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Bowmanville, Ont., 1848, son of William
K. and Clara Coryell Burk. Educated
public and high schools, Bowmanville.
Joined Ontario Bank, Whitby, Ont,
1867; manager Ontario Bank, Port Ar-
thur, 1875-1884; resigned, 1884, to be-
come financial manager for his brother,
Marvin Burk, C. P. R. contractor. Vice-
president and general manager Port Ar-
thur, Duluth & Western Railway; presi-
dent and director Ontario & Rainy River
Railway Co., until same merged into
C. N. R., 1898; director Port Arthur Light
& Power Co., until same acquired by
town; president West Algona Agricul-
tural Society; president St. Joe Ry. Co.;
secretary Lake Superior Dock Co. ; un-
successful candidate to House of Com-
mons, for Algona. Married Annabelle
Ida Gerrie, 1873; has seven sons. Lib-
eral; Presbyterian. Address: Port
Arthur, Ont.

BURMESTER, Charles Mansel. — Of

Ward, Burmester & Von Graevenitz, Fi-
nancial Brokers, 411 Pender St., W.,
Vancouver. Director British Columbia
Homes Trust Co., Ltd. Born London,
England, Oct. 23, 1875, son of Walter
Stewart and Florence A. Burmester. Ed-
ucated Dulwich College and Scoones'
College for Diplomatic Service. Private
secretary to director general of Nord-
deutscher-Lloyd Steamship Co., Bremen,
Germany, 1898. Trooper 58th Company,
15th Battalion Imperial Teomanry,
South African War, 1899 (Queen's
medal, four clasps). Chief clerk Prime
Minister's Office, Bloemfontein, South
Africa, 1905. Married Mabel Mary Bick-
ley, Germiston, South Africa; has one
daughter. Came to British Columbia,
1909. Recreations: shooting, fishing,
riding. Address: 2037 Pendrell St., Van-
couver, B. C.

BXJRNBTT, Arthur, B. A,, B. O. 1. —

(McGill.) Barrister, Parsons Block, Ma-
ple Creek. Born Farnham Centre, Que.,
Feb. 1, 1873, son of Thomas Luther and
Louisa Burnett. Educated Dunham and
Cowansville academies; McGill Univer-
sity. Law student Foster, Martin &
Girouard, Montreal, 1895-1898. Prac-
ticed under firm name of Smyth &
Burnett, Montreal, 1899; came to Sas-
katchewan, 1903; secretary - treasurer
Maple Creek, 1903-1909; solicitor for
town of Maple Creek; Merchants Bank;
Union Bank; R. G. Dun & Co.; Frost &
Wood; Great West Life, etc. Life Gov-
ernor Maple Creek General Hospital.
Married Ethel Mildred Brown, Montreal,
1903. Club: Cypress, Medicine Hat. So-
ciety: I. O. F. Recreations: baseball,
cricket, tennis, curling. Conservative;
Anglican. Address: Harder St., Maple
Creek, Sask.

BURNETT, Prank, Jr. — Manager Ca-
nadian Financiers, Ltd., 622 Granville
St., Vancouver; secretary Port of Van-
couver Dry Docks & Shipbuilding Co-
Born Montreal, September 29, 1876, son
of Frank and Henrietta C. Burnett. Ed-
ucated St. Johns College, Winnipeg.
Came to British Columbia, 1895. Served
as private Sixth Company, Vancouver,
1899. Married Anna Josephine Mulhall,
daughter of James J. Mulhall, Van-
couver, 1901; has three sons and one
daughter. Club: Vancouver Press. Rec-
reation: bowling. Liberal; Roman Cath-
olic. Address: 1877 Comox St., Van-
couver, B. C.

BTTRITBTT, "William Brenton, B. A.,
M. D., C- M. — Physician. Born Sussex,
N. B., June 13, 1870, son of Dr. Joshua U.
and Amelia Burnett. Educated Acadia,
N. S.; McGill University. Came to Van-
couver, 1899; began practice, 1893. Mar-
ried Edith Alcorn, Vancouver, 1903; has
one daughter. Address: 801 Burrard St.,
Vancouver, B. C.

BTTRNS, Herbert Deschamps. — Man-
ager Bank of Nova Scotia, Vancouver.
Born Digby, N. S., June 11, 1878, son of
Charles and Sarah Burns. Educated
high schools, Digby; Moncton, N. B.
Joined Bank of Nova Scotia, Moncton;
came to British Columbia, 1906; treas-
urer Bishop Latimer College. Married
Marguerite Williams, 1903; has three
sons. Clubs: Vancouver; Jericho Coun-
try; Minoru. Recreation: golf. Address:
1637 Haro St., Vancouver, B. C.



BURNS, J. M. — Of P. Burns & Co.
Ltd., Calgary Alta.


BURNS, John T. — Executive Secretary
International Dry Farming Congress, to
be held Lethbridge, 1912. Born Kalama-
zoo, Mich., July 17, 1871, son of Thomas
Burns. Educated public schools, Kalama-
zoo. With the Herald, Kalamazoo, 1879;
Telegraph, Kalamazoo, 1879; Daily
Moon, Battle Creek, Mich.. 187'9; Jour-
nal and News, Detroit, Mich., 1880-1895;
Item, Mobile, Ala., 1895; Journal, De-
troit 1896; Beacon, Wichita. Kan., 1897;
Mail, Colorado Springs, 1898; Telegraph,
Colorado Springs, 1899; editor, owner
and publisher Frontier Magazine, Den-
ver, Colo., 1900-1902; secretary Colo-
rado State Commercial Association,
1902-1907; present position since 1907.
Society: A. F. & A. M. Address: Leth-
brldge, Alta.


BURNS, Thomas J. — Customs House
officer. Born Kingston, Dublin, Ireland,
Dec. 21, 1832, son of Thomas and Jane
Murphy Burns. Came to Philadelphia,
Pa., 1850; from there to California,
1854, by the Nicaragua route and spent
four years in the California gold dig-
gings; came to Victoria, 1858. Chief of
Fire Department, 1865-1866; proprietor
Fashion House until 1878; built Burns
Block, 1887; proprietor American Hotel,
1871-1900. Married Catherine McCloy,
New York, 1862; has six sons and two
daughters. Society: A. O. U. W. Recre-
ation: baseball. Liberal; Roman Cath-
olic. Address: 1048 Pandora St., Vic-
toria, B. C.

BURNS, William Bmest, B. A. — Of

Burns & Walkem, Barristers and Solici-
tors, 739 Hastings St., Vancouver. Born
Milton. Ont., June 19, 1874, son of Nel-
son and Eleanor Tyler Burns. Educated
Toronto Collegiate Institute; Toronto
University (B. A., 1895). Called to On-
tario Bar, 1900. Came to British Colum-
bia, practiced alone, 1901; Burns & Daly,
1902; present firm formed 1905. Served
with K. Company, Q. O. R., Toronto,
1892-1895. Married Catherine M. Hall,
daughter of Adam Hall, Peterboro, Ont.,
1903; has one son and one daughter.
Clubs: Vancouver; Jericho Country. Rec-
reations: golf, lacrosse. Conservative;
Anglican. Address: Shaughnessy Heights,
Vancouver, B. C.




BUB3TS, Patrick. — Of P. Burns & Co.,
Ltd., Pork Packers and Provisioners,
Calgary. Director Monarch Life Assur-
ance Co. Provincial Vice President Man-
ufacturers' Association. Vice President
British Columbia Board Canadian Pa-
cific Exploration Co.. Born Oshawa,
Ont, July 13, 1856, son of Michael
arid Bridget Gibson Burns. Educated
Kirkfield, Ont. Came to Manitoba,
1879; cattle dealer, Winnipeg, 1879-

1S90; came to Alberta and estab-
lished present business, 1890; owns 12
ranches; has retail meat shops in 27
different towns; has repeatedly declined
the nomination to the House of Com-
mons. Married Eilleen Ellis, daughter
of Thomas Ellis, Victoria, 1901; has one
son and one daughter. Club: Ranch-
men's. Society: K. of C. Liberal;
Roman Catholic. Address: Calgary,



BXTBNS, Thomas Sanderson. — City
Treasurer Calgary. Born Harrington-
shire, Scotland, Sept. 4, 1846, son of
John and Agnes Wallace Burns. Edu-
cated public and grammar schools,
Scotland. Engaged with his father,
John Burns, railway timber contracting;
entered the firm at the age of 20; the
firm name John Burns & Son, Scotland.
Came to Canada, 1881; Alberta, 1883;
Auctioneer, Calgary, 1883-1895; assist-
ant City Assessor, 1895-1904; Treasurer
and Assessor, 1904-1907; City Treasurer
since 1907. Published first pamphlet
advertising Calgary, entitled, "Calgary,
Her Industries and Resources," 1885.
Married Agnes Hepburn, Scotland, 1869;
has four sons and two daughters.
President St. Andrews. Conservative;
Presbyterian. Address. 433 Fourth Ave.,
W., Calgary, Alta.

BURBEI.Ii, Prank. — Of Pern ber ton &
Sons, Real Estate, Pemberton Block, Vic-
toria. Born Yorkshire, England, Sept.
16, 1861, son of Francis and Martha Bur-
rell. Came to British Columbia 1891.
Married K. A. Berry, Victoria, 1891; has
one son and five daughters. Clubs: Pa-
cific; Canadian. Recreations: cricket,
golf, shooting. Conservative; Anglican
Address: Summerdyne, Oak Bay, Victor-
ia, B. C.


BURROWS, Theodore Arthur, ez-M. F.

^Lumber manufacturer. Director Win-
nipeg General Trusts Co. Director Annu-
ity Co. of Canada. Born Ottawa,
Aug. 15, 1857, son of Henry J. and Sarah
Burrows. His grandfather, Capt. John
Burrows, R. E., came from England,
1809, and was first settler on present
site of Ottawa, being patentee of farm
now known as the Sparks Estate, and
had charge of construction of Rideau
Canal. Educated Ottawa public and
high schools; Manitoba College. Winni-
peg. Came to Manitoba, 1875, on survey
party with Sir. Wm. Ogilvie; surveyed
Riding Mountain and Dauphin County;
entered Manitoba College. 1876; law of-
fice of Frederick MacKenzie, 1877; lum-
ber business mouth of Winnipeg River
and Lake Winnipeg, 1879; other enter-
prises until 1886; later went into retail
lumber business, Winnipeg. Owns larg-
est sawmill, Manitoba, and has exten-
sive lumber interests. Land commis-
.Sioher, C. N. R., 1897-1904, and largely
instrumental getting that road built in-
to Dauphin County. First member for
Dauphin, Manitoba Legislature, 1892-
1908; promoter Big River Lumber Co.,
1903, and Lethbridge Colleries Co.,
1906. Married Georgina K. Creasor, Owen
Sound, 1889; has one son. Clubs: Mani-
toba; St. Charles Country. Societies:
A. F. & A. M.; I. O. O. F. Recreations:
all outdoor sports. Liberal; Methodist.
Address: 187 Kennedy St., Winnipeg,



BUBREI^i;, The Hon. Martin — ^M. F.

Tale-Cariboo. Born Faringdon, Berks,
England, Oct. 15, 1858, son of Edward
Burrell and Jane Harmer. Educated:
St. John's College, Hurstpierpont. Came
to Canada 1883. Returned to England
Nov., 1885. Married Jan. 28, 1886, Sara
B. Armstrong, second daughter of late
Joseph Armstrong, General Superinten-
dent Great Western railway, England.
Returned to Canada, March, 1886.
Wrecked on Ctinard steamer "Oregon,"
March 14, 1886. Settled in Niagara
Peninsula near St. Catharines, where
for fourteen years was engaged in fruit
farming. Connected with Farmers' In-
stitute work and with writing and lec-
turing in horticulture. Moved to Brit-
ish Columbia spring of 1900. Again en-

gaged in fruit farming in Kettle Val-
ley near Grand Forks. Appointed mem-
ber of the Board of Horticulture for
British Columbia. Editor of Grand Forks
Gazette for three years. Elected Mayor
of Grand Forks 1903. Fruit Commis-
sioner and lecturer in England for Brit-
ish Columbia Government 1907-1908.
Contested Yale-Cariboo for House of
Commons in Conservative interest 1904
and was defeated by 161. Again candi-
date for Yale-Cariboo general election
1908. Elected by majority of 893. Gen-
eral election 1911 elected with majority
2,040. On formation of Conservative
Ministry called to Mr. Borden's Cabinet
as Minister of Agriculture. Re-elected
by acclamation. Club: Rideau. Con-
servative; Anglican. Address, Ottawa,




BURTON', Sidney Charles — Manager.
Kamloops Trust Co., Ltd.; Bank of
Hamilton Bldg., Kamloops; Secretary-
Treasurer, Western Cigar Manufactur-
ing Co., Ltd. Born Bedford, Eng., Feb.
9, 1874, son of James and Elizabeth
Burton. Educated public schools, Bed-
ford. Came to British Columbia, 1897.
With P. J. Fulton, K. C, Kamloops,
1898-1911; present business since 1911.
Alderman, Kamloops, 1905, 1912; Police
Commissioner; Member Executive, Kam.
loops Board of Trade; Treasurer, Con-
servative Club, since 1902; Vice-Presi-
dent, 1912; Secretary-Treasurer, Royal
Inland Hospital, 1900-1910; President,
1911. Married Jennie A. Jones, daughter
of J. J. Jones, New Westminster, 1902;
has two sons and one daughter. Socie-
ties: S. O. E.; A. O. F. Recreations;
outdoor sports. Conservative; Angli-
can. Address: 1 Seymour St, Kamloops,
B. C.

BUBVTASH, Bev. Bdward Moore Jack-
son, M. A., B. D. — Professor of Science,
Columbian College, New Westminster.
Born Cobourg, Ont., July 10, 1873, son
of Rev. Nathaniel Burwash, Chancellor
of Victoria University, and Margaret
Burwash. Educated Collegiate Insti-
tute, Cobourg, Ont.; Victoria Uni-
versity (B. A., and Prince of Wales'
medal, 1893; M. A., 1897;< B. D., 1903);
Toronto University; entered Methodist
ministry, 1898; has acted as geologist
under Ontario Government and as a min-
ing geologist for private parties. Came
to British Columbia to take present posi-
tion, 1905; member Executive, British Co-
lumbia Academy of Science. Club: Alpine
of Canada; Madawaska; Ontario. So-
ciety: National Geological. Recreations:
outdoor spofts, canoeing. Address: Co-
lumbian College, New Westminster, B. C.

BUSCOMEB, Frederick — Of Frederick
Buscombe & Co., Ltd., china, glass and
earthenware, 560-564 Bealt\- St., anu
319-321 Hastings St., Vancouver. Pres-
ident Pacific Coast Lumber & Sawmills
Co. Ltd., Director Pacific Marine In-
surance Co. Born Cornwall, England,
Sept. 2, 1862, son of Edwin and Isabella
Oliver Grilles Buscombe. Came to Can-
ada, 1870; with J. A. Skinner & Co., Ham-
ilton, clerk and travelling salesman
1878-1891. Came to Vancouver and open-
ed branch of James A. Skinner & Co., in
which he was a partner 1891; bought
out business and established present firm
1899. Mayor Vancouver 1905-1906. Pres-
ident Board of Trade 1900-1901. Presi-
dent Vancouver Tourist Association 1901.
Married Lydia Rebecca Mattice, Glan-
ford, 1886. Clubs: Vancouver, Royal
Vancouver Yacht, Terminal City, Jeri-
cho Country. Societies: A. F. & A. M.;
S. O. E. Recreations; yachting, fishing,
motoring, golf. Address: Dundurn, Van-
couver, B. C.


BTTSHBV, Georg-e Gordon. — Manager,
British Columbia Marine Railways Co.
Born New Westminster, Dec. 23, 1867,
son of Arthur T. and Agnes Bushby;
grandson, Sir James Douglas. Educated
Christ's College. Finchley, England. En-
gaged by Dominion Government charge
of Victoria Harbor submarine work, sal-
vage manager British Columbia Salvage
Co.; president Compressed Gas Co., Ltd.
Married Violet Carlotta Brae, 1908; has
one daughter. Clubs: Terminal City;
Royal Vancouver Yacht (charter and life
member). Recreation: yachting. Ad-
dress: 2214 Pandora St., Vancouver, B.



BTXBY, Oeorg-e J. — Vice-President Ca-
nadian Pacific Railway, Winnipeg. Born
Montreal, Marcli 6, 1866, son of George
and Catherine Brock Bury. Educated:
Montreal College. Joined C. P. R. as
clerk, Purchasing Department, Montreal,
1883, and has since filled the following
positions: Assistant Superintendent in
charge of Division, Chalk River to Car-
tier and Sault Ste. Marie; Superinten-
dent, North Bay, Ont. ; Superintendent,
Fort William,. Ont.;. Superintendent,

Cranbrook, B. C; Assistant General Su-
perintendent, Lake Superior Division;
General Superintendent, Lake Superior
Division; General Superintendent, West-
ern Division, Winnipeg; Vice-President
and Manager of Western Linos. 1907;
Vice-President, 1911. Married May Ay-
len, daughter of John Aylen, K. C, Ayl-
mer. Que., 1888. Clubs: Manitoba;
Western Canada Railway (Hon. Vice-
Pres.). Address: Royal Alexandra Ho-
tel, Winnipeg, Man.


BlTSCOMSz:, QeoTge. — Vice-president
and General Manager Frederick Bus-
combe Co., Ltd., 560-564 Beattie St., and
319-321 Hastings St., Vancouver. Born
Hamilton, May 13. 1875, son of Edwin
and Isabella Buscombe. With Jas. A.
Skinner & Co. Vancouver, 1891; after-
wards for some years representing them,
covering British Columbia- Married
Maud Whitworth, 1899; has two sons
and one daughter. Societies: A. F. & A.
M.- R. A. M.; Scottish Rite Mason; K. T.
Mystic Shrine. Address: 2050 Comox
St., Vancouver, B. C.

BUSTEED, Prancis Perguson, C. E. —

General superintendent Pacific division,
C. P. R., Vancouver. Born Bonaventure
County, Que., Oct. 10, 1858, son of Alex.
A. and Margaret Busteed. Educated Mc-
Gill University. Civil engineer C. P. R.,
Winnipeg, 1881-1907; appointed general
superintendent, Vancouver, 1907. Mar-
ried Clara L. Ferguson, 1885; has two
sons and one daughter. Clubs: Manitoba
(Winnipeg).; Vancouver. Address: 1746
Haro St., Vancouver, B. C.

BUTCXCABT, CIULrles Edward. — Real
Estate Broker. Born Hartlepool, Dur-
ham, England, July 4, 1874, son of
George and Martha Butchart. Educated
grammar school. Came to British Co-
lumbia, 1904; engaged real estate busi-
ness, Vancouver, 1905. Married Agnes
Marion Griffiths, London, England, 1908.
Club: Canadian. Conservative; Congre-
gationalist. Address: 744 Broadway, W.,
Vancouver, B. C.

BVTCHABT, Peter E. — Of the Great
West Land Co., Ltd., 555 First St., Ed-
monton. Vice-president Edmonton Lum-
ber Co., Ltd. Born Carrick Township,
Bruce County, Ont., Oct. 8, 1859, son of
John and Isabella Kennedy Butchart.
Educated public schools, Bruce County.
Farming, Bruce County, 1878-1883; mer-
cantile business, Mildmay, 1883-1884;
Guelph, 1884-1891; Brandon, 1891-1892;
travelling Insurance agent, 1892-1900;
came to Edmonton and engaged real es-
tate and financial business, 1901; pres-
ent firm Incorporated, 1905; director Y.
M. C. A.; chairman school board, 1910-
1911; secretary Alberta College Board,
since 1903; prominently identified with
educational and philanthropic work. Mar-
ried Fannie W. Welch, Guelph, 1890;
has four sons and two daughters. Club:
Edmonton. Society: A. F. & A. M. (Scot-
tish Rite 32d degree). Liberal; Meth-
odist. Address: 312 Sixth St., Edmonton,

BUTTAB, •William Shaw. — Of Buttar
& Chiene, Chartered Accountants, 536
Hastings St., W., Vancouver. Born Cor-
ston, Coupar- Angus, Scotland, July 19
1867, son of David and Emily Buttar.
Educated Dundee; Edinburgh University.
Came to British Columbia 1905. Mar-
ried Constance Dewar Morris. Clubs:
Vancouver; Royal Vancouver Yacht; Jer-
icho Country; Union (Victoria). Recre-
ation: yachting. Address: 2067 Pend-
rell St., Vancouver, B. C.

BYEBS, Pitzgferald — Barrister and So-
licitor, 235 Jasper Ave., Edmonton. Born
Bailieboro, Ont., June 3, 1882, son of
Levi and Matilda Byers. Educated:
Harvard Collegiate Institute, Toronto;
Osgoode Hall; studied law with A. Mc-
Lean Macdonell, Toronto, 1902-1907.
Called to Ontario bar 1907; practised To-
ronto 1907-1909. Called to Alberta bar
and has practised in Edmonton since
1909; police magistrate 1910-1912. Mar-
ried Margaret Irwin, daughter of George
Irwin, Toronto, 1909. Recreations: shoot-
ing and boating. Liberal; Presbyterian.
Address: 764 15th St., Edmonton, Alta.

CAHAN, Chas. Hazlitt, Jr., X^Ii.B. —

Barrister and Solicitor, 543 (Granville St.,
Vancouver. Born Halifax, Oct. 22, 1887,
son of Charles H. and Mary J. Cahan.
Educated Dalhousie University, Dal-
housie Law School. Called to Nova
Scotia Bar, 1908; practiced Harris, Henry
& Cahan, Halifax. Came to British Col-
umbia, 1908; called to British Columbia
Bar 1909. Club: Western. Address
Granville Mansion, Vancouver, B. C

CAHIIiIi, Thomas J. — Real Estate
Broker, 276 7th Ave., Saskatoon. Born
Calumet Island, Que., Oct. 16, 1876, son
of William S. and Mary Cahill. Edu-
cated public schools, Calumet Island.
Real Estate business, Sault Ste. Marie,
Ont., 1901-1905. Came to Saskatoon and
established present business, 1905. Mar-
ried Kate M. Neelan, daughter of David
Neelan, 1906; has one son. Clubs: Sas-
katoon Rifle Association; Saskatoon
Gun. Society: K. of C. Recreation: shoot-
ing. Liberal; Roman Catholic. Address:
321 21st St., E., Saskatoon, Sask.



CAIBNS, James Frederick. — General
Manager J. F. Cairns Departmental
Store, Saskatoon. Born Lawrenceville,
Que., March 23, 1870, son of Rev. Hugh
and Maria Cairns. Educated Knowlton
Academy, Quebec; Albert College, Belle-
ville, Ont. (Gold Medalist, 1887); Vic-
toria University; school teacher College
Institute, Chatham, Ont, 1889-1898;
newspaper work Ontario, 1899; came to
Saskatoon 1902; chairman high school
board since its organization, 1907; Presi-
dent Saskatoon Baseball Association
1908-1909. Married Edith Beatrice Moore,
Chatham, Ont., 1900; has one son. Club:
Saskatoon; Societies: A.F. & A.M.; I.O.
O.P. Recreations, motoring, baseball.
Liberal; Methodist. Address: 624 Spa-
dina Crescent, Saskatoon, Sask.

CAIRNS, jolm. — News Editor The Her-
ald, Calgary. Born Parish of Abdie,
Fifeshire, Scotland, May 9, 1883. Son
of Henry John and Catherine D. Gar-
roway Cairns. Came to Canada, 1897.
Educated Upper Canada College; Trinity
University. Reporter, Winnipeg Tribune,
1904-1906; Winnipeg Telegram, 1906-
1908; night editor, Winnipeg Telegram,
1908-1910; appointed to present position
1911. Married Kathleen Sprado, daugh-
ter of Fred W. Sprado, Winnipeg, 1910.
Club: Calgary Golf and Country. Con-
servative. Address: Calgary, Alta.

CAIiDEB, His Honour, Fred, IiTm. S,—

Judge of the County Court of Cariboo
since Jan. 4, 1907. Born West Bay, In-
verness County, N. S., June 5, 1868, son
of Robert Calder and Catherine McRae
Calder. Educated Dalhousie University.
Called to Nova Scotia bar 1894. Prac-
ticed law. Port Hood, N. S., 1894; mem-
ber of Arm, McOlure & Calder, Truro,
N. S., 1897. Came to British Columbia,
1899; practiced law for some time at
Ashcroft, B. C. Appointed Judge of the
County Court, Cariboo, 1907. Served as
private, Garrison Artillery, Halifax, 1892.
Married Rachel P. Smith, Port Hood, N.
S., 1896; has one son. Societies: A. F. &
A. M. Presbyterian. Address: Ash-
croft, B. C.


CAIiDEB, Georg-e G. — Financial Brok-
er, Drinkle Block, Saskatoon. Born
Neohe, N. D., July 25, 1882, son of Lewis
and Emma Calder. Educated Collegiate
Institute, Winnipeg. Manager, Duffin &
Co., Winnipeg, 1900-1906; established
present business, 1906. Secretary-Treas-
urer, Liberal Association, Saskatoon.
Married Hazel Jackson, Winnipeg, 1909;
(deceased). Society: A. F. & A. M. Recre-
ations: curling, outdoor sports. Liberal;
Methodist. Address: Saskatoon, Sask.



CAIiDEB, Hon. James, B.A., IiI^.D.,

M. Ii. A. — Minister of Railways, Tele-
graphs and Telephones for the Province
of Saskatchewan, Reglna. Born Oxford
County, Ont., Sept. 17, 1868, son of James
and Johanna Calder. Educated: Public
Schools, Ingersoll, Ont.; High School,
Winnipeg; Manitoba University (honor
graduate in science 1888, silver medal).
Called to bar Northwestern Territory,
1906; principal of Moose Jaw High
School, 1891-1894; Inspector of Schools,
Northwestern Territory, 1894-1900; Dep-
uty Commissioner of Education, North-
western Territory, 1901-05; elected to
Saskatchewan Legislature, 1905; ap-
pointed Provincial Treasurer and Com-
missioner of Education, upon formation
of Scott Ministry, 1905; unsuccessful
candidate for Milestone, 1908; elected for
Saltcoats, 1908 and 1912; appointed Min-
ister of Railways, Telephones and Tele-
graphs upon creation of that depart-
ment. Married Eva M. Leslie, St. Marys,
Ont, 1910. Clubs, Societies: Assiniboia;
Canadian; A. P. & A. M.; A. O. IT. W.
Recreations: lacrosse, curling. Liberal;
Presbyterian. Address: 2174 Mclntyre
St., Regina, Sask.


CAIiDI:r, Iieonard G. — Sheriff of Judi-
cial District of Saskatoon, Court House,
Saskatoon; Managing Director Saskatoon
Loan & Realty Co., Ltd. Born Ten-
nessee, Sept. 8, 1870, son of Lewis and
Emma Calder. Moved with parents to
Seaforth, Ont., 1872; Oshawa, Ont., 1878;
and to Bathgate, N. D., 1881, where edu-
cated. Moved to Gretna, Man., 1890;
locomotive engineer with C.P.R., Winni-
peg, 1891-1903; Saskatoon, 1903-1905; re-
tired from C.P.R. service to organize
Electoral District for first time after
Province formed, for W. C. Sutherland,
Speaker of Legislature; organized Dis-
trict for Federal members, Geo. E. Mc-
Craney, M.P., and W. E. Knowles, M.P. ;
elected Alderman by acclamation, 1906;
appointed Chairman License and Police
Committee and member Board of Works,
until appointed Sheriff; member Saska-
toon Police Commission, 1910. Married
Flossie McKirtrick, Petrolia, Ont., 1903;
has two daughters. Societies: A.F. &
A.M.; K. of P. Recreations: Baseball
and hockey. Liberal; Methodist. Ad-
dress: 908 Spadina Crescent, Saskatoon,




CAI.l>wi:i^3^, or. Edward— Of Caldwell,

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