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1906; on surgical staff, Alexandra Hos-
pital. Married Mary Eleanor Kate Ib-
botson, daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel
Ibbotson, Sherbrooke, 1894; has one son
and one daughter. Club: Edmonton. So-
cieties: A. P. & A. M.; I. O. O. F. Rec-
reations: Curling, shooting, fishing. Con-
servative; Presbyterian. Address: 625
Thirteenth St., Edmonton, Alta.

SMITH, W. J. — Manager George Pal-
mer & Co., Real Estate and Investment
Brokers, 136 Saskatchewan Ave., Port-
age la Prairie. Born Arthur Township,
Wellington County, Ont., Feb. 5, 1860,
son of Thomas and Lucinda Eden Smith.

Educated public schools. Came to Port-
age la Prairie, 1873; farmed, Portage
plains until 1909; established present
business, 1909. Married Delilah West-
gate, 1883; has five sons and five daugh-
ters. Society: C. O. F. Conservative;
Anglican. Address: Portage la Prairie,

SM7TH, Charles Ernest, M. B. — Phy-
sician and Surgeon. Born Paris, Maine,
March 26, 1870, son of William and
Eliza Boyle Smyth. Educated College
Institute, St. Catharines, Ont.; Toronto
University. Came to Alberta 1894. Sur-
geon Lieutenant R. A. M. C. Married
Sarah McKinlay, 1908; has one son. Con-
servative; Anglican. Address: 202 Main
St., Medicine Hat, Alta.

C. L.

SMTTH, WilUam Oswald, B. A., B. C.
Ii. — Barrister and Solicitor, Bank of Ot-
tawa Blk., Swift Current; Director, Swift
Current Farmers' Milling & Elevator Co.,
Ltd. Born Toronto, Ont., Oct. 4, 1873,
son of Rev. Dr. W. J. and Sarah Smyth.
Educated Montreal high school; McGill
University (gold medalist). Called to
Quebec Bar, 1897; partner, Cruikshank
& Smyth, Montreal, 1897-1905; called to
Northwest Territories Bar, 1905; prac-
ticed, Swift Current, since 1905; present
partnership formed, 1911. Unsuccessful
candidate to Saskatchewan Legislature
against Hon, Walter Scott, 1908. City
Solicitor, Swift Current, since town in-
corporated. Served as Major, B Squad-
ron, 27th Light Horse. Married Frances
Leta Hart, Cowansville, Que., 1901; has
one son. Societies: I. O. O. F.; C. O. F.;
C. O. C. F.; Eagles. Recreation: shooting.
Conservative; Presbyterian. Address:
Fifteenth and Sydney Sts., Swift Cur-
rent, Sask.



SNEIiIi, Herbert. — President and Man-
ager of Herbert Snell, Ltd., dry goods,
52 Main St., Moose Jaw. Born near
Sheffield, Yorlcsiiire, England, Aug. 20,
1880, son of David and Ellen Snell. Edu-
cated public schools Stockbridge, Eng-
land; Port Hope, Ont. Came to Winni-
peg 1900, with Robinson & Co., Ltd.;
came to Vancouver, B. C, 1901, and took
position with Gordon Drysdale; later
traveler with Gault Bros., Vancouver;
with Crescent Mfg. Co., Montreal, as
traveler through Western Provinces,
1904; came to Moose Jaw, 1905, and ac-
quired interest in firm of Clark Bros.;
engaged business for himself in old
stand of Clark & Snell, moving 1909 to
present location. President Moose Jaw
Liberal Association, 1907-1909; president
Y. M. C. A., 1905-1906-1907; member of
Council of Board of Trade and Chair-
man Publicity Department 1910; Alder-
man Moose Jaw, 1911-12. Married Agnes
Graham, Winnipeg, Jan. 10, 1906. Lib-
eral; Baptist. Address: 170 Ninth Ave.,
Moose Jaw, Sask.


SNIDER, Arthur Westbrook — Presi-
dent Snider-Dohan, Ltd., Real Estate and
Financial Agents; President Swift Cur-
rent Farmers' Milling & Elevator Co.,
Ltd.; Secretary-Treasurer Swift Current
Land Co., Ltd.; Director Moote Coal Co.,
Ltd.; President A. W. Snider Co., Ltd.,
warehouse properties. Born Delhi, Ont.,
Oct. 1, 1862, son of George and Mercy
Elizabeth Hammil Snider. Educated pub-
lic schools, high school, Simcoe, Ont.
Came to Alberta, 1883; Saskatchewan,
1902; engaged ranching until 1906.
Mayor Swift Current, 1909-1910-1911-
1912. Member Swift Current General
Hospital Board of Governors; member of

the Executive of the Saskatchewan Tu-
berculosis League. Married Ida Fidelia
Whitney, Essex, Ont., 1897. Society: A.
F. & A. M. Conservative; Anglican. Ad-
dress: ITpex Avenue, Swift Current.


SNIDEB, Georg^e Bicbard. — Of Snider
& Brethour, Contractors, 1015 Dominion
Trust Bldg., Vancouver. Born Victoria,
Feb. 19, 1872, son of William Henry and
Emma Snider. Educated high schools
Victoria. Contracting business Victoria
1896-1897; under firm name McDonald,
Wilson & Snider, Vancouver, 1907-1910;
present partnership formed 1910. Has
built many notable buildings, among
which are Carnegie Library, David Spen-
cer's store, Balmoral Hotel and Court
House, Vancouver. Married Amy Dora
Wolff, 1897; has one son and one daugh-
ter. Society: Native Sons. Recreations:
Lacrosse, hunting. Conservative; Angli-
can. Address: 777 Hornby St., Vancou-
ver, B. C.

SNIDER, Major Irvine Robinson. —

Farmer and Soldier. Born Nobleton,
Ont., Jan. 1, 1864, son of Edwy Snider
(U. E. L. Stock). Educated Model
School, Toronto. Came to Portage la
Prairie, 1880; roamed the West four
years as packer in the Rockies, surveyor
and land inspector. The National Rebel-
lion 1885; gave first chance in a military
way and he was first to sign on a militia
company being formed; not waiting how-
ever for completion of organization, he
took out a team on transport at $10 a
day and made one trip to Humboldt,
Sask., in advance of the troops; but on



returning to Fort Qu'Appelle, Sask.,
found they were to go back to the rail-
way and thus be out of reach of the
guns, so joined C. Company 90th Rifles,
under Captain (now Major) Wilkes;
proceeded _ through the campaign, taking
part in fights at First Creek and Batoche,
thence up the Saskatchewan to Old Bat-
tleford and Fort Pitt; from there to
Winnipeg via Saskatchewan River and
Lake Winnipeg. After this settled on
the old Snider homestead, a mile and a
half from Portage la Prairie; chosen to
form one of a section from the Manitoba
Dragoons to take part in Queen Vic-
toria's Diamond Jubilee, 1887. On or-
ganization of Strathcona Horse, South
African War, appointed transport offi-
cer on staff of Col. S. B. Steele (twice
mentioned in despatches, by Lord Rob-
erts and Lord Kitchener). Returned to
Canada and after Regiment disbanded
returned to South Africa as Captain, on
Colonel J. D. B. Evans' staff, 2nd C. M.
R., remaining till close of war. On or-
ganization of 99th Manitoba Rangers
accepted commission as Senior Major
and second in command. Married Ellen
Swales, Portage la Prairie, Man., 1887;
has three sons. Protestant. Address:
Portage la Prairie, Man.


SNOWDEN, Joseph, J. P. — Treasurer
managing director Imperial Develop-
ment Co., Ltd., Canadian Investment
Brokers, 354 Main St., Winnipeg; and
London, England. Born Halifax, Eng-
land, Nov. 21, 1883, son of George and
Mary Earnshaw Snowden. Educated
Warley public school; Edinburgh Civil
Service College; Halifax Municipal Tech-
nical School. Came to Winnipeg, 1905;
present business established, 1907; ap-
pointed justice of the peace for Mani-
toba, 1912. Clubs: Carleton; Canadian.
Address: Royal Alexandra Hotel, Winni-
peg, Man.


SOI^OAN, Frank D. — President Metro-
politan Security Co., Ltd., Leeson and
Lineham Block, Calgary. President F.
D. Soloan Co., Ltd., Calgary; Director
H. Smith Biscuit Co., Ltd., Vancouver.
Born Windsor, N. S., Feb. 23, 1876, son
of James and Sophia Soloan. Educated
public schools Nova Scotia. Clerk Com-
mercial Bank, Windsor, N. S., 1890-1900;
real estate and financial broker, Cape
Breton, 1900-1901; with J. W. Gorham,
wholesale grocer, Halifax, 1901-1904;
came to Alberta 1904; present business
1911. Married Isabella A. Johnston,
Millville, N. B. Liberal. Address: Cal-
gary, Alta.


SOMEBVU.!.!:, James — Machinist.
Born Lanark County, Ont., March 25,
1872. Educated Middleville public
schools, Lanark County. Apprenticed ma-



chinist trade Carleton Place, Ont., 1888;
Journeyman Watertown, N. T., Indian-
apolis, Ind. ; Milwaukee, Wis.; "Vancouver,
New Westminster, B. C. ; Tacoma and
Seattle, Wash., 1891-1896; returned to
Ontario, 1896, and farmed; moved to
Montreal 1901; came to Moose Jaw 1903;
elected 2nd Vice President International
Association of Machinists, headquarters
at Washington, D. C, 1907; resigned 1908
to take up duties of Secretary-Treasurer
of System Federation of Railroad Em-
ployes No. 15, C. P. R. lines; Vice Presi-
dent for Saskatchewan Trades and Labor
Congress of Canada 1909; re-elected 1910;
unsuccessful candidate for Alderman,
Moose Jaw, Sask., twice. Married Agnes
A. Haight, Smith's Falls, Ont, 1901 (de-
ceased 1902); one daughter (deceased
1905). Society: I. O. O. F. Socialist.
Address: 115 Main St., Moose Jaw, Sask.

SOUTH, Charles Jolin, J. P. — Superin-
tendent under Children's Protection Act
of British Columbia. Hon, Representa-
tive in British Columbia Royal Humane
Society, London, England, 163 Hastings
St. W., Vancouver. Born Melbourne,
Australia, Aug. 2, 1850, son of George
and Sarah South. Educated Melbourne.
Came to British Columbia, 1896. Super-
intendent Children's Home; General Sec-
retary British Columbia Society for Pre-
vention Cruelty to Animals for some
years. Married E. B. Unthank, Mel-
bourne; has four sons and two daugh-
ters. Society: A. F. & A. M. Recrea-
tions: Cricket, fishing. Address: 757
Burrard St., Vancouver, B. C.

SPANKH:, J. E., M. D. — Physician.
Born Kingston, Ont., Sept. 22, 1871, son
of William and Margaret Spankie. Edu-
cated Queen's University. Practiced
Banff, Alta., 1896; came to British Col-
umbia, 1899. Married Grace Isabel Mul-
ligan, New York, N. Y. ; has one son.
Societies: A. F. & A. M.; I. O. O. F.;
C. O. C. F.; K. of P.; Eagles. Recre-
ations: Lacrosse and all outdoor sports.
Address: 210 Pender St., E., Vancouver,
B. C.

SPABI^ING, Albert James. — Of Gor-
don & Sparling, Wholesale and Retail
Butchers and Shippers, 254 Second St.,
Saskatoon. Born St. Mary's, Ont., Aug.
28, 1859, son of James W. and Margaret
Sparling. Educated public schools St.
Mary's. Butcher business with his
father, St. Mary's, 1874-1882; came to
Beulah, Man., and took up homestead,
1882; engaged butcher business and
farming 1884-1887; same business. Pilot
Mound, Man., 1887-1903; came to Sas-
katoon, 1903, and formed partnership
with Elliot Gordon, under firm name of
Gordon & Sparling. Member Public
School Board, Pilot Mound, 1902-1903;
member of Public School Board Saska-
toon, 1906-1912. Married Mary Violet

Huston, St. Mary's, 1884; has two sons
and four daughters. Society: I. O. O. F.
Recreations: Curling, baseball. Liberal;
Methodist. Address: 514 Sadina Cres-
cent, Saskatoon, Sask.

SPABZ^Isro, A. W.— Of Sparling,
Mighton & McCulloch, Real Estate
Agents, 250 2nd Ave., S., Saskatoon.
Born Pilot Mound, Man., July 12, 1891,
son of A. J. and M. V. Sparling. Edu-
cated public schools and Collegiate In-
stitute, Saskatoon; Saskatchewan Uni-
versity. Partner, Gordon & Sparling,
1909-1912; present firm formed, 1912.
Recreations: football, lacrosse, hockey.
Liberal; Methodist. Address: Saskatoon,

SPARZ;iNO, Herbert G-Upin, B. A. —

Of Earle & Sparling, Barristers and So-
licitors, Battleford. Born St. Mary's,
Ont, Sept 27, 1878, son Of Robert Wil-
liam and Martha Sparling. Educated
high school, St. Mary's; Wesley College,
Winnipeg. Taught school. Fort Saskat-
chewan, 1898-1901; law student with R.
R. Earle, Battleford, 1907-1909; called
to Saskatchewan Bar, 1910; practiced,
Grenfell, Sask., 1910-1912; present part-
nership formed, 1912. Married Ruth
Blanche Kenny, Wilkie, Sask., 1910; has
one daughter. Society: I. O. O. F. Rec-
reation: shooting. Liberal; Methodist.
Address: 3rd Ave., Battleford, Sask.

SFEECHI^'Z', Harry Martindale, M. B.
C. S. iHng.), Im. B. C. p. (X^ondon).

— Physician. Born Cochin, Southwest
India, Nov. 1, 1866, son of Mary G. and
the late Right Rev. John Martindale
Speechly, D. D., formerly Bishop of
Travancore and Cochin, South India. Ed-
ucated Perse Grammar School, Cam-
bridge, England; Monkton Combe School,
England; Medical School; London Hos-
pital, Whitechapel, London. First Bux-
ton Scholar, 1884; late House
Surgeon, House Physician and Casualty
Officer, London Hospital; late Medical
Officer R. N. Mission to Deep Sea Fisher-
men, and of Mostyn House School, Park-
gate, Cheshire. Private practice Neston-
cum-Parkgate, Cheshire, 1893-1901. Coro-
ner for Manitoba; Vice President Manitoba
Meidcal Association; President Manitoba
Horticultural and Forestry Association;
Licensed Lay Reader Anglican Church;
Secretary Board of Trade, Pilot Mound.
Served with Volunteer Medical Staff
Corps, London, 1884-1888. Married Mary
Barrett (B. A. Victoria University, Liv-
erpool, England), daughter of the late
Rev. William Ferguson Barrett, M. A.,
Cantab, Neston, Cheshire, England, 1895;
has two sons and one daughter. Socie-
ties: Canadian Medical Association; W.
Canada British Association.; A. F. &
A. M.; I. O. O. F.; L. O. L. Recreations:
Horticulture, ornithology, field sports,
curling. Conservative; Anglican. Ad-
dress: Pilot Mound, Man.




SPEBIiING, Bochfort Senry. — General
Manager British Columbia Electric Ry.
Co., Vancouver. Born London, England,
son of Henry Reginald and Harriet Em-
ma Sperling. Father was founder of
Sperling & Co., stock brokers, London,
England. Educated Eton College; came

to British Columbia 1895 and practiced
profession electrical engineer "Vancouver
since. Married Fleurette Lily Macpher-
son, Vancouver. Club: Junior Carlton
of London. Society: A. F. & A. M. Rec-
reations: Fishing, shooting. Address:
1645 Beach Ave., Vancouver, B. C.




SFENCE, WiUiam David. — City Clerk,
Calgary. Born Blanshard Township,
Perth County, Ont., Nov. 16, 1869, son of
William and Martha Dowzer Spence. Edu-
cated public schools; College Institute; St.
Mary's, Ont.; Toronto University. Taught
school Middlesex County, 1889; Princi-
pal, St. Mary's School until 1907. Came
to Calgary and opened office of Great
West Permanent Loan Co., 1907; ap-
pointed to present office 1910. Married
Mary V. Keen, St. Mary's. 1898. Club:
Canadian. Societies: A. F. & A. M. ; I.
O. O. F. Liberal; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: 11 Marlborough Apartments, Cal-
gary, Alta.

SFZINCi:, William Johu, B. A. (Toronto
Univ.)- — Registrar University of Mani-
toba, Winnipeg. Born Dummer Town-
ship, Peterboro County, Ont., Jan. 23,
1879, son of John and Mary Spence. Edu-
cated country school; high school, Nor-
wood; College Institute, Peterboro, Ont.;
Victoria College, Toronto University.
Came to Manitoba 1901. Lecturer Wes-
ley College, Winnipeg, 1901; Educational
Director Young Men's Christian Asso-
ciation, 1906; appointed present position
1910. Married Mary Alice Clements,
Winnipeg, 1905; has one son and two
daughters. Club: Y. M. C. A. Independ-
ent; Methodist. Address: 154 Walnut
St., Winnipeg, Man.

SFENCEB, David Scott. — Of David
Spencer, Ltd., Department Stores, Van-
couver and Victoria. Born Victoria, B.
C, Sept. 30, 1869, son of David and
Emma Spencer. Educated Victoria. Dry
goods merchant British Columbia since
1889. Recreations: Fishing and riding.
Address: Victoria, B. C.

SFENCBB, Thomas Arthur. — Of Davia

Spencer, Ltd., Departmental Stores, Van-
couver. Born Victoria, B. C, July 24,
1874, son of David and Emma Spencer.
Educated public schools. Married Kath-
erine Potts, 1908. Club: Terminal City.
Methodist. Address: Vancouver, B. C.

SFINKS, Richard Coupland.— Of Senk-
ler, Spinks & Van Home, Pacific Bldg.,
Vancouver. Born Liverpool, May 15,
1876, son of John M. and Jane Spinks.
Educated Vancouver. Came to British
Columbia 1883, and to Vancouver when
it was called Granville, 1886. Practice
with Wilson, Senkler & Bloomfield, 1902-
1909; with present Arm since. Served
six years with 6th Regiment Rifles. Mar-
ried Mary M. Dixon 1902. Recreations:
Rowing, football. Address: Vancouver,
B. C.


SFBATT, C. J. V. — Shipbuilder; Presi-
dent Victoria Machinery Depot Co., 343
Bay St., Victoria. Born Victoria, B. C,
Aug. 1, 1873, son of Joseph Spratt. Edu-
cated Port Hope. Built Point Ellice
Bridge, Victoria; two steel boats for the
Imperial Government, steamers for Hud-
son's Bay Co., C. P. R. ; Prince Rupert and
Skeena Navigation Co.; and The Domin-
ion Government. Married Marguerite
Ethel Deuel, Sacramento, Cal. Society:
Native Sons. Recreations: Shooting,
motoring. Address: Victoria, B. C.



SPBOATT, Alan — Financial Agent 228
21st St., E.. Saskatoon. Born Orange-
ville, Ont, March 13, 1871, son of Charles
and Frances Jane Sproatt. Educated:
Collegiate Institute and Trinity College,
Toronto. Came to Alberta, 1891; farm-
ing, Innisfail, Alta., 1891-1898; survey-
ing, C. P. R., Crows Nest, 1898-1899; farm-
ing. Big Bend, Red Deer River, Alta.,
1901-1908; established present business,
1908. Canoed from Innisfail to Saska-
toon, 1900, down Red Deer River into
south branch of Saskatchewan River and
down main river to Saskatoon. Served
as Sergeant 1st Troop, B Squadron,
Strathcona's Horse, South African war,
fourteen months, 1900-1901. Married
Edith Robinson, 1910. Club: Saskatoon.
Recreation: shooting. Conservative;
Anglican. Address: 303 5th Ave., Sas-
katoon, Sask.

SFBOTT, Robert J., B. A. — President
Vancouver Business Institute, 336 Hast-
ings St. W., Vancouver; President West-
minster Modern Business School; Di-
rector Western Empire Life Insurance
Co.; member of Advisory Board Empire
Life Insurance Co., Seattle; Director
Vancouver Free Homes, Ltd. Born Os-
prey Township, Grey County, Ont.,
March 1, 1873, son of Henry and Jane
Sprott. Educated Collegiate Institute,
Collingwood, Ont.; Toronto University;
Chicago University; L' Alliance Fran-
caise, Paris. Taught school Oshawa
high school 1901; high school teacher,
Mitchell, Ont., 1902; lecturer French,
German and English, Manitoba Univer-
sity, 1902-1903; Fellow Romance Lan-
guages, University of Chicago, 1903-
1904. Came to British Columbia and
established present school 1904. Mar-
ried Beatrice C. Van Sickle, Eburne, B.
C, 1910. Club: Royal Vancouver Yacht;
University (Director). Recreation: Motor
boating. Independent Conservative; An-
glican. Address: 2370 Second Ave. W.,
Vancouver, B. C.

STAGEY', Charles Thoinas — Financial
Broker, 2d Ave., Saskatoon; Director,
Industrial Exhibition Assn. Born Bur-
ton-on-Trent, England, March 9, 1882,
son of Thomas and Elizabeth Stacey.
Educated Woodhouse Grove, Leeds, Eng-
land. Came to Canada, 1903. Asso
ciated with Cape Breton Coal & Iron
Co., 1903-1904. Came to Saskatchewan,
1905; real estate business, Prince Al-
bert, 1905-1906; established present
business, 1907. Married Violet M.
Prince, 1908; has one son. Club: Saska-
toon. Recreations: shooting, golf, etc.
Independent; Anglican. Address: 203
Saskatchewan Crescent, Saskatoon, Sask.

STACEV, TJiomas James, J. P. — Sec-
retary-Treasurer, Assessor, ex-Chief of
Town Police, ex-License Inspector, Fort
Saskatchewan. Born London, England,
July 16, 1852, eldest son of H. and E. G.
Stacey. Educated Cousins' Commercial

Academy^ London, England; City of Lon-
don College. Junior clerk Henry Carle-
bach, Stock Exchange, London, England,
1866; authorized clerk to J. Joseph &
Son, March 25, 1877, Stock Brokers,
Stock Exchange, London, England, and
head clerk to Farrell & Vauglian, Stock
Brokers, Stock Exchange, London, 1893.
Came to Alberta 1893; farmed with his
son 1894; Official Auditor for Alberta
from Nov. 21, 1902; ex-Deputy Registrar
Southwark, S. E. London, England. Jus-
tice of Peace, Alberta, from June 26,
1899. Paternal grandfather fouglit in the
Battle of Waterloo. Tradition says that
this branch of the Stacey family was
located many years ago in the Hundred
of Hoo. Essex, England. Married Fran-
cis Hughes, Southwark, London, ■ Eng-
land, 1877; has two sons and three daugh-
ters. Clubs: Temperance Clubs, Eng-
land; London Temperance Hospital; U.
K. Alliance. Recreations: Chess, curl-
ing, riding, singing. Liberal; Baptist.
Address: Tofield St., Fort Saskatchewan,

STACFOOIii:, Richard A. — Of Sharpe,
Stacpoole & Elliott, Barristers, Union
Bank Bldg., Winnipeg. Born Brentwood,
Essex, England, Jan. 17, 1869, son of
Frank Alexander and Mary Stacpoole.
Educated Merchant Tailors School, Eng-
land. Came to Manitoba from England,
1886; subsequently called to Manitoba
Bar. Married Phyllis G. Forder, Lon-
don, England, 1910. Society: A. F. & A.
M. Anglican. Address: Amulet Block,
Winnipeg, Man.


STAFPORD, Alexander Boswell. — Of

Stafford-Agnew Co., Hardware Mer-
chants, Lethbridge. Trustee City of
Lethbridge Sinking Fund; Director Leth-
bridge Y. M. C. A. Born Westville, N. S.,
Jan. 7, 1877, son of William and Jane
Stafford. Came to Alberta 1883. Edu-



cated public and high schools, Leth-
brldge. Law clerk Conybeare & Qalllher,
Lethbridge, 1893; hardware clerk J. H.
Ashdown Co., Lethbridge, 1894; prospect-
ing Alaska and Yukon, 1896-1899; mem-
ber of firm Brodie & Stafford, hardware
and furniture dealers, Lethbridge, 1899-
1907; established present business 1907. j
Alderman Lethbridge 1901. Married j
Mary Donald Maclntyre, 1900; has two
daughters. Clubs: Chinook, Country. So-
ciety: A. F. & A. M. Recreations: La-
crosse, tennis, golf, shooting. Liberal;
Presbyterian. Address: Lethbridge, Alta.


STANBBIDGi:, Wallace Georgfe. — Of

Stanbridge Realty Co., Real Estate and
Financial Agents, 247 Notre Dame Ave.,
Winnipeg. Born Sussex County, Eng-
land, Aug. 12, 1881, son of Mathew James
and Jennie Stanbridge. Educated Board-
ing Schools, England. Came to Manitoba
1902; life insurance business under firm
name Stanbridge Bros., Winnipeg, 1902;
real estate business, Stanbridge, McKee
& Co., 1904; established under present
name 1906. Interested Golden West
Realty Co.; Suburban Realty Co. Mar-
ried Annie Matilda Parker, Winnipeg,
1907; has one son and one daughter.
Liberal; Congregationalist. Address: 250
Morley Ave., Winnipeg, Man.

STAM-CX^IFFE, Cecil Wliaatley. — Of

C. W. Stancliffe & Co., Consulting En-
gineers and Agents, Mercantile Bldg.,
Vancouver. Representative of Baldwin
Locomotive Works, Philadelphia; Head,
Wrightson & Co., Stockton-on-Tees, Eng-
land; D. H. & G. Haggle, Sunderland,
England; R. Hudson Steel Co., Leeds,
England, and Seattle Car Co., Seattle.
Born Mirfleld, Yorkshire, England, Oct.
31, 1878, son of John Wheatley and
Adelaide Parrott Stancliffe. The Stan-
cliffe family having been connected with
the brewing trade for many years. Edu-
cated Ayrsgarth and Harrow. Appren-
tice Lancashire and Yorkshire Ry. Co.,
Harwich; with Charles Clay & Co., Wake-
field; Assistant Manager W. J. Bates &


^o., Ltd., Denton, Yorkshire. Has taken
out various patents relating to different
classes of machinery. Came to British
Columbia, 1906. Club: Commercial. Rec-
reations: Fishing and shooting. Conserv-
ative; Anglican. Address: Rosemount,
Lake View, Vancouver, B. C.

STANEIiAin), Walter E. — Of The

Staneland Co., Ltd., Manufacturers of
Paints, Colore, Fort Street, Victoria;
branch Prince Rupert. Born Toronto,
June 8, 1875, son of Samuel Staneland.
Educated Toronto. Came to British Col-
umbia, mercantile business, Victoria,
since 1898. School Trustee Victoria.
Club: Pacific. Address: Victoria, B. C.

STAFIiES, William D., BI. F. — Farmer.
Born Fleetwood, Ont., Nov. 10, 1868,
son of James and Jane Staples. Edu-
cated public schools Fleetwood, high
school Lindsey, Ont.; Collegiate Insti-
tute, Winnipeg. Holds second class
teacher's certificate. Elected general
election to House of Commons for Mac-
donald, 1904; re-elected general election
1908-1911; twelve years in Municipal
Council as Councillor and Revee. Mar-
ried Nellie Metcalf, Treherne, 1892. Con-
servative; Methodist. Address: Treherne,

STABK, JTames, J. F. — Of James Stark
& Sons, Ltd., Dry Goods Merchants, 29-35
Hastings St., Vancouver. Born Dundee,
Scotland, May 25, 1845, son of Walter
and Elizabeth Stark. Educated Dundee
public schools. Came to Canada 1865;

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