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Thomas and Marianne Pullinger. Edu-
cated Roans School, Greenwich; King's
College; London University. Member of
the Universities Mission to Central Af-
rica; stationed Zanzibar and transferred
to Likoma, Lake Nyasa, British Central
Africa, 1892; invalided home to Eng-
land, 1895; curate to St., Gabriels. Can-
ning Town, London, England, 1899; came
to Saskatchewan and appointed Incum-
bent of St. Paul's, Langham, Sask.,
1906; Incumbent of All Saints, Melfort,
Sask., 1908; Rector of Christ Church,
Saskatoon, since 1910. President Boy
Scout Council, Saskatoon. Manager Ele-
mentary School Board, West Ham, 1904-
1905. Served as Assistant Field Chap-
lain to forces, Aldershot, 1901. Chaplain
and Hon. Captain of the 105th Fusiliers.
Societies: A. F. & A. M. (Grand Chap-
lain of Saskatchewan Grand Lodge) ; I.
O. P. (Chaplain) ; Royal Society of St.
George; C. O. O. F. ; Noble of Wa Wa
Temple, Regina. Anglican. Address:
414 27th St., Saskatoon, Sask.

PUTNAM, Arthur Graham — Of Wil-
kinson & Putnam, Real Estate and In-
vestment Brokers, Agnew Blk., Prince
Albert. Born Maitland, N. S., Oct. 5,
1876, son of Stephen and Isabel Putnam.
Educated public schools; Truro Acad-
emy, Truro, N. S. Clerk, Royal Bank,
Maitland, 1893-1898; Truro, 1898-1902;
Charlottetown, 1902-1904; Maitland,
1904-1905; manager Sackville, N. B.,
1905-1910; manager. Royal Bank, Prince
Albert, 1910-1912; present partnership
formed, 1912. Married Adelaide Mc-
Leod, Prince Edward Island; has one
son and one daughter. Society: A. F.
& A. M. Conservative; Presbyterian.
Address: 20th St., W., Prince Albert,

PYBtXS, Commander Henry, B. N. B. —

Master Mariner. Born Cape Colony,
Dec. 19, 1850, son of Joseph and J. E.
Pybus; grandson Hon. William Smith,
Colonial Secretary, Cape of Good Hope.
Educated South African College. Went


to sea mercantile marine service. Com-
manded S. S. Kowshing, China, 1885;
employed as officer, Union S. S. Co.
Royal Mail Service to Cape; Orient R.
M. S. service to Australia: and Indo
China S. S. Co. on coast of China: pres-
ent battle of Foochow. between French
and Chinese: also military operations in
the Philipp'nes, when employed trans-
porting United States troops in S. S.
Tartar. Came to Vancouver, 1901, as
chief officer of R. M. S. Empress of
Ch:na; subsequently in command of R.
M. S. Empresses of India, China and
Japan of C. P. R. fleet. Commander
Roval Naval Reserve. Married F. M.
Falconer, 1887; has two daughters.
Clubs: Vancouver: Royal Vancouver
Yacht. Address: 1360 Jervis St., Van-
couver, B. C.

QUAVIiZ:, T. W. — Editor and Propri-
etor Review. Claresholm. Born Liver-
pool, England, Sept. 8, 1868, son of Wil-
liam and Catherine Quayle. Came to
Canada a boy, his parents settling Pais-
ley, Ont. Educated public schools, On-
tario. Witli Free Press, Ottawa; later
with Ottawa Citizen; Calgary Daily
News, and now publishes Claresholm
Review. Has done considerable plat-
form work for Liberal party, Western
Canada. Married Edith Cumming, Ot-
tawa, 1901; has one son and one daugh-
ter. Liberal. Address: Claresholm, Alta.

QUXG-Cf, Jolin — Barrister and Solicitor,
Welliver Blk., Red Deer. Born Donegal,
Ireland, Sept. 5, 1866, son of Robert and
Agnes Anderson Quigg. Educated pub-
lic schools: Incorporated Law Society
Lectures. Called to Alberta Bar, 1911;
practiced with Robertson & McGregor,
Olds, Alta., 1911; present practice since
1912. Married Isabel Maddock, daugh-
ter of Benjamin Maddock, Dublin, 1895;
has one son and two daughters. Society:
I. O. F. Recreation: golf. Presbyterian.
Address: Red Deer, Alta.

QUIGIiEV, Edward A. — Manager of
Macdonald, Marpole Co., Ltd., Coal Mer-
chants, Vancouver. Born Quebec, April
27, 1870. son of Thomas Martin and
Mary Martha Quigley. Educated St.
Mary's School, Winnipeg: St. Mary's
College, Montreal. With E. & C. Gur-
ney Co., Winnipeg. Came to British
Columbia, 1890. and established whole-
sale grocery business, Vancouver: later
with H. M. Customs and White Pass &
Yukon Ry. Co., White Horse, Y. T.
.Served for three years with 90th Bat-
talion, Winnipeg. Recreations: lacrosse,
football, rowing. Conservative. Address:
Shaughnessy Heights, Vancouver, B. C.

QVINir, Valentine. — Managing Di-
rector F. H. Lantz Co., Ltd., Canada
Life Bldg., Vancouver. Born Toronto,
Feb. 14, 1879, son of Robert and Lucy
Quinn. Educated public schools. Can-
ada; Liverpool College, England. Junior
clerk, Canadian Bank of Commerce,
Hamilton. 1896-1897; assistant receiving
teller. Commercial National Bank, De-
troit, Mich., 1898; private secretary to
general manager of Northern Bank,
Winnipeg, 1905; acting manager. North-
ern Crown Bank, Winnipeg, 1908-1909;
present position since 1910. Married
Lily Lane, daughter of Douglas Lane,
1903; has three sons and one daughter.
Recreat'ons: outdoor sports. Played
with Hamilton Tigers, 1896-1898; cap-
tain St. John's Rugby Football Team,
champions of Western Canada, 1903.
Anglican. Address: 1324 Bidwell St.,
Vancouver, B. C.

RADCIiIFF, Samuel W., M. D. — Phy-
sician and Surgeon. Born St. Mary's
Ont., April 19, 1867, son of Samuel and
Elizabeth Radcliff. Educated public and
high schools, St. Mary's, Ont.; Toronto
University. Practiced, Moose Jaw, since
1898. Married Fanny Hinchey, Broad-
view, Sask., 1899; has two daughters.
Club: Moose Jaw. Societies: I. O. O. F. ;
A. O. U. W.; C. O. P. Recreations: base-
ball, curling. Liberal; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: 58 River St., E., Moose Jaw,

BAMSAY, James. — Of Ramsay Bros.
& Co., Ltd., 982 Powell St., Vancouver.
Born Aberdeenshire, Scotland, Dec. 18,
1866, son of William and Jane Ramsay.
Educated public school, Scotland. Sta-
tionery business, Aberdeen, 1880: subse-
quently candy manufacturer, Toronto,
1882. Came to British Columbia, 1890.
Director Dominion Trust Co.; director
Pacific Coast Fire Insurance Co.; di-
rector Prudential Investment Co.; di-
rector Dominion Biscuit Co., Ltd.; di-
rector Hastings Shingle Mill Co.; presi-
dent Ramsay's Limited, biscuit manu-
facturers, Montreal; vice-president Ca-
nadian Manufacturers' Association for
British Columbia. Ex-license commis-
sioner and school trustee. Alderman,
1907-1910-1911. Served 1st Gordon High-
lander Rifles. Married Winifred Mc-
Clellan, Noelshire, N. S., 1907; has two
sons. Societies: I. O. O. F. (P. G. M.);
St. Andrew's (vice-president). Recrea-
tion: motoring. Address: 1068 Burnaby
St., Vancouver, B. C.




RAMSAY, Stanley B. — Decorator, 817
1st St., E., Calgary. Born Summerside,
P. E. I., 1881, son of John T. and Mary
E. Ramsay. Came to Alberta, 1903. Al-
derman, 1911. Married Bessie McDon-
ald, Sydney, N. S., 1907; has one son
and one daughter. Society: K. of P.
Liberal; Baptist. Address: 1900 Park
Road, Calgary, Alta.


RAMSAY, Walter — Wholesale and Re-
tail Florist, 936 Victoria Ave., Edmon-
ton. President Riverview Land Co.;
director Western Land Co. Born Went-
worth County, Ont., Aug. 19, 1870, son
of John and Helen Isabella McKay Ram-
say. Educated public schools, Middle-
sex County, Ont.; Collegiate Institute,
St. Mary's; Normal Schools, Ottawa and
Hamilton. Taught school, Middlesex
County, 1890-1891; Foxboro, Hastings

County, Ont., 1892-1896. Came to Al-
berta, 1898; principal public school, Ed-
monton, 1898-1905; established present
business, 1906. Member Edmonton Pub-
lic School Board. Married Lucy D.
McRae, Belleville, Ont., 1901; has one
son. Recreations: curling, shooting.
Conservative; Presbyterian. Address:
916 Victoria Ave., Edmonton, Alta.

RAMSAY, William Marr. — Vice-presi-
dent Ramsay Bros. & Co., Ltd., Powell
St., Vancouver. Born Scotland, May 4,
1875, son of William and Jane Ramsay.
Educated public schools, Scotland. Came
to Vancouver, 1891, and founded present
firm. Served ten years in the Canadian
Militia. Married Frances M. Bell, 1899;
has one son and one daughter. Society:
I. O. O. F. Recreations: motoring, fish-
ing, shooting. Address: 1162 Burnaby
St., Vancouver, B. C.

RAMSAY, William Simpson. — Elec-
trical Engineer, 526 Hornby St., Van-
couver. Born Sept. 15, 1878, son of
William and Agnes Ramsay. Educated
Purness. Manager for his father, Bar-
row-in-Furness, 1901-1907. Came to
British Columbia, 1908, and established
present business. President Northern
Exploiting Co. Winner of English cycle
championship, 1900, and North Lanca-
shire championship same year. Won
British Columbia cycle championship
and all round championship medal, Y.
M. C. A. sports, Vancouver, 1908, after
which retired from track owing to
business claims. Clubs: Anglo-African;
Imperial. Recreations: swimming, driv-
ing, motoring. Conservative. Address:
Vancouver, B. C.

RAN'D, Arthur Emerson — Real Estate
and Mining . Broker, 301 Queens Ave.,
New Westminster; President, New Brit-
ish- Columbia Lands, Ltd.; Director,
Kootenay Bonanza Mines, Ltd.; Director,
Dundee Gold mine Ltd. Born Canning,
N. S., Dec. 12, 1869, son of Edwin and
Margaret Ellis Rand. Educated: public
schools. Came to British Columbia,
1885; clerk, Rand Bros., New Westmin-
ster, 1885-1887; established present busi-
ness, 1887. Alderman, New T^'"estmin-
ster. Married Emma A. DeBeck, 1891;
has two sons and three daughters. Club:
Westminster. Conservative; Presbyter-
ian. Address: 301 Queens Ave., New
Westminster, B. C.

RAND, Charles David, B. A. — Real Es-
tate Agent and Stock Broker, 450 Gran-
ville St., Vancouver. Born Canning, N.
S., Aug. 26, 1S5S, son of Edwin and
Margaret Rand. Educated Acadia. Came
to British Columbia, 1879, and taught
school; subsequently real estate busi-
ness, 1882; founded firm of Rand Bros.,
1884, retiring from it, 1896. Director



of Vancouver Stock Exchange; director
Prince Rupert Sash & Door Co.; director
Tourist Association. Married Kate G.
Clute. 1SS8 (deceased); married Annie
M. U'allbridge, 1894; has one son. Clubs:
Vancouver: Terminal City. Address:
IfilG Comox St.. Vancouver, B. C.


RAND, Edward Ethelbert. — Financial
Broker. .t;>2 Granville St., Vancouver.
Born Canning, N. S., Nov. 21, 1860, son
of Edw'n and Margaret Rand. Edu-
cated Horton Academy. Married Laura
Town, 1906. Club: Vancouver. Rec-
reations: cricket, fishing. Address: 1123
Barclay St.. Vancouver, B. C.

RANDAIiI., William P. — Real Estate
Broker, of Pacific Land Co., 8th Ave.,
10., Calgary, Alta. Born Sligo, Ireland,

July 12, 1867, son of Robert and Cathe-
rine Randall. Educated public schools.
Established present business. 1905. Mar-
ried Almina D. Cusack, Newbury, Ont.,
1903; has one son. Society: A. F. & A.
M. Conservative; Anglican. Address:
Calgarj^ Alta.

RANKIN, Iiieutenant-Colonel Andrew
Soug'las. — Of A. D. Rankin & Co., Bran-
don. Born Aberdeen, Scotland, Sept. 10,
1860, son of Robert and Agnes Rankin.
Educated public schools, Aberdeen. Dry
goods clerk, Scotland, 1875-1880. Came
to Montreal, 1881; Rochester, N. Y.,
1882; Winnipeg, 1883; opened dry goods
store in partnership with A. Allan (now
Collector of Customs), Calgary, 1884;
removed to Brandon, 1891, where he has
been in business since. School Board
trustee; director Brandon Fire Insur-
ance Co.; ex-chairman School Board; ex-
vice-president Board of Trade; council-
lor; director Y. M. C. A. Served as
Lieutenant, Volunteer Home Guard, Cal-
gary, North West Rebellion. 18S5; com-
missioned Lieutenant, 12tli Manitoba
Dragoons, 1905; acting Adjutant, 1908-
1909; organized the 99th Regiment of
Manitoba Rangers, 1909. Lieutenant-
Colonel in command. 99th Regiment,
1910. Marr:ed Emma Newcombe, To-
ronto, 1888; has two sons and one
daughter. Club: Brandon. Society: A.
F. & A. M. Recreations: lawn bowling,
curling, riding, gardening. Liberal;
Presbyterian. Address: Brandon, Man.

RAFIIR, James. — General Representa-
tive of Van Anda Copper and Gold Com-
panies Properties, Van Anda. Born
Leeds, England, Jan. 16. 1857, son of
John and Anne Raper. Educated public
schools, Leeds. Came to Nanaimo, B.
C, 1873. Farming, Nanaimo, 1873-1875;
engaged coal and mineral mining, Brit-
ish Columbia. Wasliington and Utah
since 1875. Married Katherine Jenkins,
daughter of John Jenkins, Washington,
1884; has five sons and five daughters.
Recreation: boating. Conservative; An-
glican. Address: Van Anda, Texada
Island, B. C.

RATH VON, Lloyd Ashton — Real Es-
tate and Iii.surance Broker; Chairman,
Publicity Committee, Penticton Board
of Trade. Born Norwich, Ont., July 9,
1883, son of Daniel Wellington and Eli-
zabeth Wilson Rath von. Educated: high
school, Duluth, Minn. With D. W.
Rathvon & Son, contractors, Calgary,
1902-1904: building and real estate busi-
ness, Calgary, .1904-1906; established
present business, 1910. Married Edith
Gertrude Walton, Calgary, 1905; has
two sons and two daughters. Societies:
I. O. O. F. : M. W. A. Recreation: mo-
toring. Liberal; Presbyterian. Address:
Penticton, B. C.


RATTENBURY, David Harry — Of

Rattenbury & Williams, Real Estate and
Insurance Brokers, Kelowna. Born
TVentworth County, Ont., Sept. 21, 1867,
son of James and Mary O'Brien Ratten-
burv. Educated: public schools, Simcoe,
Ont. Clerk, The Hub, Simcoe, 1886-
1891: part owner. The Hub, 1891-1899;
building bvisiness, Simcoe, 1899-1904; su-
perintendent. Maple Leaf Paving Co.,
Simcoe, 1904-1907; present partnership
formed, 1909. Society: I. O. P. Recrea-
tions: Ashing, shooting. Liberal; Angli-
can. Address: Kelowna, B. C.


RATTENBURY, Francis M, J. P. —

Architect. Born Leeds, Yorkshire, Eng.,
Oct. 11, 1867, son of John and Mary
Mawson Rattenbury. Educated Leeds
Grammar School; Yorkshire College,
England. Came to British Columbia,
1892. Practiced, Vancouver, 1892-1893;
Victoria since 1893. Architect of many
important buildings, some of which are
Provincial Government Buildings, Emp-
ress Hotel; Bank of Montreal; Mer-
chants Bank, Victoria; G. T. R. hotels
at Victoria and Prince Rupert, B. C.
Served as councillor. Oak Bay munici-
pality, 1907. Married Florence Nunn,
1898; has one son and one daughter.
Clubs: Union; Pacific; Vancouver; Royal
Automobile (London, England). Rec-
reations: motoring, golf. Conservative;
Protestant. Address: Oak Bay, Victoria,
B. C.


RAVMER, Henry William, J. P. — Gen-
eral Contractor. Born Walsingham, Nor-
folk County, Ont., 1S53, son of Robert
and Mercy Raymer. Educated public
and high schools, Woodstock, Ont. Con-
tracting and farming, Shoal Lake, Man.,
1880-1889; contracting, Lethbridge, Alta.,
1889-1892. Came to Kelowna, 1892.
Built Raymer Block, Kelowna. First
Mayor of the C-ty of Kelowna, two
terms. President Conservative Associa-
tion and Farmers' Institute. Unsuccess-
ful candidate for East Yale to British
Columbia Legislature, 1900. Manager
and proprietor Kelowna. Opera House.
Married Mary Halliday. Gait, Ont.,
1879; has three sons and six daughters.
Societies: A. F. & A. M. ; K. of P.; "W. O.
W. Conservative; Anglican. Address:
Kelowna, B. C.

RAVMUR, James L. — City Controller
and Water Commissioner, Victoria. Born
London, England, Dec. 19, 1858, son of
J. A. and Mary G. Raymur. Educated
Jedburgh, Scotland; Collegiate School,
Victoria. Came to British Columbia,
1864. Accountant with Findlay, Durham
& Brodie, Victoria, 1874. Married Eliza-
beth Higgins, Victoria; has two sons
and one daughter. Recreation: fishing.
Address: 1315 Stanley Ave., Victoria,
B. C.

REA, Charles Arthur — Of Rea, Brown
& Company, Real Estate Brokers, Pem-
berton Bldg., Victoria. Born Dodding-
ton, Northumberland, England, Sept. 26,
1862, son of Charles and Elizabeth Laing
Rea. Educated Cargilfield, Edinburgh;


Fettes College, Edinburgh, and private
tutors. Came to Manitoba, 1883; ranch-
ing, Ravens Glen, Man., 1883. Provincial
Municipal Inspector, Brandon, 1899-1907;
secretary Brandon Club, 1899-1907; es-
tablished present business, 1907. Elected
to the first Council of Esquimau, Sept.,
1912. Lieutenant 3d Battalion Northum-
berland Fusiliers, Alnwick, England.
1878-1881. Married Dora Annie Clara
Brownjohn, Grimsby. Ont., 1887; has
two sons and one daughter. Clubs:
Brandon; Pacific; Union. Recreations:
shooting, cricket, fox-hunting. Conserv-
ative; Anglican. Address: "Cleithaugh,"
Victoria, B. C.

BEAD, John. Boyall. — District Man-
ager Canadian Westinghouse Co., Ltd.,
Bank of Ottawa Bldg., Vancouver. Born
Wyetheville, Va., Oct. 24, 1881, son of
John Thomas and Josephine Read. Ed-
ucated Pittsburg, Pa. Came to British
Columb'a, 190 4. Married Katherine Har-
wood Taylor. Club: Terminal City. Rec-
reation: boating. Address: 2544 Second
Ave., W., Vancouver, B. C.

BZIAB, James S. — Financial Broker,
Canadian Bank of Commerce Bldg., Van-
couver. Born Sanford, Ont., Aug. 7,
1876, son of William and Sarah Rear.
Educated Model School and Collegiate
Institute, Toronto. With Ontario Gov-
ernment for five years and subsequently
witli North American Life Insurance
Co. Came to Vancouver, 1899, as firm's
manager for British Columbia, Wash-
ington and Yukon. Spent two years in
Seattle, Wash., when appointed provin-
cial manager Mutual Life Insurance Co.
of New York. Resigned, 1909, to enter
colonization and irrigation work. Mar-
ried Ethel A. Shopland, 1900; has one
son and two daughters. Clubs: Van-
couv r; Terminal City; Jericho Country;
Vancouver Motor. Recreations: yacht-
ing, f'shing, motoring. Conservative;
Anglican. Address: Shaughnessy
Heights, Vancouver, B. C.

BESBIE, J. O., M, D. — Physician.
Born Scotland, son of David and Jean
Reddie. Educated Stirling; Glasgow
University, Scotland. Practiced profes-
sion, Scotland, 1885. Came to British
Columbia, 1906. Dominion Imm-gration
Inspector; Medical Health Officer,
Prince Rupert. Married Mary Helen
Morrison, Glasgow. Address: Prince
Rupert, B. C.

KEDFERir, Charles Edward. — Watch-
maker and Jeweler, 1211-13 Douglas
St., Victoria. Born London, England.
Oct. 23, 1839, son of Charles Edward and
Martha Redfern. Educated Brewers
School, London. Came to Victoria and

established present business, 1862; vice-
president Navv League; Alderman, Vic-
toria, 1876-1877; Mayor, 1883, 1897,
1898, 1899. Ex-pres'dent Pioneer Soci-
ety. Married Eliza Arden Robinson,
Victoria, 1877; has three sons and six
daughters. Club: Union. Address: Vic-
toria, B. C.

BEEB, Iiieut. Archibald Heurtley, B.

N. B. — Deputy Harbor Master. Born
Stocton-on-Tees, Feb. 20, 1873. son of
Robert Francis and Elizabeth Reed. Ed-
ucated Christ's Hospital, London. Mid-
shipman, New Zealand Line, 1888;
served as Lieutenant on H. M. S. Ter-
rible and H. M. S. Argonaut, China,
1900-1901. Lieutenant Royal Naval Re-
serve. Master Mariner. Came to British
Coluinbia; surveyed Narrows and Van-
couver harbor; later appointed to pres-
ent position. Married Lillian O. Green,
Sussex. England; has one son. Club:
Vancouver Hunt. Recreations: riding,
hunting, racing. Address: 2152 Pan-
dora St., ^^ancouver, B. C.

BEES, Henry Potter, B. A. — Barris-
ter. Born London, England, Aug. 30,
1879. son of Mary Hannah and Henry
Byron Reed, member British House of
Commons. Educated Westminster

School, London; University of Manitoba.
Came to Manitoba, 1902. Conservative;
Anglican. Address: Russell, Man.

BEEKIE, Minnie Isabella. — Born Kin-
cardine. Ont., daughter of John and An-
nie Sinclair Reekie. Educated public
schools. K'ncardine, Ont. Came to Man-
itoba, 1889. Came to Brandon, 1908, to
become Secretary to Principal of Bran-
don College; moved to Kelowna, B. C,
1910. Editor Women's Page in "The
Western Outlook;" business manager
"Western Outlook," 1897-1909. Baptist.
Address: Kelowna, B. C.

BEEVE, William Porteous, M. A., B.

D. — Rector and Rural Dean of Brandon.
Born Napanee, Ont., Oct. 29, 1872, son
of Sarah Theresa and William Albert
Reeve, M. A., Q. C, first principal of
the Ontario Law School, Toronto. Edu-
cated Model School; Jarvis St., Col-
legiate Institute; Un'versity College and
Trinity University; Episcopal Theologi-
cal School, Cambridge, Mass. After
ordination was Parish Priest of Syden-
ham, Oxford Mills and 'Kemptville, Ont.
On unanimous nomination by the vestry
and congregation of St." Mathew's
Church, Brandon, was appointed Rector
of the same by Archbishop Matheson in
succession to Rev. A. U. de Pencier,
now Bishop of New Westminster. Mem-
ber of the executive committee of the
Diocese of Rupert's Land; delegate to


the Provincial and General Synods of
the Church of England; director T. M.
C. A.; government representative on
the council of the University of Mani-
toba. Publication "Mohammedanism and
Its Resistance to Christianity." Dis-
tinguished speaker and preacher;
preached annual sermon before Rupert's
Land Synod of 1909, and at consecra-
tion of Bishop Harding at Regina, 1909.
Married Katliarine Morgan Wright,
Napanee, 1896; lias one son and three
daughters. Club: Brandon. Societies:
A. F. & A. M.; I. O. O. F.; L. O. A. B. A.;
A. O. U. W.; S. O. E. Conservative;
Anglican. Address: 440 Thirteenth St.,
Brandon, Man.

REG'AK', Osmond Robert, 1^3^. B. —

Barrister. Born Dartmouth, N. S., July
5. 1879, son of John and Jolianna Regan.
Educated Halifax County Academy;
Dalhousie University. Engaged as re-
porter, Halifax Herald, 1889; assistant
editor, 1905. Practiced, Halifax, 1902.
Came to Sasliatchewan, 1909. Served as
Alderman, Dartmouth, 1903-1908; deputy
Mayor, Dartmouth, 1908-1909. Secretary-
treasurer Eyebrow, 1911. Conservative;
Roman Catholic. Address: Eyebrow,


BEID, D. C. — President of Island In-
vestment Co., Ltd., Sayward Bldg., Vic-
toria; president Canada West Trust Co.,
Ltd.; president Interior Land & Im-
provement Co., Ltd.; president Island
Construction & Development Co., Ltd.;
member of Victoria Board of Trade.
Born Advocate, N. S., Sept. 15, 1878, son

of William and Priscilla Jane Spicer
Reid. Educated public schools, Nova
Scotia; Ontario Business College, Belle-
ville, Ont. Employee C. P. R., Mon-
treal, 1893; later with Canada Fire In-
surance Co., Canadian Northern Ry.,
Colonial Loan & Investment Co. Came
to British Columbia, 1905; director and
assistant manager National Finance Co.,
1905-1907; organized present company,
1907. Lieutenant 5th Regiment, Vic-
toria, since 1909. Married Agnes Ger-
trude Dunn, Winnipeg, 1903; has one
son and one daughter. Clubs: Pacific;
Junior Army & Navy (London, Eng-
land). Methodist. Address: Victoria,

B. C.

BEID, Henry Arthur Iiestock, M. D.,

C. M. — Physician and Surgeon. Born
Gladstone, Queensland, Australia, Oct.
14, 1868, son of John Lestok and Louisa
Anne Reid. Came to Winnipeg, as a
boy, with his parents, 1874. Educated
Trinity Collegiate School, Port Hope,
Ont.; Presbyterian Mission School,
Prince Albert; Trinity University. Prac-
ticed, Prince Albert, since 1901. Medi-
cal Health Officer since 1906; physician
to Indian Reserve for nearly 20 years;
jail surgeon and acting assistant sur-
geon, R. N. W. M. P.; was physician to
N. W. M. P. Detachment, Almighty
Voice affair, 1897. Societies: A. P. & A.
M.; I. O. F. Recreations: football, ten-
nis, curling, cricket. Liberal; Anglican.
Address: Prince Albert, Sask.


BEID, John. — Proprietor W^estminster
Iron Works, 10th St., New Westminster.
Born Carrickfergus, Ireland, March 28,



1852, son of Kzekiel and Mary Neison
Reid. ]f;ducated public school. Came to
Canada. 1873. Blacksmith, Ottawa, 1873.
Came to British Columbia, 1877. Fore-
man for W. R. Lewis, New Westmin-
ster, 1877-1SS6; partner of Reid & Cur-
rie. New Westminster, 1886-1893; owner
of present business since 1893. Served
as Alderman, New Westminster, 1S87-
1889: member of New Westminster
School Board and Board of Trade, sev-
eral years. Has been thirty-four years
in m'.litary service; with Seymour Ar-
tillery, 1878; Westminster Rifles; Brit-
ish Columbia Garrison Artillery; 5th
Regiment Artillery; Dulce of Con-
naught's Own Rifles; Paymaster and
member of 104th Infantry. Married
Jessie Irving, daughter of Adam Irving,
Oxford County, Ont., 1SS3; has four
sons and three daughters. Club: Burn-
aby Country. Societies: A. F. & A. M. ;
W. O. W.; K. of P.; Liberal; has been

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