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Club: Terminal City. Society: A. F. &
A. M. Address: 1430 Harwood St., Van-
couver, B. C.



BrBNET, Jolrn A. — Of Calgary Realty
Co., Lineham Block, Calgary. Born
Guelph, Ont., July 1, 1878, son of Wil-
liam and Helen Birney. Educated Guelph
and Calgary. Came to Alberta, 1891.
Real estate business, Calgary, since 1906.
Served with 2nd Batt., Canadian Mount-
ed Rifles, South African War, 1900; Jo-
hannesburg; Pretoria; Diamond Hills;
wounded Honing Spruit (life pension);
Lieutenant 103rd Regular Infantry. Pub-
lished poems, various journals. Repre-
sented City of Calgary at Coronation of
King Edward VII., 1902. Married Kate
Parkin, Calgary; has one son and two
daughters. Club: Canadian. Recrea-
tions: fishing, shooting, billiards, bowl-
ing, foot racing (champion North West
Territory, 100 and 220 yards, 1897-1898).
Conservative; Presbyterian. Address:
323 Fourteenth Ave., W., Calgary, Alta.

BISHOP, Bdward Thomas, B. A. Iili.

B. — Of Bishop, Grant & Delevault, Bar-
risters, Molsons Bank Bldg., Edmonton.
Born Stayner, Ont., Sept. 13, 1876, son
of Harry and Margaret Bishop. Educat-
ed high school, Parkhill, Ont.; Toronto
University; Osgoode Hall. Called to On-
tario Bar, 1902. Came to Alberta and
called to Alberta Bar, 1903. Practiced
alone, until 1908, when present firm or-
ganized. Married Thyrza Wooster, 1903;
has one daughter. Club: Edmonton. So-
ciety: A. F. & A. M. Independent; Pres-
byterian. Address: 315 Eleventh St., Ed-
monton, Alta.

BISHOPRIC, Oscar — Financial Broker,
304 Tegler Block, Edmonton. Born Port
Dover. Ont., Oct. 17, 1859, son of John
and Ellen Bishopric. Educated: Port
Dover High School. Bookkeeper for J.


A. Stevens, Port Rowan. Ont.. 1880-1881:
bookkeeper for Wm. Morgan, Walsingham
Centre, Ont., 1881-1883; interested in in-
surance agencies, Ontario, 1883-1899. Mar-
ried Sarah Hutchison, daughter of John
Hutchison, Norfolk County, Ont., 1881;
has four sons. Recreations: golf, shoot-
ing. Conservative; Anglican. Address: 94
Villa Ave., Edmonton, Alta.

BJOBNSON, Olafur, M. B., CM. —

Physician and Surgeon, Sherbrooke and
William Sts., Winnipeg. Born Iceland,
Dec. 28, 1869, son of Bjorn and Olavia
Peterson. Educated Collegiate Institute,
Winnipeg. Practiced Winnipeg, since
1898. On staff General Hospital. Lec-
turer on Obstetrics, Manitoba Medical
College. Societies: Medical Society;
American Public Health Association.
Liberal; Lutheran. Address: 806 Victor,
Winnipeg, Man.

BIiACK, Alfred Seyinour. — Barrister
I and Solicitor. Born New Westminster,
May 25, 1865, son of Dr. Arthur W. S.
and Elizabeth K. Black. Educated pub-
lic and high schools. New Westminster;
Westminster College. Called to British
Columbia Bar, 1889. Practiced law, Van-
I couver, 1889-1896; Greenwood since 1896;
City Solicitor, Greenwood. Lieutenant,
A. Battalion, New Westminster. Club:
Greenwood. Society: A. F. & A. M. Rec-
reation: cricket. Conservative; Angli-
can. .Address: Greenwood, B. C.




BBACK, David E. — Jeweler, 116
Eighth Ave., B., Calgary. Born West-
port, Ont., April 30, 1880, son of David
and Mary Black. Educated Westport
public and high schools. Came to Cal-
gary 1904. Married May L. Sinclair,
Calgary; has one daughter. Societies:
A. F. & A. M.; I. O. O P.; I. O. F. Rec-
reations: motoring, driving. Address:
530 Nineteenth Ave., W., Calgary, Alta.

B^ACK, Francis MoUison. — Treasurer
and Assistant Secretary, P. Burns & Co.,
Ltd., pork packers and provisioners,
Calgary. Born Kilmarnock, Scotland,
July 17, 1870, son of Francis MoUison
and Margaret Scoullar Black. Educated
Perth Academy, Scotland; King's Col-
lege, London. Clerk, Post Office Savings
Bank, London, 1886-1889; Union Dis-
count Co., 1889-1891; Bank of British
Columbia, Vancouver, 1891-1898; business
for himself, Vancouver, 1898-1901. Mar-
ried Margaret Elizabeth Mcintosh, 1895;
has one son and three daughters. Club:
Ranchmen's. Liberal; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: Mount Royal, Calgary, Alta.

B£ACK, G. — Provincial Auditor, Sec-
retary Treasury Board for Province of
Manitoba, Winnipeg. Born Lachine, Que.,
June 20, 1847, son of Robert and Ellen
Black. Educated Montreal. Came to
Manitoba with Red River expedition,
1870; opened general store, Mapleton,
Man., 1871. Served with Montreal Gar-
rison Artillery; 5th Royals; Wolseley's
Red River expedition. Married Anna
Flora Murray, Mapleton, 1877; has two
sons and four daughters. Societies: A.
F. & A. M.; I. O. O. P.; A. O. U. W.;
I. O. P. Recreations: curling, bowling,
billiards. Conservative; Anglican. Ad-
dress: 244 Balmoral St., Winnipeg, Man.

BIiACK, Oeorg'e — Barrister and Solici-
tor. Born Woodstock, N. B., April 10,
1873, son of William A. and Margaret
Ann Bedell Black. Educated: public
schools, Kent County, N. B. ; studied law,
Fredericton, N. B. Admitted to New
Brunswick bar, 1896; practised, Frederic-
ton, 1896-1898; called to Yukon bar, 1899;
practised and engaged mining, Yukon,
1898-1910; called to Alberta bar 1906;
British Columbia bar, 1909; practiced
Vancouver 1910-1912; appointed Com-
missioner for Yukon Territory, 1912.
Member Yukon Council, 1905-1911; un-
successful candidate to House of Com-
mons for Yukon, 1909. Married Martha
Louise Munger, Chicago, 1905. Society:
A. F. & A. M. Recreation: hunting.
Conservative; Anglican. Address: Daw-
son, Y. T.

BIIACK, G-eorg-e Iffoiiteg'u — Of Robinson
& Black, Real Estate and Insurance
Agent, McArthur Bldg., Winnipeg; direc-
tor Canadian Mortgage Association; pres-
ident Manitoba Investment Agency, Ltd.
Born Halifax, Dec. 14, 1875, son of George
A. Black. Educated public and private
schools Winnipeg. Entered office West-
ern Canada Loan Co., 1890. Admitted
partnership with Nares & Robinson, 1900.
Married Gertrude Maxwell Moffat, Win-
nipeg, 1901; has one son and one daugh-
ter. Clubs: Manitoba; Carleton; St.
Charles Country; Winnipeg Hunt; Pine
Ridge Golf; Winnipeg Golf; Oak Point
Shooting. Independent; Anglican. Ad-
dress: 59 Wilmot Place, Winnipeg, Man.


BIIACK, O, S. — Of Black, Hilliar &
Moon, Barristers and Solicitors, Wey-
burn. Born Uxbridge, Ont., May 13,
1877, son of Dr. W. S. and Eliza Camp-


bell Black. Educated Upper Canada
College; Parkdale Collegiate and Os-
goode Hall. Called to Ontario Bar, 1900;
practiced, Fergus, Ont., 1900-1903; Wey-
burn, since 1903. Bencher, Saskatche-
wan Law Society: President, Saskatche-
wan Bar Association, 1910; member exe-
cutive, Weyburn Board of Trade. Mar-
ried Margaret Helen Wilson, daughter
of James Wilson, Fergus, 1907; has one
son. Societies: I. O. O. F., I. O. F. Lib-
eral; Presbyterian. Address: Weyburn,

BIiACK, Percy Eldon. — Editor Vidette
Publishing Co., Ltd., Indian Head. Born
Franklin, Man., May 4, 1889, son of
Charles and Katherine Black. Educated
public and high schools, Minnedosa. In
business Minnedosa; subsequently, Mor-
ris, Man. Came to Indian Head, 1908.
Recreation: football. Conservative. Ad-
dress: Indian Head, Sask.

BILACX, Thomas Owen. — Manager
Nanaimo Gas & Power Co., Ltd., Com-
mercial St., Nanaimo. Born Adams, 111.,
Jan. 9, 1874, son of John Thomas and
Sarah Jane Black. Educated Ashland,
Neb., high school; Tabor College, Iowa.
Gas and lighting business, Nebraska,
1896; manager of the Citizens Gas Light
Co., of Nebraska, 1897-1900. Manager
Peoples Gas Co., Shenandoah, Iowa,
1901-1903. Constructing engineer for the
Pintsch Compressing Co., 1904-1907. Con-
structed the gas plants for this company
at Billings, Mont., and Vancouver. Or-
ganized present company, 1909. Married
Cora Otis, Tabor, Iowa, 1898; has two
sons and two daughters. Club: Nanaimo.
Societies: K. of P.; Eagles. Recreations:
running, jumping. Address: Milton St.,
Nanaimo, B. C.

BIIACK, William John, B. S. A. —

President Manitoba Agricultural College
and Managing Director of Agricultural
and Home Economics Societies of Man-
itoba. Born Dufferin County, Ont., Nov.
29, 1872; son of William and Mary Jane
(McMahon) Black. Educated: Ontario
Agricultural College; came to Manitoba,
1902; managing editor Farmers' Advo-
cate, Winnipeg, 1902; Deputy Minister of
Agriculture, Manitoba, 1904-1906; be-
came president Manitoba Agricultural
College on the establishment of that
institution 1906. Married Ida Maud Day,
Creemore, Ont., 1904; has two sons and
one daughter. Society: A. F. & A. M.
Presbyterian. Address: Manitoba Agri-
cultural College, Winnipeg, Man.

BI^ACX, William, M. I>. — Physician
and Surgeon, McArthur Bldg., Winnipeg.
Born Rochester, Minn., June 7, 1877, son
of John and Euphemia Black. Educated
Manitoba University; post-graduate
course Johns Hopkins Hospital, Balti-

more, Md. Also studied with Dr. Mayo,
Dr. Scudder and other leading physi-
cians. Surgeon C. P. R. Construction
Department, Western Canada, 1904-1906.
Came to Winnipeg, 1907. Married Isabel
Hunt, Winnipeg, 1904; has two sons.
Club: Winnipeg Medico. Societies:
American Medical Association; Surgeons
of North America; A. F. & A. M. Recre-
ations: outdoor sports. Presbyterian.
Address: 159 Edmonton St., Winnipeg.


B^LACKBUXtN, Alexander ICcXntyre. —

Of Blackburn & Mills, grain. Grain Ex-
change Bldg., Winnipeg. Born Paisley,
Ont., July 16, 1870, son of Robert and
Ann McPherson Blackburn. Came to
Pilot Mound. Man., 1879. Educated pub-
lic schools. Pilot Mound. Clerk, general
store, Lanark. Ont., 1886. Noted rifle
shot entering competitions as tyro, 1903;
won place on Bisley team, 1906-1907-
1908, but did not go to England, 1907.
As individual won Prince of Wales cup
at Bisley, 1909, carrying off that year
eleven first prizes including the Win-
grove Cup and Birmingham Metal
and Munitions Company Cup. Prizes
won at Bisley, 1909; Prince of Wales
Badge and £100 In gold; Birmingham
Metal and Munitions Company Cup;
Wingrove Cup; the Martin Rapid Fire
Challenge Cup; The National Rifle As-
sociation Gold Jewel, emblematic of the
service rifle championship of the
British Empire. Married Lida Grose,
Creemore, Ont, 1896. Society: I. O. O. F.
Recreations: shooting, hunting, fishing,
curling, baseball. Liberal; Congrega-
tionalist. Address: 748 Westminster
Ave., Winnipeg, Man.




BTTCSANAN, Charles William — Presi-
dent The Edmonton Land Co., Ltd.,
Windsor Blk., Edmonton; offices at Ed-
monton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Winnipeg,
Toronto, Minneapolis and Oakland, Cal.;
Managing Director Steepbank Oil &
Asphalt Co., Ltd.; Managing Director
Athabasca & Northern Townsite Co.,
Ltd.; Managing Director Grouard Town-
sites, Ltd. Born Cookstown, Ont., Feb-
ruary 18, 1884, son of Dr. C. W. and
Margaret Willoughby Buchanan, Edu-
cated Cookstown public schools. Clerk

Metropolitan Bank, Toronto, 1903-1905;
manager Sterling Bank, St. Catharines,
Ont., 1906-1907; West Toronto. 1907-1909;
came West with Sterling Bank, 1909; es-
tablished present business, 1910; inter-
ested in ranches throughout West. Mar-
ried Inez Yuill, daughter of James Yuill,
Gilbert Plains, Man., 1911. Societies:
A. F. & A. M.; K. P.; L O. O. F.; L. O.
L. Recreations: shooting, ranching. In-
dependent; Methodist. Address: Boyl-
ston Apartments, Winnipeg, Man.



BUCHAKAK, John Ernest. — Chief
Fire Brigade, Winnipeg. Born Montreal,
June 18, 1882, son of John E. and Mary
Buchanan. Educated high school, Mont-
real. Druggist Montreal, 1878. Came to
Winnipeg, 1882. Chairman Firemen's
Benevolent Association; president West-
ern Canada Fire Chiefs' Association.
Served as Sergeant with 6th Fusiliers,
Montreal. Married Mary Macdonald,
Winnipeg, 1887; has one daughter.
Club: Commercial Travelers. Societies:
A. F. & A. M.; A. O. U. W. ; C. O. F.
Recreations: curling, lacrosse, baseball.
Presbyterian. Address: 387 Carlton St.,
Winnipeg, Man.

BUCHANAN-, William Wallace.— Secre-
tary Moral and Social Reform Coun-
cil of Manitoba, Somerset Bldg.,
Winnipeg. Born Hamilton, March 9,
1855, son of David and Morella Porter
Buchanan. Collector of Inland Revenue,
Sarnia, Ont., 1860-1870. Editor and
proprietor East Lambton Advocate, Wat-
ford, Ont., 1876, and has been editor suc-
cessively Chatham Tribune, Hamilton
Templar, Winnipeg Commercial, Toronto
Liberator. Came to Winnipeg, 1880.
Editor Daily Sun, 1883; is well known
as a lecturer; president United Temper-
ance Association, 1884, and was subse-
quently chief and general manager Royal
Templars, Canada; unsuccessful candi-
date Ontario Legislature for South Went-
worth, 1896. and to the House of Com-
mons for Hamilton, 1896. Married Letitia
Elena Brett, Watford, 1884; has two
daughters. Liberal; Congregationalist.
Address, 316 Va Donald St., Winnipeg,

BUCKI.i:b, Eric Wilson — Of Buckler,
Gilson & Co., Estate and Financial
Brokers, Beveridge Bldg., Calgary. Born
Southampton, England, June 11, 1885,
son of Captain John Henry and Ade-
laide Maude Buckler. Educated: Kelso
High School, Roxborough, Scotland;
Leeds Grammar School, England. Came
to Canada, 1903; farmed, Manitoba, 1903;
farmed. Black Diamond, Alta, 1904-
1910; operates creamery, general store,
meat market and 9,000 acre ranch. Lieu-
tenant B Squadron 15th Light Horse,
Calgary. Married Muriel Irene Frost,
1912. Member of Royal Colonial Insti-
tute, London, Eng. Clubs: Ranchmen's;
Golf and Country. Societies: A. F. &
A. M.; K. P. Recreations: fishing, mo-
toring, hunting. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: Rockliffe, Calgary, Alta.

BVCKI.es, Daniel — Of Hutcheson &
Buckles, Barristers, Bilborough Block,
Swift Current. Born Margaree, N. S.,
April 11, 1876, son of Archibald and
Bridget Gates Buckles. Educated pub-
lic school, Margaree; Dalhousie Univer-
sity. Called to Nova Scotia Bar, 1907;
practiced, Sidney Mines, N. S., 1907-1911;

called to Saskatchewan Bar, 1911; presj
ent partnership formed, 1911. Married
Edna Murray, Milton, N. S., 1912. So-i
cieties: K. of C; C. M. B. A.; A. Oi
H. Recreation: shooting. Liberal; Ro4
man Catholic. Address: 7th Ave., Swifi
Current, Sask.

BUCKIiZN, Edg-ar H. — President and
General Manager Small & Bucklln Lum-
ber Co., Ltd. Born Aurora, 111., April 7,
1860, son of George and Esther Bucklln.
Educated Chicago University, law de-
partment. Practiced Chicago, 1882; salt
manufacturer. New York, 1886; came
to British Columbia, 1904. Married
Carrie Hawley, Chicago; has one son
and two daughters. Society: A. P. & A.
M. Recreation: motoring. Address: Ho-
tel Russell, New Westminster, B. C.

BUCKXiIir., W. p. H. — Secretary-treas-
urer Small & Bucklin Lumber Co., Ltd.
Born Warsaw, N. Y., Oct. 22, 1886, son
of Edgar H. and Carrie Bucklin. Edu-
cated Cornell University. Came to Brit-
ish Columbia as sales manager Small
& Bucklin Lumber Co., Ltd., 1907.
Clubs: Vancouver Motor; Westminster;
Tennis. Society: Delta Tau Delta Fra-
ternity, Cornell. Recreations: football,
tennis. Address: Hotel Russell, New
Westminster, B. C.


BUCK, George Edward. — President
and Manager B. & R. Co., Ltd., Real
Estate and Financial Brokers McDougall
Block, Calgary. Born Milton, Ont.,
March 20, 1867, son of George and Mar-
garet Buck. Educated public schools



Halton County; business college, To-
ronto. Bookkeeper Grange Wholesale
Supply Co., Toronto, 1889-1899; manager
in Ontario and Alberta, Excelsior, New
York and Manufacturers Life Insurance
companies, 1899-1910. Married Ada
Beaty, 1893; has two sons and three
daughters. Club: Calgary. Society: I. O.
O. F. Recreations: motoring, motor-
boating, shooting. Conservative; Church
of Christ. Address: 1027 12th Ave., W.,
Calgary, Alta.


BUPPET, Claude Real Estate and

Financial Agent, Farmer Bldg., Winni-
peg. Born Lyons, France. June 14,
1885, son of Claude and Alexandra Buf-
fet. Educated public schools (Lyons
Lyceum), France. Came to Manitoba,
1902. Farming, Manitoba, 1902-1905; es-
tablished present business, 1906. Lib-
eral; Roman Catholic. Address: 107
Chestnut St., Winnipeg, Man.

BUi;i^, Alfred Edwin. — Of Harris,
Bull, Hannington & Mason, Barristers
and Solicitors, 505 Hastings St..
Vancouver. Police Magistrate "Van-
couver, 1910; first Judge of Juvenile
Court for Vancouver. Born Colpoys Bay,
Ont, Aug, 5, 1868, son of William and
Ann Barnard Bull. Educated public
schools; Collegiate Institute, Owen
Sound; Osgoode Hall; studied law with
Beatty, Hamilton, Cassels & Co., To-
ronto; called to Ontario bar, 1894, and
practiced with the same firm in 1894-
1895; member of firm, Armstrong, Tel-
ford & Bull, Owen Sound and Wiarton,
1896. Came to British Columbia and
formed partnership of Harris & Bull,

1897; later enlarged to present partner-
ship. Married Margaret Elizabeth Mc-
Kenney, Orangeville, 1900; has two sons.
Clubs: Vancouver; Jericho Country;
Royal Vancouver Yacht. Society: A. F.
& A. M. Recreations: yachting, golf,
shooting. Conservative; Anglican. Ad-
dress: 1375 Burnaby St., Vancouver, B.

BVI^KEir, William Pitzlierl)ert. — Di-
rector British Columbia Marine Rail-
ways Co. Born near London, Ont., Jan.
11, 1857, son of W. F. and A. B. Bullen.
Educated privately. Came to British Co-
lumbia, 1878; with Albion Iron Works,
Victoria, 1878-1893; engaged shipbuild-
ing and engineering since 1893; director
British Columbia Salvage Co. Married
Annie Amelia Bushby, daughter of
Judge Bushby, and grand-daughter of
Sir James Douglas, first Governor of
British Columbia, 1884; has one son and
one daughter. Clubs: Union; Vancouver;
Royal Canadian Yacht, Toronto. Rec-
reations: fishing, shooting. Address: Es-
quimalt, B. C.

BUl^IiXiB, ArtlLur Henry Ke^inald, B.
Sc. (London) ; I>. Sc. (Birming'liani) ; Fli.
D. (I^eipzig*) ; P. B. S. C. — Professor
Botany University of Manitoba. Born
Birmingham, Aug. 19, 1874, son of A. G.
Buller, J. p.; C. C. Educated Queen's
College, Taunton; Mason College, Birm-
ingham; Universities of Leipzig and
Munich. An 1851 Exhibition scholar,
1898-1901. Occupied table of British As-
sociation, Naples, 1900-1901. Lecturer
and demonstrator Botany, University of
Birmingham, 1901-1904; University Ex-
tension lecturer, 1903; appointed present
position, 1904; secretary of Section K
of British Association, Winnipeg, 1909.
Elected F. R. S. C, 1909 and Fellow of
the American Association for the Ad-
vancement of Science, 1910; member of
the British Association for Advance-
ment of Science of the Canadian
Forestry Association, the American
Phytopathological Society; co-operator
editing the Journal of Economic Biol-
ogy; associate of the Society for Psy-
chical Research. Publications: many
scientific papers on physiological bot-
any and other biological subjects; "Re-
searches on Fungi," 1909; has written
several articles and published a pamph-
let on university development in Man-
itoba. Recreations: billiards, walking.
Address: The University of Manitoba,
Winnipeg, Man.



BUI^MAN, WiUiam John— President
Bulman Bros.. Ltd., McDermot Ave and
]< ranees and Gertie Sts., Winnipeg. Born
Toronto, April 5, 1870, son of William
and Frances Bulman. Educated public
schools Toronto. Lithographer, Toronto,
1SS6. Came to Winnipeg, founded pres-
ent business, 1892; president Winnipeg
Industrial Bureau; director Trustee Co.-

originator Imperial Home Reunion As-
sociation and president Winnipeg branch
of that association. Married Lillv
Thompson, Toronto, 1894; has one son
and four daughters. Clubs: Carleton-
Adanac; Commercial Travelers: Con-
servative; Methodist. Address: 104 Wel-
lington Crescent, Winnipeg, Man.



BUI^VEA, His Honour George Hedley
Vicars, B. A., TJm. D. — Lieutenant Gov-
ernor of Alberta. Born Gagetown, N. B.,
Feb. 17, 1859, son of James Albert
and Jane Blizzard Bulyea. Educated
Queen's County, N. B., grammar
school, and University of New
Brunswick (B. A. mathematical scholar-
ship and French prizeman, 1878; LL. D.,
1908); LL. D.; honorary. Alberta Uni-
versity, 1908. Principal Sheffield Acad-
emy, Sunbury County, N. B., 1878-1882;
came to Winnipeg, 1882; in business
Qu'Appelle, 1883-1897; unsuccessful can-
didate to N. W. Assembly for South
Qu'Appelle, 1891; elected as a member
of first Executive Council Northwest

Territories Legislature, 1892; re-elected
1894; re-elected 1898 and 1902; special
representative to Yukon, 1897; Commis-
sioner of Agriculture and Territorial
Secretary in the Haultain Government,
1902; resigned 1903, and became Com-
missioner of Public Works; appointed
first Lieutenant Governor, Alberta, gaz-
etted Aug. 25, taking effect Sept. 1, 1905;
sworn in for second term, Oct. 20, 1910.
Author of an official handbook to the
N. W. T., 1902. Married Annie Blanche
Babbitt, Gagetown, N. B., 1885. Club:
Edmonton. Recreations: driving, trav-
eling. Liberal; Methodist. Address: Gov-
ernment House, Edmonton, Alta.


BULMEB, James Herbert. — Of Bul-
mer, Downie, Reid & Curie, real estate
agents, McArthur Bldg., Winnipeg; vice-
president Maritime Investment Co ,
Ltd.; secretary-treasurer Winnipeg De-
velopment Co.; director Central Valley
Land Co., Ltd. Born Cumberland
County, N. S., Aug. 11, 1867, son of
George and Fannie Bulmer. Educated
Horton Academy. General store busi-
ness, New Brunswick, 1880. Came to
Winnipeg, 1902. Member Board of
Trade. Married Anna Fillmore, West-
moreland, N. B., 1897; has two daugh-
ters. Club: Canadian. Society: A. F. &
A. M. Recreation: tennis. Liberal. Ad-
dress: 543 Camden Place, Winnipeg,


BUNNEIii;, John H. — General Agent
Bunnell Block, Moose Jaw. Born Sus-
sex, N. B.. Sept. 17, 1853, son of Isaac
and Martha Bunnell. Educated public
schools Sussex; commercial school, St.
.John, N. B. Employed construction work
C. P. R., Winnipeg, 1880; farming, In-
dian Head. 1882-1889; implement busi-
ness, Indian Head, 1889-1891; with
Massey-Harris Co., Moose Jaw, 1891-
1892; local manager, 1892-1909; estab-
lished present business, 1909. Councillor,
Indian Head, 1885-1886; Alderman,
Moose Jaw, 1906; Mayor, 1907. Married
Agnes McFarland, Glasgow, Scotland,
1891; has one son and six daughters.
Society: A. O. U. W. Recreations: curl-
ing, driving, motoring. Conservative;
Presbyterian. Address: 24 Athabasca St.,
E., Moose Jaw, Sask.


BUITOZ, Emil Marie, O. M. I., D. D. —

Prefect Apostolic of Yukon. Born Sales,
Savoy, France, Feb. 24, 1864, son of An-
toine and Jeanne Bunoz. Educated
Rumilly's College and Gregorian Uni-
versity, Rome. Came to British Colum-
bia, 1891. Rector St. Peter's Cathedral.
New Westminster, 1891; later appointed
Vicar General of Diocese; transferred
to Dawson, Y. T., 1902; appointed Pre-
fect Apostolic for Northern British Co-
lumbia and Yukon, 1908. Address:
Prince Rupert, B. C.

BUBBISGZ:, Herbert Edward. — Sales-
shops Commissioner, Hudson's Bay Co.,
Winnipeg. Born London, England, May
8, 1880, son of Richard Burbidge, man-
aging director Harrod's, Ltd., London,
England. Educated Maidenhead College,
England. Wholesale merchandise, Lon-
don, 1897; connected with the executive
of Harrod's, Ltd., London, England,
1901-1910. Came to Winnipeg, 1910.
Married Harriet G. Hamilton, Littleton,
Middlesex, England, 1902; has one son.
Club: Manitoba. Recreations: riding,
boating, motoring, swimming, tennis.
Address: Royal Alexandra Hotel, Win-
nipeg, Man.


BURDICK, Arthur Cliarltoii. — Presi-
dent Colonial Trust Co., Ltd., Victoria;
President Central Conservative Associa-
tion of Esquimalt District. Of Green
& Burdick Bros., Real Estate and
Financial Brokers, Langley and Brough-
ton Sts., Victoria. Born London, Ont.,
Jan. 30, 1874, son of Isaac Newton and
Helen Burdick. Educated public schools
London and Ingersoll. Came to British
Columbia, 1897. Established present
business, 1907. Married Vina Dixie,
1901; has one son. Clubs: Union; Pa-
cific. Society: A. F. & A. M. Recreation:
motoring. Conservative; Anglican. Ad-
dress: 516 Rupert St., Victoria, B. C.

BUBK, Daniel Francis. — General Man-
ager New Ontario Colonization Associa-
tion; owner Port Arthur Herald. Born

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