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Atlantic Division, 1897-1900; train dis-
patclier, car distributer and chief train
dispatcher, C. P. R., Atlantic Division,
1900-1903; train dispatcher, Soo Line,
Western & Atlantic Division, 1903-1906;
established present business, 1906. Mar-
ried Jennie E. Townsend, 1911. Club:
Saskatoon. Recreations: sliooting, mo-
toring. Liberal; Anglican. Address: 201
A Ave., N., Saskatoon, Sask,

ROSS, Stuart Aird, M. D. — Physician,
633 Hastings St., Vancouver. Born Ot-
tawa, June 23, 1877, son of Dr. William
Duri'e and Mary Moore Ross. Educated
Ottawa Collegiate Institute; McGill
University. Member of Canadian Army
Medical Service. Married Mary Susan
Amherst Power, 1909. Club: Western.
Recreations: riding, hunting. Address:
The Elcho, Vancouver, B. C.

ROSS, Walter, M. D., C. M. — Physi-
cian. Born Holland, Man., July 7, 1886,
son of W. R. and Margaret McCammon
Ross. Educated: Manitoba Medical Col-
lege. Practised, Dauphin, since 1909.
Lieutenant, 30th Light Horse, Dauphin.
Married Barbara Beatrice Smith, 1907;
has one son. Club: Dauphin. Societies:
A. F. & A. M.; K. P.; C. O. F.; M. O. W.
Liberal; Presbyterian. Address: Dauph-
in, Man.




BOSS, William Roderick, M. A., K. C,
M. Im, a. — Minister of Lands for British
Columbia since Oct., 1910. Barrister, of
Ross, Macdonald & Lane, Fernie. Born
Fort Cliipewyan, Athabasca, March 29,
1869, son of Donald and Ann Ross.
Educated St. John's College, Winnipeg.
Called to Manitoba bar, 1890; practiced,
Winnipeg-, 1890-1896; Fort Steele, B, C,
1897-1900; Fernie since 1901; appointed
K. C, 1906. Elected to British Co-
lumbia Legislature for Fernie, 1903; re-
elected, 1907. Married Leila Young;
has two sons and three daughters. Con-
servative; Anglican. Address: Fernie,
B. C.


BOTHWEIiIi, Samuel James, B. A. —

of Rothwell, Jolmson & Bergman, Bar-
risters and Solicitors, McArthur Bldg.,

Winnipeg; Solicitor for Hudson Bay Co.
and a number of other corporations;
Solicitor for Lord Strathcona. Born
Lanark County, Ont., July 25, 1868, son
of John and Eleanor Rothwell. Edu-
cated public schools, Perth Collegiate
Institute; Dutton high school; Toronto
University (holder of John Macdonald
scholarship). Came to Manitoba, 1891;
law student with Perdue & Robinson,
Winnipeg, 1891-1893; with Hough &
Campbell, 1893-1895; called to Manitoba
Bar, 1895; practiced with Hough & Camp-
bell, 1895-1900; member of Arm of
Perdue & Rothwell, 1900-1903; head of
present firm since 1903. Married Kate
Whinerey, daughter of J. K. Whinerey,
Winnipeg, 1898; has three sons and two
daughters. Clubs: Carleton; Canadian.
Society: K. P. Recreation: Motoring.
Liberal; Anglican. Address: 73 Spence
St., Winnipeg, Man.

BOUIiEAU, Edouaxd Hector, Dff. T>. —

Physician and Surgeon, 124 Eighteenth
Ave., W., Calgary. Named Consul of
Belgium, 1888 and Knight of the Order
of Leopold, King of Belgium, 1907. Born
Isle Verte, Que., Oct. 31, 1843, son of
Joseph and Euphrosine Patouel Rouleau.
Educated Isle Verte Academy; Nicolet
College; Laval University. Practiced,
Bic, Rimouski, Que., 1870; Ottawa, 1877-
1878; Bryson, Pontiac, Que., 1878-1884;
Battleford, Sask., 1884-1885. Came to
Alberta, 1887; on consulting staff, Cal-
gary General Hospital and Holy Cross
Hospital, Calgary. Served three years
militia as Captain; has taken certifi-
cates, Quebec Military College, neces-
sary for rank of Lieutenant Colonel.
Married Catherine O'Meara, Bryson,
Que., 1883; has two sons and two
daughtors. Clubs: Canadian; St. Mary's,
Calgary. Societies: K. of C; C. M. B. A.
Liberal; Roman Catholic. Address: Cal-
gary, Alta.

BOUND, Henry Barringfton. — Of Car-
ruthers, Round & Co., Real Estate and
Financial Brokers, 121 Jasper Ave., Ed-
monton. Director Alberta Lumber Co..
Ltd.; Jasper Cark Collieries, Ltd., and
North West Trust Co. Born Oxford,
England, son of Henry and Mary Brad-
street Round. Educated Victoria College,
Jersey, Channel Islands. Came to Can-
ada, 1872. Fur trader, Hudson's Bay
Co., York Factory, Fort Garry, McKen-
zie River, Peace River, etc., 1872-1900;
established present business, 1905. Jus-
tice of the Peace, Province Alberta.
Paymaster, 101st Regiment, Edmonton.
Married Fanny N., daughter of Charles
A. Wheelwright, Bengal Horse Artil-
lery, 1876; has three sons and one
daughter. Anglican. Address: Edmon-
ton, Alta.




^ ROUNDING, Lewis A.— Of Rounding
Land Co., Ltd., Real Estate and Finan-
cial Agents, Western Trust Bldg., Re-
gina. Born Bowling Green, Ont., March
26 1881, son of Arthur and Annie
Whaley Rounding. Educated public
schools; high school. Grand Valley, Ont
Engaged in insurance business, Grand
Valley, prior to coming to Regina, 190.5;
established present business, 1905. Mar-
ried Florence Chefflns, Colborne, Ont
1908; has one son. Society: A. F. & a'
M. Recreations: indoor baseball, curl-
ing, golf. Liberal; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: 2330 Rose St., Regina, Sask.

BOWCI.IPPE, Georg-e — Fruit Shipper,
Kelowna. Born Exeter, Ont, March 21,
1864, son of John and Ann Walkey Row-
cliffe. Educated: public schools, LamlD-
ton County; Station Agent, Shoal Lake,
Man., 1893-1896; grain buyer. Shoal Lake,
1896-1898; partner, Lawson & Rocliffe,
merchants, Kelowna, 1899-1903; began
present business, 1903. Alderman, Ke-
lowna, 1907-1909. Married Mary Louise
McLachlan, 1902: has one son and two
daughters. Coriservative; Presbyterian.
Address: Kelowna, B. C.

SiOVIXSTITJIImIm, Francis "W. — Manag-
ing Director Ceperly, Rounsefell Co.,
Ltd., Financial Agents, Molson's Bank
Bldg., Vancouver. Born Wolfville, N.
S., Feb. 19, 1868, son of John and Mar-
garet Rounsefell. Educated Wolfville.
With Merchants' Bank, Brandon, Man.
Came to British Columbia, 1888, and en-
tered present business, Vancouver. Mar-


ried Elizabeth De Wolf Vaughan, 1898;
has one son and one daughter. Club:
Vancouver. Recreation: horses. Address:
1884 Haro St., Vancouver, B. C.


RO'WAN, Jolin — Financial Broker,
Melville; Director, Dominion Milling Co.
Ltd.; Manager, The J. Rowan Co.; Man-
ager, Central Saskatchewan Investments,
Ltd.; Secretary, Melville Board of Trade.
Born Pembrooke, Ont., June 26, 1868,
son of John and Annie Rowan. Edu-
cated: High School, Pembrooke. With
The Walton Co., real estate brokers,
Minneapolis, 1902-1906: with Harrison



& O'Kelly, real estate brokers, Winni-
peg, 1906-1908; established present busi-
ness, 1908. Alderman, Melville, 1911-
1912; Chairman, Waterworks Commit-
tee. Married Marie Carlson, Lockport,
111., 1908; has one daughter. Society:
A. P. & A. M. Recreation: horses. Lib-
eral; Methodist. Address: Fourth Ave.,
Melville, Sask.

BOWZ:, Walter A. A. — Farmer. Born
Strathroy, Ont., July 19, 1871, son of
Trustrun and Jane Carson Rowe. Edu-
cated public schools, Strathroy. Came
to Manitoba and engaged farming, 1891.
Member Canadian Seed Growers' Asso-
ciation. Secretary-treasurer Springhill
Grain Growers' Association. Won many
prizes seed and provincial fairs for pure
red fife wheat, it being exhibited by
Manitoba Government in eleven cities.
Eastern Canada. Councillor, Rosedale
Municipality; trustee and secretary-
treasurer school board for number of
years. Married Elizabeth Welch, 1896.
Recreation: motoring (silver trophy and
gold medal). Independent Conservative;
Protestant. Address: Neepawa, Man.

KOWSIiIi, Mary Coyne, B. A. — Lec-
turer, Wesley College, Winnipeg. Born
London, Ont., daughter of Joseph and
Nancy Green Rowell. Educated Ontario
Ladies' College, Whitby, Ont.; Victoria
College; Toronto University; post grad-
uate course Bryn Mawr College; spent
nineteen months, Europe, study of
French and German; also attended Uni-
versity of Munich, Germany, and Uni-
versity of Chicago. Came to Manitoba,
1910. President Victoria College Y. W-
C. A., 1897-1898. Clubs: Women's Uni-
versity (Toronto); Canadian; Musical.
Methodist. Address: Wesley College,
Winnipeg, Man.

BOWI^ANDS, David William. — Editor
and proprietor Ashcroft Journal. Born
Cardiff, Wales, May 4, 1873, son of
David William and Catherine Rowlands.
Educated Cardiff Grammar School.
Came to British Columbia, 1890 as rail-
way clerk, Donald, B. C. Notary pub-
lic. Married Evelyn Grace Brown, Ash-
croft; has two daughters. Society: I.
O. F. Recreations: hunting, fishing.
Address: Ashcroft, B. C.

BOWIiBY, Cbarles Walsli — Manager
The Canadian Bank of Commerce, Win-
nipeg. Born Yarmouth, N. S., Sept. 30,
1869, son of Lieutenant-Colonel John
William Horsley Rowley and Miriam
Rowley. Educated: public schools and
Seminary, Yarmouth. Served four years
in Yarmouth Garrison Artillery. Mar-
ried Fannie Woodman Smith, London,
Ont., 1896; has two daughters. Entered
the service of the bank at St. Catharines,
Ont., in the fall of 1887; appointed ac-
countant at Collingwood, 1893; Berlin,
1895; Winnipeg, 1898; Vancouver, 1902,


and the fall of 1902 appointed manager
at Calgary. Retained this position until
early in 1911 when appointed manager at
Winnipeg. Honorary Treasurer of the
Canadian Club, Winnipeg; member of the
Manitoba Club, Carlton Club, St. Charles
Country Club, Automobile Club, Winni-
peg; Ranchmen's Club, Golf & Country
Club, Lawn Tennis Club, Calgary; Min-
neapolis Club, Minneapolis; Stonewall
Automobile Club; Advisor of the Central
Section 1912-1914 and of the local Ad-
visory Board of the Alpine Club of
Canada; member of the Colonial Insti-
tute, London, Eng. ; Honorary Vice-Presl»
dent of the Canadian Defence League;
life Governor of the Winnipeg General
Hospital; life member of the Winnipeg
Humane Society; Director, Havergal
Ladies' College, Winnipeg; Director of
the Winnipeg Industrial Bureau; mem-
ber of the Advisory Board of the Edin-
burgh Life Assurance Company; mem-
ber of the Winnipeg Grain Exchange;
Patron of the Winnipeg Bankers' Hockey
League and President of The Canadian
Bank of Commerce Hockey Club. Relig-
ion: Anglican. Politics: British-Canadian.
Address: Winnipeg, Man.

BOWXiING', Henry Soar. — President
Vancouver Real Estate Co., 336 Has-
tings St., Vancouver. Born New West-
minster, Oct. 18, 1864, son of William
Henry Rowling, R. E., who came to
British Columbia, 1858, on North Amer-
ican Boundary Commission, and of Mary
Jane Rowling. His parents settled on
North Arm, Fi'aser River, 1870, on what
is now known as "Rowlings," South
Vancouver. Contractor, 1881, and owned
and operated large lumbering plants, on
present site of Vancouver. Recreation:
hunting. Address: Vancouver, B. C.



(Better known as John King.)

BOY, John (better known as John
Kingr). — Of The John King & Company,
Ltd., wholesale liquors and bottlers,
manufacturers' agents, 412 Victoria
Ave., Fort William, Ont. Director Fort
William Realty Co.; director Monjoli
Foundry Co., Ltd., Monjoli, Que.; di-
rector La Protection Fire Insurance
Co., Fraserville, Que. Born Rimouski,
Que., Oct. 8, 1858, son of Ferdinand and
Lucie Paquet Roy. Educated public
schools, Rimouski. Came to Ontario,
1876; with C. P. R., Westfort, Ont,
1877; charge of track work between
Fort William and Port Arthur when C.
P. R. changed headquarters from Port
Arthur to Fort William, 1882; helped
first consignment of grain, 500,000
bushels, from Fort William by vessel
that came by rail; conducted general
business, Westfort, 1886; opened branch.
Fort William, 1888 moved Westfort
business to Fort William, 1898; Fort
William departmental store destroyed
by fire, 1908. Trustee, McKellar Hos-
pital. Councillor, Westfort, 1888; school
trustee, 1896-1899; Alderman, Fort Wil-
liam, 1905-1908. Was in first train to
Winnipeg, C. P. R., from Fort William;
was in charge of train when the Mar-
quis of Lome went through via canoe
from Wagiboon to Rainey Lake en route
to the West. Married Delphine Robin
(deceased) ; has two sons. Married
Marie Clemmence "Van Bockstaele, daugh-
ter of Pierre Van Bockstaele, Gramont,
Belgium, 1899. Clubs: Canadian; Press.
Societies: Fort William Historical (vice-

president) ; Grand Deputy C. M. B. A.,
District of Thunder Bay. L'Union St.
Joseph du Canada. Recreations: shoot-
ing, fishing. Liberal; Roman Catholic.
Address: 302 Archibald St., Fort Wil-
liam, Ont.

BOV, Hon. Senator Philippe, M. I>. —

Physician and Surgeon. Born St. Fran-
cois, Que., Feb. 13, 1868, son of G. B.
and Josephine Roy. Educated St. Anne
de L'apocatiere College and Laval Uni-
versity. President Jaspers, Limited;
managing director Le Courrier de
rOuest Publishing Co. Summoned to
the Senate, March 8, 1906. Married
Helen Young, Edmonton, 1899; has two
sons and two daughters. Liberal; Roman
Catholic. Address: Edmonton, Alta.

BXJGH, Herbert Bell — Architect, Union
Bank Bldg., Winnipeg. Born Cedar
Rapids, Iowa, May 16, 1879, son of
George S. and Rilla Rugh. Educated
Armour Institute; Art Institute, Chi-
cago, 111.; graduated, 1901, and com-
menced career as architect, Racine,
Wis., 1901; came to Winnipeg, 1904. Mar-
ried May Lillian White, Cedar Rapids,
1903; has two daughters. Presbyterian.
Address: 185 Spence St., Winnipeg, Man.


BUSSEIiIi, A. H., Iili. B. — Barrister
and Solicitor; Crown Prosecutor for We-
taskiwin Judicial District and Red Deer
Sub. Judicial District. Born Dartmouth,
N. S., May 27, 1884, son of Mr. Justice
and Louise E. Russell. Educated Dal-
housie University. Called to Nova Scotia
Bar, 1908. Practiced Vegreville, Alta.,
1908-1910; present practice, since 1910.
Married Kathleen Gertrude Roberts,
daughter of John Roberts and Jessie
Porter Roberts, Seaforth, Ont, 1911.
Club: Red Deer. Liberal; Methodist.
Address: Red Deer, Alta.




BUSSEIiI^, Adam IiOthian. — Managing
Director Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ltd.,
Vancouver. Director Clayburn. Ltd.;
president Contractors Materials Co.,
Ltd. ; member of Council, Vancouver
Board of Trade. Born Alexandria, Dun-
bartonshire, Scotland, March 27, 1864,
son of James and Annie Knox Russell.
Educated high school and Glasgow Uni-
versity. With Rutherford Bros., Glas-
gow, 1880-1883; manager Taylor & Co.
Glasgow, 1883-1891. Came to British
Columbia, 1891. Ship broker and com-
mission agent, Vancouver, 1891-1901.
Married Rosamond Bickford, Newcastle,
England, 1899; has one daughter. Clubs:
Vancouver; Union (Victoria); Terminal
City; Jericho Country; Vancouver Ath-
letic; Brockton Point Athletic. Society:
A. F. & A. M. Recreation: golf. Pres-
byterian. Address: 1306 Burnaby St.,
Vancouver, B. C.

BUSSEIiIi, rinley R. McD. — Of Rus-
sell, Russell & Hancox, Barristers, Met-
ropolitan Bldg., Vancouver. Born New-
castle, N. B., Oct. 13, 1870, son of
Matthew and Sarah Russell. Educated
Harkins Academy. Student of law with
J. A. Russell, Vancouver. Subsequently
engaged practice as member of firm of
Russell & Russell. Life member Van-
couver Athletic Club; Director Brocton
Point Athletic Club; Director Children's
Aid Society; Vice-President Vancouver
Rowing Club; President North Pacific
Association of Amateur Oarsmen; Presi-
dent Vancouver Automobile Club; Vice-
President for B. C. of Pacific Highway As-
sociation. Married Agnes Isabel Mac-
Pherson, 1893; has two sons and two
daughters. Clubs: Vancouver; Vancouver
Hunt; Jericho Country; Tennis; Shaugh-
nessy Heights Golf; Automobile.
Societies: A. F. & A. M.; R. A. M., Scot-
tish Rite. Recreations; motoring, rid-


ing. Address: 1901 Haro St., Vancouver,
B. C.

ItTTSSEI^Ii, John Hamilton Gordon. —

Architect, 1110 McArthur Bldg., Winni-
peg. Bo'rn Toronto, Nov. 5, 1862, son
of James and Fanny Heath Russell.
Educated Model School, Toronto.
Draughtsman, Toronto, 1879. Came to
Winnipeg, 1882. Vice-president Winni-
peg Mercantile Trust Co.; director Ca-
nadian Securities Co.; past president
Manitoba Association of Architects;
member of Manitoba Board of Examiners
of Architects; president Royal Archi-
tectural Institute of Canada, 1912-13.
Married Agnes McAlpine Campbell, To-
ronto; has two sons and one daughter.
Clubs: Canadian; Rotary. Society: A. F.
& A. M. Recreation: lawn bowling. Lib-
eral; Presbyterian. Address: 237 Well-
ington Crescent, Winnipeg, Man.

BTJSSEIiI^, Joseph Amhrose, Iili. B

Senior member of firm of Russell, Rus-
sell & iiancox. Barristers, Metropolitan
Bldg., Vancouver. Born Newcastle, N.
B., Sept. 11, 1866, son of Matthew and
Sarah Ann Russell. Educated Harkens
Academy, Newcastle; Dalhousie Univer-
sity (LL. D. 1893). Law student of late
Hon. A. G. Blair, Q. C. Called to New
Brunswick Bar, 1887. Called to British
Columbia Bar, 1889, and has practiced
at Vancouver since. Police Magistrate
for City of Vancouver, 1896-1905. Mas-
ter of Vancouver Hunt Club since incep-
tion, 1886. Married Jessie Millar, daugh-
ter of James Millar, Halifax, N. S., 1892.
Clubs: Vancouver; Vancouver Hunt; Jer-
icho Country; Vancouver Rowing; Mi-
noru, Vancouver Athletic; Brockton
Point Athletic. Recreations: field sports,
rowing, riding. Address: 1917 Robson
St., Vancouver, B. C.




RUTHEBFOKD, Alexander Cameron,
B. A., JmJ,. D., B. C. Ii., DC. Ii. A. — Of

Rutherford, Jamieson & Grant, Barris-
ters, Strathcona and Edmonton. Born
Osgoode, Carleton County, Ont., Feb. 2,
1857, son of James and Elizabeth Ruth-
erford. Educated public school and high
school, J/fetcalfe, Ont.; W^oodstock Col-
lege, Woodstock; McGill University.
Practiced profession, Ottawa, 1885.
Came to Strathcona (South Edmonton),
1895; was secretary-treasurer and so-
licitor for Strathcona. Represents
Strathcona in Alberta Legislature. Dep-
uty Speaker of last Legislature of
North West Territories. First Premier
of Alberta, selected on formation of

province, 1905, by Lieutenant Governoi
Bulyea; was also Minister of Education
and Provincial Treasurer; elected, 1905
and 1909; resigned as Premier, May 26,
1910, owing to a division in the ranks
of Liberal members in Legislature. Un-
der his regime as Premier of Alberta,
all institutions as in old Provinces es-
tablished; Normal College and Provin-
cial University founded; encouraged
railway expansion; agricultural and coal
mining industries. Married Mattie
Birkett, Ottawa, 1888; has one son and
one daughter. Clubs: Edmonton; Strath-
cona. Liberal; Baptist. Address:
Strathcona, Alta.



SUSSSI^I^, Walter H., A. B., Xili. B. —

President, Northern Islands Pulpwood
Co. Ltd., Ruttan Bldg., Port Arthur; Di-
rector, Detroit Sulphite Pulp & Paper
Co.; President and Director, Whitehead
Ltd., Port Arthur. Born Plymouth, N.
H., May 21, 1882, son of Frank W. and
Louise A. Hall Russell. Educated: Dart-
mouth College, Hanover, N. H., Uni-
versity of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich.
Admitted to Michigan Bar, 1906; prac-
tised, Detroit, Mich., 1906-1908: Secre-
tary-Treasurer of present company, 1908;
elected President, 1910. Served as chief
trumpeter, 1st New Hampshire Infantry,
Spanish-American War, 1898. Married
Lela C. Elliott, Waterville, N. H., 1908.
Clubs: University of Detroit; Port Ar-
thur. Societies: A. F. & A. M.; Shriner;
Alpha Delta Phi; Sphinx. Anglican. Ad-
dress: 329 Van Norman St., Port Arthur,

BUTAN, WUliam Wiufield, M. P.—

Merchant. Born LeSuer, Minn., March
28, 1865, son of Anna Jane and Andrew
Rutan, M. D., who, a Canadian by birth,
moved to Minnesota, 1855, and was
member of the first Legislature of that
state. Educated Mankato, Minn.; Bat-
tle Creek, Mich. Came to Canada, 1897.
Elected to House of Commons for
Prince Albert, 1908. Married Josie
Lashley, 1890; has one son and three
daughters. Recreations: hunting, travel.
Liberal; Methodist. Address: Melfort,

BtTTTAN, I^ieutenant Colonel Henry
Norlande, C. E. — City Engineer, Winni-
peg. Born Cobourg, Ont., May 21, 1848,
son of Henry Jones and Margaret Rut-
tan. Educated Cobourg. In engineering
department G. T. R., 1866-1869; engi-
neering staff Intercolonial Ry., 1869-
1874; C. P. R., 1874-1877; private prac-
tice, engineering, 1877-1885; City Engi-
neer, Winnipeg, since 1885; Served No.
1 Co., 40th Battalion, during Fenian
Raid, 1866. On formation of 90th Bat-
talion, Winnipeg Rifles, was gazetted
Captain of Company B. Served during
North West Rebellion, 1885, under Gen-
eral Middleton. In command of 90th
Battalion, 1895-1900, when was placed
on list of Reserve Officers. On organi-
zation of 100th Regiment, Winnipeg
Grenadiers, 1910, was gazetted to com-
mand. Married Andrina Barberie, Dal-
housie, N. B., 1882; has four sons and
one daughter. Societies: A. F. & A. M. ;
Institute of C. E., London; American
Society of C. E., New York; Canadian
Society of C. B., of which he was presi-
dent in 1910; member Royal Society
Arts and Manufacturing. Anglican.
Address: Armstrong's Point, Winnipeg,

BUTTAN, J. li. — Lumberman, Ender-
by; Director, Dominion Stock and Bond
Corporation. Born Sydenham, Ont, Feb.
10, 1863, son of Christopher and Mary
Jane Farley Ruttan. Educated public
schools, Ontario. Came to British Co-
lumbia, 1899; has been engaged in lum-
ber business, Ontario and Coast, all his
life. Married Mabel Miller, 1884; has
three sons and four daughters. Society:
A. F. & A. M. Conservative; Presby-
terian. Address: Enderby, B. C.


BtTTTAN, Bobert Anderson — Real Es-
state and Insurance Broker, 4 Court St.,
Port Arthur; President, Ruttan Estates,
Limited. Born Cobourg, Ont., April 16,
1865, son of Henry Jones and Margaret
Ruttan, of U. E. L. stock. Educated:
public schools, Cobourg. Secretary to
George Laidlaw (known as the man who
made Toronto), 1874-1880; secretary to
Hon. John Norquay, Winnipeg, 1881;
real estate business, Winnipeg, 1881-
1883; secretary to Commissioner Walsh,
Dominion Lands Board, Winnipeg, 1883-
1885; assistant secretary to Lands Board,
Winnipeg, 1885-1895; agent. Dominion
Lands, Edmonton, 1895-1900; real estate
business, Winnipeg, 1900-1904. Came to
Port Arthur to take over business of J.
F. Ruttan, 1904, which business was
established by R. A. and J. F. Ruttan,
1881. Councillor, Port Arthur, three
years; President, Conservative Assn.,
1909. Married Nenon M. L. Armstrong,
daughter of William Armstrong, Toron-
to, 1882: has four daughters. Clubs:
Manitoba; Edmonton; Albany; Kamln-
istiquia; Port Arthur. Society: A. P. &
A. M. Recreations: shooting, golf. Con-
servative; Anglican. Address: 409 He-
bert St., Port Arthur, Ont.




RYAN, Edward Faustiuus, B. A., Iili.
M. — Barrister, Lineham Block, Calgary.
Born Mount Ryan. P. E. I., Feb. 15,
1876, son of Edward and Margaret Ryan.
Educated St. Dunstan's College, Char-
lottetown, P. E. I.; Laval University;
University of Minnesota. Studied law,
Charlottetown, 1900; came to Alberta,
1907; established present practice, 1908.
Address: Calgary, Alta.

STAN, His Honor Joseph. — County
Court Judge, Portage la Prairie. Born
Dunville, Ont., Dec. 18, 1841, son of John
and Amelia Clement Ryan. Educated
Christian Brothers Schools, Kingston,
Ont.; Regiopolis College, Kingston.
Came to Manitoba, 1872. Elected M. P.
for Marquette, Man., 1874; re-elected,
1878. When first elected was follower
of the Hon. Edward Blake, but pledged
to oppose McKenzie administration if
an all-rail road between Port Arthur
and Winnipeg were not built; pursuant
to this pledge went into opposition, and
on defeat of Sir John A. MacDonald,
Kingston, 1878, retired to allow Sir
John to be elected by acclamation. Ap-
pointed County Court Judge, 1882. Mar-
ried Mary Helena Collins, 1868; has four
sons and two daughters. Society: St.
Vincent De Paul, Kingston, Ont. Inde-
pendent; Roman Catholic. Address:
Portage la Prairie, Man.

STAN, Joseph. — Financial, Real Es-
state and Timber Broker, Baker St., Cran-
brook; secretary and managing director,
Yellowhead Pass Lumber Co., Ltd. ; owns
controlling interest in group of gold
claims, west fork, St. Mary's River.

Born County Tipperary, Ireland, Nov.
26, 1863, son of James O. and Mary
Ryan. Educated public schools, Tipper-
ary; St. Vincent's College, Castle Knock,

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