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Ltd,, of London, England, 56 Jasper
Ave., E.y Edmonton; Vice-President,
Peace River Trading & Land Co., Ltd.
Born Toronto, Ont., July 31, 1879, son
of Lieut-Col. Thomas Clarkson Scoble,
Royal Engineers, and Georgiana Car-
ruthers Scoble. Educated St. John's
College, Winnipeg. Clerk, Canada Per-
manent Mortgage Corporation, Winni-
peg, 1893-1901; inspector, Canada Per-
manent, Alberta, 1901-1910; present posi-
tion since 1910. Served with 90th Regi-
ment, Winnipeg. Married Lula Beatrice
Colquhoun, Winnipeg, 1901. Club: Ed-
monton. Recreations: rugby, golf, rid-
ing. Independent; Anglican, Address:
Edmonton, Alta.

SCOTT, Arthur Melville, B. A. (To-
ronto), Ph. B. (Gotting'en)' — Superin-
tendent of Schools, Calgary; chairman
of senate, Calgary College; vice-chair-
man, board of governors. Mount Royal

College. Born Caistorville, Ont., April
11, 1869, son of Michael Gavaghan and
Lucretia Maria Horning Scott. Edu-
cated: public schools, Caistorville; Park-
dale College Institute, Victoria College
and Toronto University, University of
Gottingen. Primary teacher, London,
Ont, 1887; student, Toronto Normal
School, 1890; professor of physics and
electrical engineering. University of New
Brunswick, 1899-1906; came to Alberta,
1906; gold medallist, Toronto Normal
School, 1890; Edward Blake scholarship,
mathematics and classics, Toronto Uni-
versity, matriculation, 1892; 1851 exhi-
bition scholar, Toronto University, 1896;
instructor physics, Toronto University,
1898-1899; secretary of senate. Univer-
sity of New Brunswick, 1902-1904; sec-
retary of faculty, 1899-1906; member of
first interprovincial committee, Rhodes
scholarship, Sackville, N. B. Married E.
Bertha Howson, B. A., Toronto, 1900;
has one sob and one daughter. Club:
Canadian. Society: I. O. F. Recreation:
curling;; ; Independent; Methodist. Ad-
dress:" 907 18th Ave., W., Calgary, Alta.


SCOTT, Hon. Bavid Byncli — Judge of
the Supreme Court of Alberta, Edmonton.
Born Brampton, Ont., Aug. 21, 1845, son
of John Scott. Educated Brampton
grammor school. Lieutenant-Colonel
commanding 36th (Peel) Battalion; re-
tired, retaining rank, 1882. Came to
North West Territories, 1882. First
Mayor of Regina, 1884-1885. Married
Mary McVittie, Barrie, Ont., 1883; has
two sons and two daughters. Club: Ed-
monton. Address: 349 6th St., Edmon-
ton, Alta.



SCOTT, Georg-e Adam, M. Ii. A. —

Farmer. Born Winnipeg, Dec. 11, 1874,
son of John and Jane Scott. Educated:
Oak Bank public school; Hartney Inter-
mediate; Brandon Collegiate. Obtained
first class certificate. Ex-director, Cen-
tral Canada Insurance Co. First elected
to Saskatchewan Legislature, for Arm
River, 1908. Married Elta M. Elliott,
1903; has two sons and two daughters.
Presbyterian; Liberal. Address: David-
son, Sask.


SCOTT, Harold Neilson — Financial
Broker, Estevan; Secretary and Manager,
Estevan Realty Co. Ltd.; member Este-
van Board of Trade. Born Stratford,
Ont., March 21, 1881, son of Dr. Ernest
Harold and Mary Neilson Service Scott.
Came to Manitoba, 1884. Educated:
public schools. Moose Jaw and Mooso-
min, Sask. Entered C. P. R. service,
Moose Jaw, 1896, and worked through
operating department, handling immi-
gration department at Portal, Sask,
three years, retiring 1906, to engage in
present business. Served as Alderman,
Estevan. Club: Estevan. Societies: A.
F. & A. M.; Shriner; Scottish Rite. Rec-
reations; curling; shooting, etc. Con-
servative; Presbyterian. Address: Este-
van, Sask.

SCOTT, Henry Jolin — Vice-president,
Canadian Explosives, Ltd., Victoria; di-
rector, Victoria Chemical Co., Ltd. Born
Campbellford, Ont., May 5, 1867, son of
William H. and Ann Cox Scott. Edu-
cated public and high schools, Ont. Came
to British Columbia, 1885. Married

Gertrude Maynard, San Jose, Cal. ; has
five sons and three daughters. Clubs;
Union; Pacific. Society: A. F. & A. M.
Recreation: riding. Conservative; Pres-
byterian. Address: 303 Douglas St., Vic-
toria, B. C.

SCOTT, James — Real Estate Agent, 197
Portage Ave., Winnipeg. Born Bramp-
ton, Ont., Nov. 9, 1845, son of John and
Eliza Scott. Educated Brampton gram-
mar school. General store, Brampton,
Ont.; grain business, Georgetown, Ont.;
1875. Came to Winnipeg, 1879. School
Trustee, 1898. First president of the
Winnipeg Real Estate Exchange. Mar-
ried Annie Brown, Brampton, 1870; has
six sons and five daughters. Club:
Carleton. Recreation: bowling. Conserv-
ative. Address: 21 Edmonton St., Win-
nipeg, Man.

SCOTT, Jessie Florence. — ^Wife of
Hon. Thomas Walter Scott, Premier of
Saskatchewan. Born Smith's Falls,
Ont., daughter of Emery Blanchard and
Jessie Read. Came to Saskatchewan,
1883. Married Hon. Walter Scott, 1890;
has one daughter. Clubs: Regina Musical
Club; Alexander (Honorary President);
Tennis; Golf; Lady Patroness of Jolly
Bachelor Club. Society: Daughters of
the Empire. Recreations: tennis, golf,
dancing. Anglican. Address: Regina,

SCOTT, Marg-aret (Mrs.) — Director of
Margaret Scott Nursing Mission, Winni-
peg. This nursing home received its
name as tribute to the quiet, unassum-
ing work of Mrs. Scott, who Isegan phil-
anthropic activities as city missionary
or deaconess under auspices of Holy
Trinity (Anglican) Church; later em-
ployed as district nurse by city; installed
as superintendent of home by philan-
thropic citizens interested in her general
charitable work. Address: 99 George
St., Winnipeg, Man.

SCOTT, Bichard Herbert — Of the Ala-
meda Farmers' Elevator & Trading Co.,
Ltd., and Scott-Truscott Co., Alameda.
Born Thorndale, Ont., March 18, 1876,
son of Richard and Sarah Scott. Edu-
cated Thorndale schools. Came to Man-
itoba, 1885; on farm with G. B. Mur-
phy, Carberry, Man., 1895; engaged ma-
chinery, stock and wheat buying busi-
ness, Methven, Man., 1898; came to Sas-
ketchawan, 1902; organized Alameda
Farmers' Co., 1904; Mayor, Alameda,
1907-1909-1910-1911. Married Myrtle
Alice Scott McNaughton, Alameda, 1901;
has two sons and two daughters. Club:
Commercial Travelers (Winnipeg). So-
cieties: I. O. F.; L O. O. F.; L. O. L. Con-
servative. Address: Alameda, Sask.




SCOTT, James Doug-las — President
Northwest Canada Lands, Ltd., Finan-
cial and Real Estate Agents, 1727 Scarth
St., Regina; Secretary-Treasurer Mount
Royal, Ltd.; Secretary-Treasurer, Re-
gina City View Farm, Ltd.; President
Home Builders' Co., Ltd.; Vice-President,
Leader Manufacturing Co., Ltd.; Direc-
tor, James Scott & Co., Ltd. Born
Scolstown, Que., Aug. 18, 1889, son of
John and Isabella McMaster Scott. Ed-
ucated Montreal High School; McGill
University. With Royal Bank, Montreal,

1905; came to Regina, 1906; associated
with Haslam Land Investment Co., Ltd.,
Regina, 1906-1909; started present busi-
ness, 1909. Served as 2nd Lieutenant,
7th Hussars, Quebec, 1903-1906. Mar-
ried Jessie Marguerite McGeoch, Los An-
geles, Cal., 1911. Clubs: Assiniboia;
Commercial; Conservative. Societies: D.
O. K. K. ; K. P.; B. P. O. E. Recreations:
motoring, shooting. Conservative; Pres-
byterian. Address: Rose Lodge, Regina,




SCOTT, Robert A. — Of Scott, Hill &
Co., Real Estate Brokers and Builders,
Canada Life Bldg., Winnipeg. Born Gait,
Ont., Jan. 20, 1869, son of Andrew and
Christian Scott. Educated College In-
stitute, Gait. Came to Winnipeg, 1889;
farmed Southern Manitoba, 1889-1902:
real estate as Scott Bros., Winnipeg,
1902-1910; has extensive farming and
stock raising interests in Manitoba. Mar-
ried Wilmott Ching, Winnipeg, 1903; has
one son and one daughter. Societies:
C. O. F.; W. O. W. Conservative; Pres-
byterian. Address: 422 Maryland St.,
Winnipeg, Man.

SCOTT, Snowdon Dunn, M. A. — Edi-
tor, News Advertiser, Vancouver. Born
Parisboro, N. S., June 8, 1851, son of
John Charlton and Margaret Scott. Edu-
cated: district school, West Brook;
Mount Allison University. Editor, Arg-
osy College Paper, Sackville, 1878-1879;
Weekly Post, Sackville, 1881; Daily
Mail, Herald Publishing Co., Halifax,
1882-1885; Daily Sun Publishing Co., St.
John, N. B., 1885-1906; Parliamentary
correspondent, Ottawa, 1906-1909; editor.
Standard, St. John, N. B., 1909-1910;
News Advertiser, since 1910. Author of
large number of historical papers writ-
ten for N. B. Historical Society; lectures,
etc. Sessional Disclosures, political, 1896,
1897 and 1898, and other campaign pub-
lications. "William Corbett's Life in
New Brunswick," privately printed.
Married Emma A. Wood, River Hebert,
N. S., 1885; has four sons and one
daughter. Club: Canadian. Societies:
Mount Allison Alumni; British Empire
League; New Brunswick Historical;
Methodist Historical. Conservative;
Methodist. Address: 395 14th Ave., W.,
Vancouver, B. C.

SCOTT, Colonel Thomas. — (Retired.)
Born Perth, Ont., Feb. 16, 1841, son of
Thomas and Margaret Scott. Educated
public and grammar schools, Perth.
Printer, Perth, 1856; established, and

editor and proprietor of Perth Expositor,
1861rl872. Unsuccessful candidate Mani-
toba Legislature, for Selkirk, 1874;
member of first council, Winnipeg, 1874;
Mayor, Winnipeg, 1877-1878; elected to
Manitoba Legislature, 1878-1880; elected
to House of Commons for Selkirk, 1880,
1882; appointed Collector of Customs,
Port of Winnipeg, 1887; retired, 1909.
Volunteered for service, 1860, during the
"Trent Affair," with rank of ensign;
command of Perth Infantry, serving five
months on frontier. Fenian Raid, 1866;
command of company of Ontario Rifles
under Lord Wolsely, Red River Expedi-
tion, 1870; cornmand of troops, second
Red River Expedition, 1871, retiring
1874. In 1885, while member of House
of Commons, was requested by Sir A. P.
Caron, Minister of Militia, to raise a
regiment for service to quell the Riel
rebellion, Manitoba, and in thirteen days
he raised and fully equipped what was
known as the Ninety-flfth Manitoba
Grenadiers, which remained in service.
Fort Qu'Appelle, until the trouble was
brought to an end. Married Margaret
Kellock, Perth, Ont., 1863; has four sons
and two daughters. Address: 198 Col-
ony St., Winnipeg, Man.


SCOTT, William. — Managing Director
of Scott & Hartronft, Ltd., Real Estate
and Financial Brokers, Grain Exchange,
Calgary; Vice-President, Calgary Real
Estate Association. Born Kirtmuirhill,
Scotland, April 9, 1879, son of William
j and Elizabeth Scott. Came to Manitoba,
1880. Educated public schools. Em-
ploye, R. A. Lister & Co., Ltd., Winnipeg,
1896-1903; salesman, Melotte Cream Sep-
arator Co., Ltd., Winnipeg; represented
firm Alberta, 1903-1906; present business
established, 1906. Member Calgary
Board of Trade. Married Jennie Pen-
dergast, Winnipeg, 1901; has one son
and two daughters. Society: U. C. T. of
America. Independent; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: 1301 Cameron Ave., Mount Royal,
Calgary, Alta.




SCOTT, Hon. Walter — Premier of Sas-
katchewan. Born London Township,

Middlesex County, Ort.. Oct. 27, 1867. son
of George and Isabella Telfer Scott.
Educated public schools. Partner, The
Standard, Regina, 1892-1893; proprietor
and editor of The Times, Moose Jaw,
Sask., 1894-1895; purchased The Leader,
Regina, from its founder, the late Nicho-
las Flood Davin, 1895; edited and man-
aged same until 1900. President West-
ern Canada Press Association, 1899, now
president Moose Jaw Times 'Publishing
Co., Ltd. Elected to the House of Commons
for Assiniboia West, 1900 and 1904: took
part in negotiations and passage of Acts
creating Provinces of Alberta and Sas-
katchewan; was invited to form first
Saskatchewan Ministry, Sept. 5, 1905,
and elected to Saskatchewan Legisla-
ture for Lamsden district; assumed pub-

lic works portfolio; after redistribution,
1908; elected for Swift Current, 1908,
when administration was sustained with
27 seats against 14; re-elected for Swift
Current general election, 1912, when his
administration was sustained by an
overwhelming majority. Claimed to be
the youngest leader of a government in
Canada. In Cabinet re-arrangement,
1912, relinquished public works port-
folios and was appointed Minister of
Education. Paid an extended visit to
Europe and the East, 1908, and again
1910. Present at the coronation King
George and Queen Mary and was pre-
sented to their Majesties, 1911. Married
Jessie Florence Read, daughter of the
late G. B'. Read, nostmaster Regina,
1890; has one daughter. Liberal; Pres-
byterian. Address: 2043 Lome St., Re-
gina, Sask.




SCOTT, William. — Contractor and Real
Estate Agent, Winnipeg. Born County
Tyrone, Ireland, Feb. 5, 1834, son of
Samuel and Margaret Scott. Came to
Canada, 1842. Educated public scliools,
Ontario. Farmed, Ontario, 1850-1857;
engaged contracting and timber trade,
Ontario and United States, 1857-1881.
Moved to Manitoba and engaged con-
tracting and real estate business, 1881-
1888. Came to Winnipeg, 1888, present
business since. Director, Riverview
Realty Co. Councillor, Municipality of
Brandon, 1882-1883; Warden, 1883-1884.
Married Sarah McCradie, 1860; has two
sons and two daughters. Club: Cana-
dian. Societies: A. F. & A. M.; L. O. L.;
Black Knights of Ireland. Independent;
Methodist. Address: 402 Wardlow Ave.,
Winnipeg, Man.

SCOVlIi, Earle Jeiming's — Financial,
Timber Lands, Mines and Real Estate.
Born St. John, N. B., May 24, 1877, son
of E. G. and Alice Foster Scovil. Edu-
cated at St. John, N. B. Came to Brit-
ish Columbia, 1894: in Provincial Gov-
ernment service as Government Agent,
Land and Gold Commissioner, Stipen-
diary Magistrate and Official Adminis-
trator, 1897-1912. Champion speed skat-
er for British Columbia, 1898-1900. Mar-
ried Ada Florence Dunne, Notch Hill,
1901; has two sons and one daughter.


Societies: A. F. & A. M.: R. A. M. Rec-
reations: skating, fishing. Conservative;
Anglican. Address: Golden, B. C.


SCBASZ:, Arthur Edwin. — Manager,
Alberta branch, National Trust Co., Ltd.,
Edmonton. Born Portsmouth, Hants,
England, April 9, 1868, son of James and
Isabella Scrase. Educated Dr. Smyth's
private school, Southsea, England. Came
to Winnipeg, 1890; law clerk, Macdonald,
Tupper, Phippen & Tupper, 1890-1893;
manager, estate department. National
Trust Co., 1903-1910; appointed manager,
Alberta branch, 1910. Married Elizabeth
E. Jarvis, Kirby Cross, Essex, England,
1893; has one daughter. Clubs: Adanac
(Winnipeg), Edmonton. Recreation:
Lawn bowling. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: Edmonton, Alta,




SCtri^I^Y, John James. — General Su-
perintendent, Canadian Pacific Ry. for
Saskatchewan. Born Montreal, Feb. 3,
1872, son of Peter and Mary Scully.
Educated St. Patrick's and St. Ann's
schools, Montreal. Clerk Car Service
Department, C. R. P., Montreal, Jan. 14,
1887; transferred to Assistant Superin-
tendent's office, Farnham, Que., June 18,
1888; Chief Clerk and Car Distributor
same place, Sept. 1, 1888; transferred
to Superintendent's office, Montreal, Aug.
1, 1890; Chief Clerk, Superintendent's
office, Farnham, Que., April 1, 1891;
Chief Clerk, Mechanical and Car Depart-
ments, Farnham, March 1, 1893; Chief
Clerk, Mechanical and Car Departments,
Toronto, Sept. 20, 1894; Assistant Master
Mechanic, Ontario and Quebec Division,
Toronto, March 1, 1898; Assistant Mas-
ter Mechanic, Western Division, Winni-
peg, Aug. 20, 1901; Chief Clerk to Gen-
eral Superintendent, Aug. 20, 1902; Chief
Clerk to General Manager, Western
Lines, May 1, 1903; Acting Superintend-
ent, Regina, June 1, 1903; Chief Clerk to
General Manager, Western Lines Aug.
1, 1903; Chief .Clerk to Vice-President,
Jan. 1, 1904; Assistant Superintendent,
Brandon, April 15, 1904; Superintendent
Brandon, Aug. 4, 1904; Superintendent,
Fort William-Winnipeg District, with
charge construoction double track, head-
quarters, Kenora, Ont, Otc. 10, 1906;
Supt. Moose Jaw District, Moose Jaw,
Sask., .May 10, 1910. On July 1, 1910,
appointed General Superintendent, Moose
Jaw, charge all lines Saskatchewan.
Married Cecelia Mallon Toronto, Feb.,
1903; has one son and one daughter.
Clubs: Brandon; Assiniboia (Regina);
Moose Jaw. Roman Catholic. Address:
76 Athabasca West, Moose Jaw, Sask.

SEABORir, Walter Ernest. — Of Sea-
born & Taylor, Barristers, Walter Scott
Bldg., Moose Jaw. Born London, Ont,
Jan. 25, 1880, son of Rev. William
Minter and Aguile Seaborn. Edu-
cated London Collegiate Institute; Os-
Bducated London College Institute; Os-
goode Hall. Practiced Moose Jaw, 1902;
formed partnership with G. B. Taylor,
1906, under firm name of Seaborn &
Taylor. President, Saskatchewan Trust
Co.; Director, Canada West Fire Insur-
ance Co.; Director, Prudential Life In-
surance Co. Married Hester Kent,
Moose Jaw, 1904; has two sons. Clubs:
Carleton (Winnipeg). Societies: A. P.
& A. M.; I. O. O. F.; I. O. F.; K. of P.
Recreations: Golf, motoring Anglican.
Address: 74 Twelfth Ave., Moose Jaw,

SECORD, John C. — Of Frame, Secord,
Turnbull & Fisher, Barristers and So-
licitors, Assiniboia Elk., Regina. Born
Tilsonburg, Ont, April 13, 1878, son of
Ida Christopher and John Secord, K. C.
Called to Saskatchewan and Alberta Bar,
1896; practiced, Regina, since. Alder-
man, Regina, 1912. Married Nellie B.
Kerr, 139 9; has one son and two daugh-
ters. Club: Assiniboia. Societies: A. F.
& A. M. ; K. of P. ; A. O. U. W. Conserv-
ative; Anglican. Address: 2104 Hamilton
St, Regina, Sask.

SECORD, Richard. — Of McDougall &
Secord, Ltd., 11 Jasper Ave., W., Edmon-
ton. Born Brantford, Ont., July 19, 1860,
son of James R. and Jane Secord. Edu-
cated Brantford. Came to Alberta, 188] ;
taught school, Edmonton, 1882-1886.
Member Legislature, North West Terri-
tories, 1902-1903. Served with Home
Guard Corps. Married Annie York, Ed-
monton; has one son and three daugh-
ters. Club: Edmonton. Society: Elks.
Address: McKay and Fifth Sts., Edmon-
ton, Alta.

SEIiDOSr, Georgfe Elliot, M. D Sur-
geon, 544 Granville St., Vancouver. Born
Exeter, Ont, July 26, 1882, son of Rich-
ard and Emma Eeldon. Educated To-
ronto University and London Hospital
(three years). Came to British Colum-
bia and practiced Vancouver since 1908.
Club: Canadian. Society: A. F. & A. M.
Recreation: Tennis. Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: 2123 Westminster Ave., Vancou-
ver, B. C.

SEZ^WOOB, Frederick Shelton. — Of

Short Ross & Selwood, Barristers, Im-
perial Bank Bldg., Calgary. Born Lis-
towel, Ont, June 28, 1874. Educated
University of Toronto. Practiced Bos-
ton, Mass., 1903. Came to Alberta, 1906.
Club: Calgary. Society: A. P. & A. M.
Address: Calgary, Alta.



SXMMEITS, John. — Inspector of Indian
Agencies, Chambers of Commerce, Win-
nipeg. Born Penzance, Cornwall, Eng-
land, Jan. 9, 1850, son of John and Sarah
Semmens. Educated: Victoria College,
Cobourg, Ont. Entered Methodist min-
istry at Walkerville, Ont., 1871; Dundas,
1872; Norway House, Keewatin, 1874-
1875; Berens River, 1876-1877; Bruce
Mines, 1878; Davenport, 1879; Zion
Church, Winnipeg, 1880-1881; Emerson,
Man.. 1882-1883 ; Norway House, 1884-1886;
Carberry, Man., 1887-1888; Wesley
Church, Winnipeg, 1892-1893; Norway
House, 1894. Principal of Industrial
School, Brandon, Man., 1895-1898. Portage
la Prairie, 1899. Indian Agent, 1900-1904.
Inspector of Agencies since 1904. Be-
came a Commissioner for taking ad-
hesions to treaties, 1908. Secured the
surrender of 133,000 miles of Kewatin
territory to Dominion Government, 1908-
1910. Was twice Secretary of the Meth-
odist Conference in Manitoba and also
President of the Conference one year.
Was Chairman of the Winnipeg District
Methodist Church six years. Married
Helen C. Behimer, Copetown, Ont., 1878
(deceased) ; married Elizabeth Gibson,
Winnipeg, 1907; has five sons and two
daughters. Society: W. O. W. Liberal;
Methodist. Address: R. 212, Chambers
of Commerce, Winnipeg; residence, Sel-
kirk, Man.

J. H. SENKLER, B. A., K. C.

SENKIiEB, John Harold, B. A., K. C. —

Of Senkler, Splnks & Van Home, Bar-
risters, Pacific Bldg., Vancouver. Born
Brockville, Ont., July 24, 1866, son of
Edmund John and Margaret McLeod
Senkler. Educated Upper Canada Col-
lege, Toronto University (B. A.). Came

to British Columbia, 1893. Married Mar-
garet Hargrave Richards. Clubs: Van-
couver; Union (Victoria). Address: 1889
Haro St., Vancouver, B. C.


SERETH, Alexander. — General Man-
ager, Riverside Lumber Co., Ltd. Born
Austria, May 28, 1874, son of Israeli and
Ettle Sereth. Educated Austria. Lum-
ber cliecker, Austria, 1892. Came to
America, 1903. Established Riverside
Lumber Co., 1905; sash and door factory,
Calgary; saw mill. New Mitchell, B. C.
Married Sophia Schann, Lemberg, Aus-
tria, 1896; has two sons and one daugn-
ter. Society: A. F. & A. M. Hebrew.
Address: Calgary, Alta.

SEWi:!.!., r*ank C, P. C. A., J. P.—

Manager Puget Sound Bridge & Dredg-
ing Co., Exchange Bldg., Vancouver.
Born Lancashire, England, Nov. 22, 1869,
son of James and Pathynia Sewell. Edu-
cated Kilgrimol public school; Owens
College, Manchester; Trinity College,
Toronto. Served with Royal Northwest
Mounted Police, 1886-1890. Came to
British Columbia, 1895, engaging In gold
and silver mining, Kootenay and Slocan.
With Ironside, Rannie & Campbell four
years; associated with John Kendall as
Chartered Accountant. President and
General Manager, West Coast Bridge &
Dredging Co., Ltd. Married Jennie
Wyard Hatt; has one son and three
daughters. Clubs: Seattle Athletic;
Richmond Game; Terminal City; Brock-
ton Point Athletic; Commercial; Gun;
Royal Vancouver Yacht. Society: A. F.
& A. M. Recreations: Motoring, shoot-
ing. Address: 685 11th Ave., W., Van-
couver, B. C.



SEVMOTTB, J. B. — (Retired) Office 215
Pacific St., Vancouver. Born St. Cath-
arines, Ont., Jan. 19, 1858, son of James
and Elizabeth Seymour. Educated Grant-
ham high school, St. Catharines; gradu-
ated Ontario Pharmaceutical College,
1876. Came to Vancouver, 1891. Mem-
ber of Carnegie Library Board. Served
with 19th Battalion, Lincoln, Ont. Mar-
ried Adele A. Adams, daughter of John
Adams, of Toronto; has two sons and
two daughters. Club: Vancouver. So-
cieties: Temple 294, A. F. & A. M.; Cas-
cade Njo. 12, Vancouver; Vancouver
Chapter, R. A. M., and Vancouver Con-
sistory,- A. & A. S. R. (33d degree); Dep-
uty for- British Columbia. Recreation:
fishing. Address: 1059 Robson St., Van-
couver, B. C.

M. D., C. M.

SEYMOVn, Maurice Macdouald, K. D.,
C. M. (McGlU). — Physician and Sur-
geons. Born Goderich, Ont., July 7, 1857,
son of Captain Maurice Bain Seymour
and Maria Seymour, daughter of Major
Macdonald of the Imperial service. Edu-
cated McGill University. After gradu-
ating McGill, 1879, remained two and
half years Montreal as surgeon to the
West End Dispensary, and district sur-
geon to Board of Health; appointed
Chief Surgeon to the Manitoba South-
western Railway, 1881; moved to Win-
nipeg, in general practice until 1885;
upon breaking out of Riel Rebellion,
1885, was appointed surgeon of 95th Bat-
talion, Manitoba Grenadiers; served
through Rebellion (medal) ; after Rebel-
lion was in charge of medical work C. P.
R. construction in mountains until last
spike was driven; general practice Fort
Qu'Appelle, 1886-1904; Medical Superin-
tendent, Fort Qu'Appelle Industrial
School; and Coroner for North West
Territories; member of Medical Council
Northwest Territories for 19 years, being
elected President twice. Came to Re-
gina, 1904; appointed Provincial Health
Officer of Saskatchewan, 1906; and Com-
missioner of Public Health, 1909. Served

with Prince of Wales Rifles, saw active
service, Montreal, during Guibord Riots,
1876. Married Helena Louise La Rue,
Aylmer, Que., 1880; has three sons and
two daughters. Club: Assiniboia. Rec-
reations: Shooting, golf, horses, motor-
ing. Roman Catholic. Address: 2038
Scarth St., Regina, Sask.


SHACKLE, Prank — Vice-President Ast-
ley & Shackle, Ltd., Real Estate and
Financial Brokers, Calgary and Lon-
don, England. President Junction, Ltd.;
President Kingsland, Ltd.; Director of

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