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tion: Hunting, motoring. Liberal; Pres-
byterian. Address: 2051 Cornwall St.,
Regina, Sask.

IVIOI^IiISOII', Miss Jean. — Manageress
Lake Louise Chalet, Lake Louise, Alta.,
and Glencoe Lodge, Vancouver. Born
Inverness, Scotland, daughter of James
Mollison, of Inverness. Educated Royal
Academy, Inverness. Came to Canada,
1889, and to British Columbia, 1893. Rec-
reation: Music. Address: Glencoe
Lodge, Vancouver, B. C.

^OImImOT, Miss Gabrielle. — Concert Pi-
aniste and Teacher. Born Lyons, France,
daughter of Fortune and Leopoldine Mol-
lot. Educated Lyons and Paris, France.
Graduate of College of Music, Lyons;
certificated pupil of the famous Mosz-
kowski, also pupil of Isidor Philipp. Ad-
dress: 173 Langside St., Winnipeg,



V. V. S., M. P.

THOlMltOY, John Patrick, M. D., V. V.
S., M. P. — -Veterinary Surgeon. Born
Arthur, Ont., March 13, 1873, son of
John and Mary Alice Molloy. Educated
Emerson and Toronto. Unsuccessful
candidate for Morris, Manitoba, Legis-
lature, 1907, being defeated by casting
vote of returning officer; elected for
Provencher to House of Commons, 1908-
1911. Married Frances H. Keeley, 1903;
has three daughters. Liberal; Romaii
Catholic. Address: Morris, Man.


MOIiI^OV, William. — Of John Molloy
& Sons, Winnipeg. Born Arthur, Ont.
Oct. 28. 1877, son of John and Mary Alice
Molloy. Educated public schools; Uni-
versity of Minnesota. Came to Mani-
toba, 1879. Taught school Manitoba,
1898. Represents Laverandrye County in

Manitoba Legislative Assembly. Socie-
ties: K. of C; Catholic Foresters. Lib-
eral; Roman Catholic. Address: 136
Edmonton St., Winnipeg, Man.

MONCKTON, Marmaduke John, A. TO..
I. C. E. — Irrigation Engineer. Born near
Walvefield, Yorkshire, England, Nov. 3,
18.53, son of Colonel the Hon. E. G.
Monckton. Educated Uppingham School;
Royal Indian Engineering College, Coop-
er's Hill, England. Public Works De-
partment, India, 1874; afterwards with
Public Works Department, Cape Colony,
South Africa. Came to British Columbia,
1897. Served with Stellenbosch District
Troop, South African War, 1901-1902.
Married Kathleen, daughter of Depart-
ment Surgeon General Jr Browne, I. M.
D. ; has one son. Address: 1437 Georgia
St., Vancouver, B. C.

MONCBIEFP, John James. — Managing
Editor the Tribune, Winnipeg. Born
Shalloway, Shetland, Scotland, Oct. 19,
1866, son of Lawrence Moncrieff, for
many years connected with Hudson's
Bay Co., Y'ork Factory, and of Ann
Moncrieff. Came to Manitoba, 1875. Ed-
ucated Winnipeg. Clerk with Hudson's
Bay Co. at St. Francois Xavier; served
apprenticeship later as printer and one
of publishers of the Daily News, Winni-
peg; joined reportorial stafE of the Sun,
under T. H. Preston and was sporting
editor until joined Tribune; appointed
managing editor the Tribune 1903; par-
ticipated actively as political writer po-
litical struggles since 1890, notably 1896,
when originated a feature much used
in the Liberal press; was special polit-
ical correspondent of the Toronto Globe,
during progress of campaign, resulting
in defeat of Tupper government, and in
provincial election campaign at time of
Greenway defeat, appearing as writer of
celebrated Mellen interview. President
Winnipeg Oratorio Society, 1910; soloist
and conductor of number of oratorio
concerts since 1898; President Clef Club,
two years. Secretary of Athletic League
of Winnipeg several years. Married
May Blyth, 1888 (deceased); married
Minnie Blyth, 1896; has one son and two
daughters. Club: Carleton. Society:
Clef. Recreations: Hunting, music. Lib-
eral, Presbyterian. Address: 231 Smith
St., Winnipeg, Man.

MONGKOW, £ee. — Of Shon Yuen &
Co., 541 Fisguard St, Victoria, Born
China, July 6, 1862, son of Lee Kai Jung.
Educated San Francisco, Cal. Business,
Hongkong, 1874. Came to British Co-
lumbia, 1882, H. M. Customs Interpreter.
Married Seto Chang Aun, Victoria; has
five sons and three daughters. Society:
Chinese Continental Benevolent Associa-
tion. Address: 952 Johnson St., Victoria,
B. C.




MONK, Theodore Benuiug' — Of Monk,
Monteith & Co., Litd., Financial, Insur-
ance and Real Estate Brokers, 1001 Gov-
ernment Street, Victoria; Director Vic-
toria and Vancouver Syndicate; Director
William Monteith Co., Ltd.; Director
Victoria Real Estate Exchange. Born
Winnipeg, Nov. 28, 1884, son of John
Benning and Ann Dering Lloyd Heming
Monk. Educated St. John's College.
Law student with Aikins, Pitblado, Rob-
son & Loftus, Winnipeg, 1903; engineer-
ing department, Northern Iron Works,
Winnipeg, 1903-1908; engineer's depart-
ment, City Hall, Victoria, 1908-1909;
with Pemberton & Son, Victoria, 1909-
1910: with Wm. Monteith & Co., 1910-
1911; present business established 1911.
Served as Lieutenant 5th C. G. A. Mar-
ried Julia Tobin, White Mouth, Man.,
1908; has one son and two daughters.
Clubs: Union; James Bay Athletic. Rec-
reation: rowing. Conservative; Angli-
can. Address: 968 Heywood Ave., Vic-
toria, B. C.

MONKMAN, Albert. — Barrister, 258%
Portage Ave., Winnipeg. Born Albion,
Ont., June 24, 1850, son of James and
Catherine Monkman. Educated public
schools; Toronto Law School. Practiced
Toronto, 1875. Came to Winnipeg, 1879.
Alderman, Winnipeg, two years. Served
Lieutenant 95th Battalion Northwest Re-
bellion, 1885. Married Martha A. Elliott,
Toronto, 1876; has four sons and two
daughters. Societies: C. O. F.; A. O. U.
W. Liberal; Methodist. Address: 530
Langside St., Winnipeg, Man.

A. S. MONRO, M. D., C. M.

MONRO, Alexander Stewart, M. B., C.
M. — Of Drs. Brydone-Jack, Monro and
Cumming, 413 Granville St., Vancouver;
Surgeon to Vancouver General Hospital;
Surgeon to Great Northern Railway Co.
Born Rattray, Perthshire, Scotland, May
1, 1872, son of Wililam and Margaret
Stewart Monro. Came to Canada, 1872.
Educated public schools, Toronto and
Winnipeg; Manitoba University; McGill
University, Chicago, 111.; Vienna. Came
to British Columbia, 1896; practiced
Kamloops, B. C, previous to coming to
Vancouver; present partnership formed,
1901. Married Edith McCrossan, Van-
couver, 1900. Clubs: Vancouver; Jeri-
cho Country; British Columbia Golf. So-
cieties: A. F. & A. M.; Scottish Rite;
St. Andrews; Caledonian. Recreation:
Horticulture. Liberal; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: Vancouver, B. C.

MONBOE, Hug-b Edwin, M. D., C. M.,
1. B. C. P., Ti. B. C. S. (Edin.) — Physician
and Surgeon. Born St. Elmo, Glengarry
County, Ont, June 16, 1879, son of Wil-
liam and Janet Monroe. Educated pub-
lie schools, St. Elmo; High School, Alex-
ander, Ont.; McGill University; Edin-
burgh University; Royal College of Phy-
sicians and Surgeons, Edinburgh. Prac^
ticed Saskatoon, 1904; elected by accla-
mation to Board of Governors, Saskatoon
City Hospital, 1908, and appointed chair-
man. Alderman, Saskatoon, 1905, 1906,
1907; resigned, 1909; re-elected, 1910.;
unsuccessful candidate for Saskatchewan
Legislature, 1905; Honorary President
Saskatchewan Medical Association; ex-



L. R. C. P., L. R. C. S. (Edin.)

President Saskatchewan Medical Associ-
ation. Married Myrtle Lottie Braun,
Saskatoon, 1904; has one son. Societies:
A. F. & A. M.; I. O. O. F. Recreation:
Curling. Conservative; Presbyterian.
Address: 214 Nineteenth St., Saskatoon,

MONTAGUE, John W. — Of Montague
Land & Securities Co., Real Estate and
Financial Agent, Winnipeg. Born Ade-
laide Township, Middlesex County, Ont.,
April, 1851, son of Joseph I. Montague
and Rhoda Montague. Educated public
schools, Adelaide. After traveling over
Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois and Dakota,
came to Winnipeg May, 1877; resided in
the Province of Manitoba continuously
since that time except six years he was
resident at Saulte Ste. Marie, Ont. Set-
tled Southern Manitoba, being first set-
tler in what is now Argyle Municipality,
and was instrumental In inducing a
number of settlers to some to that dis-
trict. Traveled three times to the
Rocky Mountains before the construc-
tion of the C. P. R. First engineer on
the erection of the electrical and ma-
chinery plant on the Saulte Ste. Marie
Canal and occupied same position in
connection with the Saulte Ste. Marie
Pulp & Paper Co. One of the Canadian
representatives at the World's Colum-
bian Exposition at Chicago in 1893. For
years been engaged farm land business.
Has wide knowledge of Western Canada
and has strong faith in its future. Had
charge of construction of several of the
largest saw milling plants Western Can-
ada. Married Janet McKenzie, Braemer,
Ont. Address: 18 Touraine Bldg., Win-
nipeg, Man.

MOITTAGUi:, Hon. Walter Humphries,
M. J}., C. M., i;. R. C. P. (Edin.), F. C. —

Financial Agent. Born Adelaide Town-
ship, Middlesex County, Ont., Nov. 21,
185S, son of Joseph and Rhoda Monta-
gue. Educated public schools; high
schools; Woodstock College; Toronto
University; graduated Victoria Univer-
sity, 1882, and Royal College of Phys-
icians, Edinburgh, 1SS2. For many years
represented Haldimand in House of Com-
mons; for fourteen years was vice-presi-
dent of Conservative Association of On-
tario. Moved the address in reply to
speech from Throne in session of 1888;
sworn of Privy Council, 1893, and after-
wards occupied positions of Minister of
Agriculture and Secretary of State for
Canada. Visited England, 1896, upon pub-
lic business and discussed with Imperial
Government question of Canadian cattle
embargo; established ocean cold storage
system between Canada and Great Brit-
ain during his term of ofHce. Moved at
Toronto first resolution offered in Canada,
for mutual Imperial and Colonial Pret-
erential Trade. Spoke on same subject
with Right Hon. Joseph Chamberlain
at Canadian Club banquet, London, 1896.
Addressed Home Market Club, Boston,
Mass., and Lincoln Club of Michigan,
1904, on international relations. Came
to Manitoba, 1905; has since resided
Winnipeg, where engaged in financial
business. Married Angle Furry, South
Cayuga, Ont.; has two sons and two
daughters. Clubs: Manitoba and St.
Charles Country; Hamilton; Rideau (Ot-
tawa). Recreation: Golf. Address: Ev-
ergreen Place, Winnipeg, Man.

MOITTEITH, ■William. — Oflacial Admin-
istrator. Born Govan, Renfrew, Scot-
land, April 13, 1851, son of John and
Mary Mathews Monteith. Educated
Elizabeth College, Guernsey, C. I. Came
to British Columbia, 1876; to Victoria,
1883. Married Anne Berkeley Good; has
two sons and four daughters. Club:
Union. Address: Lampson and Old
Esquimau Road, Victoria, B. C.

MONTEI^IUS, William W. — President
Montelius Piano House, Ltd., 887 Gran-
ville St., Vancouver. Born Freeport,
111., July 2, 1852, son of John and Eliza-
beth Ann Montelius. Educated Freeport.
Music business, Freeport, 1871-1876;
Denver, Colo., 1876-1901. Came to Brit-
ish Columbia, 1901, and established pres-
ent firm. Director North American
Loan Building & Trust Co.; Director
Investors' Guarantee Corporation Co.,
Ltd.; President Point Grey Estate -Co.;
Director West Shore and Northern Land
Co., Ltd. Married Eva S. Rhodes, 1876;
has one son and one daughter. Club:
Terminal City. Society: A. F. & A. M.
Residence: 1125 Georgia St., Vancouver,
B. C.




MONTGOMI3B7, Thomas. — Retired
Hotelman. Born North Lanark, Ont., Feb.
23, 1851, son of Oswaid and Mary Mont-
gomery. Educated public schools. Car-
riage manufacturer, Perth, Ont. Came
to Winnipeg, 1876; has large holdings
farm lands and city real estate. Mar-
ried Martha King (deceased) ; married
Ella Tobin, Winnipeg, 1907; has three
sons and two daughters. Societies:
K. of P.; A. O. U. W. Recreation: Trav-
eling. Conservative; Anglican. Address:
193 Vaughan St., Winnipeg, Man.

A. W. MOODY, M. D., C

MOOSV, Arthur William, M. D., C. M.

— Physician, 4301-^ Main St., Winnipeg,
Born Yorkshire, England, May 15, 1868,
son of Robert and Mary A. Moody. Edu-
cated College Institute, Hamilton; Mani-
toba Medical College. Came to Mani-
toba, 1882; lived west of Virden, Man.,

for some years; taught school, Bredal-
bane and Blair school districts before
taking up medical studies; graduated
medicine, 1895; house surgeon St. Boni-
face Hospital, 1895; superintendent, Win-
nipeg General Hospital, 1896-1899. Mem-
ber medical staff, Winnipeg General Hos-
pital; member board of directors, Wes-
ley College; member University Coun-
cil. Married Elizabeth Jane Holland,
Springfield, Man., 1900; has one son and
two daughters. Club: Manitoba. So-
cieties: A. F. & A. M.; Medical Socie-
ties. Conservative. Address: 156 Don-
ald St., Winnipeg, Man.

MOODIT, Elizabeth J. — Wife of Arthur
William Moody, M. D., C. M. Born
Helston, Cornwall. Ens-inrd, IcLagiiim- ot
John p'-d Grauc rreloar Roberts Hol-
.ctiiQ. Educated Helston. Lady Super-
intendent, Winnipeg General Hospital
Training School for Nurses for five
years. Married Dr. Moody, 1899; has
one son and two daughters. Methodist.
Address: 156 Donald St., Winnipeg,

MOORE, A. Bramley, M. I^. A. — Elect-
ed to Alberta Legislature for Alexandra,
1909. Liberal. Address: Lloydminster,


MOOBE, Herbert William Ruthven. —

Barrister. Born London, England, March
11, 1873, son of Rev. Edward William
and Lily Monck-Mason Moore. Educated
Pembroke County, Cambridge, Law Tri-
pos. Called to bar, London (Middle Tem-
ple), 1895. Came to Canada, 1895; prac-
ticed Calgary; mining, Kootenay and
Alaska; editor Nelson Miner, 1898-1899;
member of Victoria Colonist editorial
staff, 1907. Served with Rocky Moun-
tain Rangers, 1899-1901. Married Alice
Petley, Milwaukee, Wis., 1904; has two
sons. Recreations: Shooting, golf.
Club: Union. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: 422 St. Charles St., Victoria,
B. C.


MOORE, John Carlyle — Of Moore &
Scott, Barristers, Red Deer. Born To-
ronto, April 9, 1881, son of John and
Annie Moore. Educated Toronto Uni-
versity; Chicago University; Osgoode
Hall. Practicing- Red Deer since 1906.
Served as lieutenant 15th Light Horse.
Married Ethel Piche, Wiarton, Ont. ; has
one son Club: Red Deer. Recreation:
Horses. Liberal. Address: Waskasoo
Park, Red Deer, Alta.

MOORZ:, John Thomas. — Capitalist and
Promoter. Born York County, Ont., July
3, 1844, son of William K. Moore. Edu-
cated Berlin, Ont. Deputy Registrar Wa-
terloo County, Ont. Came to Alberta,
1879. Represented Red Deer, Alta., Leg-
islature. Married Annie Addison, Gait,
Ont.; has two sons and one daughter.
Club: Ontario (Toronto). Recreation:
Farming, stock raising. Address: Red
Deer, Alta.

'1/LOO'RH, Samuel A. — Barrister, Pacific
Bldg., Vancouver. Born New Glasgow,
N. S., Oct. 14, 1877, son of Lieutenant
McLellan and Christian Cameron Moore.
Educated Mount Allison University.
Came to British Columbia, 1896. Studied
law with Russell & Russell; admitted
to British Columbia Bar, 1904; practiced
as member of firm Russell & Russell,
1904; practicing alone .since 1906. Mar-
ried Matilda Walters, 1904; has one
daughter. Society: A. F. & A. M. Rec-
reation: Athletics. Liberal; Presbyte-
rian. Address: 1410 Harwood St., Van-
couver, B. C.

MOORE, Samuel Robert. — Publisher
Sun, Swift Current. Born Carbonear,
Nfld., Nov. 26, 1874, son of John and
Lavina Moore. Assisted to organize Pro-
vincial Rights party of Saskatchewan,
1905. Conservative organizer for Sas-
katchewan, federal elections, 1908, and
afterwards returned to newspaper work.
Married Fannie Bradley. Societies: I.
O. F. ; Eagles. Address: Swift Current,

MOORHEAD, Ernest, M. B., B. Ch.,

Dublin — Phvsician. Born Dalkey, Coun-
ty Dublin, Ireland, July 29, 1876, son of
Dr. T. H. and Mary Anne Moorhead.
Educated Trinity College, Dublin. Prac-
ticed Ireland, 1901, and same year came
to Winnipeg. Surgeon for C. P. R. Capt.
(Res.) Army Service. Married Maude
Ruckley, Winnipeg, 1906; has one son
and two daughters. Society: Medical
and Chirurgical of Winnipeg. Anglican.
Address: 324 Alfred Ave., Winnipeg,

MORAN, William James, B. A., I^]&.B.

— Of Moran, Anderson & Guy, Barrister,
Merchants Bank Bldg., Winnipeg. Born
Prescott, Ont., April 9, 1870, son of Peter
and Harriet Scott Moran, sister of Sir
R. W. Scott. Educated St. Mary's Col-
lege, Montreal; Upper Canada College;
University of Toronto; Osgoode Hall.
Called to Ontario Bar, Toronto, 1894;
practiced at Portage, Ont., 1897-1904;
Winnipeg since 1904; Crown Attorney
and Clerk of Peace, Rainy River, 1901-
1903; Sheriff, 1901-1902. Came to Win-
nipeg, 1904. Liberal; Roman Catholic.
Address: Royal Alexandra Hotel, Win-
nipeg, Man.

MORDElf, Georg^e Herbert. — Editor
and Manager North Shore Press, Ltd.,
119 First St., E., North Vancouver. Born
Picton, Ont., June 6, 1867, son of Cor-
nelius D. and Matilda Morden. Came to
British Columbia, 1889. School Trustee.
Married Letitia Miller, 1894. Recrea-
tions: All out-door sports. President
North Vancouver Lacrosse Club; member
of Executive North Vancouver Board of
Trade. Address: 325 Second St., North
Vancouver, B. C.


MORSEN, W. Clarence, J. P.— Dentist,
6201/^ Main St., Winnipeg. Born Tweed,
Ont., son of Howard and Jeannie Mor-
den. Educated high schools, Winnipeg
and Chicago. Came to Winnipeg, 1882;
practiced since 1901. Specialist Dental
Anaesthetics and Oral Therapeutics.
Club: Carleton. Societies: K. of P.;
Knights of Maccabees of World. Recre-
ation: Riding. Conservative; Methodist.
Address: 379 York Ave., Winnipeg, Man.



UO&ESBV, WiUiam Charles. — Of

Moresby & O'Reilly, Barristers, Imperial
Bank Chambers, Victoria. Born New
Westminster, B. C, June 1, 1876, son of
M. A. Edwards and William Moresby, ex-
Warden British Columbia Penitentiary.
Educated public schools and private tui-
tion, New Westminster. Called to Brit-
ish Columbia Bar, 1897; with the firm
Drake, Jackson & Helmcken, "Victoria,
1897-1904; present partnership formed,
1904. Alderman, Victoria, 1911. Served
with No. 3 Company, British Columbia
Garrison Artillery, New Westminster.
Clubs: Union; Pacific. Society: Native
sons of British Columbia (Grand Chief
Father). Conservative; Anglican. Ad-
dress: Victoria, B. C.

MORXTTT, George W. — Of Morfitt,
Lang & Bend, 212 Eighth Ave., E. Cal-
gary. Born St. Marys, Ont., March 16,
1873, son of William and Elizabeth Mor-
fitt. Educated St. Mary's; Stratford,
Ont. Broker Gladstone, Man., 1892.
Came to Alberta, 1905. Member 103d
Calgary Rifles. Married Annie Johnetta
Bond, Gladstone; has three sons and one
daughter. Societies: A. P. & A. M. ;
I. O. O. P. Recreation: Curling. Ad-
dress: 537 Fourteenth Ave., W. Calgary,

MOSGAXT, Edwin Blag-don. — Broker,
Canada Life Bldg., Vancouver. Born
Gloucester, England, April 5, 1860, son
of Thomas and Jane E. Morgan. Edu-
cated Grammar School, Monmouth.
Farmed, Nebraska, 1885-1889; director
and secretary of lumber company, Port-
land, Ore. Came to British Columbia,
1891. For seventeen years manager of
British Columbia Land Investment
Agency, Ltd.; director Vancouver Ship-
yards, Ltd.; director Thomas Stationery
Co., Ltd.; director British Columbia Mar-
ket Co., Ltd.; director West Coast Lum-
ber Co., Ltd. Married Fannie E. Tite,
Vancouver; has two daughters. Club:
Terminal City. Recreations: Riding,
driving, hunting. Address: 2448 Third
Ave., W., Vancouver, B. C.

MORGAN, Prank McDonald. — Manager
Ames-Holden, Ltd., Wholesale Shoe Deal-
ers, Edmonton. Born Stormont County,
Ont., Nov, 18, 1865, son of Nelson and
Jane Morgan. Educated public schools,
Ontario. With Ames-Holden Co., Winni-
peg, 1884. Came to Edmonton as mana-
ger branch, 1906. Vice-president Ed-
monton Board of Trade, 1910; president,
1911; ex-president Northwestern Trav-
elers' Association. Served with 90th
Regiment, Northwest Rebellion, 1885.
Clubs: Edmonton; Canadian. Society:
A. P. & A. M. Liberal; Methodist. Ad-
dre,ss: 393 Eighth St., Edmonton, Alta.

MORGAN, John Gordon — Manager
New York Life Insurance Company, Mc-
Arthur Bldg., Winnipeg. Born on fath-
er's farm, Fenelon Township, Victoria
County, Ont, Sept. 6, 1850, son of John
Gordon Morgan. Educated public schools,
Cambray, Ont. Learned trade of shoe-
maker, Cambray, and followed that trade
until 1880, when came to Winnipeg. En-
gaged in real estate business, Winnipeg,
1880-1883: entered service of New York
Life Insurance Company 1884. Intro-
duced that company in Western Canada,
liis territory embracing all the country
from the Soo to the Pacific Coast and
from the International boundary to the
Arctic circle. Was a pioneer through
this territory in the profession of life
insurance and opened up the Rocky
Mountain districts before the C. P. R.
was joined together from east to west.
Has been engaged in appointing agents
to act for his company and has always
written a very large volume of personal
business, having been a member of the
New York Life $200,000 Club since its
first organization. As a leading pro-
ducer for the New York Life during
the administrations of five presidents
has enjoyed their personal acquaintance
and has been the recipient of many gifts
in recognition of his long service. Mar-
ried Jane Hillburn, Uxbridge, Ont. (de-
ceased) ; has one son and one daughter.
Clubs: Manitoba; Carleton. Society: A.
F. & A. M. Recreation: horses. Liberal.
Residence: Royal Alexandra Hotel, Win-
nipeg, Man.

MORICE, Rev. Adrian Gabriel, O. M. I.

— Born St. Mars-sur-Colmont, Depart-
ment of Mayenne, France, son of Jean
and Virginie Morice. Educated Christian
Brothers School, Oisseau; ecclesiastical
colleges of Mayenne, Notre Dame de
Sion (Lorraine) and Autun, France. En-
tered order of Oblates, 1879. Came to
Canada, 1880. Ordained, 1882, when was
given charge of Chilcotin Indians, Brit-
ish Columbia; transferred to Stuart
Lake Mission, 1885. Societies: Philo-
logical Society of Paris; American An-
thropological Association; Canadian In-
stitute Natural History Society of Brit-
ish Columbia; Art, Historical and Scien-
tific Association of Vancouver; Histor-
ical Society of Manitoba; Geographical
Society of Neufchatel (Switzerland), and
others. Address: Duck Lake, Sask.

MORIiE?, Alfred James, C. E. — (Re-
tired). Born London, England, Dec. 19,
1861, son of John and Annie Elizabeth
Morley. Educated St. John's College,
Southend-on-Sea, England. Mechanical
engineer, London, 1877. Came to Canada
1884. Practiced United States, 1884-
1898. Mayor of Victoria, 1906, 1907,
1910, 1911. Married Mary Hannah
Godall, Rockford, 111. Address: "Bon-
nivue," Victoria, B. C.




MOBI^EV, A. W., IiIi.B. — Barrister, 601
McArthur Bldg., Winnipeg. Born Hunts-
ville, Ont., Aug. 9, 1880, son of Charles
and Mary Morley. Educated Ontario
public schools; Manitoba University.
Came to Winnipeg, 1900; studied law in
office of Hon. J. D. Cameron, Winnipeg.
Called to Manitoba Bar, 1904. Lieutenant
90th Regiment, Winnipeg Rifles, 1905;
Captain, 1907; on Canadian Coronation
Contingent, 1911. Married Gertrude Ma-
rion Wilson, Winnipeg, 1907; has one
daughter. Clubs: Carleton; Western
Canada Military Institute; Junior Army
and Navy (London) ; Fellow Royal Co-
lonial Institute (London); Canadian. So-
cieties: A. F. & A. M.; I. O. O. F.; K. of
P. Recreation: Military affairs. Lib-
eral; Presbyterian. Address: 259 Bell
Ave., Fort Rouge, Winnipeg, Man.

MOBFHY, George Altoert, P. M. — Bar-
rister, Broad St., Victoria. Born Carle-
ton Place, Ont., Sept. 15, 1865, son of
William and Margaret Campbell Morphy.
Educated Carleton Place and Toronto.
Called to Manitoba Bar, 1888; practiced
Toronto, 1888-1890. Police Magitrate,
1910. Came to Britih Columbia, 1890,
and been in active practice in Victoria
since 1891; appointed Police Magistrate,
1910. Married Mary E. Power, Vancou-
ver. Recreation: Lacrosse. Conserva-
tive. Address: 1440 Gladstone Ave.,
Victoria, B. C.

MOBFHY, Herbert N". — Barrister- and
Solicitor, Weyburn Security Bank Bldg.,
Weyburn; Director and General Solici-
tor, Weyburn Security Bank. Born
Brantford, Ont., Nov. 5, 1858, son of


Samuel and Amelia Lumsden Morphy.
Educated Toronto Model School; Os-
goode Hall. Called to Northwest Ter-

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