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Moose Jaw, 1910-1911. Married Mary
Olton, daughter of late John Olton,
Stratford, Ont., 1887; has two sons and
seven daughters. Societies: A. F. & A.
M. : I. O. O. F. ; C. O. P.; Rebekahs.
Conservative; Methodist. Address: 105
High St., W., Moose Jaw, Sask



FATERSON, His Honour Thomas Wil-
son — Lieutenant-Governor of British Co-
lumbia, Victoria. Born Ayrshire, Scot-
land, Dec. 6, 1851, son of William Porter
and Margaret H. Paterson. Came to Can-
ada with parents, 1855; settled in Oxford
County, Ont. ; later removed to Bruce
County. Educated public schools, Oxford,
Ont., was member of firm of Larkin,
Carroll & Co., St. Catharines, Ont., con-
tractors on Ontario and Quebec and C.
P. R. Organized firm of Bell, Lai'kin
& Paterson, 18 85, in British Columbia
and built portion of the Bsquimalt &
Nanaimo Ry., after which he built the

Shuswap and Okanagan and Victoria and
Sidney Rys. and other large undertak-
ings; owns several large properties in
British Columbia and is a breeder of
high class Shorthorn cattle and Clydes-
dale horses. Director of Bank of Van-
couvei\ Elected to British Columbia
Legislature, for North Victoria, 1902 and
1903; appointed Lieutenant-Governor,
Dec. -3, 1909. Married Emma Elizabeth
Rilev, daughter of Hon. Senator George
Riley, Victoria, 1886. Clubs: Pacific;
Union. Recreation: golf. Liberal;
Presbyterian. Address: Government

House, Victoria, B. C.




FATENAUSi:, Joseph. — Manufactur-
ing Jeweler, extensively interested in the
French Reduction Co.: also closely con-
nected with the new discovery of Cana-
dium and platinum; director Prudential
I^iife Insurance Co., Winnipeg. Born
Iberville, Que., Oct. 28, 1871, son of
Cyril and Celina Patenaude. Educated
Plato School, Montreal; Varrainne Com-
mercial College; graduate of Canadian
Horological Institute, Toronto, 1892.
Carre to British Columbia, 1897. Served
on City Council Nelson. Society: K. of
C. Roman Catholic. Address: Nelson,
B. C.

FATEBSON, A. Judson. — President
and Managing Director A. J. Paterson,
Ltd., real estate, 570 Granville St., Van-
couver. Born Toronto, July 29, 1856, son
of John and Jane Paterson. Educated
Montreal and Toronto. Telegraph opera-
tor, G. T. R., Montreal, 1873. Came to
British Columbia, 1888. Was fourteen
years C. P. R. Trans-Pacific S. S. Ser-
vice. Vancouver. Managing director and
secretary-treasurer Granville Land &
Loan Co.; secretary-treasurer Royal
Nurseries & Floral Co.; vice-president
Consolidated Build'ng Co.; secretary
Granville St. Property Owners' Associa-
tion; secretary-treasurer Royal Temp-
lars of Temperance. Served with Q. O.
R.. Toronto, and Victoria Rifles, Mon-
treal. Married Eliza A. Davies, London,
England": lias two daughters. Clubs:
Commercial: Canadian; Vancouver Tour-
ist Association; Athletic. Societies: K.
of P.; R. T. of T. Recreations: lacrosse,
motoring. Address: Willowene, Shaugh-
nessy Heiglits, Vancouver, B. C.


FATERSON, Robert Walter. — Secre-
tary-treasurer Winnipeg Paint & Glass
Co.. 140 Portage Ave., Winnipeg. Born
Guelph. Oct. 22, 1876. son of Robert
and Wilhelmina Priscilla Paterson. Edu-
cated Ottawa Collegiate Institute. Junior
Bank of Ottawa, 1894. Came to Winni-
peg, 1902. President Manitoba Linseed
Oil Mills; vice-president Northern Cana-
dian Mortgage Co. ; President Canadian
Motor Co., Ltd.; Director Notre Dame
Investment Co., Ltd.; Director Martin-
Senour Co., Ltd. Served as Lieutenant
43rd Regiment, Duke of Cornwall's Own,
Ottawa, 1899: captain 90th Regiment.
Winnipeg, 1902-1907; Major 18th M. R..
Winnipeg, 1907-1912; Lt.-Col. 34th Fort
Garry Horse, Winnipeg. Married Liley
Drewry, Winnipeg, 1907; has one son
and one daughter. Club: Manitoba.
Recreations: riding, sailing, shooting,
curling, etc. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: 116 Wilmot Place, Winnipeg,

FATERSON, Tliomas Frank, B. S. A. —

Lumber Merchant, 336 Pender St., Van-
couver. Born Thamesford, Ont., Nov. 19,
1869. son of Alex, and Agnes Paterson.
Educated Toronto University; Guelph
Agricultural College. Lectured for the
British Columbia Government on agri-
culture, and establishing farmers' insti-
tutes, 1896; editorial staff Vancouver
World, 1897-1898; formed Canadian Pa-
cific Lumber Co., 1898: Paterson Timber
Co., Ltd., 1901; sold h's interest and
purchased the Cascade Mills, Ltd., 1906.
later half interest In Terminal Lumber



& Shingle Co.; president Canada Lum-
ber & Timber Co.; president Federal
Trust Corporation, Ltd. Married Mary
Olive Tait; has three daughters. Recre-
ation: motoring. Address: 1100 Haro St.,
Vancouver, B. C.

FATEBSON, "W. luues. — Lumberman,
336 Pender St., Vancouver. Born Mid-
dlesex County,- Ont., Dec. 3, 1867, son
of Alexander C. and Agnes Paterson.
Educated public schools, Bruce County,
Lucknow, Ont. Came to British Colum-
bia and engaged contracting and min-
ing, Vancouver, 1891. -Vice-president
Paterson Timber Co., Ltd.; director Ter-
minal Timber & Shingle Co.; managing
director British Columbia W. P. & P.
Co.; director Paterson Constru'^ting Co.
Married Margaret Watters, 1900; has
one son and one daughter. Recreation:
motoring. Independent; Presbyterian.
Address: 1433 Nelson St., Vancouver,
B. C.

FATlMOBi:, Xewis VTarner, B. A., TmIm.
B. — Barrister. Born Elora, Ont., May
18, 1875, son of Henry and Mary Pat-
more. Educated Elora public and high
schools; Toronto University, graduated
in Arts (B. A.) 1895; in law 1896 (LL.
B.). Came to British Columbia, 1896-.
Mining recorder. Port Steele, B. C, 1899.
Came to Prince Rupert, 1908. Married
Emma Kershaw, Fort Steele, 1898; has
two daughters. Club: Prince Rupert.
Address: Prince Rupert, B. C.


FATMOBB, Feter — Of Patmore & Mc-
Arthur, Real Estate and Financial
Agents, Royal Block, Saskatoon. Born
Norfolk County, Ont., Sept. 6, 1868, son
of John and Lucinda Patmore. Edu-
cated Ontario. Farming and in lum-
ber business, Ontario, until 1890; farm-
ing, Alberta, 1890-1896; mercantile busi-
ness, Calgary, 1896-1901; agent for Cal-
gary & Edmonton Land Co., Ltd., 1901-
1907; present business established, 1907.
Married Cora I. Hannington, Calgary,
1897; has two sons and one daughter.
Conservative; Methodist. Address: Al-
bert St., Saskatoon, Sask.

FATON, Jolin. — Manager, Toronto
General Trusts Corporation, 395 Main
St., Winnipeg. Born Dairy, Ayrshire,
Scotland, March 6, 1857. son of George
Paton and Janet Shedden. Educated
high school and Andersonian University,
Glasgow, Scotland. Came to Canada,
1874; junior clerk, London & Ontario In-
vestment Co., Ltd., Toronto, 1877; super-
intendent real estate, Toronto, General
Trusts Corporation, 1901; manager Win-
nipeg branch, 1910. Married Annie Tay-
lor Carrie, Toronto, 1882; has three
sons and one daughter. Clubs: Mani-
toba and St. Charles Country, Winni-
peg; National, Victoria and Royal Can-
adian Yacht (Toronto). Recreations:
curling, lawn bowling, golf. Liberal;
Presbyterian. Address: 19 Kennedy St.,
Winnipeg, Man.

FATRIARCHE, Mrs. Valance St. Just.

■ — Born Toronto, daughter of Prof.
Charles Valance Berryman, M. A., M. D.,
and Julia Caroline Patriarche. Educat-
ed Toronto, Ont. Married Hugh Racey
Patriarche, manager Canadian Car Ser-
vice Bureau; has one son. Publications:
"Tag, or the Chien Boule Dog;" "Ma
Frien'," a habitant poem in memory of



the late Dr. Drummond; newspaper ar-
ticles, magazine stories and poems.
Club: Women's Press. Recreations:
reading, canoeing, sailing, photography.
Address: 108 Cauchon St., .Winnipeg,

PATRICK, Allan Poyntz — Dominion
Topographical Survey, 610 Leeson-Line-
ham Block, Calgary. Born Montreal
July 18, 1849, son of Alfred and Thirza
Patrick. Educated: Upper Canada Col-
lege. Toronto. With first .survev party.
C. P. R., Fort William, 1871: on Domli-
ion Government survey up Ottawa River,
1872; Government special survey, Mani-
toba, 1873-1875; private practice, Otta-
wa, 1875-1878; came to Alberta on sur-
vey of Indian Reservations for Dominioi
Government, 1878; still engaged on this
work; has also been engaged on surveys
for C. P. R. and G. T. P.; Discoverer
of coal deposits, Canora, Alta. Mar-
ried Margaret MacPherson, niece of Lord
Strathcona, 1887; has two sons and five
daughters. Society: A. F. & A. M. In-
dependent; Anglican. Address: 821
Tliirteenth Ave., W., Calgary, Alta.


FATBICK, Frank A., B. A. — Managing
Director, Vancouver Arena Co. Ltd., arti-
ficial ice skating, hockey and curling
rink, Georgia St., W., Vancouver. Born
Ottawa, Dec. 21, 1885. son of Joseph and
Grace Patrick. lOducated: Montreril
Higli Scliool; McGill University. Came
to British Columbia, 1907. Superinte^-
<lent, Patrick Lumber Co., Nelson, 19<i.S-
1910; started present business, 1911;
organizer of Vancouver Arena Co., which
has built one of the largest buildings of

its kind in the world at a cost of about
$300,000, having ice surface 85 feet
wide and 210 feet long, with seating
capacity for 10,500 people. Club: Uni-
versity, (Vancouver). Recreations: mo-
toring, fishing, boating. Liberal; Pro-
testant. Address: Davie St., Vancouver,
B. C.


PATRICK, John Alexander Macdon-
ald. — Of Patrick, Boland & Doherty,
Barristers and Solicitors, Yorkton. Born
Uderton, Ont., June 28, 1874, son of
George B. and Alecia Patrick. Educat-
ed Collegiate Institute and Normal
School, London, Ont. Taught school six
years. Came to Saskatchewan, 1896;
law student with Gifford Elliot, York-
ton, 1899; with George A. Watson, York-
ton, 1903; articled to Hon. G. W. Brown.
Lieutenant-Governor of Saskatchewan,
1904; called to Saskatchewan'^bar, 1904;
practiced Yorkton since. President Law
Society of Saskatchewan; president
Yorkton District Board of Trade. Gov-
ernor Saskatchewan Methodist College;
governor Saskatchewan Athletic Associ-
ation. Mayor, Town of Yorkton, 1909-
1910; trustee Yorkton public school,
1906-1907-1908-1909. Married Sad'e

I'earl Hawkins, daughter of William A.
Hawkins, 1905; has two sons and one
Societies A. F. & A. M.; I.
(Past Grand Master). Con-
Methodist. Address: York-

O. O. F.
ton, Sask.


PATRICK, Thomas Alfred, M. D. —

Yorkton; Director, Enterprise Publishing
Co. Ltd. Born London Township, Ont.,
Dec. 2,^, 1864, son of George B. and
Alicia Hobbs Patrick. Educated: Strath-
roy High School; Western University.
Practised, Micliigan, 1889; practised,
East Assiniboia, 1890. Elected to N.
W. T. Legislature, 1897; unsuccessful
candidate to House of Commons for
Mackenzie, 1904. Vice-President Canad-
ian Medical Association, 1903-1904; in-
troduced "party lines" resolution in Ter-
ritorial Conservative Convention at
Moose .Jaw, 1903, the adoption of which
committed the Conservative party to the
policy of fighting local elections on party
lines. Married Marion Griffith, 1890;
has one son and three daugliters. So-
ciety: A. F. & A. M. Recreations: rifle
shooting, big game hunting. Liberal-
Conservative; Methodist. Address: York-
ton, Sask.

FATTERSON, Henry Stuart, B. A.,
ImIi, B. — Barrister. Born Tatamagouche
N. S., Feb. 22, 1881, son of William Al-
bert and Bessie Campbell Patterson.
Educated high school, New Glasgow, N.
S.; Pictou Academy; Dalhousie Univer-
sitjr (graduated in Arts, 1906); law,
1908. Student with Geo. Patterson, New
Glasgow, 1905. Came to Alberta, 190S,
and employed offices of Lougheed, Ben-
nett & Co., Calgary, Alta., 1908. Came
to Didsbury, 1909. Liberal Conservative.
Address: Didsbury, Alta.

K. C.

PATTERSON, Georg-e, B. A., M. A.,
K. C. — Deputy Attorney-General of Man-
itoba, Government Bldgs., Winnipeg.
Born Perth, Ont., April 20, 1846, son of
James and B. Jane Patterson. Educated
Toronto University. Called to Ontario

bar and practiced Hamilton, 1876. Came
to Manitoba, 1882. Official Adminis-
trator for Manitoba, 1891-1898; Deputy
Attorney-General from 1898 to 1911
■ (Oct.); Master and Referee of the Court
of King's Bench since Oct., 1911; editor
Manitoba Law Reports since 1892; mem-
ber Winnipeg School Board several years.
Received first-class military school cer-
tificate, 1866; served Fenian Raid (and
wounded Ridgway, Ont.), 1866. Married
Annie Gertrude Baker, Hamilton, 1870,
(deceased); married Viola Geddes, Niag-
ara-on-Lake, Ont., 1908; has three sons
and two daughters. Clubs: Manitoba;
Canadian. Recreations: lawn bowling,
canoeing, skating. Anglican. Address:
Dorchester Court, Winnipeg, Man.

PATTBRSON, James, M. B., C. M. —

Physician. Born Almonte, Ont., Oct. 10,
1841, son of John and Elizabeth Patter-
son. Educated McGill University. Prac-
ticed Almonte, 1864. Came to Winni-
peg, 1882. Charter member and treasur-
er Manitoba Medical College; member
Winnipeg General Hospital staff; ex-
chairman board of health for Manitoba.
Married Isabella Gemmell. Perth, Ont.,
1871; has two daughters. Clubs: Mani-
toba; Carleton. Recreation: driving.
Liberal; Presbyterian. Address: 277
Donald St., Winnipeg, Man.


PATTON, Prancis Lawrence. — Mana-
ger Dominion Bank, Winnipeg. Born
Cornwall, Ont., April 24, 1857, son of
Van. Archdeacon Patton. Junior clerk
St. Lawrence Bank, Toronto, 1874; came
to Manitoba, 1882; manager Dominion
Bank, 1897. Married Kate Stewart, New
Orleans, La., 1884; has four sons and
one daughter. Clubs: Manitoba; Carle-
ton. Conservative; Anglican. Address:
147 Wellington Crescent, Winnipeg, Man.



PATTON, Gliomas Brown — Of Kerr
& Patton, Financial Brokers, Northern
Crown Bank Bldg., Regina; Secretary-
Treasurer and Managing Director, Kerr
Patton Coal Co. Ltd.; Director, Capitol
Ice Co. Ltd.; President, Lumsden Gravel
Co. Ltd.; Director, Regina Fair Associa-
tion; ex-President, Board of Trade. Bon
Paris, Brant county, Ont., Sept. 29, 186:5.
son of Thomas and Mary P^i.tton. Edu-
cated: high school, Paris; (^olle^iate 1 1-
stitute, Brantford. Collection depart-
ment, McOormack Harvesting Machine
Co., Chicago, 189.")-19(I0; manager, collec-

tion department, McCormack Co., for
Northwest Territories, Regina, 1900-1903;
general collection agent for company
for Ontario and Quebec, Toronto, 1903-
1904; manager, Regina Lumber & Supply
Co., Regina, 1905-1909; present partner-
ship formed, 1909. Alderman, Regina,
1912-1913. Married Elizabeth Oxtaby,
daughter of Richard Oxtaby, Brantford,
Ont., 1884; has one son. Clubs: Assini-
boia; Wascana Country. Society: A.
P. & A. M. Recreations: shooting, fish-
ing. Liberal; Presbyterian. Address:
202.5 Smith St., Regina, Sask.



PATTUIiLO, Thomas Dufferin. — Of

Pattullo & Radford, Financial Brolcers,
2nd Ave., Prince Rupert. Born Wood-
stock, Ont., May 4, 1873, son of George
R. and Mary Pattullo. Educated Wood-
stock high school. Bank clerk, Wood-
stock, 1890. Came to British Columbia,
1897. Secretary of late Major J. M.
Walsh, commissioner of the Yukon; sub-
sequently appointed assistant gold com-
missioner; from which position he re-
signed to engage business. Vice-Consul
for Norway; Alderman for Prince Ru-
pert and ex-Alderman, Dawson, Y. T.
Married Lillian Re:dmeister, Dawson,
1899; has one daughter. Clubs: Prince
Rupert; Wanderers; Kaian Island. Ad-
dress: Prince Rupert, B. C.


PAUL, John Edwin. — Of Speers &
Paul, 201 Twenty-Second St., W., Sas-
katoon. Born near Listowel, Ont., son
of John McFarlane and Margaret Paul.
Educated public schools, Listowel. Clerk
general store, Listowel, and Stratford,
Ont., 1890-1896; came to Virden, Man.,
1896, and clerked; same year went to
Griswold, Man., worked for Clarence E.
Pineo; with Alexander Speers bought out
Clarence E. Pineo, and formed firm of
Speers & Paul, 1898; remained in Gris-
wold until 1903, when they moved their
stock to Saskatoon, locating at First
Ave. and Twenty-First St.; moved into
their present building, 1908. Member
Saskatoon public school and high school
boards since 1904; chairman, 1906; when
the two boards separated, 1908, contin-
ued to act as chairman of publ'c school
board. Married Anne J. Speers, Gris-
wold, Man., 1899; has two sons and
two daughters. Society: C. O. F. Rec-
reations: curling, football, baseball.
Methodist. Address: Saskatoon, Sask.

PAUL, John McClay (retired) — Mayor
of Moose Jaw. Born Taniworth, Ont.,
March 14, 1863, son of Robert and Mary
Paul. Educated public schools, Middle-
sex County, Ont. General store busi-
ness, Batoche, Sask., 1885; St. Laurent.
Mission, 1886; engaged stock business,
1887; associated with Robert Ironsides
cattle business, Winnipeg, 1890-1893;
supervising and organizing for Gordon.
Ironsides & Co., Winnipeg, until 1901.
when engaged stock business for him-
self; came to Moose Jaw and engaged
farming and importing pure bred horses
from Scotland, 1905. Served as alder-
man. Moose Jaw, 1909-1910, when chair-
man Water and Sewer Committee.
Served as scout. North West Rebellion.
1885, under Colonel Crozier; entrusted
wl'th messages between Louis Riel and
Colonel Crozier. Married Margaret .Jane
McKay, Prince Albert, Sask., 1893: has
four sons and one daughter. Societies:
A. F. & A. M.; C. O. F. Address: 53
High St., W., Moose Jaw, Sask.

PAULINE, Preder'ck Arthur. — Of

Pauline & Co., 557 Yates St., Victoria.
Born Henley-on-Thames, England. Sept.
19. 1861, son of Frederick and Mary
Pauline. Educated St. Mary's College.
Peckham Rye; grammar school, Hen-
ley-on-Thames. Clerk, stationery store.
Birmingham, England, 1878. Came to
British Columbia, 188 4. Alderman Vic-
toria. 1908. President Victoria Board
of Trade, 1908-1909. Married Charlotte
Mary Mesher. Victoria, 1889; has two
sons. Recreations: gardening, fishing.
Address: "Rosevale," Foul Bay Road,
Victoria B. C.

PAWL33TT, Major Prancis — Real Es-
tate and Financial Broker. Born Thed-
dingworth, Leceistershire, England, Sept.
8, 1879, son of John Thomas and Jea-
nette Lawson Pawlett. Educated: Edin-
burgh University. Studied medicine,
1897-1900; served as private. South Afri-
can war, 1901-1902; commissioned Com-
mander of Squadron 137, Imperial Yeo-
manry, 1903-1904; (two decorations —
King's and Queen's medals); Major, B
Squadron 16th Light Horse: came to
Ontario, 1905; to Saskatchewan, 1906;
farmed, 1906-1907; established present
business, 1908. Member Yorkton Coun-
cil, 1912-1913; Secretary, Conservative



Association. Married Editli Schaffer,
Wisconsin, 1911. Clubs: Garry, (Winni-
peg); Imperial Service, (London). Rec-
reations: cricket, motoring. Anglican.
Address: Yorkton, Sask.


PAYNE, Peter — -President, Empire
Brewing Co., Ltd., Brandon. Born East-
bourne, Sussex, England, Aug. 7, 1S55,
son of John and Hannah Payne. Edu-

cated Board Schools, England. Came to
Manitoba, 1880. Farming, 1880-1889;
proprietor, Beaubier Hotel, Brandon,
1889-1903; established present business,
1903. President, Brandon Fair; presi- ,
dent, Brandon Turf Club, many years. j
Councillor Municipality of Elton 4 years. ^
Married Helen Beaubier, Brandon, 1898;
has two daughters. Clubs: Brandon,
Turf. Society: A. F. & A. M. Recrea-
tions: horses, outdoor sports. Conserva-
tive; Anglican. Address: 458 12tli St.,
Brandon, Man.

PAYNE, Walter P. — News Editor,
Manitoba Free Press, "Winnipeg. Born
Chatham, Ont., June 20, 1863, son of
Job and Martha Payne. Educated Char-
ing Cross. Printer, Chatham, 1876; with
Grip Publishing Co.. Toronto, 1880;
came to Winnipeg, 1881. Married Daisy
Adelaide Blackburn, Detroit, Mich.,
1905; has one son and two daughters.
Recreation: curling (honorary life mem-
ber and ex-president Manitoba Curling
Association; honorary president Strath-
cona Curling Club, Winnipeg). Liberal;
Methodist. Address: 90 Langside St.,
Winnipeg, Man.

PAYNE, William Ernest — Barrister
and Solicitor, of Greene & Payne, Ross
St. and Gaetz Ave., Red Deer. Born
Colborne, Ont., Oct. 1, 1878, son of Emma
J. and William L. Payne, K. C. Edu-
cated high scliool, Colborne, Ont.; Os-
goode Hall. Called to Ontario Bar,
1902; called to N. W. T. Bar, 1902; pres-
ent partnership formed, 1902. Member,
Red Deer School Board. Married Mary
H. Forbes, 1906; has one son and one
daughter. Club: Red Deer. Society: A.
F. & A. M. (P. M.) Recreation: motor-
ing. Conservative; Methodist. Address:
324 1st St.. S. E., Red Deer, Alta.

PEARSE, Ernest T. W. — Government
agent, Kamloops. Born London, Eng-
land, May 4. 1860, son of Josiah Rob-
ert and Maria Pearse. Educated Lon-
don University Collegiate School.
Came to British Columbia, 1878, and
farmed: joined government service as
constable, 1888; afterwards mining re-
corder; registrar of court; clerk of
peace; assessor and collector; now gold
and water commissioner, registrar of
courts and stipendiary magistrate; gov-
ernment service continuously since 1888.
Married May Roper, Kamloops, 1885;
has one son and two daughters. So-
ciety: I. O. O. F. Recreations: hunting,
fishing, gardening. Address: Kamloops,
B. C.




FEABCi:, Iiewis Ii. — President Can-
adian Investment Co., Ltd., 30 Jasper
Ave., W., Edmonton. Director Alberta
Oil & Asphalt Co., Ltd.; director Ed-
monton & Fort McMurray Oil Co., Ltd.
Born Elsie, Mich., Aug-. 15, 1875, son
of Henry George and Lucy A. Pearce.
Educated public schools, United States.

Hardware business, Elsie, Mich, 1897-
1907; came to Alberta and engaged pres-
ent business, 1907. Married Edith Rum-
mel, Elsie, Mich, 1899; has one daugh-
ter.' Society: B. P. O. E. Independent;
Baptist. Address: 736 Thirteenth St.,
Edmonton, Alta.



FEARCE, Willianx^ — -Born Dunwich
Township, Elgin County, Ont., Feb. 1,
1848, son of John and Elizabeth Moore-
liouse Pearce. Educated public schools;
county grammar school, St. Thomas,
Ont.; Toronto University. Engaged on
private and railway surveys until 1873;
in charge of survey parties on survey of
standard ineridians and parallels, Man-
itoba and Northwest, 1874-1881; appoint-
ed Inspector of Agencies on Dominion
Lands Board, 1882: appointed Superin-
tendent of Mines, 1884, having charge
of investigating, reporting and making
recommendations on all claims to land
of which greater part were half-breed
land claims, extending from Red River
to Rocky Mountains, and from 49th to
56th parallel of latitude, also all con-
flicting claims to land by settlers or
arising out of confliction of various
large interests; engaged largely on ad-
justment of railway land grants, etc.,
1898-1901; Chief Inspector of Surveys,
1901-1904; voluntarily left service of
Governinent, 1904, since when has been
connected with administration of ir-
rigated lands and the lands in British
Columbia, for C. P. R. ; largely engaged
reporting on probable resources of many
districts in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Al-
berta and British Columbia, particularly
tlie drainage of the Athabasca and Peace
Rivers. First person to direct attention
to irrigation in Canada east of moun-
tains. Married in 1881 Margaret A,
Meyer, daughter of L. Meyer, Seaforth,
Ont.; has three sons and two daugh-
ters. Clubs: Manitoba, Winnipeg;
Ranchmen's, Calgary. Recreation: travel.
Conservative; Anglican. Address: 2014
17th Ave., E., Calgary, Alta.

PEARSON, John IMawer, M. D., C. M.

— Physician and Surgeon, 614 Hastings
St., W., Vancouver. Born Withington,
near Manchester, England, Oct. 2 2, 1869,
son of Charles and Mary Pearson. Ed-
ucated: private schools, Trinity Medical
College (M. D. 1897). Came to Van-
couver, 1897. Surgeon Vancouver Gen-
eral Hospital, President British Colum-
bia Medical Association, 1907; Vice-
President Canadian Medical Association,
1907; President Vancouver Medical As-
sociation, 1904; Member Board of Com-
missioners, Vancouver Public Library.
1907-1909; Member of Senate University
of British Columbia. Married Julia
Jackson, Bowden, Cheshire, England,
1897. Conservative; Anglican. Address:
1286 Haro St., Vancouver, B. C.

PEARSON, Thomas R. — Local mana-
ger Dominion Trust Co., New Westmin-

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