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nette Munson. Educated high schools,
Michigan. Taught school Michigan 189^-
1894: at college 1894-1896; insurance
business, Ancient Order of Gleaners, De-

troit, Mich., 1896-1902. Came to British
Columbia 1909. Married Laura B. How-
at, Ortonville, Mich., 1901; has one
daughter. Society: I. O. O. F. Presby-
terian. Address: 910 Eighth Ave. W.,
Vancouver, B. C.




MUBOOFF, Frani Leslie. — Of Wil-
liams & Murdoff, Ltd., Brokers, 506
Hastings St., Vancouver. Born Picton.
Ont., Aug. 16, 1872, son of Henry L. and
Margaret B. Murdoff. Educated Picton
High School. With Hudson's Bay Co.,
Winnipeg, 1890; came to Alberta 1904; to
British Columbia 1905. Secretary Point
Grey Estates Co., Ltd.; Vice President
Amalgamated Gold Mines of Sheep
Creek, Ltd.; Secretary G. T. P. Invest-
ment Co., Ltd.; Director Canadian North-
ern Land & Trust Co., Ltd.; Director
Campbell River Power Co., Ltd.; Director
Winnipeg Land Investment Co., Ltd.; Di-
rector Interior Land Co. of British Col-
umbia, Ltd.; Director Grandview Heights,
Ltd.; Director Vancouver Coaling & Oil
Syndicate, Ltd.; Director British Califor-
nia Oil Co., Ltd. Married Jean S. Jones;
has one son and two daughters. Club:
Terminal City. Society: Life member
Archaeological Society. Recreation:

Camping. Addess: 2525 Cornwall St.,
Vancouver, B. C.

MTTRPHV, Arthur John. — General
Manager Davis & Jackson Co., 68 Jas-
per Ave. E., Edmonton. Born New Or-
leans, La., Dec. 20, 1883, son of James
Michael and Mary Lawler Murphy. Edu-
cated public schools Rockford, 111.;
North American Business College. Clerk
Theatrical Booking Agency, New York,
1898; Private Secretary C. C. Mathey,
Galena, 111., 1900; came to Winnipeg and
associated with The Locaters, Ltd., 1903,
subsequently in Calgary as Manager for


J. C. Davis; established present business
1911; also heavily interested in the As-
phalt & Oil Lands. Society: Y. M. C. A.
Roman Catholic. Address: 861 4th St.,
Edmonton, Alta.


MUBFHY, Hon. Dennis. — Justice Su-
preme Court British Columbia since Nov.
30, 1909. Born Lac Le Hache, B. C,
June 20, 1870, son of Dennis and Ellen
Murphy. Educated Ottawa University.
Called to British Columbia Bar 1896;
practiced Victoria 1897, afterwards go-


ing to Ashcroft. Member Provincial
Legislature, for West Yale, 1900-1903;
Provincial Secretary in the Prior Ad-
ministration, 1902; Royal Commissioner
to investigate the Chinese immigration
irregularities on Pacific Coast, 1910.
Married Maud Cameron, Cornwall, Ont.,
1900; has three sons and two daughters.
Club: Country. Roman Catholic. Ad-
dress: 1236 Davie St., Vancouver, B. C.

MURFHY, Emily T. — Born Cookstown,
Ont., daughter of Isaac and Emily Fer-
guson. Educated Bisliop Strachan School,
Toronto. Married Rev. Arthur Murphy,
M. A., 1887; has two daughters. Came
to Alberta 1907. President Edmonton
Women's Canadian Club, 1911-1913;
President Edmonton Women's Press
Club, 1912-1913 (honorary); President
Ladies' Hospital Aid of Edmonton, 1908-
1912; Vice-President Edmonton Ladies'
Curling Club, 1909-1912; Convenor of
Committee on Laws for Better Protec-
tion of Women and Children, Edmonton
Local Council of Women, 1909-1912; au-
thor of "Janey Canuck in the West,"
1910; "Open Trails," etc., 1912. Clubs:
Daughters of the Empire; Canadian
Women's Press; Arts and Crafts So-
ciety. Recreations: Riding, curling. An-
glican. Address: 514 Twelfth St., Ed-
monton, Alta.


MURFE7, Major George B. — Sheriff
of the Judicial District of Moosomin.
President Board of. Directors, Moosomin
General Hospital; President local league
Anti-Tuberculosis Society; a member of
Council, Moosomin Board of Trade. Born
Renfrew, Ont., March 1, 1857, son of Ed-

ward and Jane Godkin Murphy. Educat-
ed public schools Portage du Fort, Que.;
high school, Renfrew; business college,
Belleville, Ont.. Engaged saddlery and
harness business Portage du Fort, pre-
vious to coming to Northwest Territor-
ies, 1882; employed on Dominion Lands
Survey, 1882; subsequently engaged in
farming and business, Qu'Appelle,
Sask. ; appointed Sheriff Judicial District
of Eastern Assiniboia, 1889; moved to
Moosomin, 1889; appointed to present of-
fice 1907. Councillor South Qu'Appelle,
1888-1889; trustee Moosomin Public
School Board since 1908. Served as
Transport OiRcer under Colonel Otter,
Second Division Northwest Field Force,
Northwest Rebellion, 1885; Provincial
Commander Veterans' Brigade and Major
Imperial Veterans' Association of Can-
ada; member Battleford Column Asso-
ciation and Imperial Service Medal Asso-
ciation; officer of the Legion of Front-
iersmen; Vice-President Masonic Vet-
erans' Association of the Pacific Coast
for Saskatchewan; Grand Master of the
Grand Lodge of Manitoba, A. F. & A. M.,
1898; Past Grand Master, Grand Lodge
of Saskatchewan, A. F. & A. M., 1906;
Master Workman, A. O. U. W., Manitoba,
Saskatchewan and Alberta, 1908. Mar-
ried Ada McRae, of Qu'Appelle, eldest
daughter of F. McRae, formerly of St.
Thomas, Ont., Feb. 21, 1889; has one son
and two daughters. Recreations: motor-
ing, traveling. Methodist. Address:
Moosomin, Sask.


MURPHY, James — Coal Merchant,
112% Simpson St., Fort William; Presi-
dent Western Navigation Co., Ltd.; Vice
President Copp Stove Co., Ltd.: Presi-
dent Superior Printing Co., Ltd.; Direc-



tor Monarch Life Insurance Co.; mem-
ber McKellar Hospital Board; chairman
Separate School Board. Born West Lib-
erty, Iowa, Aug. 15, 1863, son of P. and
Catherine Murphy. Educated public
schools, Iowa. Came to Fort Will-
iam 1884: contractor, C. P. R., Fort Will-
iam, 1884-1903; established present busi-
ness, 1903. Mayor, Fort William, 1907-
1908; Alderman, 1905-1906; President
Fort William Board of Trade, 1910; was
chairman of Commission when water
and electric light installed, 1897. Mar-
ried Annie Grimes, 1891; has three sons
and one daughter. Clubs: Kaministiquia;
Port Arthur; Thunder Bay Country.
Liberal; Roman Catholic. Address: 231
Syndicate Ave,, Fort William, Ont.

MUKFHV, James. — Barrister and So-
licitor. Born Cariboo District, B. C,
March 9, 1872, son of Dennis and Ellen
Murphy. Educated Mission Schools, Car-
iboo District; Ottawa University. Called
to British Columbia Bar, 1897; prac-
ticed Revelstroke, B. C, 1898-1899; at
Armstrong, B. C, 1899-1905; member of
firm, Macintyre & Murphy, Kamloops,
B. C, 1905-1909. Elected to British Col-
umbia Legislature, representing Cariboo,
1903-1907. Libral; Roman Catholic. Ad-
drss: Ashcroft, B. C.

MUBFHV, Boy Clarke, B. A., LIi. B. —

Barrister, Solicitor, Notary. Born Ap-
pleton. Wis., son of Walter James and
Ellen Fitch Murphy. Came to New
Brunskick as a child. Eudcated high
School, Andover, N. B.; University of
New Brunswick; Dalhousie University;
student with Thos. Lawson, Perth, N. B.,
1897-1900; attending college 1900-1907;
clerk Lougheed, Bennett & Co., Calgary,
1907-1908; practiced Castor, Alta, 1910.
Secretary Board of Trustees. Married
Nellie Wilson, Butler, 1881. Club: Curl-
ing. Societies: A. F. & A. M., I. O. F.
Independent; Baptist. Address: Castor,

MUBBAY, Adam Henry Stewart, B. A.,
M. A., lil.. B. — Of Murray & Robertson.
Barristers, 230 Portage Ave., Winnipeg.
Born Studholm, N. B., Feb. 13, 1878, son
of Dr. Charles and Elizabeth Mackenzie
Murray. Educated Halifax Academy,
1893; Dalhousie University, 1895 (win-
ing professor's sciiolarship and holding
same for four years; M. A. with higli
honors, pliysics and mathematics, 1899;
M. A., same subjects, 1901; LL. B., 1903).
Articled in law with Hector Mclnves, K.
C, Halifax; later practiced with Drys-
dale, Mclnnes & Co., Halifax. Came to
Winnipeg, 1904, and joined firm of Aik-
ins, Robson & Co. Formed firm of Rob-
ertson & Murray, 1905. Served as Lieu-
tenant 1st Canadian Artillery at Hali-
fax. Married Gladys S. Linton, Truro,
N. S., 1908; has two sons. Recreations:
curling, lawn bowling, golf. Liberal;
Presbyterian. Address: 46 Dundurn
Place, Winnipeg, Man.


MUBBAV, Charles William. — Secre-
tary Vancouver School Board. Born
Campbelton, N. B., July 15, 1851, son of
William and Elizabeth Murray. Educat-
ed Campbellton grammar school; came
to Britisli Columbia 1884; in lumber busi-
ness witli his father, of Royal City
Planing Mills. Chairman of Board of
School Trustees and held present office
since 1901. Married Emily Jane Gerrard,
Campbelton; has five sons. Recreations:
Lacrosee, football, motor boating and
rowing. Societies: K. of P.; Royal Ar-
canum. Address: 323 Eighth Ave. E.,
Vancouver, B. C.

MUBBAY, Bev. John Oswald, M. A. —

Canon of St. John's Catliedral; Professor
of Systematic Tlieology, St. John's Col-
lege, Winnipeg. Born Ballymena, Ire-
land, Jan. 4, 1869, son of Very Rev. J.
W. Murray, LL. D., Dean of Connor, and
Margaret Murray. Educated grammar
school, Ballymena; Trinity College (first
classical scholar 1889; Vice Chancellor's
Gold medallist, 1890). Ordained Deacon
1S96; Priest, Diocese of London, 1897;
Curate of St. Martin in-the-Fields, Lon-
don, 1896-1902; Governor Manitoba Uni-
versity, 1906; Chaplain with honorary
rank of Captain 90th Regiment, 1908.
Publications: "Christianity and Human
Thought"; London, S. P. C. K., 1909.
Married Ada Marwood, daughter of John
Marwood, R. N. Recreations: walking,
reading. Address: The Retreat, Winni-
peg, Man.

MUBBAY, Thomas J. —Of Campbell,
Pitblado & Co., Barristers, Bank of Ham-
ilton Bldg., Winnipeg. Born Paris, Ont.,
Nov. 13, 1875, son of Thomas and Mar-
garet Murray. Educated public and
high schools, Paris, Ont.; Osgoode Hall.
Called to Ontario Bar and practiced
Paris, 1898; came to Winnipeg and prac-
ticed under firm name of Andrews, An-



drews, Murray & Noble, 1904; Murray
& Locke, 1908; joined present firm 1911.
Member Board of Education, Paris, Ont.,
1902; Alderman, 1903. Married Roberta
Cass, Winnipeg, 1910. Club: Carleton.
Liberal; Roman Catholic. Address:
Winnipeg, Man.

nxURRAT, Walter Charles, B. A.., M.
A., I.L. D.— President of Saskatchewan
University, Saskatoon. Born Studholm,
Kings County, N. B., May 12, 1866, son
of Dr. Charles and Elizabeth Murray.
Educated College Institute, Predericton,
N. B. ; University of New Brunswick;
Edinburgh University. Professor of
Philosophy and Economics, University of
New Brunswick, 1891; Professor, Dal-
housie University of Nova Scotia, 1892-
1908; appointed President Saskatchewan
University, came to Regina 1908; to Sas-
katoon, 1909, when location of Univer-
sity had been settled. Alderman City of
Halifax 1906-1908; Canadian Gilchrist
Scholar, 1887-1890; member of British
Columbia University Commission; mem-
ber of Committee on Union of Presby-
terian, Methodist and Congregationalist
Churches. Author of number of pamph-
lets on educational and social subjects.
Married Christina Cameron, Fredericton,
1895; has three daughters. Club: Sas-
katoon. Societies: A. P. & A. M. ; Nova
Scotia Historical Society. Recreations:
Curling, golf. Presbyterian. Address:
Saskatoon, Sask.

SSUBBEI^I^-'WRIGriaT, Bev. John Ernest,

M. A. — Anglican Clergyman, Rector of
St. Augustin's Church, Lethbridge. Born
Leeds, England, 1872. Educated Sir Wil-
liam Paston Grammar Scliool, England;
Trinity University. Came to Canada
1903; ordained Deacon, Lichfield Cath-
edral, England, 1900; Priest, by Bishop
of Qu'Appelle, Oxbow, Sask., 1902; Vi-
car of All Saints, Oxbow, 1901-1902; St.
Mary's Whitwood, Sask., 1902-1907; St.
Marks, Toronto, Ont., 1908-1910; present
charge since 1910; elected Rural Dean
of Lethbridge, 1910. Married Annie
Hutchinson, Guelph, Ont, 1906; has two
sons and two daughters. Society: A. P.
& A. M. Address: St. Augustin's Rec-
tory, Lethbridge, Alta.

MUSGBAVZ:, John. — Of Swinerton &
Musgrave, 1206 Government St., Vic-
toria. Born Argentine Republic, June
2, 1868, son of Edward and Anastasia


Letitia Musgrave. Educated Corrig
School, Dublin, Ireland. Came to Brit-
ish Columbia 1885 and engaged in ranch-
ing at Duncans, and mining Vancouver
Island; financial agent Victoria 1902;
established present firm 1909. Club:
Union. Recreations: Shooting and yacht-
ing. Conservative; Anglican. Address:
11 Olympia Ave., Victoria, B. C.

MUSKETT, Henry J. S. — Secretary to
Lieutenant Governor, Government House,
Victoria. Born Norfolk, England, Pune
3, 1867, son of Rev. Henry J. and Sophia
Anne Muskett. Educated Cambridge
University. Came to British Columbia,
1894. Married Victoria; has one son
and one daugliter. Club: Yacht. Recrea-
tions: Yachting, shooting. Address: Sec-
retary's Lodge, Victoria, B. C.

laUTBIE, James T. — Of Mutrie & Mu-
trie, Chartered Accountants, Real Estate
and Insurance Brokers, Barnard Ave.,
Vernon. Born Wellington County, Ont.,
Dec. 28, 1875, son of Jolm and Margaret
Mutrie. Educated Iiigli schools, Fergus,
Ont. Taught school Ontario, 1895-1898;
traveler 1899; bookkeeper for George
Mickleborough, Regina, 1900-1903; chief
clerk Provincial Treasury, Regina and
Edmonton, 1903-1906; came to British
Columbia and establislied present busi-
ness 1906. Alderman, Vernon, 1911-1912.
Married Hattie Stafford, 1904 (deceased
1905), has one son; married Isabel Beth-
une, 1908; has one son and one daugh-
ter. Societies: A. F. & A. M.; I. O. O.
F. Recreations: Shooting, curling. Lib-
eral; Presbyterian. Address: Vernon,
B. C.



MUTBIE, Robert John. — Of Mutrle &
Mutiie, Real Estate and Financial Bro-
kers, Barnard Ave., Vernon. Born
Guelph, Ont., April 2, 1883, son of John
and Margaret Mutrie. Educated high
school, Fergus, Ont. Came to British
Columbia, 1902; real estate business in
own name, Vernon, 1903-1906; present
partnership formed 1906. Major 1st Reg-
iment British Columbia Horse, Vernon.
Married Alice Elizabeth Tolton, daugh-
ter of David Tolton, Guelph, Ont., 1907;
has one son and one daughter. Society:

A. F. & A. M. Recreations: Athletics.
Liberal; Presbyterian. Address: Vernon,

B. C.



MY£BS, His Honor Robert Hill. —

County Court Senior Judge, Winnipeg.
Born Oxford County, Ont., March 30,
1856, son of Robert and Margaret Myers.
Educated Collegiate Institute, Stratford,
Ont.; Osgoode Hall. Called to Ontario
Bar, 1880; Manitoba Bar, 1882; practiced
Minnedosa, Man., 1882-1903; Liberal
member for Minnedosa of Manitoba Leg-
islature, 1892-1903; appointed the Bench,
1903. Member of Manitoba College Sen-
ate and Board of Management; Trustee
Rliodes Scholarship, Manitoba Univer-
sity; Trustee Ninette Sanatorium.
Served as private 28th Regiment, Strat-
ford. Married Annie McLeod, Woodstock,
Ont., Nov., 1885; has one son and one
daughter. Clubs: Manitoba, St. Charles
Country. Societies: A. F. & A. M. (P.
G. M.); L O. O. F. (P. G. M.). Recrea-
tions: golf, motoring, lawn bowling.
Presbyterian. Address; 99 Roslyn Road,
Winnipeg, Man.

NADEN, Georffe Ratcliffe. — Of G. R.

Naden & Co., Insurance, Mining and Real
Estate Broker, Prince Rupert. Born
Hartington, England, May 7, 1865, son of
John and Esther Naden. Educated Hart-
ington. Apprentice wholesale dry goods,
Manchester, England, 1880. Came to
Canada, 1883. Alderman and Mayor of
Greenwood. British Columbia Legisla-
ture, member for Greenwood. Alderman
and vice-president Board of Trade, Prince
Rupert, 1910. Married Margaret Dunn,
Spokane, Wash.; has one son and one
daughter. Clubs: Pacific (Victoria);
Prince Rupert. Societies: C. O. P.; I.
O. O. F. Recreations: hunting, fishing,
billiards. Address: Prince Rupert, B. C.

ITAISMITH, Feter Iiawrence, B. A., B.

A. Sc. — General Manager Alberta Rail-
way & Irrigation Co., Lethbridge. Born
Pembroke, Ont., May 1, 1865, son of
Lawrence and Ellen Nalsmith. Educated
public and high schools, Pembroke;
McGill University. Civil Engineer,
State of Wyoming, 1891-1892; superin-
tendent railway and shipping, Dominion
Coal Co., Cape Breton, 1893-1900. Came
to Alberta, 1900; manager Alberta Rail-
way & Coal Co., which consolidated with
Canadian North, West Irrigation Co. and
St. Mary's River Railway Co., 1903, as
Alberta Railway and Irrigation Co.
Cnairman board of managers. Gait Hos-
pital, Lethbridge. Married Annie Mc-
Cormack, Ottawa, 1891; has two sons.
Club: Chinook. Society: A. F. & A. M.
Presbyterian. Address: 1018 First Ave.,
S., Lethbridge, Alta.

NANCARROW, W. C. — Manager J. W.
Ashdown Hardware Co., Ltd., Calgary.
Born Campbellford. Ont., Nov. 30, 1877,
son of Charles and Victoria Nancarrow.
Educated Campbellford. Clerk, Camp-
bellford, 1893. Came to Alberta, 1898.
Club: Alberta Gun. Society: A. F. &
A. M. Recreation: cricket. Address:
23 Marlboro Apts., Calgary, Alta.




NANTON, Augustus Mereaitli. — Of

Osier, Hammond & Nanton, Financial
Brokers, Main and Portage Ave., Winni-
peg; president Manitoba Cartage Co.;
director Toronto General Trusts Corpor-
ation; vice-president Great West Life
Assurance Co.; managing director Al-
berta Railway & Irrigation Co.; director
Dominion Bank: director Winnipeg Elec-
tric Railway Co.; director Northern
Trust Co.; director Manitoba Bridge &

Iron Works; ex-governor Winnipeg Gen-
eral Hospital; president Winnipeg Board
of Trade, 1898; president Winnipeg Stock
Exchange, 1912. Born Toronto, May 7,
1860, son of Augustus and Mary Louisa
Jarvis Nanton. Educated Toronto Model
School. Real estate office, Toronto, 1873;
employe, Pellatt & Osier, 1875; later with
Osier & Hammond. Came to Winnipeg,
1883; opened office of Osier, Hammond
& Nanton, 1884; receiver Manitoba &
North West Ry., representing English



bondholders, 1894-1898; promoter, N. W.
Wire Co., 1892; promoter Winnipeg
Western Land Corporation, 1900; pro-
moter Western Stock Yards Co., 1903.
Married Georgina Hope Hespeler, 1886
(deceased, 1887); married Ethel Con-
stance Clark, 1893; has three sons and
three daughters. Clubs: Manitoba;
St. Charles Country; Manitoba Jockey;
Rideau (Ottawa); Chinook (Lethbridge).
Con.servative; Anglican. Address: 229
Roslyn Road, Winnipeg, Man.


VATSGImJ:, Hugfh G. — Fruit Rancher.
Of Nangle & Hurt, Real Estate and Fi-
nancial Agents, Barnard Ave., Vernon,
B. C. Born London, England, Aug. 19,
1875, son of Major Henry Nangle, 47th
Regiment. Educated Malborough Col-
lege, England. Civil engineer and far-
mer, England, 1895-1902. Came to Brit-
ish Columbia and engaged ranching,
1903; present business established, 1911.
Captain British Columbia Horse. Mar-
ried Miss Hughes, daughter of Rev.
.J. E. Hughes, 1905; has one son and
two daughters. Clubs: Ranchers; Coun-
try, Vernon. Recreation: hunting. Con-
servative; Anglican. Address: Vernon,
B. C.

NAFIEB, Boliert Mathiesou. — Man-
ager Bank of Montreal, Medicine Hat.
Born Montreal, March 22, 1862, son of
Robert and Mary Grant Napier. Educated
Montreal; high school, Fredericton, N. B.
Joined Bank of Montreal, St. John, N.
B., 1882. Came West, 1888. Married
Annie S. Smith, 1894; has one son. Club:
Cypres-s, Medicine Hat. Society: A. F.
& A. M. (secretary Medicine Hat lodge).
Anglican. Address: Medicine Hat, Alta.

NASH, Albert Edward— Of Nash, Soars
& Baldwin, Auditors, Assignees and
Trustees, Dominion Bank Bldg., Edmon-
ton. Director National Realty & Invesl-
ment Co., Ltd.; Financial Manager
Northwestern Loan & Development Co.,
Ltd.; Manager Western Clays, Ltd. Born
Swansea, England, Oct. 15, 1881, son of
Robert and Emma Priscilla Norton Nash.
Educated Wycliffe College and Taunton
College, England. Auditor, John Goss &
Co., Swansea, 1900; financial agent, Wal-
ters, Nash & Co., Ltd., Swansea, 1904.
Came to Alberta, 1907; established pres-
ent business, 1908. Married Marie
yvonne Couchon, 1911, granddaughter of
the late Hon. Joseph Couchon, the first
speaker of the Canadian Senate after
confederation. Club: Edmonton Country.
Recreations: golf, tennis. Conservative;
Anglican. Address: Twenty-sixth St.,
T^'lmonton, Alta.


NASH, Claude Wearing". — Of Nash &
McMeans, Insurance and Real Estate
Agents, Bank of Nova Scotia Bldg., Win-
nipeg. Born Emerson, Man., May 12,
1879, son of William Hill and Catherine
Nash. Educated Collegiate Institute,
Winnipeg; clerk with Canada Fire In-
surance Co., Winnipeg, 1900-1904; secre-
tary Canada Fire Insurance Co., 1904-
1906; inspector. Commercial Union In-
surance Co., 1906-1907; established pres-
ent business, 1909. Married Mary Edna
Carley, Winnipeg, 1908. Clubs: Victoria
Hockey Club (vice-president) ; Adanac;
Winnipeg Rowing. Recreations: all out-
door sports. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: 185 Spence St., Winnipeg, Man.

NAVIN, Thomas Henry. — Of Navin
Bros., Contractors, Moose Jaw. Born Am-
herstburg, Ont, 1878, son of Patrick and
Adeline Navin. Educated separate
schools, Kingston and Lindsay, Ont.;
Collegiate Institute, Goderich, Ont.;
Canada Business College, Chatham, Ont.
With stores department, C. P. R., Win-



nipeg, 1897; storekeeper, MacLeod, Alta.,
1898; same capacity, Cranbrook, B. C,
1899, Came to Moose Jaw, contracting
business with his father, 1902; formed
present firm, 1906; has erected a num-
ber of important public buildings, Moose
Jaw, and built water purification plant,
Medicine Hat. Married Mary Ellen
Kenny, Lethta ridge, 1907; has two
daughters. Club: Moose Jaw. Society:
K. of C. Recreations: baseball, rugby
football, curling, hockey. Liberal; Ro-
man Catholic. Address: 20 Clyde Ave.,
Moose Jaw, Sask.

XTimi^AND, John Horace — Manager
Neeland & Co., Financial, Insurance and
Real Estate Brokers, Ross Block, Fort
William; ex-Provincial Manager, Occi-
dental Fire Insurance Company. Born
Moose Jaw, Sask., June 13, 1889, son of
William Whitfield and Alice McKinstry
Neeland. Educated: public schools,
Moose Jaw: high school, Fort William.
Associated with Ray Street Co., 1901-
1910; manager foreign branch, 1909-1910;
managing director. Port Arthur Insur-
ance and Vessel Agency, Port Arthur,
1910-1911; established present business
1911. Served as Corporal, 96th Lake
Superior Regiment, three years. Mar-
ried Edith Edna Mick, 1910; has one son.
Clubs: Thunder Bay Country; Kaminis-
tiquia. Recreations: shooting, golf. Con-
servative; Methodist. Address: Fort
William, Ont.

NEEIiT, David Bradley, M. B., M. C.
P. & S., M. P. — Physician. Born Hark-
away, Ont., Dec. 18, 1873, son of Thomas
and Jane Neely. Educated Owen Sound
Collegiate Institute; Toronto University.
Practiced, Colborne and Markdale, Ont.,
until 1904, when came to Humboldt.
Elected to first Saskatchewan Legisla-
ture for Humboldt, 1905; re-elected,
1908; resigned and elected to House of
Commons, for Humboldt, 1908-1911. Mar-
ried Laura Amelia Hill, Markdale, Ont.,
1906; has two sons. Liberal; Methodist.
Address: Humboldt, Sask.

NBFP, Oliver — Financial Agent,
Moosomin; Director Moosomln Hospital
Board: President Moosomin Tennis
Company. Born Troy, Wentworth Coun-
ty, Ont., Oct. 11, 1856, son of Samuel and
Harriet McKay Neff. Educated: public
schools, Wentworth County. General
merchant, Wentworth County, 1876-1888;
associated with his brother, J. R. Neff,
in general merchandise business, St.
George, Ont, 1878-1882. Came to the
Northwest, 1882; agent Canada North-
west Land Co., Moosomin, 1883-1885;
implement business, Moosomin, 1885-
1887; appointed Clerk of Supreme Court


for N. W. T., Moosomin, by Dominion
Government, 1887-1907; established
present business 1907. Mayor, Mooso-
min, 1896-1898; 1906-1907, Director for
Moosomin Realty Association, Secretary
Moosomin Board of Trade. Chairman of
School Board several years; largely re-
sponsible for efficiency of school sys-
tem of Moosomin. Married Elizabeth
Ann Gamble, daughter of John Gamble,
Wentworth County, 1877; has two sons
and one daughter. Societies: A. F. & A.
M. (P. M.); L O. O. F.: A. O. U. W.
Recreations: shooting, bowling, motor-
ing. Conservative; Methodist. Address:
Moosomin, Sask.

NUImSON, Charles — Pharmacist (re-
tired). Born Manchester, England, June
18, 1861, son of Henry Nelson. Edu-

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