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dry goods salesman with Robert Struth-
ers, St. Catharines, Ont.; held similar
position Brantford, Ont.; commenced
business St. George, 1873; later Toronto
Eind Ayr; member of the Ayr School



Board; came to British Columbia, 1892,
and commenced business under the firm
name of James Stark. Director "Vancou-
ver Exhibition Association; Director
Dominion Trust Co., Ltd.; Trustee and
Treasurer for thirteen years St. An-
drew's Presbyterian Church; Vice-Presi-
dent Pacific Building Society; Justice of
the Peace, commissioned May 23, 1899.
Received Queen's medal for active serv-
ice, Fenian Raid, 1866. Married Julia
Mitchelhill Leek, 1871; has three sons
and two daughters. Societies: A. F. &
A. M., Scottish Rite (32nd deg.); I. O.
O. P.; R. A. M. Recreation: motoring.
Address: Vancouver, B. C.


STABKEV, Fred A. — Mining Broker,
General Insurance Agent, Real Estate,
etc. ; president Associated Boards of
Trade, 1909-1912; president Nelson Board
of Trade, 1906-1911; president Overseas

Club. Born Lincolnshire, England, June
1, 1865. Educated private schools Eng-
land. Farming and hotel proprietor,
Manitoba, 1882-1897. Came to British
Columbia, 1897; wholesale produce and
provision business, 1899-1912. Married
Matilda King, Winnipeg, 1886; has one
daughter. Societies: A. F. & A. M.; S.
O. E. ; F. O. E. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: Nelson, B. C.


STABB, Prederick H. — Of F. H. Starr
& Co., Real Estate and Financial Bro-
kers, Calgary. Born Peterboro, Ont.,
Nov. 8, 1885, son of Caleb E. and Jessie
Starr. Educated public and high schools
Ontario. Came to Alberta 1906. Secre-
tary Canada Life Assurance Co., Cal-
gary, 1906-1907; accountant F. C. Lowes
& Co., Calgary, 1907-1909; Manager Okan-
agan Valley Land Co., Okanogan Centre,
B. C, 1909-1910; established present
business 1910. Married Ellen E. Pum-
frey, Calgary, 1909. Club: Canadian.
Liberal; Presbyterian. Address: Glencoe,
Calgary, Alta.

STABBATT, Grier — Manager, Cana-
dian Fish & Cold Storage Co., Prince
Rupert. Born Colchester County, N. S.,
May 1, 1865, son of John James and
Jeanette Starratt. Educated public
schools. Came to British Columbia, 1886.
Manager, New England Fish Co., 1893-
1908; present business since 1908. Mar-
ried Annie Barbara, 1894; has one son
and one daughter. Club: Terminal City.
Recreation: motoring. Address: 1173
Pendrell St., Vancouver, B. C.



STAUFFER, Joseph Emmett, M. I^. A.

— Farmer. Born Mannasas, "Va., Oct. 29,
1874 (U. E. L.). Came to Canada as a
boy. Educated Berlin, Ont. ; employed
by Dominion Government as Forest
Ranger and Homestead Inspector; Presi-
dent Didsbury Board of Trade; Principal
Didsbury Public Schools. Represents
Didsbury, Alberta Legislature. Married
Emma Ernst 1906. Liberal; Presbyter-
ian. Address: Didsbury, Alta.

cles; Grammar School, Manchester, Eng-
land. Came to Manitoba, 1889. Secre-
tary to Superintendent, G. N. W. Tele-
graph Co., Winnipeg, 1890; clerk, Hud-
son's Bay Co., 1892-1905; cartoonist,
Manitoba Free Press, 1900-1909; asso-
ciate editor, Winnipeg Saturday Post
since 1909. Married Emily Bertha Earle,
1897. Address: Suite 11, Grosvenor
Court, Fort Rouge, Winnipeg, Man.

STEAD, Robert James Campbell — Au-
thor and newspaper man. Born Lanark
County, Ont., Sept. 4, 1880, son of Rich-
ard T. and Mary Campbell Stead. Family
came to Manitoba, 1882. Educated pub-
lic schools. Engaged lumber business,
R. T., Stead & Son, Cartwright, Man.,
1898; established "Review" newspaper,
Cartwright, 1899; secretary Alberta Au-
tomobile Co.. Ltd., High River, Alta.,

1910. Councillor, High River, 1911-1912.
Author of "Empire Builders" (verse),
4th ed., 1908; "Prairie Born" (verse),
1911; "Songs of the Prairie" (verse),

1911, in United States and Great Britain,
1912; contributor to magazines and pe-
riodicals. Married Nettie May Wallace,
Cartwright, Man., 1901; has two sons.
Address: 1308 Fourteenth Ave., W. Cal-
gary, Alta.

STAVEIY, Herbert Anthony — -Real
Estate Broker, Weyburn. Born Traer,
Iowa, Oct. ,5, 1877, son of Anthony and
Jennie Stavely. Educated: public schools,
Traer. Came to Weyburn and establish-
ed present business, 1902; naturalized.
1907. Served as Alderman, Weyburn,
1909-1912. Married Edna Caulfield,
daughter of Nathan Caulfield, 1904; has
two sons and one daughter. Societies:
A. P. & A. M. (Shriner); K. P. Recrea-
tion: baseball. Conservative; Presby-
terian. Address: 2nd Ave., Weyburn,

STEAD, Georgfe E. — Superintendent
western lines, Canadian Nortliern Rail-
way Telegraphs, Winnipeg. Born Ec-
cles, near Manchester, England, April 29,
1875, son of George Strafford and R. A.
Stead. Educated Eccles. Came to Win-
nipeg, 1888; check clerk, G. N. W. Tele-
graphs, Winnipeg, 1889. Club: Assini-
boine. Recreations: rowing, hockey,
snowshoeing. Anglican. Address: Nor-
wood Man.

STEAD, Hay Strafford. — Associate
Editor, Winnipeg Saturday Post. Born
Eccles, England, Oct. 26, 1872, son of
George Strafford and Rachel Agnes
Stead. Educated College Institute, Ec-

STEADMAN, Thomas Hatchard — Pro-
prietor, Queen's Hotel, Macleod; inter-
ested city and farm property and British
Columbia coal lands. Born Havant,
Hants., England, Aug. 30, 1854, son of
William and Anna Steadman. Educated
public schools, England. Came to Can-
ada, 1874; served with N. W. M. P.,
1875-1878; livery business, Macleod,
1883-1890; built Queen's Hotel, 1903;
president, Macleod Separate School
Board; served as councillor, Macleod,
many years; vice-president and chair-
man, board of directors, Macleod City
Hospital; president, Macleod Horse
Show Association; secretary, Southern
Alberta Turf Association; president,
Macleod Curling Club. Married Annie
Theis, Macleod, 1895; has one son and
one daughter. Recreations: horses; curl-
ing. Liberal; Roman Catholic. Ad-
dress: Queen's Hotel, Macleod, Alta.

STEEI^, Georg-e, M. L. A. — Farmer.
Born Ayrshire, Scotland, June 3, 1858,
son of John and Isabella Steel. Edu-
cated Lorn and Dallegles public schools.
Elected to Legislature for Cypress,
1899; re-elected, 1903, 1907 and 1910.
Presbyterian; Conservative. Address:
Glenboro, Man.




STEEIii:, Colonel Samuel Benfield —

C. B., 1900; M. V. O., 1901. Born at
Purbrook, Medonte, County Simcoe, On-
tario, fourth son of Captain Elmes
Steele, R. N., and his wife Anne Mac-
Ian MacDonald of Islay, Argyleshire,
Scotland. Married Marie Elizabeth, eld-
est daughter of Robert W. Harwood
Esq., a Seigneur of Vaudreuil, P. Q.
Maternal grandson of the last Marquis
de Lotbiniere. One son, two daughters.
Educated in the county privately, at
private and public schools. Ensign 35th
Battalion Simcoe Foresters, qualified
under Colonel Alexander McKinstry, C.
B., H. M., 17th regiment (now the Leices-
tershire) in 1S66 and with the 13th Hus-
sars. Served in the Red River expedi-
tion of 1870 under Sir Garnet (now
Field Marshal Viscout) Wolseley. Join-
ed "A" Battery, Royal Canadian Artil-
lery in 1871. Took long course certifi-
cate of qvialiflcation in Artillery under
Lieut. -Col. (now Major-General Sir
George) French, R. A. Joined the North-
west Mounted Police 1873. Accompanied
the force in the march to the Rocky
Mountains from the Red River of the
North in 1874 under Colonel French.
Commanded the Northwest Mounted Po-
lice employed in the Rocky Mountains
during the construction of the Canadian
Pacific Railway was Commissioner of
the Peace, and Commissioner of the
Police there. Commanded the Cavalry
and Scouts of Major General Strange's
column during the. Northwest campaign
of 1885: was present at Frenchman's
Butte and Loon Lake. Commanded the
Mounted Force in pursuit of Big Bear's

band and the Wood Crees, and defeated
them at Loon Lake, breaking up the
band. Mentioned in despatches. Medal
witli clasp. Commanded "D" Division
of the Northwest Mounted Police in an
expedition into Kootenay district of
British Columbia, the Indians having
broken open the Gaol, released the pris-
oners and driven the Government of-
ficers out of the country. Commanded
the Northwest Mounted Police posts
in the White a.nd Cliilkoot passes during
the great rush of the miners and pros-
pectors in the Klondvke in 1898; was
magistrate and had charge of the cus-
toms. Thanks of the Governor-General
in Council: commanded the Northwest
Mounted Police in the Yukon Territory
in 189S-99 and was a member of the
Council for the Government of the Ter-
ritory. For Lord Strathcona raised and
commanded Lord Strathcona's Horse,
during the South African War. Men-
tioned in despatches of Sir Redvers
Buller and Lord Roberts. Queen's medal
with three clasps. C. B., M. V. O., Bre-
vet of Colonel. Honorary Lieutenant-
Colonel in the army. Commanded "B"
Division South African Constabulary
during the last phase of the Boer War.
Despatches by Lord Kitchener. King's
Medal with two clasps. Commanded
"B" Division after the war, disarming
the natives of the Northern Transvaal
chiefs Sekeukuni and others, securing
several hundred thousand guns and
rifles. Had charge of eight magesterial
districts. In 1906 commanded three
hundred Boer Scouts for the suppression
of the Chinese outrages round the Rand.
Two thousand of the Chinese were roam-
ing about the country dynamiting
houses, killing and wounding the people.
Suppressed the outrages and was thank-
ed by Lord Selborne, High Commission-
er for South Africa. Is now command-
ing the 10th Military District. Clubs:
United Empire, Junior Army and Navy.

STEIN, William Thomas — Chartered
Accountant, 319 Pender St., Vancouver.
Born Edinburgh, Scotland, March 22,
1867, son of Charles and Janet Stein.
Educated Edinburgh, Scotland. Came to
British Columbia, 1892; practiced since
1893; president, Institute of Chartered
Accountants of British Columbia; Coun-
cil of Dominion Association of Char-
tered Accountants. Married Margaret
Elizabeth Mainely, 1893; has one son and
one daughter. Clubs: Terminal City;
North Vancouver. Societies: I. O. F. ;
A. F. & A. M. Recreations: boating,
fishing. Address: 10th St., North Van-
couver, B. O.



STEPHENSON, Alvin H. — Of Archer

& Stephenson, Real Estate Agents, 692
Broadway, W., Vancouver. Born Dor-
set, Ont., Nov. 25, 1878, son of William
and Mary Stephenson. Educated: pub-
lic and high schools, Huntsville, Ont.;
Port Hope, Ont.; Ontario Business Col-
lege, Belleville, Ont. General Store,
Ontario, 1895-1900; manager, private
bank, 1900-1902; lumber business, Hunts-
ville, Ont., 1902-1904; manager, credit
department. International Harvester Co.,
Regina, 1904-1909. Came to British Co-
lumbia and established present business,
1909. Notary public. Served as ser-
geant 16th C. M. R., Regina; chief of
fire department, Nokomis, Sask. Recre-
ations: riding, yachting, fishing, shoot-
ing. Address: 1731 Fifth Ave., W., Van-
couver, B. C.


STEINBBECHEK, John — Real Estate
Broker, 118 9th Ave., W., Calgary; presi-
dent Sandstone Brick & Sewer Pipe Co.,
Ltd.; vice-president, Bonnie-Brae Coal
& Quarries Co., Ltd. Born Denhoff,
Russia, Dec. 11, 1853, son of Henry and
Elizabeth Steinbrecher. Educated Den-
hoff. Merchant, Middle Western States,
1880-1905. Came to Alberta, 1905; or-
ganized German-American Colonization
Co., Ltd., 1906, of which he is president;
has handled 100,000 acres of land since
organization; member Calgary Board of
Trade. Married Rose Davis; has two
sons and one daughter. Conservative;
Methodist. Address: 820 1st St., N.W .
Crescent Heights, Calgary, Alta.

STEPHENS, George P. — Of G. F.

Stephens & Co., Ltd., Paint Manufac-
turers, 170-176 Market St., Winnipeg.
Director Standard Trust Co., Ltd.; Direc-
tor Diamond Coal Co., Ltd.; Director Su-
perior Brick Co., Ltd. Born Collingwood,
Ont., April 7, 1851, son of James Dawson
and Mary Stephens. Educated Colling-
wood grammar school. Wholesale hard-
ware business, Montreal, 1871. Came to
Winnipeg, 1882, and established present
business (incorporated, 1901). President
Y. M. C. A., 1903-1911. Married Alice M.
Christie, Bowmanville, Ont., 1880; has
two sons. Address: 65 Willmot Place,
Winnipeg, Man.


STEVENS, John T. — Of John T. Ste-
vens Trust Co., Real Estate and Finan-
cial Brokers, 763 Robson St., Vancouver.
Born Middlesex, England, April 20, 1861,
^on of Thomas and Mary Ann Stevens.
Educated public schools, Middlesex. En-
gaged in real estate and building busi-
ness, England and Australia, 1882-1905.
Came to British Columbia, 1908. Mem-
ber Vancouver Mining Exchange; mem-
ber Vancouver Board of Trade; Vancou-
ver Tourist Association; vice-president.
Sailors & Loggers' Institute; Burard
Cricket Club. Married Mary Fanny Quait
Hodder, 1881 (deceased) ; married Flor-
ence Pipe, London, England, 1901; has
six sons and eight daughters. Clubs:
Canadian; Terminal City. Society: A. F.
& A. M. Recreations: cricket, travel.
Conservative; Baptist. Address: 1035
11th Ave., W., Vancouver, B. C.




STEPHENS, Henry — -Of Stephens Brick
Company, Saskatchewan Ave., Portage
la Prairie. Born Guelph, Ont., March 11,
1865, son of James and Susan Stephens.
Educated public schols near Wiarton,
Ont. Farmer near Wiarton; engaged as
millwright with Lake of the Woods
Milling Co., Keewatin, Ont, 1889-1898.
Came to Manitoba, and established pres-

ent business, 1898. Member Public Parks
Board, Portage la Prairie, since 1904.
Married Lillian C. Porter, Winnipeg,
1896; has three sons and two daughters.
Clubs: Portage; Adanac (Winnipeg). So-
cieties: A. P. & A. M. (32nd degree);
Shriner; I. O. O. F. Conservative; Chris-
tian Scientist. Address: Fourth St.,
S. E., Portage la Prairie, Man.




STETTIiER, Carl — President, Castor
Coal Co., Ltd., Castor; owner of Na-
tional Hotel; owner of Cosmopolitan
Hotel. Born Berne, Switzerland, June
7, 1861, son of Elizabeth and Christian
Stettler, member of Berne Legislature,
sixteen years. Educated: Private tuition,
Switzerland. Came to Alberta, 1903:
homesteaded, Stettler, 1903; interested
in colonizing a Swiss and German colony
in and about Stettler; Sir William White
named town of Stettler after him; was

first postmaster, Stettler, which position
his daughter now holds; agent for land
department, C. P. R., Stettler, 1903-
1905; built biggest hotel in Stettler,
1906. Alderman, Stettler, 1906; Presi-
dent, Castor Liberal Assn., 1909-1910;
Honorary President, Castor Board of
Trade. Married Dora Fisher, daughter
of Frederick Fisher, 1885; has four sons
and five daughters. Recreations: Shoot-
ing, curling. Liberal; Reform Church.
Address, Castor, Alta.




STEVENS, Henry H., M. P. — Account-
ant, Broker, 601 Cotton Bldg., Vancou-
ver. Born Bristol, England, Dec. 8, 1878,
son of Richard H. and Mary J. Stevens.
Educated England and Ontario. Came to
British Columbia, 1894. Bookkeeper,
Vancouver, 1901, being subsequently en-
gaged as secretary and chief accountant to
Dominion Trust Co.; director, Terminal

City Press; Alderman, Vancouver City,
1910; elected to House of Commons for
Vancouver, 1911; director Carnegie Li-
brary. Married Gertrude M. Glover,
1905; has one son and two daughters.
Recreations: basket ball, all outdoor
sports. Conservative; Methodist. Ad-
dress: 1451 Twelfth Ave., E., Vancouver,
B. C.



STEVENSON, P. "W. — Of F. W. Ste-
venson & Co., Stock Brokers, Pemberton
Block, Victoria. Born Napanee, Ont.,
Oct. 19, 1881, son of W. G. and Margaret
M. Stevenson. Educated Victoria. Bro-
ker, Victoria, 1900. Came to British
Columbia, 1884. Member Chicago Board
of Trade; member Victoria Stockbrokers'
Association. Married Nellie Edna Gray,
Victoria; has two daughters. Club:
Pacific. Society: A. F. & A. M. Recre-
ations: hunting and fishing. Address:
852 Pemberton Road, Victoria, B. C.

STEVENSON, John James, M. Ii. A. —

Lumber Merchant. Born Russell, Ont.,
May 11, 1873, son of John and Eliza
Jane Stevenson. Educated Russell and
Ottawa. Elected to Saskatoon Legisla-
ture for Francis, 1908. Married Jennie
Canning, 1899; has one son. Presbyte-
rian; Liberal. Address: Tyvan, Sask.

STEVENSON, Thomas B., M. D. —

Physician. Born Hastings, Ont., May 2,
1872, son of James and Susan Steven-
son. Educated high schools, Campbell-
ford, Ont.; Toronto University. Taught
school, Dartford, Ont., 1890. Came to
Alberta, 1904. Coroner; City Health
Ofllcer; president of Wetaskiwin Liberal
Association. Societies: A. F. & A. M.;
C. O. F. Addres.s: Wota.skiwin, Alta.


STEVENSON, William. — Manager,
Bank of Montreal, Fort William, Ona.
Born Quebec, July 31, 1855, son of Mi-
chael and Agnes Currie Stevenson. Ed-
ucated St. Andrew's Church School, Que-
bec. Entered Bank of Montreal as jun-
ior, Quebec, 1872; came to Ontario. 1900.
Married Jessie G. C. MacKenzie, daugh-
ter of Walter MacKenzie, Picton, Ont.,
1889; has three sons and two daughters.
Club: Kaministikwia, Fort William.
Society: A. F. & A. M. Recreation:
hunting. Presbyterian. Address: 333
Catharine St., Fort William, Ont.


STEWARD, Charles Arthur C. — Of

Steward & Syer, Real Estate and Finan-
cial Biokers, Penticton. Born London,
England, Feb. 2 4. 1873, son of Frederick
William and Gebrgina Steward. Edu-
cated private schools, England and Ger-
many. Came to British Columbia, 1896;
mining and prospecting, 1897-1900;
served with Padget's Horse, South Afri-
can "War, 1900-1901; hotel business, Pen-
ticton, 1902-1904; furniture business,
1904-1908; established present business,
1908. Member, Penticton Board of
Trade; Municipal Councillor. Society:
A. P. & A. M. Recreations: hunting,
motoring. Conservative; Anglican. Ad-
dress: Penticton, B. C.

STEWART, Alex. — Iron and Brass
Founder, British Columbia. Foundry
and Engine Works, Ltd., Victoria. Born
Glasgow, Scotland, May 6, 1850, son of
John and Janet Stewart. Educated com-
mon schools. Port Glasgow, Scotland.
Came to British Columbia, 1886. Fore-
man, Albion Iron Works, Victoria, 1887-
1904; managing director present firm
since 1904. School trustee, 1905-1908.
Married Isabella McFaun, Port Glasgow,
Scotland, 1877; has eight sons and one
daughter. Address: Constance Ave.,
Esquimau, B. C.

STEWART, Charles, M. Im. A. — ^Farmer.
Born Strabane. Ont., Aug. 26, 1868, son
of Charles and Catherine Stewart. Edu-
cated Strabane. Represents Sedgewick,
Alberta Legislature. Married Jane R.
Sneath, 1891; has four sons and four
daughters. Liberal; Anglican. Address
Killam, Alta.




STEWART, Charles John, M.. D., C. M.,
I^. R. C. P., M. R. C. S. — Physician and
Surgeon, Lineliam Bloclc, Calgary. Born
Russell, Ont., Aug. 2, 1871, son of John
and Margaret McLaren Stewart. Edu-
cated public schools, Russell; high
school, Keniptville, Ont.; College Insti-
tute, Morrisburg, Ont.; McGill Univer-
sity. Taught school, Morewood, Ont.,
1893-1897; McGill student, 1897-1901;
came to Alberta and engaged practice
of medicine, Calgary, 1901. Unsuccess-
ful Liberal candidate for Federal House,
1904 and 1908. Member medical staff,
Calgary General Hospital; member Al-
berta Medical Council. Married Ethel
Hattie Buckland, 1905. Club: Alberta.
Societies: A. F. & A. M.; L O. O. F.;
L O. F. Recreations: Fishing, hunt-
ing, baseball. Liberal; Presbyterian.
Address: Yale Hotel, Calgary, Alta.

STEWART, Donald Malcolm. — Propri-
etor Pioneer Steam Laundry, Vancouver.
Born Glengarry County, March 1, 1862,
son of Norman and Annie Stevs^art. Edu-
cated Ontario. Clerk, Dunvegan, Ont.,
1884, and later at Vankleek Hill, Ont.,
and St. Thomas, Ont. Came to British
Columbia, 1889, and went to Seattle,
Wash., where learned laundry business;
purchased present business, 1902. Chair-
man House Committee, Vancouver Gen-
eral Hospital; president of board of Al-
exander Orphanage; Alderman, 1903-1908.
Married Mary EL Brown, Viancouver,
1896; has two sons and one daughter.
Societies: A. F. & A. M.; I. O. O. F.;


K. of P. Recreation: Driving, garden-
ing. Address: 1966 Nelson St., Vancou-
ver, B. C.


STEWART, Prederick Henry. — Real

Estate and Financial Broker, Sterling
Bank Bldg., Winnipeg. Born London, Ont.,
1872, son of George Henry and Dora
Graham Stewart. Came to Manitoba,
1884. Educated public schools, Winni-
peg. Clerk, Dun, Wiman & Co., Winni-
peg, 1887; continued with them and their
successors, R. G. Dun & Co., Winnipeg
and Ottawa, until 1902; entered into
partnership with George A. Glines, 1902;
in 1906 bought out Mr. Glines and con-
tinued alone as Glines & Stewa;rt, Ltd.,
until 1911, when name was changed to
Fred H. Stewart & Co. Hon. secretary-
treasurer, Winnipeg Real Estate Ex-



change; member Winnipeg Stock Ex-
change; Captain E Company, 79th
Cameron Highlanders. Clubs: Manitoba;
St,i Charles Country; Winnipeg Golf;
Western Canada Military Institute. Rec-
reation: golf. Address: 800 Grosvenor
Ave., Winnipeg, Man.

STEWART, John, J. P. — Real Estate
Agent, Ladysmith, B. C. Born Glasgow,
Scotland, Oct. 29, 1864, son of John and
Isabelle Stewart. Educated Hamilton
Academy, Hamilton, Scotland. Junior.
Royal Bank of Scotland, Glasgow, 1879;
London office of same bank, 1884. Came
to Vancouver and joined staff of Bank of
British Columbia, 1889; Nelson branch,
1892; "Victoria branch, 1898; accountant,
Nanaimo branch, 1899; opened Lady-
smith branch, Canadian Bank of Com-
merce, 1902; resigned 1904 to engage
present business. Notary public, deputy
registrar county court, Nanaimo, and
deputy mining recorder. Unsuccessfully
contested Newcastle District, Provincial
elections, 1909. Married Edith Clarke,
Vancouver, 1893; has one son and one
daughter. Club: Nanaimo. Society:
A. F. & A. M. Address: Roberts St.,
Ladysmith, B. C.

STEVTABT, Jolin Duncan, M. i;. A. — -

Farmer. Born Perth County, Oct. 16,
1859, of Canadian parentage. Educated
Perth County public schools. Manager
for three years of the Areola Farmers'
Elevator Co. Defeated, 1902, for Terri-
torial Legislature. Elected Saskatchewan
Legislature for Cannington, 1905; re-
elected, 1908. Presbyterian; Liberal. Ad-
dress: Areola, Sask.

STEWART, J. B. — President, North
Prince Albert Townsite Co., Ltd., Ma-
sonic Temple Bldg., Prince Albert; 812
1st St., Calgary; 120 McDougall Ave.,
Edmonton; and partner, Stewart & Gol-
lop, Pemberton Bldg., Victoria. Born
Dumfries, Scotland, Jan. 9, 1874, son of
J. R. and Charlotte Stewart. Educated
London, England. Came to Kenora,
Ont., 1887; land and timber cruiser.
Western Canada, 1887-1907; established
present business. Prince Albert, 1911;
company incorporated, 1912. Located
Pemberton coal lands; founder of town-
site of North Prince Albert; actively
identified with development of Western
Canada for past twenty-flve years. Mar-
ried Regina Salisbury, 1909. Club: Pa-
cific, Victoria. Conservative; Presby-
terian. Address: Prince Albert, Sask.

STEWART, John WilUam Willoug-hby.

— Managing Director, Monarch Life As-
surance Company, Winnipeg. Born Sim-
coe County, Ont., July 29, 1868, son of
Robert and Ann Stewart. Educated Col-
lege Institute, Collingwood, Ont. Junior
clerk with The Charles Stark Co., Ltd.,
Toronto, 1885. Came to Manitoba, 1897,
and engaged with The Imperial Life As-
1906; vice-president and general mana-


ger The Royal Canadian Securities Co.,
Ltd.; president The Freehold Investment
Co., Ltd. Served with Queen's Own
Rifles, Toronto, four years. Married
Florence C. Fish, daughter of Rev.
Charles Fish, Toronto, 1897; has one
daughter. Club: Carleton. Society: A.
F. & A. M. Independent; Methodist. Ad-
dress: 151 Harvard Ave., Winnipeg, Man.

STEWART, Peter Donald, M. D. —

Physician and Surgeon, Bowerman Block,
Saskatoon. Born Lucknow, Bruce

County, Ont., Sept. 13, 1865, son of An-
gus and Sarah Stewart. Educated public
schools, Lucknow; College Institute,
Clinton, Ont.; Manitoba College. Came
to Winnipeg, 1889; taught school near

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