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Born Hants County, N. S., June 6, 1869,
son of James A. and Jane McLachlan
Thompson. Educated privately; Dal-
housie University. Born and raised on
farm; subsequently clerked in his uncle's
store, later becoming partner; began
study of medicine, 1893; graduated, 1899.
Went to Klondyke, 1899. Elected to
Yukon Council, 1902; resigned, 1904.
Elected to House of Commons for Yu-
kon, 1904; re-elected, 1911. Married

Elsie Miller, Elmsdale, N. S., 1904; has
one son and one daughter. Club: Zero.
Society: A. F. & A. M. Conservative;
Presbyterian. Address: Dawson, Y. T.

THOMPSON, Charles J., A. B. I. B. A.

— Architect, 536 Hastings St. W., Van-
couver. Born London, England, Sept. 13,
1878, son of Joseph A. and Sophia Thomp-
son. Educated United Westminster Col-
lege, London. Architect, London, 1895;
Assistant Chief Architect C. P. R. Mont-
real, 1906-1908. Came to British Colum-
bia 1908. Served in Yeomanry, 1903-1906;
member Royal Institute of British Archi-
tects. Recreation: Yachting. Address:
1221 Georgia St., Vancouver, B. C.

THOMPSOIT, Florence Davy. — Wife
of William Henry Thompson, Winnipeg.
Born Hitchin, England, daughter of
Samuel and Florence Lucas. Educated
Cheltenham Ladies' College. Married W.
H. Thompson, 1892; has one son; came
to Manitoba 1892. Has served at vari-
ous times on committee of Local Coun-
cil of Women, as Secretary and Treas-
urer; charter member Women's Canadian
Club, being literary secretary from its
inauguration until 1909. Publications:
"The Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands
throughout Vertebrates" (Phil, trans. R.
S., London) ; other articles in collabora-
tion. Clubs: University Women's; Ladies'
Empire. Address: 328 Assiniboine Ave.,
Winnipeg, Man. ,


THOMPSON, Prederic William Duus-

tan — Financial Broker; of Thompson &
Co., Battleford. Born Wymondham, Nor-
folk, England, Dec. 13, 1880, son of Wil-
liam and Mary Florence Thompson.
Educated Tonbridge. Clerk, Alexander



& Co., Ltd., London, 1896-1903; came to
Canada. 1903; clerk, Bank of British
North America, Montreal, 1903; Bran-
don Man., branch, 1903-1905; manager,
Alexander, Man., branch, 1905-1908;
came to Saskatchewan, 1908. Married
Mary Isabel Pentland, Winnipeg, 1910.
Societies: C. O. F.; L. O. L.; A. F. &
A. M. (W. M.). Liberal; Anglican. Ad-
dress: Battleford, Sask.

TSCOMFSOir, George M. — Editor The
Evening Capital, Saskatoon. Born Port
Hope, Ont., Sept. 6, 1877; son of Mar-
shall and Isabelle Harcourt Thompson.
Educated public and high schools, Port
Hope. Apprentice Times ■ office, Port
Hope, 1889; with Winnipeg Telegram
1901-1906; moved to Saskatoon and
founded The Capital, 1906. Ex-President
Conservative Club, Saskatoon. Married
Hannah McCammon, Kingston, Ont.,
1906. Club: Conservative. Societies: A.
F. & A. M.; L. O. L.; I. O. O. F.; W..
O. W. Recreations: Hockey, baseball,
all outdoor sports. Conservative; Angli-
can. Address: Saskatoon, Sask.


THOMPSON, His Hon. Creorge H. —

Judge of the County Court of East Koot-
enay; appointed Feb. 1, 1912. Born To-
ronto, Nov. 16, 1871, son of Thomas and
Hester Carbert Thompson. Educated
public schools; Eye Grammar School,
Suffolk, England; Collegiate Institute,
Toronto University; Osgoode Hall. Called
to Ontario Bar 1896; practiced Nelson
and Sandon previous to coming to Cran-
brook; City Solicitor, Cranbrook, 1905-
1912; President Cranbrook Conservative
Association, 1912. Married Nana Proc-
tor, daughter of L. C. Proctor, Still-
water, Minn., 1907^ has two daughters.
Societies: I. O. O. F.; K. of P. Rec-
reations: Golf, curling. Anglican. Ad-
dress: Cranbrook, B. C.

THOMPSON, Harry Cowan. — City
Treasurer, Winnipeg. Born Moorefield,
Ont, Oct. 23, 1879, son of Thomas Ed-
ward and Huldah Thompson. Educated
public and high schools, Winnipeg. Mes-
senger for City of Winnipeg 1893; filing
clerk City Clerk's Office, 1896-1899; Sec-
retary Public Parks Board, 1899; Assist-
ant City Clerk; City Treasurer, 1900. So-
ciety: A. F. & A. M. Address: 150 Kate
St., Winnipeg, Man.

THOMPSON, Nicholas. — Consulting
Engineer, 319 Pender St., Vancouver.
Born Woodhorn, England, April 6, 1853,
son of Nicholas and Dorothy Thompson.
Educated Alnmouth. Marine Engineer
and ship builder with Palmers, Jarrow,
1870. Came to British Columbia as En-
gineer with Evans, Coleman & Evans,
1888. Consulting Engineer and manu-
facturers' agent 1900. Married Cather-
ine White, Jarrow, England. Club: Ter-
minal City. Societies, Mount Hermon
Lodge, A. P. & A. M. Recreations:
Cricket, lacrosse. Address: 1045 Broad-
way, Vancouver, B. C.

THOMPSON, Norman Iiivingston — Of

Thompson, Daniel & Colthurst, Archi-
tects, Central Chambers, Saskatoon; As-
sociate, Royal Architectural Institute of
Canada; Member, Saskatchewan Archi-
tectural Assn.; Representate Member for
Saskatoon on Council of Saskatchewan
Architectural Assn. Born Hull, England,
Sept. 9, 1882, son of Thomas Brownlow
and Louise Livingstone Thompson. Edu-
cated Hull Grammar School; Hull Tech-
nical College. Articled pupil to T.
Brownlow Thompson, Hull, 1899-1903;
assistant, 1903-1905; came to Saskat-
chewan, 1906; civil engineering, G. T.
P., Saskatoon, 1906; practiced alone,
1907-1911; present partnership formed,
1911. Club: Saskatoon. Recreations:
tennis, boating. Presbyterian. Address:
Saskatoon, Sask.

THOMPSON, Bolbert G-eorge. — Vice-
President, Thompson & Carper, Ltd.,
farm, timber, coal lands, etc., 406 Bank
of Ottawa Bldg., Vancouver, and 403 Mc-
Arthur Bldg., Winnipeg; President R. G.
Thompson & Co., head office, 403 McAr-
thur Bldg., Winnipeg; Field Office Blad-
worth, Sask.; Vice President Harris Co.,
Ltd., Winnipeg and Chicago; Director
Fruit and Farm Lands Co. Born To-
ronto, Nov. 12, 1874, son of Robert and
Louise Thompson. Educated public and
high schools, Ontario. Secretary to var-
ious officials G. T. R., 1890-1903; estab-
lished present business 1903; formed
partnership with H. P. Carper, 1910. Mar-
ried; two sons and one daughter. So-




cieties: A. F. & A. M. ; K. of P. Recrea-
tions: All outdoor sports. Liberal;
Presbyterian. Address: 396 Victor St.,
Winnipeg, Man.

THOMPSON, Rev. Samuel James. —

Born Wellington County, Ont., Oct. 29,
1861, son of William and Margaret
Thompson. Educated public schools
Victoria College, Toronto. Ordained to
ministry, Methodist Church, 1888. Pastor
following charges: Richmond, New West-
minster, Vancouver, Vernon, Revel-
stoke, Kaslo, Cranbrook, Centennial
Church, Victoria, Kelowna; appointed to
present charge 1910. Served five years
Secretary Board of Examiners; five years
as Chairman and elected President of
British Columbia Conference of Metho-
dist Church, 190,6. Married Mary Annie
Kenner, Chesley, Ont., 1888; has two
sons and one daughter. Society: R. T.
of T. (Grand Chaplain). Address: Wal-
lace St., Nanaimo, B. C.

THOMPSON, Wellingljon Jobn, P. . M.

— Printer and publisher The Advocate,
Elkhorn. Born Caledonia, Haldimand
County, Ont., Aug. 7, 1870, son of W. D.
and Phoebe Thompson. Educated Til-
sonburg. Came to Elkhorn 1892; found-
ed present business 1893; Police Magis-
trate and Notary Public. President Elk-
horn Conservative Association many
years. Founded Moosowise World, 1900.
Secretary Elkhorn Branch of Manitoba
Grain Growers' Association several
years; nominated first Mayor of Elk-
horn, when village was incorporated,
1905, and defeated by one vote. Mar-
ried Mary Ashley McLeod, Elkhorn,
1905; has one son. Recreations: Tennis,
hockey. Conservative; Methodist. Ad-
dress: Elkhorn, Man.

THOMPSON, WilUam Josiah— Mana-
ger Great West Saddlery Co., 629
Fourth St., E., Edmonton. Born Carleton
Place, Ont., Jan. 21, 1882, son of Samuel
Boyd and Elizabeth Ann Hutchings
Tliompson. Educated public and high
schools, Carleton Place; Ontario Agricul-
tural College; served apprenticeship
Boyd's Factory near Carleton Place,
1899; took diploma, Kingston Dairy
School; Manager Cheese and Butter
Factories for three years; subsequently
attended Guelph Agricultural College
(associate diploma). Came to Calgary
and joined present firm as packer; after-
wards pricer and traveling salesman;
transferred to Edmonton as Manager of
that branch, 1909. Married Mary E. J.
Keyes, 1907; has one son and one daugh-
ter. Independent; Presbyterian. Address:
648 14th St., Edmonton, Alta.

THOMSON, Charles Jocelyn — Fruit
Grower, West Summerland, B. C. Born
Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England, May 29,
1862, son of William Stephen and Sarah
Thompson. Educated public schools,
Felstead, Essex. Came to Manitoba,
1882; farmed, Miniota, Man., 1882-1904;
fruit ranching, Summerland, since 1904.
Reeve, Summerland Municipality, 1912;
Councilor, five years; one of first
councillors when municipality was
formed. Married Sarah Stewart, 1886;
has one son and four daughters. Rec-
reation: shooting. Conservative; Angli-
can. Address: West Summerland, B. C.

THOMSON, George, J. P. — Govern-
ment Agent, Nanaimo. Born Ayr, Scot-
land, Feb. 11, 1855, son of David and
Catherine Thomson. Educated Ayr.
Mercantile business Ayr, 1871. Came to
British Columbia 1873; engaged with
Harvey & Dunsmuir, Nanaimo, ten years.
Government Agent since 1901; also gold
commissioner, mining recorder, regis-
trar; official administrator. Married
Sabra Gough, Nanaimo, 1877; has two
sons. Societies: A. F. & A. M. ; A. O.
U. W. Recreation: Shooting. Address:
Newcastle Ave., Nanaimo, B. C.

THOMSON, Harry Ussher, B. A., I^i;.

B. — Barrister-at-Law. Born Port Elgin,
Ont. July 27, 1885, son of Thomas Ink-
ermann and Margaret Thomson. Edu-
cated College Institute, Owen Sound.; To-
ronto University. Society: A. F. & A. M.
Conservative; Presbyterian. Address:
Olds, Alta.

THOMSON, Henry Broughton, M. Im. A.

— Director Turner, Beeton Co., Ltd., Vic-
toria. Born Newry, Ireland, July 21,
1870, son of Captain William (78th
Highlanders) and Alice Thomson. Edu-
cated Bedford grammar school. Clerk,
London, 1888. Came to British Columbia




1893; Director Colonist Printing & Pub-
lishing Co.; Director Victoria Transfer
Co. Representative Victoria, British
Columbia Legislature. Club: Union.
Conservative. Anglican. Address: Vic-
toria, B. C.

THOMSOIT, James. — Farmer and Real
Estate Broker. Born near Brucefield,
Huron County, Ont., Jan. 8, 1866, son of
James and Catherine Thomson. Educat-
ed public schools Huron County; farmed
near Portage la Prairie, 1882. Came to
Moose Jaw and engaged farming 1884;
mining in Yukon, 1898-1900; livery, feed
and sale business. Moose Jaw, 1900-1902;
present business since 1902. Alderman,
Moose Jaw 1906-1907; 1911-1912. Mar-
ried Jane Anne Swan. Brucefield, Ont.;
1891; has three sons and two daughters.
Society: C. O. P. Recreations: Curling,
football, baseball. Liberal; Presbyter-
ian. Address: 73 High St. W., Moose
Jaw, Sask.

THOMSON, Iiesslie Bielle, B. A., B. Sc.

— Civil Engineer. Born Toronto, Jan.
12, 1886, son of Thomas C. and M. E. B.
Thomson. Educated Upper Canada Col-
lege, Toronto University. On staff of
University of Toronto as demonstrator,
1907. Came to Winnipeg 1910. Societies:
Chi Delta Psi Fraternity; A. P. & A. M.
Recreation: Sailing. Anglican. Address:
Winnipeg, Man.

THOMSON', Iievi, M. P. — Of Thomson,
Kennedy & Hord, Barristers, Wolseley;
Director Central Light & Power Co.; Di-
rector Wolseley Agricultural Society;
member of Board of Governors, Saska-
toon University; member of Saskatche-
wan Moral and Social Reform Council.
Born Erin, Ont., Feb. 17, 1855, son of
John and Sarah McMillan Thomson. Ed-
ucated public schools; Rockwood Acad-
emy. Came to Saskatchewan 1882;
farming EUisboro, Sask.. 1882; studied
law, Toronto; practiced Wolseley, 1894;
elected for Qu'Appelle to House of Com-

mons, 1911; unsuccessful candidate 1904;
unsuccessful candidate to Saskatchewan
Legislature for Wolseley, 1905. Coun-
cillor, Wolseley Rural Municipality 1889-
1891; 1902-1903, Wolseley Town; Mayor
1904. Married Mabel Maud Perley, daugh-
ter of Hon. W. D. Perley, Wolseley, 1884;
has four sons and one daughter. So-
cieties: R. T. of T.; I. O. O. F. Liberal.
Address: Wolseley, Sask.


THOMSON, William A., M. D. — Phy-
sician and Surgeon. Born Brockville,
Ont, Sept. 8, 1869, son of Alexander
and Mary Thomson. Educated College
Institute Brockville, Trinity Medical
College; came to Brandon 1890; prac-
ticed Douglas, Man., 1893. Appointed
Coroner of Regina, 1904. Has taken an
active interest in formation and wel-
fare of Saskatchewan Medical Associa-
tion (President, 1907). President of
Council, College of Physicians and Sur-
geons, Saskatchewan; President Regina
Branch British Medical Association 1907-
1908; member Board of Governors, Gen-
eral Hospital; Public School Trustee; Al-
derman; Chairman Health and Relief
Committee, 1907-1908. Served with 43rd
Rifles, Brockville, 1888-1889. Married
Jean Witherspoon, Owen Sound, Ont.,
1903; has two sons (twin boys), and
two daughters (twin girls). Clubs: As-
siniboi, (Canadian, President of Automo-
bile Club. Societies: A. F. & A. M.; I.
O. F. Recreations: Motoring, all out-
door sports. Liberal; Presbyterian. Ad-
dress: 2141 Victoria Ave., Regina, Sask.

THOBI.EV, Allbert E. S. — (Retired.)
Born Toronto, April 2, 1872, son of
Charles J. and Mima Warne Thorley.
Educated Toronto. Clerk Ontario Bank,
Toronto and Montreal previous to coming
to British Columbia, 1898. In real estate
business for some years, Vancouver.
Served with Queen's Own Rifles, To-
ronto. Married Katherine Wells, 1900;
has one son. Recreation: Motoring. Ad-
dress: Shaug'hnessy Heights, Vancouver,
B. C.


THORNTON, Xtobert Stirton, M. B.,
C. M. — Physician and Surgeon. Born
Edinburgh, Scotland, May 8, 1863, son of
David and Mary Thornton. Educated
Heriot's Hospital; Edinburgh University.
Practiced Deloraine, since 1884. Member
Manitoba Legislature for Deloraine, 1907-
1910. Member Manitoba Medical Coun-
cil, since 1886, and President two years;
Member and Vice-President Medical
Council of Canada, 1912. Married Mary
Johnson, Princetown, Ont., 1889. So-
ciety: A. F. & A. M. (Grand Master
1900-1901). Presbyterian; Liberal. Ad-
dress: Deloraine, Man.

TIPPIN, John Butler. — Of Red Cedar
Lumber Co., Vancouver. Born Kent
County, Ont., Nov. 21, 1848, son of Thom-
as and Elizabeth Tiffin. Educated pub-
lic schools. Came to British Columbia
1S77; engaged lumber business since
1878. Director Vancouver Exhibition As-
sociation; President Vancouver Amateur
Driving Association; ex-License Commis-
sioner. Married Elizabeth Hurrell, Van-
couver. Society: A. F. & A. M. Rec-
reations: Driving,_ shooting, fishing. Ad-
dress: Vancouver,' B. C.

TIGHZ:, Robert Dolphin. — Of McDon-
ald & Tighe, Barristers and Solicitors,
Imperial Bank Bldg., Edmonton. Born
Ireland, Sept. 20, 1877, son of Marie An-
toinette Dolphin and Thomas Tighe, J.
P., D. L., ex-M. P. for Mayo County,
High Sheriff 1879. Educated Clongowe
Wood College; member Bars of Ireland,
Nova Scotia and Alberta. Practiced Ire-
land 1900-1907; came to Canada 1907;
Alberta 1908; present partnership formed
1909. Lieutenant 3rd Battalion (Reserve)
Prince of Wales Leinster Regiment, Roy-
al Canadians, 1904-1908. Married Eu-
genie Pagnelo, 1909; has one son. Club:
Edmonton. Conservative; Roman Cath-
olic. Address: Lemarchand Mansions,
Edmonton, Alta.

TZIiI;y, Anton. — President of Tilly &
Norton Co., Ltd., Farm Lands and Real
Estate, Coal and Wood, Timber Limits,
McArthur Bldg., Winnipeg. Born Rhe-
der, Germany, Dec. 9. 1864. Educated
Berlin University; Munich University;
Freiburg University. Came to Winni-
peg 1905; Manager German-Canadian
Land Co., 1905-1908; established pres-
ent bjfrtness 1905; ex-Officer of "iiei-man


Army. Married Lulu Becker, Germany.
Independent; Roman Catholic. Address:
Winnipeg, Man.

TIMS, P. Praser. — Real Estate and In-
surance Broker, 120 McDougall Ave., Ed-
monton. Born Berlin, Ont., Feb. 18, 1856,
son of Frank Dillon and Caroline Dud-
ley Eraser Tims. Educated Grammar
Schools, Ottawa and Quebec. Came to
Manitoba 1882; Alberta 1887; mercantile
business, Regina, Swift Current and end
of C. P. R. track, 1882; Fort Saskatche-
wan, 1888-1893; real estate. Fort Sas-
katchewan, 1893-1897; moved to Edmon-
ton and established present business,
1897. Elected to Northwest Territories
Legislature for Victoria 1902-1906; de-
feated 1906; seven years Secretary-
Treasurer the Edmonton Board of Trade;
three years Secretary-Treasurer and
Manager the Edmonton Industrial Exhi-
bition Association. Club: Edmonton. So-
ciety: A. F. & A. M. Conservative; An-
glican. Address: 557 Sixth St., Edmon-
ton, Alta.

TIMS, Yen. John Wm. — -Archdeacon of
Macleod, Diocese of Calgary, and exam-
ining chaplain to the Bishop of Calgary
since 1895; C. M. S. Missionary to Sarcee
Indians; D. D. St. John's College, Win-
nipeg, 1905; Secretary-Treasurer of Cal-
gary Indian Missions. Born (!)xford,
England, Jan. 2, 1857, son of lati'! John
Tims. Educated C. M. S. College, Isling-
ton; 2nd class preliminary examination
for Holy Orders, 1883, ordained 1S83, for
the Colonies; appointed as first ro.is:sion-
ary to the Blackfoot Indinas by Church
Missionary Society, 1883; ' removed
to Sarcee Indian Mission, 1895; Chaplain
to Bishop of Calgary, 1888; member




Provincial Synod of Rupert's Land since
1887; member Executive Committee of
Synod of Calgary. Publications: Gram-
mar and dictionary of Blackfoot lan-
guage; readings from Holy Scripture in
Blockfoot; Gospel of St. Matthew in
Blackfoot; Manual of instruction for use
in schools amongst Blackfeet. Married
"Violet Winifred Wood, 1890; has two
sons and one daughter. Address: Sarcee
Indian Reserve, Calgary, Alta.


TING-XiEV, Stephen. — Capitalist. Dis-
coverer of Nicola Coal & Coke Mine.
Born Westmoreland, N. B., Sept. 13, 1839,

son of Caleb and Deborah Tingley. Bdu-
ucated public schools New Brunswick. En-
gaged harness making Santa Clara, 1859-
1861; came to Cariboo and engaged min-
ing 1861; made the trip from Yale, head
of navigation, to Williams Creek, on
foot, a distance of three hundred and
seventy miles, packing one hundred
pounds supplies for trip; drove mail
coach for P. J. Barnard, Yale to Cariboo,
1864-1894. In 1874 was taken into part-
nership and in 1885 purchased that busi-
ness known as the Cariboo Stage and
B. C. Express Co.; business sold in 1897.
Married Elizabeth Harper in 1869, who
died in 1874, leaving two sons, Clarence
and Fred, now in Vancouver. In 1877
married Pauline Loemaster; result of
this union two daughters — Ada, wife of
Edward Vincent, of Calgary, and Paul-
ine, wife of Rev. E. G. Thompson, of
New Westminster. Club: Granville (Van-
couver). Society: A. F. & A. M. Recre-
ation: raising horses. Baptist. Address:
Ashcroft, B. C.


TINKT, K. Thompson. — Managing Di-
rector The Merchants Trust & Trading
Co., Ltd., Pender and Burrard Sts., Van-
couver B. C. ; Victoria, B. C, New-
castle on Tyne, London, England.
Born Gateshead-on-Tyne, March 30,
1879, son of Cuthbert and Elizabeth
Tinn. Educated Durham. Actively en-
gaged with social reform London. Resi-
dent of Toynbee Hall, University Set-
tlement, Whitechapel, London, for over
six years and still an associate. Came
to British Columbia 1907. Represents
English capital invested in British Col-
umbia. Married Mary Walker, 1904.
Club: Western. Recreations; Mountain-
eering, rowing. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: 925 Madison St., Victoria, B. C.




TIPTON, Jolin Gaddis. — Of J. G. Tip-
ton & Sons, Barrister, Real Estate and
Financial Brol<;ers, 24 West Whyte Ave.,
Strathcona. Director Edmonton and
Fort Murray Oil & Asphalt Co., Ltd.
Born Fairview, 111., Jan. 27, 1849, son of
John and Eliza Crawford Tipton. Edu-
cated Heading Seminary, Abbington, 111.
Law student Weldon, Tipton & Benja-
min, Bloomington, 1871; practiced 1874;
came to Alberta 1897. Alderman Strath-
cona, 1907-1911; Chairman Parks and
Markets Committee and Committee on
Legislation, Strathcona. Married An-
netta Bryant, Edina, Mo., 1878; has two
sons. Societies: A. F. & A. M.; K. of P.
Liberal; Protestant. Address: First Av.
S. and Third St. W., Strathcona, Alta.

TXSDAXI^, Charles Edward, M. X.. A. —

Merchant. Born Birmingham, England,
April 9, 1866. Educated Bishop Vesey's
Grammar School, Sutton Coldfleld; Presi-
dent Vancouver Board of Trade. Chair-
man Park Commissioners for six years.
Elected for Vancouver, British Colum-
bia Legislature 1898. Married Edith B.
White, 1907. Conservative; Anglican.
Address: 1252 Georgia St., Vancouver,
B. C.

TITUS, Albert Allen, J. P. — Farmer.
Breeder of Clydesdale horses. Shorthorn
cattle, Shropshire sheep and game fowl.
Born Prince Edward County, Ont., March
4, 1865, son of Samuel and Maturah
(Bowerman) Titus. Came to Manitoba
and took up present homestead 1882; has
since purchased 750 acres adjoining;

hardware business with father at Nap-
inka, 1893-1901. Champion checker play-
er of Southwest Manitoba; keeps pack of
hounds. Independent Conservative;

Presbyterian. Address: Riveridge Farm,
Napinka, Man.

TODS, Gordon Archibald Howe. —

Farmer. Born Walkerton, Ont., Jan. '7,
1885, son of Thomas Richard and Mary
Jane Todd. Educated public schools,
Brierwood and Walkerton; Griswold and
Brandon; Manitoba Agricultural College.
Came to Manitoba, 1886; assists his
father management of farm. Recrea-
tions: driving, outdoor sports. Inde-
pendent; Conservative; Methodist. Ad-
dress: Hillview, Man.

TODB, Jolin Orchard, M. D., C. M. —

Physician and Surgeon, 413% Main St.,
Winnipeg. Born London, Ont., July 8,
1866, son of Frederick William and Su-
sannah Todd. Educated public schools,
Niagara Falls; Toronto School of Medi-
cine; University of Manitoba; post-grad-
uate course London, Berlin, Vienna;
practiced Winnipeg continuously since
graduation, 1890. Clinical teacher of
surgery, Manitoba Medical College; on
surgical staff of Winnipeg General Hos-
pital. Director Retail Merchants' Fire
Insurance Co. Married Evelyn Bigelow,
1897; has one son and one daughter.
Clubs: Manitoba; Commercial Travel-
ers. Recreation: lacrosse. Liberal; An-
glican. Address: 166 Hargrave St.,
Winnipeg, Man.

TODD, Thomas B. — Farmer. Born
Walkerton, Ont., Oct. 7, 1854, son of
Hugh W. and Elizabeth Todd. Educated
Walkerton. Came to Manitoba, 1882.
Secretary-treasurer, Municipality of
Woodworth a number of years, now sec-
retary. Married Annie Victoria Mc-
Geagh ; has one son and one daughter.
Conservative; Methodist. Address: Hill-
view, Man.

TOIiMIE, John Work, J. P. — (Retired).
Born Fort Nisqually, Wash., March 24,
1854, son of William Eraser (L. F. P. &
S., Glasgow) and Jane Tolmie. Edu-
cated Collegiate Institute, Victoria, and
private tutors. Came to British Colum-
bia, 1859. Commenced career about
1870, and has lived Victoria over fifty
years. Recreation: study of natural his-
tory. Address: Cloverdale, Victoria,
B. C.



TOBD, Albert Edward. — (Retired) Sal-
mon Canner and Wholesale Grocer. Born
Victoria, Aug. 5, 1878, son of Jacob Hun-
ter and Rosanna Todd. Educated Upper
Canada College, Toronto. Wholesale
grocer and salmon canning business, Vic-
toria and elsewhere, 1893-1910. One of
the prime movers in organizing inter-
national Pacific Highway Association (of
which he is one of the Vice-Presidents),
Seattle, 1910; also one of the organizers
of Canadian Highway Association, New
Westminster, 1911, of which he is

also Vice-President. With his brother.
Dr. J. L. Todd, McGill University, Mon-
treal, introduced Hungarian partridges
on Vancouver Island, 1908. Served as
gunner 5th Canadian Artillery, Victoria
1899-1904. Married Ada Seabrook, -Los
Angeles, 1910; has one son. Clubs: Union;
Pacific; Vancouver; Automobile Club of
Southern California (President Victoria
Automobile Association). Recreations:
shooting, fishing, motoring. Anglican
Address: Blytheholm, 721 Linden Ave,
Victoria, B. C.

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