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Appointed present position, 1907. Mar-
ried Annie Mildred Fulton. Address:
Shaughnessy Heights, Vancouver, B. C.

POTTS, Robert John. — Manager Great
West Permanent Loan Co., 559 Granville
St., Vancouver. Born Ireland, Oct. 13,
1874, son of Thomas and Annie Potts.
Educated public school. Loan company
business, Toronto, 1890. Came to Brit-
ish Columbia, 1906. Served five years




with 48th Highlanders, Toronto. Mar-
ried Catherine Birnie, 1901; has one son
and one daughter. Clubs: Canadian;
Terminal City. Recreation: driving. Ad-
dress: 1644 Balsom St., Vancouver, B. C.


POUND, William Alfred. — Real Estate
Broker, Main St., South Vancouver.
Honorary President, South Vancouver
Board of Trade and Central Park Ag-
ricultural Association. Born Ottawa,
April 5. 1875, son of George H. and
Elizabeth Pound. Educated Winnipeg.
Came to British Columbia, 1898. Print-
ing business, 1888-1907. Served as
Councillor, South Vancouver, some
years; Reeve for three successive terms.
Married Catherine Isabel Logan, 1899;
has one son and one daughter. So-
ciety: I. O. O. F. Recreation: motoring.
Conservative; Congregationalist. Ad-
dress: 4516 Quebec Ave., South Vancou-
ver, B. C.


POWEII,, Harvey Oliver — General
Manager and Director, Weyburn Secur-
ity Bank; Director, Saskatchewan Life
Insurance Co. Born River Falls, Wis.,
April 24, 1868, son of Oliver S. and
Lydia Elmira Powell. Educated high
school and normal school. River Falls.
Interested in banking, Wisconsin and
South Dakota, 1885-1907; admitted to
South Dakota Bar as attorney at law,
1899;' cashier. First National Bank,
White Rock, S. D., prior to coming to
Weyburn, 1907. Married Elizabeth
Knox, daughter of Henry Knox, 1893;
has four sons and two daughters. Rec-
reation: motoring. Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: 2nd Ave., Weyburn, Sask.

POWER, John. — Secretary, Southern
Okanagan Land Co., Ltd.; director,
Penticton Herald. Born City of Bangor,
North Wales, April 2, 1858, son of Rich-
ard T. and Susan Power. Educated Wal-
ton College; Crosby Grammar School,
Liverpool, England. Served apprentice-
ship to the grain trade, Liverpool; sxib-
sequently farming, Manitoba. Came to
British Columbia, 1894. Engaged steam-
ship business, 1894-1900; City Assessor,
New Westminster, 1900-1906. Member
of first Council, Penticton; president,
Pent:cton Board of Trade; director,
Farmers Institute, Penticton. Married
Agnes Ball, Reston, Man., 1892; has



two sons and three daughters. So-
cieties: A. F. & A. M.; W. O. W.; R. T.
Conservative; Anglican. Address: Pen-
ticton, B. C.


PRATT, Ralph Benjamin, I*. R. A. I,
C, M. M. A. — Of Pratt & Ross, Archi-
tects, Structural and Civil Engineers,
289 Garry St., Winnipeg. Born London,
England, Aug. 9. 1872, son of Joseph
and Jane Pratt. Educated London. Came
to Canada, 1891; Manitoba, 1892; archi-
tectural and engineering draftsman, C.
P. R.. Winnipeg, 1895-1901; railway ar-
chitect, C. N. R., since 1901; formed
jn-esent partnership, 1906. Married Eu-
pliemia Mornington, 1900; has one son
and one daughter. Recreations: canoe-
ing, sknting. Anglican. Address: 2()1
Carlton St., Winnipeg, Man.

PRATT, R. H. M.— Manager, Urban
Mutual Fire Insurance Co., Portage la
Prairie. Born Campsea, Ash, Suffolk,
England, May 29, 1854, son of Rev. Jer-
myn Pratt and Mary Louisa Murray,
granddaughter of Duke of Alhol. Came
to Manitoba, 1875, Portage la Prairie,
1883, and managed Biscuit Factory.
Water Commissioner, Portage la Prairie,
four years. Before railways crossed the
Red River made a trip through Mani-
toba. Saskatchewan and Alberta by
Wood and Moose Mountains, Fort Cy-
prus and MacLeod to the Kootenay Pass
with fourteen ponies and spring wag-
ons; then passed over the Divide of the
Rockies with Kootenay Indian pack pon-
ies; thence returning by Calgary, Ed-
monton, Prince Albert, Touchwood Hills
and Fort Ellis; this party is said to
have had the last buffalo hunt in Can-
ada, 1881. They shot fourteen buffalo
on July 4, close to Old Wife's Creek,
near Wood Mountain. The buffalo had
not crossed the Milk River, U. S. A.,
for three years and never crossed
again. Served, Egypt, 1884-1885; re-
lief of Gordon Khartoum (holds two
medals). Married Jemima Marie

George, Portage la Prairie; has five
sons. Society: A. O. U. W. Recreation:
walking. Liberal; Anglican. Address:
Portage la Prairie, Man.

FREFONTAINi:, Albert, M. L. A. —

Farmer and Contractor. Born Upton,
Que., Oct. 11, 1861, son of Fireman and
Mathilde Prefontaine. Educated Green-
field. Mass. President of St. Pierre
Trading Co., which operates a general
store. Reeve of municipality of De
Salaberry, 1894-1899. First elected to
Legislative Assembly for Carillon, 1903;
re-elected 1907 and 1910. Married Al-
bina L'Heureux, 1888 (deceased, 1908);
has eight children. Roman Catholic;
Conservative. Address: St. Pierre, Man.

PRENSERGAST, James Smile Pierre,
A. B., 1.1. B. — Judge of the Court of
King's Bench for Manitoba. Winnipeg.
Born Quebec. March 22, 1858, son of
Emelie and James Prendergast, barris-
ter. Educated Laval University, Que-
bec. Practiced. Quebec, 1881; came to
Manitoba. 1S82. Member Manitoba
Board of Education. 1884-1890: Manito-
ba University Council, 1895-1902; Sas-
katchewan Univeisity Senate, 1908-
1910; Mayor, St. Boniface, Man., IS93-
1896; member Manitoba Legislature for
La Verandrye, 1885, 1886 and 1888; for



Woodlands, 1889, and for St. Boniface,
1892-1896. Provincial Secretary, Green-
way administration, 1888; president St.
Jean Baptists Society of Manitoba, 1886
and 1910, and of Saskatcliewan, 1905
and 1909; special Dominion commission-
er to enquire into Government sales of
school lands, Manitoba, 1901; one of
commissioners to consolidate Statutes
of Saskatchewan, 1908; Judge of County
Court for Manitoba, 1897-1902; Judge of
Supreme Court of North West Terri-
tories, 1902-1906; Judge of Supreme
Court of Saskatchewan, 1906-1910; ap-
pointed to present office, Feb. 7, 1910.
Married Olivina Mondor, Quebec, 1886;
has four sons and seven daughters.
Liberal; Roman Catholic. Address: 85
Notre Dame St., St. Boniface, Man.

FRESCOTT, John William. — Real Es-
tate Agent, 349 Homer St., Vancouver.
Born Manchester, England, Oct. 29, 1866,
son of William and Clara Prescott. Ed-
ucated Holly Bank high school, Man-
chester. Came to Vancouver, 1891; busi-
ness manager. News Advertiser, 1891-
1894; founded present business, 1894.
License Commissioner, 1906-1907; Al-
derman, 1908-1909; chairman finance
committee, 1909. Served with 90th rifles,
Winnipeg, Sergeant "E" Company, 1889-
1891; vice-president Canadian Wheel-
men's Association. 1899. Married Eliz-
abeth Jane Emanuels, 1896; has one son
and three daughters. Society: A. F. &
A. M. Address: 115 4 Twelfth Ave., W.,
Vancouver, B. C.

FRESTWICH, Miss Kelen. — Vocalist.
Born Kensington, London, England,
daughter of William Henry and Eliza-
beth Prestwich, descendant of an old
Saxon family of Lancashire. Educated
private boarding schools, England. Re-
ceived musical training under several
celebrated teachers, including Sir
George Power, Sir Charles Santley, Ma-
dame Sobrino, and Charles W. Clark,
Paris. Came to Manitoba, 1909. Ad-
dress: 287 Spence St., Winnipeg, Man.

PRESTWICH, Mabel, i;. R. A. M., A.
R. C. M. (Iioudon). — Pianist. Born

London, England, daughter of William
H. and Elizabeth Prestwich. Educated
London, Germany and France. Studied

piano witli Tobias Matthay, England's
greatest teaclier; while in England pub-
lished several songs wliich liave met
with general favor. Given pianoforte
recitals in England, U. S. A. and Can-
ada. Club: Women's Social and Politi-
cal Union, London, England. Recrea-
tions: golf, riding. Address: 287 Spence
St., Winnipeg, Man.


FRICi:, Alfred. — General Superintend-
ent, C. P. R., Calgary; director Calgary
Exhibition Association; director. West-
ern Agencies & Development Co.; di-
rector, Columbia Valley Fruit Land Co.
Born Toronto, Dec. 6, 1861, son of John
and Anne Williams Price. Educated
public schools and School of Practical
Science, Toronto. Engaged as telegraph
messenger, Montreal Telegraph Co., To-
ronto, 1875; telegraph operator, C. P.
R., Toronto, 1879; train despatcher, C.
P. R., Toronto, 1881; chief train de-
spatcher, 1888; superintendent, Tbronto,
1898; superintendent. Fort William, Ont.,
1903; superintendent of transportation,
Winnipeg, 1904; general superintendent.
Central Division, Winnipeg, 1907; gen-
eral superintendent. Alberta Division,
since 1907. President Calgary Y. M. C.
A. Honorary president Apollo Choir,
Calgary. Married Margaret McGrath,
Toronto, 1888, (deceased, 1900); has two
daughters. Married Margery Adams
Crawford, Winnipeg, 1908; has one
daughter. Independent; Methodist. Ad-
dress: 316 Twelfth Ave., W., Calgary,




PBETTY, Charles Fenn. — Of Pretty's
Timber Exchange, Ltd., 433 Richards
St., "Vancouver; proprietors, Vancouver
Dock & Harbour Extension Co., [-td.; di-
rector, Canadian Timber Investment Co.,
Ltd.; director, Anglo-Canadian Timber
Co., Ltd. Born Belleville, Ont., Aug. 31,
1865, son of Charles and Ann Hyke
Pretty. Educated public schools, Belle-
ille and Goderich, Ont. Farmer, Goder-

ich, 1882-1889. Came to British. Colum-
bia, 1890; farming, Harrison, 1890-1897;
has been interested, British Columbia
timber lands since 1897. Married Char-
lotte May Sylvester, daughter of Thom-
as Sylvester, Imperial Gas Works, Lon-
don, England, 1889; has tviro sons. Rec-
reations: shooting, fishing, farming.
Conservative; Anglican. Address: Har-
rison River, B. C



FRICi:, Milton, M. A., B. C. Ii. — Bar-
rister and Solicitor, Dominion Trust
Bldg., Vancouver. Born Havelock, N.
B June 16, 1878, son of Abram V. and
Helen Price. Educated University of
Nevir Brunswick, Fredericton; King's
College Law School, St. John, N. B.
Member of firm, Stockton & Price, St.
John, N. B., 1904-1907; Price, Mclner-
ney & Trueman, St. John, 1909; now
practicing as counsel in Admiralty.
Club: University, Vancouver. Recrea-
tions: literature, golf, walking. Epis-
copalian. Address: 1138 Nelson Ct.,
Vancouver, B. C.


PRINCE, Hon. Senator Joseph Benja-
min. — Born St. Gregorie, Que., April 29,
1855, son of Benjamin and Marie Louise
Prince. Educated Nicolet College, Que-
bec. Engaged farming, Manitoba, 1878;
came to Battleford, 1880; lumber and
flour trade, partnership with Alex Mac-
Donald, Winnipeg; afterwards bought
out Mr. MacDonald's interests and
formed partnership with his brother Al-
phonse; engaged cattle exporting to
England, 1892-1904; established present
business, Battleford, 1898. Served Bat-
tleford Home Guards, North West Re-
bellion, 1885. Mayor of Battleford three
terms; president Battleford Board of
Trade since its organization. Elected to
North West Territory Legislature, rep-
resenting Battleford, 1899 r re-elected.
1904. Summoned to Senate, July 29,
1909. Married Ernestine Brassard; has
one son and four daughters. Liberal;
Roman Catholic. Address: Battleford,

FRINCB, Feter Anthony. — General
Manager, Eau Claire Lumber Co.; vice-
president and manager Calgary Water
Power Co., Ltd.; vice-president Calgary
Milling Co.; president Calgary Iron
Works; president and owner. Prince
Kerr Ranch Co., Calgary. Born Three
Rivers, Que., May 4, 1836, son of John
Enoch and Angeline Prince. Educated
public schools, Ontario County, Ont.
Millwright with J. E. Price, Ontario
County, 1853-1859; lumber and hotel bus-
iness on his own account, Mara Town-
ship, Ontario County, 1859-1865; mill-
wright, Northwest Lumber Co., Eau
Claire, Wis., 1866-1867; built Eau
Claire Lumber Co.'s mill, 1871; manager
manufacturing department. Northwest
Lumber Co., 1872-1875; general manager
1S75-1886; came to Alberta, 1886; built
Eau Claire Lumber Co.'s mill and found-
ed present company of which became
general manager. Married Emily Doug-
las. Southampton, England, 1909; has
one son and one daughter by former
marr'age. Recreation: shooting. Rom-
an Catholic. Address: 238 Fourth Ave.,
W.. Calgary, Alta.


FRIOR, Hon. Edward Gawler, Iiieu-
tenant-Colonel, F. C, ex-M. F. — Of E. G.

Prior & Co., Ltd., Victoria. Born near
Ripon, Yorkshire, England, May 21, 1853,
son of Rev. Henry and Hannah Prior.
Educated Leeds grammar school, and in
mining engineering, Wakefield. Mining
engineer and surveyor for Vancouver
Coal Mining and Land Co., 1873-1878;



government inspector of mines, 1878-
1S80. Elected life member North of
England Institute of Mining and Me-
chanical Engineers, 1875. Is Vice-Presi-
dent Victoria, B. C, Board of Trade;
was for several years Lieutenant-Colo-
nel of British Columbia Brigade Gar-
rison Artillery and holds certificate of
qualification from Royal School of Artil-
lery. Twice President Dominion Artillery
Association. Appointed an extra A. D.
C. to Governors-General of Canada
(Lord Stanley and Lord Aberdeen) 1889.
Commanded Canadian Rifle team, Bisley,
England, 1890. Sat in British Colum-
bia Legislature, 1886-1888, when re-
signed to become candidate for House
of Commons, 1888; returned by acclama-
tion; re-elected, 1891, 1896 and 1900.
Controller Inland Revenue, with seat in
Cabinet, Bowell Ministry, 1895; and
Tupper Ministry until its resigna-
tion, 1896. Premier of British Colum-
bia, Nov., 1902. to June, 1903. Married
Suzette Work, Victoria. 1878, (deceased.
1897); married Genevieve Wright, San
Francisco, 1899; has one son and three
daughters. Clubs: Union (Victoria);
Vancouver (Vancouver) ; United Empire
(London, England). Conservative. Ad-
dress: Victoria, B. C.

FRITCHARD, John, LIi. B. — Barrister
at Law, Virden. Born Warwick, Eng-
land, Jan. 3, 1879, son of Edward and
Mary Louise Jane Pritchard. Educated
Warwick School; Mason's College, Bir-
mingham; Manitoba University. Civil
engineering student with Pritchard &
Co., London and Birmingham, 1895; ap-
prentice, Holliday & Co., hardware, Bir-
mingham, 1898; came to Manitoba, 1901;
law student with Goutler & Singer, Vir-
den, 1902; present practice since 1908:
member of firm Smith & Pritchard,
1910-1912. Served as Lieutenant, Mani-
toba Dragoons, Virden, 1903-1905. Mar-
ried Mary Elizabeth Lumsden, 1908; has
one son. Society: I. O. O. F. Recreation:
Game shooting. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: Virden, Man.

PROCTER, Arthur Percival, M. D., C.

M. — Physician and Surgeon. 603 Has-
tings St., Vancouver. Born Maccles-
field, Cheshire, England, July 28, 1867,
son of Charles Edward and Ellen Live-
sey Procter. Educated England; McGill
University; Manitoba University. Came
to Albernie. B. C, 1886. C. P. R. sur-
geon, Donald, B. C, 1896-1897; prac-
ticed, Kamloops, B. C, 1898-1906; prac-
ticed, Vancouver, since 1906. Appointed

chief surgeon. Pacific Division C. P. R.,
1909. President British Columbia Med-
ical Council, 1904; member Brit'sh Med-
ical Association: Canadian Medical As-
sociation; British Columbia Medical As-
sociation. Married Christ'ne Mitchell,
Inverness. Scotland, 1900; has one son
and one daughter. Societies A. P. & A.
M.; T. O. O. F. Recreations: hunting,
fishing. Conservative; Presbyterian.
Address: 1301 Robson St.. Vancouver,
B. C.


PROCTER, Thomas G. — Real Estate
and Mining Broker, 615 Sayward Bldg.,
Victoria; General Manager, Kootenay
Valley, Ltd., London, England; Secre-
tary and Director, Lucky Jim Zinc
Mines, Ltd.; Manager, York Lancashire
Syndicate. Born Lancashire, England,
Sept. 12, 1862, son of Gilbert and Mary
Gorton Procter. Educated in England.
Sub Lieutenant, Naval Reserve, 1876-
1881; cattle business. United States,
1881-1891; came to British Columbia and
engaged in mining and prospecting, 1891;
owner first fruit ranch in the Koote-
nays; founder, town of Procter; mana-
ger, Kootenay Valleys Co., 1894; opened
Blairmore coal mines. Served as Alder-
man, Nelson; president, Nelson Board
of Trade, 1908. Married Beatrice Ar-
rowsmith, Lancashire, 1888. Clubs:
Union; Pacific; Nelson; Spokane. So-
cieties: A. F. & A. M.; S. O. E. Conserv-
ative; Anglican. Address: Victoria, B. C.




FSOCTEB, Frederick James. — Mem-
ber of local board London & British
North America Co., (formerly Mahon,
McParland & Procter, Ltd.) Vancouver.
"Vice-president North Vancouver Land &
Improvement Co. ; director Crown Life
Insurance Co. Born Macclesfield, Che-
shire, England, May 18, 1863, son of
Charles E. and Ellen Livesey Procter.

Educated Birkenhead School, England,
came to British Columbia, 1894; finan-
cial broker since 1895. Married Eva M.
Davy, Auckland, N. Z., 1899; has two
sons. Clubs: Vancouver; Jericho Coun-
try; Victoria Golf. Recreation: golf.
Conservative; Anglican. Address: Haro
St., Vancouver, B. C.


FBOtrSFOOT, Alexander, M. D., C. M.

—Born Trafalgar, Ont., son of Alexan-
der and Amelia Proudfoot (U. E. L.
stock). Educated Rockwood Academy,
Georgetown, Ont.; McGlll University;
Bellevue Medical College. N. T. ; Har-
vard Medical College. House surgeon
Discharged Soldiers' Home, Boston, and
Boston City Hospital. 1868; surgeon
Franco-Prussian War, 1870-1871; special
studies. Vienna and London, England,
returning to Canada, settling Montreal,
1872. Prof, of Opthalmotogy, Bishop's
College; and oculist to General and
Western Hospitals, Montreal. Settled.
Chicago, 111., 1899 and elected member
medical societies. Came to Victoria,
1908, where now practicing as special-
ist. Married Robina Mclntyre, Boston,
1872; has three sons and two daughters!
Societies: Canadian and American Med-
ical Associations; honorary member
Medical Association of Northern New
York; Br'tish Association; A. P. & A.
M.; Mystic Circle; Select Knight; Prince
of Babylon; A. O. U. W. ; I. O. O. F.; St.
Andrews; Caledonian. Recreation: mu-
sic. Address: 831 Fort St., Victoria,
B. C.

FBOWSE, James Harper. — Barrister
and Solicitor. Born Murray Harbor, P.
E. I., March 22, 1886, son of William
H. and Ada Prowse. Educated public
schools; Pictou Academy; Dalhous'e
University. Student, Harris-Henry &
Cahan, Halifax, 1906-1909. Called to
Nova Scotia bar, 1909; Alberta bar.

1909, and practiced, Taber, since. Mar-
ried Elizabeth Colquhoun, Halifax,

1910. Society: A. F. & A. M. Recrea-
tion: curling. Conservative; Presbyte-
rian. Address: Taber, Alta.

PROWSE, S. W., B. A., M. D., (Edin.),
l". R. C. S. E. — Physician, Oculist and
Aurist. Union Bank Bldg., Winnipeg
Born Charlottetown, P. E. I., Aug. 25,
1869, son of the late Senator Samuel
Prowse and Louisa Prowse. Educated
University. Edinburgh. General practi-
tioner, Colinsburgh, Fifeshire, Scotland,
1894; came to Winnipeg, 1898. President
Winnipeg Medico-Chirurg Society, 1910.
Married Katherine M. G. Smith, 1894;
has one daughter. Clubs; Manitoba; St
Charles Country. Societies: Royal So-
ciety of Medicine. Liberal-Conservative;
Methodist. Address: 497 River Ave.,
Winnpeg, Man.

FRUSHOSIME, His Hon. Louis Arthur

— .Judge of t'le County Court and of the
Surrogate Court of St. Boniface. Born St
Urbain, County of Chateauguay, Que,
Nov. 21. 18.53, son of Lieutenant-Colonel
.1. M. and Marguerite Prudhnmme. Ed-
ucated Montreal College. Called to Que-
bec bar and practiced, Beauharnois,
Que., 1879; came to Manitoba, 1880, and


entered into partnership with Hon. Jos-
eph Royal, 1881-1885; appointed County
Court Judge, 1885. Member of Manitoba
Legislature for La Verandrye, 1882 and
1884. Served as Captain No. 4 Company,
64th Battalion and St. Boniface Infantry
Company. Is a well-known literateur;
on editorial staff Le Metis and Le Mani-
toba, 1875, and has freely contributed to
La Revue Canadienne, and La Neuvelle,
France; has compiled "The History of
Manitoba and North West Territories,"
the largest part of which has already
been published in the Archives of the
Royal Society of Canada and the mag-
azines above named. Married Apolline C
Heneault, St. Boniface, 1880; has two sons
and five daughters. Societies: Royal
Society of Canada; St. Jean Bapti'ste
Society of Manitoba (ex-president); St
Vincent de Paul Society (president).
Roman Catholic. Address: St. Boniface,

FRYCE, Caryl Ap Rhys.— Of Gulf of

Georgia Towing Co.. 22 4 Winch Bldg..
Vancouver. Born Vizianagram, Madras,
Sept. 30. 1876, son of Lieutenant-Colonel
D. D. Pryce, of Indian Army and G.
H. Pryce. Educated Trinity ' College;
Glenalmond, Scotland. With bank, Glas-
gow, 1893. Came to British Columbia,
1907. Served Mashonaland Rebellion,
1897 (medal); Boer War, 1899-1902
(Queen's and King's medals. four
clasps); with 5th V. B. H. L. I.; B. S. A.
Police, Mashonaland; Natal Police; Im-
perial Light Horse: South African Con-
stabulary. Club: Western. Recreations:
shooting, fishing, cricket. Address:
Western Club, Vancouver, B. C.



FR'S'CE-JONES, Albert Westhead, J.

P. — Of Pryce- Jones, Ltd., and Pryce-
Jones, Canada, Ltd., Calgary, and New-
town, North Wales. Born Newtown,
Wales, May 26, 1870, son of Sir Pryce
and Lady Eleanor Pryce-Jones. Edu-
cated Shrewsbury School; Clare College,
Cambridge. Came to Alberta, 1910.
Served as Major, 7th Royal Welsh Fusi-
liers; J. P., County, of Montgomery,
\\'ales. Served for nine years on Mont-
gomeryshire County Council; member
of Inner Temple. Married Rosina Ida
Gibson, London, England; has two sons.
Club: Sports Club, St. James Square,
London, England. Address: Calgary,
Alta., and Newtown, North Wales.

PTOLEMY, William John, I. S. O., C.

A., J. P. — Deputy Provincial Treasurer
of Manitoba. Born Painsville' (near
Smithville), Ont., March 29, 1850, son
of John and Elizabeth Ptolemy. Edu-
cated publ'c schools and grammar
school. With G. W. Ry. Co. of Canada,
1873-1875; on government telegraph
construction, 1S75; commercial life,
1876-1882; present position since 1883;
Municipal Commissioner for Manitoba,
1886; Commissioner in B^^ R. and Jus-
tice of the Peace over twenty years;
Auditor, City of ^Winnipeg, 1882-1883;
chartered accountant, Manitoba, since
1876. Married Isabella Muir, Winnipeg,
1877; has three sons and three daugh-
ters. Club: Canadian. Societies: A. P.
& A. M.; I. O. F.; A. O. U. W. Recrea-
tions: golf, lawn bowling, shooting.
Presbyterian. Address: 80 Colony St.,
Winnipeg, Man.

PUPPEB, William Pranklin, M. L. A.

— Dealer in Live Stock. Born Westport,
Leeds County, Ont., Nov. 1, 1861, son of
A. and Louise C. Puffer (U. B. L.
stock). Educated public schools. Lived
in Illinois for some time as boy; after-
wards engaged bush clearing and lum-
bering. Northern Michigan. Came to
Alberta, 1890, homesteader and later
went into cattle and lumber business.
Director Lacombe General Hospital;
director Lacombe Creamery Co.; mem-
ber school board. 1893-1894; and 1896-
1902; member town council, 1903-1906.
Represents Lacombe, Alberta Legisla-
ture, since 1905. Married Charlotte A.
Gilmore, 1885; has four sons and three
daughters. Societies: A. F. & A. M. ;
Scottish Rite; Rose Croix and Consistent
3 20. Liberal; Methodist. Address: La-
combe, Alta.

PULPOBD, Alfred Henry — P'inancier.
Born Dunedin, N. Z., Sept. 3, 1865, son
of Henry James Lloyd Pulford and Eli-
zabeth Ann McGruchy (descendant of
Napoleon). Educated: Wesleyan Insti-
tute. Came to Manitoba, 1879. Associat-

ed with his father, James E. Pulford &
Co., Winnipeg, 1887-1893; auctioneer,
Winnipeg, 1893-1909; looking after his
own financial affairs, since 1909. Alder-
man, Winnipeg, 1906-1907. Married
Florence Edith Pearson, Winnipeg, 1896;
has one son and one daughter. Clubs:
Manitoba: Carleton. Society: A. F. &
A. M. Recreations: yachting, curling.
Liberal; Congrationalist. Address: "Av-
onsleigh," Armstrong's Point, Winnipeg,

FUIiI^INGEB, Rev. Bertram Wallis,
A. K. C, P. C. I., P. S. B. S. — L. Th. of

St. John's College, Man.; B. D. (First
Class) of St. John's College, Man.; Rec-
tor Christ Church, Saskatoon. Born
London, England, April 26, 1873, son of

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