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tive to Sovereign Grand Lodge, Cliatta-
nooga, Tenn., and Atlantic City, N. J..
1883). Conservative; Anglican. Ad-
dress: Minnedosa, Man.

ROCHPORT, W. D'O. — Architect,
Pemberton Building, Victoria. Born
Southsea, England, April 7, 1884, son of
Captain D'Oyly T. and Constance Roch-
fort (nee Cayley). Educated England
and United States. Newspaper artist and
reporter United States. 1900. Came to
British Columbia. 1904. Served with 5th
Regiment. Married Glen W'itzer, an
actress, leading lady Pollard Opera Co.,
Tacoma, Wash. Clubs: Royal Victoria
Yacht; Oak Bay Yacht. Recreation:
yachting. Conservative; Anglican. Ad-
dress: Victoria, B. C.


^^^VIK^^ x^^^^l


ROGERS, Benjamin Ting'ley. — Presi-
dent and General Manager British Co-
lumbia Sugar Refinery Co., Ltd., 997
Powell St., Vancouver; president Van-
couver-Fiji Sugar Co., Ltd. Born Phil-
adelphia, Pa., Oct. 21, 1865, son of Sam-
uel Blythe and Clara Rogers. Educated
Phillips Academy, Axidover, Mass. Chem-
ist, sugar refinery. New Orleans, La..
1881-1883; superintendent Havemeyer &
Elder Sugar Refinery, New York, 1883-
1889. Came to Vancouver, 1889. Married
Mary Isabella Angus, Victoria, 1S92; has
three sons and three daughters. Clubs:
Vancouver; Terminal City; Royal Van-
couver Yacht; Union (Victoria); Mani-
toba (Winnipeg); St. James (Montreal).
Recreations: yachting, shooting. Angli-
can. Address: 1531 Davie St., Vancou-
ver, B. C.

ROCrERS, Clarence H. — Of Rogers,
Black & McAlpine, 537 Pender St., Van-
couver: director Vancouver Colonization
Co., Ltd.; secretary-treasurer Fire Val-
ley Land Co., Ltd. Born Winnipeg. Aug.
18, 1886, son of James Henry and Emma
Carter Rogers. Educated public and high
schools. Came to British Columbia, 1896.
Married Mary Dixon, Vancouer, 1911.
Society: Arctic Brotherhood. Recreation:
football. Conservative: Baptist Ad-
dress: 601 Bute St., Vancouver, B. C.

ROGERS, David McGreg'or, M. A. —

Barrister and Solicitor, Times Bldg.,
Victoria; President, Uplands, Ltd.; Pres-
ident, Rogers & Co. Ltd.; President,
Canada Western Chartered Corporation;
Director, Hastings Shingle Mfg. Co. Ltd.;
Director, British American Trust Co.
Born Peterboro, Ont., May 4, 1874, son
of Col. H. C. and Maria Burritt Rogers.
Educated: Trinity College School, Port
Hope; Trinity University, Toronto. Call-
ed to British Columbia Bar, 1901; prac-
tised in own name, Victoria, 1901-1904;
member of firm. Barnard & Rogers, 1904-
1906: retired from general practise, 1906,
doing only corporation practice. Sec-
retary, Conservative Assn., 1902. Mar-
ried Mary Ferris. Tacoma, 1904. Clubs:
Union; Pacific; Victoria Golf; Royal Vic-
toria Yacht. Recreations: golf, cricket.
Conservative; Anglican. Address: Beach
Drive, Oak Bay, Victoria, B. C.

ROGERS, Georg-e Thomson — Interna-
tional Brokerage Co., 517 Pender St.,
Vancouver. Born Glasgow, Scotland,
Oct. 18, 1865, son of Frederick and Mar-
garet Rogers. Educated public schools,
Glasgow. Postoffice messenger, Glas-
gow, 1880. Came to Manitoba, 1888;
later moved to British Columbia. Ex-
Mayor, Cranbrook, B. C. Married Chris-
tina Taylor Bickerton, Virden, Man.,
1889. Club: Terminal City, Vancouver.
Society: A. F. & A. M. Conservative.
Address: 1213 Beach Ave., Vancouver,
B. C.

ROGERS, Henry Edgerton Ryerson. —

Vice-President of Rogers Realty Com-
pany. Ltd., 258 Portage Ave., Winnipeg,
and 31 Great St. Helens, London, Eng-
land. Born Centralia, Huron County,
Ont., June 5, 1876, son of Joseph and
Elizabeth Jane Hodgins Rogers. Came
to Manitoba, 1884. Educated Winnipeg.
Taught school, 1894-1895; druggist, Win-
nipeg, 1896-1898; Klondyke rush of 1898;
went over Teslin Trail; prospector
Yukon until 1902; president Hislop's
Limited, Winnipeg; Clover Bar Coal Co.,
Edmonton. Club: Canadian. Society; A.
F. & A. M. Recreations: tennis, foot-
ball, baseball. Liberal; Methodist. Ad-
dress: London, England.




I^OGEBS, Hon. Robert, M. P Minis-
ter of the Interior, Ottawa; Director
Black Lake Consolidated Asbestos Co.;
Vice-President Monarch Life Assurance
Co.; President Northwest Land Co.; Pres-
ident Balfour Implement Co. Born Lake-
fleld, Argenteuil County, Que., March 2,
1864, son of Lieutenant-Colonel George
and Dora Rogers. Educated Berthier,
Lachute and Montreal. Grain, mining
and general merchandise business, Char-
levoix, Clearwater, Man., and Rat Port-
age, Ont., 1881-1900. Unsuccessfully
contested Mountain for Manitoba Legis-
lature, 1886 and 1892; unsuccessfully
contested Lisgar House of Commons
election, 1896; elected to Manitoba Legis-

lature for Manitou, in 1899-1911. Mem-
ber Executive Council, without porfolio,
1900; Minister of Public Works, 1900-
1911 ; Acting Premier during Mr. Roblin's
illness, 1911; resigned, 1911; appointed
Minister of Interior and elected to House
of Commons for Winnipeg, 1911; Trus-
tee, Manitoba Sanitarium for Consump-
tives. Married Aurelia Regina Wid-
meyer, 1888; has one son. Clubs: Mani-
toba, Carleton; Adanac; St. Charles
Country; Albany (Toronto). Society: A.
P. & A. M. Recreations: riding and driv-
ing. Conservative; Anglican. Address:
Wilton Lodge, Roslyn Road, Winnipeg,


SOGERS, James Henry. — General
Steamship and Railway Agent, Centre
St.. Prince Rupert. Born Brooklyn, N. Y.,
1860, son of Charles and Eliza Rogers.
Axeman on survey of C. P. R. West of
Winnipeg, 1880; later station agent, and
traveling agent C. P. R. Came to Brit-
ish Columbia, 1896; general agent for
Vancouver Railway until 1908, when es-
tablished present business. Now repre-
sents numerous steamship and railway
lines and various insurance companies.
Married Emma Carter, Winnipeg, 1885;
has seven sons and two daughters.
Clubs: Terminal City (Vancouver); Zero
(Dawson); Tannana (Fairbanks, Alas-
ka); Kaien Island. Recreations: all out-
door sports. Address: Grand Trunk Pa-
cific Hotel, Prince Rupert, B. C.

ROCfERS, Jonathan. — Contractor (re-
tired); President British Columbia Life
Assurance Co.: Burrard Lumber Co.;
vice-president Electric Turpentine Co. of
Canada. Ltd. Born Plas Onn Glynceiriog,
North Wales, July 30, 186.5, son of Ed-
ward and Ann Rogers. Educated Pont-
fadog. Contractor Liverpool. Came to
British Columbia, 1887, engaged 'n same
business. Alderman Vancouver City,
1906-1911; Park Commissioner, 1907-1910.
Married Elizabeth Glywedog-Hughes,
Greenfields. England, 1902. Address:
"Argoed," 2050 Nelson St., Vancouver,
B. C.

R. H. ROGERS. M. A., B. C. L.

ROGERS, R. H., M. A., B. C. !•. — Bar-
rister. Born Alberton, P. E. I.. 1872, son
of Hon Benjamin Rogers, Lieutenant-
Governor, P. E. I. Educated Prince of
Wales College, Charlottetown; McGill
University. Came to British Columbia,
1899; practiced Vernon, 1904. Married
Anna E. Eraser, Vancouver, 1906; has
one son and one daughter. Liberal; Pres-
byterian. Address: Vernon, B. C.

ROGERS, Mrs. Robert. — Born Ayton,
Ont., daughter of Charles and Barbara
Widmeyer. Educated St. Mary's Aca-
demy, Winnipeg. Came to Manitoba,
1883. Married Hon. Robert Rogers, 1888;
has one son. Anglican. Address: Ros-
l.vn Road, Winnipeg, Man.

ROGERS, William, B. A., M. B., C. M.

— Physician, 392 , Main St., Winnipeg.
Born Lakefield, Ont., Sept. 24, 1866, son
of George Rogers. Educated Lachute and
Huntington Academy, Que.; McGill Uni-
versity. Practiced Melita, Man., 1892;
came to Winnipeg, 1901. Physician Win-
nipeg Geneial Hospital; Professor of
Medical Jurisprudence, Manitoba Medical
College; ex-President of Council College
Physicians and Surgeons, Manitoba;
member of Provincial Board of Health.
Clubs: Carleton; St. Charles Country;
Adanac. Conservative; Anglican. Ad-
dress: 389 Graham St., Winnipeg, Man.

ROGERS, William Georg'e. — Of Rog-
ers, Nesbitt & McRae. Real Estate Agts.,
60 1/2 Hastings St., Vancouver. Born
Leeds County. Ont., Aug. 27, 1854, son
of Thomas and Eliza Rogers. Educated
Athens, Ont. Farmed Manitoba, 1878.
Reeve of North Cypress, Man., and on
executive Manitoba Grain Growers' As-
sociation. Came to British Columbia,
1907, and established present firm.
Married Margaret Ann Stinson, Brandon.
1890; has one son and eight daughters
Society: I. O. O. F. Recreation: fishing
Address: 642 Tenth Ave. E., Vancouver,
B. C.


ROIiANB, Charles Pranklin. — Com-
missioner. Winnipeg Development & In-
dustrial Bureau, 828 Union Bank Build-
ing, Winnipeg. Born St. Catherines,
Ont., Jan. 29, 1870, son of John and
Adeline Roland. Educated St. Catherines
Collegiate Institute. Commercial busi-
ness, St. Catherines. 1884-1889; came
to Manitoba. 1889; Victoria, 1889-1893;
Cleveland, Ohio, 1893-1903; returned to



Canada, engaged journalism and pub-
lished trade papers. Married Mayme A.
Jones, Fort Dalhousie, Ont., 1898; has
three sons and two daughters. Clubs:
(Ex-president) Winnipeg Camera; Ad-
vertising Men's Club (Hon. president).
Recreations: lawn bowling, motoring.
Presbyterian. Address: 175 Home St.,
Winnipeg, Man.

BOI^STON, Henry Sharpe. — Born Nor-
wich, Ont., Sept. 1, 1870, son of Robert
William and Velette Rolston. Educated
Walkerton high school; Woodstock Col-
lege, Ont. Cam.e to Winnipeg, 1887; em-
ploy of Hudson's Bay Co. for short time;
traveled for Imperial Oil Co. three years;
manager for that firm's Brandon branch
ten years; then secretary of Fairchild
Co., Winnipeg. Moved to British Colum-
bia, 1903; wholesale and retail imple-
ment business Vancouver under firm
name of Walworth, Rolston Co., Ltd.
Since coming to Vancouver has been
closely connected with various organ"-
zations, putting on poultry and kennel
shows, president of each two years; one
of three directors of first Vancouver
Horse Show; one of the promoters of
Vancouver Hunt; Vancouver Amateur
Driving; British Columbia Fields Trial
Clubs; manager Vancouver Exhibition
Association. Married Nellie Inez Fair-
child, 1894; has five sons and four
daughters. Clubs: Vancouver Press;
Terminal City; Royal Vancouver Yacht;
Vancouver Hunt. Recreations: driving,
stock raising, floriculture. Conservative.
Address: 2300 Oak St., Vancouver, B. C.

BOMXiBIIi, A. J. — Of Romeril, Fowlie
& Co., Real Estate and Financial Agents,
Imperial Bank Bldg., Prince Albert,
Sask. Born Jersey, Channel Islands,
Dec. 17, 1880, son of John Philip and
Alice Marrett Romeril. Educated pri-
vate schools, Jersey. Came to Canada,
1895; manager for Wm. Fruing & Co.,
Gaspe, Que., nine years; accountant,
Revillon Freres, Edmonton, 1903-1904;
came to Prince Albert and established
present business, 1905. Married Beatrice
Tootill, Lancashire, England, 1909; has
one daughter. Societies: A. F. & A.
M. (Royal Arch). Independent; Angli-
can. Address: Prince Albert, Sask.

BONAI^D, •William Sidney. — Of Ed-
wards & Ronald, Chartered Accountants,
Canada Life Bldg., Winnipeg. Born To-
ronto, May 4, 1880, son of William M.
and Emma W. Ronald. Educated public
and commercial schools, Winnipeg (C.
A., Ont., and Man.). Accountant for
father, Winnipeg, 1893; subsequently go-
ing to Toronto, 1896, and engaging in
accountancy work for several large cor-

porations and various firms, at the
same time studying for Chartered Ac-
countancy. Returned to Winnipeg, 1901.
Married Lillian Ainley, Winnipeg, 1905.
Clubs: St. Charles Country; Adanac;
Carleton. Society: A. F. & A. M. Rec-
reations: riding, fishing, yachting.
Methodist. Address: 82 Stradbrooke
Place, Winnipeg, Man.

BOOKE, Charles, P. M. — Chief of
Manitoba Mounted Police. Born Red-
hill, Surrey, England, May 5, 1876, son
of Dr. Benjamin Proctor Rooke, Inspec-
tor General, Indian Army and Honorary
Physician to Queen Victoria. Educated
Wellington College, Berks, England
Came to Manitoba, 1895. Served with
Royal North West Mounted Police, 1900-
1905; organized Manitoba Mounted Po-
lice, 1905. Married Elizabeth Surrey,
1906; has one son. Societies: A. F. & A.
M. ; R. A. M. Address: Dauphin, Man.

BOFEB, Bigrht Bev. Jolin Charles,
B. A., M. A., D, D. — Bishop of Columbia.
Born Frant, Sussex, England, 1858. Ed-
ucated Oxford, England (B. A.) ; Trin-
ity College, Toronto (M. A.); General
Theological Seminary, New York (D.
D.). Curate, Herstmonceux, Sussex,
1882-1883; Chaplain and Lecturer, Brase-
nose College, Oxford, 1883-1885; Pro-
fessor of Theology, Trinity College, To-
ronto, 1885-1888; rector, St. Thomas
Church, Toronto, 1885-1897; Professor
of Theology, General Theological Semi-
nary, New York, 1907-1911; elected
Bishop of Columbia, 1911. Married
Fanny Ewart Bethune, daughter of Rob-
ert H. Bethune, Toronto, 1891. Address:
Victoria, B. C.

BOBIE, Georgre. — Chartered Account-
ant; Secretary Ceperley, Rounsefell &
Co., Ltd., Molsons Bank Chambers, Van-
couver. Born Edinburgh, Scotland, Sept.
30, 1868, son of George L. Rorie, Secre-
tary of National Bank of Scotland, Ltd.
Educated Edinburgh Academy; Edin-
burgh University. Admitted member of
Chartered Accountants Society, Edin-
burgh, 1892. Practiced, Perth and Dun-
dee, Scotland, until 1908, when came to
Vancouver. Was town councillor, Perth
City, three years. Served as (Captain
4th V. B., Black Watch (Royal High-
landers) ; retired, 1903. Joint author of
Douglas and Rorie's B. C. Company Law
Manual. Married Nina Campbell, daugh-
ter of A. D. Campbell, Edinburgh, for-
merly of Ederline, Argyllshire, 1899; has
one son and one daughter. Club: Uni-
versitv, Vancouver. Society: A. F. & A.
M. Recreations: yachting, fishing, golf,
photography. Address: 856 Cardero St.,
Vancouver, B. C.



BOSZ:, George Christian, M. A. — Of
Kelowna Courier. Director Kelowna
Aquatic Association, Ltd.; Captain Ke-
lowna Civilian Rifle Association. Born
Moneydie, Perthshire, Scotland, July 8,
187 2, son of George and Christina Mac-
Duff Latham Rose. Educated Inverness
College; University of Aberdeen. Jour-
nalist, Inverness Courier, Inverness,
Scotland. 1890. Came to British Colum-
bia, 1891; partner. Rose Bros., fruit
growers, Kelowna, 1891-1896; sub-Col-
lector of Customs, Cascade, B. C, 1897-
1905; purchased Kelowna Clarion, 1905.
Served as Gunner, Aberdeenshire Artil-
lery, Aberdeen, Scotland, 1889-1890.
Club: Kelowna. Recreations: boating,
swimming, rifle shooting, billiards. In-
dependent Liberal; Theist. Address:
Kelowna, B. C.

BOSS, Joseph Ernest. — Of Alcock,
Downing & Rose, 802 Mercantile Bldg..
Vancouver. Born Gloucester, Mass., Dec.
6, 1880, son of M. S. and Annie Rose.
Came to British Columbia, 1888. Edu-
cated Vancouver and Prince Edward
Island. Plumber, Vancouver, 1900. Mar-
ried Mabel Danella Alexander, Vancou-
ver; has one daughter. Recreations:
hunting, fishing, lacrosse. Address:
Vancouver, B. C.

BOSE, William John, B. A. — Dean of

Residence, Wesley College, Winnipeg.
Born Minnedosa, Man., Aug. 7, 1885,
son of Henry and Prudence Rose. Edu-
cated University of Manitoba; Univer-
sity Oxford. Elected Rhodes scholar
for Manitoba for year 1905, to Magdalen
College, Oxford; took degree, 1908, and
became instructor, Wesley College.
Methodist. Address: Wesley College,
Winnipeg, Man.

BOSE, William Oliver, IX. D., C. TIL —

Of Drs. Rose & Hartin, Physicians and
Surgeons, Nelson. President Ice Fuel
Co., Ltd.; director Pool Drug Co., Ltd.
Born Prince Edward Island, Feb. 10,
1870, son of William and Charity Jane
Rose. Educated McGill University.
Senior resident physician. Royal Vic-
toria Hospital, Montreal, 1898-1899;
Kootenay Lake General Hospital, 1898-
1900; practiced, Nelson, since 1900.
Lieutenant and Medical Officer, 120th
Regiment, Rocky Mountain Rangers.
Served as Mayor, Nelson, 1903-1904; Al-
derman, many years; Provincial Medical
Health Officer and Commissioner, 1904.
Married Azza G. Brownell, Prince Ed-
ward Island, 1901. Societies: K. of P.;
S. O. E. Conservative; Baptist. Ad-
dress: Nelson, B. C.

BOSENBO^K, Anthony Bifirwartde, OT.

P. — Financier; President, Rosenroll
Lumber Co., Ltd.; President, Pigeon Lake
Sawmill Co.; President, Rosenroll Stock
and Grain Farm; Partner, Battle River
Collieries. Born Castellamare, Italy, son
of Rudolph and Margaret Thomson Ros-
enroll. Educated privately. Came to
Alberta, 1895; Justice of the Peace since
1896; Notary Public since 1897. Elected
to N. W. T. Legislature Assembly for
Wetaskiwin, 1898; re-elected by acclama-
tion, 1902; elected to first Alberta Leg-
islature, for Wetaskiwin, 1905. Married
Ida Eberhardt, 1895; has two sons and
one daughter. Liberal; Presbyterian.
Address: Wetaskiwin, Alta.

BOSENTHAIi, Aloysius Henry, O. U.

I. — Parish Priest, St. Patrick's Church,
Lethbridge. Born Niederfischbach, Rhine
Province, Germany, Jan. 20, 1878, son
of John Rosenthal and Mary Schuster.
Educated elementary schools, 1884-1892;
privately, 1892-1894; Gymnasium, Pader-
horn, Germany, 1894-1895; Carolinum
Valkenburg, Holland, 1895-1899; Semi-
nary, Huenfeld, Germany. 1899-1905.
Came to Canada, 1905; curate, St. Joa-
chim's Church, Edmonton, 1905-1909;
present charge since 1909. Society: K.
of C. Roman Catholic. Address: Leth-
bridge, Alta.

BOSOMAir, Graham, J. P. — City Clerk
and Treasurer of Enderby. Born Lon-
don, England, March 6, 1861, son of Rev.
Joseph Edward and Mary Elizabeth
Rosoman. Educated privately. Com-
menced career, education office, London.
Came to British Columbia, 1893. Police
Magistrate, Enderby; Stipendiary Mag-
istrate for Okanagan Electoral Division;
Judge of Small Debts Court. Holds
various offices connection with Church
of England. Married Blanche Pinning-
ton, London, England, 1888; has one
daughter. Society: A. F. & A. M. Ad-
dress: Enderby, B. C.

BOSS, Alexander — Of Ross & Bige-
low. Barristers and Solicitors, Kerr Blk.,
Regina; Agents for Attorney General of
Saskatchewan, since 1906. Born Fowes,
Scotland, Dec. 2, 1880, son of Adam
Simpson and Grace Laing Ross. Came
to Regina as a boy. Educated public
and high schools, Regina; Law Society,
Northwest Territories. Member of firm,
Johnston & Ross, 1901-1906; present
partnership formed, 1906. President, Re-
gina District Liberal Association; sec-
retary. Provincial Liberal Association.
Captain, 95th Saskatchewan Rifles. Mar-
ried Harriet Beatrice Scott, 1909. Clubs:
Assiniboia; Wascana Country. Liberal;
Presbyterian. Address: 2237 Cornwall
St., Regina, Sask.



BOSS, Androw Ooodfellow. — Manager
Trusts and Guarantee Co., Ltd., Cal-
gary. Born Chesley. Ont., Sept. 2, 1871,
son of William and Ellen Ross. Edu-
cated high school, Walkerton, Ont. Gen-
eral office clerk, Toronto, 1889. Came
to Alberta, 1906. Married Llllie Easton,
Toronto; has one son. Club: Alberta.
Society: A. F. & A. M. Address: Cal-
gary, Alta.

BOSS, Andrew Murray Smith, ££. B.

— Of Hartley & Ross, Barristers, Winni-
peg. Born Fisher River, Man., Oct. 6,
1880, son of A. W. and Sarah Ross.
Educated Manitoba University. Came
to Winnipeg, 1902, and practiced pro-
fession, 1905. Served with Strathcona
Horse, 1900-1901, South Africa; Lieu-
tenant 18th C. M. R. Married Edna
Redfern, Montreal, 1909. Clubs: Winni-
peg Golf; Hunt; Rowing; Adanac;
Western Canadian Military Institute;
Canadian Club. Recreations: Military.
Conservative; Anglican. Address: 625
McMillan Ave., Winnipeg, Man.

BOSS, Donald Andrew, M. 1,. A. — Real
Estate and Financial Agent, 449 Main St.,
Winnipeg. Born Nairn, Middlesex Coun-
ty, Ont., April 10, 1857, son of Donald
and Margaret Halbert Ross. Educated
public schools, Nairn. Elected to Mani-
toba Legislature, representing Spring-
field, 1907; re-elected, 1910; ran as inde-
pendent Liberal, 1903 election, when de-
feated. Alderman, Winnipeg, eight
years; member Public School Board
twenty-three years; Parks Board, eleven
years. Married Margaret Mclvor, Kil-
donan, Man., 1880; has one son and three
daughters. Independent Liberal; Pres-
byterian. Address: 372 Gertrude Ave.,
Winnipeg, Man.

A. R. A. I. C.

BOSS, Donald Aynsley, B. A., C. E.,
A. B. A. I. C. — Of Pratt & Ross, Engi-
neers and Architects, 289 Garry St.,
Winnipeg. Born Winnipeg, Oct. 5, 1877,

son of Arthur Wellington and Jessie
Flora Ross. Educated Upper Canada
College; University College; School of
Practical Science, Toronto. Rodman with
C. P. R., Crow's Nest Pass, 1897; lo-
cating engineer in the West for C. N.
R., 1900-1906; engaged present business,
1906. Married Maude Elizabeth Dwight,
Toronto, 1906; has one son. Club: St.
Charles Country. Society: A. F. & A.
M. Recreations: motor boating, racquets.
Independent; Presbyterian. Address:
116 Wellington Crescent Winnipeg,


BOSS, Georg-e Henry. — Of Short, Ross,
Selwood & Shaw, Barristers, Calgary.
Born Bedeque, P. E. I., June 13, 1878, son
of Murdock and Margaret Ross. Edu-
cated University of Michigan. Came to
Alberta, 1900, and practiced, Calgary,
since 1907. Alderman, 1910. Clubs: Al-
berta and University. Society: A. F. &
A. M. Address: Calgary, Alta.

BOSS, Her'bext Gerrard. — Of Ross &
Shaw. Real Estate and Financial Brokers,
318 Hastings St., W., Vancouver. Born
St. Nicholas, Que., Aug. 19, 1860, son of
William Gerrard and Rosina Ross. Ed-
ucated Lennoxville, Que.; Port Hope,
Ont. Lumber merchant, 1877; subse-
quently with British Columbia Timber
Co., and other lumber companies, New
Westminster until 1900, when , estab-
lished present business. Director North
American Building Loan & Trust Co.,
Ltd.; director The Patents Development
Co., Ltd.; director St. Paul's Church
Building Co., Ltd.; director Imperial
Timber and Trading Co., Ltd.; director



Lytton Copper Mines Co., Ltd. Served
with Canadian Militia, 1876-1896. Mar-
ried Lenora Clapham, Quebec, 1883; has
five daughters. Society: A. P. & A. M.
Conservative; Anglican. Address: 1345
Comox St., Vancouver, B. C.

SOSS, Hon. Senator James Hamilton.

— Rancher. Born London, Ont., May 12,
1856. Educated high school and gram-
mar school, London. Unsuccessful can-
didate for House of Commons for West
Assinniboia, 1887; member of North-
west Assembly, 1883-1901; elected to
House of Commons for Yukon, 1902;
summoned to Senate, Sept. 30, 1904. Mar-
ried Barbare E. McKay, 1886 (deceased,
1901). Liberal. Address: Moose Jaw,

ROSS, John T. — President Ross &
Howard Iron Works Co., Ltd., Vancou- '
ver. Born Perth, Scotland, Sept. 12,
1841, son of David and Betsey Ferrier
Ross. Educated Perth. Apprentice,
joiner and cabinet maker, 1860-1864,
Manchester, England, 1864-1889. Came
to British Columbia. 1889; established
present business, 1891. Married Jessie
Fleming, Dundee, Scotland, 1864; has
five sons and five daughters. Presby-
terian. Address: 54 2 Sixth Ave., E.,
Vancouver, B. C.

ROSS, John T., B. A. — Chief Inspector
of Schools, Government Building, Ed-
monton. Born Blyth. Ont., Feb. 7., 1864,
son of Thomas and Elizabeth Rogers
Ross. Educated Clinton Collegiate; St.
Catharines Collegiate; Toronto Univer-
sity; Manitoba University. Came to
Alberta, 1895. Principal Edmonton
schools; Superintendent of Education.
Yukon Territory; Chief Inspector of
Schools, Alberta. Married Maude Burns,
daughter of Dr. W. Burns, Caledonia,
1909. Liberal; Presbyterian. Address:
295 Eleventh St., Edmonton, Alta.

ROSS, ITorman Dilackenzie, B. S. A.
(Toronto), B. P. (Biltmore Forest
School) — Chief of Tree Planting Division
of Forestry Branch, Department of In-
terior, Indian Head. Born Calander,
Stirlingshire, Scotland, March 27, 1876,
son of George Nugent and Mary Quentin
Ross. Educated Royal Naval School,
Newcross; Edinburgh Academy. Farmed,
Saskatchewan and Southern Manitoba,
1892-1895; attended Ontario Agricultural
College, Guelph, 1895-1899; attended
Biltmore Forest School, North Carolina,
1899-1901; with Department of Interior,
headquarters at Indian Head, since 1901.
Married Mary Cottingham, daughter of
W. Shaw Cottingham, Brandon, Man.,
1908; has one son. Club: Indian Head.
Societies: Canadian Forestry Assn.;
Canadian Society of Forest Engineers.
Anglican. Address: Indian Head, Sask.


ROSS, Sidney Rupert — Financial and
Real Estate Agent, 249 2nd Ave., Sask-
atoon. Born St. Andrews, N. B., Jan.
21, 1881, son of Robert James and Eliz-
abeth Ross. Educated public and high
schools. Telegraph operator, C. P. R.,

Online LibraryC. W. ParkerNorthern who's who; a biographical dictionary of men and women → online text (page 80 of 102)