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son «& Howe, Lethbridge. Born London,
Ont., April 5, 1851, son of' Robert and
Margaret Bentley. Educated public
schools, Strathroy, Ont. Carrier C. P.
R., Lake of the Woods, 1879; commis-
sion business with R. W. Francis, Win-
nipeg, 1880-1881; general merchant C. P.
R. mountain division, 1884-1885; teamed
goods from Medicine Hat to Lethbridge.
1885, and continued mercantile business
until 1902. Served as councilman, Leth-
bridge, when town was incorporated;
Mayor eight terms. Married Margaret
Letitia West, Orangeville, Ont., 1886;
has three daughters. Club: Chinook.
Societies: I. O. O. F.; K. of P.; A. O.
TT. W. Recreation: shooting. Conserva-
tive: Anglican. Address: 419 Burdette
St., Lethbridge, Alta.

BEinVEi;!., John Oliver. — Of Ben-
well, Peart & Co., Wholesale Wine
merchants, 226 Cambie St., Vancou-
ver. Born Blackheath, Kent, England,
August 9, 1865, son of John P. and
Elizabeth Benwell (father was general
manager Lloyd's Bank, Ltd., London).
Educated Malvern College, Worcester-
shire. Clerk Bank of British North
America. London, 1882. Came to Can-
ada, 1886; to British Columbia, 1888;
established present business, 1898. Mar-
ried Helen E. Boultbee, Vancouver, 1891;
has one daughter. Clubs: Vancouver;
Terminal City; Country, and athletic
clubs. Recreations: hunting, shooting.
Address: Vancouver, B. C.


BEBG'IIiBON, Patrick John. — Barrister.
Born Granby, Que., February 12, 1880,
son of Dr. Joseph and Margaret Ber-
geron. Educated St. Mary's College,
Montreal; McGill University. Called to
Quebec bar and practiced Stanstead, 1905.
Came to Alberta, 1906. Clubs; Ranch-
men's; Alberta; St. Mary's. Society: K.
of C. Address: Thomas Block, Calgary,


BZiBKIil^ZST, Mowbray Stenhouse. —

Financier, Union Bank Bldg., Winnipeg.
Born Antigua, B. W. I., April 7, 1881,
son of Humphrey and Bertha Berkeley.
Educated Jersey, Channel Islands, and
England. Came to Canada, 1900; Winni-
peg, 1906; representing British capital,
Canada. Married Aimee McMullen Pear-
son, Winnipeg, 1909; has two sons and
one daughter. Club: Manitoba. Socie-
ties: Military Institute; Western Can-
ada British Public Schools Association.
Recreations: cricket, tennis, golf, shoot-
ing. Conservative; Anglican. Address:
2 Evergreen Place, Roslyn, Road, Winni-
peg, Man.

SEKXm, Richard, ^Ii.D. — Author. Born
Vienna, Austria, March 29, 1870, son of
David and Mary Berl. Educated Vienna
and Frybourg, Baden. Came to Alberta,
1908; British Columbia, 1909. At present
engaged on a "History of Arts." Mem-
ber Papal Academy, "Arcady" Rome.
Married Jane Kansler, 1897; has three
sons. Address: 1259 Robson St., Van-
couver, B. C.

BEBN'AB]}, Micliael Charles. — Of Ber-
nard & Bernard, Barristers, Calgary.
Born Dublin, April 6, 1868, son of Wil-
liam and Mary Bernard. Educated Lon-
don, England. Came to Alberta, 1889.
Called to the bar and commenced prac-
tice, Calgary, 1896. Clubs: Ranchmen's;
Motor (London, England). Address: 736
13th Ave., W., Calgary, Alta.


BEBNrEB, Joseph, M. A., IVC. J,. A. —

Of Bernier, Blackwood & Bernier,
Barristers, 512 Mclntyre Block,
Winnipeg. Born St. Jean d'Iberville,
Que., August 16, 1874, son of late Sena-
tor Thomas A. and Malvina Bernier.
Educated St. Boniface College, Manitoba
University. Practiced Winnipeg since
1897. Member Manitoba Legislature for
St. Boniface, 1901-1903, 1907, 1910; past
president St. Jean Baptiste Society:
Councillor Manitoba University and vice
president Universal Life Insurance Co.;
formerly editor Le Manitoba; author
"L'Hote de la Foret." Married Rose
Marie Bernier, L'Islet, Quebec, 1910.
Clubs: Adanac; Carleton. Recrea-
tion: shooting. Conservative; Roman
Catholic. Address; St. Boniface, Man.

BBBBV, Blizabeth. — Supervisor of
Household Science, Vancouver Public
Schools. Born Mildmay, Ont., daughter
of William and Susanna Sterne Berry.
Educated public school, Mildmay; pri-
vate school, Waterloo: Higli School, Ber-
lin, Ont.; Normal School, Ottawa;


Ontario Agricultural College,- Guelph,
Ont.; Columbia University, New York.
Came to British Columbia, 1905. Intro-
duced household science Into Vancouver
public schools. Clubs: Canadian, Athe-
naeum. Recreations: reading, music,
drama, outdoor life. Address: 1120 Bar-
clay St., Vancouver, B. C.

BEBR'Z', Thomas, J. P. — Of Berry
& Carson Real Estate, 325 Main
St., Winnipeg. Born Manchester

England, April 2, 1859, son of Samuel
and Elizabeth Berry. Educated Man-
chester. Merchant, England, 1880. Came
to Canada, 1890. Notary public. Alder-
man, St. Boniface, 1907-1908; Mayor,
1912. Served with Royal Marine Artil-
lery, 1st Manchester Volunteer Rifles
and 3d Cheshire Rifles. Married Eliza-
beth Ann Hlndley, Manchester, 1881.
Societies: A. F. & A. M.; Mystic Shrine;
A. O. F.; C. O. F.; K. P.; I. O. O. F.
Recreation: motoring. Conservative;
Protestant. Address: Fernleigh, Nor-
wood Grove, Winnipeg, Man.

^JlWiSiTNLAUr, Arthnr IS. — Manager
Metals, Limited, Calgary. Born Brecon,
Wales, August 6, 1879, son of M. and
Margaret Berryman. Educated Brecon.
Studied law, Glamorgan, Wales, 1894.
Came to Alberta, 1910. Recreation: row-
ing. Address: 308 12th Ave., W., Cal-
gary, Alta.

BEBTBAND, Theophane. — Barrister.
Born Varennes, Que., September 15,
1844, son of Romain and Zoe Bertrand.
Educated Vercheres Academy, Jollette
College. Called to Quebec bar; practiced
Montreal, 1870-1887. Came to Winnipeg,
1887. Deputy Provincial secretary and
king's printer for Manitoba, 1888-1890;
secretary and treasurer St. Boniface,
1893-1906; Mayor St. Boniface, 1906. Mar-
ried Alexina Pariseau, Montreal, 1871;
has six sons and three daughters. Con-
servative; Roman Catholic. Address:
133 Provencher St., St. Boniface, Man.

BBTHTTZn:, Alexander. — (Retired.) Di-
rector Columbia Fire Insurance Co.
Director Masonic Temple Co. Born
Peterborough, Ont, Jan. 31, 1852. son
William B. and Catherine Dingwall
Bethune. Educated public schools.
Ontario. Hardware and lumber busi-
ness and postmaster, Manitou, Man.
1887-1890. Came to British Columbia.
1890. Mills & Bethune, boots and shoes,
Vancouver, 1896-1900; contractor and
builder, Vancouver, 1900. Served as Al-
derman, Manitou, two years when mu-
nicipality organized; Alderman, Vancou-
ver, 1900-1907; Mayor 1907-1908, dur-
ing which time Chinese and Japanese
riots took place. One of the founders of

the Canadian Club, Vancouver, 1900-
1907. Married Catherine Macintosh,
Paisley, Ont., 1878; has two daughters.
Society: A. F. & A. M. Recreations:
motoring, fishing, hunting. Conserva-
tive; Presbyterian. Address: 3109 Point
Grey Road, Vancouver, B. C.

BBTHTTim, B. A. — Manager Imperial
Bank of Canada, Kamloops. Born Port
Hope, Ont, May 6, 1878, son of C. J. S.
and Alice Bethune. Educated Trinity
College School, Port Hope. Joined bank,
Toronto, 1897. Came to British Colum-
bia, 1902. Married Marion Mann, Vic-
toria; has one daughter. Club: Kam-
loops. Society: K. of P. Recreation:
motor boating. Address: Kamloops,
B. C. ,


BETTS^ John Felton. — Merchant, 33
River St., Prince Albert. Born Stirling,
Hastings, Ont, October 4, 1854, son of
Rev. Lorenzo Arden and Caroline Betts.
Educated Albert College, Belleville, Ont.
Came to Prince Albert and engaged gen-
eral trading, 1879; entered into partner-
ship with Richard Gwynne under firm
name of Betts & Gwynne; erected first
building on the townsite of Prince Al-
bert and occupied same ever since; dis-
solved partnership and engaged business
for himself, 1909. Elected to first coun-
cil of Prince Albert, 1885; acting Mayor
nine years; chairman School Board, 1883;
memiber Northwest Territories Legisla-
tive Assembly for Prince Albert District,
1888; re-elected, 1891 and 1894; Speaker
of the Legislative Assembly, 1894-1898;
Justice of Peace, 1886-1888; commis-
sioner In B. R., 1888; connected with
commissary department of Northwest
Mounted Police, Northwest Rebellion,
1885. Married Mary Boyle, Picton, Ont,
1882. Societies: A. F. & A. M.; I. O. F.
Recreations: curling, lacrosse. Conserva-
tive; Methodist. Address: Prince Albert,




BETTZ, Harry — Financial and Real
Estate Broker, 160 Hastings St., W.,
Vancouver; Secretary-Treasurer, Dread-
naught Safe Co., Ltd.; Director Mexi-
can Colonization Co., Ltd. Born Whitby,
Ont, Sept. 17, 1880, son of William
Francis and Maria Bettz (eldest daugh-
ter of Sylvester Lynde). Educated

Model School, Whitby; Collegiate Insti-
tute, Owen Sound, Ont. With C. P. R.,
dining car service. 1901-1909; began
present business, Vancouver, 1909. Mar-
ried Mabel Dumbolton, Oswego, N. Y.,
1906, Recreations: fishing, shooting,
motoring. Liberal; Metliodist. Address:
1275 Broadway, W., Vancouver, B. C.



SEVAN, Oerald Trevor Johnstone. —

Of Bevan Bros., Stock Brokers, 432 Pen-
der St., Vancouver. Born India, May 2,
1881, son of Major Reginald Johnstone
and Florence Mary Bevan. Educated St.
George's, Windsor. Chartered account-
ant, Birmingham, England, 1900; stock
broker's clerk, London, England, 1902.
Came to British Columbia, 1904; em-
ploye Union Bank, Bank of Montreal,
Dominion Bank, Pickering-Parker Co.,
Ltd., Winnipeg. Director Stewart Min-
ing and Development Co., Ltd., Glacier
Mining Co., Ltd. Married Eva Gold-
schmidt, 1910. Clubs: Union (Victoria);
Vancouver. Address: 2080 Haro St.,
Vancouver, B. C.

BEVAlf, Fercival Jolinstone, B. A. —

Of Bevan Bros., Financial Brokers, 432
Pender St., Vancouver. Born Bury St.
Edmunds, Suffolk, England. September
6, 1888, son of Major Reginald Johnstone
and Florence Mary Warden Bevan. Edu-
cated Tunbridge, Kent; Oxford. Came
to Vancouver and engaged present busi-
ness, 1910. Member Cadet Corps. Tun-
bridge School. Clubs: Vancouver; West-
ern. Recreation: golf. Conservative;
Anglican. Address: 1630 Davie St., Van-
couver, B. C.

BEVAIV, Beglnald James Johnstone. —

Of Bevan Bros. & Co., Ltd., Financial
Brokers, 432 Pender St., Vancouver;
member of Vancouver Stock Exchange.
Born Belary, Madras, India, February
9, 1886, son of Major Reginald Johnstone
and Florence Mary Warden Bevan. Edu-
cated Bloxham, Oxfordshire, England.
With Stanford, Spalding & Boston Bank-
ing Co., Ltd., previous to coming to Can-
ada, 1895; clerk Union Bank of Canada;
represented present firm Winnipeg until
coming to Vancouver, 1907. Clubs: Van-
couver; Union (Victoria). Recreations:
golf, hunting, fishing. Conservative;
Anglican. Address: 1510 Robson St.,
Vancouver, B. C.

BBVBBIBGZ:, Bbenezer, B. A. — Of

Beveridge & Hamilton, Barristers and
Solicitors, Somerset Bldg., Winnipeg.
Born Middlesex County, Ont., May 14,
1871, son of Thomas and Margaret Ken-
nedy McLeish Beveridge. Came to Mani-
toba, 1877. Educated: public and high
schools, Winnipeg; Manitoba University
(B. A. 1900). Law student with Aikens,
Pitblado & Co., 1900-1903; called to Man-
itoba bar, 1904: member of firm Turn-
bull & Beveridge, Winnipeg, 1904-1907;
Murray & Beveridge, 1907-1909; present
partnership formed 1909. Societies: A.
F. & A. M.; I. O. O. F. Recreations:
canoeing, curling. Liberal; Presby-
terian. Address: 47 McAdam Ave., Win-
nipeg, Man.


BBVBBISGZ:, Prancis Duncan. — Real
Estate Broker, 709 Second St., E., Cal-
gary. Vice-president East Calgary Land
Co., Ltd.; director Gordon Nail Works,
Ltd. Born Collingwood, Ont., July 27,
1857, son of Peter and Mary Beveridge.
Educated public schools Collingwood.
Commercial traveler Latham & Son, Chi-
cago, 111., 1883-1884; various interests,
Chicago, 1884-1896; interested timber
lands, Duluth, Minn., 1896-1907. Came
to Alberta, 1907. Married Etta Foster,
Chicago, 1896; has three sons and one
daughter. Club: Canadian. Society: A.
F. & A. M. Recreations: shooting, hunt-
ing. Liberal; Methodist. Address: Har-
vetta Heights, Calgary, Alta.

BBVBBrDGXS, James. — Of William

Braid & Co., 1084 Homer St., Vancouver.
Born Murton, Scotland, December 9, 1856,
son of William and Hannah Beveridge.
Educated Davidson's Parish School,
Thornton, Scotland. Came to British
Columbia representing A. Schilling & Co,.
San Francisco, Cal., at Victoria, 1893;
for some years traveler for present firm;
partner since 1904; sole proprietor
since 1912. Member Vancouver Board
of Trade; chairman of Board of
Managers Westminster Hall; president
Presbyterian brotherhood; first president
Y. M. C. A. Married E. A. Lister, 1884;
has three sons and two daughters. Rec-
reations: riding, driving. Club: Termi-
nal City. Liberal; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: 1899 Balsam St., Vancouver, B. C.







^ ^^^H



BXSVIiZfilSGi:, Stephen Edward. — Real
Estate Broker, 709 Second St., E., Calgary,
Director and sales manager Southeast
Land Co., Ltd.; director Land Traction
Co., Ltd. Born Grey County, Ont., Au-
gust 2, 1870, son of Peter and Mary
Beveridge. Educated public schools
Port Arthur, Ont. Came to Alberta, 1887.
Ranching, Springbank, Alta., 1898-1906;
member of firm Beveridge Bros., real
estate brokers, Calgary, 1906-1911. Jus-
tice of the Peace; Deputy Game Warden.
Club: Alberta. Society: A. P. & A. M.
Recreation: shooting. Liberal; Uni-
tarian. Address: Young Block, Calgary,

BEVEKXDCrEv Thomas. — Of Beveridge
Bros., Real Estate and Financial Brokers,
McDougall Block, Calgary. Born CoU-
ingwood, Ont., February 7, 1856, son of
Peter and Mary Beveridge. Educated
public schools. Engaged surveying C. P.
R., 1871; construction C. P. R., Nepigon,
1878-1885; came to Alberta and engaged
farming, 1885-1906; present business es-
tablished, 1907. Married Janet Devar,
Calgary, 1893; has one son and one
daughter. Club: Canadian. Recreation:
farming. Liberal; Baptist. Address: 707
Durham Ave., Mount Royal, Calgary,

BE'WEIiIi, 'Williaur H. — Farmer. Born
Greenbank, Ont., November 1, 1850, of
English and Scottish parentage. Edu-
cated public schools. Taught school
eleven years in Grey and York Counties,
Ont. ; organized Grey County convention
of Sons of Temperance, 1874, and elected
first president; out of this organization

arose movement that resulted in over-
whelming vote of Grey County for Dun-
kin Act, 1876, which paved the way for
the Scott Act. York County, 1877-1884,
Ontario County, 1884-1899 he carried on
work of temperance cause, being elected
to various high offices of Sons of Tem-
perance, including that of Grand Scribe,
which he held from 1886-1899, when he
removed to Manitoba, and in that ca-
pacity had much to do with temperance
organization work in Ontario, and also
represented Canada on the international
revision committee of supreme body;
councillor, Whitby, Ont., several years.
Since coming to Manitoba he has held
many important offices, being auditor
of Rosser municipality, 1902-1908; dele-
gate to Manitoba Grain Growers' Asso-
ciation since 1904, including special ses-
sion to meet tariff commission, 1905,
and special session to wait on Sir Wil-
frid Laurier, 1910; secretary of Manitoba
section of Grain Growers Grain Co. dur-
ing formative period; vice-president Man-
itoba Methodists' Laymen's Association,
1907-1909; delegate to Manitoba school
trustees' conventions, 1909-1912, and Pro-
vincial Liberal conventions. 1906 and
1910; shareholders' auditor. Grain Grow-
ers' Grain Co. since 1907; director Pro-
vincial Mxitual Hail Insurance Co. since
1902; vice-president Manitoba School
Trustees' Association, 1910; president,
1911-1913; member Manitoba Advisory
Board of Education since 1911; director
Manitoba Grain Growers' Association
since 1910. Married Emma Lavinia Ed-
wards, Feversham, Ont., 1874; has five
sons and three daughters. Recreation:
reading. Address: Rosser, Man.

BEYK'ON, Prancis Marlon. — Born .
Streetsville, Ont., daughter of James
Barnes and Rebecca Beynon. Came to
Manitoba, 1889. Educated Hartney,
Man. (second class certificate). Vice-
president Canadian Women's Press Club,
Winnipeg branch, 1911. One of first
women western Canada to take up ad-
vertising exclusively as a profession.
Address: 709 Portage Ave., Winnipegj

BBYlTOir, Lilliam, B. A. — Editor Wo-
man's Department Manitoba Free Press,
Winnipeg. Born County York, Ont.,
daughter of James Barnes and Rebecca
Beynon. Came west, 1899, and educated
Collegiate Institute, Winnipeg, Wes-
ley College, Manitoba University. Joined
Free Press staff 1906. Secretary local
branch Canadian Women's Press Club,
1907-1908; on executive Women's Uni-
versity Club, 1910. Organizer of Wo-
men's Institutes connection with exten-
sion department of Saskatchewan Uni-
versity. 1910. Address: 709 Portage
Ave., Winnipeg, Man.


BIOEI^O'W, Henry V., B. A., IiX;. B., M.

A. — Of Bigelow & Graham, Barristers,
Regina. Born Lynn, Mass., Nov. 6,
1874, son of James E. and Henrietta
Agnes Bigelow. Educated Dalhousle
University. Practiced profession Truro,
N. S., 1896. Came to Regina, 1906.
President Regina Curling Club; Past
Provincial Grand Prior, Knights Templar
for Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Mar-
ried Mary Tupper, Dartmouth, N. S.,
1900; has four sons and one daughter.
Club: Assiniboia. Society: A. F. & A. M.
Recreations: curling, tennis, motoring.
Conservative; Anglican. Address: 2363
Smith St., Regina, Sask.

BIGG-AR, Oliver IVEowat, B. A. — Of

Short, Cross & Biggar, and Short, Woods,
Biggar & CoUisson, Barristers, 14 How-
ard St., Edmonton. Born Toronto, Oct.
11, 1876, son of Charles Robert Webster
and Jane Helen Biggar. Educated St.
Luke's School; Toronto Church School;
Upper Canada College; Toronto Univer-
sity; Osgoode Hall. Law student, DuVer-
net & Jones, Toronto, 1899; junior part-
ner, Biggar & Burton, barristers, Toron-
to, 1902; came to Alberta, 1903; admitted
to present partnership, 1904; appointed
member Board of Governors, University
of Alberta, 1911; Bencher, Alberta Law
Society since 1907. Married Muriel Eliz-
abeth Whitney, Toronto, 1908. Clubs:
Edmonton; Edmonton Golf; Edmonton
Country. Recreation: golf. Liberal; An-
glican. Address: "Barbine," Stoney
Plain Road, Edmonton, Alta.

BIUUtABDE, Pelix John, B. A. — Su-
perintendent neglected children. Province
of Manitoba and Judge Juvenile Court
of Winnipeg. Born Sussex, England.
June 21, 1874, son of Capt. Felix John
and Ellen Bllllarde. Educated Ireland and
Germany. Taught school, England, 1898.
Came to Canada, 1903. Member Ameri-
can Prison Association; Councilor Amer-
ican Civic Association. Has written sev-
eral articles on social and economic sub-
jects for journals and magazines. Pub-
lications: "Public Playgrounds for City
Children," "Modern Philanthropy and
Our Poor," "The Child, the Home, the
Parent and the State," "Citizens in the
Making." Married Sarah Ann Mar-
veil, St. Paul's, Highbury, Lon-
don, England, 1903; has one son and one
(adopted) daughter. Club: Adanac. So-
ciety: A. F. & A. M. Recreations: rifle
shooting, fishing, swimming, boating.
Conservative; Anglican. Address: 6
Roslyn Road, Winnipeg, Man.

BIIiIiINGHUBST, Brnest Bdward.

— General Agent, British Columbia,
British Columbia Development Associa-
tion, Ltd., Victoria; director British Co-
lumbia Horticultural Estates, Ltd. Born
Blackheath, England, March 14, 1865, son
of Rose Lovett and Henry P. Billing-
hurst, late country manager, London and
Westminster Bank. Educated Thanet
College and Llandaff Cathedral School,
England. Came to British Columbia,
1889; employee H. B. Croasdaile, Vic-
toria; subsequently with Drake, Jackson
& Helmcken, and later accountant, Vic-
toria Iron Works. Married Laura Pur-
vis, 1898; has two daughters. Club:
Union. Recreations: riding, motor-boat-
ing. Address: Esquimalt Road, Victor-
ia, B. C.

BIIii;iNaS, Thomas H., M. A. — Lec-
turer in Classics, Wesley College, Secre-
tary of Faculty at Wesley and Secre-
tary of the Board of Classical Examiners
of the University of Manitoba. Born
Lyn, Ont., March 22, 1881, son of Bruce
and Mary Catherine Billings. Educated
Queen's University; Chancellor's Schol-
ar, mathematics, 1898-1902; Governor-
General's scholarship, classics; prize-
man, Greek prose, 1902. Tutor Queen's
University, 1901-1903; tutor and lecturer,
McGill University, 1905-1907; visited
Japan, as representative of the Canad-
ian Student Christian Movement at the
meeting of the World's Student Chris-
tian Federation, Tokio, 1907; Interna-
tional T. M. C. A. Secretary, 1907-1910,
and as such visited all non-Catholic col-
leges and universities, Canada and New-
foundland; represented Canadian stu-
dents,, W. S. C. :^. meeting, Oxford, 1909;
also at world's Y. M. C. A. convention,
tensively. United States. Ordained
Barmen, Germany, 1909; travelled ex-
Methodist Church, Montreal Conference,
Brockville, Ont., 1910. Supplied chair of
Latin, Wesley College, Sept. to Dec,
1910. Present position since Oct., 191].
Fellow in Greek, University of Chicago,
111., 1911. Address: Wesley College,
Winnipeg, Man.

BIi;i;iNGS, William Hobart. — Of H.

Bell-Irving & Co., Ltd., 322 Richards
St., Vancouver. Born Hamilton, Aug.
15, 1877, son of John and Annie Billings.
Educated Upper Canada College; McGill
University. Came to British Columbia,
1895. Married Maud Elenore Burrows,
1901; has one daughter. Clubs: Western:
Jericho Country. Society: A. F. & A. M.
Address: 1017 Denman St., Vancouver,
B. C.


BINGHAM, George.^ — Grain Broker, 625
Grain Exchange, Winnipeg. Director
State Elevator Co.; director Excelsior
Loan Co. Born Liverpool, England,
Aug. 12, 1877, son of Alexander R. and
E. George Bingham. Educated Mer-
chant Taylors', Crosby, England. Ap-
prentice grain merchant's, Liverpool,
1894. Came to Winnipeg, 1903; farmed
Port Saskatchewan, 1903; captain and
honorary treasurer Winnipeg Rowing
Club; honorary treasurer Associated
Charities; served South African War,
1901-1902, subaltern; Lieutenant 4th
Denbighshire Yeomanry, Batt. King's
Liverpool Regiment three years. Mar-
ried Lillian Ethel Jones, Trinity Claugh-
ton, Birkenhead, England, 1908. Rec-
reations: rowing, boxing. Presbyterian.
Address: 115 Spence St., Winnipeg, Man.


BIRD, Arthur Julius. — Architect,
Winch Bldg., Vancouver. Born Brad-
ford, Yorkshire, England, July 25, 1875,
son of Charles and Gertrude Margaret
Wrightson Bird. Educated Sir Joseph
Williamson School, Rochester, England.
Articled to Edward Burgess, architect,
London, 1892; subsequently assistant to
Edward Burgess, 1894-1905; practiced
Rochester, 1905-1906; assistant to J. A.
Gotch, London, two years. Came to
British Columbia, 1907. Author of sev-
eral articles on architecture. Architect
of Blenheim Court, Washington and Tra-
falgar Mansions, Vancouver. Married
Alice Edith Wills, Kettering, Northamp-
tonshire, England, 1906. Recreation:
motoring. Address: 2566 Second Ave.,
W., Vancouver, B. C.


BIBB, Barry — Real Estate and Finan-
cial Broker, Baker St., Nelson; Appraiser
for Canada -Permanent Mortgage Cor-
poration; director, Eva Gold Mine; di-
rector, Imperial Development Syndicate
Grand Trunk Townsites. Born Glouces-
tershire, England, Sept. 8, 1857, son of
Charles James and Henry Honor Bird.
Educated Clifton College, England. Civil
and mining engineer, England. Came to
Canada, 1886; British Columbia, 1899.
Established present business, 1899.
Served as acting Mayor, Nelson, 1905;
Alderman, Nelson, three years. Married
Eliza Belton, Cork, Ireland. Club: Nel-
son. Society: A. P. & A. M. Recrea-
tions: curling, fishing, hunting. Con-
servative; Anglican. Address: Nelson,
B. C.

BIBB, Josepb Bdward. — Of MacNeill,
Bird, MacDonald & Bayfield, Barristers,
Metropolitan Bldg., Vancouver; director
Coast Quarries, Ltd.; director British Co-
lumbia Dental Supply Co.; director Al-
berta Lumber Co. Born Barrie, Ont.,
July 16, 1868, son of Henry and Eliza-
beth Bird. Educated Barrie Collegiate
Institute; Toronto University. Practiced
with Edgar & Malone, Toronto; opened
branch office Rat Portage, Ont., 1896;
came to Vancouver, 1903, and commenced
practicing as Bird, Brydone-Jack & Mc-
Crossan; Alderman, 1908. Married Car-
oline Mary Irwin, 1899; has two sons.

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