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Cavan, Ireland, Aug. 8, 1846, son of Mat-
thew G. and Jane Miller. Came to Can-
ada and with his parents settled Ham-
ilton 1854. Educated public schools,
Guelph, Ont. Engaged mercantile busi-
ness, Rothsay, Ont., 1873; moved to Man-
itoba 1877; manager Patterson & Mac-
Cracken Co., Portage la Prairie, 1877;
appointed Postmaster 1880. President
Urban Insurance Co.; Superintendent
Knox Church Sunday School for thirty
years; President of Local Bible Society
for over twenty years. Secretary-Treas-



urer Municipality Portage la Prairie,
1881-1885; Ciiairman Public School
Board 1890-1910. Married Anna M.
Brown, Listowel, Ont., 1872; has one
daughter. Society: A. F. & A. M. Pres-
byterian. Address: Portage la Prairie,

MIXI^ICAN, "W. J. — Of Millican & Mil-
lican. Barristers, McDougall Block, Cal-
gary. Born Belwood, Ont., Feb. 26, 1867,
son of Anna C. and Rev. W. Millican.
Educated Dr. Tassie's Grammar School,
Gait, Ont.; Toronto University, Osgoode
Hall. Practiced under firm name of
Ball & Millican, Gait, 1890; came to Cal-
gary, 1904. Married Emily Bingham,
Hamilton, 1893; has two sons and one
daughter. Society: A. F. & A. M. In-
dependent Liberal; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: 503 Seventeenth Ave., Calgary,

MII.i;iI>GE, Sarah E. — Born St. John,
N. B., daughter of Thomas E. and Sarah
de Blois White Millidge. Educated St.
John. Came to Manitoba, 1885. Was
Corresponding Secretary Women's Aux-
iliary, sixteen years; now Organizing
Secretary; Lady Matron, St. John's Col-
lege School, twenty years. Clubs: Can-
adian Women's, Woman's Auxiliary. So-
ciety: Historical, St. John, N. B. Rec-
reations: Camping, boating, traveling.
Anglican. Address: 414 Broadway Court,
Winnipeg, Man.

MIIVIiIGAII', Charles James, B. A., M.

A, — Master of Titles and Inspector of
Legal Ofl3ces for the Province of Sas-
katchewan, Land Titles Bldg., Regina.
Born St. John, N. B., June 15, 1870, son
of James and Margaret Dunlop Milligan.
Educated University of New Brunswick.
Attorney at law, 1891; called to New
Brunswick Bar 1892; practiced with
Gerard G. Ruel, chief solicitor for Can-
adian Northern Ry. as Ruel & Milligan;
managing editor St. John Telegraph,
1900-1903; Director St. John Sun and
News, 1904-1907; Registrar of Probate,
St. John, N. B., 1906-1908; appointed to
present position 1908. Secretary Liberal
Association of New Brunswick, 1896-
1906; manager St. John Exhibition 1906.
Served as Lieutenant Princess Louise
Hussars. Married Mary Cunningham
Stone, Hamilton, Bermuda, 1894; has two
sons and two daughters. Clubs: Union
(St. John), Assiniboia. Societies: A. F.
& A. M.; I. O. O. F.; St. Andrew's. Rec-
reations: track sports, football, lacrosse,
yachting, rowing, curling Liberal; Pres-
byterian. Address: 231 Lome St., Re-
gina, Sask.

MlZi^S, Charles Prancis— Retired, of

Mills & Williamson, Ltd., Building Con-
tractors, Vancouver, B. C. ; President
and on Boards of five companies; Vice
President British Columbia Game Pre-
servation Association. Born Guvsbor-
ough County, N. D., Nov. 30, 1863; son
of Charles and Mary Mills. Educated:


public schools, Guysborough County.
Served apprenticeship building business
with his uncle, D. W. Powers, Boston,
Mass., for a period of eleven years.
Came to British Columbia 1889; began
building business Vancouver the same
year; business carried on under the
name of Mills & Williamson, Ltd., since
1S98; in the year 1901 constructed 68
buildings, being a record and averaged
a building every four days. Married
Jane McKinzie, daughter of Peter Mc-
Kinzie of Cambridge, Mass., 1890; has
two sons and four daughters. Clubs:
Burrard, of which he is president. Rec-
reations: shooting and fishing; follows no
particular political party; always sup-
ports what he considers the best for the
country. Roman Catholic. Address: Kill
Kare, Point Grey, Vancouver, B. C.


MII^I^S, Charles S. — Of The Alberta
Locators; President Hudson Motor Sales
Co. Born Westover, Ont., April 22, 1880,
son of James and Mary Mills. Educated
Westover and Hamilton. In general



store, Westover, 1897; came to Albetra
1907. Married Harriett Massander, Cal-
gary. Societies: A. F. & A. M.; I. O. O.
F. ; Maccabees. Recreations: Baseball,
fishing. Address: 338 13th Ave E., Cal-
gary, Alta,

JILXImTiS, Joliii B., K. C. — Barrister,
Inns of Court, Vancouver. Born Gran-
ville Ferry, N. S., July 24, 1850, son of
John M, and Jane McCormick Mills.
Educated Horton Academy; Acadia Uni-
versity (B. A., with honors, 1871 and
1877); Harvard Law School. Called to
Nova Scotia bar, 1875; K. C, 1890;
practiced Annapolis Royal, N. S., 1875-
1904. Member House of Commons for
Annapolis, 1887-1900; formerly municipal
Councillor, Annapolis, and editor of An-
napolis Spectator. Came to British Co-
lumbia, 1904. Married, first, Bessie Cor-
bitt, 1878 (d., 1891); second, Agnes K.
Rose, 1896. Club: Jericho Country.
Recreations: Golf, cricket. Address:
1118 Cardero St., Vancouver, B. C.

MI££S, Nelson Darius. — Barrister.
Born Mersea, Essex County, Ont., July
12, 1862, son of William Russell and
Martha Ann Mills. Educated College In-
stitute, St. Thomas, Ont.; Toronto Uni-
versity. Farming Essex County, 1884;
law student J. M. Glenn, K. C, St. Thom-
as, 1888; Macdonald, Mcintosh & Mc-
Crimmon, Toronto, 1889; practiced To-
ronto, 1891-1897; came to Alberta 1897;
practiced Strathcona, 1899. Mayor
Strathcona 1907-1908 (resigned). Mar-
ried Isobel Taylor Innes, Woodstock,
Ont., 1890; has one son and one daughter.
Recreations: Walking, driving. Liberal;
Methodist. Address: Main St., Strath-
cona, Alta.

MII^I^S, Samuel Perry, K. C. — Barris-
ter and Solicitor, 111 Pemberton Bldg.,
Victoria. Born London, England, Sept.
18, 1853; son of B. Perry and Matilda
Calvert Mills; mother descendant of Sir
George Calvert, Secretary of State to
James I, whose successors were created
Earls of Baltimore, founders of Mary-
land. Educated: London and Pinneh,
County Middlesex. Came to British Co-
lumbia 1877; called to British Columbia
bar, 1882; appointed K. C. 1900; a Judge
of the Court of Revision and Appeal un-
der Provincial Assessment Act, 1886-
1900; defended first woman indicted and
tried for murder in British Columbia
and secured her acquittal; the first bar-
rister to raise the Question that the
full Court of British Columbia had no
appellate jurisdiction in divorce, and it
was so decided. Married Matilda Don-
ald, London, England, 1876. Liberal;
Roman Catholic. Address: "The Lau-
rels," 177 Fernwood Road, Victoria, B. C.

VIXXm^FE, Capt. Charles. — President
Milne Produce Co., Ltd., 137 Water St.,
Vancouver. Born Aberdeenshire, Scot-
land, Sept. 25, 1866, son of Charles and
Isabella Milne. Educated public and
grammar schools, Aberdeenshire. Came
to British Columbia, 1890. Clerk Weeks
& Ford, produce dealers, Vancouver,
1897-1900; produce business in his own
name, Yukon, 1900-1902; produce busi-
ness in own name, Vancouver, 1902-1907;
Milne & Gunn, Vancouver, 1907-1911;
present company incorporated 1911.
Served as Captain 6th D. C. O. R. since
1904; won several medals and trophies
Ottawa and on Bisley team. Married
Charlotte Maude Mcintosh, Glengarry,
Ont., 1900. Club: Terminal City. So-
cieties: A. F. & A. M.; I. O. O. F. Rec-
reations: Shooting, gardening. Conserv-
ative; Presbyterian. Address: 876 Jervis
St., Vancouver, B. C.


MIXiNX:, David, J. P. — Of the D. Milne
Co., Ltd., General Stores, Medicine Hat;
President Southern Alberta Telephone
Co. Born Baldastard, Largo, Scotland,
May 27, 1858, son of David Milne and
Jessie Mcintosh. Educated public schools
Backmuir, Scotland. Came to Canada and
farmed near Wapella, Sask., 1883; with
C. P. R., Canmore, Alta., 1888-1900; man-
ager Medicine Trading Co., 1900; bought
out business 1907, and conducted busi-
ness since under present firm name. Di-
rector Medicine Hat Agricultural So-
ciety; resident Medicine Hat Board of
Trade, 1904; Alderman 1903-1904; School
Trustee 1905-1908; Mayor 1909-1911 (3
terms). Married Nellie Bell Charteris,
Dumfrieshire, Scotland, 1893 (deceased
1902); married Annie Chambers, Kirk-
wall, Scotland, 1904; has one son and
three daughters. Clubs: Cypress, Medi-
cine Hat. Societies: A. F. &.A. M.; A. O.
U. W.; I. O. O. F.; Ancient Order of
Free (hardeners. Receration: Gardening.
Liberal; Presbyterian. Address: 537 Es-
planade St., Medicine Hat, Alta.




MII^NZ:, Georg-e Iiawson, M. S., C. M.

— Physician and Surgeon. Director Na-
tional Life Assurance Co.; President
Ramsay Bros. & Co.; President Nanaimo
Gas Co.; President West Coast Fishing
Co. Born Garmouth, Scotland, April 19,
1850, son of Alexander and Isabella
Milne. Educated Toronto Medical School;
Victoria University; Toronto University.
Came to Canada 1857; to British Colum-
bia 1880. Medical practitioner Victoria
1880. Health Officer for Victoria 1884-
1890; Registrar and Secretary Medical
Council and member Examining Board
1886-1897; Dominion Medical Inspector
Immigration Agent and Controller of
Chinese 1910-1911; member Public
School Board; member British Columbia
Legislature for Victoria City 1890-1894;
unsuccessful candidate for Dominion
House of Commons 1896; President S.
Andrews' Society, Victoria, 1905-1906;
President Caledonia Society, Victoria,
1910. Served Queen's Own Rifles, To-
ronto. Married Ellen Katherine Kins-
man, 1882. Clubs: Pacific; Colonial
(London). Liberal; Presbyterian. Rec-
reations: Fishing, motoring. Address:
618 Dallas Road, Victoria, B. C.

MII;R0Y, Thomas M., M. B., M. D. —

Physician. Born Gait, Ont., Feb. 12,
1859, son of John and May Milroy. Edu-
cated Gait Grammar School, under Dr.
Tassie; Toronto University and Trinity
University. Practiced medicine Ontario,
1882; came to Manitoba 1884; organized


and conducted Home for Incurables,
Portage la Prairie, subsequently becom-
ing medical superintendent; consulting
physician Winnipeg General Hospital;
surgeon, 90th Regiment Winnipeg, 1901-
1905; assisted successful negotiations
with British Columbia to secure Domin-
ion Medical Registration; ex-President
College of Physicians and Surgeons,
Manitoba; President Western Canada
Guarantee and Accident Insurance Co.
Married Alice May Burley, Portage la
Prairie, 1889; has one son and one daugh-
ter. Society: A. F. & A. M. Liberal;
Anglican. Address: 162 Donald St.,
Winnipeg, Man.

IVIIIiTOir, William Ryde. — Wholesale
Baker, 668 Bannatyne Ave., Winnipeg.
Born Bridgeheugh, Selkirk, Scotland,
Jan. 31, 1871, son of William and Eliza-
beth Milton. Educated public schools,
Roxburgh, Scotland. Came to Winnipeg
1889; established present business 1901.
Alderman 1909-1910; Director Retail
Merchants' Fire Assurance Co.; ex-Presi-
dent Western Retail Association; Presi-
dent Western Canada Kennel Club; Vice-
President Canadian Kennel Club; Vice-
President Manitoba Field Trials Club;
Director Horse Show Association 1909;
member Board of Trustees, Winnipeg
General Hospital. Married Mary Wal-
lace, Winnipeg, 1896; has two daughters.
Societies: Commercial Travelers; A. F.
& A. M.; I. O. O. F.; C. O. F. ; S. O.
S.; A. O. U. W. Liberal; Presbyterian.
Address: 98 Nena St., Winnipeg, Man.




nulsrEB, George Howard. — Managing
Director The Prudential Life Insurance
Co., Keewayden Bldg., Winnipeg; Director
Inland Mortgage Corporation; Director
British Canadian Trust & Guarantee Co..
Born Merrickville, Ont, April 12, 1873;
son of Chester Banks and Sarah Miner.
Educated Merrickville; Belleville, Ont.
Hardware clerk, Carlton Place, Ont.,
1899. Came to Winnipeg 1896; hardware
business, Cranbrook, B. C, 1898-1902;
Los Anieges, Cal., 1903-1904; broker,
Winnipeg, 1904-1907; founded The Pru-
dential Life Insurance Co., 1907. Married
Rhoda Agnes Rupert, Cornwall, Ont.,
1898; has two daughters. Clubs: Adanac,
Carleton. Societies: I. O. O. F. Recrea-
tion: Horses. Conservative; Presbyterian.
Address: 574 Gertrude Ave., Winnipeg,

MITCHEIilii, Honorable Charles Rich-
mond, B. A., B. C. L. — Minister of Pub-
lic Works, Province of Alberta, Edmon-
ton. Born Newcastle, N. B., Nov. 20,
1872, son of James Mitchell, Sheriff
Northumberland County, N. B. Educated
Harkin's Academy, Newcastle, N. B. ;
University of New Brunswick (B. A.,
1894), and King's College, Windsor, N.
S. (B. C. L., 1897); studied law under
late Hon. A. G. Blair and Hon. L. J.
Tweedie; called to the bar, 1897. Came
to Medicine Hat 1898, and practiced there
until 1907, during which time he was
Town Prosecutor, City Solicitor and
Agent for the Attorney General of Can-
ada. Appointed District Court Judge,
Calgary, Alta, 1907; resigned May 25,
1910; sworn of the Executive Council
of Alberta, Attorney-General and Min-
ister of Education, June, 1910; resigned
and sworn Minister of Public Works,
June, 1, 1912; elected to Alberta Legis-
lature June 29, 1910. Married Clara
Eraser, St. Thomas, Ont., 1909. Club:
Edmonton. Address: 518 Fourteenth St.,
Edmonton, Alta.

UirrCHBIiI, David, J. P. — Town Com-
missioner. Born Auchterarder, Scotland,
July 6, 1872, son of David and Rachel
Mitchell. Educated J. Gillespie's School
and Edinburgh University. Junior with
law firm, Scotland; came to Alberta 1899;
farmed for a time; partner In firm of
The Curry & Constantine Co., Ltd.; ap-
pointed to present position 1907., Secre-
tary-Treasurer for Stettler District Agri-
cultural Society; Secretary-Treasurer
Stettler Board of Trade; Secretary-
Treasurer Stettler School District; Vice-
President local branch Alberta League
for Moral and Temperance Reform; man-
ager Knox Church, Innisfail, Alta.; mem-
ber Innisfall School Board one term;
Secretary-Treasurer Town of Innisfail
two years. Recreations: Tennis, curling,
cricket. Liberal; Presbyterian. Address:
Stettler, Alta.

MITCHE^lj, Helen Riclimond Brong'Ii.

— Wife of Major James Bertram Mitch-
ell. Born Gananoque, Leeds County,
Ont., daughter of William and Elizabeth
R. Brough. Educated high school Gan-
anoque. Came to Manitoba 1878. Char-
ter member and on first executive Win-
nipeg Women's Canadian Club; Past
President Westminster Church Ladies'
Society, Winnipeg; member board Old
Folks' Home. Married James Bertram
Mitchell, Gananoque, 1878; has one son
and two daughters. Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: 74 Furby St., Winnipeg, Man.

MITCHBI^^, James Alexander. — Bro-
ker (retired). Born Whitby, Ont., son
of James and Elizabeth Mitchell. Edu-
cated Toronto. Engaged grain and ele-
vator business, Winnipeg. Director Roy-
al Soap Co., Winnipeg; Honorary Direc-
tor Winnipeg Industrial Exhibition; Di-
rector Vancouver A. B. C. Elevator Co.;
Director Vancouver Local Insurance; Di-
rector Columbia Fire Insurance.; Direc-
tor National Paper Co.; Director Bank of
Vancouver. Clubs: Albany (Toronto),
Manitoba (Winnipeg), Union. Address:
1617 Rookland Ave., Victoria, B. C.

ItOTCHEIi^, £ieut.-Col. James Bertram

— Architect, Commissioner of School
Buildings, Public School Board Office,
Winnipeg. Born Gananoque, Ont., Oct. 14,
1852, son of George and Jane Mitchell.
Educated Gananoque High School;
Montreal Art Institute. Came to Win-
nipeg 1878; appointed to present posi-
tion 1893, being responsible for the pub-
lic school buildings of Winnipeg; served
Fenian Raids, 1866-1870; medal and two
clasps; Royal Northwest Mounted Po-
lice, 1874-1877; signed as a witness with
Governor Morris, Treaty 6, made with
Wood and Plain Cree Tribes, Indians,
Forts Carlton and Pitt, Aug. 23 and Sept.
9, 1876; Lieut.-Col. 100th Winnipeg Gren-
adiers. Married Helen Richmond Brough,




Gananoque, Ont., 1878; has one son ami
two daughters. Clubs: Canadian, West-
ern Canada Military Institute. Recrea-
tions: Reading, amateur photograph^ .
rifle shooting. Liberal; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: 74 Furby St., Winnipeg, Man.


MITCHEIiI., James R., J. P. — Of Mit-
chell & Eraser, Real Estate and Finan-
cial Brokers. Born Northumberland,
Ont, Aug. 8, 1870, son of Ebenezer and
Martha Mitchell. Educated public and

high schools, Ontario. Farmed Ontario.
Merchant tailor, Winnipeg, 1893-1901;
real estate business, Winnipeg, 1901-
1904. Came to British Columbia 1904
and established present business. City
Councillor, Penticton, 1910-1911; Chair-
man Finance and Police Committee;
member of Penticton Board of Trade;
President first Board of Trade Penticton.
Married Mary L. Sampson, Winnipeg,
1S98; has five daughters. Society: A. F
& A. M. (P. M.). Conservative; Angli-
can. Address: Penticton, B. C.


MITCHEIi^, John "William. — Lumber
and Coal Merchant, 1319 Second St. E.,
Calgary. Born Ely, Cambridgeshire.
England, April 19, 1872, son of Joseph
Banham and Patty Westrope Mitchell.
Educated Commercial School, Downham
Market, Norfolk, England; Soham Gram-
mar School, Cambridgeshire. Farming,
Cambridgeshire some years; came to Al-
berta 1891; clerk J. B. Kelly, Calgary,
1891-1900; established present business
1900. Alderman Calgary 1906-1910;
Mayor 1911. Strong advocate of muni-
cipal ownership of public utilities; large-
ly instrumental securing for Calgary an
efficient fire department. Societies: A.

F. & A. M.; L O. O. F.. P. G. M. (P.

G. R. Sovereign Grand Lodge). Liberal;
Methodist. Address: 1319 Second St. E.,
Calgary, Alta.

miTCHIilii;, Rotoert Menzies, M. D., C.
M M. L. A. — Physician. Born Port
Union, Ont., Oct. 28, 1865, son of James
and Elizabeth Mitchell. Educated Or-
angeville high school and Trinity Med-
ical College (M. D., C. M., 1892); Chair-



M. D., C. M., M. L. A.

man Weyburn Public School Board ten
years; Chairman of High School since
established; elected Saskatchewan Leg-
islature for Weyburn, 1908; re-elected,
1912. Married Margaret McKinnon,
Badjeros, 1892; has two sons. Societies:
Fellow Trinity Medical College; C. P. &
S. of Ontario, Northwest Territories; A.
P. & A. M.; I. O. O. F.; C. O. F.; A. O.
U. W. Presbyterian: Liberal. Address:
Weyburn, Sask.

MOBJ^XSV, Pran^ Harry. — Wholesale
Merchant. Born Colorado, United States,
May 14, 1870, son of George G. and Mary
Francis Mobley. Educated Spokane,
Wash.; high school, Cheney, Wash. Clerk
Cheney 1884; came to British Columbia
1895; served Provincial Constable one
year; Assistant Postmaster and J. P..
Atlin, B. C, six years; served one
term as License Commissioner. Member
of the first Municipal Council of the
City of Prince Rupert. President of the
Board of Trade, 1912. Married Ida Jose-
phine Colvin, Colfax, Wash., 1893; has
one son. Clubs: Prince Rupert; Ter-
minal City ("Vancouver). Societies: A.
F. & A. M.; I. O. O. F.; Arctic Brother-
hood. Recreation: shooting. Address:
Prince Rupert, B. C.

MODE, Allan Tliomas, B. A. — Bar-
rister and Solicitor, Clerk of the Su-
preme Court of Alberta, Wetaskiwin.
Born Vankleek Hill, Ont., Dec. 8, 1880, son
of George and Caroline Mode. Educated
College Institute. Vankleek Hill; Toronto
University. Came to Alberta 1903; law
student with Rutherford & Jamieson,

Strathcona, 1903; called to the Alberta
Bar, 1906; member of firm Rutherford,
Jamieson & Mode, 1906; appointed Clerk
of Supreme Court of Alberta, Wetaski-
win, 1909; President of Alberta Fish and
Game Protective Association, Wetaski-
win Branch; President Strathcona Shoot-
ing Club, Ltd.; member Strathcona Pub-
lic School Board 1904-1909. Married
Margarita Edna Grant, Strathcona, 1906;
has one son and one daughter. Recrea-
tions: Shooting, curling. Liberal; Angli-
can. Address: Wetaskiwin, Alta.


MOFPAT, Savid S., B. A., B. C. Im. —

Barrister, City Solicitor, Calgary. Born
Inverness, Que., Oct. 5, 1869, son of Dav-
id and Ann Moffat. Educated McGill Uni-
versity (gold medalist English and Lit-
erature, 1894, B. C. L., 1901, valedictor-
ian). Practiced with D. McCormack, K.
C, Montreal, 1901. Came to Alberta
1907. Married Charlotte Florence Bailey,
Calgary, 1909. Club: Calgary Golf. So-
cieties: A. F. & A. M.; K. P.; A. O. U.
W. Recreations: Golf, tennis. Address:
Calgary, Alta.

MOPFATT, Prederic C. — Barrister and
Solicitor. Born Toronto, Sept. 9, 1855,
son of Lewis and Caroline MofCatt. Edu-
cated Trinity College School; Trinity
University. Practiced Toronto, 1879-
1897; Rossland, B. C, 1897-1902; editor
Rossland Miner, 1897-1902; Nelson Daily
News, 1902-1908; resumed practice, 1910.
Served with Queen's Own Rifles, Toronto.
Married Ida Morris, Hamilton, 1910.
Club: Nelson. Society: A. F. & A. M.
Conservative; Anglican. Address: Nel-
son, B. C.




MOHB, Carl Melville — President Mohr-
Learmouth Co., Ltd., Financial and Real
Estate Brokers, Bank of Hamilton Bldff.,
Moose Jaw, and 372 Main St., Winnipeg;
Secretary-Treasurer and Managing Di-
rector International Investment Co.,
Ltd.; Secretary-Treasurer and Managing
Director St. Francois Xavier Investment
Co., Ltd.; Member of Moose Jaw Board
of Trade. Born Carleton County, near
Ottawa, Ont., Dec. 21, 1884. son of Wil-

liam John and Isabella Mohr. Educated
public schools, Ottawa; Ottawa Business
College. Came to Moose Jaw, 1906; ac-
countant, Hockin-Siddons Hardware Co.,
Moose Jaw, 1906-1908; established pres-
ent business, 1909. Married Louise Von
Ferber, daughter of Ernest Von Ferber,
1908. Clubs: Carleton; Adanac (Winni-
peg). Societies: K. P.; I. O. O. F.; I.
O. F. Anglican. Address: 40 Spence St.,
Winnipeg, Man




DXOFPET, Frank Beamer — Financial
and Real Estate Broker, Weyburn; Di-
rector, Weyburn Security Bank; First
Secretary and Treasurer, town of Wey-
burn; member, Weyburn Board of
Trade. Born Lincoln County, Ont., Oct.
24, 1870, son of John and Carrie Getchel
Moffet. Educated Collegiate Institute,
St. Catherines. Taught school, Vine-
land, Ont., 1890-1891 and 1893-1899;
came to Saskatchewan, 1899; taught
school, Weyburn, 1899-1901; real es-
tate, Weyburn, since 1901. Unsuccess-
ful Liberal candidate for South Qu'-
Appelle to Saskatchewan Legislature,
against F. W. G. Haultain, 1905. Mar-
ried Mabel Allen, daughter of Alexan-
der Allen, Weyburn, 1904; has one son
and one daughter. Societies: A. F. & A.
M.; L O. O. F.; I. O. P. Recreation:
travel. Liberal; Presbyterian. Address:
Sixth Ave., Weyburn, Sask.

MOFPETT, Frank V. — Of Columbia
Flouring Mills Co., Bnderby. Born Min-
neapolis, Minn., July 9, 1866, son of John
Moffett. Educated Minneapolis. Came
to British Columbia, 1903. Member En-
derby Board of Trade. Married Mabel
Rice, LaCrosse, Wis.; has four sons and
two daughters. Address: Enderby, B. C.

MOIiIiARD, William Thomas^ — Inspec-
tor of Public Works for Dominion Gov-
ernment, Regina. Born near Aurora,
Ont., May 5, 1855, son of James and
Fanny Mollard. Educated: Public school,
Hubron County, Ont., Carpenter, Winni-
peg, 1881. Came to Regina, 1882; en-
gaged in building and contracting busi-
ness for himself until 1894; formed part-


nership with Charles Willoughby under
Arm name of Willoughby & Mollard, con-
tractors and builders; firm dissolved
1905, Mr. Mollard appointed Inspector
of Public Works for Dominion Govern-
ment, Saskatchewan and Alberta; Ap-
praiser for Dominion Government on all
buildings and property transferred from
the Dominion to the Provinces of Sas-
katchewan and Alberta when those Prov-
inces were formed. Alderman, Regina,
1898-1899; Mayor, 1900-1901; Member of
Regina< Public School Board, 1901 to
1911, Chairman, 1909 to 1911; President
Saskatchewan Life Insurance Co.; Direc-
tor Masonic Temple Co.; President Sas-
katchewan Securities & Trust Corpora-
tion; Director Regina Brokerage & In-
vestment Co.; Director Regina Foundry
Co.; while Mayor of Regina, 1901, read
Civic Address to present King and Queen,
then the Duke and Duchess of Corn-
wall and York, and was presented by
the Duke with an autograph photo of
himself and the Duchess. Married Mar-
garet C. Stewart, Regina, 1889. So-
cieties: A. F. & A. M.; C. O. F. Recrea-

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