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McMillan, Lochiel, Ont., 1887; has two
sons and two daughters. Conservative;
Presbyterian. Address: Clinton, B. C.

McDONAI^D, Archibald. — Chief Fac-
tor, Hudson's Bay Co., Fort Qu'Appelle.
Born Glenquoich, Inverness, Scotland,
Feb. 16, 1836, son of Archibald and Mary
McDonald. Educated parish school,
Glenquoich; Harriot Row, Edinburgh.
Clerk, Edinburgh, Perth and Dundee
-Railway, Edinburgh, 1852; joined Hud-
son's Bay Co. and came to Canada, 1854;
has served them for 57 years. President,
Fort Qu'Appelle Agricultural Society for
twenty-five years; Chairman, Board of
Managers, Presbyterian Church; Chair-
man School Board. Took active part
preventing Indians Qu'Appelle district
from joining Riel, 1869; took Hudson's
Bay Co.'s brigade of carts across plains
from Qu'Appelle to St. Cloud, Minn.,
spring of 1870 to avoid rebels Manitoba;
met Indians alone in File Hills raid,
induced them to meet the officials and
return home, 1885. Married Ellen Ink-
ster, Winnipeg, 1863; has four sons and
two daughters. Club: Manitoba (Win-
nipeg). Recreations: Reading, driving.
Conservative; Presbyterian. Address:
Fort Qu'Appelle, Sask.



McDonald, Byron. — Manager, Ke-
lowna Farmers' Exchange, Ltd. Born
Mallorytown, Ont., Aug. 4, 1882, son of
D. J. and Eliza Amelia McDonald. Edu-
cated public schools and Collegiate In-
stitute, Brockville, Ont.; Ontario Busi-
ness College, Belleville, Ont. Joint
Manager, Ottawa Fruit and Produce Ex-
change, Winnipeg, 1904-1907. Came to
British Columbia, 1907. Secretary-Treas-
urer, Agriculture & Trades Association,
1908-1910. Married Jennie Hardie, Van-
couver, 1909; has one daughter. Society:
A. F. & A. M. Liberal; Presbyterian.
Address: Kelowna, B. C.

IXcDOZTAI^D, Donald Hogfarth. — Bank-
er, Fort Qu'Apelle. Born Fort Qu'Ap-
pelle, Jan. 11, 1867, son of Ellen Inkster
and Archibald McDonald, Chief Factor
of Hudson's Bay Co. Educated St. John's
College, Winnipeg; scholarship, McCal-
lum Foundation, 1881. Private banker,
Fort Qu'Appelle, 1887. Elected to Leg-
islature of Northwest Territories for
North Qu'Appelle, 1896; re-elected, by ac-
clamation, 1898-1902; Leader of Opposi-
tion in Legislature, 1898-1902. Married
Frances M. Benson, Regina, 1903; has
one daughter. Clubs: Manitoba; St.
Charles Country. Anglican. Address: 555
Wellington Crescent, Winnipeg, Man.,
and Fort Qu'Appelle, Sask.

McDONAIiD, Duncan. — Real Estate
and Insurance Broker and Farmer. Born
Island of Skye, Scotland, March 16,
1856, son of William and Margaret Mc-
Donald. Educated public schools. In-
verness and Dingwall Academy, Scot-
land. Came to Canada and settled with
parents, Lucknow, Ont., 1873. Came to
Manitoba, 1883, and took up homestead
near Virden. Implement agency, Virden,
1883-1905; present business since 1905;
represented Virden in the Council of
Wallace for many years. Contested Vir-
den Manitoba Legislature, 1910. Presi-
dent, Virden Agricultural Society; Presi-
dent, Virden Old Timers' Association;
Mayor, 1897-1905. Served with Home
Guards during Northwest Rebellion,
1885. Married Ina A. English, Virden,
1885; has four sons and one daughter.
Societies: A. O. U. W. (Master Work-
man); St. Andrews Society (President).
Liberal; Presbyterian. Address: Virden,

McDONAI^D, Bev. John A. — Priest St.
Patrick's Rectory, Fort William. Born
Boularderie Island, Cape Breton, N. S.,
Oct. 31, 1856, son of Roderick and
Catherine McDonald, who emigrated
from Barra, Scotland, early in the nine-
teenth century. Educated public schools,
Sydneymines; De La Salle Institute,
Toronto. With Canada Business Col-
lege, Chatham, 1880-1883; taught Arts

course higher niathematics and French
for five years at St. Mary's Col-
lege, Montreal. Came to St. Boniface
College, 1900; taught commercial depart-
ment, 1900-1911; prefect of commercial
studies, 1911-1912; appointed rector of
St. Patrick's, Fort William, July, 1912.
Mother tongue is Gaelic; spoke no Eng-
lish before age of eight. Roman Catho-
lic. Address: The Rectory, Fort William,

McDONAI^D, John Archibald, SI. T.. A.

— Banker. Born Winnipeg, Aug. 6, 1865,
son of Archibald (chief factor Hudson's
Boy Co.) and Ellen McDonald. Educated
St. John's College, Winnipeg. • Elected to
Saskatchewan Legislature for North
Qu'Appelle, 1908. Married Elleonora
Catharine Campbell, daughter of Robert
Campbell, F. R. G. S., discoverer of the
Yukon, 1887; has three sons and one
daughter. Anglican; Provincial Rights.
Club: Manitoba (Winnipeg). Address:
Fort Qu'Appelle, Sask.

J. W. MCDONALD, B. C. L., LL. B.

]u:cDONAI;d, John Walter, B. C. I..,
IiL. B. — Of McDonald & Mackenzie, Bar-
risters, Macleod. Director, Macleod Quar-
rying & Contracting Co., Ltd.; Staunton,
Ltd. Born near Toronto, May 21, 1879,
son of Donald and Flora McDonald. Edu-
cated public schools, Purpleville, Ont.;
high school, Richmond Hill, Ont.; Trin-
ity University; Toronto University, and
Osgoode Hall. Practiced in partnership
with Denton, Dunn & Bpultbee, Toronto,
1905; came to Macleod and practiced
under firm name of Mackenzie, McDon-
ald & Watt, 1907-1910; present partner-
ship formed, 1910. President, Liberal
Association of Macleod. Married Mar-
garet Somerville, daughter of John
Somerville, D. D., Toronto, 1907. Club:
Macleod. Recreations: Shooting, fishing,
curling. Liberal; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: Macleod, Alta.



McDONAlLD, ]jaiig°lili]i Taylor — Secre-
tary Manager, Regina Agricultural &
Industrial Exhibition Association, Ltd.,
New Mackenzie Brown Bldg., Regina;
Member of Council, Regina Board of
Trade. Born Bruce County, Ont., Feb.
5, 1860, son of Donald and Elizabeth
Sprague McDonald. Educated public
schools, Bruce County and Goderich,
Ont. Came to Manitoba, 1882. Repre-
sented li. D. Sawyer Mfg. Co., 18«2-
1900; buyer, American Abel Co., To-
ronto, 1902-1904; manager for that com-
pany, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British
Columbia, 1904-1909; present appoint-
ment, 1911. Served as Alderman, Re-
gina, 1907, 1908, 1909. Married Agnes
Jane Hyslop, 1885; has two sons and
two daughters. Club: Assiniboia. So-
cieties: I. O. O. F.; S. O. S.; A. F. &
A. M. (Past Master); A. A. & S R.
(Senior Grand Warden). Recreation:
curling. Liberal; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: Regina, Sask.

McDonald, Faul Alexander, B. A.,
la. D., C. M. (nicGill), J.. B. C. P. & S.
(Edin). — Physician and Surgeon, Whyte
Ave, Strathcona. Born Creemore, Ont.,
son of Rev. Duncan and Nellie (jordon
McDonald. Educated Huntington Acad-
emy; McGill Universfty. Medical stu-
dent, MIcGill University, 1895; ship sur-
geon. Elder Dempster .line, Montreal,
1904-1905; came to Alberta, 1906. So-
ciety: I. O. O. F. Recreation: Shooting.
Presbyterian. Address: 441 Third Ave.,
N., Strathcona, Alta.

McDONAIiD, B. C. — President, Eraser
Valley Investment Co., Ltd., 626 Colum-
bia St., New Westminster; Director, St.
Patricks Hall Co.; Director, Cloverdale
Poultry Co. Born Prince Edward Island,
Nov. 28. 1850, son of Ronald and Cath-
erine McDonald. Educated St. Dunstans
School, Charlottetown, P. E. I. Came to
British Columbia, 1881; engaged mer-
cantile and salmon canning business,
1881-1903; agent, Department of Indian
Affairs, 1903-1911; established present
business, 1911. Served as Alderman,
New Westminster, 1890-1891. Married
Malvina McGarish, 1892; has nine sons
and one daughter. Society: K. of C.
Roman Catholic. Address: 119 Agnes
St., New Westminster, B. C.

IUtoDONAI.D, Walter S., M. D.— Phys-
ician and Surgeon. Born Wellington,
Prince Edward County, Ont, May 1, 1869,
son of William and Margery McDon-
ald. Educated Picton College Institute;
Western University; Manitoba Univer-
sity. Practiced, Scranton, Pa., 1895;
Picton, 1896-1897. Came to Winnipeg,
1897. Member of Executive, Winnipeg
Liberal Association. Surgeon to Win-

nipeg Electric Ry. Co. Married Edna K.
Manahan, Winnipeg, 1900; has one son
and one daughter. Societies: Clan Ste-
wart; S. O. S.; I. O. O. F.; Canadian
Medical College of P. & S., Ontario,
Pennsylvania and Manitoba; Clinical of
Winnipeg. Address: 90 Isabel St., Win-
nipeg, Man.

McBONNXIIiI^, Hon. Angus.— Of Janse,
McDonnell & Co., Railway Contractors,
Pacific Bldg., Vancouver. Born London,
England, June 7, 1881, son of Earl and
Countess of Antrim. Educated Eton
College. Ranching, Texas, 1902-1903;'
railway contracting with C. D. Lang-
horne. Greenwood, Va., 1904-1907; rail-
way contracting, Lethbridge, Alta., 1907-
1910. Came to British Columbia, 1909.
Clubs: Vancouver, Union (Victoria);
Manitoba (Winnipeg) ; Brooks, Bath
(London). Anglican. Address: Vancou-
ver, and Glenarm Castle Court, Antrim,


McBOUGAXi, John — President, Adanac
Securities Corporation, Union Bank
Bldg., Saskatoon. Born Middlesex County,
Ont, Oct 23, 1866, son of Thomas and
Isabella Turnbull McDougal. Educated
public schools, London, Ont. Farming,
Middlesex County, prior to 1901; with
Huron & Brie Co., London, 1901-1908;
Western Inspector, Huron & Erie Co.,
1908-1911; established present business,
1911. Served as Councilman and Reeve,
Westminster Township, 1892-1901. Mar-
ried Margaret E. Riddell, 1901; has two
sons. Societies: A. F. & A. M. (P. M.);
I. O. O. F. Liberal; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: Saskatoon, Sask.




McSOUGAIiIi, Alexander Clarence. —

Of McDougall & Forster, Contractors
and Builders, Beveridge Bros. Block,
Calgary. Born Bruce County, Ont., Dec.
23, 1872, son of Angus and Elizabeth
McDougall. Educated public schools,
Lucknow, Ont. Inspector of public
Works, Vancouver, 1904-1905; contrac-

tor, Winnipeg, 1891-1904. Came to Al-
berta, 1905. Elected Alderman, Ward 2,
City of Calgary, Dec. 11, 1911. Married
Susan McQuoig, 1896; has two sons and
two daughters. Societies: I. O. O. F. ; A.
O. U. W. Recreation: Hunting. Con-
servative; Presbyterian. Address: 1123
Fifth Ave., W., Calgary, Alta.




McDOVGAlGIi, David. — Rancher and
Trader (retired), 88 McDougall Block,
Calgary; owner of McDougall ranch of
5000 acres near Morley, Alta. Born
Owen Sound, Ont., May 14, 1845, son of
Elizabeth and Rev. George Millward
McDougall. Educated Rockwood Acad-
emy, near Guelph; Victoria College, Co-
bourg, Ont. Came to Alberta, 1865;
rancher and trader, east of Edmonton,
1865-1871; fur trader and rancher, Mor-
ley, Alta., 1871-1907; guided and
freighted survey party, C. P. R., to
mountains, 1881; Mr. McDougall and

brother. Dr. John McDougall, were first
white men Calgary; ran buffalo over
that which is now Calgary; Mr. Mc-
Dougall's eldest daughter was the first
white child born in Alberta; built Mc-
Dougall Block, Calgary, 1905; License
Commissioner, Calgary District, 1903-
1908; Member Calgary Board of Trade
since its inception. Married Annie Mc-
Kenzie, Winnipeg, 1871; has one son
and four daughters. Club: Canadian
(Calgary). Recreations: Travel, art.
Liberal. Address: Calgary, Alta.




yLcHOTJO-AliIi, John Alexander, M. li.

A. — Of McDougall & Secord, Ltd., Loan-
ing and Private Banking, Edmonton. Di-
rector, Northern Trust Co.; Director,
Northern Crown Bank; Director, The
Northern Mortgage Co. of Canada. Born
Oakwood, Ont., May 20, 1854, son of
Alexander J. and Janet Cummings Mc-
Dougal. Educated public schools, Wood-
ville, Ont. Came to Winnipeg, 1873;
came to Edmonton, 1878, and established
an extensive fur trading business; re-
tired, 1907; present firm incorporated,
1909; holds large interests in Edmon-
ton city properties. Alderman, 1894-1895.
Mayor of Edmonton, 1897 and 1908.
Delegate to Sixth Commercial Congress,
1906. Elected to Alberta Legislature,
for Edmonton, 1909. Married Louisa J.
Amey, Cannlngton, Ont., 1878; has three
sons and two daughters. Club: Edmon-
ton. Liberal; Presbyterian. Address:
218 Victoria Ave., Edmonton, Alta.

McDOUOAI^I^, Rev. John Chantler, J>.
D. — Born Owen Sound, Ont., Dec. 27,
1842, son of Rev. George and Elizabeth
Chantler McDougall. Educated Mission
School, foot of Lake Superior; Victoria
College, Cobourg. Came to Northwest
Territories, 1860; located Norway House,
Lake Winnipeg, 1860-1862; engaged mis-
sionary work throughout West, 1860-
1906; superannuated, 1906. During pe-
riod acted as Peace Commissioner for
Hudson's Bay Co.; also Commissioner
for Dominion Government, preparing
way for coming of Royal North-
west Mounted Police. Appointed Duko-
bor Commissioner and Special Com-
missioner for Indian Department,
1906. Author of the following


works: "Forest, Lake and Prairie;"
"Saddle, Sled and Snowshoe;" "Pathflnd-
ing on Plain and Prairie;" "In the Days
of the Red River Rebellion;" "Trail-
making in the Early Seventies," etc.
Married Abigail, daughter of the Rev. H.
B. Stewhaver, 1865 (deceased, 1872).
Married Elizabeth Boyd, daughter of
Samuel Boyd, Meaford, Ont, 1872; has
five sons and one daughter. Club: Cana-
dian. Liberal; Methodist. Address: 203
Sixth Ave., E.j Calgary, Alta.

McDOUGAIiIi, John Charles. — Secre-
tary-Treasurer, McDougall & Secord,
Ltd.. Private Bankers, Edmonton. Born
Edmonton, March 31, 1883, son of Louisa
J. and John Alexander McDougall, M. L.
A. Educated public and high schools,
Edmonton. Office clerk, McDougall &
Secord, Ltd., 1900; appointed Secretary-
Treasurer, 1908. Married Sophie Tate,
Niagara Falls, Ont., 1906; has one son.
Recreation: Motoring. Liberal; Presby-
terian. Address: 424 Third St., Edmon-
ton, Alta.

McDOWEX;!^, Asa Amos FhilUp, J. F.

— Publisher of Daysland Press. Born
Tillsonburg, Ont., June 18, 1866, son of
Robt. H. and Rhoda C. McDowell. Edu-
cated Tillsonburg. Came to Alberta.
1906. In Edmonton Bulletin office, 190G;
Camrose Mail office, 1906-1907; moved to
Daysland, 1907. Married Euphemia J.
Williamson, 1896 (deceased, 1906); has
two sons and one daughter. Married
Agnes Barner, 1912. Societies: I. O. O.
F. ; I. O. F.; M. W. A. Address: Days-
land, Alta.



McDOWEI^Ii, Henry. — Of McDowell-
Mouat Coal Co., 401 Granville St.; Direc-
tor, Union S. S. Co., Vancouver. Born Mil-
ton, Ont., March 3, 1862, son of Robert
and Mary Ann McDowell. Came to
British Columbia, 1886, and opened first
drug store, Vancouver; joined by H. H.
Watson, 1889; firm amalgamated with
Atkins & Atkins and continued under
name of McDowell, Atkins, Watson &
Co., 1895; retired from firm 1909. Pres-
ent business established 1908. President,
Vancouver Board of Trade, 1910. Mar-
ried Dell Clarke, Pembroke, 1890; has
one son and two daughters. Club: Term-
inal City. Conservative; Anglican. Ad-
dress: 1900 Barclay St., Vancouver, B. C.

McEACHERM', John. — Western Super-
intendent, Bank of British North Amer-
ica, Winnipeg. Born Kleinburg, York
County, Ont, Oct. 6, 1867, son of Mal-
colm and Margaret McBachern. Edu-
cated public schools, Ontario. With J.
C. McKeggie & Co., private bankers,
Stayner, Ont, 1887-1888; with Dominion
Bank, 1888-1898; in partnership with
former employers, McKeggie & Co., To-
ronto, Ont, 1898-1903; charge of Toronto
Junct. Branch of Bank of British North
America, 1903; appointed present office,
1908. Captain and Paymaster 79th Cam -
eron Highlanders, Winnipeg. Married
Miss McFaul, Stayner, Ont, 1894; has
two sons arid one daughter. Society:
A. P. & A. M.; Scottish Rite. Recrea-
tions: Takes active interest in all out-
door sports; played in Cyclone Lacrosse
Team, of Stayner, 1895-1897; was Presi-
dent of International Lacrosse Team,
which won championship of Toronto;
President of Highland Athletic Club and
treasuj-er of Toronto Junction Curling
and Bowling Club. Reformer; Presby-
terian. Address: 7 Roslyn Road, Winni-
peg, Man.

McEACHERN, John Sinclair, M. D.,
C. M. — Of Drs. Crawford & McEachern,
Physicians and Surgeons, McDougall
Blk., Calgary. Born Stayner, Ont., 1873,
son of Alexander and Janet Sinclair
McEachern. Educated College Institute,
Collingwood, Ont.; Trinity University;
interne, Toronto General Hospital, 1897-
1898; practiced medicine, Elmvale, Ont,
1898-1904; post-graduate course, London
Hospital, England, 1904-1905; practiced
Calgary since 1906. Member Calgary
General Hospital Board; member con-
sulting staff, Calgary General Hospital;
member staff. Holy Cross Hospital, Cal-
gary. Married Elizabeth Johnston, Stay-
ner, Ont., 1899; has two daughters. So-

J. S. McEACHERN, M. D., C. M.

ciety: A. F. & A. M. Liberal; Presby-
terian. Address: 340 Fourteenth Ave.,
W., Calgary, Alta.


McEOWIT, Alphens C. — General Insur-
ance Agent, Bowerman Block, Saska-
toon; General Agent, Dominion Fire In-
surance Co.; Confederation Life Asso-
ciation; Dominion of Canada Guarantee
& Accident Co.; President, Saskatoon
District Life Underwriters Association.
Born Lynedock, Ont, Nov. 16, 1856, son
of John P. and Phoebe Carter McEown.
Educated public schools Lynedock.
Salesman, D. Mackenzie, Winnipeg, 1882-
1883; member of firm, McEown & Cock-
burn, Winnipeg, 1883-1887; general mer-
cantile business. Southern Manitoba,
1887-1894; insurance business, Brandon^



1894-1900; general agent, Confederation
Life, Winnipeg, 1900-1901; general
agent, Confederation Life, Brantford,
Ont., 1901-1906; came to Saskatoon as
general agent. Confederation Life, 1906.
Married Minnie Buchanan, Truro, N. S.,
1884; has four sons and five daughters.
Recreation: horticulture. Liberal; Meth-
odist. Addresss: 704 Saskatchewan Ave.,
Saskatoon, Sask.






im Ml^j



McEVOV, Arthur, B. C. 1. — Of Mc-

Evoy, Whiteside & Robertson, Barrister,
Carter Cotton Bldg., Vancouver; Vice-
President, Howe Sound Northern Ry.;
Managing Director, Howe Sound Devel-
opment Co., Ltd.; Director, Northern
Boom Co., Ltd. Born in England, June
18, 1874, son of Bernard and Susan Isa-
bel McEvoy. Educated King Edward
School, Birmingham, England; Osgoode
Hall. Came to Toronto, 1889. Called to
Ontario bar, 1898. Came to British Co-
lumbia and called to bar, 1899. City
Solicitor, Vancouver, 1905-1907. Served
with 48th Highlanders, Toronto, 1889.
Married Blanche Catherine Jarvis, Ply-
mouth, England, 1907. Clubs: Terminal
City; Union (Victoria). Liberal; Uni-
tarian. Address: 1290 12th Ave., W.,
Vancouver, B. C.

McEVOT, Bernard — Journalist and Au-
thor. Born Birmingham, England, Feb.
7, 1842: son of Henry and Naomi Mc-
Evoy. Educated Birmingham and Mid-
land Institute. Trained as mechanical
engineer; some time in commercial life;
joined the press, became editor of a
weekly journal, later founded Birming-
ham Faces and Places. Came to Can-
ada 1888. On Mail Empire, Toronto,
1888-1898; undertook a mission to the
U. S. for the Ontario Government teach-
ing technical education, 1899; corre-
spondent of various Canadian news-
papers in England, 1905-1906; a contri-
V)utor to the magazines, nom de plume,
"Thomas Redbarn"; on Vancouver Daily

Province, 1898-1911. Publications: "Away
from Newspaperdom and Other Poems,"
1898; "The Feast of the Dead," "From
the Great Lakes to the Wide West,"
1902; was one of the founders and first
secretary of the Canadian Authors' Club,
a director (and president, 1902) of the
Guild of Civic Art. Married Susan
Isbell Holmden, Plymouth, England;
has seven sons. Recreation: Landscape
painting. Address care Arthur McEvoy,
Vancouver, B. C.

McFADDEN, Hon. David Henry, M.
L. A. — Veterinary Surgeon, Emerson.
Born Peterboro, Ont, Feb. 17, 1856, son
of William and Alice McFadden. Edu-
cated Ontario Veterinary College,
Guelph. Came to Emerson and prac-
ticed, 1880. Represented Emerson in
Manitoba Legislature, was Provincial
Secretary and Municipal Commissioner
in Roblin Government until 1907, when
unsuccessful in general election; re-
elected for Emerson, general election,
1910. Married Emma Storey, Drayton,
N. D., 1885; has two sons and four
daughters. Societies: A. F. & A. M. ;
I. O. F. Conservative; Methodist. Ad-
dress: Emerson, Man.

McFABI;anI>, John Irvin. — Manager
and Director Alberta Grain Co., Calgary.
Born Limehouse, Ont., June 9, 1873, son
of Robert and Elizabeth McFarland.
Educated public schools, Morriston, Ont.
Clerk, Cavanaugh & Spink, Toronto,
1891-1895; partnership with Joseph Har-
ris, Winnipeg, 1895-1898; grain operator,
Strathcona, Alta., 1898-1902; organized
and became manager of present com-
pany, 1902. Alderman, Strathcona, 1906-
1907. Married Ruby Mary Sandman,
Ealing, London, England, 1901; has two
sons. Club: Strathcona. Society: A. F.
& A. M. Recreation: Fishing. Conserva-
tive; Presbyterian. Address: 345 13th
Ave., W., Calgary, Alta.

McFEBIiV, Edward John. — Of McLen-
nan, McFreely Co., Ltd., Wholesale Hard-
ware Merchants, Cordova and Columbia
Sts. Vancouver. Born Lindsay, Ont.,
Nov. 3, 1863, son of Edward and Sarah
McFeely. Educated public schools, Lind-
say. Came to British Columbia, 1886.
Married Grace E. Cameron, Victoria,
1889; has two sons and four daughters.
Clubs: Vancouver; Terminal City; Jer-
icho Country. Society: K. of C. Recrea-
tions: Yachting, fishing, shooting. Con-
servative; Roman Catholic. Address:
Vancouver, B. C.

McGAW, Samuel Alexander. — Vice-
President, Western Canada Flour Mills
Co., Grain Exchange, Winnipeg. Born
Dublin, Ireland, June 4, 1848, son of
Samuel and Mary Jane McGaw. Came
to Canada as a boy. Educated public
schools, Ontario. Assistant Manager, A.
W. Ogilvie Flour Mills Co., 1876; came .
to Winnipeg, 1882; Western Manager,



Lake of the Woods Milling Co., 1889-
1906; founded Lake Huron and Manitoba
Milling Co., Goderich, Ont. ; amal-
gamated with Kelly Milling Co., Bran-
don, Man., and in conjunction with
Andrew Kelly founded Western Canada
Flour Mills Co. Chairman, Grain Sec-
tion, Winnipeg Board of Trade; ex-Pres-
ident, Winnipeg Grain Exchange. Mar-
ried, 1875 (wife deceased); has four
sons. Married Henrietta Miller, Toronto,
1908. Clubs: Manitoba; St. Charles
Country; Commercial. Society: A. F. &
A. M. Recreations: Motoring, horses.
Conservative; Protestant. Address: 218
Hugo St., Winnipeg, Man.

McGA'W, "William Ernest. — Western
Manager, Western Canada Flour Mills
Co., Ltd., Grain Exchange, Winnipeg.
Born Goderich, Ont, Feb. 28, 1877, son
of Samuel A. and Mary McGaw. Came
to Manitoba as a boy. Educated pub-
lic schools, Manitoba. Employed with
C. P. R., 1892-1894; elevator construc-
tion with Lake of the Woods Milling
Co., 1894-1896; cashier for Mutual Life
Insurance Co., 1896-1900; salesman Lake
Huron and Manitoba Milling Co., Gode-
rich, 1900-1905; Ontario manager, 1905-
1906; took part in consolidating above
firm and A. Kelly Milling Co., 1906, re-
sulting in Western Canada Flour Mills
Co., Ltd. Married Jean McClaren, Gode-
rich, 1905; has two sons. Club: Carlton
(Winnipeg). Society: A. F. & A. M.
Recreation: Curling. Conservative; An-
glican. Address: 109 Betourney St..
Winnipeg, Man.


McG-IX.!!, Quintin. — Of McGill & Coon,
Real Estate and Financial Brokers, 540
Columbia St., New Westminster. Born
Melbourne, Que., July 15, 1875, son of

Quintin and Emma McGill. Educated
St. Francis College, Richmond, Que.
Farming, Melbourne, 1895; broker, Cal-
gary, 1903; present business, 1905. Mar-
ried Annie Christena MacLean, Mel-
bourne, 1902; has one son and two
daughters. Recreations: Fishing, shoot-
ing, boating, motoring. Conservative;
Presbyterian. Address: 471 Columbia
St., New Westminster, B. C.

^ILcGrllili, Thomas J. — Postmaster, of
McGill Bros., Bunclody. Born Mitchell,
Ont, Sept. 3, 1863, son of George and
Margaret McGill. Educated Perth
County, Ont. Came to Manitoba, 1881,
took up land; general merchandise busi-
ness, Bunclody, since 1908. Led pioneer
Salvation Army party Klondyke, as Sal-
vation Army Adjutant, 1898, and was
leading figure in the famous "Jim Han-
son" case, Alaska, 1900. Married Laura
Aikenhead, Victoria, B. C, 1899. Society:
R. T. of T. (chaplain). Recreation:
Travel. Liberal; Salvation Army. Ad-
dress: Bunclody, Man.

McGII^I^IVRAV, Alexander A. — Of

Tweedie, McGillivray & Robertson, Bar-
risters and Solicitors, 105 8th Ave., W.,
Calgary. Born London, Ont, Feb. 12,
1884, son of Daniel and Isabella McGil-

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