rev. John McCaul, first
President, Toronto University. Educated
Upper Canada College and Toronto Uni-
versity (silver medallist. Natural Sci-
ence, 1879; Classical prizeman, 1876,
1877); law student, Bethune Moss, Fal-
conbridge & Hoyles, Toronto, 1879; ad-
mitted to Ontario bar, 1883; came to
Northwestern Territory, 1883; practiced
successively Macleod, Lethbridge, Cal-
gary, 1899; Dawson City, Y. T., 1899-1902;
Vancouver, 1902-1905; Edmonton since
1907. Author of "Remedies of Vendors
and Purchasers," 1910, and several arti-
cles on legal topics in Law Quarterly
Review, Canadian Law Times, etc. Mar-
ried Frances Greenwood, daughter of E.
G. Greenwood, City Treasurer, Halifax,

1887; has one son and one daughter.
Recreations: Shooting, fishing, yachting.
Conservative; Anglican. Address: Ed-
monton, Alta.

McCIiAV, Samuel. — Contractor, West-
minster Ave., Vancouver. Born Strabane
County, Tyrone, Ireland, April 24, 1873,
son of James and Jane McClay. Edu-
cated Prior Endowed School, Ireland.
Came to British Columbia, 1897. Direc-
tor of Impecial Investment Co., Ltd.;
late Secretary and one of founders of
Maple Leaf Club. Married Amanta Fits-
gerald, San Francisco; has one son, one
daughter. Society: A. F. & A. M. Rec-
reation: Lacrosse, association football.
Address: Alberta and 12th W., Van-
couver, B. C.


McCIiBAN, R. B. — President, Goose
Lake Grain & Lumber Co., Ltd., Saska-
toon. Born Freemont, Neb., Sept. 11,
1883, son of Robert and Mary A. Car-
son McClean. Educated Freemont Nor-
mal College. With McCaull Webster,
grain and lumber dealers, Minneapolis,
previous to coming to Saskatoon, 1908;
established present business, 1908. Mar-
ried Lulu Fietta Smith, 1909; has one
son. Presbyterian. Address: Saska-
toon, Sask.

McCIiBIiI^AM', William Charles. — Of

McClellan & Balfour, Lumber Manufac-
turers, 563 3rd St., Edmonton; Secretary-
Treasurer and General Manager, Jasper
Forest Sawmills, Ltd. Born Belfast, Ire-
land, Aug. 14, 1873, son of Thomas and
Annie McClellan. Educated public
schools; Royal University, Ireland.
Came to Alberta, 1903. With John Wal-
ter, lumber merchant, Edmonton, 1903-
1909; established present business, 1909.
Married Jennie Hollingwood, 1910; has
one daughter. Societies: A. F. & A. M.;
Hoo Hoos. Recreations: Hunting, skat-
ing. Liberal; Methodist. Address: Ed-
monton, Alta.



McCIaEIiI^AND, Capt. Samuel. — Qen-
eral Steamship and Ticket Agent, 349
Main St., Winnipeg-. Born Liverpool,
England, July 10, 1862, son of Robert
and Ann McClelland. Educated Liver-
pool. With Cunard S. S. Co. Line, Liv-
erpool, 1878. Came to Winnipeg, 1882.
Captain 100th Regiment, Winnipeg Gren-
adiers. Clubs: Carlton; Western Can-
ada; Military Institute. Societies: A. F.
& A. M. Recreations: Military. Ad-
dress: 403 Kennedy St., Winnipeg, Man.

McCLUNG, Nellie letitia. — Born
Chatsworth, Ont., daughter of John and
Letitia Mooney. Educated Northfield
School, Manitoba; College Institute,
Winnipeg. Taught school, Manitou,
1890; author of short stories, poems,
sketches; also three books, "Sowing
Seeds in Danny," "The Second Chance,"
"The Black Creek Stopping House."
Member Manitoba W. C. T. U. Married
Robert Wesley McClung, druggist, Man-
itou, 1896; has four sons and one daugh-
ter. Address: Winnipeg, Man.

McCIiTTNG, Bobert Kenning-, M. A., D.
Sc. (McGill), B. A. (Cantab). — Assistant
Professor in Physics, University of Man-
itoba, Winnipeg. Born Elmira, Ont., Feb.
2, 1874, son of Rev. John and Margaret
A. McClung. Educated McGill Univer-
sity; Cambridge University. Came to
Winnipeg, 1909. Joint author of Text-
book on Physics, edited by Duff; author
textbook, "Discharge of Electricity
Through Gases and Radio-activity."
Fellovif American Association for Ad-
vancement of Science; Fellow of Royal
Society of Canada. Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: University of Manitoba, Winni-
peg, Man.

McCOIiIi, Ang-us Evan — Of Corbould,
Grant & McColl, Barristers and Solici-
tors, 40 Lome St., New Westminster.
Born New Westminster, Aug. 2, 1888,
son of Helen Janet Barlow and the late
Hon. A. J. McColl, Chief Justice of Brit-
ish Columbia. Educated: public schools.
New Westminster; St. Andrew's College,
Toronto; Mowat School, Montreal; Co-
lumbia College, New Westminster. Law
student with Gorbould & Grant, 1906-
1912; called to British Columbia Bar and
admitted to present partnership, 1912.
Society: Native Sons. Recreation: sail-
ing. Conservative; Anglican. Address: 41
Blackwood St., New Westminster, B. C.

McCOMSEB, Alexander James — Of

Langworthy & McComber, Barristers
and Solicitors, Ruttan Bldg., Port Ar-
thur; Director, Western Dry Dock and
Shipbuilding Co.; Director, Great Lakes
Dredging Co., Ltd.; Director, Concrete
Paving Co., Ltd.; member Board of Edu-
cation. Born Negaunee, Mich., Oct. 26,
1871, son of Alexander and Emily Mc-
Comber. Educated: Port Arthur Col-

legiate; Osgoode Hall. Called to On-
tario Bar, 1901; practiced. Port Arthur,
since 1901. Married Georgina Gerard,
1895; has six sons. Club: Port Arthur.
Society: K. of C. Liberal; Roman Cath-
olic. Address: 186 Court St., Port Ar-
thur, Ont. »•

"SUcCO'NJU'ETmIm, Benjamin James, M. D.,

M. Ii. A. — Physician. Born North Ren-
frew County, Ont., Sept. 28, 1861. Took
course Pembroke schools and studied
medicine, Kingston. Practiced Nelson,
Man, Came to Morden, 1885. Elected
to Assembly for Morden, 1907. Liberal.
Address: Morden, Man.

McCONNEI.1., Bdmund Wrig-bt. —

Farmer and Stockbreeder, Fair View
Farm, Hamiota. Born Middlesex County,
Ont., March 21, 1864, son of John and
Catherine Delaney McConnell. Educated
public schools. Came to Manitoba with
his parents, 1881, the family all home-
steaded near Hamiota. Served with
Boulton's Scouts, Shoal Lake, Northwest
Rebellion, 1885. President, Hamiota
branch, Manitoba Grain Growers' Asso-
ciation. Married Hannah Jane Baldrow,
Shoal Lake, Man., 1889; has three sons
and three daughters. Society: I. O. O. F.
Recreation: Traveling. Liberal; Metho-
dist. Address: Hamiota, Man.

McCONNEIiIi, Hector McKenzie. — Bar-
rister and Solicitor. Born Pembroke,
Ont., March 4, 1869, son of Benjamin
James and Catherine Melville McCon-
nell. Educated public schools and Col-
lege Institute, Pembroke; Osgoode Hall.
Law student with Wm. R. White, K. C,
Pembroke, 1888-1891; with Howland, Ar-
noldi & Bristol, Toronto, 1891-1893; ad-
mitted to bar, 18 93; came to Manitoba,
1894, and practiced Morden since. Trus-
tee Maple Leaf School. School Trustee,
Morden, Man., 1908-1909; re-elected,
1911. Married Sarah Florence McAl-
lister, daughter of William B. McAl-
lister, Ottawa, 1896; has one son and
three daughters. Societies: A. F. & A.
M. ; I. O. O. F. Recreations: Reading,
skating, driving. Liberal; Presbyterian.
Address: Morden, Man.

McCOBQUODAIiE, Alexander Voung'.

Barrister and Solicitor. Born Morden,
Man., Nov. 17, 1883, son of Colin Y. C.
and Agnes McCorquodale. Educated pub-
lic and high schools Morden; Manitoba
University. Law student with Munson &
Allan, Aikins & Pitblado, Andrews &
Andrews, Winnipeg, 1900-1905; called to
Manitoba bar, 1905; Alberta bar, 1908;
practiced High River since 1908. Married
Hughena Dickson Elliott, London, Ont.,
1908; has two sons. Club: High River.
Society: A. F. & A. M. Recreations:
Shooting, outdoor sports. Liberal; Pres-
byterian. Address: High River, Alia.



LL. B., M. P.

McCRAITIiY, Georg-e Ewau, B. A., T,Im.
B., M. P. — Of MicCraney, Mackenzie &
Hutchinson, Barristers, Bowerman Blk.,
Saskatoon. Born Bothwell, Ont., July 23,
1868, son of Daniel and Janet McCraney.
Educated Upper Canada College; To-
ronto University. Called to Ontario
Bar, 1895, practiced Milton, Ont. Came
to Rosthern, Sask., 1902. Came to Saska-
toon, 1910. Elected to House of Com-
mons for Saskatchewan, 1906; re-elected
for Saskatoon, 1908-1911. Member Sen-
ate University of Saskatchewan. Mar-
ried Elizabeth Cowan, daughter of late
David Cowan, Toronto, 1906. Club:
Saskatoon. Liberal; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: Saskatchewan Ave., Saskatoon,

TULcCaOSSATSr, Georg-e B., SX. A., I^I^. B.

— Of McCrossan, Harper & St. John,
Barristers. Imperial Block, Vancouver.
Born Winnipeg, Sept. 16, 1879, son of
Thomas and Jennie McDonald McCros-
san. Educated College Institute and
Manitoba University (scholarship and
first medalist Arts and Law). Called to
Manitoba bar, 1903; British Columbia
bar, 1904. Editor "Digest of British Co-
lumbia Case Law;" "Digest of Cana-
dian Criminal Case Law." Counsel for
Dominion Government on Royal Com-
mission to investigate Chinese frauds
and opium smuggling, 1911. President,
Young Men's Liberal Association, "Van-
couver, 1907-1909; first vice-President,
Liberal Association, Vancouver, since


1909. Married Grace Chrysler Lalande,
Cananoque, Ont., 1907. Liberal; Meth-
odist. Address: 1185 Georgia St., Van-
couver, B. C.

McCUAICr, Daniel William, J. F.—

Grain Merchant. Chairman, Manitoba
Elevator Commission, operating provin-
cial system, 279 Garry St. W., Winnipeg.
Born Dalkeith, Glengarry County, Ont.,
June 29, 1855, son of Malcolm Roy and
Harriett Mcintosh McCuaig. Educated
public schools. Came to Manitoba, en-
gaged farming. Portage Plains, since
1877. President, Manitoba Farmers' Mu-
tual Hail Insurance Co.; President,
Canadian Council of Agriculture, 1910,
as such had charge of farmers' delega-
tion to Ottawa, Dec, 1910; Secretary-
Treasurer, Rob Roy school district; un-
successful Independent candidate Mani-
toba Legislature, for Lakeside, 1896; ex-
President, Manitoba Grain Growers' As-
sociation, 1905-1910. Married Lilly Ann
Ferguson, 1883; has three sons and one
daughter. Societies: I. O. F. ; A. O. U.
W. ; W. O. W. Independent-Conservative;
Presbyterian. Address: 155 Lenore St.,
Winnipeg, Man.

McCITAICr, Georgre. — Auctioneer and
Commission Merchant, 150 Hastings St.,
E., Vahoouver. Born Island , of Islay,
Argyleshire, Scotland, Oct. 24, 1852, son
of Henry and Janet McCuaig. Came to
Canada as a boy. Educated Barrie, Ont.
Clerk, dry goods store, Barrie, 1870;
came to British Columbia, 1891. Presi-
dent, Liberal Association, 1894. Served
Northwest Rebellion, 1885. Married
Sarah Campbell, Vancouver, 1900; has
one son. Societies: A. F. & A. M. ; I. O,
O. F. Address: 1102 Gifford St., Van-
couver, B. C.




McCUISH, Robert Georgre. — Provin-
cial Manager, Manufacturers' Life Insur-
ance Co., Mclntyre Bloclc, Winnipeg. Born
Parkliill, Ont., April 12, 1876, son of
Donald John and Flora McCuish. Came
to Winnipeg as a child. Educated pub-
lic schools, Morden, Man.; Manitoba
University. Sporting Editor, Winnipeg
Tribune, 1898-1901; Publisher, Morden
Chronicle, 1901-1905; Publisher, Daily
Herald, Fort Williams, Ont., 1905-1907;
Provincial Manager, Aetna Insurance
Co., 1907-1910; appointed present posi-
tion, 1911; Vice-President, Dominion Life
Underwriters' Association, 1912-1913:
President. Young Men's Liberal Asso-
ciation, Winnipeg, 1909-1911; Vice-Presi-
dent, Provincial Liberal Association,
1909; Past President, Western Canada
Press Association; Honorable Member,
Western Canada Press Association:
Councillor, Morden, two years. Married
B. Maud McFarlane, Peterboro, Ont.,
1904; has one son. Club: Commer-

McCTTIiI^OUGH, John A. — Farmer.
Born Bramosa, Wellington County, Ont.,
March 1, 1838, son of Thomas and Sarah
McCullough. Educated public school,
Bramosa. Farmed Wellington County,
1860; came to Manitoba and farmed,
1874; first settler on Tobacco Creek;
Chief Magistrate, Miami, Man. Married
Isadore Agnes Catherine Lundy, Arthur,
Ont., 1860; has nine sons and three
daughters. Societies: A. F. & A. M.;
L. O. L. Recreation: Travel. Conserva-
tive; Presbyterian. Address: Miami,

McCTTIiI^OUGH, Rev. William Francis,

B. Th. — -Roman Catholic Priest. Editor
of Western Catholic, Vancouver. Born
Lonsdale, Ont, June 5, 1879, son of Wil-

liam F. and Mary McCullough. Edu-
cated Ottawa University. Came to Brit-
ish Columbia, 1906, charge of Sacred
Heart Church, Rossland, until 1908;
subsequently for six months charge of
Fernie parish, whence transferred to
Vancouver to build St. Patrick's Church,
of which he is now priest. Society: K.
of C. Address: 116 12th Ave., Vancou-
ver, B. C.


McCUTCHEON, Clarence M. — Of Mc-

Cutcheon Bros., Ltd., Real Estate and
Financial Brokers, 107 Eighth Ave., W.,
Calgary. Born Shelburne, Ont., April
19, 1889, son of Samuel and Emily Mc-
Cutcheon. Educated public schools,
Shelburne and Grand Valley, Ont. Drug-
gist, Grand Valley, Ont., 1905-1906.
Came to Calgary to engage present
business, 1906. Conservative; Presby-
terian. Address: Graham Block, Cal-
gary, Alta.

McCUTCHEOIT, David S. — Of Mc-

Cutcheon Bros., Real Estate, 810 Sec-
ond St., E., and McCutcheon & McGill,
Druggists, 240 9th Ave., B., 801 17th
Ave., W., and 502 8th Ave., E., Calgary.
Born Shelburne, Ont., Oct. 30, 1879, son
of Samuel and Emily McCutcheon. Edu-
cated Orangeville and Toronto. Drug-
gist, Grand Valley, Ont., 1905. Came to




Alberta, 1906. Married Muriel Evan-
geline Macpherson, Moose Jaw; has one
son. Recreation: Tennis, bowling. Ad-
dress: 1703 1st St., E., Calgary, Alta.

McCUTCEEON, Gordon D. — Of Mc-

Cutcheon Bros., Real Estate Brokers, 447
Main St., Winnipeg. Born Shelburne,
Ont., June 25, 1887, son of Samuel and
Emily McCutcheon. Educated public
schools; Central Business College, To-
ronto. Bookkeeper, The World, Toronto,
1904; drug business, Calgary, 1905; came
to Winnipeg, established present busi-
ness, 1906. Manager, Camrose Security
Co., Winnipeg; Manager, Saskatchewan
Development Co.; Camrose Development
Co. Liberal; Presbyterian. Address:
1201 V2 Fort, Winnipeg, Man.

McCUTCEEON, J. E. — Of McCutcheon
Bros., Real Estate Brokers, 621 First
St., Edmonton. Born Shelbourne, Ont.,
June 27, 1885, son of Samuel and Emily
McCutcheon. Educated public schools,
Shelbourne. Established present busi-
ness, Winnipeg, 1903; Gainsboro, Sask.,
1905; Calgary, 1907; Edmonton, 1912.
Presbyterian. Address: Edmonton, Alta.

McDERMID, Eoward John, M. D. —

Principal of Deaf and Dumb Institute,
Winnipeg. Born Council Bluffs, Iowa,
March 23, 1885, son of the late Duncan
W. McDermid (Principal of Deaf and
Dumb Institute, founder of Associated
Charities, Winnipeg), and Mary E. Mc-
Dermid. Came to Winnipeg, 1890. Edu-
cated Manitoba University. Club: Mani-
toba. Society: St. Andrews. Recreation:
Curling. Congregational. Address: School
for the Deaf and Dumb, Winnipeg, Man.

McDIARMID, Frederick Armand — Of

Mackay & McDiarmid, Barristers and
Solicitors, Central Bldg., Victoria. Born
Chatsworth, Ont., Nov. 7, 1872, son of
Rev. Neil A. and Emily DeCew Mc-
Diarmid. Educated: public schools; Os-
goode Hall. Called to Ontario Bar 1894;
member of firm McLaughlin & McDiar-
mid, Lindsay, Ont., 1894; came to Brit-
ish Columbia, 1910; city solicitor, Vic-
toria, 1910-1912. Married Edith Kidd,
Toronto, 1895: has two sons and one
daughter. Clubs: Union; Pacific; Vic-
toria Golf. Recreations: golf. Con-
servative; Methodist. Address: 1029
Belmont Ave., Victoria, B. C.

McDIABMID, Neil Angus. — Clerk,
Delta Municipal Council, Ladner. Born
Lucknow, Ont., Aug. 30, 1866, son of
Donald and Catherine McDiarmid. Edu-
cated public schools, Lucknow; business
college, Hamilton. Bookkeeper Hamil-
ton several years. Came to British Co-
lumbia, 1888. Married Jessie Fisher,
Ladner, 1898; has two sons and three
daughters. Societies: A. F. & A. M. ; I.
O. O. F. Recreation: Football. Address:
Ladner, B'. C.

IVCcBONAIiD, Archilbald, M. I^. A. —

President, McDonald & McGillivray,
Ltd., Clinton. Born East Hawkesbury,
Prescott County, Ont., April 16, 1849, son
of Archibald and Catherine McDonald.
Educated Carillon Academy. Elected to
British Columbia Legislature, for Lil-
loet, 1-903 and 1909. Married Lillian

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