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berta Legislature for Sturgeon, 1911.
Fellow of Royal Colonial Institute; Fel-
low of Royal Society of Arts and Com-
merce. Married Ella Armstrong, New
Westminster, 1893. Club: Union (Vic-
toria); British Empire (London, Eng.).
Recreation: Horses. Conservative; Angli-
can. Address: 746 24th St., Edmonton,



TAYIiOS, Edmund Xiandor, K. C. — Of

Taylor, Ross & McAlpine, Barristers and
Solicitors, McArthur Bldg., Winnipeg;
Director Great West Permanent Loan
Co., Ltd.; Director Canada National, Fire
Insurance Co.; Director Imperial Cana-
dian Trust Co., Ltd.; Director Monarch
Life Assurance Co.; Director Royal Can-
adian Securities Co., Ltd.; President
Similkameen Fruit Land Co.; President
Northern Investment Co., Ltd.; President
"Victoria Public Hospital; Member of
Council, Manitoba University; Member
of Board of Trustees, Wesley College.
Born Leeds County, Ont., Dec. 14, 1860,
son of Mary Ann Redmond and Henry
James Taylor, late postmaster Crystal
City, Man. Educated High School, Gan-

anoque, Ont.; Winnipeg Collegiate; Man-
itoba Provincial Normal School. Came
to Manitoba, 1881. Deputy Registrar,
Rock Lake County, Man., 1881-1883;
taught school, Manitoba, 1883-1886; law
student with J. A. M. Aikins, 1888-1892;
law student with Tupper, Phippen &
Tupper, 1892-1895; called to Manitoba
bar, 1895; practiced alone, 1895; later
joined by present members of firm; ap-
pointed K. C, 1907. Married Una C.
Preston, daughter of Adam Preston, Dur-
ham County, Ont, 1902; has one son and
one daughter. Clubs: Manitoba; Adanac.
Societies: A. F. & A. M.; L O. O. P.
Recreation: Boating. Conservative;
Methodist. Address: Wellington Cres-
cent, Winnipeg, Man.


TATIiOR, Alfred de Bupe. — Postmas-
ter. Born Hereford, England, March 7,
1864, son of Rev. James and Frances
Taylor; grandson of General Taylor, 93rd
Infantry, who was in action at Battle of
Waterloo. Educated Bancroft's Hospital,
King's College, London. Came to North-
west and farmed 1883; removed to Vic-
toria 1888, later settling in Ladner.
Member Ladner Board of Trade; School
Trustee; Registrar, member of British
Columbia Veterinary Association. Mar-
ried Agnes Honeyman, Ladner. Recre-
ations: Fishing, boating. Address:
Delta St., Ladner, B. C.


TAYIOB, Edmund. — Vice President
Lougheed & Taylor, Ltd., 715 First St.,
West Calgary; Director Gowans, Kent
Western, Ltd. Born Fort Garry, May
14, 1871, son of Thomas and Elizabeth
Margaret Kennedy Taylor. Educated
public schools and Emanuel College;
with Hudson's Bay Co., 1885-1906; Man-
ager Calgary 1890-1897; General Man-
ager Winnipeg 1898-1906; Managing Di-
rector Gowans, Kent & Co., Toronto,
1906-1911. Was first telegraph officer in
charge Government Meteorological Tele-
graphs, Prince Albert, 1882. Married
Edna Florence Smith, daughter of A.
Bruce Smith, 1903; has one son. Clubs:
Manitoba (Winnipeg), Toronto Hunt, Na-
tional and Royal Canadian Yacht (Tor-
onto) ; Ranchmen's (Calgary). Society: A.
F. & A. M. Conservative; Anglican. Ad-
dress: 528 Mission Boulevard, Calgary,

TAYLOR, Pawcett Gowler — Barrister,
Sa.skatchewan Ave., Portage la Prairie.
Born Meadow Lea, Man., April 29. 1878,
son of William and Marietta Jane Tay-
lor. Educated public schools. Collegiate
Institute, Winnipeg. Law student with
N. F. Hagel, K. C, Winnipeg, and W. J.
Cooper, K. C, Portage la Prairie; called

to Manitoba Bar, 1900. Practiced with
W. J. Cooper, K. C, 1900-1902; practiced
alone until 1910, when entered partner-
ship with J. R. Colwill. Solicitor Mer-
chants Bank; Solicitor Great West Life
Assurance Co.; Solicitor British Colum-
bia Permanent Loan Co.; Solicitor Em-
pire Loan Co.; Crown Prosecutor Central
Judicial District, Portage la Prairie; ex-
President Portage la Prairie Board of
Trade; Alderman, 1905, 1908 and 1909;
Mayop, 1910. Captain "E" Company, 99th
Regiment, Portage la Prairie, 1910, on
organization of tlie regiment. Married
Mabel Agnes Dykeman, 1901. Clubs: Por-
tage; Adanac and Military Institute. So-
cieties: A. F. & A. M.; K. of P.; L. O. L.
Conservative; Methodist. Address: Third
St., Northwest, Portage la Prairie, Man.

TAYIiOB, Georg-e Edward — Of Sea-
born, Taylor, Pope & Quirk, Barristers,
Walter Scott Building, Moose Jaw.
Born near Winnipeg, Dec. 27, 1878, son
of George Taylor (ex-Mayor London,
now Mayor New Liskeard, Ont.), and
Mary Anne Taylor. Educated College
Institute, London; Osgoode Hall. Called
to Ontario Bar and began practice Lon-
don 1902; came to Moose Jaw 1906 and
entered partnership with Walter E. Sea-
born. President Bar Association Moose
Jaw Judicial District, 1911 and 1912.
Chairman, Moose Jaw Board of Police
Commissioners, 1911-1912. Married Ma-
bel Cecelia Ryan, London. Ont., 1903;
has one son and two daughters. Recre-
ations: Riding and driving. Liberal;
Presbyterian. Address: 35 Athabasca
St., W., Moose Jaw, Sask.

TAYIiOB, Hedley Clarence, M. A., I^i;.

B. — Judge of District Court. Edmonton.
Born Sheffield, N. B., Sept. 20, 1864, son
of Samuel and Charlotte Jane Taylor.
Educated public schools; Mount Allison
University; Michigan University. Came
to Alberta 1891; practiced law under firm
name S. S. & H. C. Taylor, Edmonton,
1891; subsequently practiced alone and
with other partners vintil 1907, when ap-
pointed to present office. School Trus-
tee, Edmonton, 1896-1908. Married Bes-
sie Perley Taylor, 1892; has two sons.
Club: Edmonton. Societies: A. F. & A.
M. ; K. of P. Methodist. Address: 417
Fifth St., Edmonton, Alta.

TAYIiOB, James Davis, J. P., M. P. —

Editor, Managing Director Columbian
Co., Ltd., New Westminster. Born Abe-
nequi Mills, Dorchester County, Que.,
Sept. 2, 1863, son of Thomas and Mary
Humphrey Taylor. Educated public
schools Quebec and Ottawa. Apprentice
Ottawa Citizen, 1877; member Typo-
graphical Union since 1882; reporter
Montreal and Ottawa papers. Parliamen-
tary press gallery, 1886-1892; published
Canadian Militia (Gazette until 1892, when
came to British Columbia and joined



staff of Colonist, Victoria. Removed to
New Westminster as manager Daily Col-
umbia, 1900. Served with Ottawa Sharp-
shooters, Northwest Rebellion 1885 (med-
al and clasps, cut knife) ; unsuccessful
candidate to House of Commons for New
Westminster, 1904. Elected 1908 and
1911. Married Janie Hay Jenkins, Three
Rivers, Que. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: New Westminster, B. C.

TAYI^OR, John Allan. — Manager The
Royal Bank of Canada, Government St.,
Victoria. Born Halifax, Sept. 25, 1877,
son of George Ritchie and Annie M.
Taylor. Educated privately; Dalhousie
University. Junior, Royal Bank, Hali-
fax, 1897; paying teller Montreal, 1901;
accountant, Ottawa, 1905; accountant,
Winnipeg, 1906; manager. Moose Jaw,
1906-1911; present position 1911. Clubs:
Union, Pacific, Moose Jaw. Recreations:
All outdoor sports; music, horses, dogs.
Presbyterian. Address: 918 Cooke St.,
Victoria, B. C.

TAYIjOR, John G. — General Superin-
tendent Saskatchewan Division, C. P. R.,
Moose Jaw. Born Ottawa, Ont., Aug. 1,
1862, son of James M. and Mary Camp-
bell Taylor. Educated public schools
and Collegiate Institute, Ottawa. Freight
clerk and telegraph operator, C. P. R.,
Ottawa, 1879; C. P. R., Carleton Place,
Ont, 1881; dispatcher, Brockville, 1881;
dispatcher Ottawa 1881-1883; train dis-
patcher. Great Northern Railway, dif-
ferent points, 1883-1889; dispatcher.
Northern Pacific, Missoula, Mont., 1889-
1892; chief dispatclier. Great Northern
Railway, Spokane, Kalispel and Havre,
1892-1895; division superintendent. Great
Northern Ry., Minneapolis, Larmore, N.
D., and Havre, Mont., 1895-1899; opera-
tor, agent and dispatcher, C. P. R., Elko
and Cranbrook, B. C, 1899-1900; in office
of Sir Thomas Tait, C. P. R., Montreal,
working on American Standard Code of
Train Rules, 1900-1902; Division Superin-
tendent, Brandon, Cranbrook, Fort Wil-
liam, Moose Jaw and Medicine Hat, 1902-
1910; general superintendent, Lake Su-
perior division. North Bay, Ont., 1911-
1912; present position since April, 1912.
Married Georgia Peterson, daughter of
N. H. Peterson, St. Paul, Minn., 1887;
has one son. Clubs: Kaminlstiqula (Fort
William) ; Assiniboia (Regina) ; Country
(Regina); Moose Jaw. Recreation: golf.
Presbyterian. Address: Moose Jaw,

TAYIiOB, Joseph Watson. — Manager
Taylor-Forbes Co., Ltd., manufacturers
of boilers, radiators, pipes, fittings, hard-
ware, 1070 Homer St., Vancouver. Born
Belfast, Ireland, March 1, 1871, son of
William and Mary Taylor. Educated
Technical school, Toronto. Came to
British Columbia 1888; assistant to Wil-
lims Bros. & Dawson, land surveyors,
1889; assistant to John Brabazon, Do-

minion Land Surveyor, on Alaska Bound-
ary Commission. Served Bethune's In-
fantry, Anglo-Boer War, struck off
strength of Regiment as dead; wounded
seven times, severely at Battle of Colen-
so. Member of 10th Royal Grenadiers,
Toronto, 1894. Married Jessie Living-
stone Thompson, Johannesburg, South
Africa; has two daughters. Clubs:
Terminal City; Anglo- African. Societies:
A. F. & A. M. ; Irish Association; Cam-
paigners Association (2900 Johannes-
burg). Recreations: Motoring, hunting,
fishing, mountain climbing. Address:
1111 Davie St., Vancouver, B. C.


TAYXiOR, Ijouis Denison. — Journal-
ist, Owner and Editor, Vancouver World,
341 Pender St., Vancouver. Born Ann
A.rbor, Mich., son of Gustavus Adolphus
and Amy Taylor. Came to Vancouver
1895. Manager Vancouver Daily Prov-
ince 1897-1905; owner and editor Van-
couver Daily World since 1905. Has
written much and lectured frequently on
the single system of taxation. Unsuc-
cessful candidate for Mayor, Vancouver,
1909; Mayor 1910-1911. Married Annie
Louise Pierce, Chicago, 111.; has two
sons. Clubs: Terminal City, Commer-
cial. Provincial. Address: Granville
Mansions, Vancouver, B. C.

TAVZiOR, Sidney Stockton, l^Ii. B., K.

C. — Barrister and Solicitor of Taylor,
Harvey, Baird, Grant & Stockton, 413
Granville St., Vancouver, B. C. Born
Havelock, N. B., May 21, 1865. Son of
Stephen P. and Margaret M. Taylor.
Educated University Mount Allison, N.
B., and University of Michigan, Ann Ar-
bor, Mich. Articled to Charles A. Stock-


ton, St. John, N. B., 1883-7. Came to
Edmonton, Alta, 1889, and practiced law
under firm name S. S. & H. C. Taylor
until 1S97. Moved to Nelson, B. C, 1897,
and practiced under firm names of Tay-
lor & Hannington and Taylor & O'Shea,
until 1909; moved to Vancouver, 1909,
and formed firm of Taylor & Harvey,
which has now been augmented to pres-
ent name. Called to New Brunswick Bar,
1887; Northwest Territories Bar, 1889;
British Columbia Bar, 1898. Unsuccess-
ful Liberal candidate, Nelson, B. C,
Provincial House, 1903. Mayor, Nelson,
B. C, 1908. Served with St. John Rifles,
St. John garrison, two years. Married
Vesta Ross, daughter of John Ross,
1892; has two sons and three daugh-
ters. Club: Terminal City, Vancouver.
Societies: A. F. & A. M. (Royal Arch).
Recreations: shooting, motoring and
yachting. Liberal; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: 1300 Comox St., Vancouver, B. C.


TAYIiOB, Simon. — Managing Direc-
tor Taylor Lumber Co., Ltd.; President
and Managing Director York Lumber
Co., Ltd.; Manager Standard Lumber
Co., Ltd. Born Arnprior, Ont., Sept. 10,
1866, son of James Taylor. Educated
public schools Arnprior. Lumber busi-
ness, Ontario, 1884-1901. Came to Brit-
ish Columbia and established present
business 1901. Alderman Cranbrook, 1901.
Married Mima Dunn, 1896; has three
daughters. Club: Cranbrook. Society:
A. F. & A. M. Recreation: Skating. Con-
servative; Presbyterian. Address: Cran-
brook, B. C.

TAYIiOB, Hon. Thomas. — Minister of
Public Works and Railways for British
Columbia; member of the firm of C. B.
Hume Co., Ltd., general merchants.


Revelstoke; member of Revelstoke
Board of Trade. Born London, Ont., Feb.
4, 1865, son of Thomas and Annie Tay-
lor. Educated public schools, high school
and Commercial College. Studied law
but never practiced; in office of Taylor
& Taylor, London. In business in Win-
nipeg 1885-1888. Came to British Col-
I umbia 1888; in mercantile business Lar-
I do, 1893-1903; member of present firm
since 1903. Elected for Revelstoke to
British Columbia Legislature, 1900; re-
elected 1903 and 1906; appointed min-
ister of Public Works, 1908. Married
Georgia M. Larson, Copenhagen, 1897;
has three sons and two daughters. Clubs
Union, Pacific, Revelstoke. Societies
A. F. & A. M. ; I . O . O . F . ; I . O . F .
L. O. L. Conservative; Anglican. Ad-
dress: Victoria, B. C.

TAYIiOB, Thomas W., M. I.. A. —

President. T. W. Taylor Co., Ltd., 177
McDermot Ave., Winnipeg. Born Ports-
mouth, England, Sept. 6, 1852, son of
James and Abigail Peel Taylor. Came
to Canada 1855. Educated public schools
London, Ont. Came to Winnipeg 1877.
Elected to Manitoba Legislature for
Central Winnipeg 1899-1903-1907-1910.
Mayor of Winnipeg 1902-1903; Alderman
1900-1901-1902; chairman of Public
Parks Board. Served as Color Sergeant
7th Regiment, Captain and Paymaster
91st Winnipeg Light Infantry. Married
Gertrude Seaton, London, Ont., 1877; has
six sons and four daughters. Clubs: Ad-
anac. Travelers. Societies: Royal Cale-
donia, Curling, Manitoba Rifle, St. An-
drews, A. F. & A. M.; L. O. L.; S.. O. E. ;
A. O. F. Conservative; Anglican. Ad-
dress: 458 Bannatyne Ave., Winnipeg,




TEES, William E. — Stock raiser; Di-
rector, Calgary Livestock Association;
Director, Agricultural Association, La-
combe; member council, Lacombe Board
of Trade. Born Barhead, Scotland,
March 31, 1865, son of William and Jane
Tees. Educated public schools, Iowa.
Livestock breeder, Monona County, Iowa,
until 1901; came to Alberta and has con-
tinued same line of business, since 1901;
breeder of Galloway cattle, Yorkshire
hogs; has made a study of grain feeding
of cattle and hogs for market. Married
Violet M. Greenlee, Ononawa, 1899; has
two sons and two daughters. Liberal;
Presbyterian. Address: Lacombe or
Tees, Alta.


TEG-IiEK, . Robert, E. A. — Real estate
agent, 318 Jasper Ave. B., Edmonton.
Born Walkerton, Ont., Dec. 7, 1876, son
of Christian and Ann Tegler. Educated
high school, Walkerton; Toronto Uni-
versity. Came to Alberta 1900 and es-
tablished present business under firm
name Tegler & Morris; alone since 1905.
Society: K. of P. Recreations: Motor-
ing, driving (Secretary Driving Club
1907-1910). Liberal; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: Edmonton, Alta.

TEI^FEB, Edgfar Howard. — Managing
Director G. F. & J Gait, Ltd., Wholesale
Grocers, Tenth Ave. W., Calgary. Bjorn
Collingwood, Ont., Dec. 2, 1872, son of
Hall and Mary Foster Telfer. Educated
public schools, Collingwood. Junior clerk
Telfer Bros., Collingwood, 1885; account-
ant 1894; manager and part owner Do-
minion Licorice Co., Toronto, 1899-1902;
with present firm since 1903. Member of
Calgary Parks Board. Clubs: Ranch-
men's. Societies: A. F. & A. M. (Scot-
tish Rite); I. O. O. F. Recreation:
Curling (President Alberta Branch Roy-
al Caledonian Curling Club of Scotland).
Presbyterian. Address: Calgary, Alta.


TE:LEER, George J. — General Manager
and First Vice President National Fi-
nance Co., Ltd., 300 Pender St. W,. Van-
couver. Born Gait, Ont., March 11,
1872, son of Thomas and Helen Telfer.
Educated Gait Collegiate Institute. Ac-
countant Toronto 1893. Came to British
Columbia 1898. Second Vice President
British Columbia Permanent Loan Co.;
Treasurer and Director of Pacific Coast
Fire Insurance Co.; Director Prudential
linvestment Co., Ltd.; member of the
Council Vancouver; member Vancouver
Board of Trade. Married Lizzie L.
Clark, Vancouver, 1900; has one daugh-
ter. Clubs: Terminal City, Canadian.
Recreation: Tennis. Address: 1240 Haro
St., Vancouver, B. C.

TEIiFORD, D. Mclieod. — Customs Ap-
praiser, Winnipeg. Born Wick, Scot-
land, Nov. 12, 1845. Educated public
schools, Thurso, Scotland; mercantile
business Thurso, 1860; came to London
1867. Moved to Winnipeg 1881 and en-
tered service of C. P. R. ; appointed
Treasurer C. P. R., Winnipeg, 1882;
transferred to Montreal 1890; appointed
Provincial Manager of Provincial Life
Insurance Co., Winnipeg, 189 5; entered
Dominion Customs Service 1898; ap-
pointed Customs Appraiser 1901. Mar-
ried Margaret Stephen, Aberlour, Banff-
shire, Scotland; has one son and four
daughters. Societies: A. F. & A. M. ;
St. Andrew's (ex-President) ; Highland
Society (President). Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: 135 Hargrave St., Winnipeg, Man.



F. R. C. S.

TEIiFORD, Robert, M. S., C. M., F. B.

C. S. — Physician and Surgeon of Bur-
rard Sanitarium, 1010 Georgia St, "Van-
couver. Born Wentworth County, Ont.,
June 13, 1869, son of Robert and Mary
Ann Telford. Educated Hamilton Col-
legiate Institute; McGill University,
Edinburgh University. Came to Brit-
ish Columbia 1891. Dominion and Prov-
incial Health Officer. Married Ella Maud
Munroe, 1902; has two sons and one
daughter. Society: A. F. & A. M. Rec-
reations: Motoring, driving, hunting,
fiishing. Methodist. Address: 1010
Georgia St., Vancouver, B. C.

TEIiFOBD, Robert Taylor, M. Im. A. —

Lumber Merchant. Born Bryson, Que.,
June 19, 1860, son of Robert and Ann
Telford. Educated public schools. Elect-
ed for Leduc to first Alberta Legislature
1905; re-elected 1909; served with Rural
Northwest Mounted Police 1885-1889.
Married Isabel Howard, Jackson County,
Wis., 1890; has one son. Liberal. Ad-
dress: Leduc, Alta.

TEMPIiE, Anthony. — Of Burne &
Temple, Solicitors. Born Wambrook,
England, Aug. 21, 1879, son of John and
Elvira Temple. Educated Lynne Regis
College, Dorsetshire, England. Admitted
Socilitor of the Supreme Court, Eng-
land, 1910. Practiced law, Cliester, Eng-
land, 1902-1910. Came to British Colum-
bia and admitted Solicitor 1910. Club:
Kelowa. Recreations: Riding, polo. Con-
servative; Anglican. Address: Kelowna,
B. C.


TEMFIiEMAN, Hon. WUliam, P. C.

— President of Times Printing & Pub-
lishing Co., Ltd., Victoria. Born Paken-
ham, Ont., Sept. 28, 1844, son of
William and Helen Hart Templeman.
Educated public schools Almonte. Es-
tablished the "Gazette," Almonte, 1867.
Came to British Columbia 1884 and en-
gaged in newspaper business Victoria,
being associated with the Times since
1884. Unsuccessful candidate for House
of Commons, 1891, and twice in 1896;
called to Senate 1897; entered cabinet
without portfolio, Feb. 22, 1902; Minister
of Inland Revenue, Feb. 6, 1906; Min-
ister of Mines on creation of that de-
partment. May 3, 1907; resigned senator-
ship and elected for Victoria to House
of Commons, 1906; unsuccessful 1908;
Elected by acclamation, Comox Atlin,
1909; defeated in general election 1911.
Married Eva Bond, 1869. Clubs: Pacific,
Vancouver. Address: Victoria, B. C.

TENNANT, Joseph Francis, F. M. —

Provincial Immigration Agent and Coun-
ty Court Clerk, Gretna. Born Newcastle-
on-Tyne, England, July 6, 1848, son of
Thomas and Catherine Tennant. Came
to Fort Garry (now Winnipeg) with Red
River Expedition, 1870 (medal and one
bar), saw active service Fenian Raid,
1870-1871. Engaged as a land guide
scout 1871; Dominion Government Land
Guide for a number of years; served on
the International Boundary Commission,
1872-1874, and made over the last of
the stock from that Commission to the
R. N. W. M. P., Dufferin, on their or-
ganization in their first camp in the
West. Dominion Government Customs
Collector on International Boundary for
a number of years. Author of Prov-



incial Immigration pamphlets, Nos. 1, 2
and 3. Special correspondent for a num-
ber of newspapers. Held offlce as Coun-
cillor and Mayor of West Lynne; Coun-
cillor for Morris Rural Municipality and
City of Emerson. Married Laura Alta
Hutcheson, Emerson, Man., 1879; has two
sons and five daughters. Societies: K.
of C. ; A. O. U. W. Conservative; Ro-
man Catholic. Address: Gretna, Man.

TERRIi;!;, A. J. N. — Editor and Man-
ager Daily Neys, Medicine Hat; on Ex-
ecutive and Vice President daily sec-
tion Western Press Association; Vice
President Alberta and Eastern British
Columbia Press Association; Secretary-
Treasurer Medicine Hat Poultry and Pet
Stock Association; Vice President Medi-
cine Hat Hockey Club; Club Skip Medi-
cine Hat Curling Club. Born Hamilton,
Dec. 3, 1869, son of J. J. G. and Euphemia
McGann Terrill. Educated Collegiate In-
stitute, Belleville; Ontario College. First
newspaper work on News, Baltimore;
later on staff Sentinel Review, Wood-
stock; World, Toronto; Examiner, Peter-
boro; Advance, Barrie; Journal, St.
Catharines; present paper since 1903.
Served with 15th Light Infantry, Belle-
ville. Married Mary Mitchell, Medicine
Hat, 1908; has one daughter. Club: Cy-
press. Liberal; Anglican. Address:
Medicine Hat, Alta.


TEBRIIiI^, Alfred Marmaauke, J. F. —

Florist, Cadogan Block, Second St. W.,
Calgary. Born Picton, Ont., March 12,
1862, son of John and Jane Terrill. Edu-
cated public schools, Picton. Gardener
and Florist with J. Terrill & Son, Pic-
ton, 1885-1902; came to Alberta, 1903;
in grocery business under firm name of
Kerr & Terrill, Calgary, 1903-1904; es-
tablished present business 1904; Alder-
man Picton five years; Alderman Cal-
gary 1908; one of the first Trustees of

the Peace appointed by Alberta Govern-
ment. Married Margaret Caven, Picton,
1885. Societies: A. F. & A. M.; I. O.
O. F. Recreation: Travel. Liberal;
Presbyterian. Address: 121 Sixth Ave.
W., Calgary, Alta.

THOM, Dougrlas J., B. A.— Of Macken-
zie, Brown, Thom & Co., Barristers and
Solicitors, Canada Permanent Bldg., Re-
gina. Born Norwood, Ont., June 4, 1879,
son of James Thom. Educated public
schools and Collegiate Institute, New-
castle, Peterboro and Port Hope, Ont.;
Victoria University (B. A., 1900) and
Osgoode Hall. Called to Ontario Bar,
1903; Saskatchewan Bar, 1903, since
when has practiced Regina. Married
Mabel L. Chown, 1905; has two sons and
one daughter. Clubs: Assiniboia; Was-
cana Country. Society: I. O. O. P. Lib-
eral; Methodist. Address: 2220 16th
Ave., Regina, Sask.

THOnXAS, Charles.— Of C. Thomas &
Sons, Hartney. Born Battersea, Ont.,
July 8, 1845, son of John and Jane
Thomas. Educated Battersea. Farmer,
Storrington, Ont., 1885; came to Mani-
toba 1892, and with his sons has become
one of the most successful farmers in
the Province. Between 1901 and 1906
they grew and successfully harvested
off their own land 125,000 bushels of
wheat; is interested in lumber yard and
Hartney Manufacturing Co. Served Fen-
ian Raid, 1866 (medal and land grant).
Married Eliza Shannon, Battersea, Ont.,
1871; has eleven sons (nine living), and
three daughters. Liberal; Methodist.
Address: Hartney, Man.

THOMAS, Charles Bex — General Man-
ager, Metropolitan Motor Car Co.,
Agents for British Columbia for Hud-
son, Peerless, Stevens & Duryea cars,
etc., 1262 Granville St., Vancouver; Di-
rector, Metropolitan Motor Car Co., Vic-
toria. Born Moravia, Iowa, May 11,
1888, son of M. S. and Jessie Bell
Thomas. Educated Drake University,
Des Moines. Proprietor, Spokane Auto
Co., Spokane, 1907; member of firm Hill
& Thomas, motor cars, 1910; present
business since 1911. Address: Vancou-
ver, B. C.

THOMAS, Robert Cadogan. — Of Thom-
as Ice & Fuel Co., Dealers in Coal, Wood,
Agricultural Implements and Lumber,
703 Second St. W., Calgary. Born Bridg-
end, South Wales, May 24, 1862, son of
Thomas Treherne and Mary Thomas. Ed-
ucated Bickerton House, Birkdale, Lan-
cashire; Owens College, Manchester;
came to Calgary 1884; ranching Pine
Creek, 1884-1893; present business since
1894; incorporated 1911. Alderman Cal-




gary 1905. Married Agnes Louise Shaw,
Midnapore. Alta., 1887; has two sons
and two daughters. Society: S. O. E.
Recreation: Cricliet. Anglican. Address:
704 Eleventh St. W., Calgary, Alta.


THOMPSON, Alfred, M. D., C. M., M.

P. — Physician and Surgeon, Dawson.

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