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Burnsland, Ltd.; President Burnsland
Addition, Ltd. Born Hayes, Middlesex,
England, July 18, 1864, son of Edward
Hinds and Emily Neild Shackle. Edu-
cated Haileybury College, England.
Served in Methuen's Horse with Bech-
uanaland Field Force under Sir Charles
Warren, 1884-1885; member Honorable
Artillery Company, 1887-1890; member
London Stock Exchange, 1887-1898; came
to Calgary and joined Mr. Astley, who es-
tablished present business, 1904. Married
Grace Nichalls, 1889 (deceased); has one
son; married widow of Judge Crawford,
1896 (deceased); married May Dart,
London, England, 1906. Clubs: Ranch-
man's, Calgary Grolf and Country, Dev-
onshire (London), Royal Cinque Ports
Gold Club, Deal, England. Society: A.
F. & A. M. Recreations: Golf, motor-
ing. Conservative; Anglican. Address:
Calgary, Alta, and Bothwell Ranch,
Midnapore, Alta.

SHACKLETOM', Frederick. — Financial,
Real Estate and Insurance Broker, No-
tary Public, Merchants' Bank Bldg., Olds.
Born Nelson, Lancaster, England, April
16, 1871, son of James and Ellen Shack-
leton. Educated public schools and Me-


chanics' Institute. Came to Alberta,
1893. General merchant, Olds, 1895-1898.
Mayor, 1910; ex-Councillor (three years).
Married Florence Silverthorn, Olds, 1896;
has two sons and two daughters. Socie-
ties: C. O. F. ; K. of P. Recreations:
Motoring, football. Address: Olds, Alta.


SHAKESPEARE, Noah, J. P., ex-M. F.

— Postmaster, Victoria. Born Brierly
Hill, Staffordshire, England, April 8,
1839, son of Noah and Hannah Shake-
speare. Educated private and public
schools. Came to British Columbia by
sea, 1863. Coal miner, Nanaimo, for R.
Dunsmuir; subsequently engaged Vic-
toria, general agent and photographer.
Represented Victoria House of Com-
mons, 1882-1887; postmaster since 1888.
Alderman, four years; Mayor of Victoria,
1882. Director, Bakeries, Ltd.; Trustee,
Centennial Methodist Church; President,
Victoria branch, Bible School; President,
British Columbia Sunday School Asso-
ciation. Married Eliza Jane Pearson,
1859; has seven sons and one daughter.
Club: Canadian. Societies: W. O. W. ;
A. O. U. W. Address: 2663 Blanchard
St., Victoria, B. C.

SHAIiIiCROSS, John James. — Of
Shallcross, Macaulay & Co., Ltd., Vic-
toria, Vancouver, Calgary and Winni-
peg. Born Huyton, near Liverpool,
England, Feb 18, 1858. Educated Read-
ing, England. Came to British Colum-
bia, 1893. Vice-President Vancouver Is-
land Development League; Vice-Presi-
dent Island Arts Club; President Vic-
toria Board of Trade. Imperial Trade
Correspondent. Married Ethel Maud,
widow of W. MacGirr, and daughter of

Edward Bolton, J. P., Westmeath, Ire-
land. Clubs: Island Arts; Union; Pa-
cific; Vancouver. Anglican. Address:
Foul Bay Road, Victoria, B. C.


SHANKS, John. — Farmer and Grain
Dealer. Born Halton County, Ont., Dec.
18, 1861, son of William and Helen
Shanks. Educated public schools, Hal-
ton County. Came to Manitoba, 1879;
located on present homestead, and has
since added to original free grant 640
acres, making 800 acres in all; five hun-
dred acres of this is under cultivation,
and by careful and good farming wheat
crops taken off this land have averaged
28 bushels for the past ten years, thus
demonstrating that land under cultiva-
tion, and cropped thirty years, will still
produce as good crops as new and later
broken up fields. Mr. Shanks' two sons
are being educated as professional farm-
ers. Commissioner in B. R. Member of
Minnedosa Presbytery. He started the
movement that raised the minimum sal-
aries paid to ministers from $900 to
$1200 per year, and a free manse. Mar-
ried Annie Graham, Pettapiece, 1887;
has two sons and two daughters. Socle-
ties: A. O. U. W.; C. O. F. Conserva-
tive; Presbyterian. Address: Pettapiece,

^SHANNON, Robert 'Walker, M. A. —

City Solicitor for Saskatoon; President
Bar Association. Born Portglenone Coun-
ty, Antrim, Ireland. Nov. 2, 1856, son of
Letitia and James Shannon, Postmaster,
Kingston, Ont. Educated grammar school
and Queen's University. Called to On-
tario Bar, 1880; practiced, Kingston, for
some years; editor of his brother's pa-
per. The Kingston News; member City
Council, Kingston, six years; unsuccess-
ful candidate for mayoralty; with his
brother. Major L. W. Shannon, purchased
Ottawa Citizen, 1892, which he edited
until 1897; resumed practice, Ottawa;
later Dawson, Y. T. Came to Saskatoon, .
1904; called to Saskatchewan Bar, and



formed present partnership, 1906. Mem-
ber executive committee, Saskatchewan
Bar Association; solicitor for the Uni-
versity of Saskatchewan; member of
Sasliatoon Collegiate Institute Board.
Club: Saskatoon. Society: A. F. & A. M.
Recreations: Music, walking. Conserva-
tive; Anglican. Address: 717 Melrose
Ave., Saskatoon, Sask.


SHANNOir, WiUiam. — Of Martin &
Shannon, Brokers, 163 Hastings St., W.,
Vancouver, B. C. Born, County of Sligo,
Ireland, Feb. 19, 1843, son of Peter and
Catherine Shannon. Educated public
school, near Lindsay, Ont. Came to
British Columbia, 1863, and started the
first trading post in the Okanagan coun-
try, 1865. The following year explored
the northern part of the Province. The
next three years he spent in placer min-
ing diiferent parts of the country during
which time he helped to improve the
method of saving fine gold. In 1869 was
engaged in fur trading with the Indians
in different parts. In 1870 became in-
terested in Cattle ranching. In 1871 was
engaged in the freighting business to the
Cariboo Mines and the same year drove
the first big freight wagon to Cariboo
Mines. During the years 1876 to 1881
was engaged in the lumber business.
Settled in Vancouver, 1887, and engaged
in his present business. An authority on
the geography of the Province. Author
"British Columbia and Its Resources,"
1899. Prominent in establishing Y. M.
G. A. Member of the first Grand Jury
held in Vancouver, 1899; helped the Gov-
ernment compose and draft the first mu-
nicipal act in British Columbia, 1874;
member and helped organize the first
Council in Chilliwack; considered a tim-
ber and mining expert and has contrib-

uted many articles both to the Govern-
ment and the public press on these sub-
jects; helped organize the first mining
board in British Columbia and was, and
Is still, a member of the same. Married
Eliza Jane Mclndoo, Toronto, 1886; one
son. Club: Canadian. Recreation: Moun-
tain climbing and exploring. Address:
1872 Nelson St., Vancouver, B. C.

SHABABANIAN', SOle. Nayda (Rosa
Eva Blackmore). — Pianiste. Born Birm-
ingham, England, daughter of William
and Anne Hill Pratt Blackmore. Edu-
cated King Edward VI's Grammar
School, Birmingham; (piano) diplomee
of Leipzic Conservatorium, Germany,
where studied four years under Prof.
Robert Seichmuller. Made London debut
at Steinway Hall, Oct. 22, 1904, being as-
sisted by Ellen Beach Yaw, the "Cali-
fornia Nightingale." Since then has ap-
peared in concert in many important
cities, England, associated with such
eminent artists as Mme. Edna Thornton
(Covent Garden Opera), Signer Alberto
Randegger, M. Henri Verbrigghen, the
Belgian violinist, etc. Came to Winni-
peg, 1906, where has given many con-
certs and student recitals. Protestant.
Address: Stobart Block, Winnipeg, Man

SHABMAir, Charles Arthur Julian —

Architect, Postofflce Blk., Red Deer.
Born Ballycragan, Ireland, April 6,
1874, son of John Holland and Elizabeth
Broughton Sharman. Educated England
and Switzerland; Zurich University.
Came to Alberta, 1902; ranching and cat-
tle raising. Red Deer, since 1902. Archi-
tect for Alberta Ladies' College; new
City Hall; Red Deer Memorial Hospital.
Owner of Old Basing farm, near Red
Deer; owner of Rosalind, Jersey cow
holding highest official record butter
yield for two years. Married Lillie
Blanche Germain, daughter of Eugene
Germain, Los Angeles, Cal., 1903; has
two sons and one daughter. Recrea-
tion: farming. Conservative. Address:
Old Basing Farm, Red Deer, Alta.

SHARON, Maarice William. — Archi-
tect. Born St. Thomas, Ont., Nov. 18,
1878, son of Sturgon and Ellen Sharon.
Educated College Institute, St. Thomas;
School of Practical Science, Toronto. Me-
chanic on Michigan Central Railway, St.
Thomas, 1894-1896; architect, 1896-1899;
then with United States Government
Navy Department, Seattle, Wash. En-
gaged geographical work for Dominion
Government, Ottawa, 1901. Came to Re-
gina, 1906, and with Provincial Govern-
ment, 1906-1909. Founded present firm,
1910. Served as Lieutenant with 5th P.
L. D. G., Ottawa. Married Florence
Edna Freek (deceased), St. Thomas,
1905; has one daughter. Societies: A. P.
& A. M.; K. of K.; W. O. W.; C. O. F.
Recreations: Football, baseball, curling,
driving. Liberal; Methodist. Address:
1745 Scarth St., Regina, Sask.



SRABF, Charles Wallace. — Of C. W.

Sharp & Son, Contractors, 222 McDer-
mot Ave., Winnipeg. Director, Manitoba
Gypsum Co., Ltd.; Director, Canadian
Industrial Exhibition Association; Vice-
Chairman Winnipeg Public Parks Board;
Director Winnipeg Playgrounds Associa-
tion. Born Salisbury, England, April 12,
1852, son of Jeremiah Moncton and Mary
Ann Sharp. Educated public and high
schools, Wiltshire, England. Came to
Winnipeg, 1873. Established present
business, 1880. Erected several Winni-
peg's foremost buildings; engineered and
completed Clover Bar bridge at Edmon-
ton for Grand Trunk Pacific, the largest
bridge at time in Canada. Married Mary
Louise Leckie, Lucknow, Ont., 1879; has
three sons and three daughters. Clubs:
Carleton, Assiniboine, North West Com-
mercial Travelers. Society: St. John's.
Recreations: Fishing, hunting. Conserva-
tive; Congregationalist. Address: Well-
ington Crescent, Winnipeg, Man.

SHABP, William. — Town Clerk and
Secretary-Treasurer, Town of Canora.
Born Mid Calder, Midlothian, Scotland,
Jan. 19, 1878, son of Richard and Marion
Ovens Sharp. Educated Bathgate Acad-
emy. Railway clerk. North British Rail-
way, Scotland; subsequently bookkeeper
for Robertson, Lover Co., Ltd., Arma-
dale, 1900-1904. Came to Saskatchewan,
1904; Presbyterian missionary, Estevan,
Canora, Crescent Lake, and Horse Lake,
Sask., 1904-1909; present office since
1909. Societies: I. O. R.; A. O. F.; C.
O. F.; L O. O. F. Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: Canora, Sask.

SHAKFE, Frederick James, TX. A. — Of

Machray, Sharpe & Dennistoun, Bar-
risters, Winnipeg. Born London, Ont.
Educated Manitoba College (honor grad-
uate and scholarship in Metaphysics).
Studied law with Archibald & Howell;
called to Manitoba Bar, 1896. Married
Kathleen Neiley. Clubs: Manitoba; St.
Charles Country. Address: 182 Roslyn
Road, Winnipeg, Man.

SHABFE, Thomas. — Of Sharpe & Col-
ledge, Contractors, Sargent and Kennedy
Sts., Winnipeg. Born County Sligo, Ire-
land, March 14, 1866, son of Michael
William and Jane Sharpe. Educated
National and Parochial schools. After
apprenticeship as a mason, became clerk
Provincial Bank, Ireland, 1880. Came
to Toronto, Ont., 1885, and engaged
pavement contracting, Winnipeg, 1892.
Alderman for city of Winnipeg, 1899-
1904; Chairman of Board of Public
Works, 3 years; Mayor of Winnipeg,
1903-1905. Married Mary J. Cathcart,
Toronto, 1887; has two sons and four
daughters. Clubs: Carleton; Adanac;

Clef. Society: A. F. & A. M. Recrea-
tion: Hunting. Conservative; Presbyte-
rian. Address: Kennedy and Qu'Appelle,
Winnipeg, Man.

SHA&FE, William Henry, M. P. — Of

Sharpe & Bottom, General Merchants,
Manitou. Born Scott Township, Ontario
County, Ont., April 19, 1868, son of
George and Sara Sharpe. Educated Ux-
bridge and Belleville, Ont. Came to
Manitoba, 1898, implement dealer, Dou-
glas, Man; President of R. A. Garrett
Co., general merchants, Manitou, until
1907. Councillor, Manitou, six years;
Mayor, 1908. Unsuccessful candidate
against Hon. Thomas Greenway for
House of Commons, 1904. Elected for
Lisgar, 1908-1911. Married Ida J. Arm-
strong, Manitou, 1900; has one son and
one daughter. Club: Adanac (Winni-
peg). Conservative; Methodist. Ad-
<liess: Manitou, Man.


SHARFIiES, John Wilson. — Of Shar-
pies & Sharpies, Real Estate and Finan-
cial Brokers, 416 Seymour St., Vancou-
ver; Agent, London Assurance Corpora-
tion. Born Cumberland, England, Feb.
6, 1881, son of Isaac and Margaret
Sharpies. Came to Canada, 1883. Edu-
cated public and high schools, British
Columbia and Corrig* College, Victoria,
B. C. With Nanaimo Free Press,
Nanaimo, 1897; customs clerk, W. H.
Malkln & Co., wholesale grocers, Vancou-
ver, 1899-1900; clerk. Royal Bank of
Canada, 1900-1905; manager, Granville
St. branch, 1905-1910; established pres-
ent business, 1910. Club: Western. Con-
servative; Anglican. Address: 1732 AI-
berni St., Vancouver, B. C.




SHATFOBD, I^yttou Wilmot, M. 3^. A.

— Merchant, of Shatford's, Ltd., Hedley,
B. C. ; Managing Director, Southern
Okanagan Land Co.; Vice-President and
General Manager, Bank of "Vancouver;
Vice-President, British Columbia Life
Assurance Co.; Vice-President, British
Columbia Portland Cement Co. Born
Hubbard's, N. S., Feb. 4, 1873, son
of Henry Alex and Cecilia Victoria

Dauphinee Shatford. Educated public
schools; business college, Halifax. Came
to British Columbia, 1893; began present
business, 1893. Elected to British Co-
lumbia Legislature for Similkameen
District, 1903, 1907, 1909, 1912. Married
Lavina W. Bartlett, 1898; has three sons
and one daughter. Club: Canadian.
Society: A.. P. & A. M. Conservative;
Anglican. Address: Penticton, B. C.



SHAW, Frederick Davis, D. B. S. — Col-
lector of Customs, Lethbridge. Born
Kentville, King's County, N. S., Oct. 31,
1856, son of Martha Davis and William
Henry Shaw, M. D. Educated Acadia
University. Came to Alberta, 1880;
practiced dentistry for some time; pres-
ent appointment, 1895. Married Agnes
Madalin Moran, Halifax, 1885; has one
son. Club: Country; Chinook. Roman
Catholic. Address: Letlibridge, Alta.

H. C. SHAW, B. A.

SHAW, Henry Curtis, B. A. — Of Shaw
& Shaw, Barristers and Solicitors, 532
Granville St., Vancouver; Police Magis-
trate and Judge of Juvenile Court, Van-
couver. Born Prince Edward Island
June 12, 1863, son of John Cameron ana
Jane Curtis Lawson Shaw. Educated
Prince of Wales College; Dalhousie Uni-
versity. Came to British Columbia and
called to bar, 1892; member of Arm
Shaw, McPhillips & Williams, Vancou-
ver, 1893-1896; Shaw & Cowan, 1896-
1899; practiced Greenood, B. Cw., 1899-
1904; member of firm Williams, Shaw &
Walsh, Vancouver, 1905-1911; present
firm formed, 1911. Police Magistrate
and Judge of Juvenile Court, 1911. Mar-
ried Dora Laird, Victoria, 1894; has one
son. Club: University. Recreations:
Fishing, shooting. Conservative; Presby-
terian. Address: 1053 Nicola St., Van-
couver, B. C.

SHAW, James Pearson, J. P., M. Im. A.

— Born Glanford Township, near Ham-
ilton, Jan. 24, 1867, son of Thomas and
Maria Jane Shaw. Educated public
schools. Brant County, and Brantford
College Institute. Taught school Brant
County. Came to British Columbia,
1888. Secretary-Treasurer, Shuswap
School Board; President, Kamloops Agri-
cultural Association. Represents Kam-
loops, British Columbia Legislature.
Married Nellie Wilson, 1890 (deceased,
1909) ; has one son and three daughters.
Conservative; Methodist. Address: Kam-
loops, B. C.

SHAW, John. — Inland Revenue Officer
(Inspector of weights and measures, ex-
cise officer, inspector of gas). Post Of-
fice Bldg., Nanaimo. Born Manchester,
England, July 4, 1863, son of Alexander
and Anne Shaw. Educated Walkerton
high school, Bruce County, Ont. Came
to British Columbia, 1879. Taught school
Nanaimo, 1882; Mayor, 1912; School Trus-
tee; Secretary, Hospital Board; Director,
Agricultural Board; Director, Citizens'
League. Was principal Nanaimo City
schools for twenty-five years, resigning
1908 to accept present position. Married
Katherine L. Haggart, Nanaimo, 1887;
has one son and one daughter. Club:
Nanaimo. Societies: A. F. & A. M. (32
degrees); I. O. F.; K. of P. Recrea-
tions: All outdoor sports. Address:
Stewart Ave., Nanaimo, B. C.

SHAW, leander — Of Ross & Shaw,
Real Estate, Insurance and Financial
Agents, 318 Hastings St., Vancouver.
Born Falmouth, N. S., Jan. 31, 1856, son
of David W. and Sarah Curry Shaw.
Came to British Columbia, 1894. Mine
manager. West Kootenay, ten year.s;
present partnership formed, 1904. Con-
servative; Baptist. Address: 1057 Comox
St., Vancouver, B .C.

SHAW, Kobert. — Farmer. Born Coun-
ty Antrim, Ireland, April, 1848, son of
John Ramsay and Jane Sloan Shaw.
Educated Racavan, Ireland. Came to
Canada, 1874; moved to Manitoba as
farm manager with Captain Gardner,
Russell, 1882; sold original homestead,
1888, and bought section of land which
he now operates. Councillor, Russell,
1895; unsuccessful candidate for Coun-
cillor, Russell, 1897; elected Councillor,
Russell, 1898, and served continuously
in that capacity up to present date.
Served with Volunteer Infantry, Co-
bourg, Ont, 1875, 1876, 1877. Married
Elizabeth Courtney, daughter of Thomas
Shaw, County Antrim, Ireland, 1874; has
three sons and three daughters. Rec-
reations: Tennis, baseball. Conservative;
Presbyterian. Address: Russell, Man.




SHAW, Robert Lee, M. Ii. A. — Rancher;
President and Managing Director, Na-
tional Hotel Co., Ltd., Stettler; President
and Managing Director, Stettler Meat Co.
Ltd.: member of firm, Billman & Shaw,
Castor: owns 3,000 acres of farm land
in Castor district. Born Roseburg, Ore.,
Nov. 27, 1865, son of John and Mary
Shaw. Educated: Oregon public schools.
Cattle exporter. Union Meat Co., Port-
land, 1894-1897; cattle exporter in own
name. Salt Lake City and Omaha, 1897-

1902; came to Stettler, 1902; cattle ex-
porter, Stettler, 1902-1911; naturalized,
1905. Elected to Alberta Legislature for
Stettler, 1909. Alderman, Stettler, 1910.
Married Nettie Sloan, daughter of Elijah
Sloan, 1893; has one son (adopted).
Club: Northern (Edmonton); Alberta
(Calgary). Societies: A. F. & A. M.;
I. O. O. F. Recreation: shooting. Lib-
eral; Presbyterian. Address: Stettler,




SHEFFIEIiD, Herbert Tremaiue — Of

Geddes & Sheffield, Financial Brokers,
Calgary; Director, South East Land Co.,
Ltd.; Director, Y. M. C. A., Calgary.
Born Canning, N. S., Oct. 12, 1885, son
of Amos Wentworth and Lalia Sheffield.
Educated high school, Canning; Mari-
time Business College, Halifax. Junior
and teller, Canadian Bank of Commerce,
Canning, N. S., 1902-1906; accountant,
Londonderry Iron & Mining Co., London-
derry. N. S., 1906-1907. Came to Al-
berta, 1907; clerk, City Treasurer's of-
fice, Calgary, 1907-1908; present part-
nership formed, 1909. Married Georgie
Fletcher, daughter of Robert P. Fletcher,
Londonderry, 1909. Club: Canadian.
Recreations: riding, motoring, tennis.
Conservative; Baptist. Address: 1723
10th St., W., Calgary. Alta.

SHSFFZE^JD, T. "W., F. S. C. I. — Com-
mercial Engineer, Industrial Commis-
sioner, Greater Regina Club. Born Derby,
England, April 4, 1882, son of G. Harri-
son and Elizabeth Sheffield. Educated
Bedford College, England. Marine engi-
neer. Great Britain; district manager
British Thomson Houston Co., Ltd., 1895.
Came to Canada, 1905. Manager of Dur-
ban Light Railways, South Africa; ap-
pointed Industrial Commissioner of
Greater Regina Club, 1910. Has four
sons and one daughter. Recreations:
Swimming; outdoor sports. Conserva-
tive; Anglican. Address: 2054 Albert
St., Regina, Sask.

SHSFARD, Clarence Day. — Of C. H.

Enderton & Co., Real Estate Agent, 228
Portage Ave., Winnipeg. Born Wiscon-
sin, 1872. son of Ashbel King and Clara
R. Shepard. Educated public schools.
Clerk In bank, 1886 later Assistant
Cashier, First National Bank, Duluth,

Minn. Came to Winnipeg, 1902. Presi-
dent, Winnipeg Real Estate Exchange.
Married May Merrill, Minneapolis, 1902;
has two sons. Clubs: Manitoba; Carle-
ton; St. Charles Country; Winnipeg Au-
tomobile. Anglican. Address: 10 Am-
herst St., Crescentwood, Winnipeg, Man.


SHEPHERD, Francis Henry, C. E., M.
E., B. C. 1^. S., la. p. — Chief Inspector
of Mines for British Columbia, Govern-
ment Bldg., Nanaimo. Born Castleford,
Yorkshire, England, Sept. 30, 1857, BOn
of George and Mary Shepherd. Edu-
cated Pontefract grammar school near
Castleford. Mining engineer, Castle-
ford, 1872; came to British Columbia,
1879; certified manager, Vancouver Coal
Co., one year; manager South Prairie
Coal Co., Burnett, Wash., ten years;
manager Tacoma Coal Co., Tacoma,
Wash.; manager Centennial Gold Min-
ing Co., Montana; spent several years
Alaska exploring and locating; located
Comptroller Bay Coal and Oil Fields;
The Telgua Coal Co. of B. C; the E. &
N. K. Railway extension across Vancou-
ver Island to Alberni; in his practice of
mining and civil engineering he has re-
ported upon disastrous explosions Cum-
berland and Fernle, and recent explo-
sion Extension Mines. Appointed to
present office, 1909. Holds first-claas cer-
tificate granted 1881, as mine manager
for British Columbia. Member Canadian
Mining Institute; Associate Member
Canadian Institute of Civil Engineers.
Elected to House of Commons for Nan-
aimo, 1911. Married Jane Holden, Vic-
toria, B. C, 1880; has two sons and three
daughters. Club: Nanaimo. Society: A.
F. & A. M. Recreations: Cricket, pho-
tography, exploring. Address: Fourth
St., New Castle Townsite, Nanaimo, B. C.




SHEPPABD, Hon. John Albert — Farm-
er. Born Mount Forest, Ont., Sept. 1,
1875, son of John and Margaret Shep-
pard. Educated: Mount Forest Normal
School, Toronto. Taught school two
years in Ontario and eight years in
Moose Jaw district and at the same time
carried on farming operations. Member
of the firm of Anderson & Sheppard,
Moose Jaw. Director of the Hudson

Bay Mortgage Corporation and the Hud-
son Bay Security & Investment Co, Ltd.
Elected to Saskatchewan Legislature for
Moose Jaw County, 1905; re-elected, 1908,
and again re-elected, 1912. Was chosen
Deputy Speaker of the Legislature, 1908,
and Speaker of the House, Nov. 14,
1912. Married Florence Herring, 1896.
Has two sons and one daughter. Liberal;
Presbyterian. Address: Moose Jaw, Sask.




SKEFHERD, Simpson James, B. C. !■.

— Barrister, Bank of Commerce Cham-
bers, Lethbrldge. Born Uttoxeter, Lamb-
ton County, Ont., Feb. 6, 1877, son of
James and Mary Dowler Shepherd. Edu-
cated public schools; high school, For-
est, Ont.; McGill University. Came to
Alberta, 1908; practiced in partnership
with W. C. Simmons, 1909; practiced
alone since 1910, when Mr. Simmons
made Judge of the Supreme Court of
Alberta. Formed partnership with A. E.
Dunlop of the Nova Scotia Bar on May
1, 1911, under firm name of Sliepherd &
Dunlop. Married Ethel M. S. Dixon,
Maple Creek, Sask., 1910. Club: Chinook.
Society: A. F. & A. M. Recreations:
Curling, tennis, golf. Liberal; Meth-
odist. Address: 614 Eleventh St., S.,
Lethbridge, Alta.

SHEFFABD, Henry Norman. — Re-
tired rancher. Director High River &
Hudson Bay Railway; governor Bishop
Pinkham College. Born Yorkshire, Eng-
land, May 9, 1861, son of Henry Fleet-
wood and Eliza Mary Sheppard. Edu-
cated Oxford; Magdalen College School.
Came to Alberta, 1887; ranching. High
River, since. Councillor High River,
1909-1913; Justice of the Peace since
1898. Married Isabel Beatruce Godden,
Essex, England, 1888; has four sons.


Club: High River. Society: S. O. E.
Recreations, fishing, shooting. Liberal;
Anglican. Address: High River, Alta.

SHEBI^OCK, Robert Edward. — (Re-
tired.) Vice-President, Lethbridge Brick
& Terra Cotta Co. Born Lincoln County,
Ont., March 28, 1855, son of Samuel
r^angford and Catherine Mary Sherlock.
Educated public and high schools, St.
Catherines, Ont. Came to Alberta, 1889.
General merchant, Grenfell, Sask., 1882;
Sherlock & Freeman, 1883-1889; Leth-
bridge. 1889-1907. Vice-President, N. W.

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