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Jobbing Co., 1897-1910. Alderman, Leth-
bridge, two terms. Married Christa-
belle Freeman, Hamilton, 1891; has two
sons and one daughter. Society: A. F.
& A. M. Recreations: Travel. Conserva-
tive; Anglican. Address: 1260 Fifth
Ave., S., Lethbridge, Alta.

SHERMAN, Ruyter S. — Principal of
Seymour Schools, British Columbia Sur-
veyor, Vancouver. Born Youngstown,
Ont., May 7, 1865, son of Thomas Stln-
son and Jane Rees Sherman. Educated
Collegiate Institute, Brantford, Ont.
Assistant City Engineer, Brantford,
1887-1891. Came to British Columbia,
1891. Taught school, 1894; member Brit-
ish Columbia Academy of Science; spe-
cialist in Entymology. Served with 38th
Dufferin Rifles, 1884-1889. Married Nel-
lis Sage, New Westminster, 1892; has
one son and one daughter. Recreation:
Mountaineering. Address: 2285 6th
Ave., W., Vancouver, B. C.




SHIEIiDS, Alex. — Vice-President and
Manager, Farmers Lumber Co., Saska-
toon. Born Petrolia, Ont, Dec. 31, 1873,
son of John and Essie Shields. Edu-
cated: Upper Canada College. Came to
British Columbia, 1895. Secretary-Treas-
urer, Kamloops Sawmill, Kamloops,

1898-1900; Secretary-Treasurer, Kam-
loops Lumber Co., Enderby, B. C, 1900-
1904; president association since 1904
Club: Saskatoon. Recreations: shoot-
ing fruitgrowing. Liberal; Anglican.
Address: King George Hotel, Saskatoon,



SHXCIiDS, James Charles. — Lumber
Merchant; President, Dominion Lumber
& Timber Co., Ltd., 212 Winch Bldg.,
Vancouver; President, Farmers' Lum-
ber Co., Saskatoon; Director, Stacey
Lumber Co., Lethbridge; Director, In-
ternational Lumber Co., Winnipeg; Di-
rector, Monarch Lumber Co., Savonia, B.
C. ; Director, Sovereign Lumber Co., Sica-
mouB, B. C. ; Director, Pitt River Lum-

ber Co., New Westminster. Born To-
ronto, Nov. 11, 1876, son of John and
Essie Shields. Educated Collegiate In-
stitute, Toronto University. Came to
British Columbia, 1896. Married Ida J.
Paul, Toronto, 1902. Club: University,
Vancouver. Recreation: Farming and
fruit growing. Conservative; Anglican.
Address Granville Mansions, Vancouver.
B. C.




SHEBBIFF, T. Dong-las. — Of SherrifC,
Rose & Co., Real Estate and Financial
Brokers, New Westminster. Born Edin-
burgh, Scotland, May 11, 1884. Edu-
cated Edinburgh. Came to British Co-
lumbia, 1907. Civil Engineer, British
Columbia, 1907-1910; established present
business, 1910. Member New Westmin-
ster Board of Trade, 1908. Married Jean
K. Watson, Edinburgh, 1904; has one
son. Clubs: Westminster; Terminal
City (Vancouver). Recreations: Golf,
cricket. Conservative; Church of Scot-
land. Address: 315 Regina St., New
Westminster, B. C.









SHEBWIZr, J. Wallis.— Of J. W. Sher-
win & Co., Real Estate Broker, 317
Portage Ave., Winnipeg. Born London,
England, Aug. 22, 1873. Educated gram-
mar school, Leytonstone, London, Eng-
land. Engineer, Ipswich, England, and
later London, Leeds and Nuneaton, 1894-
1904. Came to Winnipeg, 1904, as

draftsman City Engineers Office. Had
the honor conferred of being a Freeman
of the City of London, England. Mar-
ried Julia C. Hammond, 1906; has one
daughter and two sons. Recreations:
Automobiling, hunting and amateur pho-
tography. Conservative; Anglican. Resi-
dence, 41 Furby St., Winnipeg, Man.


SHIl^X^ZNGZ^AW, W. H.— Of Shilling-
law & Marshall, 831 Rosser Ave., Bran-
don. Born Sta££a, Ont., Sept. 29, 1864,
son of James and Elizabeth Shillinglaw.
Educated public schools, Albany. Mis-
souri, Portage la Prairie and Brandon.
Matriculated from Manitoba University
to School of Practical Science, Toronto.
Came to Brandon, 1882; architect, 1889;
member Public Parks Board; Vice-Presi-
dent, Hospital Board; City Engineer,
City of Brandon, 1896-1908; installed
water works and sewers and constructed
bridges, Brandon; served with Volun-
teers six years. Married Elizabeth
Monteith, Greencastle, Ireland, 1899.
Societies: Canadian Society Civil Engi-
neers; fellow. Royal Architectural In-
stitute of Canada. Recreations: Curling,
rifle shooting. Liberal; Presbyterian.
Address: 302 Russell St., Brandon, Man.

SHOBT, Albert E. — Of Short & Sey-
mour, Real Estate and Financial Bro-
kers, 319 Homer St., Vancouver; Vice-
President, Vancouver Mining Exchange.
Born Sunderland, England, March 4,
1882, son of John Young and Mary Ada
Smart Short. Educated Rugby, Eng-
land. Member of firm Short Bros., ship-
builders, Sunderland, England, 1900-
1904. Ranching, Alberta, 1904. Came to
British Columbia and established pres-
ent business, 1907. Married Sarah




SHORT, Charles C — (Retired); Chair-
man, High River & Hudson's Bay Rail-
way Co.; Cliairman, Higii River, Saskat-
chewan & Hudson's Bay Railway Co.;
also interested in real estate, mining
properties. Born Woodstock, Ont., Feb.
13, 1870, son of Joseph William and


Eleanor Guest, Toronto, 1904; has one
daughter. Clubs: Commercial; Impe-
rial. Anglican. Address: 1508 Georgia
St., Vancouver, B. C.

Julia Anna Conklin Short. Educated
public schools. Came to Alberta, 1884.
Engaged ranching near High River until
1905. Served as Councillor, High River,
1909; Mayor, 1910. Married Margaret
Blennerhassett, 1904; has one daugliter.
Society I. O. O. F. Recreation: traveling.
Liberal; Presbyterian. Address: High
River, Alta. ; winter residence, Paloma
Ave., Ocean Park, Cal.

SHORT, James.^Of Short, Ross & Sel-
wood, Barristers, Calgary. Born Ontario,
June 3, 1862, son of William and Mary
Short. Educated high school, Elora,
Ont.; Toronto University. Taught school
Chatham, Ont, 1885. Came to Alberta,
1889. Crown Prosecutor; Chairman and
Trustee of School Board. Married Janet
Lafferty, Calgary. Address: 202 Second
Ave., W., Calgary, Alta.


SHORT, William, K. C. — Of Short,
Cross & Biggar; Short, Woods, Biggar &
Collison, Barristers, Merchants Bank
Bldg., Edmonton. Born near Elora, Ont.,
Jan. 11, 1866, son of William and Mary
Short. Educated high school, Elora.
Came to Calgary, 1889. Called to Al-
berta bar, 1894; practiced, Edmonton
since; present partnership formed 1897.
Mayor, Edmonton, 1902-1904. Married
Henrietta Isabel McMaster, 1900; has
one son and one daughter. Club: Ed-
monton. Societies: A. F. & A. M. ; S. O.
E. Conservative; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: 711 Hardlsty St., Edmonton, Alta.




SHOUIiDICi:, James. — (Retired.) Born
Grey County, Ont., Nov. 5, 1850, son of
James and Mary Shouldice. Educated
public schools, Bruce County. Farming,
Bruce County; came to Calgary, 1900,
and ranched. Councillor, Bruce County,
1887-1898; Warden, 1897-1898; twice
nominated for Ontario Legislature, but
declined. Married Mary Margaret Eliz-
abeth Perdue, Bruce County, 1897; has
five sons and four daughters. Society:
A. P. & A. M. Recreations: Shooting.
Conservative; Methodist. Address:

Shouldice Park, West Calgary, Alta.


SIBBA^D, John Drinkwater. — Of Rev-
elstoke General Agencies, Ltd.; Member
of Revelstoke Board of Trade. Born
Georgina Township, York County, Ont,
Aug. 5, 1846, son of William and Emily

Sibbald. Educated grammar school,
Newmarket, Ont. Served as volunteer,
Fenian Raid, 1866; served in Northwest
Rebellion, 1885. Los Angeles, Cal., 1872;
Superintendent, Castle Mining & Smelt-
ing Co., 1873-1878; commission mer-
chant, Regina, 1882-1893; mercantile
business, Revelstoke, 1893-1897; estab-
lished present business 1899. Govern-
ment Agent and Gold Commissioner,
1898-1899. Served as Alderman, Revel-
stoke, 1911. Married R. H. Swanton,
1890; has one son and one daughter.
Conservative; Anglican. Address: Revel-
stoke, B. C.


SIFT ON, Hon. Arthur Ikewis. — Pre-
mier of Alberta, Edmonton. Born St.
John's, Middlesex County, Ont., Oct. 26,
1858, son of Hon. John W., ex-Speaker of
the Manitoba Assembly, and Kate Sif-
ton. Educated public school; Wesley Col-
lege; Victoria University (B. A. 1880,
M. A. 1888, LL. D. 1888,) LL. D. (non.).
Alberta University, 1908. Came to
Manitoba 1875. Called to the bar, 1883.
Came to Alberta, 1889; K. C, 1892; mem-
ber of Northwest Council, for Banff,
1898-1903. Appointed Commissioner of
Public Works, for the North West Ter-
ritories, 1901. Chief Justice of the Su-
perior Court of the North West Terri-
tories, 1903-1905. Chief Justice of the
Superior Court, Alberta, 1907. Retired,
May, 1910, to become Premier of Al-
berta. Attended the coronation of King
George and Queen Mary, London, 1911;
was presented to His Majesty, St. James'
Palace, June, 1911. Married Mary H.
Deering, Cobourg, Ont., 1882; has one
son and one daughter. Clubs: Ranch-
man's, Calgary; Bdmontort. Methodist.
Address: Sif tenia Lodge, Banff; Garry-
Kennagh, Edmonton, Alta.



SIPTON, Hon. John Wrigrbt. — President
Free Press Publishing Co., Winnipeg.
Born London Township, Middlesex Coun-
ty, Ont., Aug. 13, 1833. Educated pub-
lic schools, Ontario. Member of Mani-
toba Legislature; Speaker for one term.
Liberal; Methodist. Address: 208 Garry
St., Winnipeg, Man.


SIFTON-, J. Wrig-ht, B. A.— Superin-
tendent of Education, City of Moose
Jaw; Director Bank of Saskatoon; Direc-
tor Saskatchewan Life Insurance Co.;
President Executors & Administrators'
Trust Co. Born near London, Middlesex
County, Ont, Nov. 8, 1872, son of Joseph
Wright and Hannah Sifton. Educated
public schools, Middlesex County; Col-
legiate Institute, Strathroy, Ont.; Toron-
to University. Taught school Uxbridge,
Ont, 1900-1902; same capacity, Edmon-
ton, 1902-1903; principal of public
schools and Collegiate Institute, Moose
Jaw, 1903-1907; appointed to present po-
sition, 1907. Secretary of public school
and Collegiate Institute boards since
1908; member of Senate and Council
Saskatchewan University; President Can-
adian Club; member Public Library
Board. Married Maud Marion Nokes, Ux-
bridge, 1904; has one son. Recreations:
Curling, all outdoor sports. Liberal;
Methodist Address: 142 Main St,
Moose Jaw, Sask.

SZX;£S, Percy Garret. — Managing Di-
rector, Western Lumber & Shingle Co.,
310 Cotton Bldg., Vancouver; Director,
Mitchell Lumber Co.; Director, Banner
Shingle Co.; Director, Salmon River
Lumber & Shingle Co.; Director, Koksi-
lah Lumber Co., Ltd. Born Winchester,
Ont., Aug. 11, 1885, son of George Per-
CiVai <x..u Myra Sills. Educated public
schools, Ottawa. Came to British Co-
lumbia, 1900. Married Sophie L. Deane
Vancouver, 1911. Clubs: Canadian, Van-
couver; Royal Vancouver Yacht Rec-
reation: Yachting. Conservative; Angli-
can. Address: 1666 Barclay St., Vancou-
ver, B. C.


SX^VESTHOKN, Alexander. — Real Es-
tate and Financial Broker, Center St,
Calgary. Born Cheapslde, Haldimand
County, Ont, July 22, 1882, son of John
and Isabel Silverthorn. Educated pub-
lic schools, Cheapside; high school, Port
Dover, Ont Farmed, Cheapslde, pre-
vious to coming to Alberta, 1903; cheese-
maker, Gibbs & Co., Calgary, 1904;
ranching, Springbank, Alta., 1904-1905;
established present business, 1905;
served with 37th Haldimand Regiment
1900-1901. Married Arville Duffield,
1909; has one son. Societies: I. O. O. F.;
C. O. O. F.; C. O. F. Recreations: Shoot-
ing, riding, fishing. Conservative; Meth-
odist. Address: 927 Eighteenth Ave.,
W., Calgary, Alta.


SII^VESTER, Geoffrey. — Managing Di-
rector and Secretary-Treasurer, Calgary
Silicate Pressed Brick Co., Ltd., Cal-
gary; President, Silvester-Willson, Ltd.,
Winnipeg; Director, Keremeos Land Co.,
Vancouver; wheat farmer, Brandon;
fruit farmer, Keremeos, Simllkeen Val-



ley, B. C. Born Woodstock, Ont, June
18, 1859, son of Henry and Emma Sil-
vester. Educated Model School, Toronto.
Clerk, Ringwood, Ont., 1874; came to
Manitoba and engaged as bookkeeper
with A. Harris, Son & Co., Emerson,
1883; implement agent, A. Harris, Son &
Co., Brandon, 1884-1886; manager for
same Arm, 1886-1891; manager, Cock-
shutt Plow Co., Winnipeg, 1892; Com-
missioner for Manitoba Government,
World's Fair, Chicago, 1893; manager,
Massey Harris Co., Virden, Man., 1893-
1897; purchased hardware business. Elk-
horn, Man., 1897; added lumber yard and
fuel business to same, 1898; sold out,
1906, and moved to Toronto; came to
Calgary and became Manager and Presi-
dent of Calgary Lime Cement Co., Ltd.,
1907; later purchased whole stock and in
1910 was instrumental in forming new
company known as Calgary Silicate
Pressed Brick Co., which took over in-
terests of former company. Married E.
Rose Stokes, daughter of John T. Stokes,
C. B., Toronto, 1889; has three daugh-
ters. Club: Canadian. Address: 1910
Fifth St., W., Calgary, Alta.

SIMINOTON, James — Manager Hex
Fruit Co., 2 Manitoba St., W., Moose Jaw.
Born Thamesville, Ont., Jan. 9, 1880, son
of James Mills and Isabella Simington.
Came to Moose Jaw, 1883. Educated
public and high schools. Moose Jaw.
Taught school, Mooose Jaw District,
1898-1900; managed his father's fruit and
confectionary business. Moose Jaw, 1900-
1903; organized Rex Fruit Co., and be-
came manager, 1903; director and secre-
try, Moose Jaw Grocery Co., Ltd., Alder-
man, 1906-1907. Club: Moose Jaw. Rec-
reations: curling, canoeing. Liberal;
Presbyterian. Address: Moose Jaw,

SUMlBCERS, Alexander — Real Estate
Holdings, Trust & Loan Bldg., Winnipeg.
Born Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland,
Sept. 16, 1873, son of Alexander and Jane
Simmers. Educated public schools Scot-
land. Farmed, Aberdeenshire, 1888; came
to Canada, 1900. Vice-president Western
Steel & Iron Co.; vice-president Indus-
trial Bureau, Winnipeg; president Stew-
art Sheaf Loader Co., Ltd. Married Eve-
lyn May Haggard, Winnipeg, 1903; has
one son and two daughters. Club: As-
siniboine. Societies: A. F. & A. M. ; Clan
Stewart (Past Chief). Recreation: farm-
ing. Liberal; Baptist. Address: 195
Furby St., Winnipeg, Man.

SIMMONS, John Frederick^ — Real Es-
tate and Financial Broker. Born Birm-
ingham, England, Feb. 9, 1878, son of
John Wesley and Sarah Gee Simmons.
Educated public and high schools Eng-
land and Canada. Came to Canada, 1887.
Farmed, Assinaboia until 1893. Came to
British Columbia, 1893. Engaged timber
and lumber business, Vernori ui til 1909.


Established present business, 1909. Mem-
ber of Vornon Board of Trade. Mar-
ried Katharine Olive Erskine, "Victoria,
B. C, 1909; has two daughters. Rec-
reations: hunting. Ashing, etc. Conserv-
ative; Anglican. Address: Vernon, B. C.


SIMMONS, Hon. William Charles —

Judge of the Supreme Court of Alberta,
Calgary. Born Arran Township, Bruce
County, Ont, Feb. 25, 1865, son of Wil-
liam and Jane Simmons. Educated: high
schools Collingwood and Owen Sound,
Ont.; normal school, Toronto University.
Principal of Model Schools, Kent Coun-
ty, Ont., 1892-1893; public schools, city
of Chatham, Ont., and Lethbridgei, Alta.,
1895-1899. Practiced, Cardston,- Alta.,
1900; practiced, Lethbrldge, 190^-1910.



Elected to Alberta Legislature for Leth-
bridge, 1906; resigned, 1908, to contest
Dominion constituency of Medicine Hat
(unsuccessful). Married Mary Wil-
metta Wilson, Woodstock, Ont., 1899; has
two sons and one daughter. Societies:
A. F. & A. M. Presbyterian. Address:
Calgary, Alta.

SZMONDS, C. X:., Arthur, B. A., B. C.

Ii.-T-Insurance, Conveyancing. Born Nor-
ton, N. B., July 18, 1865, son of Rev.
Richard Simonds and Mary Elizabeth,
daughter of Silas Hibbert Morse. Edu-
cated Collegiate Institute, Fredericton,
N. B. ; King's College. Came to Al-
berta, 1904. Vice-president, Alberta Con-
servative Association, 1911. Unsuccess-
ful Conservative candidate. Alberta Leg-
islature, for Leduc, 1905. President Le-
duc Board of Trade, 1907; Town Clerk,
Leduce, 1907-1912. Married Natalia Fan-
drich, daughter of Theodore Fandrich,
1906. Club: Haliburton; Windsor, N S.
Conservative-Imperialist; Anglican. Ad-
dress: Leduc, Alta.

SUKCPSON, Christopher H. — President,
National Construction Co. Ltd., Donalda
Block, Winnipeg; branch offices at Moose
Jaw and Regina; Director, Great West
Development Co. Ltd.; Director, Oakholm
Development Co. Ltd.; Director. Security
Storage & Forwarding Co., Ltd.; Direc-
tor, Richardsons Storage Co., Ltd.; Vice-
President, St. Regis Apartments, Ltd.
Born Glencoe, Ont., Jan. 29, 1863, son
of W. J. and Joana (Tucker) Simpson.
Educated: public schools, Glencoe. Su-
perintendent for Hyde & Co., of Chi-
cago, during building of Chambers of
Commerce, Detroit, Mich., 1894: mem-
ber of firm, Gordier & Simpson, contrac-
tors, London, Ont., 1895-1898; contrac-
tor in own name, Winnipeg, 1898-1910;
formed Kelly-Simpson Construction Co.,
1910-1911; present company incorporat-
ed, January, 1912. Married Loretta
Forbes, daughter of Thomas Forbes,
Wingham, Ont, 1909; has one daughter.
Clubs: Carleton; Adanac. Society: A.
F. & A. M. (Shriner). Recreations:
shooting, motoring. Conservative; Ang-
lican. Address: 180 Ethelbert St., Win-
nipeg, Man.

SZIVIPSON, Frank E. — Of Campbell &
Simpson, Barristers, Burrows Block,
Dauphin. Born Owen Sound, Ont, Sept.
10, 1880. son of David and Mary Simp-
son. Educated Collegiate Institute, Owen
Sound, Ont. Came to Manitoba, 1901;
studied law with John D. Hunt Carberry,
1902-1907; called to Manitoba bar, 1907;
present partnership, 1907. Club: Dau-
phin. Society: A. F. & A. M. Liberal;
Methodist. Address: Dauphin, Man.

SIMPSON, Harvey C., M. 1,. A. — Of

Simpson Bros., Grain Dealers, Virden
Born Ashton, Ont., Feb. 11, 1852. Edu-
cated Ashton. Came west, 1883, and
farmed, Virden. Elected to Manitoba

Legislature for Virden, 1909; re-elected,

1910. Married Rhodela Armstrong Ir-
win, Virden, 1892; has one son and three
daughters. Conservative; Methodist. Ad-
dress: Virden, Man.

SIMPSON, James Henry — Barrister,
Church St., Nanaimo. Born Prince Ed-
ward County, Ont, March 10, 1839, son
of Benjamin Simpson. Educated: Up-
per Canada College; legal education with
late firm of Wilson, Patterson & Beaty,
Toronto; practiced, Belleville, Ont, 1864
Came to British Columbia, 1892. So-
licitor for Merchants Bank of Canada,
Nanaimo. Police Magistrate, Nanaimo,

1911. Club: Nanaimo. Societies: A. F &
A. M.; R. A. M. Address: Milton St,
Nanaimo, B. C.


SIMPSON, Rev. John, M. A. — Congre-
gational Minister. Born Stirling, Scot-
land, May 29, 1867, son of Alexander
and Catherine Murray Simpson. Edu-
cated high schools, Stirling and Surbl-
ton, Surrey; Glasgow University; Ox-
ford University. Has lectured in many
parts of the world on Burns, Scott, Ian
Maclaren, Barrie, Shakespeare and Dick-
ens. Author of "A Cruise Round the
British Isles," 1896; "Four Weeks in the
Eternal City," 1897; was Secretary of the
Northwestern Congregational Association
of England; served from its inaugura-
tion until 1910. Served in Y. W. C A
Y. M. C. A. and B. & F. Sailors Mission.
Served in England on Board of Guar-
dians, School Board, Technical Commit-
tees, Free Libraries, etc. Societies- A.
F. & A. M.; L. O. L. ; Scottish Societies
Recreation: Studying human nature
Conservative. Address: 1065 Pacific St
Vancouver, B. 0.




SntlFSON, Charles Myron — Of Simpson
& Mitchell, Real Estate, Financial and
Insurance Agents, Union Trust Bldg.,
Winnipeg; President, Empire Loan Co.,
Ltd.; Vice-President, Anglo-American
Trust Co., Ltd.; Vice-President, Fidelity
Trust Co., Ltd.; President, Western Steel
& Iron Co., Ltd.; Director, Winnipeg
Fire Assurance Co. Born Lindsay, Ont.,
May 6, 1873, son of Charles and Cather-
ine Simpson. Educated public schools,
Coboconk, Ont.; millhand, Coboconk,

1886-1896; general store business, Cobo-
conk, 1896-1898; mechanical department,
C. P. R., 1898-1900; established present
business, 1902. Married Florence G.
McLeod, daughter of John McLeod,
Stonewall, Man., 1903; has four sons
and one daughter. Clubs: Carleton;
Canadian; member Winnipeg Real Estate
Exchange. Recreations: hunting, motor-
ing. Independent; Methodist. Address:
Tuxedo Park, Winnipeg, Man.



SIMPSON, John A., M. Ii. A. — Lumber
Merchant. Born Peel County, Ont., Aug.
20, 1854, son of William Simpson. Edu-
cated Culross, Bruce County, Ont. First
elected for Innisfail, Northwest Terri-
tories Legislature, 1894; re-elected, 1898
and 1902. Elected for Alberta Legisla-
ture, 1905, 1909. Married Annie Proud-
foot, Wingham, Ont., 1879; has two sons
and three daughters. Liberal; Presby-
terian. Address: Innisfail, Alta.

SIMPSON, Robert Mills, M. D., I.. B.
C. P., I^. R. C. S., I.. M., Edin., 1889, I..
P. P. S., Glasffow — Physician, Mclntyre
Bldg., Winnipeg. Born Carleton Place,
Ont., Oct. 16, 1864, son of Robert and
Fanny A. Cathcart Simpson. Educated
Carleton grammar schools; Manitoba
University; further medical studies in
London and Edinburgh. Came to Winni-
peg, 1883; Councillor Manitoba Univer-
sity; holds chair in Manitoba Medical
College. Chairman Provincial Board of
Health; chief surgeon, Hudson's Bay
Company; Surgeon, Canadian Northern
Ry. ; Vice-President American Public
Health Association, 1908. Club: Mani-
toba. Methodist; Conservative. Ad-
dress: 311 Colony St., Winnipeg, Man.

SIMPSON, Sydney Seymour, M. Tm, A.

— Farmer. Born Ledsham, Yorkshire,
England, Nov. 18, 1856, son of Michael
Henry and Elizabeth Simpson. Educated
Tow Law, Durham County, England.
Came west, 1883. Elected to Saskatche-
wan Legislature for Battleford, 1908.
Married Margaret Ann Speers, 1889; has
two sons and three daughters. Liberal;
Anglican. Address: Battleford, Sask.

SINCIiAIB, Alfred— Real Estate and
Financial Agent; director, A. R. Colqu-
hon & Son, Ltd.; secretary-treasurer,
Town of Broadview. Born Bath, Eng-
land, Aug. 20, 1870, son of Joseph Wil-
liam and Emily White Sinclair. Edu-
cated Pestalozzian school, Bath, and pri-
vately. Clerk, counting house, Bath,
1887-1897; chief accountant, G. B. Lid-
diard & Co., Farringdon, Berks, England,
1898-1901; came to Manitoba, 1901; clerk,
Winnipeg, 1902; accountant, Thorburn,
Ltd., Broadview, 1903. Official Auditor
for Saskatchewan since 1905; secretary-
treasurer, Broadview Local Improvement
District, 1906-1907; secretary-treasurer.
Town of Broadview since 1907; secre-
tary-treasurer, Broadview race track.
Married Norah Boultbee, Broadview,
1906; has four sons. Recreations: row-
ing, driving, riding. Conservative; An-
glican. Address: Broadview, Sask.

SINCIiAIB, Bev. Archibald Gordon,
M. A., Ph. S. — Clergyman, Winnipeg.
Born Victoria, Dec. 31, 1875, son of Rev.
Robert G. Sinclair and Jennie Macdou-
gall. Educated: Toronto University;
Knox College, Toronto; post-graduate.

Edinburgh Univeraity. Called to First
Church, Port Hope, Ont., 1899-1903.
Studied London, Berlin and Heidelburg.
1903-1906. Pastor of St. Andrew's
Church; accepted call to St. Andrew's
Church, Winnipeg, 1909. Married Mar-
garet Jessie Whitelaw, Kirkintilloch,
Scotland, 1909. Presbyterian. Address:
429 Elgin Ave., Winnipeg, Man.

SIPPBEI.!;, Bev. Wilford, J. — Prin-
cipal of the Columbia Methodist Col-
lege, New Westminster. Born Oxford
County, Ont, Sept. 15, 1866, son of John
and Sarah A. Sipprell. Educated: To-
ronto (B. A.); Victoria (B. D.). Came
to British Columbia, 1898. Elected pres-
ident of the British Columbia Methodist
Conferece, 1904; attended the general
conference of the church, Winnipig,
1902; Montreal, 1906; Victoria, 1910.
Won gold and silver medals for theology
and philosophy, Toronto, 1895 and 1896.
Assistant editor of the Methodist Re-
corder. Married Jennie Ross, 1898; has
one daughter. Society: Royal Temp-
lars. Recreation: lacrosse. Conservative;
Methodist. Address: New Westminster,
B. C.


SKEAD, Samuel A. — Of Skead Lumber
Co., Ltd., 222a 8th Aye., W., Calgary;
member of Calgary Board of Trade;
Calgary Builders Exchange. Born Ot-
tawa, Sept. 1, 1858, son of Robert and
Mary Graham Skead. Educated Colle-

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