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Dublin. Came to British Columbia, 1899.
Engaged mining. Peace River and Omen-
ica country, 1899; Rossland and Trail,
1900-1901; Lardeau country, 1901-1904;
established present business, Cranbrook,
1904. Magistrate, Cranbrook, since 1908;
Judge of Debts Court, Electoral District
of Lranbrook. Writer of short stories
for magazines; Legends of Kootenay
Indians, etc. Club: Cranbrook. Society:
K. of C. (Grand Knight and District
Deputy). Conservative; Roman Catholic.
Address: Cranbrook, B. C.

SYI.ANDS, G. G.— Of F. Sturgess &
Co., Real Estate and Financial Agents,
Pemberton Bldg., Victoria. Born London,
England, June 12, 18S5, son of J. P. and
M. I. Glazebrook Rylands. Educated:
Brownsgrove School; Oxford Univer-
sity. Came to British Columbia, 1910;
established present business, 1912.
Served as Lieutenant, 4th Battalion.
Clieshire Regiment. Recreations: all
sports. Conservative; Anglican. Ad-
dress: Victoria, B. C.

ST. AIiBANS, Edward — "Manager,
Bankers Trust Co., 166 Hastings St.,
Vancouver. Born St. Albans, Vt., Dec.
2, 1868, son of Edward and Mary Clyde
St. Albans. Educated: Princeton Uni-
versity. Purser, Ward S. S. Line, New
York, 1894-1900; mining, Nome and Daw-
son, 1900-1902: interested in oil lands,
Texas and Kansas, 1903-1906. Served as
Lieutenant-Colonel, American Army,
Spanish-American War, 1894-1899. Mar-
ried Maude Wycoff, Topeka, Kans., 1904.
Recreations: hunting, fishing. Conser-
vative; Anglican. Address: Glencoe
Lodge, Vancouver, B. C.

ST. DENIS, Denis. — Real Estate, Insur-
ance and Financial Broker. Born Van-
kleek Hill, Ont., June 4, 1878, son of
Halaire and Mary Ann St. Denis. Edu-
cated public and high schools, Vankleek
Hill. Came to British Columbia, 1897.
Employed as scaler for Peter Genelle &
Co., lumber manufacturers, Nakusp,
1899, when by the amalgamation of this
and other lumber firms operating in
Yale and Kootenay districts the Yale-
Columbia Lumber Co., Ltd., was incor-
porated. Charge of branch office and
store of this company at Nakusp, 1899-




1903; Manager, Ontario-Slocum Lumber
Co., litd., Slocum, B. C, 1903-1911; es-
tablished present business, 1911. Married
sons and two daughters. Conservative,
sons and two tdaughters. Conservative.
Address: Nelson, B. C.

ST. G-ERMAZN, B. A. — Editor and
Mlanaging Director of "Le Progress,"
Morningville. Born St. Pie de Guire,
Que., Sept. 14, 1878, son of Benoine and
Christine St. Germain. Educated Sem-
iriary of Nicolet, Quebec; Laval Univer-
sity. Clerk, Decarie & Decary, Mon-
treal, 1902; with Taylor & Boyle, Edmon-
ton, 1904. Unsuccessful candidate. Al-
berta Legislature for St. Albert, 1909.
Secretary-Treasurer of Village of Morn-
Inville since 1907. Married Alice Rene-
ault, St. Albert, 1908; has one son. So-
ciety: K. of C. Liberal; Roman Cath-
olic. Address: Morninville, Alta.


ST. JOHN, Seward S. — Secretary and
General Manager, Transcontinental
Townsite Co., Ltd., Grand Trunk Pacific

Townsites, 268 Portage Ave., Winnipeg;
Secretary and General Manager, St. John
& Wisener Land Co., St. Paul, Minn.
Born Edora, Iowa, April 20, 1865, son of
James McKie and Dorothea Ellsworth
St. John. Educated public schools.
Freight clerk, American Express Co.,
Omaha, Neb., 1885; paying teller. State
National Bank, Lincoln, Neb., 1895;
grain business, Nebraska, 1895-1900;
came to Canada, homesteaded and
farmed, 1901-1904; associated with
Loose Land Co., St. Paul, Minn., and
engaged extensively colonization work,
1904-1910; established present business,
1910. Served with Omaha Guards two
years. Married Estella Wilson, Juniata,
Neb. Society: A. F. & A. M. Recrea-
tion: Motoring. Liberal; Anglican. Ad-
dress: The Roslyn, Winnipeg, Man.

ST. JOHN-MH^DIOAV, ' Aubrey Ne-
ville, M. A. — Anglican Clergyman (re-
tired). Born Long Marston, Yorkshire,
Feb. 14, 1865, son of Rev. Charles Arun-
dell St. John-Mildmay, J. P., and Har-
riet Louisa St. John-Mildmay. Edu-
cated Winchester College, England; Ox-
ford; Wells Theological College. Came
to British Columbia, 1902; principal of
preparatory school for boys, "Vernon,
1S03-1907. Author of "Vignettes," "Lau-
reates of the Cross," "Brown Studies,"
"In the Waiting Time of War," "Sea
Room" (1910). Hon. Representative,
Royal Academy and Royal College of
Music, London, England, 1910. Served
as cadet with Hampshire Volunteer
Regiment, 1882-1884. Clubs: New Ox-
ford and Cambridge; Pall Mall, London;
Christian Social Union; Vancouver Art,
Historical and Science Association. Rec-
reation: Riding. Address: 1046 Haro St.,
Vancouver, B. C.

N. L. SAGE, M. D., D. O.

SAGE, MTorman Iiouis, M. D., D. O. —

President Sage, Appleton Co., Real Es-
tate and Financial Brokers, 108 Jasper
Ave., W., Edmonton, and Victoria, B. C.



Born Ingersoll, Ont., May 6, 1859,
son of Simeon and Agnes Louise Cook
Sage. Educated Collegiate Institute, In-
gersoll; Pulte Medical College, Cincinnati,
O. ; American School of Osteopathy,
Kirksville, Mo. Taught school, Elgin
County, Ont., 1879-1881; principal of
school, Castlewood, Md.. 1881-1885; stu-
dent, Cincinnati, O., 1885-1888; prac-
ticed, Detroit, Mich., 1888-1906; gradu-
ated from Osteopathic College, 1908;
practiced, London, Ont., 1908-1910; cam«
to Alberta, 1910. Secretary, Osteopathic
Society of Alberta. Appointed examiner
in osteopathy, Province of Alberta,
April, 1912. Married Clare E. Brown,
Brownsville, Ont., 1897. Club: Canadian.
Societies: American Osteopathic Associa-
tion; American Institute of Homeopathy;
Osteopathic Atlas Club. Recreations:
baseball, football, hunting. Protestant.
Address: Victoria, B. C.

SAIiISBURV, W. P. — Local Treasurer,
C. P. R., Vancouver. Born Kew, Surrey,
England, Feb. 16, 1847, son of William
J. and Sarah Salsbury. Educated pub-
lic and grammar schools. Railroading,
England, 1861. Came to British Colum-
bia on first overland train, C. P. R-,
June, 1886. Chairman Hospital Board.
Alderman for several years. Married
Sarah Jane Wales, Brighton, England
(deceased); married Isabel Turner; has
three sons and two daughters. Society:

A. F. & A. M. (P. M., Montreal). Ad-
dress: Shaughnessy Heights, Vancouver,

B. C.

SAIiTOlT, Bev. Creorgre Fletcher, M. A.,
Ph. D. — Methodist Clergyman. Born
West Hartlepool, England, Nov. 9, 1858,
son of Fletcher and Mary Cliffe Salton.
Educated Wesleyan School; Wesleyan
University. Came to Moose Jaw, 1910.
Married Annie M. Gordon, Coderich,
Ont., 1887; has two sons. Recreations:
Fishing, chess. Methodist. Address:
Moose Jaw, Sask.

SAMIS, Adouiram Judson. — Real Es-
tate Broker, 22 Samis Block, Calgary.
Born Sarina, Ont, Dec. 27, 1873, son of
Rev. James and Mary Ann Samis. Edu-
cated public schools, Nebraska. Came
to Alberta, 1893; ranching. Olds, Alta.,
1893-1900; founder and editor, Oracle,
Olds, 1900-1903; real ..estate, Calgary,
1903; editor, Lethbridge News, 1905-
1906; established present business, 1906.
Alderman, Calgary, 1907-1908 and 1911;
unsuccessful candidate for Mayor, 1908.
Married Anna Jane McCann, Central
City, Neb., 1900; has one son and one
daughter. Club: Canadian. Recreation:
Baseball. Liberal; Baptist. Address:
Calgary, Alta.

SAMFSOir, Herbert E., B. A., I.I.. B.

— Of Barr & Sampson, Barristers and
Solicitors, Darke Blk., Regina; Director,
Saskatchewan Securities & Trust Cor-
poration; Director, Regina Brokerage &
Investment Co., Ltd. Born Toronto, May
13, 1871, son of Thomas E. and Margaret
A. McKee Sampson. Educated public
schools and Collegiate Institute, To-
ronto; Toronto University; Osgoode
Hall. Called to Ontario Bar, 1896. Prac-
ticed, Toronto, 1896-1897; Owen Sound,
Ont., 1897-1909; Regina, since 1909.
Served with Queen's Own Rifles, To-
ronto, ten years. Married Fannie B.
Beckett. 1899; has two sons and one
daughter. Societies: C. O. F. ; K. O. T.
M. Recreations: rifle shooting, tennis.
Methodist. Address: Regina, Sask.

SAiaPSOIT, William Curtis. — Char-
tered Accountant, 1219 Langley St., Vic-
toria. Born South Molton, North De-
von, England, Nov. 5, 1850, son of Rich-
ard and Anne Sampson. Educated South
Molton. Came to Canada and engaged
C. P. R. construction, 1881. Came to
British Columbia, 1885; Yukon, 1897.
Married Harriet Susan Pemberton,
April 14, 1909. Clubs: Vancouver, Union.
Recreations: Golf, fishing. Address:
Molton Combe, Oak Bay, Victoria, B. C.

SANBBBS, Iiieutenant-Colouel Gilbert
Bdward, D. S. O., C. O. — Depot Division,
R. N. W. M. P., Regina. Born Fort
Yale, B. C, Dec. 23, 1863, son of E. H.
Sanders. Educated King Alfred's School,
Wantage, Berkshire, England; Royal
Military College. Entered Northwest
Mounted Police as inspector, 1884; Riel
Rebellion, 1885 (medal); went to South
Africa, command of squadron Canadian
Mounted Rifles, 1900 (twice wounded).
Decorated for saving life of Sergeant
Tryon. Superintendent, Royal North-
west Mounted Police, commanding Depot
Division and Regina District. Married
Caroline Jukes. Recreation: Riding. Ad-
dress: Regina, Sask.

SABGBNT, Very Bev. John Faine, B.
A., D. D. — Dean St. Peter's Pro-Cathe-
dral. Diocese of Qu'Appelle. Born
Dublin, Jan. 16, 1838, son of Dr. R. S.
Sargent. Educated King's College Uni-
versity; Hon. D. D. University of Mani-
toba. Ensign in H. M. 62d Regiment of
Foot, 1855-1861; Missionary of the So-
ciety for the Propagation of the Gospel,
Nova Scotia and Northwest Territories,
1864, 1900; Archdeacon of Assiniboia,
1898-1903; Dean of St. Peter's since
1903; Secretary Synod of Diocese of Qu'-
Appelle since 1892; Deputy-Prolocutor,
Provincial Synod of Rupert's Land, 1899-
1902; Prolocutor, 1902-1905; Chaplain
No. 2 Field Hospital, Canadian Field
Force, North West Rebellion, 1885
(medal). Married Elizabeth King, Wind-
sor, N. S.; has three sons and two
daughters. Address: Qu'Appelle, Sask



SASaiSON, Albert George, B. O. —

Formerly Major, 5th R. C. A., with
twenty years' service. Retired journal-
ist. Born Montreal, Aug. 20, 1862, son
of George and Margaret Sargison. Came
to British Columbia, 1873. Educated
Victoria high school. On Colonist under
D. W. Higgins, 1879, and filling succes-
sively all positions from reporter to
managing editor and proprietor. Alder-
man, 1910. Married Fannie A. B. Jack-
son, Victoria, 1884; has four sons and
two daughters. Clubs: Pacific; Terminal
City (Vancouver). Recreation: yachting.
Address: 233 Menzie St., Victoria, B. C.

SAXTDER, Penrose BXelviu, Cw E. —

Chief Hydrographer, Department of In-
terior, Dominion Government, Post Of-
fice Bldg., Calgary. Born Preston, Ont.,
Jan. 27, 1882, son of Joseph and Wil-
helmina Sauder. Educated: public
schools; Gait Collegiate Institute; School
of Practical Science, Toronto. Draughts-
man, Dominion Government • Irrigation
office, Regina, 1904-1905; Engineering,
Southern Alberta, 1905-1906; Inspector,
Dominion Government Irrigation Works.
Southern Alberta, 1906-1909; present
position since 1909. Sergeant, Field En-
gineers, Toronto, 1904. Married Flor-
ence Mary Aylward, Arthur, Ont., 1910.
Club: Canadian. Societies: A. F. & A.
M.; I. O. F.; Canadian Society Civil En-
gineers. Recreations: football, hunting.
Methodist. Address: 520 23rd Ave., W.,
Calgary, Alta.

SAtTNDEBS, Edward Manning'. — Man-
ager, Canadian Bank of Commerce, Cal-
gary. Born Halifax, June 25, 1866, son
of Rev. Dr. B. M. and Maria F. Saun-
ders. Educated high school; Dalhousie
University. Joined Canadian Bank of
Commerce, Toronto, 1886; manager of
branch Moosomin, Sask., 1902; Moose
Jaw, 1905-1911; manager of Calgary
branch since 1911. President, Associated
Boards of Trade of Western Canada,
1911. Alderman, Moosonim, Sask., 1904-
1905. Served as Lieutenant, 16th Light
Horse, 1908-1909. Married Jessie Mll-
ner, daughter of late Rev. J. Milner, To-
ronto, 1897; has two sons and two
daughters. Clubs: Ranchmen's; Alberta.
Society: A. F. & A. M. Recreations:
Outdoor sports. Presbyterian. Address:
1201 Sixth St., W., Calgary, Alta.

SAVAGE, Edward Harris^ — Manager,
Northwest Trust Co. Ltd., 550 Columbia
St., New Westminster. Born Belfast
Ireland, March 30, 1886, son of William
and Isabella Bassett Savage. Came to
British Columbia, 1887. Educated: pub-
lic schools and College New Westmin-
ster. Clerk, Hart & Co., real estate
brokers, New Westminster, 1902-1905;
salesman. Dominion Trust Co., 1905-
1908; member of firm. Major & Savage,
real estate, 1909-1912; business sold to


present company, 1912. Club: West-
minster. Societies: A. F. & A. M.; K.
P. Presbyterian. Address: Hotel Rus-
sell, New Westminster, B. C.

SAVAGE, William. — Of McLellan &
Savage, Barristers and Solicitors, 337
Hastings St., W., Vancouver. Born
Greens Norton, Northamptonshire, Eng-
land., Jail. 4, 1875, son of Josiah and
Ann Savage. Educated public schools,
England; Columbian College; New West-
minster. Came to British Coltimbia,
1889. Address: 1451 6th Ave., W., Van-
couver, B. C.

SAVABV, Henry Phipps Otty. — Of

Savary, Fenerty & De Roussy, Barristers,
Calgary. Born Digby, N. S., Sept. 12,
1880, son of Bessie Crookshank Otty and
Alfred William Savary (for over thirty



years Judge of the County Court, Nova
Scotia). Educated public schools; Dal-
housie University and Law School. Stu-
died law with Borden, Ritchie & Chls-
holm, Halifax; associated with that firm
and with their successors, Ritchie &
Robertson, for several years after ad-
mission to bar. Came to Alberta and
practiced, 1909. Married Claudine M.
Brown, daughter of late Charles Edward
Brown, Halifax, 1906; has two sons.
Club: Ranchmen's. Conservative; An-
glican. Address, 3022 Glencoe Road, Cal-
gary, Alta.

SAVIIiZ:, Eustace Claude, B. A. — So-
licitor and Notary Public. Born Clifton,
Bristol. England, April 26, 1879, son of
Ellen L. and Col. Henry B. O. Savile,
C. B. Educated: Clifton College; Cam-
bridge University; (2nd Class Classical
Tripos, 1901; Captain, Queens' College
Cambridge Rugbv Football team, 1900-
1901). Articled clerk, FitzHugh & Co.,
solicitors, Brighton, 1903; admitted as
solicitor in England, 1906. Came to
British Columbia, 1910; admitted solici-
tor in British Columbia. 1912: began
present practice, 1912. Married Eliza-
beth Catherine Anderson, daughter of
late Major J. W. Anderson, Poona Horse
(I. A.), 1910. Recreations: cricket, skat-
ing, shooting, etc. Conservative; Angli-
can. Address: Unsted Wood, Salmon
Arm, B. C.


SAWIiE, Alexander Iieonard — Manag-
er, Imperial Bank of Canada, Athabasca
Landing. Born Brantford, Ont., April 5,
1884, son of William Tregerthen and
Annie Jane Messenger Sawle. Educated:
public and high schools, Welland. Joined
Imperial Bank of Canada, Port Colborne,

Ont., 1901. Came to Alberta, 1903; clerk,
Imperial Bank, Edmonton, 1903-1908;
manager of present branch since 1908.
President, Athabasca Board of Trade,
1912. Married Clara Thomson, daughter
of John Tliomson, Portage du Fort,
1907. Clubs: Overseas (President); Ca-
nadian (Vice-President). Society: I. O.
O. F. Recreations: running, lacrosse,
hockey, baseball, shooting. Independent;
Presbyterian. Address: Athabasca Land-
ing, Alta.

SCAZ^ES, R. K. — Merchant, Fruit
Rancher. Born Knowlton, Que., 1867,
son of Rev. William and Sarah Scales.
Farmed Oshawa, Ont., 1882. Came to
British Columbia, 1907. Reeve Munici-
pality of Salmon Arm, 1910. Ex-Presi-
dent, Salmon Arm Board of Trade. Mar-
ried Annie W. Scales, Virden, Man.; has
one son and one daughter. Society: S.
O. E. Address: Salmon Arm, B. C.

SCABI^ETT, Bev. Robert Arthur. —

Pastor, McDougall Methodist Church,
Winnipeg. Born Cobourg, Ont., June 7,
1865, son of Edward Scarlett, late In-
spector of Public Schools for Northum-
berland County, and Hannah W. Scarlett.
Educated Victoria University. Druggist,
Cobourg, 1883. Came to Winnipeg, 1891,
as probationer for the Methodist Uni-
versity. Married Alma Edith Parkhill,
Midland, Ont., 1895; has two sons and
two daughters. Societies: I. O. O. F. ;
L. O. L. Recreations: lacrosse, baseball,
curling, hockey. Independent; Metho-
dist. Address: 273 Austin St., Winni-
peg, Man.

SCARTH, W. P., P. M. — Born Strat-
ford, Ont., July 12, 1852, son of Henry
and Rachel Scarth. Educated public
schools, Stratford, Ont. General mer-
chant, Winnipeg, 1882. Came to Virden,
1S82. Police Magistrate; Postmaster of
Virden for nineteen years. Served as
Lieutenant with 39th Battalion Norfolk
Rifles three years. Married Nelly E.
Blakeman, Virden, 1886; has two sons
and two daughters. Recreation: Ha.s
shooting box and lodge at Oak Lake,
Man. Conservative; Anglican. Address:
Virden, Man.

SCSAAKE, Henry — Manager, Heaps
Engineering Co. Ltd., 325 Front St.. New
Westminster; Managing Director, The
Schaake Machine Works, Ltd.; Director,
Talbot Engineering Co. Ltd. Born Balti-
more, Md., Feb. 14, 1867, son of Henry
and Caroline Fieseler Schaake. Educat-
ed: Baltimore Public Schools, Engineer-
ing machinist, J. F. W. Dorman, War-
field Mfg. Co., and Baxter Electric Mo-
tor Works, Baltimore, 1881-1886; invent-



ed and manufactured patent can-making
machinery, Kendall-Schaake system, Bal-
timore, 1886-1S87, inventor and superin-
tendent California and Eagle Automatic
Can Co., San Francisco, 1887-1896; pro-
moted and managed Automatic Can Co..
New Westminster, 1896-1898; establish-
ed and operated The Schaake Machine
Works, Ltd., 1899-1912, sold to Heap?
Engineering Co., June 1st, 1912. Mar-
ried Katherine Rider, daughter of Anto'-
Rider, Baltimore, 1887; has one son anr
two daughters. Club: Westminster
Society: A. F. & A. M. Recreation-
travel. Conservative; Lutheran. Ad-
dress: 131 Tliird St., New Westminster
B. C.

SCHAFFNER, Fred Iiawrence, B. A.,
M. D., M. P. — Physician. Born South
Williamstown, N. S., Aug. 18, 1855, son
of William C. Schafther. Educated:
Acadia College; Trinity Medical College.
Practiced, Boissevain, twenty-five years.
Represented Souris, Manitoba Legisla-
ture, five years; elected to House of
Commons, for Soulis, 1904, 1908 and
1911; twice Mayor of Boissevain. Mar-
ried C. A. Allen, Perth, Ont, 1887. Club:
Adanac (Winnipeg). Conservative. Ad-
dress: Boissevain, Man.


SCHOI^EFZEZ;d, Ethelbert Olaf
Stuart. — Librarian and Archivist, Prov-
ince of British Columbia, Parliament
Buildings, Victoria. Born St. Wilfrids,
May 31, 1875. Came to British Colum-
bia in 1887. Educated public and high
schools Victoria. Member Council Amer-
ican Library Association; President Pa-

cific Northwest Library Association;
member National Geographical Society;
member National Historical Society;
Hon. Secretary for B. C. Soldiers' and
Sailors' Help Society. Married Lillian
May Corbould, 1907. Clubs: Union;
Author's (London). Anglican. Address:
939 Pemberton Road, Victoria, B. C.

SCHOFIEI;d, James Hargrave, US. i;.
A. — Born Brockville, Ont, Feb. 19, 1866,
son of Frederick and Letitia Schofield.
Educated Trinity College school. Port
Hope. Agent, C. P. R., Trail, since 1899.
Mayor, City of Trail, 1902-1907. Chair-
man, Police and License Commissioners,
some years. Elected to British Colum-
bia Legislature, for Ymir, since 1907.
Married Maude Peverley, 1892; has two
sons and one daugliter. Society: A. F.
& A. M. (Grand Master Grand Lodge of
B. C, 1906). Conservative; Anglican.
Address: Trail, B. C.


SCHRADER, Vdo P. — Of Udo F.

Schrader & Co., Real Estate Brokers,
Bank of Hamilton Bldg., Saskatoon.
Born Germany, Sept. 17, 1882. Educated
public schools, St. Paul; Minnesota Uni-
versity. Came to Saskatoon, 1904.
With B. E. Dutcher, real estate broker,
Saskatoon, 1904-1907; partner, Dutcher,
Sohrader Co., Ltd., Saskatoon, 1907-
1910; present business established, 1910.
Farms 3500 acres near Borden, Sask.
Married Helen Mallory, Red Wing,
Minn., 1907; has two daughters. Club:
Saskatoon. Society: A. P. & A. M. Rec-
reation: baseball. Liberal; Anglican.
Address: 321 6th Ave., N., Saskatoon,




SCHTTBERT, Charles Tabor — Farmer
and Fruit Rancher, Armstrong. Born
Lillooet, B. G., Jan. 6, 1870, son of Fred-
erick Augustus and Katherine O'Hare
Schubert. Educated Cache Creek board-
ing school. Has been farming, Arm-
strong district, since 1883. Served as
Reeve, Armstrong, 1911-1912; Councillor,
Armstrong, six terms. Married Ellen
Katherine Levins, Vancouver, 1898; has
two sons. Society: A. F. & A. M. Rec-
reation: travel. Liberal; Presbyterian.
Address: Armstrong, B. C.

SCHUIiTZ, Lady, (Ag'nes Campbell
Farauarson) — Widow of Sir John Schultz,

K C M. G., Lieutenant-Governor o^
Manitoba. Born Kingston, Janiaica
daughter of James Farquarson, late _ot
British Columbia. Married John Chris-
tian Schultz, M. D., 1867, who was after-
wards a member of the House of Com-
mons, later a Senator and made a K. C.
M G during his term as Lieutenant-
Governor of Manitoba. Address: Arm-
strong's Point, Winnipeg, Man.

SCHUI.TZ, Samuel Davies— Of Schultz,
Scott & Goodstone, Barristers, Canada
Life Bldg., Vancouver. Born Victoria,
Oct 21, 1865; parents, Herman and Eliza-
beth Schultz. Educated: Victoria, B
C Public schools; Toronto University
Osgoode Hall Law School. Writer of
music, drama and sports on staffs of
Toronto Mail and World, Victoria Col-
onist, and Vancouver Province and World
Practised law at Nelson, Victoria and
Vancouver. Composed military march,
"Charge at Dawn," dedicated to the
heroes who fell at Paardeberg. Member
of the first Amateur British Columbia
Military Band. Pitcher on Toronto Uni-
versity baseball team, and member of
said team when it toured Eastern States


and defeated Cornell University in the
first inter-collegiate game between Can-
ada and the United States. Pitched first
shut-out game in British Columbia for
the Victoria Amity nine, champions of
British Columbia. Alderman of theCity
of North Vancouver, 1909-1910. Presi-
dent North Vancouver Conservative As-
sociation, 1912. President Samuel Lodge
No 668, L O. B. B., 1911. Societies:
Native Sons of British Columbia (char-
ter member). Clubs: University Club;
Vancouver; North Vancouver Club. Mar-
ried Maude Dunwell Squarebriggs, 1904;
has two sons. Address: Glenholly,
Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver, B. C.

SCIiANSERS, P. Maclure. — Commis-
sioner Board of Trade. Born Glasgow
Scotland, Sept. 26, 1868, son of David
and Margaret Lochtay Sclanders. Edu-



cated Glasgow. Clerk, Glasgow, 1883.
Came tot St. John, N. B., as special
writer writer, eastern newspapers; as-
sistant manager, St. John Exhibition,
1902-1904; engaged newspaper work,
Toronto, 1903; advertising agency, To-
ronto, 1905; real estate, St. John, 1906;
came to Saskatoon, present capacity,
1908. Corresponding secretary. Royal
Colonial Institute, London; secretary-
treasurer. Central Saskatchewan Con-
solidated Boards of Trade. Conceived
and organized the Central Saskatche-
wan Consolidated Boards, of which is
the honorable secretary-treasurer. Has
conducted several important agricultural
experimental demonstrations showing
western possibilities. Married Helen
Bevor Dick; of St.. John, N. B., 1908; has
one son and one daughter. Club: Saska-
toon. Recreation: trout fishing. Prot-
estant. Address: 102 Saskatchewan
Crescent, Saskatoon, Sask.

SCI^ATER, James — Of MacDonald, Mar-
pole Co., Ltd., Coal and Commission Mer-
chant, 427 Seymour St., - Vancouver.
Born Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland, Feb.
15, 1867, son of John and Janet Sclater.
Educated Kirkwall public school. Came
to British Columbia, 1889, with C. P. R.,
as depot ticket clerk. Appointed ticker
agent, 1891, and assistant to general pas-
senger agent, 1903. Joined present Arm,
1905. Vice-president of the Vancouver
Liberal Association, 1907, and president,
1908. Lieutenant of the 6th Regiment
the Duke of Connaught's Own Rifles,
1904; captain and adjutant, 1910. Mar-
ried Mary J. Sinclair, July 10, 1887; has
four sons and three daughters. Clubs:
Vancouver; Terminal City; Royal Van-
couver Yacht; Hunt. Recreations:
rifle shooting, riding. Address: 1231 Bar-
clay St., Vancouver, B. C.

SCOB^E, Andrew Bichard — Managing
Director, Western Canada Mortgage Co.,

Online LibraryC. W. ParkerNorthern who's who; a biographical dictionary of men and women → online text (page 82 of 102)