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took active part in the organization of the
Confederate League of which he was first
secretary; member British Columbia leg-
islature for Victoria, 1871-1894; appointed
Cliief Commissioner of Lands and Works,
Dec. 24, 1872; appointed Minister of Fi-
nance and Agriculture, 1878; I*remier,
Feb. 29, 1883; Mayor of Victoria, 1892-
1893 and 1897. Married Susan Ritchie,
daughter of the Rev. Canon Ritchie,
Georgina, Ont., 1866. Address, 626 Van-
couver St., Victoria, B. C.


BECK, Albert Edward, K. C. — Barris-
ter, Solicitor to British Columbia Elec-
tric Railway Co., Vancouver. Born Sar-
nia, Ont., October 16, 1860, son of John
and Mary Beck. Educated private tutor.
Came to British Columbia, 1886; called
to British Columbia bar, 1890; appointed
K. C, 1900; registrar of Supreme Court,
1890-1897. Served as volunteer with
Nile expedition under Sir Garnet Wolse-
ley. Married Esther Marshall, Portage
la Prairie; has one son and one daugh-
ter. Club: Terminal City. Recreations:
baseball, cricket. Liberal; Anglican.
Address: Shaughnessy Heights. Vancou-
ver, B. C-

BECK, James Edward — Of Killam &
Beck, Barristers and Solicitors, Pacific
Bldg., Vancouver. Born Windermere,
England, Sept. 3, 1882, son of Thomas
and Mary Beck. Educated: Kendal Gram-
mar School. Solicitor with Philip Baker
& Co., Birmingham, 1903-1905; with Mar-
tin & Sons, Nottingham, 1905-1909; mem-
ber of firm Beck & Beck, Nottingham
1909-1911. Club: Constitutional (Not-
tingham). Recreations: boating shoot-
ing. Conservative; Anglican. Address-
539 Davie St., Vancouver, B. C.



BECK, £evi — General Merchant, York-
ton; also interested in real ©state; Pro-
prietor Yorkton Flour Mills; Levi Beck
Lumlber Yard, etc. ' Born Elora, Ont.,
Dec. 13, 1860, son of Adam and Eliza
Speers Beck. Educated: public schools,
Salem, Ont. Came to Western Canada,
1883; homesteaded near Yorkton, 1883-
1890; contractor at different times for
C. P. R. construction; engaged in gen-
eral mercantile business since 1893. Mayor
Yorkton, 1911-1912; member Yorkton
Board of Trade. Married Alice Pearce,
daughter of William Pearce. Recreation:
travel. Liberal; Methodist. Address:
Yorkton, S'ask.


BECK, Hon. Nicholas Du Bois Domi-
nic, IJIi. B. — Puisne Judge Supreme
Court, Alberta, Since Sept., 1907. Born
Cobourg, Ont., May 4, 1857, son Rev. J.
W. R. and Georgiana Boulton Beck. Edu-
cated private schools, Collegiate Insti-
tute, Peterboro, Toronto University (LL.
B., 1881). Admitted to Ontario bar, 1879;
practiced Peterboro, 1879-1883; Manitoba
bar, 1883; practiced Winnipeg, 1883-1889;
North West Territory bar, 1889; prac-
ticed Calgary, 1889-1891, Edmonton, 1891-
1907; appointer Q. C, 1893; crown prose-
cutor, Edmonton district, 1891; Edmon-
ton city solicitor. Chairman Board Cath-
olic School Commissioners. President
Law Society. Member Alberta Educa-
tional Council; vice-chancellor Alberta
University. Governor Catholic Church
Extension Society of Canada. Chairman
Royal Commissioners re Great Water-
ways Railway, 1910. Sometime editor
Territorial Law Reports; sometime edi-
tor Northwest Catholic Review (now
Central Catholic) of Winnipeg. Married
Mary Ethel Lloyd, 1886 (deceased) ; mar-
ried Louisa Teefy, 1906; has two sons
and two daughters. Club: Edmonton.
Recreations: reading, bowling. Became
Roman Catholic, 1883. Address: 469
Fifth St., Edmonton, Alta.

BECKWrrSt, John I^eauder — President,
J. L. Beckwith & Co., Ltd., Manufactur-

ers' Agents, Fire Insurance and Real Es-
tate Brokers, 1113 Langley St., Victoria;
Secretary-Treasurer and Director, Clay-
oquet Sound Canning Co., Ltd., Di-
rector, Agricultural Assn.; member of
Council of Victoria Board of Trade; Chair-
man, Police and Licence Boards. Born
Cornwallis, Kings County, N. S., March
5, 1856, son of J. Albert and Rebecca
Beckwith. Educated: public schools,
Cornwallis. Began clerking at age of
sixteen, following retail drygoods and
clothing trade until coming to British
Columbia, 1884; represented H. Sherry &
Co. of Montreal, Victoria, 1885-1890; gen-
eral commission business and agent for
Mannbyars & Co., Glasgow, 1890-1905; be-
gan present business, 1905. Unsuccessful
candidate to House of Commons for Vic-
toria, 19016. Mayor, Victoria, 1912; alder-
man, 1899-1904. Married Agnes S. Mc^
Leod, Berwick, N. S., 1888; has two sons
and on© daughter. Recreation: rifle prac-
tice. Conservative; Baptist. Address:
1423 Ternwood Rd., Victoria, B. C.

BEDFORD, Spencer Argryle — Deputy
Minister of Agriculture and Immigration
for the Province of Manitoba, Winnipeg.
Born Sussex County, England, Feb. 1,
1851, son of Jacob and Elizabeth Bedford.
Educated Hadlow Academy, Kent, Eng-
land. Came to Canada, 1863; farmed
Manitoba and Northwest Territory;
member Northwest Council for Mooso-
min District, 1885-1888; inspector Cana-
dian Northwest Land Co., Scottish On-
tario Co. and North British Co. for sev-
eral years. Professor of Field Hus-
bandry, Manitoba Agricultural College;
present position, since July 1, 1912. Fre-
quent contributor to agricultural press,
and also issues annual reports of experi-
mental farm. Married Minnie Bolton;
has one son and three daughters. Ad-
dress: 194 Walnut St., Winnipeg, Man.



BISZ:, Thomas M. — Manager The Cap-
ital Investment Co., Real Estate and Fi-
nancial Brokers, 1844 Scarth St., Regina;
Managing Director Industrial Centre,
Ltd., Regina; President Union of Sas-
katchewan Municipalities. Born Bolton,
Ont., June 26, 1869, son of Rev. William
and Jane Martindale Bee. Educated Duf-
forin School, Toronto. Came to Sas-
katchewan, 1885; ranched, Saskatchewan,

1887-1898; general business, 1898-1904;
started present business, Lemberg, Sask.,
1904-1911; Regina since 1911. Mayor,
Lemberg, 1909-1911. Married Mary R.
Harper, daughter of Richard Harper,
1890; has two sons and three daughters.
Recreation: Motoring, curling. Liberal;
Methodist. Address: 2069 Osier St.,
Regina, Sask.



BEES, The Venerable Archdeacon
Henry — ^Archdeacon of the diocese of
Kootenay. Born Bermuda, Sept. 2, 1844,
son of Henry and Mary Seaman Beer.
Early years spent at Gibraltar and in
England. Came to Canada, 1863. Edu-
cated Normal School, Toronto. Clerk
Portage du Fort, 1864; taught school On-
tario and Quebec, 1879; ordained deacon
1881, priest 1883; ministered St. Joseph's
Island Algoma, 1881-1890; appointed
Archdeacon of Kootenay by late
Bishop Dart, New Westminster, 1904.
Built first Episcopal Church, Juneau,
Alaska, during rush to Yukon; preached
Dyea and Skagway at time noted des-
perado Soapy Smith held sway, Skag-
way. Served as volunteer Hampshire,
England, 1858-1863. Married Mary
Hoare, 1866. Society: A. F. & A. M. (P.
M.). Recreation: hunting. Conserva-
tive; Anglican. Address: Kaslo, B. C.

BEEVOR-FOTTS, Charles Herhert. —
Barrister and Solicitor, Commercial St.,
Nanaimo. Born West Hathley, Sussex,
England, April 23, 1864, son of Walter
Jeffrey Potts, M. D., and Julia, daughter
of Sir Thomas Beevor, Bart. Educated
Great Berkhampstead Grammar School,
Hertfordshire, England. Articled Lon-
don, England, 1883; admitted to practice
as a solicitor England, 1888. Came to
British Columbia, 1889; admitted a so-
licitor of British Columbia, 1890; called
to British Columbia Bar, 1895. Solicitor
for the Canadian Bank of Commerce,
Nanaimo. Married Gertrude Mary, daugh-
ter of Rev W. H. Williams, M. A., (Ox-
on.), rector of Portskewett, Monmouth-
shire, England, 1893; has two sons and
two daughters. Recreation: all outdoor
sports. Address: Milton St., Nanaimo,
B. C.

BEB^TSEir, Henry Frederick 'William,
M. I,. A. — Cigar manufacturer. Born
Hanover, Germany, March 16, 1852, son
of Fred and Regina Behnsen. Educated
public schools, Hanover. Came to Brit-
ish Columbia, 1881. Associated with
Kurtz & Co., Victoria, 1881-1897; organ-
ized present company, 1900. Elected to
British Columbia Legislature for Vic-
toria, 1907. Served as assistant pay-
master 10th Army Corps, German army,
Franco-German war. Married Elizabeth
G. Reade, 1878; has three sons and one
daughter. Club: German. Societies: A.
F. & A. M. ; Eagles. Recreations: fish-
ing, boating. Conservative; Lutheran.
Address: 1272 Centre Road, Victoria,
B. C.

BEIiCHER, Henry Martyn. — Manag-
ing Director Gaults, Ltd., Bannatyne St.,
Winnipeg. Born Calcutta, India, No-
vember 21, 1856, son of Rev. Canon Sam-

uel Belcher and Jane Belcher. Came to
Canada, 1863. Educated Collegiate Insti-
tute, Gait, Ont. Has been connected
with Gault Bros. & Co. since 1872, Pres-
ident Winnipeg Board of Trade, 1908-
1909; delegate to Imperial Congress
Chambers of Commerce, Sydney, 1909.
Lieutenant, Victoria Rifles of Canada,
Montreal, 1875-1885; member Canadian
rifle team to Wimbledon, England, 1882.
Married Jessie Sloan Notman, Montreal,
1884; has five sons and two daughters.
Clubs: Manitoba; St. Charles Country;
life member M. A. A. A., Montreal. Rec-
reation: motoring. Conservative. Ad-
dress: 37 Edmonton St., Winnipeg, Man.

BEIiIVEAIT, J. A. — Manager Fashion
Craft, 432 Main St., Winnipeg. Born
St. Boniface, May 9, 1884, son of Hor-
misdas and Ernestine Beliveau. Edu-
cated St. Boniface College and Ottawa
College. Clerk Fashion Craft store, then
cashier, accountant, assistant manager
and controls haM interest with J. A.
Richard, Montreal. Married Louise
Prudhomme, daughter of Judge Prud-
homme, St. Boniface, 1908; has one son.
Club: Carleton. Catholic society: K. of
C. Recreation: motoring. Liberal; Ro-
man Catholic. Address: 162 Harvard
Ave., Crescentwood, Winnipeg, Man.

kEI^I^, A. "W., M. B., C M. — Manager
Winnipeg Industrial Exhibition Associa-
tion. Born Markham, Ont., August 18.
1862, son of W. C. and Elizabeth Bell.
Educated Jarvis Street Collegiate Insti-
tute, Toronto; Trinity University; To-
ronto University. Assistant manager,
Toronto Exhibition, 1888. Came to Win-
nipeg, assumed present position, 1906.
Secretary-treasurer Sheep and Swine
Breeders' Association; Horse Breeders'
Association of Manitoba, and the
Canadian Red River Association. Mar-
ried Lila Anderson, Wyoming, Ont,
1893; has four daughters. Liberal;
Presbyterian. Address: 482 McMillan
Ave., Winnipeg, Man.

BEI^I^, Cecil Howard. — Registrar Su-
preme Court of Saskatchewan; local reg-
istrar Supreme Court for the judicial
district of Regina; clerk District Court
of the judicial district of Regina; clerk
Surrogate Court of the judicial district
of Regina; acting surrogate registrar,
Saskatchewan; secretary-treasurer Law
Society of Saskatchewan. Born Hull,
England, August 17, 1874, son of Ann
and George Pearson Bell, M. D., surgeon
Royal Northwest Mounted Police, Re-
gina. Educated Churchers College,
Hants, England. Came to Saskatchewan
1886. Address: Court House, Regina,


BEi;^, Cliaxles H. — President, Security-
Coal Mines Co., Ltd., 700 Tegler Bldg.,
Edmonton; I'resident and Director, Ttie
Best Chance Mining Co., Ltd.; Managing
Director, Merrimac Mining Co., Ltd.;
Managing Director, Sterling Mining Co..
Ltd Born Melrose, Wis., Nov. 20, 1875,
son of Mark and Mattie Bell. Educated
public schools. South Dakota. Mining,
Spokane, 1906-1912. Came to Alberta,
1912. Married Ida M. McLean, 1896.
Presbyterian. Address: Edmonton, Alta.

BEIiIi, Charles Napier. — Secretary
Grain Exchange, Winnipeg. Born Perth,
Ont., February 5, 1854, son of James and
Jane Bell. Educated Perth. Came to
Fort Garry, 1870. Hunter and trader
with Indians, Saskatchewan, 1872-1873;
secretary Winnipeg Board of Trade since
1887; secretarv-treasurer Winnipeg Grain
and Produce Exchange since 1887; secre-
tary Western Grain Standard Board and
Board Grain Examiners, Winnipeg cus-
toms house; customs ^gent C. P. R. ;
commercial agent Chicago. Milwaukee &
St. Paul Ry. ; consul Republic Guate-
mala, 1895; secretary Royal Com-
mission on shipment and transportation
grain, 1900; secretary Royal Commission
on Transportation, 1904; president Mani-
toba Historical and Scientific Society,
F. R. G. S., 1885; Geographical Societies
of Bremen, Germany, and San Francisco,
and of National Geographic of the
United States; Buffalo Historical So-
ciety; Minnesota Historical Society. Au-
thor of many papers and reports on the
geography, history and archaeology of
northwestern Canada. Bugle boy Fenian
raid, 1866 (medal). Served first Red
River expedition under General Wolseley
(medal and clasps), 1870. President
Winnipeg Canadian Club. Married Alice
M. G. Bell, Toronto; has two sons and
two daughters. Clubs: Manitoba, St.
Charles Country. Society: A. F. & A.
M. (P. G. M. Manitoba Grand Lodge;
33d degree Supreme Council). Liberal;
Presbyterian. Address: 121 Carlton St.,
Winnipeg, Man.

BE^lj, Francis Oriffin. — Manager
Brunswick Cannery Co., Salmon Canners.
Born New York, February 27, 1858, son
of Samuel Peters and Lydia Bell. Edu-
cated Trinity School, New York. Came
to British Columbia, 1881; employed
construction, 1881-1886; transfer busi-
ness, 1886-1896; Anglo-American Can-
nery, 1896-1902. Member Ladner Board
of Trade. Married Eveline Westcott,
Vancouver, 1892; has one daughter.
Clubs: Vancouver, Terminal City. So-
ciety: A. F. & A. M. Recreations: motor-
ing, shooting. Address: Ladner, B. C.

BJIJmIm, Oeorgre. — Of Enderby Trading
Co. Born Ontario, December 9, 1869.
Came to British Columbia, 1891. Mayor
Enderby, 1904-1911; president Union Brit-
ish Columbia Municipalities; president
and layman of British Columbia Confer-
ence of Methodist Church; member Do-
minion Board of Missions. Married Flor-
ence Allen, Enderby; has one son and
four daughters. Recreations: curling,
shooting, baseball. Address: Enderby,
B. C.

BEIiIi, Oeorgre Alexander, ax. Ii. A. —

Born Brant County, Ont., August 3, 1856,
son of David and Agnes Bell. Educated
public schools Huron County, Ont. Mem-
ber Saskatchewan Legislature. Married
Elizabeth Smith, 1883; has four sons and
three daughters. Liberal; Presbyterian.
Address: Estevan, Sask.

^TIJmTm, John Dease. — Manager Pember-
ton & Son, Real Estate, 326 Homer St.,
Vancouver. Born Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.,
December 8, 1877, son of P. W. W. and
Ellen Bell. Educated Trinity College
School, Port Hope. Came to British Co-
lumbia, 1898; Yukon, 1901-1906; Wey-
burn, Sask., 1906-1909. With Canadian
Bank of Commerce, Toronto; employed
at many different branches; resigned
from Elgin, Man., branch to take man-
agement of present business, 1909. Mar-
ried Elsie MacFarlane, 1905. Club:
Western. Recreations: shooting, all
outdoor sports. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: 1220 Melville St., Vancouver,
B. C.


BEMi> Bobert Brown — Of Bell & Con-
stant, Architectural Supervisors. Mem-
ber of Vernon Board of Trade. Born
Campbelltown, Scotland, August 6, 1850,
son of James and Mary Bell. Educated



public schools, Scotland. Came to Can-
ada, 1870. Builder, Ottawa, 1870-1877;
Manitoba, 1877-1886. Came to British
Columbia, 1886. Architect and builder.
New Westminster, 1886-1892; present
business established, 1892. Married
Elizabeth Connor, Ottawa, 1871; has
three sons and six daughters. Society:
St. Andrews. Liberal; Presbyterian.
Address: Vernon, B. C.

BEIilJ, William James — ^ Financial
Agent, Bowerman Block, Saskatoon;
member Board of Governors Saskatche-
wan University; member. High School
Board; member, Emanuel College Board.
Born Williams Town, S. A., Feb. 1, 1866,
son of Rev. Allan and E'mma Bell. Edu-
cated: St. Edmund's College, County
Cork, Ireland; Ardingly College, Sussex
England. Came to Manitoba, 1883
ranched. Shoal Lake, Man., 1883-1888
transportation and insurance business.
Stonewall, Man., 1888-1903; implement
business. Saskatoon, 1903-1911; estab-
lished present business, 1911. Served as
Councillor, Saskatoon, 1905; Alderman,
1906-1907; chairman. Finance Committee,
1907. Married Carrie B. Davies, daugh-
ter of Rev. P. W. Davies, 1905; has two
sons and three daughters. Societies: A.
F. & A. M.; L O'. P.; C. O. F.; W. O. W.
Recreations: shooting, fishing (President,
first hockey team in Saskatoon). Liberal;
Anglican. Address: 17th St. and Saska-
toon Ave., Saskatoon, Sask.

BEIAHOITSX:, David Wynyard. — Ar-
chitect, 703 Canada Bldg., Winnipeg.
Born Sale, Manchester, England, April
22, 1861, son of Richard Taylor and Ida
Elizabeth Bellhouse. Educated Stutt-
gart, Germany. Came to Winnipeg,
1883. Practiced Winnipeg since 1906.
Married Emma M. Stacpoole, Cypress
River, Man., 1886; has two sons. Recrea-
tion: cricket. Anglican. Address: 2002
Dorchester Ave., Winnipeg, Man.

BEIiIi^ZBVIHG, Duncan, M. B. C. S.,
I^. B. C. P. — Physician. Born Dumfries-
shire, Scotland, May 4, 1857, son of
Henry Bell-Irving. Educated Glasgow,
Scotland; Heidelberg, Germany; St.
Thomas Hospital, London, England.
Came to British Columbia, 1883; prac-
ticed Vancouver since. Medical officer
Department of Marine and Fisheries,
Dominion Government, Burrard Inlet,
1883; one of original members of staff
of Vancouver Hospital. Club: Vancou-
ver. Recreations: shooting, hunting,
fishing. Address: 1121 Seaton St., Van-
couver, B. C.

BBIijL-rBVIirG, Henry O^le, C. B. —

Salmon Canner, 322 Richards St., Van-
couver. Born Milkbank, Dumfriesshire,
Scotland, June 25, 1856, son of Henry
and Williamina Bell-Irving. Educated
Edinburgh, Germany, Switzerland. Civil
engineer, England, 1878; civil engineer
on construction of C. P. R., 1882-1885;
later agent and manager of Anglo-
British Columbia Packing Co., Ltd., of
which firm he is now senior member.
President Vancouver Board of Trade,
1895-1897; delegate to Congress of Cham-
bers of Commerce of the Empire, 1903;
ex-president St. Andrews and Caledonian
Societies; president Vancouver Pipers'
Society. Married Marie Isabel Beattie,
1885; has six sons and four daughters.
Clubs: Vancouver; Jericho Country. Rec-
reations: big game hunting, yachting.
Address: The Strands, Vancouver, B. C.

BB^TOIT, Prancis Henxy. — Inspector
of Public Schools, Roblin. Born Clayton,
Ont., February 6, 1869, son of Charles
and Mary Ann Shields Belton. Edu-
cated public schools Clayton, Ont.; Col-
legiate Institute, Brandon. Taught school
fifteen years previous appointment pres-
ent position. Married Ellen Maria Scott
(deceased), 1902; has two sons. Society:
A. F. & A. M. Recreations: chess, shoot-
ing, boxing, rowing, nature study. ■ Con-
servative; Methodist. Address: Roblin,

BBIiIiTBAlT, Hormisdas — Of Richard,
Beliveau & Co., Wholesale Liquor Mer-
chants, 33'0 Main St., Winnipeg. Born
St. Wlenceslas, Que., Nov. 4, 1860, son
of Jean Baptiste Beliveau. Educated:
St. Mary's College, Montreal. Commenced
career in grocery business. Came to
Winnepeg, 1882: Married Ernestine Guil-
bault, 1883; has two sons and one daugh-
ter. Societies: A. O. F.; Nationale Al-
liance. Liberal; Roman Catholic. Ad-
dress: 187 Dumoulin St., St. Boniface,

BENABD, Aime, M. I>. A. — Farmer.
Director, Canadian Distillery Co. Born
Henryville, Que., Nov. 21, 1873, son of
Leon and Sarah Warner Bernard. Edu-
cated Normal School, Henryville. Came
to Winnipeg, 1893; proprietor Grand Cen-
tral Hotel, Winnipeg, 1897-1903; farmed
since 1903. Married Mary Louise La-
fleche, St. Charles, Man., 1897; has one
son. Elected to Manitoba Legislature
for Assiniboia, 1907; re-elected, 1910.
Conservative; Roman Catholic. Address:
Armstrong's Point, Winnipeg, Man.



BE1T1T3BTT, Richard Bedford, IiIi.B.,

K. C, M. P. — Of Lougheed, Bennett, Mc-
Laws & Co., Barristers, Clarence Block,
Calgary. Born Hopewell N. B., July 3,
1870, son of Henry J. and Henrietta
Bennett. Educated public and high
schools New Brunswick, Dalhousie Uni-
versity. Called to New Brunswick Bar,
1893. Practiced Chatham, N. B., part-
nership with Lieutenant Governor Twee-
die. Came to Calgary, 1897, entering
into partnership with Senator Lougheed;
elected to Legislative Assembly of
Northwest Territories for West Calgary,
1898- resigned 1900 and unsuccessfully
contested federal riding of Alberta
against Hon. Frank Oliver; re-elected
Territorial Legislature at bye-election
and again In 1901. Declined Conserva-
tive nomination for new federal riding

of Calgary in 1904. Declined Conserva-
tive leadership in Alberta, 1910. Elected
to House of Commons for Calgary, 1911.
Opposed terms granted to Alberta by
Autonomy Act of 1905. King's counsel,
1907. Elected one of two members for
Calgary to Legislature, 1909; resigned
1911. President and Director Rocky
Mountain Cement Co., Ltd.; president and
director Calgary Power Co.; president
and director Security Trust Co.; presi-
dent and director Metford (Calgary) Col-
liery Co., Ltd.; director Abbott Pacific
Grain Co.; Bencher Law Society of Al-
berta. Clubs: Ranclimen's; Rideau (Ot-
tawa) ; fellow Royal Colonial Institute,
London, England. Recreation: reading.
Conservative; Methodist. Address: 222
Fourth Ave., W., Calgary, Alta.




BENNETT, David D, — Of Bennett
Land Co., Ltd., Scarth St., Regina; Di-
rector Regina Turf Co., Ltd.; Director
Moose Temple Co., Ltd. Born Montreal,
Feb. 17, 1887, son of T. J. and Annie M.
Bennett. Educated public and high
schools. Came to Saskatchewan, 1891.
Clerk Creswell & Co., Regina, 1906-1911;

established present business as Bennett
& Currie, 1911; company incorporated un-
der present name, 1912. Served as Cor-
poral, C. M. R., 1908. Societies: B. P.
O. E. ; Moose. Recreations: Motoring,
shooting, Conservative; Roman Catholic.
Address: Regina, Sask.



BENZTZSTT, Annie Sunlop. — Wife of
Thomas J. Bennett; daughter of David
and Catherine MacGrath. Educated
Academy, Baddeck, N. B. ; Notre Dame
Congregation Convent, Airchat, C. B. ;
Normal School, River Falls, Wis. Vice-
President Canadian Women's Press Club;
president Regina branch Canadian Wo-
men's Press Club; president Regina Re-
lief Society two years; vice-president
Regina; branch of National Council of
Women editor-in-chief for special hos-
pital edition of Regina Leader; con-
tributes to magazines and Roman Catho-
lic papers. Married Thomas J. Bennett,
1882; has five sons and six daughters.
Club: Canadian Women's Press. Recrea-
tions: driving, boating. Roman Catholic.
Address: 2108 Albert St., Regina, Sask.


BENmBTT, Edward D. — Real Estate
and Financial Agent. Born Clarinda,
Iowa, February 10, 1875, son of Mathew
and Sarah Bennett. Educated public
schools. Came to Alberta, 1903.
estate and financial business.
River, 1903; Medicine Hat, 1906.
ber Medicine Hat Board of Trade.
Cypress. Society: A. F. & A. M.

pendent; Anglican.
Hat, Alta.

Address: Medicine

BSmnSTT, Sobert Bruce. — Journalist,
News-Advertiser, Vancouver. Born Port
Hope, Ont., September 29, 1875, son of
George and Elizabeth Bennett. Educated
public and high ^schools Port Hope. Re-
porter The Guide, Port Hope; subse-
quently Whitewood, Sask., and World,
Vancouver; engaged on present paper
since 1903. Married Jessie Biggins,
1903; has one son and one daughter. So-

ciety: I. O. O. F. Address:
St., Vancouver, B. C.

1737 Haro

BBNSOIT, Annie. — Widow of Dr. Ed-
ward Benson, formerly of Peterboro,
>^nt., and one of the pioneers of Winni-
peg. Dr. Benson was for a long period
identified with the public life of the
young city, being coroner for many years
and chairman of the school board. Mrs.
Benson was 'born in Point Aux Chenes,
Que., daughter of Captain Archibald and
Margery Campbell. Married Dr. Benson,
Colborne, Ont., 1874, coming to Winni-
peg winter of same year, traveling by
stage from Moorehead, Minn. Has three
sons. Address: 423 Wardlow Ave., Win-
nipeg, Man.

BBirsON, Henry Green. — Farmer. Born
St. Johns, N. B., June 22, 1842, son of
John and Charlotte Benson. Educated
.'■'t. Johns. Crossed the plains with an
ox team, 1866. Came to British Colum-
bia, 1871. Ex-Justice of the Peace.
Member of Delta Municipal Council.
Married Sara Fisher, Ladner; has two
eons and four daughters. Society: A. O.
TT. W. Recreations: shooting, fishing,
hunting. Address: Ladner, B. C.

BENTLEY, Henry. — Of Campbell, Wil-

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