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Liberal. Address: Winnipeg, Man.

PHII,I.IFS, John Malcolm. — Of Phil-
lips Bros., Hardware Merchants. Morris.
Born Tamworth, Ont., July 26, 1867,
son of David and Rachael Phillips. Ed-
ucated public schools. Came to Mani-
toba 1873. Farmed with his father, Do-
minion City, Man., 1S82; tinsmith. Do-
minion City, 1885; established business
for himself, Emerson, Man. 1886; Do-
minion City 1889; subsequently moved

to Morris. Bandsman, 91st Battalion.
Winnipeg, 1886. Councillor, Morris,
1893-1907 and 1911; Mayor, 1907-1910;
License Coinmissioner. Married Emma
Jane Anderson, Winnipeg, 1894; has four
sons. Societies: A. F. & A. M.; I. O.
O. F. ; I. O. F. Conservative; Protes-
tant. Address: Morris, Man.

FHII.I.IFS, Wilford. — Manager Win-
nipeg Electric Railway Co., 218 Port-
age Ave., Winnipeg. Born Prince Ed-
ward County, Ont., Oct. 8, 1858, son of
Smith and Hannah Phillips. Educated
public schools. With Metropolitan Rail-
way Co. Toronto, 1890-1892: superin-
tendent North Toronto Electric Light
& Water Works, 1892-1893; appointed
mechanical and electrical superintend-
ent Niagara Falls Park & River Rail-
way Co., Niagara Falls, Ont., 1893-1896;
manager of same 1896-1900; manager
Winnipeg Electric Railway Co., since
1900. Married Susan Dorland, Prince
Edward County, Ont., 1882; has one son.
Clubs: Carleton; St. Charles Country.
Recreation: motoring. Methodist. Ad-
dress: 358 Asslniboine Ave., Winnipeg,


FICABD, Joseph H. (retired). — Of

Larue & Picard, 2 48 Jasper Ave., Ed-
monton. Director Jasper Coal Mine Co.;
Arrow Lake Fruit Lands Co., Ltd.; vice-
president Franco Mortgage & Loan Co.,
Ltd. Born St. Jean de Matha, Joliette
County, Que., Feb. 18, 1857, son of Jo-




seph Picard and Angele Roy. Educated
public schools, Quebec. Contractor and
builder, Quebec, 18S0-1884; came to Al-
berta, 1884; moved to Edmonton, 1887;
engaged general store business, 1889;
sold business, 1907. Member of first
council on organ.zation of Town of Ed-
monton; Alderman Edmonton, 1893-1897;
unsuccessful candidate for Mayor, Ed-
monton, 1907; member Edmonton school
board for many years; first president
Edmonton Board of Trade; took active
part on behalf of establishment of mu-
nicipal ownership, 1899. Married Mar-
tine Voyer, Edmonton, 1904; has two
sons. Club: Edmonton (charter mem-
ber). Societies: C. M. B. A.; Alliance
Nationale (secretary-treasurer). Lib-
eral; Roman Catholic. Address: 494
Fourth St., Edmonton, Alta.

LL. B.

PICKETT, Henry Davison, B. C. Ii.,
Hi. B. — Barrister. Born Kingston, N.
B., Dec. 6. 1876, son of Wiliam Elias
and Julia Hannali (Appleby) Pickett, of
U. E'. L. descent. Educated Superior
School, Bloomfield. N. B.; University of
Kings College. Law student with J. R.
Armstrong, St. John, N. B., 1901; with
Hazen & Raymond, St. John, 1903; ad-
mitted to New Brunswick bar, 1903;
came to Saskatchewan and called to
North West Territories Bar, 1904. Dele-
gate to Qu'Appelle Diocesan Synod

since 1906; delegate to Provincial Synod
of Rupert's Land since 1907; delegate
to General Synod of Canada since 1907;
partner with W. B. Willoughby, 1906 to
1911; practiced alone till December,
1011; partner with H. J. Schull since
name of Arm Pickett & Schull; Trustee
Moose Jaw Collegiate Institute Board,
and Public School Board, 1910-1911.
Served with Sth Hussars as trooper and
staffr clerk, and as Lieutenant, 62d St.
John Fusiliers; now Captain in 95th
Saskatoon Rifles. Married Louisa I. H.
Bamford, Moose Jaw, Sask., 1907; has
one daughter and three sons. Society:
I. O. O. F. Independent; Anglican. Ad-
dress: Clifton Ave., Moose Jaw, Sask.

PICKUP, Vernon. — Of Vernon Pickup
& Co., Chartered Accountants, Mclntyre
Block, Winnipeg. Born Leeds, England,
March 13, 1877, son of Zenas Pickup.
Esq. Educated Leeds high school, and
Yorkshire College. Articled clerk to
chartered accountants, 1890. Came to
Winnipeg, 1904, from U. S. A. Married
Annie Lindsay Crawford, (deceased) ;
married Sarah S. W. Collins, 1910; has
one daughter. Club: Adanac. Recrea-
tions: all outdoor sports. Anglican. Ad-
dress: 2 Windemere Apartments, Ken-
nedy St., Winnipeg, Man.

PIDCrBOir, Sev. Creorgre Campliell, M.
A., D. IS. — Westminster Hall, Vancouver;
Joint Chairman with Dr. C. W. Gordon
on Board of Social Service and Evan-
gelism; President, Moral Reforni Coun-
cil of British Columbia. Born Grand
Cacapedia, Que., March 2, 1872, son of
Archibald and Mary Campbell Pidgeon.
Educated public schools; Morin College,
Quebec; McGill University; Presbyterian
College, Montreal; ordained to ministry,
Montreal West, 1894; minister at
Streetsville, Ont., 1894; subsequently,
Toronto Junction; appointed professor
of practical theology, Westminster Hall,
by General Assembly, 1909. Married
Mary Helen Jones, 1898; has one son
and two daughters. Society: I. O. F.
Presbyterian. Address: Vancouver, B. C.

PIBRCB, G-eorffe M. — Real Estate and
Financial Broker. Born Athens, Ont.,
Dec. 17, 1877, son of Frederick and Sarah
Pierce. Educated public schools, Athens.
Hotel business, Athens, 1902-1909. Came
to Alberta, 1909; proprietor. Alberta Ho-
tel, Bassano, 1909-1911; established pres-
ent business, 1911. Married Jerinie
Maude Jackson, 1899 (deceased); has



one son. Societies: A. F. and A. M. ;
C. O. F. Recreation: fishing. Conserva-
tive; Anglican. Address: Bassano, Alta.

FIZ:RC£, Herbert Chandler, M. !■. A.

— Farmer. Secretary-treasurer H. C.
Pierce Land Co., Wadena. Born Tolon
Creek, Done County, Wis., Oct. 6, 1869,
son of William Smith and Uretta M.
Pierce. Educated high school Hutchin-
son, Minn., and Lansdowne College,
Portage la Prairie. Elected to Saskat-
chewan Legislature for Wadena, 1908.
Married Martha Fernivel Huffman, 1890;
has two sons and four daughters. Meth-
odist; Liberal. Address: Wadena, Sask.

FIERSON, Arthur. — Manager Brack-
man Ker Milling Co., Ltd., Calgary.
Born Bowden, Cheshire, May 29, 1876,
son of Frank and Margaret Pierson. Ed-
ucated Manchester, England. Came to
Alberta, 1892; mill employee, Strathco-
na, Alta., 1897. Served with Strathcona
Horse, South Africa. Address: Calgary,

PIGOTT, Aug^ustus Charles Doyne. —

Farmer. Sheriff Southern Judicial Dis-
trict of Manitoba, Morden. Born Chat-
ham, England, Jan. 1, 1862, son of
Frances Katherine Doyne and Major-
General H. de Rinzey Pigott. Educated
Marlborough Colleg'^, England; Bonn,
Germany. Came to Canada, 1880; farm-
er, and later real estate and insurance

agent. Served as Lieutenant, Boultons
Scouts, 1S85. Married Florence Harriet
Buchanan, of Omagh, County Tyrone,
Ireland; has two sons and one daughter.
Address: Morden, Man.

FIIiIiSBURV, Joel H. — Civil Engineer,
Exchange Block, Prince Rupert. Born
Kansas City, Mo., May 4, 1874, son of
Samuel L. and Georgia Pillsbury. Edu-
cated Massachusetts Institute of Tech-
nology. Civil engineer, Mass., 1894. En-
gaged in highway and municipal en-
gineering, Mass., 1894-1899; connected
with river, harbor and fortification
works in Florida, 1899-1906; came to
Prince Rupert as assistant harbor en-
gineer, 1906-1910. One of half dozen
pioneer citizens of Prince Rupert;
daughter Alice being first born white
girl, and as such recipient of prize
from President C. M. Hays, of G. T. P.
Became British subject 1909. Married
.Amelia F. Hall, Mass.; has one son and
three daughters. Club: Prince Rupert.
Recreations: fishing, hunting. Address:
4th Ave., Prince Rupert, B. C.


FINGI^E, Charles Steuart. — Druggist,
387 Main St., Medicine Hat; director.
Medicine Hat Printing & Publishing Co.
Born Winnipeg, Oct. 16, 1880, son of
W. H. and Georgina Pingle. Educated
Collegiate Institute. Came to Alberta
and established present business, 1900.
Alderman Medicine Hat, 1910-1911; pres-
ident. Liberal Association. Married
Jean McLeay, Watford, 1903; has one
son Club: Cypress. Societies: A. F. &
A. M. ; K. of P. Recreations: shooting,
curling. Anglican. Address: 526 Mont-
real St., Medicine Hat, Alta.



FINKHAM, Jean Anne. — Wife of the
Bishop of Calgary. Born Lower Fort
Garry, Red River Settlement, daugh-
ter of William Smith and Helen Roth-
nie Drever. Educated Girls' Boarding
School, St. Andrew's, Man. Married
Rev. William Cyprian Pinkham, 1868;
has three sons and three daughters,
(.ame to Alberta, 1889. Honorary pres-
ident Woman's Hospital Aid Society;
honorary president Woman's Auxiliary;
regent. Colonel Macleod Chapter,
Daughters of the Empire. Club: Wo-
man's Canadian, etc. Address: Bishop'^
Court, Calgary, Alta.

HAM, D. D., D. C. L.

PINKHAM, Rt. Kev. William Cyprian,
D. ]}., D. C. Ij. — Anglican Bishop of Cal-
gary. Born St. Johns, Newfoundland
Nov. 11, 1844, son of William and Anne
Pinkham, both of Devonshire, England.
Educated St. John's; St. Augustine's
College, Canterbury, England, 1865-1868.
Ordained deacon 1868; priest 1869. Came
to Red River Settlement, 1868. Incum-
bent St. James, Manitoba, 1868-1881;
Archdeacon of Manitoba and Canon of
St. John's Cathedral, Winnipeg, 1882-
1887. Superintendent of Education for
Protestant schools of Manitoba, 1871-
1883. Bishop of Saskatchewan, 1887-
1903. Bishop of Calgary, since 1888.
Married Jean Anne Drever, Winnipeg,
1868; has three sons and three daugh-
ters. Address: Bishop's Court, Calgary,

FXBIi:, Alexander, A. I. C. A., A. A. A.

— Architect, Alberta Block, Calgary. Ex-
president Big Bend Mica Mines. Born
Turriff, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Jan.
2, 1868, son of George and Cecilia Mc-

A. A. A.


Lennan Pirie. Came to Pembroke, Ont.,
1872. Educated public schools, Pem-
broke, Ont.; Woodstock College. Gen-
eral contracting under firm name, Pirie
Bros., Chapleau, Ont., 1891-1893; fore-
man for general contractors, Renfrew,
Ont, 1893-1895; subsequently general
contracting business; travelling dem-
onstrator for cement firm, two years;
came to Alberta, 1899; general contract-
ing. Alberta, Lethbridge and Calgary,
four years; established present busi-
ness, 1904. Served as private No. 6
Company, 42d Battalion, Brockville and
Prescott Camps, 1885-1886. Married
Margaret Alice Jamieson, Pembroke,
Ont., 1890. Society: Alberta Association
■ of Architects (past vice-president) ; as-
sociate of Royal Institute Canadian Ar-
chitects. Presbyterian. Address: 410
Sixth St., W., Calgary, Alta.

FITEIiASO, Rev. Charles Bruce, D. D.

— Born Fifeshire, Scotland, 1836, son of
John and Ann McDonald Pitblado. Came
to Canada, 1850. Educated: Normal
school, Truro; Free Church College, Hal-
ifax; Presbyterian Seminary, Truro. Held
charges at Glenelg, Halifax, Santa Rosa,
St. Andrew's and Westminster, Winni-
peg. Chaplain to Halifax Battalion,
Northwest Rebellion, 1885. Was for
many years Chairman of Committee on
Education, Presbyterian Synod, Mari-
time Provinces. Married Sophia Chris-
tie, Truro, 1865. Address: Winnipeg,



FITBIiADO, Isaac, B. A., M. A., Iili.

B., K. C. — Of Campbell, Pitblado, Hos-
kin & Grundy, and of Campbell, Pitbla-
do, Bennest & Haig, Barristers and So-
licitors, Farmer Bldg., Winnipeg. Born
Glenelg, N. S., March 15, 1867, son of
Rev. C. B. Pitblado, D. D.. and Sophia
Pitblado. Educated Halifax public and
high schools and Dalhousie University;
Manitoba University ( B. A. 1886, LL.
B. 188!), M. A. 1893). Came to Winnipeg,
1882. Called to Manitoba bar, 1890;
junior partner firm of Aikins, Culver &
Co., 1890-1892; with ex-Mayor Andrews,

1892-1898, when firm of Aikins, Culver
& Pitblado was formed; re-organized as
Aikins. Pitblado, Robson & Loftus,
1900-1903; present firm formed, 1903;
Bencher of Manitoba Law Society since
1901; King's Counsel, 1909; Registrar of
Manitoba University, 1893-1900; member
of Manitoba University Council since
1888; appointed by Dominion Govern-
ment counsel on investigation by Rail-
way Commission of Telegraph rates,
1911; appointed by City of Winnipeg
counsel on Freight Rate Investigation,
1912. Married twice, second wife May


Ellen Lunn Lazier, Minneapolis, Minn.,
1907; has one son and two daughters.
Clubs: Manitoba; Carleton; St. Charles
Country; president Canadian Club, 1911.
Societies: A. F. & A. M. ; I. O. O. F. Rec-
reations: formerly lacrosse, football,
baseball, now golf, curling (president
Manitoba Curling Association, 1910).
Liberal; President Winnipeg Liberal As-
sociation, 1905; Presbyterian. Address:
523 Wellington Crescent, Winnipeg, Man.

FITHZIR, I^uke. — Of Pither & Leiser,
Wholesale Wines, Liquors and Cigars,
1019 Wharf St., Victoria. Born Leroy,
N. Y., June 7, 1865. Came to Br'.tish
Columbia, 1879. Accountant, Victoria,
1879-1884; manager. Occidental Hotel,
1884-1887; manager. Colonial Hotel, New
Westminster, 1887-1889; present busi-
ness since 1889. Married Maggie Thom-
son, Rochester, N. Y.. 1883. Presbyter-
ian. Address: 1214 Yates St., Victoria,
B. C.

PITHER, Robert Jphn Nicholson. —

Superannuated Indian agent. Born
Montreal, Oct. 29, 1824, son of Robert
and Margaret Nicholson Pither. Edu-
cated Montreal and Quebec. Entered
employ of Hudson's Bay Company, 1846,
remaining with them twenty-three
years; travelled the entire distance from
Lachine, Quae, to Norway House, Lake
Winnipeg, by canoe via. the Ottawa
River, Lake Nipissing, French River,
Georgian Bay, Lake Superior, Rainy
River, Rat Portage, Winnipeg River and
Lake Winnipeg, 1846; through Mr. Pith-
er's influence the Indians of Rainy
River were kept from joining Louis
Riel, 1870; Indian Agent at Fort Frances
and Rat Portage, 1870-1896. Married
Rebecca Barlow, daughter of W. Barlow,
Binbrook, Ont., 1882. Societies: A. F.
& A. M. ; Associated Member Manitoba
Historical and Scientific Society. Con-
servative; Anglican. Address: Kenora,

FITTENSRIGH, Capt. George.— Cor-
oner, New Westminster. Born London,
England. May 4, 1831. Educated pri-
vate schools, and under Rev. Thomas
Mason. Served with 63d Foot througli
Crimean War, returning with rank of
captain. Came to British Columbia,
1845. Notary publ'c; conveyancer;
.iudge, Small Debts Court, 1895. Mar-
ried Caroline Bryant (deceased) ; mar-
ried Rosanna M. Blount, Gibralter, 1803,
(deceased, 1892); has eight sons and
six daughters. Society: A. F. & A. M.
(since 1856). Recreations: fishing, hunt-
ing, shooting. Address: New Westmin-
ster, B. C.

PiTTS, Sidney J. — Wholesale Mer-
chant (retired). Born London, England,
March 14, 1850, son of John Henry and
Marian Pitts. Came to British Colum-
bia, 1864. Educated Collegiate School.
Law student; later engaged as importer
and commiss'!on merchant, Victoria. Bx-
president Victoria Board of Trade; ex-
president British Columbia Wholesale
Grocers' Exchange. Married Margaret
Williams, 1891; has two sons and three
daughters. Club: Union. Recreations:
driving, motoring. Address: Piermont,
Rockland Ave., Victoria, B. 0.


PI.ANTA, Albert Edward, J. P. — Man-
ager of Nana' mo branch of Dominion
Trust Co., Ltd., of Vancouver, Commer-
cial St., Nanaimo. Born Australia,
Sept. 11, 1868, son of J. P. Planta, sti-
pendiary magistrate, and Sarah Mar-
garet Planta. Came to British Colum-
bia, 1879. Educated Nanaimo. Presi-
dent Union of British Columbia Munic-
ipalities; Alderman, eight years; Mayor,
1906-1911; notary public; vice-consul
for Norway. Married Amy Gordon, Na-
naimo, 1890; has four sons. Club: Na-
naimo. Societies: I. O. O. P.; K. of P.;
A. O. F. Address:- New Castle Ave.,
Nanaimo, B. C.

PIiUNKETT, Aloysius G. — Of Plun-
kett & Savage, Wholesale Fruit Dealers,
Calgary. Born Ottawa, Dec. 17, 1874,
son of James Patrick Plunkett and Rose
Lynn. Educated Ottawa College. With
Cameron & Heap, wholesale grocers,
Rat Portage, Ont.. 1896. Came to Al-
berta, 1904; established present busi-
ness, 1904. Chairman Separate School


Board. Calgary, 1909-1910. Married Eve-
lyn Sparrow, Calgary. 1910. Clubs:
Canadan; Calgary Golf & Country.
Society: K. of C. Recreation.s : shoot-
ing, fishing, outdoor sports. Conserva-
tive; Roman Catholic. Address: Mount
Royal, Calgary, Alta.


POAPST, Wilfred Vincent, B. A. —

Barrister. Born Stormont County, Ont,
March 6, 1880, son of Jacob Vincent
and Jennie Anne Poapst. Educated pub-
lic schools and Collegiate Institute, Ot-
tawa; Woodstock College; McMaster
University. Served two years Astro-
nomical Observatory, Ottawa. Law
student with Short, Cross & Biggar,
Edmonton, 1906; called to Alberta bar,
1909; practiced with that firm one year,
when established present practice. Win-
ner of three gold medals arid two sil-
ver cups and shield for rowing; won
Dominion Junior Championship with
Ottawa Rowing Club four-oared crew,
Canadian Henley Regatta, St. Cath-
erine's, Ont., 1905; won Dommion In-
termediate championship with same
crew, Canadian Henley Regatta, 1906;
won Senior American championship with
same crew, United States National Re-
gatta, Washington, D. C, 1906; rowed
with James Bay Rowing Club four-
oared crew, Shawinigan Lake Regatta,
Vancouver Island, 1909. winning one
race. Member of well-known Ottawa
Rugby Football Team, 1903-1905, un-
aefeated champions, Q. R. F. U., 1905;
member Edmonton Rugby Football
Team, 1906-1909, champions of Alberta,

1906, 1907 and 1908. Club: Chinook.
Society: A. F. & A. M. Recreations:
all athletics, skating, paddling, rowing,
swimming, rugby football, sparring and
wrestling. Liberal; Baptist. Address:
I.,ethbridge, Alta.


FOIiIiARD, H. — Artist Photographer.
Born Tillsonburg, Ont., Nov. 27, 1882,
son of James and Martha Pollard. Pho-
tographer, Tilsonburg, 1895. Came to Al-
berta, 1903. Married Eleanor Fillen,
1911. Clubs: Alberta; Calgary; Calgary
Golf and Country. Recreations: fishing,
sliooting, golf, motoring. Address: 118
8d Ave , W., Calgary, Alta.

FOIiIiOCK, John Kolbext, E. C, T/L H.

— Manager Pollock Wine Co., Ltd., Fer-
nie. Director Fernie Lumber Co., Ltd.;
director Elk Valley Brewing Co., Ltd.;
director Fernie Garage Co., Ltd. Born
San Francisco, Cal., May 22, 1865, son
of Colonel Robert and Sarah Jane Pol-
lock. Educated public and high schools,
San Francisco; Pacific University; Ren-
saaler Institute, Troy, N. Y. Mining,
Idaho, 1887-1892; lumber business, Ore-
gon and Wasliington. 1894; harbour en-
gineer for United States Government,
Oregon and Idaho, 1894-1896. Came to
British Columbia, 1896; mining engi-
neer, Rossland, B. C, 1896; established
present business, 1901. Vice-president
Fernie Board of Trade; American Vice-
Consul, Fernie. Married Violet Daven-
port, 1900. Club: Fernie. Recreation:
motoring. Presbyterian. Address: Fer-
nie. B. C.


FOIiSOIT, Alexander. — Farmer. Born
Kildonan, Man., Nov. 23, 1855. Came to
Rockwood, Man., 1887. Reeve of Rock-
wood Municipality for eight years;
councillor, Kildonan Municipality.

Served with Winnipeg Light Infantry
as Sergeant of No. 1 Company during
North West Rebellion, 1885. Society:
A. F. & A. M. Conservative; Presby-
terian. Stonewall, Man.


PONTON", Gerald Mung-o, M. E. — Con-
sulting Mining Engineer of Harrison &
Ponton, Surveyors and Engineers, Bev-
eridge Bldg., Calgary. Born Belleville,
Ont., March 8, 1888, son of Col. William
Nisbet Ponton, K. C, and May E. Pon-
ton. Educated public schools; Univer-
sity of Toronto. Assistant Engineer, De-
partment of Railways and Canals, Trent
Valley Canal, 1908-1909; Engineer, West-
ern Canada Collieries, Blairmore, Alta,
1909-1911; present partnership formed,
1911. Society: A. F. & A. M. Recrea-
tions: All sports. Independent; Presby-
terian. Address: 309 18th Ave., W., Cal-
gary, Alta.

POOZ^EY, Rolbert Henry, M. L. A.— Of

Pooley, Luxton & Pooley, Barristers,
1218 Langley St., Victoria. Born Vic-
toria, Sept. 19, 1878, son of Charles B.
Pooley, K. C. Educated Bradfleld Col-
lege, Berkshire, England. Practiced, Vic-
toria, since 1896; elected to British Co-
lumbia Legislature for Esquimalt Dis-
trict, 1912. Married Laura Loewen, Vic-
toria, 1904. Club: Union. Recreations:


motoring, tennis, golf, cricket. Conserv-
ative. Address: Upwood, Esquimalt
Road, Victoria. B. C.


POPE, James CoUedg'e, C. A. — Provin-
cial Auditor for Saskatchewan, Regina.
Born Charlottetown, P. E. I., Oct. 13,
1865, son of Hon. James Pope, ex-Min-
ister Marine and Fisheries. Educated
St. Peter's Clergy House, Charlotte-
town; Model School, Ottawa. Manager
Pope & Lafferty Lumber Co.; Regina,
1882-1883. Appointed Assistant Post-
master, Regina, 1883. Served as scout
North West Rebellion, under Colonel
Otter. Entered service of North West
Government, 1885, as clerk Accountant's
Department. Charge of liquor permit
system throughout Saskatchewan, 1886.



Assistant accountant, finance depart-
ment 1S80. Chief licence Inspector for
Nortli West Territories, 1891. Account-
ant for Nortli West Territories, 1893.
Territorial auditor, 1895. Appointed to
present office under Provincial Gov-
ernment, 1905. President of the Insti-
tute of 'chartered Accountants of Sas-
katchewan. Farms on considerable scale
and breeds Ayrshire cattle and im-
proved Yorkshires. Married Ellen Ag-
nes Lennox, of Thetford, Ont., 1887; has
one son and one daugl\ter. Clubs; As-
s'niboia; Canadian Club. Societies: A.
F. & A. M.: A. O. U. W.: C. O. F. Rec-
reations: skating, bicycle riding, base-
l)all, curling; holds first championship
for North West Territories for ice and
roller skating, curling and bicycle rid-
ing. Conservative; Anglican. Private
address: 2137 Lome St., Regina, Sask.

FOFHAM, Edwin Samuel, M. A.. M.
D., C. M. — Physician and Surgeon. Born
Ottawa, Dec. 31, 1856, son of George
and Barbara Popham. Educated Vic-
toria University; Manitoba University.
Came to Winnipeg, 1885. Registrar of
Manitoba Med'cal College. Married Ella
Gertrude Tourjee, Cobourg, Ont., 1884;
has three sons. Club: Carleton. Socie-
ties: various medical. Recreations: any
outdoor amusements. Liberal; Method-
ist. Address: 344 Ellice Ave., Winni-
peg, Man.


POBTE, Thomas Jeffares — Of Porte &
Markle, Ltd., .lewelers. Portage Ave.,
Winnipeg. Born Picton, Ont., Aug. 7,
1867, son of William James and Sarah
Hicks Porte. Educated public and high

schools, Picton. Came to Manitoba,
1897. Began jewelry business, Winni-
peg, 1897. Company incorporated, 1905.
Married Ethel MacEwen, Montreal, 1905;
lias one son. Clubs: Adanac; Carleton;
St. Charles County; Winnipeg Golf. So-
cieties: A. F. & A. M.; I. O. O. F. Rec-
reation: golf. Conservative. Address:
783 Jessie Ave., Winnipeg, Man

FOBTEB, Garnett Clay. — News editor
Winnipeg Daily Telegram, Winnipeg.
Born Russellvnie, Ky., May 27, 1867,
son of Elias Hull and Elizabeth Porter.
Educated Big Bethel College, Kentucky.
Attorney at law, Pike County, Mo.,
1884. Came to Winnipeg, 1906. Mar-
ried Maud Reynolds, St. Louis, Mo.,
1SS8; has one daughter. Societies: Elks;
A. F. & A. M. ; Knights Templar and
member of the Mystic Shrine. Con-
servative. Address: River Heights, Win-
nipeg, Man.

FORTEB, Sydney Proctor — Executive
Agent for the Grand Trunk Pacific Rail-
way Co., Regina. Born Somersetshire,
England, Dec. 16, 1S70, son of Harry and
Mary Porter. Came to Canada 1886, and
worked on farm Virden, Man.; trainman
on Western division of C. P. R. 1889-
1901; liomestead inspector for Dominion
Government, 1901-1908; Deputy Minis-
ter of Railways, Telegraphs and Tele-
phones, Province of Saskatchewan, 1908-
1912; appointed present position, 1912.
Married Martha Rebecca McKnight,
Moose Jaw, 1903; has two sons and one
daughter. Club: Assiniboia. Societies:
A. F. & A. M. ; C. O. F. ; W. O. W. Lib-
eral. Address: 2118 Mclntyre St., Re-
gina, Sask.

POTTENGER, Arthur Buchanan, M.

A. — District Registrar, Supreme Court,
"Vancouver. Born Owen Sound, Ont.,
Nov. 8, 1872, son of John and Jane
Pottenger. Educated Trinity Univer-
sity; Osgoode Hall. Came to British
Columbia, 1897. Practiced. 1897-1907.

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