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T., 1901; manager. Prince Albert, Sask.,
1903; appointed to present position, 1905.
President Lethbridge Board of Trade;
vice-president Associated Boards of
Trade of Western Canada. Married
Josephine Booge, Sioux City, Iowa, 1900;
has one son and three daughters. Club:
Chinook (vice-president). Societies: A.
P. & A. M. (Royal Arch); U. B. Loyal-
ist; Manitoba Cricket Association. Rec-
reations: cricket, hockey, lacrosse, row-
ing. Anglican. Address: 1121 Fourth
Ave., Lethbridge, Alta.



NUNNS, Lawrence WiUlam. — Post-
master, Cumberland. Born Liverpool,
England, Feb. 29, 1855, son of John and
Caroline Nunns. Educated Collegiate
College, Bray, near Dublin, Ireland. En-
gaged insurance, Dublin, 1870; came to
British Columbia, 1888; assistant post-
master, 1896-1904; appointed to pres-
ent office, 1904. City Clerk and
Treasurer, 1898-1906. Married Margaret
Shaw, Victoria. Society: I. O. P. Ad-
dress: May port Ave., Cumberland, B. C.


NUTTER, John Vincent. — Of C. H.

Enderton & Co., Real Estate and Insur-
ance, 228 Portage Ave., Winnipeg. Born
L eds, England, Oct. 14, 1878, son of
John R. and Jane Nutter. Educated Mon-
treal high school; St. Francis College,
Richmond, Que. Clerk Phoenix Insur-
ance Co. of Hartford, Montreal, 1894.
Came to Winnipeg, 1904. Married Eliza-
beth Anderson, Hamilton, 1909. Club:
Winnipeg Golf. Society: Mystic Shrine
(Noble). Liberal; Methodist. Address:
Royal Alexandra Hotel, Winnipeg, Man.

NYBI^ETT, Harold Grant Mavesyu,
M. D. C. M. — Physician and Surgeon.
Captain XVII Cavalry Field Ambulance,
Canadian Army Medical Corps. Coroner
for Alberta. Born London, England,
Feb. 10, 1871, son of Dr. Alfred New-
son Nyblett, M. A. F. S., M. R. S. L..
and Isabella Grant Nyblett. Educated
private schools, England; Trinity Med-
ical College, Toronto. Graduated Trin-
ity Universitj', 1896. Came to Bran-
don, 1888. Taught school, 1890; prac-
ticed Manitoba, 1897-1901; Saskatche-
wan, 1901-1908; came to Alberta, 1908.
Medical Health Officer, Macleod, 1910;
late examiner obstetrics for last four
years of College of Physicians &

H. G. M. NYBLETT, M. D. C. M.

Surgeons of the North West Territor-
ies. Married Jennie Clinton, Wellington,
Ont., 1905; has one son and one daugh-
ter. Societies: Alberta Medical; A. F.
& A. M.; member N. W. M. P. Con-
servative; Anglican. Address: Mac-
leod, Alta.

OBORNE, James — General Superin-
tendent, British Columbia Division, C.
P. R., Vancouver. Born Montreal, Sept.
19, 1861, son of John and Anne Hilliard
Oborne. Educated public schools, Mon-
treal. Mechanical department, G. T. R.,
1874-1883; mechanical department, C. P.
R., 1883-1886; chief clerk to general
manager, car accountant, superintendent
of car service, superintendent of field
service, C. P. R., 1886-1896; assistant to
vice-president, Montreal, 1896-1899; gen-
eral superintendent, Manitoba, Saskat-
chewan and Alberta division, headquar-
ters Winnipeg, 1899-1901; general su-
perintendent, Atlantic division, head-
quarters St. John, N. B., 1901-1903; gen-
eral superintendent, eastern division
headquarters, Montreal, 1903-1906; gen-
eral superintendent, Ontario division,
headquarters Toronto, 1906-1912; pres-
ent position since 1912. President,
American Association of car service of-
ficers, 1895. Married Alice Maude Bar-
rie (deceased); married Edith Maude
Simpson, Swindon, England, 1908; has
two sons and four daughters. Club:
Toronto. Presbyterian. Address: Mar-
pole Ave., Shaughnessy Heights, Van-
couver, B. C.




OAKES, Altoert H. — President Oakes
Land Co., McArthur Bldg., Winnipeg;
President and member of Executive
Board Winnipeg Real Estate Exchange;
Vice-President and Managing Director
United Investors, Ltd.; President and
Managing Director Co-Operative Invest-
ments, Ltd. Born near Genoa, Vernon
County, Wis., Nov. 6, 1869, son of Henry
and Sarah Oakes. Educated Valparaiso
University, Indiana; principal high

schools, Pembina County, N. D., 1895-
1900; real estate agent. Grand Forks,
N. D., 1900-1902. Came to Winnipeg and
established present business, 1902. Nat-
uralized, 1905. Married Elspeth Emer-
son, St. Thomas, N. D., 1899; has one
son and one daughter. Club: Canadian.
Society: A. P. & A. M. Recreation: mo-
toring. Liberal; Congregationalist. Ad-
dress: 217 Scotia St., Winnipeg, Man.




O'BRIEN, Daniel Joseph — Logger, 615
Rogers Bldg., Vancouver; Managing Di-
rector, Continental Development Co.,
Ltd.; Vice-President United States Paci-
fic Lumber & Timber Co.; Director, Gulf
Lumber Cto., Ltd. Born Watertown,
Wis.. Aug. 2, 1864, son of D. J. and
Margaret McNulty O'Brien. Educated:
Public and High schools, Juno, Wis.
Engaged in logging and timber busi-
ness with H. Whitbeck Co., Marionette,
Wis., 1879-1885; Manager of Hon. Isaac
Stephenson's . mills, Escanaba, Mich.,

1888-1902; logging business Tacoma,
Wash., 1902-1905; came to British Co-
lumbia, 1905; Secretary-Treasurer, Log-
gers of British Columbia, 1907-1910.
Married Edith Brown, daughter of C. H.
Brown, Escanaba, Mich., 1889; has two
sons and one daughter. Clubs: Terminal
City; Vancouver Press. Societies: A. F.
& A. M. (Shriner); Hoo Hoo. Recrea-
tion: Boating. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: 1007 Burrard St., Vancouver,
B. C.


O'BOYI^E, Bev. Wm. P., B. A., D. D. —

Rector of St. Peter's Church, New West-
minster. Born Lindsay, Ont., July 23,
1875, son of Walter E. and Margaret
O'Boyle. Educated Lindsay, Ottawa, and
Rome. Came to British Columbia, 1906.
Address: The Rectory, New Westmin-
ster, B. C.

O'BBIAN, Clarence Maclean. — Of Mc-
Kay & O'Brien, Barristers, 319 Winch
building, Vancouver. Born Grenville,
Que., Feb. 14, 1880, son of Dr. Robert
S. B. and Eugenia O'Brian. Educated
Nanaimo and Victoria. Came to British
Columbia, 1884; established present prac-
tice, 1902. Club: Western. Recreation:
fishing. Address: 1911 Nelson St., Van-
couver, B. C.

O'BBIBN, Charles Macnamara, M. Ii.

A. — Born Bells Rapids, Hastings County,
Ont., March 2, 1875, son of J. P. and Ma-
tilda O'Brien. Spent some time logging,
mining and railroad camps. Organizer
of -Socialist party of Canada. First So-
cialist elected to Alberta Legislature;
represents Rocky Mountain district. So-
cialist. Address: Calgary, Alta.


O'BRIEN, Martin J. — ^Wholesale Wine
and Spirit Merchant; director Okanagan
Agricultural Society; director Kale-
malka Hotel Co., Ltd.; administrator for
estates of W. F. Cameron and E. J.
Trouson of Vernon. Born Frontenac
County, Ont., Nov. 21, 1861, son of James
and Mary O'Brien. Educated public and
high schools, Ontario. Came to Winni-
peg, 1882; to Donald, B. C, 1886, and
engaged wholesale liquor business; es-
tablished Revelstoke Wine & Spirit Co.,
Ltd., Revelstoke, 1901; Mayor of Revel-
stoke, 1901-1902. Separated from the

Revelstoke business and established
present business, Vernon, 1906. Mayor,
Vernon, 1912. Married Charlotte Duns-
muir, Vernon, 1889; has one son and two
daughters. Conservative; Roman Cath-
olic. Address: Vernon, B. C.

O'SBIBir, Major Murroug'li Charles,

M. B. — Physician and Surgeon, 494%
Main St., Winnipeg. Born Delhi, India,
May 2, 1868, son of Edward O'Brien,
Commissioner in Indian Civil Service,
and Mary O'Brien. Educated Dover Col-
lege, Kent, England; St. Mary's Hos-
pital, London, England; Manitoba Medi-
cal College; practiced Dominion City,
Man., 1897. Came to Winnipeg, 1910.
Ex-president College Physicians and
Surgeons; ex-Medical Health Officer for
Franklin and Stuartburn Municipalities;
ex-Medical Officer for Roseau Indian
Reservations. Major B Squadron, 18th
Mounted Rifles. Married Margaret Elea-
nor Barber, Dominion City, 1902; has
one daughter. Clubs: Canadian, Military
Institute. Societies: I. O. F. ; A. O. F.
Recreations: all outdoor sports. Liberal;
Anglican. Address. 1490 Ross Ave., Win-
nipeg, Man.


O'CONNBI^I^, Thomas Bernard. — Man-
ager Royal Bank of Canada, Cranbrook.
Born Sydney, N. S., Dec. 2, 1883, son
of Patrick and Margaret O'Connell. Edu-
cated Sydney Academy. Junior clerk
Commercial Bank, Sydney, N. S., 1900;
manager Union Bank of Halifax at
different points, 1906-1910; manager
Royal Bank, Ladysmith. B. C, 1911;
manager of present branch, 1911. Club:
Cranbrook. Conservative. Address: Cran-
brook, B. C.



O'CONNOB, Charles — Of O'Connor &
Mahon, Real Estate and Financial Brok-
ers, Mitchell Block, Prince Albert. Born
Halton County, Ont., May 29, 1873, son
of Michael and Frances O'Connor. Edu-
cated public schools, Wentworth County.
Farmed, Wentworth, until 1904. Came
to Prince Albert and engaged in general
merchandise business, 1904-1908; pres-
ent partnership formed, 1908. Married
Barbare Mahon, daughter of Peter Ma-
hon, 1906; has two sons. Society: K. C.
Recreations: shooting, hunting. Liberal:
Roman Catholic. Address: 14th St., W.,
Prince Albert, Sask.

O'CONNOR, Georgre BUgrh. — Of Gries-
bach & O'Connor. Barristers, National
Trust Building, Edmonton. Born Walk-
erton, Ont., March 16, 188.3, son of Fred-
erick S. and Maria I. O'Connor. Edu-
cated public and high schools. Walker-
ton; Osgoode Hall, Toronto; Chicago
University. Came to Alberta, 1905; mem-
ber present firm, 1905. Club: Edmon-
ton. Societies: A. F. & A. M.; Elks. Lib-
eral; Anglican. Address: 466 Thirteenth
Ave., Edmonton, Alta.


ODBSON, Thornstein. — Of Th. Odd-
son & Co., Real Estate Agents and Build-
ers, 255% Portage Ave., Winnipeg. Born
Iceland, Jan. 7, 1864, son of Oddur Thor-
darson Oddson. Educated public schools.
Immigrated from Iceland, 1888. Mer-
chant Selkirk, Man., 1890-1901. Came to
Winnipeg, 1901. Married Rachael Chris-
tiansen, 1886; has two sons and four
daughters. Societies: I. O. F.; I. O. G. T.
Liberal; Lutheran. Address: 488 Sher-
brooke St., Winnipeg, Man.

OBEl.Ii, William Henry, B. A. — Barris-
ter-at-law. Born Belmont, Middlesex
County, Ont., Jan. 31, 1878, son of Wil-
liam Henry and Selena Odell. Educated
public schools, Belmont, Ont.; Collegiate
Institute, St. Thomas and IngersoU,
Ont.; Toronto University. Came to Mani-

toba. 1903; law student with Munson,
Allan, Laird «& Davis, Winnipeg, 1903;
called to Manitoba bar, 1906, and be-
came junior member of Munson & Allan;
moved to Alberta, 1908; called to Alberta
bar, and practised, Wetaskiwin, since
1908. City Solicitor, 1912. Society: A.
P. & A. M. Liberal; Protestant. Ad-
dress: Wetaskiwin, Alta.

OBBUM, Edward, B. A., B. Sc, M. A. —

Financial Broker, 1542 Park Drive, Van-
couver. Born Tullamore, Ont, Nov. 27,
1850, son of John A. and Margaret
Odium. Educated Central School, Gode-
rich, Ont.; Collegiate Institute, Cobourg;
Victoria University. Spent 20 years as
an educator, later real estate and com-
pany business. Came to British Colum-
bia, 1889. Alderman, Vancouver; Chair-
man of Library Board; president of ex-
ecutive, Central Ratepayers' Association.
Director Trustee Company; director Ter-
minal Press Co.; director Grand Trunk
Pacific Coal Co.; director Orange Hall
Association; director British Columbia
Oil Refining Co.; director National Fi-
nance Co.; director Thomson Stationery
Co.; director Central City Mission; direc-
tor Hygienic Dairy Co.; director Cana-
dian Pacific Oil Co. Served with 36th
Regiment, Peel County, Ont., during
Fenian Raid, 1866-1870, and received 160
acres of land Ontario as recognition for
services. Married Mary E. Powell (de-
ceased) ; married Martha, M. Thomas,
Toronto, 1905; has five sons. Recrea-
tions: gardening, writing, traveling. Ad-
dress: 1710 Grant St., Vancouver, B. C.

OBi;UM, Captain Victor Wentworth. —

Vancouver Manager for Ormsby, Clapp
& Anderson, Ltd., Fire Insurance Brokers
and Fire Protection Engineers. Born Co-
bourg, Ont., Oct. 21, 1880, son of Mary
and Prof. Edward Odium, M. A., B. Sc.
Lived Japan, 1886-1889, with his father,
who was engaged in educational work
Tokio. Educated public and high schools,
Cobourg; Columbia College, New West-
minster; Toronto University. Came to
British Columbia, 1898; reporter Daily
World, Vancouver, 1902; editor-in-chief,
1905. Came to Winnipeg as inspector for
Ormsby, Clapp & Anderson, Ltd., 1908;
appointed Western manager, 1910, with
headquarters at Vancouver, 802 Vancou-
ver Blk., 1911. Served with 2nd spe-
cial service battalion, R. C. R. (First
Canadian Contingent) as private in
South Africa, 1899-1900 (medal and
three clasps) ; lieutenant 3d Mounted
Rifles, 1902; commission 48th Highland-
ers, Toronto, on return from South
Africa; transferred as lieutenant to 6th
D. C. O. R., Vancouver, 1902; captain
100th Winnipeg Grenadiers, 1910; has
had 15 consecutive years of service in
Canadian Militia. School trustee, Van-



couver, 1904; president Vancouver Lib-
eral Association, 1904. Married Eugenia
Tressa Rogerson, Victoria, 1904; has
three sons and one daughter. Clubs:
Vancouver Commercial Club, Vancouver;
Military Institute, Winnipeg; Junior
Army and Navy Club, London, Eng. Rec-
reation: rifle sliooting. Liberal; Metho-
dist. Address: 2023 Grand St., Vancou-
ver, B. C.

OCrll^VIx:, William Prescott, B. C. B. —

Of Ogilvie & Brown, Barristers, 543
Granville St., Vancouver; director Great
West Land Co.; director United Security
Co. President Pacific Northwest Asso-
ciation of the American Amateur Ath-
letic Union, 1912; President Royal The-
atre Co., Ltd.; President Muscovite Mica
Co. Born March 9, 1878, son of John and
Mary Ogilvie. Educated public and high
schools, Montreal; McGill Univers.ty.
Came to British Columbia, 1888. Called
to British Columbia bar, 1909; present
partnership formed, 1910. Married Caro-
line Young, Astoria, Ore., 1907. Clubs:
Commercial; University; Vancouver Ath-
letic. Recreation: all athletic sports.
Conservative; Presbyterian. Address:
2542 Victoria St., Mount Pleasant, Van-
couver, B. C.

OGI^E, Thomas J. — Proprietor, Wind-
sor Hotel, 748 Granville St., Vancouver.
Born New York, 1869, son of Thomas
and Cornelia Pinkerton Ogle. Educated
public schools and American College,
New York. Practiced medicine. United
States, 1893-1907. Came to British Co-
lumbia, 1904; began present business,
1908. Married Orie Reynolds, 1910.
Recreations: shooting, fishing. Address:
768 Granville St., Vancouver, B. C.

O'OBADV, I^ieut.-Colouel John Waller
de Courcy — Of O'Grady & Co., invest-
ment and Real Estate Brokers, 1201 Mc-
Arthur Bldg., Winnipeg. Born Hem-
mingford, Que., Sept. 26, 1854, son of
Rev. Gerald de Courcy and Charlotte
O'Grady. Educated: Bishops College
School, Lennoxville. Entered service of
Bank of Montreal, May, 1870; account-
ant, Ottawa, 1877; Chicago, 1883; To-
ronto, 1885; Ottawa, 1887; manager
Wallaceburg, Ont., 1882; agent New
York, 1895; assistant manager, Chicago,
1897; manager, Chicago, 1900; left serv-
ice of bank 1905, to establish Northern,
afterwards Northern Crown Bank, Win-
nipeg, as general manager. Director
Annuity Co. of Canada; president Cardiff
Collieries, Ltd.; president Gas Traction
Co., Ltd.; director Northern Foundry &
Machinery Co. Served with 43rd Vic-
toria Rifles, Montreal, retiring 1892 with
rank of Captain; Lieutenant Colonel,
cominanding 90th Regiment, 1911; mem-
ber Canadian Wimbledon Team, 1880;

one of the founders and original mem-
bers St. George Snowshoe Co., Montreal;
founder Kenwood Lawn Tennis Club,
Chicago; founder Rideau Curling Club,
Ottawa. Married Katherine Frances,
daughter of late Lieut.-Col. Maunsell,
Deputy Adjutant General, Fredericton,
N. B., 1885; has six sons and three
daughters. Clubs: Chicago; Manitoba;
Carleton; Adanac. Recreations: tennis,
yachting, curling. Conservative; Angli-
can. Address: 175 Mayfair Ave., Win-
nipeg, Man.

OI^SFIEI^D, John Henry. — Of Oldfield,
Kirby & Gardner, Financial and Real
Estate Agents, 234 Portage Ave., Winni-
peg. Born Norfolk, England, Feb.' 7, 1857,
son of Henry and Emma Oldfield. Edu-
cated private schools. Came to Winni-
peg, 1879; present business since 1886.
Married Emma Louise Inman, Winnipeg,
1885; has three sons and one daughter.
Recreation: travel. Anglican. Address:
264 River Ave., Winnipeg, Man.

OI^SHAM, Frederick Monntford — Bar-
rister and Solicitor. Born Melton, Mow-
bray, England, March 29, 1864, son of
Frederick Jennings and Esther Anne
Oldham. Educated privately; Rugby and
Trent. Admitted to Supreme Court of
England, 1886: practiced London and
vicinity 1886-1891; practiced Alberta,
1891-1898; practiced Innisfail, since 1898.
Town solicitor, Innisfail, since incorpo-
ration. President Innisfail Conservative
Association. Society: L. O. L. Recrea-
tion: shooting. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: Innisfail, Alta.

O'liEARV, Frederick James, B. A., B.

Sc. — Architect and Engineer, Cobold
Bldg., Saskatoon. Born San Antonio,
Tex., Sept. 17, 1887; son of John Patrick
and Isabella McGuire O'Leary. Educated
Mount St. Louis Military Academy; St.
Lawrence College and McGill Univer-
sity, Montreal. Began as axeman, C. P.
R. Engineering Dept., Kenora, Ont.,
1903; topograplner. Field Hill Location,
C. P. R., 1905; engineer in charge of
trails, Rocky Mountain Division, C. P.
R., 1907-1908; topograpliical engineer, C.
P. R. Irrigation in Alberta, 1909; super-
intendent. Standard Construction Co.,
Saskatoon, 1910; consulting engineer
and architect. Saskatoon, since 1911.
Club: Columbus, Montreal. Societies:
Canadian Society Civil Engineers; Sas-
katchewan Society of Architects. Rec-
reation: motoring. Conservative; Roman
Catholic. Address: Saskatoon, Sask.



OXklxr, Charles Hermann, J. P., M. Tm.

A. — Farmer and personal real estate op-
erations. Born Westergothland, Sweden,
Aug. 31, 1867, son of Olaf and
Sharlotte Olin. Educated Sweden and
United States. Came to Wetaskiwin
from Nebraska, 1892; being one of the
first settlers. Member City Council,
Wetaskiwin, since 1904; president Scan-
dinavian Public Hospital; president Lib-
eral Association of Wetaskiwin. Inspec-
tor public works and bridge foreman,
1898-1909; liquor license commissioner,
1906-1909. Represents Wetaskiwin, Al-
berta Legislature. Married Matilda
Bengstone, 1894; has one son and two
daughters. Liberal; Lutheran. Address:
Wetaskiwin, Alta.

OIiIVER, Hon. Prank, M. P. — Publish-
er, The Bulletin, Edmonton. Born Peel
County, Ont., 1853. Member Northwest
County, Ont., Oct. 6, 1853. Member
Northwest Council, 1883; elected to
Northwest Legislative Assembly (which
succeeded Council with wider powers),
1886-1896; elected to House of Com-
mons as Independent-Liberal, 1896; re-
elected, 1900, 1904, as Liberal candi-
date. Sworn to Privy Council and ap-
pointed Minister of Interior, 1905; held
office until resignation of administra-
tion, 1911; re-elected, 1911, by acclama-
tion. Married Harriet Dunlop, Prairie
Grove, Man., 1881. Address: Edmon-
ton, Alta,

OIUVEB, John. — Farmer. Born Hart-
ington, Derbyshire, England, July 31,
1856, son of Robert and Emma Lomas
Oliver. Educated parish schools, Hart-
ington. Came to Canada, 1870; British
Columbia, 1877. Elected to British Co-
lumbia Legislature for Delta, 1900,
1903 and 1909; leader of the Liberal op-
position, 1909; unsuccessful candidate,
1909; unsuccessful candidate for House
of Commons, 1911; Councillor, Delta,
1890-1894; Reeve, 1911. Married Eliza-
beth Woodward, 1886; has five sons and
three daughters. Liberal; Methodist.
Address: Delta, B. C.

OIiIVEB, wmiam.— (Retired). Bom
Oxford County, Ont., Dec. 24, 1860, son
of William and Helen Oliver. Educated
public schools, Oxford County. Carpen-
ter's apprentice, Oxford County, 1878;
contractor, Brandon, 1882; Regina, 1882-
1885; Lethbridge, 1886-1910, when re-
tired. Vice-president and manager Leth-
bridge Brick & Terra Cotta Co., 1904-
1905; formed Oliver Manufacturing Co.,
1907; sold out, 1910. Member boanl. Leth-
bridge and District Agriculture Society.
Served as Alderman, Lethbridge 14
years; Mayor four consecutive terms.


Married Mary A. Oliver, daughter of
Thomas Oliver, Warkworth, Ont., 1888;
has two sons and one daughter. Club:
Chinook. Societies: A. F. & A. M.; I. O.
O. F. Recreations: shooting, curling.
Liberal; Presbyterian. Address: 606
Fifth Ave., S., Lethbridge, Alta,

O'NEIK, William Nelson. — Building
Material Merchant, 550 Seymour St.,
Vancouver; president Western Ware-
housing Co., Ltd. Born Brampton, Ont..
July 23, 1874, son of John Moody and
Jane Elizabeth Long O'Neil. Educated
public schools, Erindale, Ont. Came to
Vancouver, 1898. Married Bella Vic-
toria Rioch, 1902; has one daughter.
Clubs: Vancouver; Commercial. Society:
K. of P. Presbyterian. Address: 1166
Eleventh Ave., W., Vancouver, B. C.

O'BEXI^JbT, Arthur John. — Of Moresby
& O'Reilly, Barristers, Imperial Bank
Chambers Victoria. Born Victoria, April
4, 1873, son of His Honor Judge O'Reilly,
and C. A. O'Reilly. Educated Upping-
ham, England. Called to British Colum-
bia bar, 1899. Club: Union. Address:
Point EUice, Victoria, B. C.

ORMOND, Major Daniel Mowat. — Bar-
rister and Solicitor, McPherson, Wil-
liams and Ormond, Portage la Prairie,
Man. Born Pembroke, Ont., Aug. 14,
1885, son of Daniel Ormond and Frances
Lydia Hudson Ormond, and great-grand-
son of Capt. Hudson, United Empire
Loyalist. Came to Manitoba, 1888. Edu-



cated public schools and Collegiate In-
stitute, Portage la Prairie. Law stu-
dent with Edward Anderson, K. C, Por-
tage la Prairie, 1904; called to Mani-
toba and Alberta bars; practiced law
Pincher Creek since 1910. Joined 12th
Manitoba Dragoons, later transferred to
18th M. R. Married Annie Laura Cad-
ham, Portage la Prairie, 1910. Club:
Portage la Prairie. Society: I. O. O. F.
Recreations: rowing, rifle, gun and re-
volver shooting, riding, former lacrosse
and hockey player. Liberal; Presby-
terian. Address: Portage la Prairie,

OKnTOND, Horace, 3^1^. B. — Of Hud-
son, Ormond & Marlatt, Barristers and
Solicitors, Merchants Bank Bldg., Win-
nipeg. Born Pembrooke, Ont., June 17,
1875, son of Daniel and Frances L. Hud-
son Ormond. Educated public and high
schools, Pembrooke. Came to Manitoba
1888. Law student with Martin & An-
derson, Portage la Prairie, 1892-1897;
with Martin & Mathers, Winnipeg, 1897-
1898; with Howell & Mathers, Winnipeg,
1898-1899; called to Manitoba bar, 1900;
member of firm, Anerson & Ormond,
Portage la Prairie, 1900-1904: present
partnership formed, 1904. Married
Louise M. Smith, Winnipeg, 1904; has
one ison. Clubs: Manitoba; Carleton, St.
Charles Country. Society: A. F. & A.
M. Liberal; Presbyterian. Address:
Roslyn Place, Winnipeg, Man.

OSOK, SEtolbert D., BX. D., C. K., Ii. B.
C. S., Xi. B. C. P., M, 3i. A. — Physician
and Surgeon. Born Simcoe County, Ont.,
Oct. 2, 1878, son of William Orok and
Mary Johnston. Educated Barrie Col-
legiate Institute: Trinity and Toronto
Universities; post graduate Queen's Uni-
versity and Edinburgh University. In-
terested in mining, British Columbia
and Yukon, 1898-1901; practiced, Cooks-
town, Ont., 1909-1911: The Pas, since
1911. Chief Surgeon, Hudson's Bay Ry.
Elected to Manitoba Legislature for The
Pas, by acclamation, 1912, for all the
territory added to Province of Manitoba,
containing 200,000 square miles. Mar-
ried Bessie Vair, Barrie, 1907. Society:
A. F. & A. M. Conservative; Presbyter-
ian. Address: Fisher Ave., The Pas,

OSBOBNE, Ethel Prances. — (Wife of
Rockwell Coleman Osborne.) Born St.
Thomas, Ont, daughter of Prances Les-
lie and Lieutenant Colonel Wm. Henry
Lindsey. Educated Toronto. Came to
Manitoba, 1900. Joined staff of Winni-

peg Telegram as Women's page editor,
subsequently having charge of Women's
Department on Manitoba Free Press.
Married R. C. Osborne, treasurer Inter-
national Elevator Co., 1907. President
Dominion Canadian Women's Press
Club, 1908-1909; president Winnipeg
branch C. W. P. C, 1910-1911; literary
correspondent Women's Canadian Club,
1910-1911. Clubs: Winnipeg Golf; St
Charles Country. Anglican. Address:
128 Yale Ave., Winnipeg, Man.

OSBOBNE, Joseph Alexander — Born
Tyrone, Ont, Oct 7, 1860, son of Alex

Online LibraryC. W. ParkerNorthern who's who; a biographical dictionary of men and women → online text (page 71 of 102)