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Montreal Country. Societies: American
Society of Civil Engineers; Canadian So-
ciety of Civil Engineers; American Rail-
way Engineering Association. Recrea-
tion: fishing. Roman Catholic. Address:
207 Harvard Ave., Winnipeg, Man.

SUTHERLAND, Daniel Wilbur — Fur-
niture and Piano Merchant; vice-presi-
dent Okanogan Loan & Investment Co.,
Ltd. Born Earltown, N. S., June 21,
1866, son of John and Margaret Suther-
land. Educated public schools, Earl-
town; Pictou Academy, Pictou, N. S.
Came to British Columbia, 1887; general
store and postofiice, Matsqui Municipal-
ity, 1887-1892; real estate business, Ke-
lowan, 1892-1905; present business since
1905. Mayor, Kelowna, 1907-1908-1910-
1911; alderman, 1905-1906. Married Ma-
bel May Coghlan, 1892; has two sons
and two daughters. Club: Kelowna.
Society: A. F. & A. M. Recreations:
curling, hunting. Liberal; Presbyte-
rian. Address: Kelowna, B. C.

SUTHEBIiAND, Edna. — Interpretative
reader and instructor in voice culture
and expression on staff of Manitoba Col-
lege, Winnipeg. Born Cobourg, Ont.,
daughter of John and Margaret Suther-
land. Educated Cobourg; Boston, Mass.
(graduate Emerson College of Oratory).
Came to Winnipeg, 1903. Presents pub-
lic interpretative readings of Browning,

Tennyson, Shakespeare, the ancient mor-
ality play, "Everyman," Maeterlinck's
"The Blue Bird," etc.' Societies: Re-
gent of Lord Selkirk Chapter; Daugh-
ters of Empire, Winnipeg. Club: Al-
pine. Presbyterian. Address ^ The
Kenmore, Broadway, Winnipeg, Man.

SUTHERIiAND, James Brown — Char-
tered Accountant, Branch Manager for
Webb, Read & Hegan, Chartered Ac-
countants, Grain Exchange Bldg., Cal-
gary. Born Glasgow, Scotland, July 17
1878. Educated Glasgow High School and
Glasgow University. Engaged as ac-
countant, Glasgow and London, England
1893-1909. Came to Alberta, 1909. Clubs-
Ranchman's; Golf. Recreation: golf.
Presbyterian. Address: Calgary, Alta.

D. C. M.

SUTHEBIiAND, 'William Henry, M. D.,

CM. — Physician and Surgeon; medical
superintendent, Revelstoke Hospital.
Born Seaview, P. E. I., Nov. 19, 1876,
son of Robert and Margaret Suther-
land. Educated Prince of Wales Col-
lege, Charlottetown, P. E. I; McGill Uni-
versity. House surgeon. Royal Victoria
Hospital, Montreal, 1899-1901. Came to
British Columbia, 1902, since when has
practiced at Revelstoke. Married Lillian
O'Donahoe, Ottawa, 1907; has two
daughters. Club: Revelstoke. Society:
A.F. & A. M. British Columbia Medical
Council since 1908 (president same 1909).
Recreation: hunting. Liberal; Pres-
byterian. Address: Revelstoke, B, C.



SUTHERLAND, Hug-h, ex-M. P. — Fi-
nancier, chief executive officer, C. N. R.
Born New London, P. E. L, Feb. 22, 1845.
Educated Oxford County, Ont. Came to
Manitoba, 1874, and appointed Dominion
superintendent of public works, Mani-
toba and Northwest, 1874-1879; elected to
House of Commons for Selkirk, 1882. Es-
tablished first sawmill, Winnipeg, and
obtained first charter of Hudson's Bay-

Railway, now Canadian Northern Rail-
way. Closely identified with develop-
ment of Western Canada. Married May
Banks, daughter of Hon. R. D. Banks,
Baltimore, Md. Clubs: Carleton, Manito-
ba, Adanac, St. Charles Country, Toronto.
Recreations: horseman; very successful
in show ring. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: 81 Roslyn Road, Winnipeg.




SUTHUBI^ANS. Hon. -WiUiam Charles,
B. A., M. Ii. A. — Ex-Speaker of the Sas-
katchewan Legislature; barrister and so-
licitor, Sutherland Block, Second Ave.,
Saskatoon. Born Embro, Oxford County,
Ont., June 7, 1865, son of Thomas and
Isabella Sutherland. Educated public
and high schools, Orangeville, Ont.; Mc-
Gill University. Came to Manitoba,
1895, and studied law; called to Mani-
toba bar, 1900; came to Saskatoon and
admitted to Northwest Territories bar,
1903. First secretary-treasurer when
Saskatoon was incorporated as a town,
1903; made first assessment (had pre-
vious assessment roll as a guide, which
contained two foolscap sheets of names
only) ; alderman of Saskatoon, 1904-
1905; took up farm lands in Goose Lake
district, was largely instrumental in
colonizing that district, 1904. Elected

to Saskatchewan Legislature, 1905; ap-
pointed deputy speaker; re-elected, 1908,
and appointed speaker of Legislature,
resigned 1912; vice-president, Canada Na-
tional Fire Insurance Co.; president
Provincial Poultry & Pet Stock Asso-
ciation (organized Dec, 1910); owns
large wheat and stock farm near Sas-
katoon; makes specialty of Yorkshire
hogs, CJlydesdale horses, Shorthorn cat-
tle and Shropshire sheep; president Sas-
katchewan Sheep Breeders' Association;
vice-president Saskatchewan Horse
Breeders' Association; director Saskat-
chewan Co-Operative Elevator Co. Mar-
ried Alice Mary Walker, Shelburne, Ont.;
has one son and one daughter. Club:
Saskatoon. Society: A. F. & A. M.
Recreation: motoring, curling. Liberal;
Presbyterian. >ddr<?ss: 903 Spadina
Crescent, Saskatoon, Sask.



SUTTON, William John. — Geologist,
Wellington Colliery Co., 749 Discovery
St., Victoria. Born Kincardine, Ont.,
Jan. 19, 1859, son of William Sutton
(sheriff Bruce County, Ont.). Educated
Trinity Collegiate School, Cornell; Co-
lumbia School of Mines, New York;
Michigan College of Mines, Michigan.
Came to British Columbia, 1877. As-
sayer. Provincial Government. Taken
prominent part in development of Van-
couver Island. Married Helen A. Fox,
Victoria, 1902. Clubs: Natural Histor-
ical Society of British Columbia; Amer-
ican Mining Institute; Canadian Min-
ing Institute. Society: Fellow Geolog-
ical Society of America. Address: 749
Discovery St., Victoria, B. C.

SWAISI.ANI), George Wilmot.— Man-
ager, Molson's Bank, Edmonton. Born
Brantford, Ont., Sept. 9, 1872, son of
Wilmot and Maria Swaisland. Educated
Glencoe, Ont. In Winnipeg branch of
Molson's Bank seven years. Came to
Alberta, 1906. Married Margaret J. Met-
calfe, Port Hope, Ont.; has two daugh-
ters. Clubs: Manitoba; Edmonton. Ad-
dress: 1515 Victoria Ave., Edinonton,

SWAN, Robert Bennie, M. B. Ch.B.,

Glasg°ow. — Physician and Surgeon, of
Watt & Swan, Phoenix Block, Winnipeg.
Born Greenock, Scotland, Aug. 25, 1876,
son of Robert and Marion Swan. Edu-
cated Glasgow University. House sur-
geon, Victoria Central Hospital, Liscard,
Liverpool. Practiced profession, Walla-
sey, Cheshire, England, 1902; came to
Winnipeg, 1906. Clubs: Canadian;
Garry. Societies: St. Andrew's; Medico
Chirurgical. Recreations: golf, lawn
bowling. Protestant. Address: 235
Smith St., Winnipeg, Man.

SWANSOK, John Donald, B. A.—

County Court Judge of Yale County, B.
C, since 1910. Born Goderich, Ont., Aug.
6, 1868, son of George and Mary Hen-
derson Swanson. Educated public school
and Collegiate Institute, Goderich; To-
ronto University (honors and scholarship
in classics). Practiced Carberry, Man.,
1892-1896. Came to British Columbia,
1897; practiced Kamloops, 1898; city so-
licitor for Kamloops, 1898-1910, until ap-
pointed to present office. Unsuccessful
candidate for Kamloops to British Co-
lumbia Legislature, 1907. Served with
K Company and University Company,
Q. O. R., Toronto. Married Jennie Reid,
Teeswater, Ont, 1896; has two sons and
one daughter. Societies: I. O. F. ; I. O.
O. F. Presbyterian. Address: Kam-
loops, B. C.

SWAYNB, Prank Herbert — Member
of firm, Carmichael & Moorhead, General
Agents, Alberni Land Co., Ltd.; Direc-
tor, Port Alberni Contract Co., Ltd.; Di-
rector, Carmichael Moorhead Co., Ltd.
Born Kilkenny, Ireland, March 19, 1882,
son of Frank Robert and Kate (Lloyd)
Swayne. Educated Foyle College, Lon-
donderry. Came to Canada, 1907; clerk,
Canadian Bank of Commerce, Toronto,
1907: clerk. Bank of Commerce, Vancou-
ver, 1908-1909; with R. V. Winch & Co.,
Vancouver, 1909-1910; present associa-
tion since 1910. Alderman, Port Al-
berni, 1912. Recreations: tennis, foot-
ball. Conservative; Anglican. Address:
Port Alberni, B. C.


SWBBNV, Campbell. — Manager and
Superintendent, British Columbia
branches. The Bank of Montreal, Duns-
muir and Granville Sts., Vancouver; di-
rector, British Columbia Packers' Asso-
ciation; local director Royal Trust Co.;
director Western Power Co. Born Phil-
lipsburg, Que. Junior clerk. Bank of
Montreal, Hamilton, 1863; opened Win-
nipeg branch and was manager of same,
1877-1884; manager, Halifax, 1884-
1887; opened Vancouver branch, 1887;
appointed superintendent of Britisli Co-
lumbia branches, 1901. Clubs: Vancou-
ver; Jericiio Country; Vancouver Row-
ing; Vancouver Tennis; Union (Vic-
toria): Westminster (New Westminster) :
Manitoba (Winnipeg). Recreations:
cricket; riding. Address: Shaughnessy
Heights, Vancouver, B. C.



SWEET, John Hales, B. A. — Of Bond
& Sweet, Barristers and Solicitors, 615
Fender St., Vancouver. Born Daliiousie,
N. B., Oct. 13, 1878, son of Rev. John
and Eva Janet Vial Sweet. Educated
Harkins Academy; University of New
Brunswick (B. A., 1899). Came to British
Columbia, 1897. Read law with Bodwell
& Duff, Victoria; called to British Colum-
bia bar, 1902; practiced, Victoria, pre-
vious to coming to Vancouver. Served
as Lieutenant 5th Regiment, Canadian
Artillery, Victoria. Recreations: canoe-
ing, swimming, mountain climbing.
Clubs: Western; Canadian; Conservative.
Address: Vancouver, B. C.

SWENSOir, Paul. — Manager British
America and Canoe Pass Cannery, West-
ham Island. Born Sweden, Nov. 30,
1864, son of Paul and Marna Swenson.
Educated high school, Malmo. Came to
British Columbia, 1883. Watchman on
canning plant of his present company;
also interested in farming; notary pub-
lic; chairman of roads and bridges com-
mittee. Patentee, Dominion of Canada
patent for improved can capping ma-
chine in general use. Married Anna Ma-
tilda Jenson, Malmo, 1891; has two sons
and two daughters. Recreations: shoot-
ing and sports generally. Address:
Westham Island, B. C.

SWINEBTOir, Robert Hemiug'ton — Of

Swinerton & Musgrave, Real Estate and
Financial Agents, Humboldt and Gov-
ernment St., Victoria; Director, Albion
Stove Works, Ltd. Born Belfast, Ire-
land Feb. 12 1865, son of John and
Mary Swinerton. Educated Friends
school Lisburn, Ireland. Came to Vic-
toria, 1886; member of Arm, Swinerton
& Oddy, Real Estate Agents, Victoria,
1891-1907; present partnership formed,
1907. Secretary-treasurer, British Co-
lumbia Agricultural Association, two
years. Married Mary Edith Barlee,
Petersboro, 1906; has one daughter.
Club: Union. Society: A. F. & A. M.
Recreation: golf. Liberal; Anglican. Ad-
dress: 1334 Harrison St., Victoria, B. C.

SWINFORD, Major Herbert. — General
Agent, Northern Pacific Railway, 430
Hastings St., Vancouver. Born London,
England, Nov. 7, 1849, son of Henry
Herbert and Ann Ellen Swinford. Came
to Canada as a boy. Educated high
school, Guelph, Ont. Transportation busi-
ness all over Western Canada before
the railroads were built, 1871; later en-
tered service of Northern Pacific, Winni-

peg; appointed to present position, 1909.
Expert chartered accountant. Has a
long and distinguished record with mili-
tia of Canada; joined Home Guard, Gu-
elph, at time of Fenian raid, 1866; joined
30th Wellington Rifies as private, 1868;
ensign, 1870; assistant adjutant and drill
instructor on outbreak of Northwest Re-
bellion, 1870, when he resigned commis-
sion to join Red River expedition as ser-
geant on organization; served as lieu-
tenant under Captain Donald A. Smith
with Hudson's Bay Co.'s volunteers, Fe-
nian raid, Pembina, 1871; retired with
rank of honorary catain; on organization
of 90th Regiment, Winnipeg, 1883, ap-
pointed quartermaster; paymaster, 1888-
1900; chief supply, commissariat and
transport officer, Northwest Field Force
under General Middleton, 1885 Rebellion
(specially mentioned in dispatches) ; re-
tired with rank of major, 1900; organ-
ized Army Service Corps, Winnipeg,
1907, with rank of major. Married
Georgina MacDonnell; has one son and
one daughter. Club: Vancouver. So-
ciety: A. F. & A. M. Address: Van-
couver, B. C.

SVMING^ON, Herbert James, B. A.,

M. A. — Of Spice & Symington, Barristers
a.nd Solicitors, Nanton Bldg., Winnipeg.
Born Sarnia, Ont., Nov. 22, 1881, son of
James Sanderson and Caroline Benton
Dean Symington. Educated Sarnia Col-
legiate; Toronto University; Osgoode
Hall. Called to Manitoba bar, 1905; with
Howell, Mathers & Howell, Winnipeg,
1905; present partnership formed, 1905;
solicitor for G. T. P., 1906-1909. Mar-
ried Evelyn Fay Christie, Ottawa, 1910;
has one daughter. Clubs: Manitoba; St.
Charles Country; Pine Ridge Golf; Uni-
versitJ^ Recreation: golf. Liberal;
Presbyterian. Address: 585 River Ave.,
Winnipeg, Man.

TAAFFB, Marg'aret P. — Wife of Ern-
est H. Taaffe. Born London, Ont., daugh-
ter of John and Isabel Mackenzie. Edu-
cated Scotland. Came to Manitoba 1879.
Recording Secretary of Christian Wom-
en's Union nine years; Recording Secre-
tary Local Council of Women, eight
years; charter member of Sick Children's
Hospital Board. Married Ernest H.
TaafEe, Manufacturing Agent, 1878; has
two sons. Protestant. Address: 75 Bal-
mora Place, Winnipeg, Man.



TAArrS, William James John. — Man-
aging Director of Vancouver Branch
John W. Peck & Co., Ltd., of Montreal,
wholesale clothing manufacturers, 337
Water St., Vancouver; Director Bidwell,
Bay & Balcarra Co.; member Vancouver
Board of Trade; member Tourist Asso-
ciation; life Governor Vancouver General
Hospital. Born Thedford, Ont., March 6,
1862, son of James Henry and Emily
Beale Taaffe. Educated public schools,
Ailsa Craig, Ont. Apprentice to W. J.
McMaster, McLung & Co., Toronto; sub-
sequently department manager Lonsdale,
Read & Co., Montreal; afterwards dry
goods business on own account, Winni-
peg; traveler for James O'Brien, Winni-
peg; later traveled through Western Can-
ada' for present firm; became managing
director when present branch opened,
owner of yacht "Ethelda," second in in-
ternational yacht race of 225 miles.
Served as private with 90th Regiment,
Northwest Rebellion, 1885, engagements
Fish Creek and Batoche; medal and one
clasp. Married Isabel Farrell, Detroit,
Mich, 1889; has one son and one daugh-
ter. Clubs: Terminal City, Royal Van-
couver Yacht. Society: A. F. & A,_M.
Recreation: Yachting. Conservative;
Protestant. Address: 787 Bute St., Van-
couver, B. C.

TACIUK, Prederick. — Legal Interpre-
ter, with P. E. Hagel, Barrister, Winni-
peg. Born Horodenka, Austria, March
6, 1884, son of Nykola and Teley Taciuk.
Educated public and collegiate schools,
Austria. Came to Manitoba 1899. Clerk
C. P. R. Steamship Co., Winnipeg, 1903;
present position since 1910. Speaks Ru-
thenian, German, Hungarian, Polish,
Roumanian, Swedish and English. Mar-
ried Milly Holzowski, Winnipeg, 1905;
has one son and one daughter. Club:
Adanac. Recreations: Motoring, golf.
Conservative; Presbyterian. Address:
576 Redwood Ave., Winnipeg, Man.

TAIT, Charles W. — President and

Managing Director Fernridge Lumber
Co., Ltd., New Westminster Trust Bldg.,
New Westminster. Born Gravenhurst,
Ont., May 5, 1879, son of Thomas B. and
Eva A. Tait. Educated public schools.
Came to British Columbia, 1896; lumber
salesman and shipping department W. L.
Talt & Co., 1896-1898; in the same ca-
pacity with Canadian Pacific Lumber Co.,
Port Moody, 1898-1902; purser on Eraser

River steamboat, 1902-1905; with the
Canadian Pacific Lumber Co., 1905-1906.
Organized Dominion Lumber & Shingle
Co., 1906, changing name of company to
Fernridge Lumber Co., Ltd., 1908. Mar-
ried Violet Winnifred De Beck, New
Westminster; has one son. Club: West-
minster. Societies: A. F. & A. M., Mystic
Shrine; R A. M. Recreations: shooting,
fishing, motoring. Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: 29 Columbia St., New Westmin-
ster, B. C.


TAIT, David Sprag-ffe. — Of Tait &
Brandon, Barristers at Law, Sayward
Bldg., Victoria; Director Island Invest-
ment Co., Ltd.; Director Island Construc-
tion & Development Co., Ltd. Born Hast-
ings County, Ont., Dec. 11, 1878, son of
Leonard and Agnes Middleton Tait. Edu-
cated public schools, Victoria. Studied
law with McPhillips «fe Heisterman;
called to British Columbia Bar 1908;
has practiced Victoria since. Club: Ca-
mosun; President Victoria West Ath-
letic Association. Conservative; Bap-
tist. Address: Victoria, B. C.

TAIT, Major John S. — Commission
Broker and Importer, 144 Water St., Van-
couver. Born Portobello, Scotland, June
6, 1875, son of James and Annie Shaw
Tait. Educated Edinburgh. Came to
Vancouver as manager of Crawford &
Stuart, cannery supplies, 1897; now
agent of that firm. Joined militia as
Subaltern 5th Regiment C. A., 1902; Cap-
tain 6th Regiment D. C. O., 1910; Gaz-
etted Major on Organization of 72nd Sea-
forth Highlanders of Canada. Married



Lillian Nelson Moore, San Francisco
1902; has one son and one daughter.
Clubs: Vancouver; Athletic; R. V. T. C,
Junior Naval and Military Club, London
Recreations: walking, shooting. Address
753 Cardero St., Vancouver, B. C.

TAXT, Leonard. — Manager Victoria
Transfer Co., 629 Broughton St., Vic-
toria. Born Morristown, Wellington
County, Ont, June 26, 1853, son of Leon-
ard and Jane Ord Tait. Educated pub-
lic schools Morristown and Blora, Ont.
Taught school Ontario 1874-1889; came
to British Columbia 1889; Principal
North Ward Public School, Victoria,
1889-1906; resigned to accept present po-
sition 1906. Married Agnes Middleton,
Wellington County, 1873; has seven sons
and three daughters. Society: A. P. &

A. M. (P. M.). Conservative; Presby-
terian. Address: Douglas Road, Victoria,

B. C.

TAIT, William l^amont — Retired Saw-
mill Operator, Vancouver; President
Denman Island Stone Co., Ltd. Born
Dumfrieshire, Scotland, March 14, 1847,
son of W. L. Tait. Educated public
schools, New York. Came to Canada,
1863. In shingle and sawmill business,
Gravenhurst and Orillia, Ont, 1870.
Came to British Columbia, 1891; oper-
ated lumber mills in own name, Van-
couver, 1891-1903; sold out to Rat Port-
age Lumber Co., 1903. Married Jane
Gray Donaldson, Orillia, Ont., 1871; has
six sons and two daughters. Recrea-
tions: shooting, hunting. Liberal; Pres-
byterian. Address: Mathews Ave.,
Shaughnessy Heights, Vancouver, B. C.

TALBOT, Hon. Senator Peter. — Farm-
er. Born Eramosa, Ont., March 30, 1854,
son of Henry and Margaret Talbot. Edu-
cated Rockwood Academy; Normal
School, Ottawa. Holds teacher's first-
class certificate. Came to Fort McLeod,
1890, to take charge of public schools as
principal, and remained there until 1892.
Came to Lacombe in prairie schooner in
1892 and started the first mercantile
store; ran it for one year and moved to
homestead where he has remained ever
since, breeding shorthorn cattle for
breeding purposes. Elected to Northwest
Legislative Assembly 1902; elected to
House of Commons 1904; resigned 1906.
Summoned to the Senate, March 8, 1906.
Married Clara Card, Guelph, Ont., 1879;
has one son and three daughters. So-
ciety: A. F. & A. M. Liberal. Address:
Lacombe, Alta.

TAI^I^MAM-, Walter Pranklin. — Street
Commissioner, City of Winnipeg. Born
Lincoln County, Ont., Dec. 25, 1856, son
of William and Mary Ann Tallman. Ed-
ucated Beamsville public schools. Man-
ufacturer, Beamsville, Ont., 1882; came
to Winnipeg 1902. Served with Garrison
Artillery, St. Catherines, 1882. Married
Eliza Ann Beamer, Beamsville, Ont.,
1884; has one son and two daughters.
Clubs: Carleton, Travelers, Manitoba.
Societies: A. F. & A. M.; I. O. O. F.
Recreations: Curling, horse racing. Lib-
eral; Methodist. Address: 192 Lenore
St., Winnipeg, Man.

TABK, Stambury B., M. A. — -Manag-
ing Editor Canadian Finance, 56 Aikins
Bldg., Winnipeg. Born Toronto, June 26,
1875, son of N. S. Tarr. Eucated College
Institute, Ottawa; McMaster University;
University of Chicago; Mathematical
Master, Woodstock College, Woodstock,
Ont., 1896-1900; Actuarial Staff Canada
Life Assurance Co., Toronto, 1900-1907;
editor The Chronicle, Montreal, 1907-10;
founded Canadian Finance, 1910, the time
being considered ripe for the West to
have a financial paper of its own. Presi-
dent Economic Society of Manitoba, 1912.
Has been frequent contributor to leading
Canadian and American, periodicals, both
literary and technical. Married Alice Mc-
Kechnie, Woodstock, Ont. Club: Carle-
ton. Address: 59 Scotia St., Winnipeg,

TABUT, Alfred. — Manager Canadian
Mortgage Association, 205 McArthur
Bldg., Winnipeg. Born Lyon, France.
Came to Manitoba, employee Credit Fon-
der, Franco-Canadian, Winnipeg, 1885;
appointed manager Canadian Mortgage
Association, Winnipeg, 1910. Married B.
Beaubien, Montreal. Club: Manitoba.
Roman Catholic. Address: Fort Garry
Court, Winnipeg, Man.

TATE, Frederick Clarke, M. Ii. A. —

Farmer. Born Grafton, Ont., Jan. 24,
1849, son of Robert and Margaret Tate.
Educated Grafton and Brighton. Student
for Presbyterian Ministry until health
failed. School teacher in Ontario for
five years; school trustee four years;
came West 1882. Sergeant-Major 40th
Northumberland Regiment 1877-1882.
Unsuccessful candidate Saskatchewan
Legislature for Lumsden 1905; member
Saskatchewan Legislature for Regina.
Married Eliza Roberts, 1897. Presby-
terian; Liberal. Address: Wascana,




TASKEB, Arthur Henry — Financier,
Sterling Trusts Bldg., Regina; Director
and Chairman, Executive Committee,
Sterling Trusts Co., Ltd.; Director, Se-
curity Loan Co.; Managing Director,
Sterling Loan & Securities Co., Ltd.;
President, Plainview Farming Co., Ltd.;
Treasurer, Y. M. C. A. Born Mineral
Point, Wis., May 17, 1872, son of Thomas
W. and Anna Tasker. Educated Ham-
line University, Minnesota. Manager,
Gold Bros., bankers, Albee, S. D., 1899-
1902; vice-president and manager, Gold

Bros. Security Co., Big Stone City, S. D.,
1902-1905; managing director. Eastern
Saskatchewan Land Co., Indian Head,
1905-1909; offices of this company moved
to Regina, 1909, and name changed to
Sterling Loan & Securities Co., 1911.
Naturalized, 1905. Married Ella S. Gold,
daughter of Aaron Gold, Davis, 111.,
1897; has two sons. Club: Golf. Rec-
reation: hunting. Independent; Metho-
dist. Address: 1330 15th Ave., Regma,




TATE, D'Arcy, K. C. — Vice-President
and General Counsel, Pacific Great East-
ern Railway, Victoria. Born Portadown,
Ireland, June 14, 1866, son of Jolm and
Isabella Tate. Educated Portadown
Academy; Queen's College, Belfast.
Called to Ontario Bar 1893; Manitoba
Bar 1907; Saskatchewan Bar 1910; Al-
berta Bar 1910; British Columbia Bar
1910. Counsel for Toronto, Hamilton &
BufEalo Railway, 1895-1905; appointed

assistant solicitor Grand Trunk Pacific
Railway, 1905; solicitor 1910-1912. Clubs:
St. James, Montreal; Hamilton, Hamil-
ton; Rideau, Ottawa; Manitoba, Winni-
peg; Edmonton, Edmonton; Assiniboia,
Regina; Vancouver, Vancouver; Union,
Victoria; Canadian; Royal Montreal Golf;
Hamilton Golf; Hamilton Yacht; Royal
Victoria Yacht. Recreations: Golf. Ad-
dress: Empress Hotel, Victoria, B. C.




TAYIiOR, Arthur Williamson — Finan-
cial Agent, 240 Jasper Ave., W., Ed-
monton. Director, Saskatchewan-Alberta
Insurance Co., Ltd.; Director, Union
Land & Investment Co., Ltd. Born Dur-
ham, England, Aug. 30, 1860, son of
Esther Shatford Oliver and Rev. James
Jeremy Taylor, Vicar of South Shields.
Educated: Durham Grammar School;
Durham University. Came to Canada,
1882; in real estate business, Winnipeg,
during boom, 1882; with Indian De-
partment, Dominion Government, sta-
tioned at Indian Head, but duties cov-
ered entire Northwest, 1883-1892; re-
signed, 1892, and interested in mining

and steamboating on Pacific Coast and
Yukon, shipping cattle North, etc., with
headquarters Victoria, 1892-1902; came
to Edmonton, and began real estate busi-
ness, 1903; established present business,
1910. Unsuccessful candidate to Al-

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