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ster. Born Oshawa, Ont., May 21, 1858,
son of Thomas D. and Isabella Pearson.
Educated Ontario Agricultural College,
Guelph. Came to British Columbia,
1877, accountant in office of paymaster
of Dominion Government survey, later
entered book and stationery business.
New Westminster; after nine years sold
out and founded real estate business;
his firm incorporated with Dominion
Trust Co., Ltd., 1908, when he was ap-
pointed to directorate. Notary public;
e.x - Alderman; Vice-President Pacific
Loan Co.; President Pearson, Ltd.
Married Edith E. Major, New Westmin-
ster; has three sons. Recreations: mu-
sic, gardening, farming. Address: 715
Royal Ave., New Westminster, B. C.

PEARSON, William. — President and
General Manager of Wm. Pearson Co.,
Ltd., Canada Permanent Bldg., Winni-
peg. Born Manchester, England, Oct.
25, 1865, son of Charles and Mary Pear-
son. Educated grammar school, Eng-
land. Came to Manitoba, 1883, and en-
gaged as stock breeder and farmer.
Moved to Winnipeg, 1899. Member Cen-
tral Emigration Board; Settlers' Infor-
mation League; Winnipeg Real Estate
Exchange; Winnipeg Industrial & De-
velopment Bureau. Married Margaret
E. Morrison, Winnipeg, 1888; has two
sons and four daughters. Club: Carle-
ton. Societies: A. F. & A. M.; Royal
Colonial Institute. Recreations: coun-
try life. Liberal; Anglican. Address:
Ashley Lodge, Wellington Crescent,
Winnipeg, Man.


PEART, Thomas William. — President
and General Manager Peart Bros. Hard-
ware Co., Ltd., 1901 South Railway St.,
Regina. Born St. Mary's, Ont., April 1,
1873, son of Tliomas and Jane Peart.
Educated Collegiate Institute, St.
Mary's. -Hardware clerk with J. C. Gil-
pin, St. Mary's, 1887. Came to Regina,
1897; with Smith & Ferguson, hardware
merchants, 1897-1903, when the West-
ern Hardware Co. was organized, he
became manager; Western Hardware
Co. absorbed the Smath & Ferguson Co.,
1907, the firm name was changed to
Peart Bros. Hardware Co., witli Mr.
Peart as president and general mana-
ger. Married Olive Young, Regina,
Sask., 1904; has one son and two daugh-
ters. Society: A. F. & A. M. Liberal;
Methodist. Address 2062 Cornwall St.,
Regina, Sask.

FECK, Joliu. — Chief Inspector of Ma-
chinery for the Government of British
Columbia. Born Essex, England, Sept.
27, 1861, son of John and Ca.roline B.
Peck. Educated public schools, Essex.
Graduated as mechanical engineer City
and Guilds of London Institute. Ap-
prentice engineering works near Lon-
don. Came to Winnipeg, employed C.
P. R., eercting shops, 1882. Returned to
England, 1885, and employed as resi-
dent engineer of public works, London,
under British Government. Came to
British Columbia, 1890, employed Reid
& Currie Iron Works. Manager of the
Vulcan Iron Works, New Westminster;
appointed by British Columbia Govern-
ment as inspector of machinery, 1899;
chief inspector, 1901, and by Inter-prov-
incial convention on Uniform Inspec-
tion Regulations througliout Dominion
as permanent chairman, 1909. Director
of New Westminster Agricultural and
Industrial Association, since 1895; mem-
ber of Board of Trade, since 1896;
school trustee since 1904; Alderman for
the City of New Westminster, 1909.
Married Agnes P. Bacon, (deceased,
1909); has one son and one daughter.
Address: 417 Queen's Ave., New West-
minster, B. C.

PEET, Georg'e l^angrislie. — Of Toole,
Peet & Co., Real Estate and Financial
Brokers, Calgary. Born Waterford, Ire-
land, May 9, 1870, son of Edward George
and Elizabeth Victoria Wiinckworth
Peet. Educated Dublin. Came to Cal-
gary, 189 4; present partnership formed
1905. Clubs: Ranchmen's; Calgary Golf
and Country; Motor Club. (London,
England). Society: Fellow Royal Col-


onial Institute (London, England). Con-
servative; Quaker. Address: Ranch-
men's Club, Calgary, Alta,


PEIiI^Y, Justinian. — Barrister, Stipen-
diary Magistrate, Coroner, Deputy Min-
ing Recorder, Judge of the Small Debt-
ors' Court, Clerk of the Dyke Tax, Reg-
istrar County Court, Chilliwack. Born
Essex, England, May 21, 1864, son of
Justinian and Fanny Ingleby Pelly.
Educated Pelstead and Charterhouse
public schools, England. Came to Brit-
ish Columbia, 1882. Called to the Brit-
ish Columbia bar, 1893, and has prac-
ticed in Chilliwack since. Member Chil-
liwack Board of Trade: Chilliwack Ag-
ricultural Society. Married Sarah Ce-
cilia Kinsey, New Westminster, 1894;
has three sons and one daughter. Soci-
eties: A. F. & A. M. ; W. O. W.; S. O. E.
Recreations: tennis, cycling. Anglican.
Address: Elmsley, Chilliwack, B. C.




PEMBEBTON, Frederick Bernard, B.
C. i;. S., J. P. — Of Pemberton & Son,
Real Estate and Financial Brokers, Pem-
berton Bldg., Victoria, and 326 Homer
St., Vancouver; Director Prudential
Trust Co.; Director Canada West Fire
Insurance Co.; Director City of Vancou-
ver First Mortgage Corporation; Direc-
tor Esquimau Water Works; Notary
Public; Justice of the Peace. Born Vic-
toria, British Columbia, April 26, 1865,
son of Joseph Despard and Theresa
Pemberton. Educated University Col-

lege, London. Surveyor and architect,
1887; established present business, 1887;
ex-president Royal Jubilee Hospital; ex-
member Victoria Parks Board; Council-
lor Oak Bay Council; director Crows
Nest Coal Co. Married Mary Ann Du-
pont Bell, 1893; has three sons and three
daugiiters. Clubs: Vancouver; Union Pa-
cific; Victoria Hunt; Tennis; Victoria
Golf. Recreations: riding, shooting, mo-
toring, golf, rowing. Conservative; An-
glican. Address: Mountjoy, Victoria, B. C.



PENDER, Bavid Andrew. — Chartered
Accountant, Merchants Bank Bldg., Win-
nipeg. Born Hull, England, July 1,
1849, son of William Pender. Educated
Normal ' School, Glasgow, Scotland.
Chartered accountant in Glasgow, 1865.
Came to Winnipeg, 1897. President Do-
minion School of Accountants and Fi-
nance. Married Edith Dockington, To-
ronto, Ont. ; has one son. Clubs: Carle-
ton. Society: A. P. & A. M. Recreation:
reading. Conservative. Address: 234
Colony St., Winnipeg, Man.

PENDRAV, wmiam Joseph. — Of W.

J. Pendray & Sons, Daurel Point, Vic-
toria. Born Cornwall, England, May 4,
18'46, son of Thomas and Catherine
Trezzar ; Pendray. Educated Cornwall.
Came to British Columbia. 1869; gold
and, placer miner and owned the Minne-
haha and 'Willow Gold Claims on Mo-
squito Creek, Cariboo, B. C. Established
manufacture of soaps, paints and var-
nishes, Victoria, 1875. Member Victoria
Board of Trade. Married Amelia Jane
Carthew, Victoria; has three sons. So-
cieties: A. F. & A. M.; I. O. O. F. Rec-
reation: motoring. Address: 309 Belle-
ville St., Victoria, B. C.

C. F., 'SIL R. C. S. (Ireland). — Physician
and surgeon. Born Poena, Bombay,
East Indies, May 31, 1833, son of Capt.
J. P. Pennefather, of Anns Fort, and
Carrigeen County, Tipperary, Ireland.
Educated Dublin, Ireland. Was for some
years in the medical service of the Hon-
orable East India Co., and subsequently
settled in Harley St., London, England,
taking up diseases of the ear and throat
as a specialty; was for some years sur-
geon to the Royal Dispensary for dis-
eases of the ear; Metropolitan Dispen-
sary for diseases of the throat; pub-
lished a work on diseases of the ear,
which went through a second edition;
member of Medical Society of London
and several other London medical
bodies. Came to Manitoba, 1880, and
purchased tract of land from Hudson's
Bay Co.; soon after appointed Provin-
cial Magistrate. Surgeon-Major 91st
Battalion Winnipeg Light Infantry, on
outbreak of North West Rebellion, 1885.
and shortly afterwards principal med-
ical officer to General Strange's column,
the Alberta Field Force (medal and
clasp). Married Mary Fitzgerald, of
Glin County, Limerick, Ireland, 1857;
has four sons and one daughter. Ad-
dress: 139 Kennedy St., Winnipeg, Man.

FENNOCK, Charles Graham — Man-
ager Bank of Ottawa, Vancouver. Born
Ottawa. Aug. 25, 1869, son of Philomen
Pennock. Jr., and Martha A. Graham
Educated Ottawa public schools. Enter-
ed Bank of Ottawa as junior clerk, 1887;


moved to Winnipeg as teller, 1889; ac-
countant that branch, 1892; manager
Parry Sount, Ont., 1894; Renfrew, Ont.,
1895; Rat Portage, Ont., 1900; inspector
of bank, Ottawa, 1905; manager, Van-
couver, since 1909. Advisory director
Travelers Life Assurance Company of
Canada; honorary treasurer British Co-
lumbia Council, St. John Ambulance As-
sociation. Married Henrietta C. Strang,
Winnipeg, 1895; has one son and one
daughter. Clubs: Vancouver; Jericho
Country. Recreations: rowing, tennis,
motoring. Presbyterian. Address: 1759
Haro St., Vancouver, B. C.

FENTIiANS, Charles P. — Manager
Quebec Bank, Winnipeg. Born Quebec.
Jan. 27, 1880. son of Charles A. and
Maiy Pentland. Educated Bishops Col-
lege School, Lennoxville; Morrin Col-
lege, Quebec. Clerk, Union Bank qf
Canada, Quebec, 1897; appointed to pres-
ent posit'on, 1910. Married Constance
L. Howell, daughter of Chief Justice H.
M. Hovvell, Winnipeg, 1908; has one son
and one daughter. Clubs: Manitoba; St.
Charles Country. Recreations: all out-
door sports. Anglican. Address: 250
Dromore Ave., Crescentwood, Winnipeg,

FENTREATH, Venerable Edwyn
Sandys Wetmore, B. B., B. B. — Arch-
deacon of Columbia, Diocese of New
Westminster. Born Clifton, Kings Coun-
ty, N. B., Dec. 5, 1846, son of Capt. Ed-
win and Elizabeth Pentreath, U. E.
Loyalist descent. Educated England;
graduate General Theological Seminary.
New York; D. D., St. John's College,
Winnipeg. Ordained Deacon by Bishop
of New Jersey, 1872; Priest by Bishop
Medley, of Fredericton, 1874; Incumbent
of Grace Church, Rutherford, N. J.,
1872-1874; Rector of Moncton. N. B.,
1874-1882; Rector Christ Church, Win-


nipeg, 1882-1895. During his Rector-
ship held offices of Rural Dean; Hon.
Oanon; Examiner Exegetical Theology;
Chaplain of the 91st Battalion, Winni-
peg Light Infantry. Member of Winni-
peg Conference, 1890, which formed
basis for union of Churcli of England
Dioceses in Canada; delegate to General
Synod since formation, 1893; one of
deputation from tlie Canadian Church
to General Convention of Episcopal
CInirch ^n United States, 1901. Came to
British Columbia, 1897, on appointment
to Archdeaconry of Columbia. Commis-
sary General Diocese of New Westmin-
ster on several occasions. Married Clara
^^■oodford Sayre. Dorchester, N. B.,
IS 7. 5; has one son and two daughters.
.Address: 1601 Barclay St., Vancouver,
B. C.

B. A.

FEBSUE, Hon. William Eg-erton, B.
A. — Judge of Court of- Appeal for Mani-
toba, Winnipeg. Born near Brampton,
Ont., June 20, 1850. Educated Bramp-
ton high school; Toronto University (B.
A. with first class honors in classics,
1873). Head master Brampton high
school, two years; legal editor and re-
porter, Toronto Globe; called to Ontario
Bar and practiced, Toronto, 1879. Came
to Winnipeg, 1882; practiced, Winnipeg,
for some years; bencher, president and
treasurer Law Society of Manitoba for
some years; appointed puisne. Court
King's Bench; judge, 1903; judge of
Court of Appeal, 1906. Married Marv
Macdonell, Whitby, Ont., 1885; has two
sons and one daughter. Clubs: Mani-
toba; St. Charles Country; Anglican. Ad-
dress: 24 Carlton St., Winnipeg, Man.


FIim.jnr, Henry AlUson. — (Retired),
P. O. box 1167, Calgary. Born County
York. N. B., March 4, 1849, son of Fred-
erick and Jane Perley. Educated public
schools, County York. Came to Mani-
toba, 1880. Hotel proprietor, St. Boni-
face, Man., 1880-1882; hotel proprietor,
Carberry, Man., 1882-1889; managed sev-
eral eating houses for C. P. R., 1887-
1897. Came to Alberta, 1889; propri-
etor of Alberta Hotel, Calgary, 1889-
1904. Married Eliza Hammond. 1876.
Club: Ranchmen's. Society: A. F. & A.
M. Recreation: shooting. Liberal; Pres-
byterian. Address: 318 Fourth Ave., W.,
Calgary, Alta.

FEBBV, Arthur Ralph. — Secretary-
Treasurer City of Medicine Hat. Born
Lencoxville. Que., Nov. 17. 1880, son of
Samuel William and Elizabeth Jane
Sweet Perry. Educated public schools,
Lennoxville; Sherbrooke Academy. Clerk
C. P. R.. Lake Megantic, Que., London,
Ont., and West Toronto, Ont.; store-
keeper, C. P. R., Brownville Junction.
Maine; came to Alberta, 1904; clerk, C.
P. R.. Calgary, Alta; accountant, C. P.
R., Medicine Hat; present position,
June, 1909. Married Ada May Smith,
Swansea, Ont., 1907. Club: Cypress,




Medicine Hat. Societies: A. P. & A. M.;
C. O. F. Presbyterian. Address: Medi-
cine Hat, Alta.

FSKRV, Aylesworth Boweu, C. M. G.

— Commissioner of Royal North West
Mounted Police, Regina. Born Lennox
County, Ont., Aug. 21, 18G0, of U. E. L.
stock. Educated high scliool, Napanee,
Ont.; Royal Military College (member
of first graduate class, 1880, taking high
honors). Appointed Lieutenant, Royal
Engineers, 1880: gazetted inspector of
North West Mounted Police, 1882;
served, Northwest Rebellion, 1885, and
mentioned in despatches (medal) ; staff
officer, 1885, with rank of Major; super-
intendent R. N. W. M. P., 1885; com-
manded R. N. W. M. P. contingent at
Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria (Ju-
bilee medal). Appointed Companion of
the Order St. M. & St. >G., 1909. Is a
member of the bar. Alberta and Sas-
katchewan. Married Emma Meikle, La-
chute, Que., 1883; has one son and two
daughters. Address: R. N. W. M. P.,
Regina, Sask.

FEBBV, Edmund Guthrie, B. A.,
(Man.), Ph. D., (Leips'c Univ.). — Pro-
fessor of Theology, Manitoba College,
Winnpeg. Born Ottawa, March 13, 1873,
son of Edmund Alexander and Anna
Jane Perry. Educated Ottawa; Winni-
peg; San Francisco; Edinburgh; BerVn;
Leipsic. Came to Winnipeg. 1882. Min-
ister, Wellington, B. C. ; professor of
Old Testament literature, Manitoba Col-
lege, 1905; member University Council;

Examiner University; member Board of
Associated Charities. Married Lavinia,
B. Riley, Winnipeg, 1909. Societies:
president Alma Mater Society, Manitoba
College; secretary Winnipeg Branch
Archaeological Institute of America;
member of Historical Society, Winni-
peg; translations from cunieform tab-
lets of the hymns and prayers to the
God Sun. Presbyterian. Address: Amu-
let Apartments, Winnipeg, Man.

FERBV, Bev. Hv. Henry Francis, B.
A., D. D. — First Baptist Church, Van-
couver. Born Plymouth, Mass., son of
H. H. and Caroline Faunce Perry. Edu-
cated Worcester Academy; Harvard
University; Chicago University; Newton
Theological Seminary. Pastor Hyde
Park Church, Boston, Mass., 1890-1896;
Englewood, Chicago, 111., 1896-1903; Jar-
vis Street Baptist Church, Toronto,
1903-1909; present charge since 1909.
Married Abbie Cotton Hathaway, Ply-
mouth, Mass., 1890; has two sons and
one daughter. Recreations: travel, read-
ing. Address: 1017 Nelson St., Vancou-
ver, B. C.

FEBBV, Richard Thomas. — Architect,
Pacif-c Bldg., Vancouver. Born Cardiff,
England, Nov. 28, 1884, son of W. J. and
Maria Glenville Perry. Educated Car-
diff, and studied Prance, Germany and
Italy; after being articled to profession
spent two years sketching, above coun-
tries. Practiced. Cardiff. Came to Brit-
ish Columbia, 1907. Married Dora Olive
Scaldwell, London. England. Conserva-
tive. Address: Howe St., Vancouver,
B. C.

FBBSSB, John T. B. — Of Tees &
Persse, Ltd., agents for The E. B.
Eddy Co., Geo. E. Tuckett & Son Co.,
and others, 66 Smith St., Winnipeg.
Born Limerick, Ireland, May 22, 1861,
son of Richard Mathew and Eliza
Persse. Educated public schools and
Normal School, Toronto. Came to Can-
ada, 1872. Began career as clerk. Grand
Trunk Ry., Toronto, 1878. Came to Man-
itoba, entered service of C. P. R., as
agent, 1882; engaged present business
since 1884. Director The Home Bank
of Canada: director The Standard Trusts
Co. ; president Tees & Persse of Alberta
Ltd.; president The Canada West Fire
Insurance Co.; trustee Winnipeg General
Hospital. Married Margaret Bisset,
1887; has two sons and three daughters.
Club: Manitoba. Society: A. F. & A. M.
Recreation: golf. Independent; Angli-
can. Address: 315 William Ave., Winni-
peg, Man.




FESCOD, Ernest Gauntlett. — Of Jones
Pescod & Adams, Barristers, 136a 8th
Ave., E., Calgary. Born England, son
of William and Rosina Marian Pescod.
Educated Victor'a University, England.
Law student, 1900. Came to Alberta,
1905. Honorary secretary-treasurer Cal-
gary General Hospital. Norwegian Con-
sul. Married Mary Lapworth King,
Calgary; has two daughters. Club:
Ranchmen's. Address: 204 Fourth Ave.,
W., Calgary, Alta.

PETERS, Erancis White. — Assistant
to vice-president Canadian Pacific Rail-
way, Winnipeg. Born St. John, N. B.,
Aug. 7, 1860, son of William Tyng
Peters, barrister. Educated St. John
Grammar School. Telegraph operator,
engineering and survey department;
agent Port Huron and other points in
Michigan, Chicago and Grank Trunk
Ry., 1881; general freight agent Chicago
and Grank Trunk, Michigan, five years;
two years Vancouver general freight
agent; five years freight traffic man-
ager Western branch; transferred to
executive department and assistant to
vice-president C. P. R. Married Gertrude
Wynyard Hurd, Winnipeg, 1884. Clubs:
Commercial; Fort William; Brandon:
Nelson; Vancouver; (Board of Gover-
nors) Manitoba Club; St. Charles Coun-
try; Union Club, Victoria. Recreations:
golf, shooting. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: 72 Nassau St., Winnipeg, Man.

PETERS, Capt. Samuel Prank, P. R.
A, I. C, Licentiate R. I. B.A. — Architect,
222 Phoeni.x lilk., Winnip(-g. Born Yeo-
vil, Somerset, England, Nov. 7, 1S47, son
of Samuel and Anne Peters. Educated
public schools, Hellmuth College, Lon-

don, Ont. ; Toronto University. Practiced
London, Ont., 1872. Came to Winnipeg,
1892. Captain 7th Fusiliers, London;
served in North West Rebellion, 1885.
:Married Sarah L. Jones, London, 1873;
has three sons. Clubs: Military Insti-
tute, Winnipeg; Manitoba Club; Clef
Club; Navy League. Society: A. F. &
A. M. Recreations: all outdoor amateur
sports. Anglican. Address: Winnipeg,

PETERSON, Andrew Hans — Managing
Director, Cowichan Merchants, Ltd.,
Duncan; Director, Cowichan Leader
Printing & Publishing Co. Ltd.; Director,
Duncan Board of Trade; member E.^ecu-
tive Board, Agricultural Society. Born
Port Blaklev, Wash., Aug. 3, 1878, son
of John Henry and Dorothy Sophie Pe-
terson. Educated: public schools, Port
Townsend, Wash. Came to British Co-
lumbia, 1898; mining, Lenora mine.
Mount Sicker district, 1898-1899; en-
gaged in present business since 1899;
naturalized Canadian, 1901. Married
Agnes Grassie, 1905; has one son. Club:
Cowichan Country. Society: A. F. &
A. M. Recreation: outdoor sports. Ad-
dress: Duncan, B. C.


PETERSON, Charles Walker. — Super-
intendent of Irrigation, Canadian Pa-
cific Irrigation & Colonization Co., Cal-
gary. Director Crowfoot Farming Co.,
Ltd.; director Western Horse Ranchers,
Ltd.; president Herald-Western Co.,
Ltd.; director Canadian Development
Co., Ltd. Born Copenhagen, Denmark,
June 28, 1868, son of Captain C. P.
Peterson! Educated Military Academy.
Copenhagen. Came to Canada, 1886; to
Alberta, 1890; Deputy Minister of Ag-
riculture, Alberta, 1898; appointed gen-
eral manager present company, 1906.
Married Elizabeth "W. Watson, Hamil-
ton, 1907; has one daughter. Club:
Ranchmen's. Anglican. Address: 1818
First St., E., Calgary, Alta.




PETERSON', Elof. — Of The B. Peter-
son Co., Real Estate Brokers, 317 Port-
age Ave., Winnipeg. Born Hessleholm,
Sweden, Jan. 14, 1869, son of Peter John-
son. Educated public schools, Sweden.
Game to Winnipeg, and engaged con-
tracting and building, 1889. Married
Alide Johnson, Winnipeg, 1906; has two
sons and one daugliter. Club: Swedish.
Recreation: hunting. Liberal. Address:
449 Selkirk Ave., Winnipeg, Man.

PETERSON, Georg-e Reynolds, M. D.,
C. M. (McGKll), M. R. C. S. (Eng-.), !•■ R-
C. P., P. R. C. S. (Ed.) — Surgeon; Fellow
Royal Obstetrical Societv of Edinburgh.
Born Spencerville, Ont., Sept. 23, 1877,
son of A. G. and Mary Peterson. Edu-
cated high schools, Kemptville and Iro-
quois, Ont.; McGill University. Post-
graduate work New York, Chicago, Lon-
don, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Berlin, Vienna
and Paris. Practiced Saskatoon since
1903. Member of senate University of
Saskatchewan; on Examination Board of
College Physicians and Surgeons of
Saskatchewan. Married Georgia McRae;
has one son and two daughters. Ad-
dress: Saskatoon, Sask.

FHEASEV, Georg'e. — Of Pheasey &
Batson, General Contractors, 207 Moser
Ryder Block, Edmonton. Director Ed-
monton Concrete Co. Born Whaley-
bridge, Derbyshire, England, Dec. 18,
1862, son of John and Elizabeth Sutton
Pheasey. Educated public schools,
Whaleybridge. Apprentice, Goddard

Bros., Whaleybridge, 1876-1883; came to
Canada, 1883; workman and foreman,
John Francis, Belleville, Ont., 1884-
1886; foreman Pybus Bros., Napanee,
Ont., 1886-1889; contracting, Pheasey &
Parrington, Butte. Mont.., 1889-1894;
general foreman, Amalgamated Copper
Mining Co., Butte, 1894-1903; came to
Alberta and established present busi-
ness, 1903. Married Lucy Ann Hill,
Newburgh, Ont., 1892; has three daugh-

ters. Societies: A. w'. & A. M.; St.
George's. Recreations: outdoor sports.
Conservative; Anglican. Address: 507
Ninth St., Edmonton, Alta,


PEVERETT, Jolm R. — Real Estate
and Financial Agent, Imperial Bank
Bldg., Regina. Born Sheadiac, N. B.,
Dec. 26, 1856, son of William Joseph
and Rebecca Peverett. Educated public
and high schools, Ontario. Employed in
general freight and passenger railway
work in Canada until 1881, going to
Western States in 1881; engaging in
similar work there until 1890; subse-
quently engaging in banking business
in Nebraska. Returned to Canada, set-
tling in Regina in 1901, when established
present business. Alderman, Regina,
1907, 1908, 1909, 1910; active worker in
City Council; member of Council, Re-
gina Board of Trade, 1912; director, Y.
M. C. A., Regina. Married Helen F.
Flock, Lucan, Ont.; has one son and
three daughters. Society: A. P. & A.
M. Recreations: shooting, field sports.
Conservative; Anglican. Address: 2178
Angus St., Regina, Sask.

PHEIiAN, John Theodore Superin-
tendent Yukon Telegraphs, Flack Block,
Vancouver. Born Quebec, Dec. 5, 1860,
son of Lawrence and Margaret Phelan.
Educated Commercial Academy and
high school, Que. With Montreal Tel-
egraph Co., Quebec, subsequently en-
gaged with C. P. R. for twenty years.
Came to British Columbia, 1900. Di-
rector Canadian Financiers Co., Ltd.;
director British Columbia Life Assur-
ance Co. Married Ola Ettie Mix, 1888;
has one son and four daughters. Ad-
dress: 1800 Haro St., Vancouver, B. C.


FHIIiIF, David. — Hardware Manufac-
turer's A^ent, 291 i/j Portage Ave., Win-
nipeg. Fiorn Symfngton, Lanarkshire.
Scotland. July 21, 1862, son of Mark
and Clementina Philip. Educated Glas-
gow. Hardware clerk Glasgow, 1878;
came to Winnipeg, 1882. Deputy Prov-
incial Secretary, Greenway Government
and Queen's Printer, 1889-1900. Mar-
ried Matilda Lindsay, Winnipeg, 1890;
has one daughter. Clubs: Carleton, As-
siniboine; Commercial; Travellers. So-
cieties: A. O. F.; Scottish Societies.
Recreations: curling, football. Liberal;
Presbyterian. Address: 45 Hargrave
St., Winnipeg, Man.


PHIIiIiIFFS, Hug^h, I.L. B. — Of Phil-
lipps & Whitla. Barristers, Merchants
Bank Bldg., Winnipeg. Born Becken-
ham, Kent, England, Dec. 15, 1875, son
of Henry Mitchell and Louise Vivian
Phillipps. Educated Isle of Wight Col-
lege; Heidelberg College, Germany;
Manitoba University (silver medalist).
Came to Winnipeg, 1896; called to Man-
itoba bar, 1900; associated with Mr.
Justice Cameron, 1900-1908; Counsel for
Quebec Bank, Canada Life Insurance
Co., British American Elevator Co., The
F. H. Peavey & Co., Ltd. Captain 90th
Regiment. Married Louie Playfair
Gemmill, Ottawa, 1909. Clubs: Mani-
toba; St. Charles Country; Carleton.
Recreations: Military work, fishing.

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