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Brandon, Man., and later near Carberry,
Man.; principal of public schools, Glad-
stone, Man., 1896-1897; practiced Saska-
toon, 1902; formed partnership with
brother under firm name of Drs. P. D.
& H. A. Stewart, 1906. Member of Coun-
cil of Board of Trade, 1903-1904; City
Medical Health Officer, 1903. Lieutenant,
Canadian Army Medical Corps. Socie-
ties: A. F. & A. M.; I. O. O. F. ; K. of
P. Recreations: curling, football, tennis,
liunting, shooting. Liljeral; Presbyte-
rian. Address: Saskatoon, Sask.

STEWART, Reginald. — Of Stewart &
Charman, Barristers, Dominion Bank
Bldg., Calgary. Born Georgetown, P. E.
I., March 18, 1879, son of Ewen and
Catherine Stewart. Educated Prince Ed-
ward College, Charlottetown, P. E. I.
Practiced under firm name J. A. Mc-
Donald & Stewart, Charlottetown, 1900-
1904; moved to Calgary and practiced
with Clifford Jones, 1904-1905; with Hall
& Stewart, Calgary, 1905-1907; estab-
lished firm, 1907. Served as captain.
Company F, 103d Rifles, Calgary. Mar-
ried Ruby Jameson, Calgary, 1907. Club:
Calgary. Societies: A. F. & A. M. ; C.
O. F. Recreations: all outdoor sports.
Conservative; Presbyterian. Address:
1510 Fourth St., W., Calgary, Alta.



STE-WABT, Rolbert Muschet, J. P. —

Manager Stewart Land Co., Stewart.
Born Dalkeith, Scotland, July 6, 1868,
son of George and Eliza Stewart. Edu-
cated Grange Academy, Edinburgh.
Wholesale druggist, Edinburgh. Came to
British Columbia, 1891. Has held office
as deputy mining recorder, postinaster
and customs officer, Stewart. Married
Lottie L. Targoose, Victoria, B. C. ; has
one daughter. Club: Stewart. Address:
Stewart, B. C.


STEWART, Thomas (Retired). — Di-
rector, South Nicola Coal Co.; Director,
Recreation Park Amusement Co. Born
Prince Edward Island, February 5, 1857,
son of Peter and Anna Clow Scott. Edu-
cated public schools. Came to British
Columbia, 1882; connected with C. P. R.
from 1882-1906. Married Mary Clemes,
1887; has one son. Club: "Vancouver
Auto. Societies: A. F. & A. M.; I. O.
O. F. Recreation: motoring. Presby-
terian. Address: 2033 Beach Ave., Van-
couver, B. C.

STIIiES, Henry Broug-hain. — Of Stiles
& Humphries, 261 Portage Ave., Winni-
peg. Born Mitchell, Ont., Dec. 1, 1866,
son of Edward and Hannah Stiles. Edu-
cated Mitchell public schools. Came to
Winnipeg, merchant, 1879; also inter-
ested real estate. Married Lillian Har-
greaves, Winnipeg, 1897. Clubs: Cana-
dian. Societies: Y. M. C. A.; A. F. &
A. M. Recreations: shooting, curling.
Independent; Baptist. Address: 148
Stradbrooke Ave, Winnipeg, Man.

STIIiIiMAI7, Rev. Robert Forbes. —

Pastor of Grandview Methodist Church,
Vancouver; secretary British Columbia
Methodist Conference. Born Campbell-
ford, Ont., Oct. 25, 1868, son of James
and Eliza Waters Stillman. Educated
high school, Campbellford; Victoria Col-
lege and Toronto University. Came to
British Columbia, 1899, as first pastor
of Methodist Church, Fernie. Married
Florence M. Elliott, Omemee, Ont., 1899;
has one son and three daughters. In-
deendent; Methodist. Address: 1875
Venables St., Vancouver, B. C.

STIRRETT, Archibald Campbell. —

Manager, Credit Foncier Franco Cana-
dien, 833 Hastings St., W., Vancouver;
manager. La Societe d' Administration
Generale; general manager. Royal Ex-
change Assurance Co. Born Lambton
County, Ont., Sept. 26, 1864, son of John
and Martha Stirrett. Educated public
schools and Collegiate Institute, Strath-
roy, Ont. Came to British Columbia,
1890. With Robert Ward & Co., Van-
couver, 1890-1899; inspector of insurance
for Ceperley & Rounsefell, Vancouver,
1899-1910; present position since 191o!
Married Annie McLean, Vancouver, 1891
Club: Terminal City. Society: A. P. &
A. M. Recreation: motoring. Conserva-
tive; Presbyterian. Address: 1329 Rob-
son St., Vancouver, B. C.

STIRTON, David McKendrick — Of

Hannah, Stirton & Fisher, Barristers
and Solicitors, Cameron Block, Calgary.
Born Forfar, Scotland, Oct. 27, 1875,
son of David and Jean McKenzie Stirton.
Educated: Forfar High School; Worship-
ful Company of Cooper's Grammar
School, London; Dundee and Edinburgh
Universities. Admitted to practice as
Solicitor, Scotland, 1899; practised, Dun-
dee, 1899-1911; called to Alberta Bar,
1911; with Lougheed & Bennett, Cal-
gary, 1911-1912; present firm formed,
1912. Clubs: Calgary, St. Andrew's Golf.
Society: A. F. & A. M. Recreations:
golf, shooting, fishing, music. Conser-
vative; Presbyterian. Address: 221 Sixth
Ave., W., Calgary, Alta.

STIRTON, James. — Postmaster, Mor-
den. Born Guelph, Ont., Dec. 9, 1847,
son of David Stirton (M. P., 1856-1876)
and Henrietta Stirton. Educated public
schools, near Guelph. Commenced ca-
reer as farmer, 1869; came to Manitoba,
1879, and settled Morden, 1892. Was
member of first council of South Duf-
ferin. Married Maggie Martin (de-
ceased) ; married Elizabeth Barclay (de-
ceased) ; has three sons and five daugh-
ters. Society: A. P. & A. M. Liberal;
Presbyterian. Address: Morden, Man.


STIRTON, J. W., J. P. — Proprietor
Auto Transit Co., Ashcroft. Born Gren-
ville County. Ont., son of George Stirton.
Educated public schools, Grenville
County. Came to British Columbia,
1871, after assisting completion of first
railroad to Pacific Coast; had experience
in Omanica placer mines. Commenced
career as contractor, Victoria, B. C, 1872.
Owner of farm, coal and mineral lands.
Married Elizabeth Hall, Chilliwack, B.
C. ; has two sons and one daughter. So-
ciety: A. F. & A. M. Address: Nelson
St., Vancouver, B. C.

STOBART, P. "W. — President and Gen-
eral Manager, Stobart, Ltd., Winnipeg;
vice-president, Canadian Fire Insurance
Co.; member advisory board, Edinburgh
Life Insurance Co.; director, Winnipeg
General Hospital. Born Durham, Eng-
land, Jan. 27, 1859, son of William Sto-
bart. Educated privately and Welling-
ton College, as marine engineer. Came
to Canada, 1880, to look after interests
of his father, who had established fur
trading business Western Canada. Pres-
ent business established, 1899. Address:
McDermott and King Sts., Winnipeg,


STOKES, William John. — Proprietor
Empire Hotel, Calgary. Born Quebec,
April 10, 1868, son of William and Mary
Ann Stokes. Educated public schools,
Windsor, Ont. Telegraph operator. Lake
Erie & Detroit River Ry., McGregor, Ont.,
1886-1903; came to Alberta, 1903; cash-
ier, C. P. R., Strathcona, 1903-1904;
clothing business, Calgary, 1904-1905;

grocery business as Calgary Provision
Co., Calgary, 1905. Married Maggie Arm-
strong, Newbury, Ont., 1893; has one son
and one daughter. Clubs: Calgary; Al-
berta. Societies: A. F. & A. M.; I. O.
F. Recreation: shooting. Conservative;
Anglican. Address: 1509 Second St., W.,
Calgary, Alta.

STOCKFORB, Oliver Barton, B. C. !•.

— Barrister. Born St. John, N. B., Feb.
27, 1870, son of Isaac Thomas and Eliz-
abeth Barton Stockford. Educated pub-
lic scliools, St. John; Law School, King's
College University. Law student with
C. A. Stockton, St. John, 1890; called to
New Brunswick bar, 1895; came to Al-
berta, 1900; called to Northwest Terri-
tory bar, 1901; practiced Okotoks, 1901;
member bars of New Brunswick, Sas-
katchewan and Alberta; solicitor for Oko-
toks since organization, 1905; president
Alberta Missionary Society of the Dis-
ciples of Christ. Disciple of Christ. Ad-
dress: Okotoks, Alta.

STONB, Henry Athelstan. — Managing
Director, Gault Bros., Ltd., Wholesale
Dry Goods, 361 Water St., Vancouver;
director, E. H. Heaps Co., Ltd.; presi-
dent, Vancouver Board of Trade, 1909-
1910. Born London, England, Aug. 5,
1861, son of William Stone. Educated
England. Came to Canada, 1882; retail
dry goods business as Armson & Stone,
Toronto, 1882-1891; residential European
buyer for S. F. McKinnon & Co. and
Thomas May & Co., London, England,
1891-1902. Served with I Company, Q. O.
R., Toronto, 1883. Married Beatrice
Philips, London, England, 1886; has one
son and two daughters. Club: Ter-
minal City. Recreations: gardening,
yachting. Conservative; Anglican. Ad-
dress: 1248 Davie St., Vancouver, B. C.

STONB, Georg-e !•. — Clerk of Crown
Pleas and Surrogate Court, Northern Ju-
dicial District, Minnedosa. Born Perth,
Ont., March 7, 1858, son of Robert and
Susan Little Stone. Educated high
schools, Perth, Ont. Came to Manitoba,
1878; lumber and implement business,
Rapid City, Man., until 1909; Postmaster,
Rapid City, Man., until 1909; appointed
to present position, 1909; chairman,
Minnedosa Hospital Board; president
Marquette Conservative Association for
six years; Mayor of Rapid City one year;
Councillor, Rapid City, twelve years;
chairman of School Board, two years;
member of School Board for twenty
years. Married Margaret Ada Mc-
Naught, Rapid City, Man., 1882; has
four sons and four daughters. Society:
A. F. & A. M. (Past District Deputy
Grand Master). Recreations: curling,
bowling. Liberal-Conservative; Presby-
terian. Address: Minnedosa, Man.



STONEB, Robert Boyer, M. D. — Phys-
ician and Surgeon; President of Stoner-
Lockwood & Wheeler, Ltd., owners of
Red Cliff Townsite and of Gas and Water
System, Red Cliff; Vice-President The
Pioneer Realty Co., Ltd; Vice-President
Red Cliff Realty Co.; President Phoenix
Investment Co., Ltd.; Director Red Cliff
Motors Co., Ltd.; Director Red Cliff
Brick & Coal Co., Ltd. Born Johnson
County, Mo., Jan. 23, 1868, son of Abra-
ham and Susan Stoner. Educated public

and private schools, Missouri; University
of Pennsylvania. Practiced Winthrop,
Minn., 1896-1902; surgeon, Minneapolis
& St. Louis Railway, 1896-1902; came to
Alberta and established present business,
1902. Married Cora Alma Seiter, New
Ulm, Minn., 1901; has two sons. Clubs:
Commercial (Red Cliff); Cypress (Med-
icine Hat). Society: A. F. & A. M. Rec-
reations: Motoring, athletic sports. An-
glican. Address: Red Cliff, Alta.




STRAIN, Thomas B. — Secretary -
treasurer International Finance Co.,
I^td., 132 Jasper Ave., E., Edmonton;
secretary-treasurer Peace River Col-
lieries, Ltd.; secretary-treasurer First
National Securities, Ltd. Born Red-
ditch, Worcestershire, England, Sept.
26, 1879, son of Albert and Catherine
Strain. Educated private schools Eng-
land. Lumber business, United States,

1900-1902; with Osgoode & Blodgett,
St. Paul, Minn.; with D. J. MacMahon,
real estate broker, St. Paul, Minn.,
1902-1906; Interested in British Colum-
bia real estate, Vancouver and Prince
Rupert, 1906-1908; established present
business, 1911. Married Lucie Emily
Upstone, Redditch, 1906. Liberal; Angli-
can. Address: Edmonton, Alta.



STOBEV, Edg-ar M.^Of Storey & Van
Egmond, Architects, Regina. Born
Cherry Valley, Prince Edward County,
Ont, Sept. 16, 1863, son of Peter and
Alzina Storey. Educated high schools,
Sydenham, Ont., and Brooklyn, N. Y.
Office of R. P. White, architect. New
York, 1880-1893; business for himself,
Kingston, Ont, 1893-1895; came to Re-
gina, 1906, forming present firm, which
has designed General Hospital, King's
Hotel, Y. M. C. A., Carnegie Public Li-
brary, three public schools, Regina.
Fellow Royal Institute Canadian Archi-
tects. Married Phoebe Laturney, Kings-
ton, Ont., 1887; has two sons and two
daughters. Clubs: Assiniboia; Saskatoon;
Canadian; Regina Boat and Gun. So-
ciety: A. P. & A. M. Liberal; Anglican.
Address: 2123 Albert St., Regina, Sask.

STRANG-, Andrew. — Collector of Cus-
toms, Port of Winnipeg; member of
Strang & Co., Ltd., wholesale liquors,
233 Fort St., Winnipeg. Born Montreal,
March 9, 1849, son of Struthers and
Janet Strang. Educated Hamilton. With
G. T. R., Toronto, 1865. Came to Win-
nipeg, 1868, as representative of number
of Hamilton merchants. Elected to the
first Council of Winnipeg, 1874; treas-
urer and active member of Winnipeg
Board of Trade sixteen years; Exhibition
Board member seven years, president one
year; director of Winnipeg General Hos-
pital. Married Ann Harriott Sinclair, St.
Andrews, Man., 1870; has six sons and
four daughters. Club: Manitoba. Lib-
eral; Anglican. Address: 61 Edmonton
St., Winnipeg, Man.

STBATTOir, Ira. — Editor of the Stone-
wall Argus; general secretary of the
Canadian Postmasters' Association,
Stonewall. Born Trenton, Ont., Aug. 6,
1865, son of Cyrus and Anna Stratton.
Educated public schools, Northumber-
land County, Ont. Taught school, Mor-
ganston, Ont., 1885; came to Stonewall,
1889; postmaster for a number of years;
general land guide for Dominion Gov-
ernment, 1902. Has been closely identi-
fied with the organization of the Cana-
dian Postmasters' Association, being
secretary of the Manitoba Postmasters'
Association since its foundation, 1903,
and instrumental formation of similar
bodies other provinces, and finally of the
federal organization, of which he is gen-
eral secretary, and which has a jnember-
ship of over 6000. Chairman, Stonewall
High School Board; secretary, Stonewall
Board of Trade since 1901; president of
Liberal Association for federal constitu-
ency of Selkirk and Liberal candidate
for Rockwood, Manitoba Legislature,
1910. Societies: I. O. O. F.; A. O. U. W.
Maccabees. Address: Stonewall, Man.

STRATTOM', "Wimam Aikins, B. A. —

Manager, Bank of Toronto, Calgary.
Born Toronto, June 24, 1877, son of
William Cox and Rose A. Stratton. Ed-

ucated Hartaord College Institute; To-
ronto University. Came to Alberta and
appointed manager Calgary branch, Bank
of Toronto, 1909. Married Ada Somer-
ville, 1907; has one daughter. Clubs:
Ranchmen's, Calgary; Royal Canadian
Yacht, Toronto. Society: A. F. & A. M.
Recreations: tennis, golf. Liberal; Pres-
byterian. Address: 928 Fifteenth Ave.
W., Calgary, Alta.


STRINGER, Bert A. — Real Estate and
Financial Broker, Eighth Ave., W., Cal-
gary; president Canadian Trust & Loan
Co. Born Chatham, Ont., Jan. 22, 1880,
son of Hugli A. and Margaret Wilson
Stringer. Educated public schools, Lon-
don, Ont. Engineer, American Govern-
ment, Havana, 1899; represented A. Bul-
den & Co., hardware merchants, Panama
Canal, selling hardware to American
Government, 1905; ranching near Cal-
gary previous to engaging present busi-
ness. Married Esther Stewart, Saginaw,
Mich., 1910. Recreations: football,
hockey. Liberal; Anglican. Address:
Mount Royal, Calgary, Alta.

STRINGER, Isaac O., B. A., D. D. —

Bishop of Yukon. Born Kincardine
Township, Bruce County, Ont., April 19,
1866, son of John and Ellen Stringer.
Educated public schools; high school,
Kincardine; Toronto University and
Wycliffe College, Toronto. Missionary
to Eskimos, Arctic Coast, Mackenzie
River Diocese, 1892; ordained deacon,
1892; priest, 1893; rector, Christ Church,
Whitehorse, 1903; consecrated Bishop of
Yukon 1905. Married Sadie Alexander,
Kincardine, 1896; has four sons and one
daughter. Societies: I. O. F.; C. O. F.
Recreations: walking, snowshoeing, curl-
ing, canoeing, dog-sled driving. Angli-
can. Address: Dawson, Y. T.




STRONG, Iiouis Philip. — (Retired)
General Manager and Secretary, Alberta-
Pacific Elevator Co., Ltd.; secretary-
treasurer. Coast Timber & Trading Co.;
secretary-treasurer, A. B. C. Development
Co.; secretary-treasurer, U. S. and B. C.
Timber Co.; vice-president and general
manager, Globe Elevator Co.; vice-presi-
dent. Herald Western Printing Co.; presi-
dent, A. B. C. Insurance Agency; director,
Columbia Fire Insurance Co.; director,
Sovereign Trust Co.; director Calgary
Grain Exchange. Born Scipio, N. Y.,
July 24, 1867, son of Philip and Cor-
nelia J. Strong. Educated district pub-
lic school; Sherwood Select School,
Sherwood, N. T.; Clinton Liberal Insti-

tute, Fort Plain, N. Y. Teacher in Clin-
ton Liberal Institute, Fort Plain, N. Y.,
1887-1890; civil engineer with T. B.
Walker, Minneapolis, Minn., 1890-1891;
in hardware, furniture and implement
business under firm name of McAdam &
Strong, Neche, N. D., 1892-1902; partner
in Sayer-Strong Grain & Mercantile Co.,
Ltd., Harvey, N. D., 1903-1906; engaged
in present business with fifteen eleva-
tors, 1905; now have seventy elevators
and two terminals, with largest grain
business in Alberta. Married Julia A.
Mullins; has one son and three daugh-
ters. Societies: K. of P.; A. O. U. W.;
B. P. O. E.; I. O. O. F. Recreation:
baseball. Address: Calgary, Alta.



STUART, Alexander, K. C— Of Stuart
& Stewart, Barristers and Solicitors, 209
Jasper Ave., E., Edmonton. Born Hal-
ton County, Ont., Aug. 14, 1850; brought
up in township Caradoc, County Middle-
sex, son of Charles and Hannah Stuart.
Educated: Toronto Normal School. Prac-
tised, Glencoe, Ont., 1885; member of
firm, Stuart, Stuart, Moss & Ross, Glen-
coe, and London, 1893: practised, Lon-
don, 1899-1909; appointed Queen's Coun-
sel, 1899. Came to Edmonton, 1909
Married Emma Margaret White, Glen-
coe, 1891: has four sons and two daugh-
ters. Club: Edmonton; Canadian (Pres-
ident). Recreation: literary pursuits.
Liberal; Presbyterian. Address: 420
Stoney Plain Road, Edmonton, Alta.


STUART, Hon. Charles Allan, B. A.,

IVIi.B. — Judge of Supreme Court of Al-
berta. Born Caradoc, Middlesex County,
Ont, Aug. 3, 1864, son of Charles and
Hannah Stuart. Educated Collegiate
Institute, Strathroy, Ont.; University of
Toronto; Columbia College, New York;
Osgoode Hall; (gold medalist, classics,
University, Toronto, 1891). Called to
bar of Ontario, 1896; called to bar of
Northwest Territories, 1898; member of
first Legislature of Alberta for Glei-
chen, 1905; appointed Judge of Supreme
Court of Northwest Territories (Alberta
and Saskatchewan), 1906; appointed to
present office, 1907; appointed chancellor
of University of Alberta, 1908. Married
Beatrice Roxborough, Norwood, Ont.;
has three sons. Recreations: riding, ca-
noeing, fishing. Address: Calgary, Alta.

STUART, Iiieut. Col. James Duff. —

Vice-President Clarke and Stuart Co.,
Ltd., Stationers, 320 Seymour St., Van-
couver. Born Dufftown, Scotland, May

20, 1866, son of Robert and Margaret
Stuart. Came to British Columbia, 1889,
and entered mercantile business, 1894.
lieutenant-colonel commanding 6th Reg-
iment, D. C. O. R. ; adjutant Canadian
Rifle Team at Blsley, 1907. Married
Mary Connon, 1893; has- four sons and
three daughters. Clubs: Vancouver;
Terminal City. Recreation: shooting.
Address: 1220 Georgia St., Vancouver,
B. C.

JOHN M. STUART, C. A. (Scot.), C. P. A.
(U. S. A.)

STUART, John M,, C. A. (Soot.), C. P.
A. (U. S. A.) — Marwick, Mitchell & Co.,
Chartered Accountants, 1211 McArthur
Bldg., Winnipeg. Born Glasgow, Scot-
land, May 11, 1882, -son of Robert Stuart,
Bearsderi, Scotland. Educated Allan
Glen's School, Technical College and
Glasgow University. Student and ap-
prentice chartered accountant's office,
Glasgow, 1897. Came to United States,
1905, and to Winnipeg, 1906. Has
served twelve years with 5th Highland
Light Infantry, Scotland, and as lieu-
tenant 90th Regiment, Winnipeg. Clubs:
Manitoba; Military Institute; Adanac;
Clef; Travellers; Rowing; Canoe; High-
land and Burns. Recreations: sailing,
canoeing, snowshoeing, curling. Con-
servative; Protestant. Address: 176
Hargrave St., Winnipeg, Man.

STUBBS, I^ewis St. Oeorg-e, Iii;.B. —

Barrister. Born Turks Islands, West
Indies, June 14, 1878, son of Alfred and
Mary Stubbs. Educated Denstone Col-
lege, Staffordshire, England; Cambridge
University; Manitoba University. Prac-
ticed with Rothwell, Johnson & Stubbs
Winnipeg, 1906; came to Birtle, 1908, as
successor to Hon. C. J. Meikle. Served
South African war, Suffolk Regiment
with Cambridge University contingent'
Married Mary Wilcock, Winnipeg, 1904-
has one son and two daughters. Liberal'
Anglican. Recreations: riding, driving'
cricket, tennis. Address: Birtle, Man "'



STUDD, Edward Arthur Chichester. —

Financial Broker, 728 Hastings St., W.,
Vancouver. Director, Pollock Mines;
Vancouver Map & Blue Print Co. Born
Oxton, Devon, England, March 13, 1880,
son of Edward Studd. Educated Eton.
Came to British Columbia, 1904. Mar-
ried Eva Holmes. Clubs: Vancouver;
Western; Vancouver Motor; Devon;
Cornwall; Somerset. Address: Shaugh-
nessy Heights, Vancouver, B. C.


STUIiIi, James Frederick Augustus. —

Postmaster, Prince Albert. Born near
Glen William, Ont., March 31, 1843, son
of William and Ann Stull. Educated
public schools. Glen William, and Rock-
wood Academy, Ont. Taught school,
Rothsay, Ont., 1863; taught school Gu-
elph, Ont., 1867; moved to Portage La
Prairie, Man., 1882, and principal of pub-
lic school till 1885; principal of public
school. Prince Albert, Sask., 1885-96;
first secretary-treasurer. City of Prince
Albert, 1886-1892; councillor, 1892-1896;
appointed postmaster, 1897; member
school board, 1898-1902 (chairman three
times), 1910-1911; Mayor, 1902-1903.
Married Sarah Lines, Rothsay, Ont.,
1867 (deceased) ; married Anna McAr-
thur, Rothsay, Ont., 1878 (deceased);
married Elizabeth Shannon, Prince Al-
bert, 1888 (deceased) ; has one son and
four daughters. Societies: A. F. & A.
M. Recreations: athletics, baseball,
football. Presbyterian. Address: 122
Tenth St., Prince Albert, Sask.

STUBGESS, Frederick — Real Estate
and Financial Agent, Pemberton Bldg.,
Victoria; member, Victoria Real Estate
Exchange. Born Newcastle-on-Tyne,
England, July 28, 1889, son of Thomas
M. and Elizabeth Laidler Sturgess. Edu-

cated: Royal Grammar School; Arm-
strong College. Came to Saskatchewan,
1905; Victoria, 1907; employee, Pember-
ton & Son, Victoria; subsequently mem-
ber of Arm Harris & Sturges; establish-
ed present business, 1912. Married Amy
Millicent Swanwell, 1907: has one son
and one daughter. Recreation: rowing.
Liberal; Methodist. Address: Victoria,
B. C.


SUITOR, David. — Vice-president, Cal-
gary Iron Works, Ltd., 412 Ninth Ave.,
E., Calgary. Born Beauce, Que., Nov.
27, 1859, son of David and Mary Suitor.
Educated public schools, Megantic, Que.
Copper mining, Ely mine, Orange
County, Vermont, 1879-1881; machinist.
Brown Bros., Danville, Que., 1882-1885.
Came to Alberta, 1886; varied occupa-
tions, Calgary, 1886-1887; established
present business, 1887. Married Mabel
Black, 1893; has five sons. Society: A.
F. & A. M. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: 611 Eighth Ave. E., Calgary,

SUIiIiEV, William — Retired. Born
Nottingham, England, May 16, 1841, son
of Edward and Charlotte Pennstone Sul-
ley. Educated Nottingham and Ger-
many. Lace manufacturer, Nottingham,
1866-1890. Came to British Columbia,
1891. Represented London capital in
British Columbia investments, 1891-
1896; partnership with E. H. Heaps, Lum-
ber Manufacturers, 1896-1911. Married
Helen Place, Nottingham, England, 1868;
has son and daughter. Address: 1245
Harwood St., Vancouver, B. C.



SUI^KIVAN, John G-., C. E. — Chief En-
gineer, Western lines, C. P. R., Winni-
peg-. Born Bushnell's Basin, Munroe
County, N. Y., Jan. 11, 1863, son of
Thomas and Honora Sullivan. Educated
Cornell University. With Great North-
ern, 1888; Instrumentman and Assistant
Engineer, Spokane Falls Northern Ry.,
1889-1890; Assistant Engineer, Great
Northern Ry., 1890-1893; Assistant En-
gineer, Alberta Railway & Coal Co.,
1893-1894; Locating Engineer, Butte,
Anaconda & Pacific Ry., 1894; Principal
Assistant Engineer, Kaslo & Slocan Ry.,
1895; Reconnaissance Engineer, Colum-
bia & Western Ry., 1896-1898; Principal
Assistant Engineer, Columbia & West-
ern Ry., 1898-1900; Division Engineer of
Construction, Canadian Pacific Ry., 1900-
1905; Assistant Chief Engineer, Panama
Canal, 1905-1907: Manager of Construc-
tion, Eastern Lines, Canadian Pacific
Railway, 1907-1908; Assistant Chief En-
gineer, Canadian Pacific Railway, East-
ern lines, 1908-1911; Assistant Chief
Engineer, Western lines, Canadian Pa-
cific Railway, 1911; present position
since 1911. Married Sarah Farrell,
daughter of Thomas Farrell, Lodi, N. Y.,
1895; has two sons and two daughters.
Clubs: Manitoba; Winnipeg Automobile;

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