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cated Manchester and Cavendish. Came
to Winnipeg, 1882, and to British Co-
lumbia, 1886. Engaged drug business,
Vancouver, 1886; formed Nelson Drug
Co., Ltd., 1890; Nelson, McPherson.
Sutherland Drug Co., Ltd., 1901; presi-
dent of the above companies, 1890-1910;
sold business and retired, 1910. Park
Commissioner, Vancouver, 1910. Presi-
dent C. Ph. Association, 1911-1912.
Reeve, West Vancouver Municipality,
1912. Served as Staff Sergeant, 92d Can-
adian Battalion, in Riel Rebellion, 1885.
Married Edith Cordiner, 1892; has one
son and two daughters. Recreations:
cricket, football, fishing. Society: A. F.
& A. M. (P. D. G. M.). Residences: 1185
Melville St., Vancouver, and Bellevue,
West Vancouver, B. C.



NEIiSON, Henry Bundle, SX. D., B. A.

— Physician, 907 Blanchard St., Victoria.
Born Waterford, Ireland. Sept. 28, 1877,
son of Alexander and Caroline Nelson.
Educated Dublin University (M. D., M.
B., B. Ch., B. A. O., B. A., L. M.). Prac-
ticed, Dublin, Ireland. Came to British
Columbia, 1904. X-ray specialist; med-
ical officer of health South Saanich and
Oak Bay Municipalities. Married Flor-
ence Charlesworth Hirst, 1904; has one
daughter. Club: Union. Recreation:
motoring. Address: Locarno, Oak Bay,
Victoria, B. C.

NBItSON, John — - General Manager
News-Advertiser, Vancouver. Born Pais-
ley, Ont., March 8, 1873, son of .Tohn and
Ann Eliza Nelson. Educated Ontario
public and high schools. Came to Brit-
ish Columbia, 1898; on stafE of Victoria
Times for several years as city editor;
on Mr. Templeman entering the Cabinet
he became managing director, vi'hich
position he filled for eight or more
years, resigning in 1910 to become man-
ager of Vancouver Nevi^s-Advertiser.
Served five years Canadian Militia; Ad-
jutant of tlie 32d Battalion, retiring,
1899, with rank of Captain. Director for
British Columbia and Yukon of Canadian
Press, Ltd.; Fellow and Director of In-
stitute of Journalists. Married Clara
Armstrong, 1S96; has two sons and two
daugliters. Club: Terminal City. Ad-
dress: Vancouver, B. C.

NBVUiIiB, Blanchard B. — President
and manager The Dominion Fish Co.,
Ltd., 112 Cordova St., W., Vancouver.
Born Nova Scotia, Aug. 25, 1878, son of
Edmund and Mary Neville. Educated
Dalhousie College, Halifax. Clerk, Hud-
son Bay Co., Winnipeg, 1894. Came to
British Columbia, 1907. Married Mar-
garet Bunn, Vancouver. Clubs: Vancou-
ver; Commercial. Societies: P. B. O. E. ;
I. O. F. Recreations: fishing, hunting,
lacrosse, hockey, baseball. Address: 949
Salsbury Drive, Vancouver, B. C.

NBWCOMBB, Charles Kenning', B. A.

— Earri.ster. Born Banda, Ont., Feb. 23,
1877, son of Charles Kenzie and Anna
Margaret Newcombe. Came to Manitoba
as a boy. Educated Westbourne and
Winnipeg schools; Manitoba University.
Taught school, Woodside, Man., 1893;
member Manitoba University Council

and Advisory Board; Inspector of
Schools, Virden; Lieutenant "A" squad-
ron 12th Manitoba Dragoons. Formed
fourteen consolidated schools, Province
of Manitoba, while acting as special
agent of Education Department, and
conducted campaign for betterment of
rural school conditions. Society: A. P.
& A. M. Recreation: tennis. Conserva-
tive; Presbyterian. Address: Virden,


NEWCOMBE, Frederick William —

Managing Director and Secretary Treas-
urer Estevan Coal & Brick Co., Ltd.,
Bank of Hamilton Bldg., Estevan; mem-
ber Estevan Board of Trade. Born Hal-
lowell, Maine, Jan. 17, 1879, son of Dr.
W. A. and Nellie Rowell Newcombe.
Educated: Hebron Academy, Hebron,
Me.; Colby University, Waterville. Pur-
chasing agent, Deere-Webber Co., Min-
neapolis, 1904-1907; purchasing agent,
N. W. Consolidated Milling Co., Minne-
apolis, 1907-1910; came to Estevan and
established present business, 1910. Mar-
ried Grace Slocum, daughter of James
Slocum, Minneapolis, 1906. Club: Este-
van. Society: A. F. & A. M. Methodist.
Address: Third St., Estevan, Sask.



NEWCOlVCBi:, Percy Iiynn. — Of New-
combe, Limited, Real Estate and Finan-
cial Brokers, 135 Eighth Ave., E., Cal-
gary. Born St. Thomas, Ont., March 14,
1879, son of Cook and Annie S. Win-
chester Newcombe. Educated public and
hig-h schools, Ontario. Music teacher, St.
Thomas, Ont., 1901-1903. Came to Al-
berta, 19 04; established Big Four Realty
Co., Calgary, 1909; present firm, 1910.
Conductor Apollo Choir, Calgary. Mar-
ried Ada L. Lewis, St. Thomas, Ont.
Club: Calgary Golf and Country. Con-
servative; Baptist. Address: 1103 7th
St., W., Calgary, Alta.

NEWIII^I^, Camlby Poster. — Of Emery
Newell, Ford, Bolton & Mount, Barris-
ters, Canada Permanent Bldg., Edmon-
ton. Born Lambton County, Ont., Oct.
16. 1874, son of Foster and Nancy Jane
Newell. Educated high school, Glencoe,
Ont.; Osgoode Hall. Law student, Lister
& Cowan, Sarnia, Ont., 1897-1900; Bar-
wick, Aylesworth, Wright & Moss, To-
ronto, 1900-1902; admitted to Ontario
bar, 1902; Alberta bar, 1903; joined pres-
ent firm, 1903. Married Rebecca Eva
Sarah Scythes, Toronto, 1908; has one
son. Conservative; Methodist. Address:
560 "Victoria Ave., Edmonton, Alta.

NEVriMANHS, Henry vrilliam, K. C. —

Judge of the Supreme Court of Sas-
katchewan, Regina. Born Dartmouth,
N. S., March 19, 1862, son of James and
Henrietta Newlands. Educated public
schools, Halifax. Studied law with
Thompson, Graham & Tupper. Called to
Nova Scotia Bar, 1883. Came to Winni-
peg, 1883, and was with the firm of Mc-
Donald, Tupper, McCarther & Dexter;
practiced some years. Prince Albert,
Sask; appointed to Land Titles Office,
Regina, 1897; legal advisor to Yukon
Council, 1901; Puisne Judge of Supreme


Court of North West Territories, 1904-
1907; appointed Judge of the Supreme
Court of Saskatchewan, 1907; a royal
commissioner to revise and consolidate
statutes and ordinances affecting Sas-
katchewan, 1906; president Canadian
Club, Regina, 1908; president Society for
the Advancement of Art, Science and
Literature, Regina, 1910. Married Mary
Patterson Stewart, daughter of Robert
Stewart, writer to the Signet, Edin-
burgh and Montreal, 1888 (deceased);
has two daughters. Club: Assiniboia.
Recreations: golf, curling. Liberal;
Presbyterian. Address: Regina, Sask.

ITEWMAIT, Prederiok I^eslie. — Of T. A.

Newman & Brother, Groceries and Whole-
sale Liquors, Saskatchewan Ave., Port-
age la Prairie. Born Merrickville, South
Lanark County, Ont., June 25, 1859, son
of .Thomas and Sarah Newman. Edu-
cated public schools; high school, Perth,
Ont.; Collegiate Institute, Brantford. Ont.
Taught school, Brockville, Ont.; came to
Manitoba, 1881; with C. P. R., 1882-1888;
was present when Sir Donald Smith
(now Lord Strathcona) drove the last
spike of the C. P. R., Craigellachie, B.
C, Nov. 7, 1885; established present
business, 1888; vice-president Western
Radiator Co., Portage la Prairie, 1892-
1893; president Board of Trade, 1911.
Married Emma Loie Merrill, Prescott,
Ont.; has one daughter. Clubs: Portage;
Adanac; Carleton and Commercial Trav-
elers. Society: A. F. & A. M. Recrea-
tion: shooting. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: Dufferin Ave. and Depot St.,
Portage la Prairie, Man.




NEWNHAM, Bight Bev. Jervois
Arthur, M. A., D. D. — Bishop of Sas-
katchewan. Born Combe Down, Bath,
England, Oct. 15, 1852, son of Catherine
Pennick and Rev. George William
Newnham. Educated Bath College; pri-
vate tutors, London, England; McGill
University and Montreal Dio. Theo. Col-
lege. Came to Canada, 1873. Ordained
Deacon and appointed Curate of
Quyon, Que., 1878; ordained priest and
incumbent of Quyon, 1880; Curate of

Christ's Church Cathedral, Montreal,
1882; Rector St. Mathias, Montreal, 1886;
C. M. S. Missionary and Bishop's Chap-
lain, Moose Fort, 1891; Bishop of Mooso-
nee, Moose Fort, 1893; Bishop of Sas-
katchewan since 1903. Married Letltia
Agnes Henderson, daughter of Canon
William Henderson, D. D., Montreal,
1892; has Ave daughters. Society: A. F.
& A. M. Anglican. Address: Bishops-
thorpe, Prince Albert, Sask.



XraWNHAM, Iietitia Agues.— (Wife of
Rev. Jervois Arthur Newnham, D. D.,
Bishop of Saskatchewan — formerly
Bishop of Moosonee). Bom Pembroke,
Ont., daughter of Mary Agnes Burgon
and Rev. Canon William Henderson, D.
D., Principal of Montreal Diocesan The-
ological College. Educated Miss Sim-
mers' and Miss Smith's school, Mon-
treal. Married Rev. Jervois Arthur
Newnham, 1892; has five daughters.
Dived at Moose Factory, James' Bay,
1892-1904. Came to Saskatchewan, 1904.
Vice-president and life member Domin-
ion Women's Auxiliary to the Mission-
ary Society of the Church of England in
Canada (Pres. Saskatchewan branch);
founded St. Alban's Ladies' College,
Prince Albert. Club: Daughters of Em-
pire. Anglican. Address: Bishopsthorpe,
Prince Albert, Sask.

NEWTON, Charles Henry. — Provincial
Assignee for Manitoba, Travelers' Bldg.,
Winnipeg. Born Quebec, Nov. 9, 1851,
son of Samuel Newton. Educated high
school, Quebec Clerk in stock broker's
office, Quebec, 1866. Came to Winni-
peg, 1879. Director Estevan Brick and
Coal Co. Member Local Advisory Board
Bank of Hamilton; ex-president North
West Laundry Co., Winnipeg; large
holder of Winnipeg Realty and British
Columbia Timber Lands. Served with
Victoria Rifles, Quebec. Married Fran-
cis Fraser, Quebec, 1874 (deceased) ; has
one son and six daughters. Clubs: Carl-
ton; St. Charles Country; Winnipeg Au-
tomobile (president). Society: A. F. &
A. M. Recreation: motoring. Conserv-
ative. Address: 49 Kennedy St., Winni-
peg, Man.

NEWTON, Georg'e M. — Manager of
Greenshields, Limited, 246 McDermot
Ave., Winnipeg. Born Vankleek Hill,
Ont., Feb. 7, 1877, son of George and
Janle Newton. Educated high school,
Vankleek Hill. Clerk with Greenshields,
Limited, Montreal, 1896. Came to Win-
nipeg, 1898. Clubs: Carleton; St. Charles
Country; Commercial Travelers. Society:
I. O. O. F. Recreation: curling. Con-
servative; Presbyterian. Address: Win-
nipeg, Man.

NET, J. W Of Latimer, Nay & Mc-

Tavish, Ltd., Real Estate Brokers, 419
Pender St., W., Vancouver. Born Glen-
allan, Ont., Jan. 18, 1852, son of Robert
and Margaret Ney. Educated Glenallan
and CoUingwood, Ont General mer-
chant, Bracebridge, Ont, 1885-1905.

Came to British Columbia, 1907. Mar-
ried Louisa J. Kerr, Moorefield, Ont;
has three sons and one daughter. So-
cieties: A. F. & A. M.; L O. O. F.; A. O.
U. W. Recreations: shooting, Ashing.
Address: 1432 Haro St., Vancouver, B. O.


NIBIkOCK, D. Archy Boulton. — Of Nib-
lock & Tull, Real Estate and Financial
Brokers, 813 First St., W., Calgary. Born
Point Edward, Ont, March 1, 1875, son
of John and Isabel Niblock. Educated
public schools, Manitoba. Employee C.
P. R., Winnipeg, 1892-1897; Calgary,
1897-1906; manager real estate and
steamship department for Ellis & Grogan,
Calgary, 1906-1909; present partnership
formed, 1910. Served with 90th Regi-
ment, Winnipeg. Married Mabel M. New-
some, Port Arthur, Ont, 1897; has one
son and two daughters. Clubs: Alberta;
Calgary. Society: A. F. & A. M. Rec-
reation: motoring. Liberal; Methodist.
Address: 816 Thirteenth Ave., Calgary,

NICHOIV, Walter Cameron. — Pub-
lisher. Proprietor and editor-in-chief,
Vancouver Daily Province, 138 Hastings
St., W., Vancouver, President Pacific
Marine Insurance Co., Ltd.; director
Royal Collieries. Ltd. Born Goderich,
Ont, Oct 15, 1866, son of Cynthia Janes
Ballard and Robert K. Addison Nichol,
barrister. On staff of Spectator, Hamil-
ton, 1881; later on staff of Toronto News
and of Saturday Night; editor Hamilton
Herald. 1888-1896; News, London, Ont,
1896-1897. Came to British Columbia,
1897; interested in gold mining for sev-
eral months; returned to journalism as
editor of The Province, then a weekly,
published at Victoria; moved the paper




to Vancouver; editor Vancouver Daily
Province since 18 98. Married Quita Jose-
phine Marcli Moore, daughter of Charles
Greenwood Moore, M. D., London, Ont.,
1897; has one son and one daughter.
Clubs: Vancouver; Terminal City; West-
ern; Royal Vancouver Yacht; Vancou-
ver Rowing; Rainier, Seattle. Recrea-
tions: driving, motoring. Liberal; An-
glican. Address: "Fairview House," 7th
Ave., Fairview, Vancouver, B. C.

NICHOIiS, Edward Hart, B. A., Iili. B.

• — Of Nichols & Savary, Barristers, Cal-
gary. Director Rocky Mountain Cement
Co., Ltd.; director Riverside Lumber
Co., Ltd. Born Digby, N. S., April 5,
1873, son of Susan Melissa (Bacon)
Nichols and Abraham Nichols, grandson
of Captain John Richards Nichols, U. E.
L. and soldier, who migrated to Nova
Scotia, 1783. Educated County Acad-
emy, Digby; Acadia University; Dal-
housie University. Called to Nova Sco-
tia bar and junior partner, Jones &
Nichols, Digby, 1898; senior partner,
Nichols & Nichols, Digby, 1902; came to
Alberta, 1905; joined firm of Jones,
Nichols & Pescod, Calgary, 1905; formed
present firm, 1908. Married Annie Doris
Farrish Moody, daughter of Dr. James


W. Moody, Windsor, N. S., 1906. Club:
Ranchmen's, Calgary. Society: A. F. &
A. M. Conservative; Anglican. Address:
807 Royal Ave., Calgary, Alta.

NICHOIiSON, Capt. Charles Howard. —

Manager Grand Trunk Pacific Coast
Steamship Co., Ltd., G. T. P. Docks,
Vancouver. Born Belleville, Ont., Jan.
28, 1863, son of Samuel and Nancy Mc-
Mullen Nicholson. Educated Maryland
University. Cabin boy, 1880, passing
through various grades of steamship
service. Came to British Columbia, 1910.
Married Lillie V. Williams, Cobourg,
Ont.; has one son. Clubs: Terminal
City; Vancouver Press Club; Union Club;
Victoria. Address: Vancouver, B. C.

NXCHOIiSON, Bouald. — Contractor.
Born Roseburn, Inverness County, N. S.,
Dec. 31, 1866, son of Donald and Sarah
Nicholson. Educated public schools,
Roseburn. Carpenter, Inverness Co.,
1886. Came to New Westminster, B. C,
1890; then Wellington and Ladysmith;
established present business, 1900. Al-
derman. Ladysmith, 1904-1905; Mayor,
1906-1909. Holds gold medal for ham-
mer throwing, Victoria, and first prize
for same, Vancouver. Married Isabella
McKlnnon, Inverness County; has three
daughters. Societies: A. F. & A. M.;
Mystic Shrine; I. O. O. F.; Eagles. Rec-
reation: all athletic sports. Address:
Ladysmith, B. C.




NICHOI^SOir Edward.— Of Nicholson
& Bain, Wholesale Commission Mer-
chants and Brolcers, Bannatyne St., East,
Winnipeg. Branch houses at Calgary, Ed-
monton, Regina, Saskatoon. Born Otta-
wa, Ont., July 1, 1867, son of J. S. and
Jane Nicholson. Educated Ottawa. Came
to Winnipeg, 1882. Married Madge A.
Ingo, Winnipeg, 1890; has one son and
one daughter. Clubs: Carleton; Com-
mercial Travelers; St. Charles Country.
Societies: A. F. & A. M.; I. O. P. Rec-
reations: curling, motoring. Liberal;
Congregationalist. Address: 408 Assini-
boine Ave., Winnipeg, Man.


NZCHOIiSON, I^emuel Heath — Presi-
dent and Managing Director, National
Biscuit and Confection Co., Ltd., 1706
1st Ave., W., Vancouver. Born Dun-
das, P. E. L, Aug. 17, 1873, son of Don-

ald and Margaret Nicholson. Educated
public schools, Dundas; Prince of Wales
College, Charlottetown. Clerk, Matthew
McLean & Co., Souris, P. B. I., 1892-
1897. Came to British Columbia, 1897;
with Thomas McNeely, Ladner, 1897-
1900; traveler, M. R. Smith & Co., Vic-
toria, 1900-1905; manufacturers' agent
in own name, Vancouver, 1905-1910; or-
ganized present business under name
Haida Confection Co., 1910; changed to
present name, 1911. Married Hellen
Harris, London, Bng., 1900. Club: Com-
mercial. Society: I. O. O. P. Conserva-
tive; Baptist. Address: Vancouver, B. C.

NICKSON, John J. — Contractor. Born
Liverpool, England, May 1, 1850, son of
John and Catherine Nickson. Educated
Liverpool Institute. Contractor, Liver-
pool, 1872. Came to British Columbia,
1884. Installed Vancouver water works
system; superintendent of company be-
fore purchased by city; assistant super-
intendent Victoria water works system;
built Quesnelle Dam; also Swift River
Dam for Quesnelle Hydraulic Gold Min-
ing Co.; and several other dams. Cariboo
D-strict; known as the "Beaver" in that
district; has executed several contracts
for Dominion Government and for C. P.
R. Served with 3d Cheshire Volunteers.
Married Jane Allen, Liverpool; has three
sons and five daughters. Society: A. F.
& A. M. Recreation: boating. Address:
1270 Melville St., Vancouver, B. C.


NICKSON, Thomas Ralph. — Of T. R.

Nickson & Co., General Contractors, Do-
minion Trust Bldg., Vancouver; director
British Columbia Paraffine Oil Co., Ltd.;
director Port Moody Sand & Gravel Co.,
Ltd.; director Pacific Westrumite As-
phalt Co., Ltd. Born Liverpool, Eng-
land, May 12, 1881, son of J. J. Nickson.
Came to British Columbia, 1883. Edu-
cated Toronto; Woodstock College. Mem-



ber Electrical Eng/ineers' Association of
America. Married IVIay Banfield, Van-
couver, 1908; has one son. Clubs: Van-
couver Rowing. Conservative. Address:
613 Burnaby St., Vancouver, B. C.

NICOIi^, John. — Postmaster, Regina.
Born Hamilton, Nov. 10, 1862, son of John
Nicoll. Telegraph operator, Walkerton,
Ont., 1881. Came to Regina, 1903. Mar-
ried Jean Patterson, Port Elgin, Ont.,
1900; has two sons iand one daughter
Club: Canadian. Society: A. F. & A. M.
Presbyterian. Address: 2155 Lome St.,
Regina, Sask.

NIMS, Frederick Dwig-ht, E. £., M. H.

— Of Western Canada Power Co., 198
Hastings St., Vancouver. Born Muske-
gon, Mich., 1877, son of Frederick A.
and Ellen S. Nims. Educated high
school. With Muskegon Traction &
Lighting Co., 1893-1898; served with 34th
Micliigan Regiment, Spanisli-American
War, 1898; contracting, 1899-1901; op-
erating engineer, Utah Light & Ry. Co.,
Salt Lake City, 1901-1905; chief engi-
neer, Mexican Light & Power Co., Mex-
ico, 1905-1909; came td Vancouver and
took present position, 1909. Married
Helen N. Jiroch, 1903; has one son and
one daughter. Society: B. P. O. E.
Anglican. Address: 1662 Robson St.,
Vancouver, B. C.

B. C. L.
NOEIi, His Hon. Joseph Camillien, B.
C. L. — Judge District Court of the Dis-
trict of Athabasca, Edmonton. Born
Lotbiniere, Que., May 12, 1864, son of
Elisee and Elmina Noel. Educated Sher-
brooke College; Bishop's College, Len-
noxville, Que. Law student, Panneton
& Mulvena, Sherbrooke, 1884; admitted
to Quebec Bar, 1887; practiced Inverness,
Que., 1887-1901; Dawson, Y. T., 1901-
1906; appointed Judge, Wetaskiwin, 1907;
transferred to Athabasca, July 6, 1909.
(^lub: Edmonton. Roman Catholic. Ad-
dress: 425 Twelfth St., Edmonton, Alta.

TSIOItATH, Patrick James, B. A., K. C. —

Barrister, Herald Block, Calgary. Born
Limerick, Ireland, March 17, 1865, son of
James and Mary Nolan. Educated Sacred
Heart College, Limerick; Royal Univer-
sity of Ireland; University of Dublin;
London University. Called to the Irish
Bar, 1885. Came to Northwest Territor-
ies, 1889; practiced under firm name of
Lafferty & Nolan, Calgary, 1889; Nolan
& Ryan, 1905; Nolan & Eaton, 1909-1911;
appointed K. C, 1907; editor Calgary
Herald, 1900-1903; appointed member of
senate, University of Alberta on its
formation, 1908; elected Senator, March,
1911. Unsuccessful candidate for East
Calgary, Territorial Legislative Assem-
bly, 1893. Married Mary Elizabeth Lee,
1892; has one son. Clubs: Ranchmen's;
Edmonton; McLeod; Chinook (Leth-
bridge). Society: K. of C. (first district
deputy for Alberta). Recreations: books,
billiards. Independent; Roman Catholic.
Address: 113 Sixth Ave., W., Calgary,

NOIiIir, Joseph Octave, J. P., M. Ii. A.

— Rancher and Contractor. Born Bot-
ineau, N. D.. May 16, 1868, son of Joseph
and Maryane Nolin. Educated St. Anne
des Chenes. Captain Battleford Steam
Ferry, ten years. Elected to Saskatche-
wan Legislature for Athabasca, 1908,
Married Marie Villemeuve, 1891; has five
sons and four daughters. Liberal; Roman
Catholic. Address: North Battleford,

NOBCROSS, J. Bdward. — Managing
Editor Vancouver Daily World. Born
Liverpool, England, Dec. 22, 1868, son of
James and Maria Ashort Norcoss. Edu-
cated Liverpool Institute; St. Paul's Col-
lege, Cheltenham. Came to British Co-
lumbia, 1891; taught school Northfield,
B. C, six years; engaged newspaper
work, Nanaimo, 1900; marine reporter
Vancouver Daily World. 1905; city edi-
tor, 1905; managing editor, 1907. Mar-
ried Gertrude Lake, London, England,
1897. Club: Vancouver Press. Society:
A. F. & A. M. Liberal; Anglican. Ad-
dress: 1746 Parker St., Vancouver, B. C.

NOBQUAY, Andrew James. — Real Es-
tate Broker, 412 Nanton Building, Win-
nipeg. Born Sturgeon 'Creek, Man., Aug.
11, 1872, son of John, late Premier of
Manitoba, and Elizabeth Norquay. Edu-
cated Parkdale public schools; St. John's
College. Real estate broker, Winnipeg,
1902. Came to Winnipeg, 1885. Society:
±i.. F. & A. M. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: St. Andrews, Man.



NOBQUA7, Elizabetli. — (Widow of
Hon. John Norquay, first Premier of
Manitoba.) Born St. Andrew's, daughter
of George and Isabella Kennedy Setter.
Educated St. Andrew's schools. First
honorary member Women's Canadian
Club, Winnipeg. Married John Norquay,
1862; has five sons and three daugliters.
Anglican. Address: "Dun Allister," St.
Andrew's, Man.


ITOBBIS, ]&eouard. — Government Agent,
Vernon. Born Brampton, Ont., March
27, 1861, son of Robert Norris. Edu-
cated Brampton. Came to British Colum-
bia, 1877. Civil servant, Vernon, 1890.
Stipendiary Magistrate, Registrar Su-
preme Court and Gold Commissioner.
Club: Country. Society: A. F. & A. M.
Address: Vernon, B. C.

NOBBIS, Tobias Crawford, M. I^. A. —

Farmer. Born Brampton, Ont., Sept. 5,
1861, son of Arthur and Phoebe Norris.
Was member of the Council of Sifton,
1895. Elected to Manitoba Legislature
for Lansdowne, 1896 and 1899; defeated
1903; elected, 1907 and 1910. Liberal.
Address: Griswold, Man.

XrOBTEAM, John, P. M. — Parmer.
Born Devonshire, England, March 24,
1868, son of Charles and M. A. Northam.
Educated Halberton, Devonshire. Came
to Manitoba, 1888; farmed, 1891. Coun-
cillor and Police Magistrate. Married
Ada Wood, 1890; has four sons. Society:
I. O. O. P. Conservative; Anglican. Ad-
dress: Rapid City, Man.

NOBTHCOTT, William W., Sr.— As-
sessor, Building Inspector, Superintend-
end of City Buildings, Purchasing Agent
and Returning Officer for the City of
Victoria since 1890. Born Bristol, Eng-
land, June, 1846, son of John and Fanny
Parker Northcott. Came to Canada, 1854.
Came to British Columbia, 1883. Con-
tractor and builder, Victoria, 1883-1890.

Married Olive Cronk, Ernestown, 1867;
has two sons and three daughters. So-
a'ety: A. P. & A. M. Conservative; An-
glican. Address: Victoria, B. C.

NOBTKWOOD, Georafe W. — Architect,
Northern Crown Bank Bldg., Winnipeg.
Born Ottawa, Aug. 16, 1877, son of Wil-
liam Northwood. Educated Collegiate
Institute, Ottawa; McGill University.
Architect with K. Arnoldi, Ottawa, 1900;
came to Winnipeg, 1905. Architect for
Northern Crown Bank; Dominion Bank
of Canada. Interested in Manitoba Lin-
seed Oil Co. and National Securities Co.
Captain 90th Reserves. Married Augusta
C. Simson, Thorold, Ont, 1906. Clubs:
Manitoba; Winnipeg Rowing; St. Charles
Country; Military Institute. Society: A.
F. & A. M. Conservative. Address:
Crescent Court, Winnipeg, Man.


NOUBSE, Charles Georg-e Kilmer. —

Manager Canadian Bank of Commerce,
Lethbridere: director A. Eastnn <^ Co.,
Ltd. Born Whitby, Ont., Aug. 30, 1869,
son of Charles and Elizabeth J. Nourse;
of U. E. L. stock and nephew of George
Ham. Educated grammar school, Whit-
by; School of Practical Science, Toron-
to. Junior, Canadian Bank of Com-
merce, Goderich, Ont., 1888; teller, Win-
nipeg, 1893; assistant accountant, Daw-
son, T. T., 1898; manager, Skagway,
Alaska, 1900; manager, White Horse, T.

Online LibraryC. W. ParkerNorthern who's who; a biographical dictionary of men and women → online text (page 70 of 102)