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lege, Charlottetown, P. E. I.; McGill
University (Holmes gold medalist,
1890) ; University of yienna; practiced
Montreal; came to British Columbia,
1891; practiced at Wellington until 1893:
Nanaimo, 1893-1903; Municipal Health
Officer, Nanaimo, 1895-1903; Provincial
Health Officer, 1900-1903. Came to Van-
couver, 1903; member Dominion Medical
Council; President College of Physicians
and Surgeons of British Columbia;
member British Columbia Legislature for
Nanaimo City, 1898-1899; was President
of the Council in Semlin Govern-
ment. Married Helen Russell, 1891:
has one son. Clubs: Vancouver; Term-
inal City; Royal Vancouver Yacht. So-
cieties: A. F. & A. M.; Scottish Rite;
Mystic Shrine. Recreation: boating. Lib-
eral; Methodist. Address: 1374 Robson
St., Vancouver, B. C.




McKEIiI^AR, Peter. — Miner (retired).
Born Middlesex County, Ont., April 27,
1838, son of Duncan and Margaret Mc-
Kellar. Educated public schools, On-
tario; made special study of geology and
mining; mineral explorer, North Shore,
Lake Superior, 1863; partner McKellar
Brothers, explorers and miner operators,
original locators of mineral claims Lake
Superior section; discovered the Hu-
ronian Gold Mine; Zenith Zinc Mine;
Silver Lake Iron Mine; Antikokan
Iron Mine. the Thunder Bay Sil-
ver Mine; Empress Gold Mine; Schrei-
ber Gold Mine, and a score of other
mines. In charge of party under Dr.
Robert Bell, of the Canadian Geological
Survey, whi^ch surveyed Nepigon Lake,
Little Pic River, Black and White Riv-

ers, etc., 1869-1870; Councillor, 1872-
1873, Shuniah Municipality, the first
municipal organization on north shore
of Lake Superior. Councillor, Neebing
Municipality, five years; Reeve, 1902-
1903. Married Carlotta Burgess Spence,
daughter of William Spence, Toronto,
Ont., 1907. Clubs: Kaministikwia; Cana-
dian; Curling. Societies: National Geo-
graphical Society; Geographical Society
of London, England (life member) ; Geo-
graphical Society of America (life mem-
ber) ; American Association for the Ad-
vancement of Science; Royal Society of
Arts, London, England; Thunder Bay
Historical Society (first President).
Recreations: Curling, tennis. Liberal;
Presbyterian. Address: 403 John St.,
Fort William, Ont.



McKElLIiAR, Donald. — Miner and pio-
neer (retired). Born near Glencoe, Mid-
dlesex County, Ont., July 17, 1843, son
of Duncan and Margaret Brodie McKel-
lar, of Argyleshire, Scotland. Educated
public schools, Middlesex County, On-
tongan County, Michigan. His father,
Duncan McKellar, moved to upper pen-
insula of Michigan with family, 1855,
where became interested in prospecting
and mining. In this profession educated
four sons, who moved to the north shore
of Lake Superior, known as Thunder
Bay District, 1864, and made the fol-
lowing discoveries: Thunder Bay Silver
Mine, Enterprise Mine of Black Bay,
Zenith Zinc Mine, Huronian Gold Mine,
Atikokan Iron Mine, and many others;
they built the fir«t gold stamp mill

erected north of Lake Superior in On-
tario, on the Huronian property. On
account of the McKellars' familiarity
with the country through their prospect-
ing work, Donald McKellar, in the sum-
mer of 1870, was summoned by S. J.
Dawson (who was in charge of the
transportation of the military expedition
commanded by Colonel Wolseley, now
Lord Wolseley) to take charge of and
conduct the boats up the Mattawan
River, which feat he accomplished suc-
cessfully. Captain Young, 60th Rifles,
having made a failure with the boats,
saying it was impossible to navigate
them up river, and insisted on being
taken back by wagon . road. After mili-
tary expedition, he was piTt in charge
of the Government stores at Prince Ar-



thur's Landing winter of 1870-1871, with
ten teams of horses and about forty
men, who were kept employed graveling
the worst part of the road to Shenan-
dowan Lake preparatory for future re-
quirements. The following summer
there was a great rush of immigration,
and the road being just opened, Mr. Mc-
Kellar was put in charge of the section
between Lac De Mille Lac and Rainy
Lake, a distance of one hundred miles
through the wilds, looking after the in-
terests of and forwarding the emigrants.
This was the beginning of the first im-
migration into the Canadian Northwest.
Life member of McKellar Hospital
Board; Councillor, Fort William, Ont.,
for several terms. Clubs: Kaministik-
wia. Fort William; Canadian. Society:
Canadian Geological. Recreations: All
outdoor sports. Liberal; Presbyterian.
Address: 430 Vickers St., E., Fort Wil-
liam, Ont.

nicKEZ^XiAB, Hugfh. — Editor, The Sas-
katchewan Farmer, 1 High St., E., Moose
Jaw. Born Oxford County, Ont., Dec. 11,
1849, son of John and Agnes McKellar.
Educated College Institute, Gait, Ont.;
Normal School, Toronto. Taught school,
Huron County, Ont., 1866, afterwards
Paisley and Teeswater. Came to Mani-
toba, 1880, and farmed; entered emigra-
tion service of Manitoba Government,
1890; charge of department's Toronto
office, 1891; Deputy Minister of Agri-
culture for Manitoba, 1892-1904. Com-
missioner of Moose Jaw Board of Trade,
1905-1909; Secretary Moose Jaw Agri-
cultural Society, 1910. Established the
Saskatchewan Farmer, 1910. Married
Cassie Marie Sherrard, Point du Chene,
N. B., 1894; has three daughters. Soci-
ety: S. O. S. Recreation: Curling. Lib-
eral; Presbyterian. Address: 38 Stada-
cona St., W., Moose Jaw, Sask.

McKXiCHNIi:, William Boyd, M. D.,
C. M., M. B. — Physician and Surgeon,
311 Hastings St., Vancouver. Born
Bruce County, Ont, Dec. 18, 1867, son
of John and Agnes McKechnie. Edu-
cated Walkerton High School; Toronto
University (M. B., 1895); Trinity Uni-
versity (M. D., C. M.). Came to Brit-
ish Columbia, 1896; practiced, Revel-
stoke, 1896-1900; Vancouver since; Mem-
ber Vancouver School Board, 1904-1907;
Vancouver City Council, 1909-1910. Mar-
ried Annie Cowen, 1900; has three sons
and one daughter. Recreation: Horticul-
ture. Address: 1499 8th Ave., W., Van-
couver, B. C.

McKECHNZE, William Cecil, M. B., C.

M. — Physician and Surgeon, Loo Bldg..
Vancouver. Born Port Hope, Ont., Oct.
31, 1874, son of William and Mary Mc-
Kechnie. Educated public schools and

Collegiate Institute, Winnipeg; McGill
University. Came to British Columbia,
1899; subsequently Portland, Ore., and
Vancouver. Married Zella Baright Rob-
inson, 1902, and has one son and one
daughter. Society: Vancouver Medical
Association. Recreations: Hunting, or-
nithology. Address: 1201 Harris St.,
Vancouver, B. C.

McKBE, Bavid Alexander. — Retired
farmer. Born Cregagh, near Belfast,
county Down, Ireland, son of John and
Margaret McKee. Educated Rosetta
Academy, Down. Came to British Co-
lumbia, 1874, residing in New West-
minster several months, afterwards set-
tling East Delta. On retiring removed
to Ladner. President, Delta Agricul-
tural Society; President, Farmers' Tele-
phone Co.; Director of Mutual Fire In-
surance Co., of B. C. ; Member of Delta
Board of Trade; Member of Transporta-
tion Committee. Strong advocate of di-
rect line to Vancouver via Woodward.
Married Margaret Vallance, Hamilton,
Ont. Recreations: Horses, driving. Ad-
dress: Westholme, Ladner, B. C.


McKBB, John, J. P., B. M. — Retired
farmer. Born June 17, 1855, son of John
and Margaret McKee. Educated Belfast,
Ireland. California, 1874; came to Sap-
perton, B. C, 1875, when the Delta lands
were thrown open for purchase and pre-
emption, and has resided in the Delta
Municipality ever since; Councillor and
Reeve several years. Police Magistrate,
President, Delta Farmers' Game Pro-
tective Association; Director, Matsiqui
Hygienic Dairy Co., Ltd. Married Mar-
garet Lilla MacNeill, 1903. Recreations:
Horses, driving, shooting. Presbyterian.
Address: Rosetta, Ladner, B. C.



McKENNET, Albert O-olden.— General

Manager, Vancouver Rubber Co., Ltd.,
526 Beatty St., Vancouver; British Co-
lumbia selling representatives for The
Gutta Percha & Rubber Mfg. Co., To-
ronto, Ltd. Born Bruce County, Ont.,
Sept. 6, 1866, son of Francis and Mary
McKenney. Entered employ The Gutta
Percha & Rubber Mfg. Co., Toronto,
1891. Came to British Columbia, 1897;
opened present business, 1905. Married
Lura Irene Evans, daughter of Lieu-
tenant-Colonel George T. Evans, To-
ronto, 1902; has two sons and one
daughter. Clubs: Vancouver; Terminal
City. Society: A. F. & A. M. Conserva-
tive; Anglican. Address: Vancouver,
B. C.

McKENirS', Henry William, J. P., M.
Im. a. — Merchant (retired). Born Am-
herstburg, Ont., Feb. 24, 1848, son of
Augustus and Matilda McKenny. Edu-
cated Roman Catholic separate schools
and public schools, Amherstburg; later
private tuition. Came to Northwest,
1866. Country was then a wilderness
and buffalo plentiful; passed through
Edmonton, 1875, when on an expedition
to the Rocky Mountains. Postmaster
and Merchant, St. Albert, Alta., for some
years; also Police Magistrate and Chair-
man School Board for some years; Li-
cense Commissioner and Secretary-
Treasurer first Agricultural Society in
district; President, C. M. B. A., Edmon-
ton, 1905. "Elected to Alberta Leglisla-
ture for St. Albert, 1905; for Pembina,
1909. Married Mary Risdale, Manches-
ter, England, Jan. 12, 1885, has three
sons and four daughters. Clubs: Edmon-
ton; Canadian. Society: K. of C. Rec-
reation: Traveling. Liberal; Roman
Catholic. Address: 436 Eighth St., W.,
Edmonton, Alta.

McKENT'S', James, M. D., C. M. —

Physician and Surgeon, 232 Donald St.,
Winnipeg. Born Collinsburg, Ont., May
19, 1866, son of John and Berthia Mary
McKenty. Educated Queen's University;
practiced Gretna, Man., 1890; came to
Winnipeg, 1902; Professor, Theoretical
Surgery, Manitoba Medical College; de-
grees M. D., C. M. ; post-graduate course,
Berlin, Germany; London, England, and
Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore. Mar-
ried Marie H. Siegel, Gretna, 1900; has
four daughters. Independent; Roman
Catholic. Address: 232 Donald St., Win-
nipeg, Man.


Mckenzie, a. E. — Of a. E. McKenzie
& Co., Ltd., Seed Merchants, McKenzie
Bldg., Brandon; President, Canadian-
Phoenix Fire Insurance Co.; member
Brandon Board of Trade. Born York
County, Ont., Aug. 1, 1870, son of Fran-
cis Bethel and Maria Carley McKenzie.
Educated Brandon. In grain, flour and
feed business with his father until 1897;
gave up grain business and established
present business. 1900. Married Laura
Bell, 1902; has two daughters. Liberal;
Christian Scientist. Address: 405 8th
St., Brandon, Man.

McKENZIE, Georg-e E., M. D. — Physi-
cian, 1 Hastings St., E., Vancouver.
Born York County, Ont., May 8, 1876,
son of F. B. and Maria McKenzie. Edu-
cated University of Toronto. Came to
British Columbia, 1909. Served 10th
Canadian Field Hospital, South African
War, 1901. Married Gertrude Mary
Paisley, Brandon; has one son. Soci-
ety: A. F. & A. M. Recreation: Driving.
Address: 1349 Park Drive, Vancouver,
B. C.

McKENZIE, James C. — Architect.
Born West Kilbride, Scotland, Nov. 6,
1879, son of William and Maggie Mc-
Kenzie. Educated West Kilbride, Ard-
rossan Academy, Ayr Academy, Glasgow
High School. Studied architecture with
Alexander & Patterson, Glasgow; later
Italy; practiced Dumfries, Scotland,
some years. Came to British Columbia,
1907. Recreations: Golf, tennis. Ad-
dress: Vancouver, B. C.

McKENZIE, M., M. I.. A. — Elected to
first Alberta Legislature, for Macleod,
1905, and for Claresholm, 1909. Liberal.
Address: Macleod, Alta.




McXENZIX:, Archibald Cameron — Vice
President Northern Construction Co.,
Ltd., 606 Union Bank Bldg., Winnipeg.
Born Mara Township, near Beaverton,
Ont., May 10, 1865, son of Archibald
and Mary Ann McDonald McKenzie.
Educated: Mara public schools. Gen-
eral merchant, Kirkfleld, Ont., 1886-1897;
mining, British Columbia, 1897; con-

tractor, Manitoba, 1898-1904; present
company incorporated 1904; built To-
ronto-Sudbury line of C. N. R. Married
Mary May MacKenzie, daughter of Alex-
ander MacKenzie, 1896; has one son and
three daughters. Club: Carleton. So-
ciety: A. F. & A. M. Recreation: horse
racing. Conservative; Presbyterian. Ac^-
dress: Beaverton, Ont.



McKERCHAB, Daniel Willis, M. A.,
I^i;. D. — Barrister, Union Bank Bldg.,
Winnipeg-. Born St. Elmo, Glengarry
County, Ont., May 2, 1864, son of Mary
Sinclair and Donald McKerchar. Edu-
cated Winnipeg public schools; Collegi-
ate Institute; Manitoba University.
Taught school Rapid City, Manitou and
Morden, Man., 1887-1891; called to Mani-
toba Bar, 1895; practiced, Winnipeg,
since 1895. Member of Council, Mani-
toba Bar Association since 1906. Served
as Official Administrator Eastern Judi-
cial District of Manitoba. Member Y.
M. C. A. Board since 1900. Married Kate
J. MacKenzie, Morden, Man., 1896; has
one son. Clubs: Carleton; Canadian.
Societie: C. O. F.; A. O. U. W. Address:
180 Balmoral St., Winnipeg, Man.

McKXZ^I^IGAN, John Black. — Provin-
cial Surveyor of Taxes and Inspector of
Revenue, C. A., Parliament Buildings,
Victoria. Born Aberdeen, Scotland, Dec.
20, 1845, son of Alexander and Agnes
McKilligan. Educated Robert Gordon's
College, Aberdeen. Accountant, Aber-
deen, 1860. Came to Canada, 1876; Win-
nipeg, 1879-1888; came to British Co-
lumbia, 1890. Present office since 1901.
Married Sarah Dodds, Toronto, 1878, and
has one son and one daughter. Socie-
ties: A. F. & A. M.; R. A. C, A. A. S. R.,
18 deg. Address: 1753 Rockland Ave.,
Craigmore, Victoria, B. C.

McKII^IiOF, John I. — Of McKillop &
Benjafield, Real Estate and Financial
Brokers, Regina. Born Inverness, Que.,
Oct. 29, 1874, son of William and Chris-
tina McKillop. Educated public and
hig-h schools, Quebec. Came to Saskat-
chewan, 1904. Ranching, Saskatchewan,
until 1904; real estate business, Lums-
den, Sask., 1904-1907; established pres-
ent business 1907. Member, Regina

Board of Trade. Married Rose Benja-
field, Regina, 1907. Liberal; Baptist.
Address: 1800 16th Ave., Regina, Sask.

M. A.
McKIM, Bev. Charles William, M. A.

— Archdeacon of Keewatin, Rector of St.
Alban's pro-Cathedral, Kenora; Member
of the General Synod of the Church of
England; Chaplain 98th Regiment of In-
fantry, holding rank of Honorary Cap-
tain. Born Toronto, Ont., Aug. 12, 1867,
son of Robert and Isabella Meredith
McKim. Educated Wycliffe College, To-
ronto; King's College, Windsor. Curate,
Trinity Church, Toronto, 1899; Assistant
Rector of Holy Trinity Church, Winni-
peg, 1900; Rector, St. Alban's pro-Cathe-
dral, Kenora, 1906; Archdeacon of Kee-
watin since 1909. Unmarried. Address:
Kenora, Ont.



IklcXIM, Harold C. K., B. A. — of Will-
iams, Walsh, McKim & Hausser, Barris-
ters and Solicitors, Canada Permanent
Bldg ..Vancouver. Born Deloraine, Man.,
Jan. 9, 1884, son of Walter P. andd Harriet
L. McKim. Educated: Manitoba Univer-
sity. Came to Vancouver 1907. Law
student with Davis, Marshall & Mao-
Neill, 1908-1910; called to British Co-
lumbia bar, 1910; member of firm Wil-
liams, Walsh & McKim, 1911-1912; pres-
ent partnership formed 1912. Married
Minnie Viola Burns, Winnipeg, 1909:
has one son. Club: University (Direc-
tor) ; Secretary Manitoba University
Association of British Columbia. Rec-
reation: shooting. Conservative; Meth-
odist. Address: 1249 Eighth Ave. E.,
Vancouver, B. C.

McKINirON, A. G. — Manager, F. C.
Lowes & Co., Real Estate and Financial
Brokers, 636 First St., Edmonton. Born
Port Elgin, Ont., Dec. 22, 1884, son of
James and Margaret Tolmie McKinnon.
Educated public and high schools, Port
Elgin. Came to Alberta, 1901. Chief
Clerk, Electric Dept., City of Edmon-
ton, 1903-1910; with present company
since 1910. Liberal; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: Edmonton, Alta.


McKINlTOnr, Neil D. — President Mc-
Kinnons, Ltd., Department Store, Wey-
burn; President, Saskatchewan Realty
& Investment Co., Ltd. Born Grey
County, Ont., Dec. 20, 1861, son of Don-
ald and Flora Mclntyre McKinnon. Gen-
eral merchant, Badjeros, Ont., 1885-1897;
general merchant, Creemore, Ont., 1897-
1902; came to Weyburn, 1902; estab-
lishecj present business in his own name,
1902; Norman D. McKinnon taken into
business and Arm style changed to The
McKinnon Co., 1908-1912; incorporated.

1912. Mayor, Weyburn, 1908; Alderman,
1905-1907. Married Adeline Norman,
York County, Ont., 1883; has one son
and two daughters. Recreations: curl-
ing, fishing, shooting. Liberal; Presby-
terian. Address: Fourth St., Weyburn,

Mcknight, Andrew, C. H., J. p. —

Superintendent, Cumberland Union Wa-
terworks Co., Ltd. Born Kirkcudbright,
Scotland, Sept. 9, 1847, son of Robert
and Barbara McKnight. Educated public
schools, Kirkcudbright. Practiced Kirk-
cudbright, 1863. Came to Wellington,
1878; chief engineer, Wheeler Iron Co.,
West Middlesex, Pa., 1881-1883, when re-
turned to Wellington as engineer, Well-
ington Collieries, Ltd.; master mechanic,
Union Collieries, Ltd. (afterwards Cana-
dian Collieries, Ltd.). Cumberland, 1889-
1906, appointed to present position, 1906.
Married Emma Turner, England, 1877;
has two sons and two daughters. Soci-
ety: I. O. O. F. Recreation: All athletic
sports. Address: Union Hotel, Cumber-
land, B. C.

McI^AG-AN, Mrs. Sara Anne. — ^Widow
of John Campbell McLagan. Born Ire-
land, daughter of John and Martha Mc-
lntyre Maclure. Came to Canada with
her parents, 1855. Educated New West-
minster, B. C. Father was one of the
pioneer surveyors British Columbia and
with Royal Engineers assisted in first
telegraph construction. Entered Govern-
ment telegraph service, 1868; manager
Victoria telegraph office, 1881-1884. Hus-
band established Vancouver World, 1886;
at his death Mrs. McLagan became pres-
ident of that company and managed the
paper 1900-1905. Active member Wom-
en's Council, Vancouver; President of
same, three years; organized local Coun-
cil of Women, New Westminster; as-
sisted in organizing Art Historical Sci-
entific Association; Young Women's
Christian Association; first Chapter of
Daughters of the Empire and Victorian
Order of Nurses, Vancouver. Has one
son and three daughters. Presbyterian.
Address: Hazelbrae, Clayburn, B. C.

MclLAINX:, Frederic William. — Mining
and Real Estate; District Land Agent
for C. P. R., Greenwood. Born Man-
chester, England, son of Peter and Annie
McLaine. Educated private schools;
Victoria University, England. Came to
British Columbia, 1896. Interested
Boundary country since 1896; present
position since 1902. Alderman, 1911;
Mayor, 1912; Police Commissioner,
Greenwood; Official Administrator for
Greenwood District; Secretary, Green-
wood Board of Trade; President, Agri-
cultural Association. Married Iva Mary
Jakes, Cobourg, Ont.; has one daughter.
Club: Greenwood (President, 1909-1910).
Recreations: hunting, fishing. Conserva-
tive; Anglican. Address: Greenwood,
B. C.




McIiABEN, Archibald.— Of McLaren
Bros., Strathcona Hotel, Winnipeg. Born
Balderson, Ont, April 7, 1856, son of
Alexander McLaren. Educated public
schools, Perth, Ont. Hotel business,
Perth, 1870; proprietor of Empire Hotel
and Strathcona Hotel, Winnipeg, 1904.
Society: A. F. & A. M. Recreations:
Outdoor sports. Conservative; Presby-
terian. Address: Strathcona Hotel,
Winnipeg, Man.

MclABEN, Frank N. — Van Dusen
Harrington Co., Grain Exchange, Win-
nipeg. Born Georgetown, Ont., July 18,
1873, son of William and Jessie Mc-
Laren. Educated public schools, George-
town. Grain business, Duluth, Minn.,
1891. Came to Winnipeg, 1900. Married
Ida McDonald, Granby, Que., 1907; has
one daughter. Club: Carlton. Society:
St. Andrew's. Recreation: Curling. An-
glican. Address: 185 Spring St., Winni-
peg, Man.

Md^AUaHI^IN, Edward D. — Financial
Broker, Armstrong Block, Calgary; Vice
President Permanent Securities. Ltd.
Born Brantford, Ont., Feb. 27, 1878, son
of John and Hannah West McLaughlin.
Educated: public schools and Collegiate
Institute, Brantford. Came to Alberta,
1898. Associated with John West, We-
taskiwin, 1898-1903; business of John
West incorporated under name of Star
Trading Co., Ltd., 1903, of which was
President and Managing Director until
1909; engaged in present line, Calgary,


1909. Clubs: Alberta; Calgary Country;
St. Andrew's Golf. Recreations: shoot-
ing, fishing, golf. Conservative; Meth-
odist. Addi-ess: 337 Fifteenth Ave. W.,
Calgary, Alta.

McIiAXTBIN', William B. — Barrister
and Solicitor, 304 Leeson-Lineham Bldg.,
Calgary. Born St. Mary's, Ont., May 1,
1885, son of C. C. and Margaret Mc-
Laurin. Educated: public schools; Man-
itoba University. Established present
practice, 1910. Recreations: sports of
all kinds. Liberal; Baptist. Address:
Bruner Block, Calgary, Alta.

McIiAWS, William H. — Of Lougheed,
Bennett, McLaws & Co., Commercial and
Corporation Law, Eighth Ave. W., Cal-
gary; Director Western Foundry & Met-
al Co.; Director Canadian Western Nat-
ural Gas Light, Heat & Power Co., Ltd.
Born Elgin County, Ont., April 8, 1882,
son of Duncan and Janet McLaws. Edu-
cated: Dutton High School. Came to
Alberta, 1905. Married Jessie Preston,
1908. Club: Alberta Country. Recrea-
tions: motoring. Conservative; Presby-
terian. Address: 2200 8th St., Mount
Royal, Calgary, Alta.

McIiEAN, Hon. Archibald J. — ^Provin-
cial Secretary, Government of Alberta,
Edmonton. Born Elgin County, Ont., Sent.
25, 1860 son of James and Murchie Mc-
Lean. Educated public schools, Elgin
County. Came to Manitoba, 1881. Farm-
ing, Burton, Man., 1881-1887. Came to
Alberta, 1887, ranching Taber. Elected
to Alberta Legislature for Lethbridge,
1909. Married Margaret Duncan, 1904




(deceased); has one son. Club: Chinook
(Lethbridge) ; Edmonton. Societies: A.
F. & A. M. ; Shriner; Scottish Pdte. Rec-
reations: Riding, curling. Liberal; Pre.s-
byterian. Address: Taber, Alta.

E. H. S. McLEAN, M. D., C. M.

MCcIiEAN, Ernest H. S., M. D., C. M. —

Physician and Surgeon, City Medical
Health Officer. Born Brockville, Ont.,
May 18, 1871, son of Henry and Harriet
Dulmage McLean. Educated high
schools, Brockville; Queen's University.
Post-graduate course. New York hospi-
tals, 1890. Practiced Calgary and Banff,
1891; Revelstoke since 1892. Married
Ralphia Weir Stett, Spencerville, Ont.,
Calgary, 1911. Club: Revelstoke. Soci-
ety: I. O. O. F. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: Revelstoke, B. C.

McIiEAN, i;achlau. — Of McLean Bros.,
Contractors, Nelson Bank Bldg., Van-
couver. Born Islay, Argyleshire, Scot-
land, April 16, 1850, son of Hector and
Margaret McLean. Educated Scotland.
Came to Canada, 1863. Farmed Well-

ington County, Ont, 1863-1879; lumber
mill, Saubles, 1879-1900; established
present business, 1900. Married Ann
Turner, 1878; has one daughter. Soci-
ety: Clan McLean, Past Chief, Gaelic
Society. Presbyterian. Address: 1548
8th Ave., W. Vancouver, B. C.

McI^EAN, Norman. — Of McLean Bros.,
Contractors, Loans and Investment*,
Molsons Bank Bldg., Vancouver. Born
Tarbert, Harris, Scotland, Aug. 26, 1860,
son of Hector and Margaret McLean.
Educated Ontario. Lumber trade, On-
tario; came to British Columbia, 1891,
contracting for railways and reclaiming
low-lying lands the Eraser River Valley.
Director, British Columbia Drainage &
Dyking Co. Married Mary Eliza Busby,
1887; has two sons and one daughter.
Clubs: Canadian; Terminal City. Rec-
reation: Athletics. Address: 1121 Har-
wood St., Vancouver, B. C.

T/LcImJIAJH, William James. — Hudson's
Bay officer (retired). Born Scaliscro Par-
ish of Uig, Island of Lewis, Rosshire,
Scotland, Oct. 27, 1841, son of Angus and
Ann McRae McLean. Educated high
school, Stornoway. Landed York Fac-
tory, Hudson's Bay Co. Post, 1859, after
voyage on sailing ship Prince of Wales
fifty-one days' duration. Came to Fort
Garry (now Winnipeg), 1860; Mackenzie
River District, 1863; remaining there
ten years in charge Fort Laird; in
charge Fort Qu'Appelle, 1873-1883; in
charge English River District (head-
quarters Isle Lacrosse), 1883-1884. Ap-

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