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and Mary Tuer Osborne. Educated public
schoolls; Bowmanville Collegiate Insti-
tute. Came West 1882; on staff of Win-
nipeg Daily Times, 1885; later published'
Manitoban Magazine and Western Work-
man, the official organ of the A. O. U.
W.; manager and part owner Brandon
Sun until 1903; subsequently founded
Fort Frances Times and Rainy River
Gazette. Served as Deputy City Col-
lector, Winnipeg, 1886-1896; Mayor, Fort
Frances, 1905-1906; Councillor since
1906; Immigration Inspector in charge
of Rainy River District, 1909-1911; made
four trips across Hudson Bay and was
first white njan to explore and obtain
miner's license in Ungava. Past Presi-
dent Western Canada Press Association;
Vice-President North American Mineral
& Timber Co., Ltd.; editor and publisher
Fort Frances Times; Secretary Fort
Frances Board of Trade. Married Amelia
Hadskis, daughter of George H. Had-
skis, Winnipeg, 1885. Liberal; Disciples
of Christ Church. Address: Fort Fran-
ces, Ont.

OSBOBNi:, Bockwell Colman, Iili. B. —

Treasurer International Elevator Co.,
Grain Exchange, Winnipeg. Bom Mc-
Gregor, Iowa, Feb. 3, 1874, son of Willis
L. and Julia Colman Osborne. Educated
University of Minnesota. In grain busi-
ness with Osborne McMillan Elevator
Co., Minneapolis, Minn., 1891. Came to
Winnipeg, 1903. Married Ethel Prances
Lindsay, daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel
William H. Lindsay, Winnipeg, 1907.
Clubs: Manitoba; Carleton; St Charles
Country; Winnipeg Golf. Recreations:
golf, bowling. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: 128 Yale Ave., Winnipeg, Man.



OSIiEB, Hug-h Farq.uharson — Of Osier,
Hammond & Nanton, Stock Brokers,
Financial Agents, Real Estate and Mort-
gage Loans, Nanton Bldg., Winnipeg;
President Perfection Concrete Co., Ltd.
Born Toronto, Nov. 17, 1881, son of Sir
Edmund B. and Annie Osier. Educated
Trinity College School, Port Hope, and

Royal Military College, Kingston. Came
to Winnipeg, 1903. Captain 79th Regi-
ment. Married Kathleen Harty, Kings-
ton, Ont, 1907; has two sons. Clubs:
Manitoba; Winnipeg Hunt; Polo. Recre-
ations: golf and polo. Conservative;
Protestant. Address: Wellington Cres-
cent, Winnipeg, Man.



O'SUI^IiIVAN, John. — Fellow of the
Chemical Society of London, England;
Provincial Assayer and Analytical Chem-
ist, 432 Richards St., Vancouver. Born
Swansea, South Wales, Feb. 15, 1854.
Educated Swansea high school. With
Vivian & Sons, Swansea; received train-
ing practical assaying and analytical
work under direction of Dr. R. Suchs-
land, 1S71-1897. Chief chemist to the
British Columbia Agency, Ltd., of Lon-
don, England, Vancouver, 1897-1900. Es-
tablished present business, 1900. Served
with Volunteer Artillery, Swansea, 21
years, receiving Queen's medal for long
and meritorious service, 1896. Address:
1649 Barclay St., Vancouver, B. C.

0'SUI.IiIVAN, Richard B. — Of Na-
tional Finance Co., Burns Block, Calgary.
Born Jamaica, B. W. I., June 8, 1868, son

of Edward and E. O'Sullivan. Educated
McGill University; University of Penn-
sylvania; University of Toronto; Dioce-
san Theological College. Dentist, Otta-
wa, 1889. Came to Alberta, 1892. Has
served as school trustee. Alderman and
License Inspector. Married Marion E.
Chapin, Toronto. Club: Alberta. So-
cieties: S. O. E.; A. F. & A. M.; I. O. O.
F. Address: 536 Twentieth Ave., W.,
Calgary, Alta.

OUSEI^E'S', His Hon. Frederick Arthur
Gore. — District Court Judge, Judicial
District of Moose Jaw. Born Windsor,
N. S., Dec. 27, 1872, son of Rosina M.
and John W. Ouseley, K. C. Educated
Collegiate and High school, Windsor.
Came to Saskatchewan, 1907; elevated
to Bench, 1909; president Saskatchewan
Provincial Musical Association, 1911-
1912. Married Mary Carmichael Camp-
bell, 1901; has one daughter. Recrea-
tion: tennis. Anglican. Address: 54 Ox-
ford St., Moose Jaw, Sask.

OITTRAM, Sir James, M. A., Baronet —

President Central Alberta Investment
Co., Ltd., Imperial Block, Vermilion;
President Northern & Vermilion Develop-
ment Co., Ltd.; Treasurer Alberta Town-
site Co., Ltd. Born London, England,
Oct. 13, 1864, son of Sir Francis Boyd
and Jane Anne Davidson Outram. Edu-
cated Haileybury; Pembroke College,
Cambridge. Came to Manitoba 1884;
mountaineering, Canadian Rockies, 1900,
1901, 1902; author of "In the Heart of
the Canadian Rockies," 1905; prominent
as a lecturer and writer of articles to
magazines, etc. Honorary member Al-
pine Club of Canada; Corresponding
member Appalachian Mountain Club.
Recreations: mountaineering, golf, ten-
nis, cricket, curling. Anglican. Address:
Vermillion, Alta; Pitlochy, Scotland.

OVER, Walter Percy. — Of Jordan &
Over, Architects, Canada Life Building,
Winnipeg. Born Toronto, Sept. 3, 1874,
son of Walter and Honoria Over. Edu-
cated public schools and Collegiate In-
stitute, Toronto. Architect, Toronto,
1890, employ of Dominion Government.
Came to Winnipeg. 1902. Served as ser-
geant with Queen's Own Rifles, Toron-
to, three years. Married Edith Carruth-
ers, Winnipeg, 1907. Society: A. F. &
A. M. Recreation: golf. Conservative;
Anglican. Address: 199 Colony St., Win-
nipeg, Man.




OVIIIIFACK, Warren. — Secretary-
Treasurer and General Manager of the
Alberta Clay Products Co., Ltd., Medicine
Hat; president of Marshalltown Sewer
Pipe Co., Marshalltown, Iowa; director
of Portland Drain Tile Co., Portland,
Ind.; director of Lehigh Clay Products
Co., Lehigh, Iowa. Born Springfield,
Ohio, April 21, 1865, son of Samuel and
Mary Overpack. Educated public and
high schools Springfield, Ohio. Clay
product manufacturer; purchased the
Glenwood Tile Works, 1882, and oper-

ated same until 1900; organized a com-
pany and built the Portland Drain Tile
Co., Portland, Ind., 1900; with the same
company built the Lehigh Clay Products
Co., Lehigh, Iowa, 1905; purchased the
Orestes Drain Tile Works, 1908, and re-
built same; organized a company and
built the Alberta Clay Products at Medi-
cine Hat, Alta, 1908. Married Lily Proc-
tor Springfield, Ohio; has two sons and
one daughter. Society: A. F. & A. M.
Independent; Friends Church. Address:
Medicine Hat, Alta.




OWENS, Clarence Artliar. — General
Manager Land & General Investment
Co., Ltd., 105 Eighth Ave., W., Calgary.
Born Lansing, Kansas, Feb. 25, 1884.
Educated public and high schools,
Kansas. Clerk wholesale house, Kansas
City, 1900-1903; advertising business Pa-

cific Coast, 1903-1908. Came to Alberta,
1908. Managing director for J. O. E.,
Ltd., Calgary, two years. Married Eliza-
beth Moraye, Winnipeg, 1910. Clubs:
Alberta; Colonial. Conservative. Ad-
dress: Calgary. Alta,



OWEN, aev. Cecil Caldtoeck, B. A. —

Anglican clergyman. Rector of Christ
Church "Vancouver. Born Blackheath,
Kent, England. July 5, 1864, son of Rev.
Edward and Elizabeth Owen. Educated
Toronto University; Wycliffe College.
Curate, St. Peter's Church, Toronto, un-
der Archdeacon Boddy; curate. Trinity
Church, Winnipeg, under Archdeacon
Fortin; Rector, Cronyn Memorial Church,
London, Ont. ; present charge since 1903.
Director Y. M. C. A.; vice-president
Strathcona Institute; president Bible So-
ciety for British Columbia. Served with
Queen's Own Rifles, Toronto, Northwest
Rebellion, 1885. Married Alice Grundy,
1891; has one son and four daughters.
Recreations: sailing; outdoor sports. Ad-
dress: Christ Church Rectory, Vancou-
ver, B. C.

OXIiET, Robert W. — Of Dominion Gov-
ernment Land Department, Hanley. Born
Haldiman County, Ont., Dec. 9, 1857, son
of Thomas and Ann Oxley. Educated
public schools. Agent Grand Trunk Rail-
way, Thorold, Ont., 1880. Came to Sas-
katchewan, 1903. Councillor, Hanley,
1908; Mayor, Hanley, 1909-1910. Married
Mary McRae, Glencoe, Ont., 1893; has
one daughter. Club: Liberal. Society:
A. P. & A. M. Recreations: hunting,
fishing. Liberal; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: Hanley, Sask.

FACE, Frederick W. — Local manager
Liverpool & London & Globe Insurance
Co., Ltd., Somerset Building, Winnipeg.
Born Toronto, June 4, 1873. Educated
Winnipeg. Fire insurance business, 1896;
as accountant, inspector and secretary,
1903, established Western Canadian
branch office of Liverpool & London &
Globe Insurance Company, Ltd.. Winni-
peg. Clubs: Manitoba: Carleton. So-
ciety: A. P. & A. M. Address: 388 Well-
ington Crescent, Winnipeg, Man.

PAO-E, Georffe Shaw — Town Clerk,
Moosomin. Born Ebley, Gloucestershire,
England, Sept. 6, 1864, son of Alexander
and Eliza Mary Vivian Page. Educat-
ed: Cheltenham College. Came to Sas-
katchewan, 1886. Bank clerk. Pease
Reade & Co., Moosomin; subsequently
law clerk with E. A. C. McLorg, Mooso-
min; clerk with Sheriff Murphy, Mooso-
min; appointed Town Clerk, 1908. Mar-
ried Lydia Pierce, daughter of Capt.
Riddle Pierce, 1892: has one son. So-
ciety: S. O. E. Recreation: cricket.
Conservative; Anglican. Address: Moos-
omin, Sask.


PAGE, Walter— Of Page & Brattland,
Real Estate and Investment Brokers,
132 20th St., E., Saskatoon. Born
Birmingham, Eng., Dec. 21, 1883, son
of Henry and Mary Page. Educated
Birmingliam. Caine to Winnipeg, 1905;
pressman, Telegram, Winnipeg, previous
to coming to Saskatoon, 1909; pressman.
Daily Phoenix, Saskatoon, some time;
began present business, 1911. Society:
I. O. O. F. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: Saskatoon, Sask.

PAGET, Anne Amelia. — Author, daugh-
ter of W. J. McLean, Winnipeg. Born
Port Simpson, Mackenzie River. Married
Frederick Paget, Department Indian Af-
fairs, Ottawa. Commissioned by Cana-
dian Government to obtain folk-lore of
Northwest Cree Indians, 1906. Published
"People of the Plains," 1909. Address:
Ottawa and Winnipeg, Man.

PAIITTER, Harry John. — Assessment
Commissioner of City of Vancouver, City
Hall. Vancouver. Born Hanley, Stafford-
shire, England, June 14, 1856, son of
Frederick Charles and Emily Marriner
Painter. Educated Bridgenorth, Shrop-
shire, England. Timber valuer for I. &
T. Dimmick & Co.; stroke on Trent, 1871.
Came to Canada, 1881; British Colum-
bia, 1886. Present position since 1897.
Alderman, Vancouver, 1896, 1897, 1898
and 1900. Served with Queens Own
Stafforshire Rangers. Married Annie M.
Petchell, Aldborough, England, 1883; has
seven sons and one daughter. Society:

A. O. U. W. Conservative; Anglican. Ad-
dress: 1524 Eighth Ave., W., Vancouver,

B. C.


TAXX, Keleu. — Teacher in Provincial
Model School, Winnipeg. Born St. Johns-
bury, Vt., daughter of John and Annabel
Palk. Educated Winnipeg schools. Sup-
erintendent of elementary department of
Manitoba Sunday School Association;
represents Canada on the International
Elementary Committee; has traveled ex-
tensively Alberta connection with Sun-
day School work. Methodist. Address:
221 Spence St., Winnipeg, Man.

FAIiniEB, George — Real Estate and
Investment Broker, 136 Saskatchewan
Ave., Portage la Prairie. Born St.
Thomas, Ont., Sept. 26, 1874, son of
Amos H. and Elizabeth Biggs Palmer.
Came to Manitoba, 1882. Educated public
schools, Winnipeg and Portage la
Prairie. Engaged in harness and sad-
dlery business, Boissevain, 1898-1908;
established present business, 1909. Pres-
ident Turtle Mountain Liberal Associa-
tion, 1906-1907. Married Margaret Fair-
bairn, 1896. Societies: K. P.; I. O. O.
F. Recreation: Lacrosse. Liberal; Pres-
byterian. Address: Portage la Prairie,


FAI^MEK, Kichard Mason — Managing
Director British Columbia Fruit Lands,
Ltd., and Kamloops Fruit Lands Irriga-
tion & Power Co., Ltd., Kamloops; direc-
tor British Canadian & General Invest-
ment Co., London, England, and Kam-
loops; director Prudential Investment
Co., Vancouver; director British Colum-
bia Fruit Growers' Association; member
of Provincial Board of Horticulture.

Born Gayton, Norfolk, England, March
12, 1859, son of Henry and Eliza Palmer.
Educated Swaffham grammar school,
Norfolk, England. Came to British Co-
lumbia, 1888. Provincial Fruit Inspector
Provincial Government, Victoria, 1890;
Secretary Bureau of Provincial Informa-
tion and Immigration, Victoria, 1904;
Deputy Minister of Agriculture, 1906; re-
signed, 1908; present position since 1908.
Married Edith Mary Oldf ield, Pouldon,
Old Hall, England, 1884 (deceased);
married Gertrude Annie Hadwen, Fair-
field, Manchester, England, 1907; has
three sons and two daughters. Clubs:
Union; Vancouver. Society: A. P. & A.
M. Conservative;. Anglican. Address:
Kamloops, B. C.

FANG-IVIAII', Henry Gerald — Account-
ant, Canadian Bank of Commerce, Kel-
owna, B. C. Born Mascouche, Que, 1871,
son of John Henry and Bertha Eliza-
beth Pangman. Educated: public schools,
Montreal. Commenced career in stock
broker's office, Montreal, 1890. Came
to British Columbia, 1902. Club: Kel-
owna. Recreations: hunting, riding,
polo. Address: Kelowna, B. C.

FANTON, Arthur Murray — Barrister
and Solicitor, North Battleford; City
Solicitor, North Battleford. Born El-
mira, Ont., Aug. 19, 1871, son of Rev.
B. W. and Helen White Panton. Edu-
cated public and high schools; Osgoode
Hall. Called to Ontario Bar, 1895; prac-
ticed Stratford, Ont., 1895-1906; called
to Saskatchewan Bar, 1907; practiced
North Battleford since 1906. President,
Liberal Association, North Battleford.
Served as Captain 28th Regiment, Perth,
Ont., 1902-1906; Major C Squadron 22nd
Saskatchewan Light Horse. Married
Louise Marie McKippen, daughter of
George McKippen, 1901; has three sons.
Societies: S. O. S.; W. O. W. Liberal;
Presbyterian. Address: North Battle-
ford, Sask.

, FANTOM', I^eonard Arthur Cattanach,
M. B. — Of Drs. Panton & Campbell,
Hodson Block, North Battleford. Born
Winnipeg, June 3, 1882, son of James
Hoyes and Jemima Cattanach Panton.
Educated Collegiate Institute, Guelph;
Toronto University. Practiced, Chicago,
1904-1906; Kenora, Ont, 1906-1911;
North Battleford since 1911. Married
Helen Beresford, daughter of Charles
W. Beresford, Narborough, Eng., 1912.
Society: K. P. Recreation: shooting.
Conservative; Presbyterian. Address:
Queen St., North Battleford, Sask.



PARDEE, E. C. — Manager Bank of
Montreal, Edmonton. Born Sarnia, Ont.,
March 20, 1869, son of Hon. T. B. Pardee,
ex-minister Crown Lands, Ont., and
Emma K. Pardee. Educated Upper Can-
ada College, Toronto. Joined bank, Chat-
ham. Ont., 1886. Came to Alberta, 1900.
Married Marjorie Mowat, Edmonton; has
one son and one daughter. Club: Edmon-
ton. Recreations: cricket, golf, riding,
tennis. Address: 1543 Victoria Ave., Ed-
monton, Alta.

FABKEB, Benjamin Cronyn. — Of

Parker Ashdown Realty Co., Real Estate
Agent, Union Bank Building, Winni-
peg. Born Pakenliam, Ont., Feb. 14,
1861, son of George and Abalinda Park-
er. Educated public schools Ontario.
Came to Manitoba, 1877; farmed, 1877-
1909; came to Winnipeg, 1909; breeder
of Aberdeen Angus cattle, Clydesdale
and standard bred horses, being also
largely interested farm lands in Mani-
toba, Alberta and Saskatchewan. Mar-
ried Mary E. Stoddard. Club: Canadian.
Recreation: horses. Conservative; Metho-
dist. Address: 419 Charles St., Winni-
peg, Man.


PABKEB, Joseph Henry — ^Barrister
and Solicitor, Bank of Toronto Bldg.,
Yorkton; Director, Crescent Realty Co.
Ltd.; Director, Great West Realty Co.
Ltd.; Director Western Prudential In-
ve.stment Co. Ltd.; Director, Times Pub-
lishing Co. Ltd.; member Yorkton Board
of Trade. Born Montreal, Jan. 2, 1878,

son of James Harvey and Elizabeth
Parker. Educated: public schools, Sim-
coe county: Collegiate Institute, Barrie
and Toronto; Osgoode Hall. Called to
Ontario Bar, 1901; practised with Col.
Andrew Thompson, Cayuga, Ont., 1902-
1907; called to Saskatchewan Bar, 1907;
practised alone, Yorkton, 1907-1908;
Parker & Livingston, Yorkton, 1908-
1909; Parker, Livingston & Wilson, 1912;
annointed Master in Chambers, Regina,
Sept. 16, 1912; Secretary-Treasurer, Lib-
eral Associations for Mackenzie and
Yorkton. Married Bertiia Carroll, Tor-
onto, 1904; has two sons and two daugh-
ters. Clubs: Garry (Winnipeg); Cana-
dian (Yorkton). Society: A. F. & A.
M. Recreation: Literature. Liberal;
Anglican. Address: Third Ave., York-
ton, Sask.

FABKEB, Matthew A., B. Sc. (Glas.) —

Prof, of chemistry University of Mani-
toba, Winnipeg. Born Renfrewshire.
Scotland, Oct. 3, 1871, son of John and
Annie Parker. Educated Glasgow and
Heidelberg. Came to Winnipeg, 1904.
Official Analyst to Government of Mani-
toba; lecturer chemistry. Technical Col-
lege, Glasgow, 1894-1901; lecturer or-
ganic chemistry, Glasgow University,
1901-1904. Fellow of Chemical Society,
London, England; member of American
Chemical Society; Society of Chemical
Industry; British Association for the Ad-
vancement of Science; American Asso-
ciation for the Advancement of Science.
Married Elizabeth Blackie, Glasgow,
1904; has three daughters. Address: Uni-
versity of Manitoba, W^innipeg, Man.

FABKEB, Bev. Feter Clifton. — Clergy-
man, pastor Central Baptist Church,
Vancouver. Born Busby. Scotland, May
4, 1856, son of William and Jane- Parker.
Educated Manchester College, England;
ordained Rochdale. England, 1880. Came
to Ontario, 1883; incumbent. First Ave.
Baptist Church, Toronto, 14 years. Came
to British Columbia to present charge,
1907. Married Jane Cowan Nelson, Bux-
ton, Derbyshire, England; has two sons
and three daughters. Club: Canadian.
Recreations: hunting, fishing. Address:
62 Eleventh Ave., W., Vancouver, B. C.

FABKES, Bobert Byerley, LL. B. —

Barrister and Solicitor, 537 Hastings St.,
Vancouver. Born England, Dec. 9, 1861.
Educated University College, London;
London University. Came to British Co-
lumbia, 1899. Club: Terminal City.
Society: I. O. O. P. (high counsellor).
Recreation: cricket. Address: 1169 Nel-
son St., Vancouver, B. C.



FASI^OW, Miss Mary Kathleen. —

Violinist. Born Calgary, daughter of
Charles Henry and Minnie B. Wheeler
Parlow. Educated California and Rus-
sia. Commenced study of violin when
5 years of age, with F. J. Conrad and
Henry Holmes, San Francisco; removed
to St. Petersburg, 1906, and continued
musical studies with Leopold Auer;
since 1908, has played in Germany, Rus-
sia, Scandanavia, Holland, Belgium and
the British Isles, appearing before many
of the crowned heads, notably the Queen
of England, the King and Queen of
Denmark, King and Queen of Norway,
and othermembers of the royal families.
Recreations: reading, walking, motoring.
Address: care Daniel Mayer, Hanover
Square, London, England.

PABR, John Edmeston — ^Parr, Macken-
zie & Day, Architects, the Vancouver
Block, Vancouver. Born Islington, Lon-
don, England, May 'I, 185 6, son of Sam-
uel and Sarahjane Hannah Parr. Edu-
cated: Proprietary School, Gravesend.
Articled to Samuel Parr of Parr &
Strong, Architects, College Hill, Cannon
St., London. Studied at the Classes of
Architectual Association and University
College, Gower St., London. Member
of Arm of Parr, Strong & Parr, London,
1883-1889. Came to America, 1889. As-
sisted several of the largest architectiial
firms on the Paciflc Coast. Partnership
with Samuel Maclure, 1891-1894; with
T. A. Fee, 1895-1912; present partnership
formed, 1912. Married Leila Imogene
Stuart, daughter of Charles Stuart of
West Hampstead, London, 1911. Clubs:
Commercial, Vancouver Athletic, Out-
post Fencing, Overseas, Canadian. Con-
servative; Anglican. Address: 34 The
Broughton, Broughton St., Vancouver,
B. C.


FABRISH, 'William Iiinton. — Of Par-
rish & Heimbecker, Ltd., Grain Brokers,
605 Grain Exchange, Winnipeg. Born

Vromanton, Ont., Aug. 4, 1860, son of
Samuel and Jane Parrish. Educated Ux-
bridge, Ont. In grain business, Brandon,
1881; moved to Winnipeg, 1898; mem-
ber of firm Parrish & Lindsay, 1886-
1907; Western Canada Flour Mills Co.,
1907-1909; present partnership formed,
1909. Alderman, Brandon, 1896-1897;
president Winnipeg Grain Exchange,
1899; secretary-treasurer Columbia Coal
& Coke Co.; president Manitoba Curling
Association; captain Manitoba Team of
Canadian Curlefs to Scotland, 1909. Mar-
ried Annie Ellen Card, Glenboro, Man.,
1885; has two sons and three daughters.
Clubs: Manitoba; Carleton. Societies:
A. F. & A. M.; I. O. O. F. Liberal;
Methodist. Address: 181 Kingsway, Win-
nipeg, Man.

FABBT, "Walter — Of Parry & Stur-
rock. Real Estate and Financial Agents,
1753 Scarth St., Regina. Born Liver-
pool, England, Dec. 30, 1879, son of Rob-
ert and Emma Weaver Parry. Educated
Liverpool College. Came to Canada,
1901; Regina, 1903; accountant and au-
ditor, Regina, 1905-1908; present part-
nership formed, 1908. Society: K. P.
Recreation: cricket. Independent. Ad-
dress: Regina, Sask.

FABSON, Henry George, M. It. A. —

Merchant. Born London, England, Sept.
13, 1865, son of George F. and Mary
Ann Parson. Educated Cooper's Com-
pany grammar school, London, England.
Came to Ottawa, 1883; to Banff, Alta,
1885; and to British Columbia, 1887.
President Columbia Wine & Spirit Co.,
Golden; president Revelstoke Wine &
Spirit Co.; president Golden Board of
Trade, 1906-1907; Golden Hospital So-
ciety, 1906-1907. Represents Columbia,
British Columbia Legislature. Married
Mary Jane Reid, 1889; has one son and
two daughters. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: Golden, B. C.

FABSONS, 'William Bufus, B. A., JmTm.

B. — Barrister. Born Halifax, N. S., April
9, 1873, son of Jonathan and Elenor Par-
sons. Educated Acadia College, and Dal-
housie University. Came to Saskatche-
wan and practiced since 1898; Solicitor
for town of Yorkton. Married Lillie
Nichols, 1899; has two sons. Conserva-
tive; Baptist. Address: Yorktown, Sask.




PARSONS, J. I.. B., B. A,— President,
Parsons' Construction & Engineering
Co.. Ltd., 1712 Scartii St., Regina; Pres-
ident, Parsons' Building Co., Ltd.; Pres-
ident, Western Canada Loan & Invest-
ment Co., Ltd.; President, Saskatchewan
General Investment & Agency Co., Ltd.;
President, Regina Development Syndi-
cate, Ltd.; Director, Regina Cartage Co.,
Ltd. Born Orangeville, Ont., Jan. 18,
]876, son of William and Annie Lindsey
Parsons. Educated public schools and
Collegiate Institute, Toronto; Toronto
University; School of Practical Science,
Toronto. Fellow in Surveying-Engineer-
ing Faculty, Toronto University, 1901-
1902. Engaged on survey work, Depart-

ment of Interior, Dominion Government,
1903-1908; commissioned D. L. S. and
O. L. S., 1904; S. L. S., 1910; came to
Regina and organized present companies,

1908. President, Saskatchewan Land
Surveyors' Association, 1910-1911. Com-
missioned as captain. Corps of Guides,

1909. Married Minnie Weldon, Shediac,
N. B., 1910. Clubs: Assiniboia; Wascana
Country, president, (Regina); St.
Charles Country and Western Canada
Military Institute (Winnipeg) ; National,
Ontario; Canadian Military Institute;
University Club & Delta Kappa Epsilon
Fraternity. Recreations: riding, driving,
golf. Liberal; Anglican. Address: Re-
gina, Sask.




FASCAI., Bigflit Rev. Al'bert, O. M. I.,
D. D. — Bishop of Prince Albert. Born
St. Genest de Beauson, Viliers, France,
Aug. 3, 1848. Educated Little Seminary
of Aubenas and Grand Seminary of Mon-
treal. Came to Montreal, 1870; ordained
priest, 1873; missionary among the In-
dians, North West Territories, 1874-1891;

consecrated titular Bishop of Mosynopo-
lis and Vicar Apostolic of Saskatchewan,
1891; Bishop Prince Albert, 1907. Es-
tablished Catholic Mutual Benefit Asso-
ciation Prince Albert. Recreations: hunt-
ing, fishing. Address: Bishop's Palace,
Pr:nce Albert, Sask.




FASCOZ:, James — Farmer, Moose Jaw;
interested in Farmers' Elevator Co., Bo-
harm, Sask. ; Trustee Zion Methodist
Oliurch. Born Cornwall, England, Nov.
29, 186.3, son of John and Margery Pas-
coe. Educated public schools, England
and Canada. Came to Canada, 187.5; to
Saskatchewan, 1883, since when has been

engaged farming. Served as Alderman,

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