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president Liberal Association. Method-
ist. Address: 425 Agnes St., New West-
minster, B. C.

REII>, Jolin Alexander. — Deputy Pro-
vincial Treasurer and Government Print-
er, Regina. Born Liverpool, England,
March 4, 1862, son of David and Eliza-
beth Miller Reid. Educated Liverpool
Institute and University College, Liver-
pool. Came to Canada, 1883; engaged
journalism Western Canada; Dominion
Government service, 1S84-1S89; Clerk of
the Executive Council, Northwest Terri-
tories; appointed to present offices sub-
sequent to establishment of Province of
Saskatchewan. Married Mabel Victoria
Laurie. Address: Regina, Sask.

REH), John Cliristie Walker, M. !■. A.

— Farmer. Born Ed:nburgh, Scotland,
July 25, 1871, son of Elizabeth Geddes
Walker and William Reid; writer to the
Signet. Educated Edinburgh Academy.
Came to Manitoba, 1889, and took up
land; elected for Deloraine, Manitoba
Legislature, 1910. Club: Adanac. So-
cieties: A. F. & A. M. and R. A. M.; St.
Andrew's Winnipeg. Recreation: cricket,
tennis and shooting. Conservative; Pres-
byterian. Address: Underbill, Man.

REID, John Restock, C. E. — Born

Bowmanville, Ont., Sept. 12, 1841, son
of Henry Solomon and Elizabeth Reid.
Educated McGill University. Coffee and
cotton planter, Australia and Fiji Islands,
1862-1868. Came to Winnipeg, 1870. and
entered service of Dominion Govern-
ment (he holds longest service record) ;
Surveyor for Ind'an Department, Prince
Albert, since 1877; member for Prince
Mbert West, North West Territories

Legislature, 1894. Paymaster Midland
Battalion, Northwest Rebellion, 1885.
Married Louise Anne Herbert, Australia,
1865; has nine sons and four daughters.
Society: A. F. & A. M. Recreation:
cricket. Liberal; Anglican. Address:
Prince Albert, Sask.

REID, John young-. — Of Robinson &
Co., 398-412 Main St., Winnipeg. Born
Toronto, Feb. 26, 1871, son of John
Young and Mary Y. Reid. Educated Up-
per Canada College. Clerk with Bunton,
Reid & Co., Toronto, 1888; spent twelve
years with Toronto General Trust Co.,
from cashier to secretary-treasurer.
Came to Winnipeg, 1907. Treasurer and
member of council, Winnipeg Board of
Trade; Captain 79th Cameron High-
landers. Married Georgina Robinson,
Winnipeg, 1905; lias two sons. Clubs:
Canadian; Manitoba; St. Cliarles Coun-
try; Royal Canadian Yacht, Toronto.
Society: St. Andrews. Recreation: lawn
bowling. Liberal; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: 329 Wellington Crescent, Winni-
peg, Man.


REID, Robie Iiewis, Iili. B., K. C. —

Barrister, of Bowser, Reid & Wallbridge,
Canada Life Bldg., "Vancouver. Born
Kentville, N. S., Nov. 3, 1866, son of
Gideon Eaton and Ruth (Cogswell) Reid.
Educated Dalhousie University; Univer-
sity of Michigan. Practiced Fairhaven,
Wash., 1889. Came to New Westminster,
British Columbia, 1902; to Vancouver,
1902; joined present firm, 1907; ap-
pointed King's Counsel, 1908; Debenture
Commissioner for City of New West-
minster. Married Lily Mackenzie, 1894.
Clubs: Vancouver; Terminal City. Con-
servative; Anglican. Address: 1333 Pa-
cific St., Vancouver, B. C.




BIIIFX:^, Henry. — Director British Co-
lumbia Breweries; director Union Brew-
ing Co., Ltd., Nanaimo; director Pilsener
Brewing Co., Cumberland. Born Spiyer,
Bavaria, Germany, April 2, 1869, son of
John and Margaret Helmerfouth Reil'el.
Educated public schools, Bavaria. In
brewery business, Spiyer, 1879. With
Weinhardt Brewery, Portland, Ore., 1886;
with Chicago Brewery, San Francisco,
1887. Came to British Columbia, 1888,
and employed by Nanaimo Brewing Co.,
which was purchased by Union Brewing
Co., 1892, when was made manager;
promoted Canadian Brewing & Malting
Co., Vancouver, 1910, of which is man-
aging director. Married Annie Brown,
Victoria, 1893; has two sons and one
daughter: Clubs: Nanaimo; Pacific
(Victoria) ; Terminal City (Vancouver) ;
Hamman Sohne. Societies: A. P. & A.
M.; I. O. O. P.; Eagles; K. of P. Ad-
dress: 1272, Twelfth Ave., W., Vancou-

BEIIiIiV, Clifford Bernard, B. A., I>I^.

B. — Solicitor, Burns Block, Calgary.
Born Sherbrooke, Que., April 11, 1881,
son of William and Phoebe Broderick
Reilly. Educated Saint Charles Bor-
romee Seminary; Laval University.
Came to Alberta and established pres-
ent practice, 1903. Alderman, Calgary,
190T; 1909-1910. Clubs; Ranchmen's; Al-
berta; St. Mary's. Liberal. Address:
337 Fifteenth Ave., W., Calgary, Alta.


BEII^Ii'Y', William Barringlion. — Vice-
president and Managing Director Rocky
Mountains Cement Co., Ltd., Calgary;
president Western Supply & Equipment
Co.; director Alberta Loan & Invest-
ment Co., Ltd.; director Dominion Sewer
Pipe Co., Ltd. Born Dublin, Ireland,
Feb. 6, 1870, son of William Alexander
and Tamar Barrington Reilly. Edu-
cated high school. Stenographer, chief
clerk, Brie Railroad, Buffalo Lake, N.
Y., 1893; assistant superintendent Ni-
agara Electro Chemical Co., Niagara
Palls, 1896; partner J. M. Hancock & Co.,
miners and shippers of coal, Niagara
Palls, 1897-1906. Came to Alberta, 1906;
established present business, 1907;
director Y. M. C. A., Calgary. Married
Harriet A. Cornes, daughter of Capt.
Edward Cornes, Whitewater, Wis., 1896.
Club: Macleod. Societies: A. F. & A. M.;
Scottish Rite; Mystic Shrine. Recrea-
tions: golf, cricket, swimming. Liberal:
Anglican. Address: Suite 3, Marlborough
Mansions, Calgary, Alta.

BBNNIB, James Alexander. — Secre-
tary-treasurer Westminster Trust &
Safe Deposit Co., New Westminster.
Born Kirkintilloch, Scotland, June 18,
1863, son of James and Charlotte C.
Rennie. Educated Glasgow University.
Export merchant's office, London, Eng-
land; later employed London Stock Ex-
change. Came to British Columbia, 1898,
entering employ of Vancouver Gas Co.,
Ltd.; director Vanstone Heating Co.;
served with London-Scottish Rifle Vol-
unteers, seven years. Married Ellen
Jane Shepherd, 1893: has two sons and
three daughters. Address: New West-
minster, B. C.



REYlTOIiBS, Frank Stuart, M. D. —
Kditor of Nanaimo Daily Herald. Born
Wisconsin, United States, May 1, 1S63,
son of Anselmo and Harriet Reynolds.
Educated Fond du Lac University, Wis.;
Rush Medical College, Chicago. Taught
school; subsequently engaged practice
of medicine, Wisconsin; mining Alaska.
1887-1S91; Collector of Customs, Port
of Juneau, Alaska; came to British Co-
lumbia, 1893. Married Loretta L,.
Voorns, Lamartine, Wis.; has one son
and one daughter. Address: Nanaimo.
B. C.

BICABDO, "Williani Crawley, B. A., J.

p. — Manager, Director and Agent, Cold-
stream Estate Co., Ltd.; Director, Im-
perial Underwriters Corporation of B.
C; Director, White Valley Irrigation &
Power Co., Ltd.; Member of Executive,
Western Canada Irrigation Association;
Member, Board of Horticulture; Direc-
tor, Vernon Jubilee Hospital. Born
Gloucestershire, England, April 6, 1864,
son of Henry David and Ellen Amy Ri-
cardo. Educated Marlborough College;
Jesus College, Cambridge. Came to
Western Canada, 1886; partner, Ricardo
& Bevan, stockmen, 1886-1895; present
position since 1895. Served as Reeve,
Coldstream Municipality, five years.
Married Jessie Clara Bell, daughter of
Peter Warren Bell, Michipicoten, Ont.,
1910; has one son. Club: Union, Vic-
toria. Anglican. Adress: Coldstream
Ranch, Vernon, B. C.

BICB, James Edward. — Managing
Director Western Canada Fire Insurance
Co., 812 First W., Calgary. Born Chat-
field, Minn., Feb. 15. 1862, son of
Michael and Julia Rice. Educated
country school, Chatfield. Telegraph
operator with C. P. R., Western division,
1883. Chairman Finance Committee, Rat
Portage, 1899-1900: Alderman for two
years. Came to Alberta, 1903. Married
Marguerite B. McGuire, Winnipeg, 1893;
has one son and two daughters. So-
ciety: K. of C. Recreation: baseball.
Address: 216 Eighteenth Ave., Calgary,

BZCB, Bobert Iiyons. — (Retired). Born
Whitby, Ont., Nov. 3, 1866, son of James
and Nancy Rice. Educated Whitby
school. Came to British Columbia, 1898.
Married Isabell McArthur, 1900. Club:
Canadian. Society: A. F. & A. M.
Recreations: all outdoor sports. Liberal.
Address: 1165 Burnaby St., Vancouver,
B. C.

BICH, Harry Nelson. — Agent for
Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd., Ladner.
B. C. Born Twickenham, England, Jan.
11. 1857, son of Henry Robins and Eliza-
beth Rich. Educated Bloxham school,
Oxon., England. Came to British Colum-
bia. 1880. Accountant Ladner. Notary
Public; auctioneer and real estate
broker. Married May Green, Ladner,
1888; has one son and four daughters.
Club: Westminster (charter member).
Society: A. F. & A. M. (P. G. M.). Re-
creation: football. Address: Ladner,
B. C.

BICHABDS, Hon. Albert Blswood. —

Puisne Judge of Court of Appeal for
Manitoba, Winnipeg. Born Toronto, July
10, 1848, son of Hon. Stephen Richards,
Q. C. Educat'^'d Upper Canada College
and University College, Toronto. Called
to Ontario bar, 1874; practiced Brock-
ville. 1874-1882. Came to Winnipeg and
called to Manitoba bar, 1882; practiced
Winnipeg until 1899; appointed Puisne
Judge of the Court of King's Bench for
Manitoba, 1899; Puisne Judge of Court
of Appeal, 1906; Bencher and Treasurer,
Manitoba Law Society, for some years;
Councillor, Manitoba University; Alder-
man, Winnipeg, 1896-1899; Chairman
License Commissioners, 1897; member
Royal Grain Commission, 1900; member
Lumber Commission, 1903. Married Har-
riet Edith Henderson, Kingston, Ont.,
1877. Club: Manitoba. Address: 222 May-
fair Ave., Winnipeg. Man.

BICHABBS, Gordon E., M. D. — Physi-
cian, of Kergin & Richards, Stewart.
Born Lyn, Ont., March 15, 1885, son
of Rev. J. J. and Anna Richards. Edu-
cated higli school, Athens, Ont.; Toronto
University (gold medallist, 1908). Came
to British Columbia, 1908. Medical
health officer; medical superintendent
Stewart General Hospital. Club: Stew-
art. Address: Stewart, B. C.

BICHABDS, Susan. — (Widow of Ste-
phen Richards, Q. C). Born Buffalo,
N. T. , daughter of Benjamin and
Frances Chaffey. Married Stephen Rich-
ards; has one son and two daughters.
The late Stephen Richards was born
Brockville, Ont., and practiced profes-
sion in Toronto thirty years before com-
ing to British Columbia, settling first
at Victoria, and then at Vancouver,
where he died, 1896. He was a Queen's
Council; a specialist in jurisprudence;
an acting judge; and Liberal. The only
surviving son is Judge Richards, of
Winnipeg. Address: 1951 Robson St.,
Vancouver, B. C.




BICKARBSON, Ernest Iia KEont. —

Manager Calgary Industrial Exhibition
since 1906, Calgary; secretary and man-
aging director Alberta Live Stock Asso-
ciation. Born near Cobourg, Ont., March
26, 1875, son of Clayton M. and Annie
Richardson. Educated public schools,
Wicklow and Grafton, Ont.; Ontario
Agricultural College. Printer, London,
Ont., 1890; manager dairy farm. Myrtle,
Ont., 1898-1899; bookkeeper and stenog-
rapher Colonial Investment Co., Winni-
peg, 1899-1900; assistant secretary Live
Stock Associations and assistant super-
intendent Fairs and Institutes for Terri-
torial Government, Regina, 1900-1901.
Came to Alberta, 1902; assistant secre-
tary Live Stock Association, Board of
Trade, Calgary Bxhibit'on, 1902-1906;
manager of Craighurst Farm, comprising
800 acres, near Calgary, 1903-1904; sec-
retary Calgary Board of Trade, 1906-
1908. Married Annie Adcock, London,
Ont., 1904; has two sons and one daugh-
ter. Recreations: tennis, motoring. Ad-
dress: "Prairie Lodge," 9 27 Prospect
Ave., Mount Royal, Calgary, Alta.

RICHARDSON, Iiawford Moray. —

Manager Royal Bank of Canada, Colum-
bia St., New Westminster. Born Eltham,
Kent, England, Nov. 13, 187 4, son of
Catherine Elvira Richardson, daughter
of General Macleane, and Mallcott Sid-
ney Richardson, late Captain 35th Royal
Sussex Regiment. Educated United
Services College, Westward Ho, Eng-
land; King's College, London; Tremel,
France. Engaged wholesale tea busi-
ness. Mincing Lane, London, England,
1892-1893. Came to Canada, 1893;


farming, Grenfell, Sask., 1893; farming,
Vancouver Island, 1893-1894; Customs
House Broker, Rossland, B. C, 1894-
1896; Imperial Service, Naval Yards,
Esquimalt, B. C, 1897-1898; entered
service of Merchants Bank of Halifax,
which later changed name to Royal
Bank, 1898; stationed Vancouver, Atlin
and Victoria; manager of Ladner branch,
1905-1907; Nanaimo, 1907-1910; manager
New Westminster branch since 1910.
Married Emma Wharton Secretan,
daughter of Charles F. Hanington,
locating engineer, C. N. R., 1906; has
two daughters. Club: Westminster. So-
ciety: A. F. & A. M. Anglican. Address:
New Westminster, B. C.

RICHARDSON, Robert Iiorne. — Man-
aging Director Winnipeg Tribune. Born
Balderson, Lanark County, Ont., June
28, 1860, son of Joseph and Harriet Rich-
ardson. Educated Balderson public
school. Newspaper reporter Montreal
Star, 1878; Toronto Globe, 1880-1882
Came to Winnipeg, 1882, and partici-
pated in the establishment of the Mani-
toba Sun. which was later changed to
Winnipeg Tribune (1890), of which he
is still editor and proprietor. Elected to
House of Commons, for Leisgar, 1896-
1901; unsuccessful, 1902; unsuccessful
candidate to House of Commons, for
Brandon, 1904; for Killarney, 1907; for
Assiniboia, 1908; for Macdonald, 1912.
Author of "Colin of the 9th Concession,"
1903; "The Camerons of Bruce," 1905.
Married Clara Jane Mallory, Mallory-
town, Ont.; has five daughters. Club:
Canadian. Independent; Presbyterian.
Address: 78 Roslyn Road, Winnipeg,



RICHARDSON, WilUam — Of RicliarO-
son & Ferris, Real Estate Brokers, Sas-
katchewan Ave., Portage La Prairie.
Born Portsmouth, England, Nov. 20,
1859, son of William and Jane Richard-
son. Came to Canada, ISBl. Educated
grammar school, Kingston, Ont.; Com-
mercial College, Belleville, Ont. Came
to Manitoba, 1878. Established present

bu.siness, 1882; president Portage la
Prairie Development Co.; president Port-
age Garage Co.; director Hospital Board.
Married Sarah Parker, Treherne, Man.,
1881; has four sons. Clubs: Portage;
Country (President). Society: C. O. F.
Recreations: shooting, motoring, boating.
Conservative; Anglican. Address: Port-
age la Prairie, Man.


BXCKETTS, Ernest Bamsay. — Theat-
rical manager, Opera House, Vancouver.
Born Leamington, England, Feb. 3, 1866,
son of Dashwood Watts and Fanny Ger-
trude Ricketts. Educated Felstead Col-
lege; Leamington College. With Bank of
Montreal, 1885-1898; left bank to take
charge of Opera House, Vancouver.
Director Northwestern Theatrical Asso-
ciation: director Vancouver Horse Show
Association, Ltd. Clubs: Vancouver;'
Commercial: Terminal City; Jericho
Country. Recreations: rid'ng, driving.
Address: Vancouver, B. C.

BIDDEIiIi, Archibald, W., M. 3^. A. —

Farmer. Born Burns, Ont., June 25, 1864,
son of Geo. and Jane Riddell. Educated
public schools. Connected with the
Farmer Elevator Trading Co., Oxbow.
Elected to Saskatcliewan Legislature lor
Souris, 1908. Married Katherine Stra-
chan, 1887; has two sons and four
daughters. Presbyterian; Provincial
Rights. Address: Oxbow, Sask.

BIDOTTT, Andrew William — Manager,
Canadian Bank of Commerce, Regina.
Born Port Hope, Ont., Aug. 8, 1864, son
of Tliomas and Jessie Ridout. Educated
Ottawa Collegiate Institute. Junior,
Bank of Commerce, Montreal, 1881-1887;
held various positions with saine bank
at Ottawa, Simcoe, Brantford, Toronto
and Windsor, Ont., 1887-1901; manager,
Walkerville, Ont., 1901-1911; manager,
Regina, since 1911. President, Walker-
ton Board of Trade, two years. Married
Isla Swabey, daughter of Arthur Swa-
bey; granddaughter of Hon. Mr. Coles
Premier of Prince Edward Island, 1894
has three sons and one daughter. Clubs
Assiniboia; Wascana Country. Society
A. F. & A. M. Recreations: golf, shoot-
ing. Anglican. Address: 2319 Smith
St., Regina, Sask.

BIGGS, Herbert Wilkinson, M. D.; C
WC., p. B. C. S. (Edin.) — Physician and
Surgeon.- Born Wicklow, Ont., June 17,
1872, son of Robert and Ellen Riggs.
Educated Winnipeg Collegiate Institute;
Manitoba Medical College, Edinburgli
University. Taught school Manitoba.
Came to British Columbia, 1899. Direc-
tor Dominion Trust Co.; director Federal
Trust Co. Married Anna E. W. Carss,
1902; has two daughters. Club: Terminal
City. Address: 1020 Georgia St., Van-
couver, B. C.

BII^EV, Ezra Hounsfield, M. Ii. A. —

Rancher. Born Yorkville, Toronto, June
5, 1866, son of Thomas and Georgina
Jane Riley. Educated public scliools.
Elected to Alberta Legislature for Glei-
chen, 1906; re-elected, 1909. Resigned,
1910, owing to difference with party,


and defeated, 1910. Delegate to Synod
and member Bishop's Council. Married
Harriet Waterhouse; has two sons and
one daughter. Liberal; Anglican. Ad-
dress: Calgary, Alta.

BILEY, Hon. Senator Georg-e. — (Re-
tired). Born St. Catharines, Ont., April
2, 1843, son of P. and Catherine Riley.
Educated St. Catharines and Buffalo, N.
Y. Came to British Columbia, 1885.
Unsuccessful candidate for House of
Commons, 1900: elected, 1902; and re-
elected 1904; resigned, 1906. Summoned
to the 'Senate, March 22, 1906. Married
Mary N. Balfour, Buffalo, N. Y., 1900;
has one daughter. Liberal: Roman
Catholic. Address: 1655 Oak Bay Ave.,
Victoria, B. C.

BIIiEV, Harold W. — Of Rileys, Limit-
ed, Financial Brokers, 22 4 8th Ave., W.,
Calgary. Born Montreal, Dec. 15, 1877,
son of Thomas and Georgina Jane Riley.
Came to Alberta, 1888, as a boy with
parents to engage in ranching. Educated
Montreal and Calgary. Appointed Deputy
Provincial Secretary of Alberta on the
formation of Province, 1905: resigned to
found present firm, 1910. Secretary of
University of Alberta, 1908-1910. Served
University of Alberta, 1908-1910. Elected
to Alberta Legislature for Gleichen, 1911.
Served with Canadian Mounted Rifles,
"G" Squadron; 1909-1910 as paymaster
101st Regiment, Edmonton Fusiliers.
Alderman, Cal.gary, 1911. Married Alpha
Maude Keen, St. Mary's, Ont., 1907; has
one son and one daughter. Recreations:
ridin.g, driving. Conservative. Addres's:
Calgary, Alta.



BZIiEV, Isaac, M. Ii. A. — Lumber Mer-
chant. Born Mornington, Township,
Perth County, Ont., Oct. 15, 1853, son
of Charles Riley. Educated public
schools. Came to Manitoba, 1876; en-
gaged lumber business, Stonewall, 1887.
Member for Rockwood, Manitoba Legis-
lature, 1889; re-elected. 1903, 1907 and
1910. Member Stonewall school board.
Married Laura M. Poore, Ridgetown,
Ont., 1882; has two sons and two daugh-
ters. Conservative; Methodist. Address:
Stonewall, Man.

BIIiEV, Robert Thomas, J. P. — Man-
aging Director Northern Trusts Co.;
Director Great West Life Assurance
Co.; Director Canada Permanent Mort-
gage Corp.; Director ]\Ianitoba and N.
W. Land Co.; one of executors of late
Senator Sanford; Vice-President Cana-
dian Fire Insurance Co.; Vice-President
Union Bank of Canada, Winnipeg. Born
Yorkshire, England, July 1. 1851, son
of Thomas Riley, ship owner and pub-
lisher, and Livinia Riley. Educated St.
Thomas Charterhouse, London, England.
Was four years with City of London
Real Property Co., and two years Ad-
.iutant General's Department at Horse
Guards, Whitehall. Came to Canada,
1873; farmer and contractor, Wentworth
County, 1S73-1S81; came to Winnipeg,
1881; manager, Manitoba Drainage Co.,
and Western manager W. E. Sanford
Mfg. Co.; manager Westbourne Cattle
Co. for some years; promoter North Star
Lumber Co., 1907; one of managers Wlii-
nipeg Stock Exchange. President Win-
nipeg Board of Trade, 1895-1896; ex-Al-
derman; ex-Chairman of Police Commis-
sioners; Chairman of Winnipeg Hospital
Commission. Married Harriet Newga-
trovd, Appleby Bridge, Yorkshire (de-
ceased). Married Annie Sutherland,
Brock, Ont.: has four sons and two
daughters. Club: Manitoba. Recreation:
farming. Protectionist; Methodist. Ad-
dress: The Gables, Armstrong's Point,
Winnipeg, Man.

"Rim-HS, William Jeffery. — Journalist.
Born Huddersfield, Yorks, England,
May 2 4, is;79, son of Harry and Emily
Rimes. Educated Peoples' College, Not-
tingham. Came to Saskatchewan, 1903.
Served with 90th Regiment. Society: S.
O. E. Recreation: cricket. Address:
Grenfell Sask.

BIMMEB, His Honor Judge Reginald.

— Judge of the District Court of the
Judicial District of Cannington, Areola;
honorary president Cannington Law So-
ciety: president Boy Scouts Council of
Cannington District. Born Southport,
Lancashire, England, May 4, 1865. son of
Sarali Frances Boothroys and Edward
Johnson Rinimor, J. P., Mayor of South-
port, England. Educated Liverpool and


London. Solicitor, England, 1888-1891.
Came to Winnipeg, 1891; practiced
with A. E. Richards; came to Re-
gina and called to North West Terri-
tories bar, 1892; called to Manitoba bar,
1S98; legal adviser to Lieutenant-Gover-
nor of North West Territories, 1897; De-
partment of Indian Affairs, Ottawa,
1898; practiced law, Regina, 1892; Com-
missioner to Investigate matters relating
to Indians, 1899: present appointment,
1907. Editor and compiler of Consoli-
ated Ordinances of the Territories,
1905. Married Leonie Isabel Gertrude
Marchant, 1893; has three sons and
three daughters. Liberal; Roman Catho-
lic. Address: Areola, Sask.

RITCHIE, Joseph Norman, B. Sc.
(McGill), III. B. (Dalhousie). — Of John-
stone & Ritchie, Barristers, Lethbridge.
Born Halifax, March 2 4, 1878, son of
Mary Ritchie and Joseph Norman
Ritchie, Judge of Supreme Court of
Nova Scotia. Educated Rothesay Col-
lege: McGill University; Dalhousie Uni-
versity. Law student with Ritchie &
Robertson, Halifax, 1905. Served as
Lieutenant 66th Regiment, Halifax, 1906-
1908. Married Diana Louie Lyndhurst
Wadmore, daughter of Colonel Wad-
more, Victoria, B. C, 1909. Club: Chi-
nook. Conservative: Anglican. Addr?ss:
"Lonnin Garth," Dufferin St., Leth-
bridge, Alta.

RITCHIB, Owen — Of Cowan, Ritchie
it Grant, Barristers and Solicitors, Pa-
cific Bldg., Vancouver. Born Rothesay,
N. B., May 6, 1865, son of Sir William
J. and Grace Vernon Nichelson Ritchie.
Educated: Bishon's CoUese, I e-^noxville.
Que. Called to Ontario Bar, 1889; prac-
tised, Ottawa, 1889-1912. Called to Brit-
ish Columbia Bar and joined present
firm, 1912. Anglican. Address: Vancou-
ver, B. C.




BITCHIi:, James — Fruit Grower; Vice
President, Summerland Supply Co. Ltd.
President, Soutliern B. C. Orcliards, Ltd.
Director, Garnet Valley Land Co. Ltd.
Director, Kaleden Irrigation & Power
Co. Ltd.; Manager, Kaleden Fruit Lands
Development Co. Ltd.; President, Sum-
merland Lumber Co. Ltd.; Treasurer,
Okanagan College. Born Middleville,
Lanark County, Ont., July 28, 1867, son
of William and Elizabeth Ritchie. Edu-

cated: public schools, Middleville. Farm-
ed, Southern Manitoba, 1S79-1901; lum-
ber business. Rainy River, 1901-1902
fruit growing, Summerland, since 1903
Reeve, Summerland municipality, 1911
councillor, four years; Postmaster since
postofflce was installed, 1910. Married
Margaret Findlay, Manitou, Man., 1905;
has one son and two daughters. Recrea-
tions: shooting, fishing. Liberal; Bap-
tist. Address: West Summerland, B. C.


KITCHIZ:, W. B. A., K, C. — Of Bowser.
Reid & Wallbridst', Barristers and Solici-
tors, Canada Life Building, Vancouver.
Born Annapolis. N. S.. .Tune 27, 1S60, son
of Rev. James .T. Ritchie and Eliza R.,
daughter of Hon. W. B. Almon. Edu-
cated County Academy, Annapolis, N.
S. ; Upper Canada College; Harvard Law
Scliool, Cambridge, Mass. Practiced An-
napolis, 1882-1S86; as member of firm
Ritchie & Ritchie, Annapolis, 1886-1889;
member of firm Borden, Ritcliie, Parker
& Cliisholm, and Ritchie & Robertson,
Halifax, 1889-1911; appointed Q. C. by
Dominion Government, 1905: Came to
British Columbia, 1911, to become
counsel in firm of Bowser, Reid &
Wallbridge. President Nova Scotia Bar
Society two years; president Nova
Scotia Liberal Conservative Association
two years. Married Lilian Stewart,
daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel Charles
J. Stewart, Halifax, 1905; has two sons.
Liberal Conservative: Anglican. Ad-

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